2006 -
- September - December: Joins Neoseeker as Yoshi Egg.
- January - December: Becomes a regular on Neoseeker.
2008 -
- January - December: Becomes a regular on Neoseeker's Loungin' Forum.
2009 -
- January: Meets Mishimi.
- February - December: Becomes a regular on Neoseeker's Dragon Ball Forum.
2010 -
- January: Gets banned on Neoseeker.
- August: Joins Naruto Forums.
- December: Appeals on Neoseeker, appeal gets denied.
2011 -
- June: Appeals on Neoseeker again, appeal gets approved.
- July - December: Meets Koshka, gets into power level debates on the Neoseeker Dragon Ball Forum.
2012 -
- March - July: Gets banned on Neoseeker. Joins Pojo, Midnight Tavern, and Original Shinden. Makes fun of Daniel The Saiyan and his forum.
- August - November: Joins Shinden Reborn and Dragon Ball Makai, befriends p123 and Victorious.
- December: Joins DBZF.
2013 -
- January: Creates Dragon Ball Tavern. Joins Kanzenshuu.
- February: Meets Rogue. Gets banned on DBZF. Joins Shinden Revived.
- March: Joins Frankie Shinden 1.5 on Jcink.
- April: Joins Frankie Shinden 2.0 on Invision Power Boards.
- May: Creates Nightfall Tavern, Frankie Shinden dies, befriends Kenshi, Captain Cadaver, and Kyo, meets Tim.
- June: Creates Yoshi Shinden #1.
- July: Joins The Millennium Forums. Meets Millennium Creed and Pimp Of Pimps.
- August: Account on Neoseeker gets deactivated.
- September: Creates Otakus United.
- November: Joins The Infinity Forum. Rivals with GridZero, while befriending SuperSaiyan2. Develops a real life relationship with Kenshi on Skype.
2014 -
- February: Appeals on DBZF. Befriends Mystic and Alex.
- May: Gets banned on The Infinity Forum.
- June: Gets banned on DBZF.
- July: Appeals on DBZF. Joins Midnight Tavern #2. Gets Alex to join The Millennium Forums.
- August: Becomes Super Moderator on Dragon Ball Makai #2. Creates Yoshi Shinden #2. Befriends Accelerator.
- September: Gets banned on DBZF.
- October: Joins SuperSaiyan2's Zetaboards DBZeta before official opening.
- November: Creates Dream Nine.
- December: Gets demoted on Dragon Ball Makai.
2015 -
- January: Starts forum war with GridZero and The Infinity Forum. Becomes Admin on Shinden No Fukkatsu.
- February: Gets demoted on Shinden No Fukkatsu. Becomes Super Moderator on Dragon Ball Makai again.
- March: Gets temporarily banned on Shinden No Fukkatsu.
- April: Gets temporarily banned on Shinden No Fukkatsu again.
- May: Almost ends real life relationship with Kenshi, gives him a second chance instead. Joins Zetaboards DBZeta on the official opening day.
- June: Becomes Forum Moderator on DBZeta. Appeals on DBZF. Dragon Ball Makai gets deleted.
- July: Creates Domainiacs. Squashes beef with GridZero and The Infinity Forum.
- August: Gets demoted on DBZeta, while becoming a Donator instead, and becomes SuperSaiyan2's equal.
- October: Gets banned on DBZF.
- December: Migrates to phpbb3 DBZeta.
2016 -
- February: Creates Otaku Kingdom. Beefs with Tosh.
- May: Leaves phpbb3 DBZeta. Becomes a regular poster on The Millennium Forums.
- June: Gets banned on DBZeta. Creates Cross Epoch Forums. Meets Fullmetal on Naruto Forums.
- July: SuperSaiyan2 lets me back on DBZeta. Befriends Sev and SSBardock84.
- August: Fullmetal creates VBulletin Planet Vegeta and goes by Black on there.
- September: Joins The Infinity Forum Discord Server.
- October: Gets banned on DBZeta. Real life relationship with Kenshi ends. Leaves The Infinity Forum Discord. Becomes a regular poster on Kanzenshuu to promote Planet Vegeta. Meets VegettoEX.
- November: Becomes Co Admin on Planet Vegeta alongside Zaddy who goes by Ral on Naruto Forums. Ends feud with, as well as befriends, Tosh.
- December: Planet Vegeta moves to XenForo.
2017 -
- January: Zaddy almost starts a forum war with DBZeta.
- February: Creates +3,500 essay appeal on DBZeta and DBZF. Appeal gets denied on both forums. Talks Zaddy out of starting a forum war with DBZeta right after that, anyway.
- March: Zaddy almost moves Planet Vegeta to Invision Power Boards.
- May: Deletes Planet Vegeta with the permission of Black. Stops posting on Kanzenshuu because of Planet Vegeta's deletion.
- June - December: Begins waning off the Internet while posting on The Millennium Forums to help with that.
2018 -
- January - May: Starts to enjoy browsing the Internet again after it having an unhealthy hold over my life. Creates Planet Vegeta Discord Server with the help of Sev.
- June: Forgives SuperSaiyan2 and DBZeta on SSBardock84's Dragon Ball Super Forum.
- September: Dragon Ball Super forum moves to Dragon Ball Forum on Forumotion.
- November: SuperSaiyan2 tries letting me back on DBZeta, but the Staff denies the attempt. Fullmetal almost creates another Planet Vegeta, but backs out.
- December: DBZF moves to VBulletin.
2019 -
- February: Joins Dragon Ball Forums. Meets Beerus and Jay.
- April: Rejoins Naruto Forums and The Millennium Forums.
2020 -
- April: Advertises Dragon Ball Forums on Neoseeker, DBZF, and the Dragon Ball Makai Subreddit.
- May: Joins the now completely dead VBulletin DBZF in an attempt to revive it.
- June: Kenshi attempts to get back into real life by getting me to appeal on DBZeta.
- July: Kenshi attempts to get back into real life even after the appeal on DBZeta gets denied.
- September: Ral creates a forum called One Last Forum.
- November: The Millennium Forums becomes defunct. Joins The Millennium Forums Discord Server right afterward that.
2021 -
- February: Ownership of DBZF changes while the forum is on the road to revival.
- March: Gets interviewed by the new Administrator on DBZF. Unfortunately gets chased off DBZF by Kenshi a week later after failing to get back into real life.
- April: DBZeta moves to XenForo.
- May: Rejoins DBZF after deleting the previous account and attempts to revive it again.
- June: Was received harsher moderation on DBZF after rejoining and deletes account again. Attempts to login to XenForo DBZeta to see if I was still banned on there. Naruto Forums changes its domain name to Fan Verse.
- August: Joins and later leaves the DBZeta Server. Leaves The Millennium Forums Discord.
- September: Rejoins the DBZeta Server as Guest123. Leaves 10 days after that. Ral officially opens One Last Forum.
- October: Becomes a regular poster on One Last Forum. Gets banned on Fan Verse for advertising One Last Forum. Witnesses a forum war between One Last Forum and Fan Verse.
- November: Gets unbanned on DBZeta and Fan Verse.
- December: Rejoins VBulletin DBZF again. Creates comprehensive timeline of fifteen year long, personal experience on Internet Forums.