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Tournament of Power Bios

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  • Tournament of Power Bios

    Put your bios of the characters you plan to use for the Tournament of Power.

    Some of my bios are copy and pasted, so don't feel intimidated or confused by some of mine. Everyone is going to be around the same level of power.

    Black Knight - Zelgius
    Spoiler Alert!
    Age: Between 60-70

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human-like Hybrid


    Bio: Strongest warrior in Universe 8, has to wear heavy armor to suppress his incredible power. Even with his armor on, he surpasses all other warriors in his universe. His appearance is much younger than his age as the type of hybrid he is lives in their prime long. He has done horrible things but all in all is a good person.

    Name: Camus
    Spoiler Alert!

    Race: Yato

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20s (a lot older at this point)

    Spoiler Alert!

    Main Abilities: Strong

    Bio: Little is known about this man. He is one of the last surviving members of the legendary warrior race called the yato. Few who know him always say: "Anyone who knew him was a friend. Because all those who were opponents are dead." The quote is mostly true, but a fellow yato named Ignis had survived a battle the two of them had. Camus was far superior and left him broken. He spared his life as the two of them are of the same race. He seeks only to gain more strength. He is a kind but rather blunt man. At times he may seem like a fool, but he is a genius especially when it comes to battle. His skills for martial arts is beyond measure.

    Name: Goku
    Spoiler Alert!

    Age: 40+

    Gender: Male

    Race: Saiyan

    Appearance: Wears a red traditional gi with black wristbands and belt. He also had black shoes and wraps of the same colors around his ankles. On his chest and back was the symbol 旭.

    Bio: You know who Goku is. This Goku has trained fiercer than the original Goku and has an ability called Taiyō no honō that he's been passing down to his son, Goten.

    Name: Goten
    Spoiler Alert!

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Race: Saiyan/Earthling Hybrid

    Appearance: Wears an orange shirt with jeans and a black leather jacket. Has his End of Z hair.

    Bio: Has been learning Taiyō no honō from his father.

    Name: Yamcha
    Spoiler Alert!

    Age: 40+

    Gender: Male

    Race: Earthling

    Appearance: Wears a purple gi with the kanji symbol 狼 on front and back. His wristbands and belt are yellow and his shoes gold.

    Bio: Yamcha

    Name: Captain Ryoma
    Spoiler Alert!

    Race: Human (Similar to earthlings)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20s (a lot older at this point)

    Spoiler Alert!

    Bio: Known as an idiot and is wondered how he could attain such a massive army. However, he is great at diplomacy, deception, and tactics. While he seems foolish in the moment and his methods seem to get by only by a thin hair--it was all planned. He is one of the most intelligent men in the universe, but everyone is convinced he's the dumbest. He is also skilled with a hand gun and a katana. But he likes to leave the fighting to his Vice-Captain.
    <a href=https://66.media.tumblr.com/a778744563b75011121936a823684030/tumblr_psl1u83vEI1qgwefso5_500.gif target=_blank>https://66.media.tumblr.com/a7787445...wefso5_500.gif</a>

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    To get you in the mood to read all of this, listen to this:

    Megatron (G1)

    "Such heroic nonsense."

    Megatron is the vicious leader of the ever loyal Decepticons.

    Though the G1 cartoon incarnation is evil and rotten to the core, his plans are often based on how potentially successful they can be rather than focusing on the flaws behind them, meaning he is usually defeated a lot. In spite of this, he has managed to corner the Autobot population outside of their home planet, Cybertron, and he has personally extinguished the sparks of many Autobots on his own. Though often incompetent, this brutal and tanky fighter should not be underestimated, for he isn't also known as "The Emperor of Destruction" for nothing.

    Resultado de imagen de all hail lord megatron

    Age: Millions of years old
    Height: 20 ft / 6 m
    Weight: Around 20 metric tons (around Optimus Prime's weight as a Freightliner FL86 Cab-over-Engine triple-axle semi trailer truck, maybe)

    Alt-mode: A Cybertron-styled Walther P-38 that can be used by other Decepticons and is even deadlier than the fusion cannon on his right arm, one-shotting even the toughest Autobots.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	tumblr_ot18dz4D071u2ragso2_500.gif Views:	0 Size:	1.11 MB ID:	6430

    Megatron (Beast Wars)

    "I am alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. I am that which is, which was, and is yet to come... and you will know my name is Megatron when I lay my vengeance upon you!"

    Resultado de imagen de transformers beast wars cartoon

    Megatron is the imperious leader of the bumbling Predacons.

    Following the footsteps of the previous Megatron, from a future time period where Autobots and Decepticons have stopped waging war and evolved into smaller life forms known as Maximals and Predacons, this Megatron started out a bit like his predecessor, with a notable sense of sarcasm replacing the brutish nature of the original Megatron, but soon evolved into a pompous and self-absorbed genocidal maniac with a god complex and wishes of grandeur, a deadly combination that joined forces with impressive cunning that allowed him to win more battles than one would normally expect.

    Resultado de imagen de megatron beast wars yes

    Age: Unknown
    Height: 320 cm (japanese stats)
    Weight: 3500 kg (japanese stats)

    Alt-mode: A T. Rex with turbines that allow him to fly at speeds of Mach 8, plus skates on his feet which allow him to reach top speeds of 450 km/h.

    Megatron (Animated)

    "Decepticons, transform and rise up!"

    Megatron is the self-righteous leader of the "heroic" Decepticons.

    Believing himself to be some sort of freedom fighter against the oppressive and tyrannical Autobots that banished them off their homeworld, the wise and noble Megatron rose up and inspired other Decepticons to do the exact same thing. Now he rules over them with a charismatic iron fist, seeking the power of the Allspark, a source of unrivaled power that predates all cybertronian life, though not as a necessity, for as mighty as his body can be, his mind is even mightier. As not only a physical powerhouse but also a brilliant military strategist and genius in matters of science and engineering, few can claim to match or even come close to Megatron's greatness.

    Resultado de imagen de megatron animated transformers swords

    Age: Over 6 million stellar cycles (has been looking for the Allspark and fought during the Great War for this long if not far longer) (a stellar cycle is a cybertronian unit of time equivalent to a year, btw)
    Height: Around 40 ft / 12 m (Larger than Optimus Prime, maybe even twice as much)
    Weight: Over 10 metric tons (Heavier than any attack helicopter given its alt-mode)

    Alt-mode: A futuristic assault helicopter, capable of reaching speeds exceeding those of jets or escape velocity (Mach 33).

    Megatron (Aligned)

    "The name was meant to demonize us. Instead, we wear it as a badge of honor, for if speaking the truth is deception, then we are gladly guilty."

    Resultado de imagen de transformers prime megatron

    Megatron, the rhetorician leader of the unhinged Decepticons.

    Originally known as Megatronus, an ancient name belonging to one of the Thirteen, the first Transformers on Cybertron, he eventually changed his name to differentiate himself from the original as he conquered the gladiatorial pits of Kaon during the Golden Age of Cybertron and joined his brother-in-arms Orion Pax, later Optimus Prime, to convince the corrupt High Council of fixing the inequity among the population. Pushed to anger by the council, Orion Pax succeeded where Megatron had not, and rather than diplomacy, he chose to overthrow the council and rule over Cybertron with his newfound assembly of followers, the Decepticons, accidentally ruining the planet beyond repair due to the war that ensued.

    Age: Thousands of years, at least
    Height: ~30 ft / ~9 m (same as his Fall for Cybertron self)
    Weight: Over 20 metric tons (should be heavier than the heaviest fighter jet on Earth)

    Alt-mode: Some form of cybertronian jet, also capable of reaching escape velocity speeds.

    Imagen relacionada

    Megatron (IDW)

    "...In the final analysis, I would happily wade across a river of corpses, chest-deep in rust and grease and engine oil, just to crush the spark of the last Autobot standing. And I would not do so simply as a means to an end. No. I'd do it, Prime, because it would give me pleasure."

    Resultado de imagen de megatron idw

    Megatron is the undying leader of the monstrous Decepticons.

    This one has gone through various changes, as (much like his G1 counterpart), this Megatron refuses to die and even at one point gives up and changes sides. The only Megatron to have actually done so. But this is before that happened, and more or less when that quote above was said. Megatron here is upgraded and more ruthless than ever, killing any Autobot in range or sight and toying with the ones he seeks to torture the most, because violence is all he's known for his entire life. He began as a slave/gladiator who mined for Energon (the resource every cybertronian lives off of), who later rebelled against the Senate for the inequality among cybertronians, combining many of the aspects seen in past Megatrons, though perhaps deadlier than ever.

    Resultado de imagen de stealth bomber megatron

    Age: Well over 4 million years old
    Height: ~48 ft / ~14 m (when compared to Soundwave who is 32')
    Weight: Over 20 tons if not far more (bigger stealth bombers like his alt-mode can weigh over 70 metric tons)

    Alt-mode: A stealth bomber similar to a Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit, though smaller.

    Megatron (Bayformers - Dark of the Moon)

    "We need a truce. All I wanted was to be the man in charge. Besides, who would you be without me, Prime?"

    Resultado de imagen de megatron transformers 3

    Megatron is the pathetic "leader" of the inconsequential Decepticons.

    This Megatron spends most of his career doing things that lead nowhere and not succeeding on almost any of his missions. If he does succeed his efforts become meaningless in a matter of hours. He claims to be his own master even though he keeps becoming the pet of others, and here he is, at his most weakened state. Don't expect him to survive long. Heck, he gets immediately obliterated after saying that quote up there.

    Age: Tens of thousands of years at most
    Height: 38 ft / 11 meters
    Weight: Around 20 metric tons (given his alt-mode's standard weight)

    Alt-mode: A mack granite truck.

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