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    The Keidos:

    In the Wooded Steppes of Russia, there is a territory of forest that has remained out of human hands for almost a thousand years, where not even a single branch was removed by human hands. In this territory, a family leads a diaspora of the lost, outcasted and hunted. In this territory.......the Kelevra thrive. And the family that keeps the peace, and keeps the territory safe are almost as old as the trees. And as merciless as nature itself to their enemies, as the Lycans of Keido Bloodline hold dual forms and power over Leyic Energy manipulation with with to persecute any hostile force.

    Daemon Keido, patriarch of the Keido family and second eldest of them all, rules over the Kelevra as Alpha. There are damn few who have lived as long as Dae and fewer still who can match his martial prowess. As with all his family he is skilled with Leyic Energy, the lifeforce of any planet capable of sustaining life. And like his family, with a single exception, he is an elementalist whose specialty is fire. So absolute is his control that he can choose which particular flower in the middle of a field burns despite a complete inferno covering it all and yet letting nothing else even getting singed. But what makes Daemon truly dangerous is his ability to form and forcibly shift the natural Leyic Wellsprings and Nodes to empower himself and his family beyond even what amounts to their natural limits. And as with the rest, he holds authority to wield a Divine Weapon, the Xiphos of Helios known as Azure Dawn. Woe be to he who awakens the Demon of the Steppes he once was, for no force in any world will stay Dae's roused wrath except death; his own, or his target's.

    Aleksandr Keido is the favoured (if lone) uncle to Daemon's children, and the elder brother to Dae as well. While Dae fits the truth of the strength of any Lycan is the pack, his brother Aleks fits the epitome of the threat of the Lone Wolf; Aleks has lived most his life solitary, and is quite comfortable on his own. However, nothing will shake his tendency to being alone like requests of aid from his family, and as such he shall ride forth like a storm surge of ocean water upon the shore to that call. The water elementalist of the Keidos, he has authority over water in all its myriad forms, and shall use them all to sweep aside any who threaten his brother's family with all the mercy of the sea at tempest. And with Poseidon's Trident White-Water in his hands, you will wish for something as weak as a Kraken to face down.

    Aethan Keido has been earmarked to be Dae's successor as Alpha of Kelevra when Dae chooses to step down. To that end, many of Dae's own skills are present in Aeth to one degree or another, but one that Aeth can claim as his own is his pure unstoppable speed. He is the fastest Keido period, and none of his family can catch him if he so chooses it. His control over lightning just expands upon that speed, as he often strikes before his enemy even knows he was there, and just as often he uses that control over lightning to make himself even faster still, where he can outrace the bolts of lightning he can toss around like a young thunder god. Which makes it only fitting he was found worthy to wield Mjolnir itself as it was promised to be, a mighty warhammer the likes of which can only be fathomed in dreams by mortals......

    Marcus is unusual among his family, often spending time in archeological digs and in the cities of humans instead of spending it in Kelevra like his family often prefers. His nature would seem contrary to his family but it is instead merely an enhanced variant of Daemon's own wanderint spirit. But as quickly as the winds may take this adventurer Keido, so too do they as quickly return the wind elementalist to his family's side in a heartbeat. With Fujin's Blade of Gathering Clouds, Murokumo-no-Ken, Marcus is the hurricane that shatters the enemy's unity to be fell upon by his family.

    Herc is a mountain of a man compared to his family. To say he is the strongest is to describe an 8.0 Richter Scale earthquake as a little bit of shaking; gross underdescription. Herc was named for the mighty Greek hero and somehow seems to have not only lived up to his namesake but surpassed him utterly. And where Herc's physical might is taxed, such as it is, his strength over earth and all its various forms makes him truly limitless of power, equaled only by his near-perfect defense. And should he have cause to pull Lightbringer, his Divine Weapon morningstar out........well "wrath of god" may be an appropriate name for the results.

    Abbey Keido is the ultimate fighter of the Keidos. The only one whose prowess eclipses her own is Daemon and even he cannot match her pure destructive force. Abbey has always been the tip of the spear for the Keidos and Kelevra, and her raw Leyic Energy use only makes her a greater threat, for she uses no elemental filter like the rest of her family. Hers is a power bent entirely to destruction, and her Divine Weapon, a Spear of Shiva Abbey has named Nihilus only makes her further the embodiment of destruction.

    Thaddeus Cain, Western Warrior:

    In the old west, every ranch-hand, range cowboy and barfly had knpwledge of at least a dozen different ghost stories. Such is the world, where superstition of a wild and untamed land runs as wild as the stallions in the plains. Of course, not every story need be false.........

    There is a story of a man who hunted other men during the height of the Civil War. A Bounty Hunter who took payment from either side. All he demanded was that he be given a particular type of payment: pewter relics from Europe. What he did with them, nobody knew, and any who asked were never given an answer. But for the surety that the man they wanted captured or dead, as befit the contract, most simply didn't care. It just meant they could spend actual money elsewhere.

    But what DID this man use the pewter for, you ask? Well he had his own debts to pay, the price of his wondrous skill. The man was not wholly normal, you see. He had made a contract of his own, long ago. In exhange for his soul, he conspired with an elder power to gain the ability to seek vengeance on a force he had no capacity to defeat before. With this power came a fell new visage: a man in a bullet riddled hat and duster, tattered at the ends. At his hips, twin double action revolvers and a lever action rifle slung across his back, each glowing with an eldritch aura no matter the time of day or available light. From their barrels come not bullets but blasts of mystic energy, forboding as the Reaper himself to behold and as deadly as his scythe when struck. There are a few other powers that he has, some kind of summoning of a hellish horse and a form of healing nobody is absolutely certain is powered except for him. But all that matters is: if Thaddeus Cain rides for your head, heart or soul......they have stopped being yours the minute he was paid.
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      Originally posted by Solid Snake View Post

      I meant like how would the roleplay itself might look?

      Would each character have a segment or multiple?


      Fighter 1 was facing so and so, and the fight astonished the spectators.

      Fighter 2 being the cocky guy he is, smirked as his opponent attempted to catch him off guard from watching Fighter 1's bout.

      Will they be like this or something?
      I'm not 100% sure what you mean but each character from one team or universe in this case participates in one post, either talking to one another or answering an attack from another universe.


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        Originally posted by Darker View Post

        I'm not 100% sure what you mean but each character from one team or universe in this case participates in one post, either talking to one another or answering an attack from another universe.
        Like do all 10 characters do a post/interaction in a single post or do we do a post/interaction for each character?


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          That's up to you, but you can do it if you want


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            Alrighty thanks.

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          How many people we have to have? I might only be able to do two cause I'm mobile.


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            Originally posted by Solid Snake View Post
            How many people we have to have? I might only be able to do two cause I'm mobile.
            As many as you want.


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              Ok I gotcha

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            The Terrible Trio (Batman: The Brave & the Bold)

            Mainly going by the name of The Fearsome Fangs or just The Fangs, these three deadly villains were originally bored millionaires who enlisted themselves in Wong Fei's temple (where Batman and Bronze Tiger got much of their skill from) and learned martial arts, and a few other things on the way. They used these skills (plus their fortunes) to commit petty crimes at first, but eventually got bored of this and decided to take an ancient mystic totem from Wong Fei's temple, to gain immense power and conquer all of China.


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              Spoiler Alert!

              Name: Ryu
              Franchise: Street Fighter
              Gender: Male
              Classification: Martial Artist

              Bio: The wandering warrior of the Street Fighter universe. He lives to find the answer in the heart of battle, all the while always competing with his best friend; Ken Masters. A very honest and humble individual who has many admirers. While not a hero by choice, he does try to prevent injustice that happens to be within his immediate view.

              Spoiler Alert!

              Name: Ken Masters
              Franchise: Street Fighter
              Gender: Male
              Classification: Martial Artist/Hotel-Business Tycoon

              Bio: While on a lower scale compared to his best friend, Ryu, he strives to be the strongest fighter in the world. He's matured but is still arrogant to most of his opponents, unless they can prove to be a good rival. He's a good person at heart and loves nothing more than his family.

              Hope this is good enough.


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                Yeah that's good enough

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              Another team!

              Kinikia Jackson: A woman, before she was a bartender from a world where Germany had won the world war, resulting a massive chain of events that would result in her parents fleeing California during the war between the Pacific States allied with Japan, and an America united in a dictatorship. She lived her life focusing solely on herself, uninterested in the world outside of her. However, when she went to the Far Eastern Russian Republic, something awakened in her... Her heritage. Though not even a distant memory to her, she was connected to the norns, the weavers of fate. Her ability to see through time was squandered in her own world, but when it was endangered by a being known as "Shodecia," she became embroiled into the multiverse. She became a member of Equillibrium, using her future sight ability to aide the balance, along with balance. Having known about this tournament in advance, she used her ability to see through time... Seeing not the future, for the future can be immaterial or even not exist in certain places, but at their past. She has by far the most pre-knowledge of each and every fighter, and intends to use that knowledge to the fullest.

              She has blond twintails, with a serious look in her brown eyes. She has also prepared for this match with a menagerie of especial objects, including various Equillibrium gadgets that can control the flow of time, freezing someone in stasis, or reversing time to heal someone. She wears pants a slick vest with shirt, as well as a thick winter jacket in which she stores her gadjets and a pistol.

              Daniil Chupalov: A member of the Russian Mafia, within the Far East Republic, he was a fighter, an enforcer and good at it too. That changed when he met Kinikia, fascinated with her and her ability to seemingly tell the future (of which he would find was quite literal), he followed her, and would end up embroiled in Marcus' and Kinikia's hunt for Shodecia. He is great at fisticuffs, able to fight off multiple men even when the odds are against him, but his most intriguing ability too, comes from his heritage. A descendent of their world's Daemon Keido, he inherited a limited control of the ley, able to call upon heat or even fire, despite knowing nothing of how. He doesn't hold this heritage in high regard however, only seeing Daemon as a man who had screwed his great Grandmother and left her pregnant. He is not as analytical as Kinikia, but hei s a far greater fighter, and should not be underestimated despite his seeming mundanity.

              He wears jeans, and keeps a short sleeved shirt on himself, carrying a revolver and iron pipe with him.

              Tamate: Unlike the others, Tamate is not from their world, and in fact hails from a universe of martial artists and galactic conquerors. In a world resembling Goku's distant past, she was born under a Namekian moon, her parents having abandoned her to them. And so she was raised by the Namekians. In there she was unlike most beings there, not simply as a Saiyan, but when she was a child her power level would rise and rise unendingly overwhelming her, and forcing her to expunge that power when necessary. She had almost destroyed her home village with these outbursts, but the Namekians were able stop her with their magics. They put a lock on her mind, and never taught her techniques to increase or fire her ki, instead teaching her magic and physical techniques. She can fight like a Namekian warrior, and cast magic like a Namekian mage. She would later live with the tuffles, and uses tuffle technology to make up her other shortcomings, such as ki blasts, and her ki blasts can diminish or enhance energy blasts as they pass through it. She is not fully aware of the power she wields, though Kinikia is.

              She carries standard space armor and a skirt that resembles denim, she has black eyes like a Saiyan, and wild black hair reaching down to her back. Her eyes betray her naivete to those who know what to look for, as well as a set of focusing lenses created by tuffle technology, resulting in a seeming gauntlet.

              Gaiyase: Like Tamate, she was born in a world similar to Goku's, the divergence point was far sooner however. Goku had died early on, against King Piccolo, and the world was thrown into darkness. Desperately struggling against the dying of the light, Earth fights it's hardest to protect who is left after a demon invasion and as a colony under Freeza. Gaiyase, was witness to this, to the depravity and darkness of mortals, and hated them for it. She would have come down to put order to the galaxy, but instead, she found herself reqruited by Equillibrium. She could not bother with one planet or even one galaxy... For now, she had to save the world. She is easily the most skilled between her and Tamate, and skilled, she can transition to Super Saiyan with such ease and smoothness it's easy to miss it if one cannot sense ki. Unlike the other three as well, she can sense ki, keeping track of her surrounding opponents provided they have some sort of life force, ki, inside them.

              She carries a martial arts outfit resembling that of the kais, colored in pink and yellow, her hair is naturally wild, but unlike Tamate is cut closer into simple shoulder length hair. Her eyes are black as well, but are tinged with a more skeptical outlook on the mortals. She is far more adept at ki blasts, but prefers to get in closer with the martial arts and strength.

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                Spoiler Alert!

                Name: Jin Kazama
                Gender: Male
                Franchise: Tekken
                Classification: Martial Artist

                Bio: Son of Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, a practitioner in the style known as Karate, Kyokushin specifically, Jin is a tragic hero due to his past being born into Mishima clan's curse of hatred. Though he did terrible things around the world, it's all to stop the cycle of vengeance his family created, earning him a honorable trait.

                Spoiler Alert!

                Name: Solid Snake
                Gender: Male
                Franchise: Metal Gear Solid
                Classification: Legendary Mercenary

                Bio: One of the clones of Big Boss, Snake is the stuff of legends in the military world. Founding a group dedicated to stopping bipedal nuclear battle weapons known as "Metal Gear", Snake is wanted by the government (The Patriots in reality) due to his heroic and terrorist looking acts. He prefers to work alone and is a loner with others, but is a decent person at heart.
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                  Yeah, I like those characters but I wasn't going to add Snake at first. I wanted to add Batman but I figured would fit considering he has a lot of gadgets and weapons (non-lethal if this is following the "no killing") at his disposal. Or are we not allowing outside equipment?

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                  I don't see why we wouldn't allow outside equipment to be brought in admittedly, so whoever should be fine.

                • Solid Snake
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                  Ah I gotcha we cool then lol

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                Click image for larger version

Name:	UlMNxdi.png
Views:	50
Size:	250.0 KB
ID:	6873Naria
                Naria is quite the powerhouse. She spent the first nearly eighteen years of her life training under the watchful eye of Frieza as a last resort, in the event that the remaining Saiyans under his control were to amass any respectable amount of power and stage a rebellion. Unfortunately for him, this would eventually backfire on Namek, where Goku and co. were able to convert her to the side of the Z-Fighters, her help being valuable in the final charge against Frieza.

                What's worth noting about her, is that she lacks the traditional Super Saiyan forms, instead having the very same forms that (modern) Broly has. What's more, she has learned to control the Full Power Super Saiyan state, allowing her to unlock her Super Saiyan 2 state and ascend to greater heights of power than she could have ever dreamed of. When combined with her brutal fighting style and decent enough skillset, it makes her quite the force to be reckoned with.

                Ikari/Wrathful || Super Saiyan Wrathful || Full Power Super Saiyan || Super Saiyan 2

                Kamehameha || Do I really need to explain to you what this is?
                Breaker Beam || A death-beam like attack, characterized by its narrow diameter and its deep green-blue color. Upon impact it breaks up into smaller beams, optimizing the damage it does to the opponent by taking several different angles through the body.
                Ki Shield || By creating a focused kiai about herself, Naria can temporarily protect herself with a dome made of raw ki. It is, however, exhausting to maintain for any meaningful amount of time.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	H1xvl9L.png
Views:	43
Size:	155.5 KB
ID:	6874JimagoClick image for larger version

Name:	AG7pt1f.png
Views:	47
Size:	441.7 KB
ID:	6875
                Jimago's life has been characterized by strife and struggle. At a young age, an unknown entity gathered the Earth's dragon balls and wished for the world to be plummeted into chaos. This resulted in a land where the evil rose from the dead, stronger than ever, wreaking havoc on the innocent people of the planet and decimating the forces of the heroes. In the tattered remains of the Z-Senshi is where Jimago learned the majority of his technique and skill --- the last hope, the hail mary for the human race.
                It was only through fail after fail, near-death experience after near-death experience, that Jimago began to stand a fighting chance. As he grew stronger, faster, more skilled, and began to take calculated risks to achieve the goal of saving the earth. The Kaio-Ken was invaluable, to the point that he taught himself how to use it even in the Super Saiyan state despite the risk of death such an action had.
                After several years of taking down villain after villain and breaking limit after limit, he attained the ultimate power for a Saiyan --- Super Saiyan 4. With this, he decimated all evil in his path, getting closer and closer to the one who started it all: Omega Shenron himself.
                Their battle was nothing short of raw chaos, even the maximum extent of Jimago's Super Saiyan 4 state proving to be too little. Only through reenacting the same risky move he had done so long ago of stacking Kaio-Ken on his transformed state was he able to defeat the foe, and use the Dragon Balls himself to return the world to peace.

                Oozaru || Super Saiyan || Super Saiyan 2 || Super Saiyan 3 || Super Saiyan 4

                Kaio-Ken || A refined version of the technique King Kai taught Son Goku himself, now able to be safely used on Super Saiyan forms.
                Galick Kamehameha || A combination of two of his masters' techniques, a powerful violet beam of energy that can be charged beyond the power of the user, if given enough time.
                Solar Flare x10 || A more powerful version of the Solar Flare, so strong that it muddles the user's ability to even sense their opponent during the state of blindness.
                Neo Tri-Beam || A hail mary in itself, this attack uses the user's raw life force to deliver a devastating blow. The Neo variant can be used repetitively, however not without the same risks as the base Tri-Beam itself.
                Instant Transmission || A technique taught to him by Goku, who learned it on Yardrat --- the technique allows him to instantly lock onto someone's energy signature and move instantaneously to their location.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Fo5e313.png
Views:	42
Size:	115.9 KB
ID:	6876

                Koba Cheo (Kobalt Mk. 3)
                Koba is a woman of many talents --- she's strong, intelligent, and able to improv her way out of many situations. Though charisma seems to escape her, she's able to identify much with her favorite character of fiction, Tony Stark. The design philosophy of the Iron Man armors shows through strongly in the Kobalt armors, through the way they work and are powered are vastly different.
                The Kobalt armors tap into the natural energy of the user across various poitns of the body, circulating and recirculating the ki between the armor and the wearer to increase power and capacity. The process is highly efficient, using the very same energy it's recirculating to power itself. The palms of the suit have specially-designed ki channeling repulsors, which allow for unnaturally rapid focusing and expulsion of ki in narrow or wide beams.

                Shizukari || The yang to the Kaio-Ken's yin, using similar principles to boost the user's strength double, triple, or even quadruple times at its maximum. The technique is able to be maintained for a respectably long time due to using the calmer side of ki within the body, as opposed to the raging fire the Kaio-Ken brings forth. It's characterized by the thin blue glow that encases the user, and the crackling white lightning that hugs to their figure when it flashes about.
                Full Power Repulsor || Energy is channeled, poured into the focal points within the palms of the suit at a dangerously quick rate, amplifying its output and producing two devastating blue beams of energy comparable to a golf ball in diameter.
                Energy Repel || Through various microchannels right beneath the surface and tiny holes littered along the surface of the armor, Koba can expel a barrier of energy that hugs closely to her body. This controlled 'kiai' of sorts allows her to potentailly charge through energy blasts and withstand less-than-optimal circumstances like none other.
                Last Resort || The armor is capable of going super-critical, a risky overload of the recirculation that produces almost tenfold as much energy as its base amplification. This is achieved by focusing the ki throughout not only the armor, but the user itself. Risks of using this not only include destruction of the suit, but possible permanent damage to the wearer if maintained for too long. However, the payoff is blinding speed, immense strength, and boosted mental processing for the user for however long the state is maintained.