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Dark Souls-esque rp: Characters!!!

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  • Dark Souls-esque rp: Characters!!!

    Hello! Here is where you tell me about your "Lord". I will give you a template.

    Name (You can either have a title or a birth name.):
    Bio(Just a quick background will suffice.):
    Weapon/armor(No giant hulking weapons just yet):
    Power(You can have one magical ability.):
    Gift(Come up with something mildly useful. No limits other than power. Or just make it a bottle of puke, I don't care.):

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    Name :Harriet Redwell

    Bio:An assassin from the south, she has been trained for a very long time in the art of stealth and killing. This has left her with little in the way of social capital however, so when her lord fell, she found herself adrift, with naught but the equipment on her person and her own name.

    Weapon/armor: She uses a grey hood and wields light armor, while she was capable of infiltrating the noble courts of home, her distinctive appearance compared to the local folk make this untenable. As such she has left her finer garments behind and focuses chiefly on mobility and protection. Her weapons are a rapier and a straight sword, one for armored targets, the other to cut down beasts.

    Power: She has the mystic ability to walk on the air, silencing her foot steps and allowing her to take great leaps without injuring herself.

    Gift: Her gift is a bag of holding, which allows her to store a great many more items in it than it's small size implies.

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      Name: Synford Calamity

      BIO: Born to a sickly mother, Synford found himself an orphan. He was taken in by the local church and grew up showered by love, albeit a harsh one. At the age of 18 he would decide to leave his hometown and venture into the world, deciding to make a name for himself after hearing many bed tales about courageous knights that have done incredible deeds.

      Weapon/Armor: He has a breastplate made of iron and a longsword he got from the local blacksmith, an old but experienced one.

      Power: Being in church for a long time, he has learned to call upon God. However, in reality, he can only call holy light and rain it upon him. Useful for lighting up dark areas and pushing off the undead or the wicked.

      Gift: Some potions, such as health, mana and stamina potions. He also has potions that create smoke once the bottle breaks.


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        Name: Arakan Kishi

        BIO: Once destined for great things, Arakan's path was scrambled by vices and bad decisions. His lord abandoned him and left him to work the fields for peasants. He barely escaped his village as it was destroyed, having craftily put together a makeshift weapon to defend himself, he now sets out as an honorable warrior unattached to his past.

        Weapon/Armor: A crude poleaxe and some fine clothes of nobility he had taken from the dead.

        Power: Craftsmanship, so long as he has access to material, Arakan can make weapons or armour for himself or others.

        Gift: Sharpening tool


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          Name: Nicklas Aveen, the Man-Horse of Gore

          Bio: Nicklas was once an ordinary man, a very brave man. Too brave, in fact, but he did eventually learn his lesson, about how jumping face first into danger only led to disaster, only learned this after getting himself and his mare Aveen stuck and trapped in a ring of fire, with the both of them being slowly and painfully consumed by the flames. A healing potion saved them both from death, but by the time the fire had been extinguished, the two had merged into a mostly mindless muscly monstrosity that still roams the forest, feeding upon any man and beast that crosses his path. Only a woman's beauty can calm his hateful nature and allow others to pass through the area he calls home.

          Weapon: His claws and jaws

          Power: Has some control over fire, being able to breathe and shoot fireballs and heat up his body.

          Gift: A large supply of souls that he has consumed over the decades.