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  • Tournament of Power Bios

    Put your bios of the characters you plan to use for the Tournament of Power.

    Some of my bios are copy and pasted, so don't feel intimidated or confused by some of mine. Everyone is going to be around the same level of power.

    Black Knight - Zelgius
    Spoiler Alert!
    Age: Between 60-70

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human-like Hybrid


    Bio: Strongest warrior in Universe 8, has to wear heavy armor to suppress his incredible power. Even with his armor on, he surpasses all other warriors in his universe. His appearance is much younger than his age as the type of hybrid he is lives in their prime long. He has done horrible things but all in all is a good person.

    Name: Camus
    Spoiler Alert!

    Race: Yato

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20s (a lot older at this point)

    Spoiler Alert!

    Main Abilities: Strong

    Bio: Little is known about this man. He is one of the last surviving members of the legendary warrior race called the yato. Few who know him always say: "Anyone who knew him was a friend. Because all those who were opponents are dead." The quote is mostly true, but a fellow yato named Ignis had survived a battle the two of them had. Camus was far superior and left him broken. He spared his life as the two of them are of the same race. He seeks only to gain more strength. He is a kind but rather blunt man. At times he may seem like a fool, but he is a genius especially when it comes to battle. His skills for martial arts is beyond measure.

    Name: Goku
    Spoiler Alert!

    Age: 40+

    Gender: Male

    Race: Saiyan

    Appearance: Wears a red traditional gi with black wristbands and belt. He also had black shoes and wraps of the same colors around his ankles. On his chest and back was the symbol 旭.

    Bio: You know who Goku is. This Goku has trained fiercer than the original Goku and has an ability called Taiyō no honō that he's been passing down to his son, Goten.

    Name: Goten
    Spoiler Alert!

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Race: Saiyan/Earthling Hybrid

    Appearance: Wears an orange shirt with jeans and a black leather jacket. Has his End of Z hair.

    Bio: Has been learning Taiyō no honō from his father.

    Name: Yamcha
    Spoiler Alert!

    Age: 40+

    Gender: Male

    Race: Earthling

    Appearance: Wears a purple gi with the kanji symbol 狼 on front and back. His wristbands and belt are yellow and his shoes gold.

    Bio: Yamcha

    Name: Captain Ryoma
    Spoiler Alert!

    Race: Human (Similar to earthlings)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20s (a lot older at this point)

    Spoiler Alert!

    Bio: Known as an idiot and is wondered how he could attain such a massive army. However, he is great at diplomacy, deception, and tactics. While he seems foolish in the moment and his methods seem to get by only by a thin hair--it was all planned. He is one of the most intelligent men in the universe, but everyone is convinced he's the dumbest. He is also skilled with a hand gun and a katana. But he likes to leave the fighting to his Vice-Captain.

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    To get you in the mood to read all of this, listen to this:

    Megatron (G1)

    "Such heroic nonsense."

    Megatron is the vicious leader of the ever loyal Decepticons.

    Though the G1 cartoon incarnation is evil and rotten to the core, his plans are often based on how potentially successful they can be rather than focusing on the flaws behind them, meaning he is usually defeated a lot. In spite of this, he has managed to corner the Autobot population outside of their home planet, Cybertron, and he has personally extinguished the sparks of many Autobots on his own. Though often incompetent, this brutal and tanky fighter should not be underestimated, for he isn't also known as "The Emperor of Destruction" for nothing.

    Resultado de imagen de all hail lord megatron

    Age: Millions of years old
    Height: 20 ft / 6 m
    Weight: Around 20 metric tons (around Optimus Prime's weight as a Freightliner FL86 Cab-over-Engine triple-axle semi trailer truck, maybe)

    Alt-mode: A Cybertron-styled Walther P-38 that can be used by other Decepticons and is even deadlier than the fusion cannon on his right arm, one-shotting even the toughest Autobots.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	tumblr_ot18dz4D071u2ragso2_500.gif Views:	0 Size:	1.11 MB ID:	6430

    Megatron (Beast Wars)

    "I am alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. I am that which is, which was, and is yet to come... and you will know my name is Megatron when I lay my vengeance upon you!"

    Resultado de imagen de transformers beast wars cartoon

    Megatron is the imperious leader of the bumbling Predacons.

    Following the footsteps of the previous Megatron, from a future time period where Autobots and Decepticons have stopped waging war and evolved into smaller life forms known as Maximals and Predacons, this Megatron started out a bit like his predecessor, with a notable sense of sarcasm replacing the brutish nature of the original Megatron, but soon evolved into a pompous and self-absorbed genocidal maniac with a god complex and wishes of grandeur, a deadly combination that joined forces with impressive cunning that allowed him to win more battles than one would normally expect.

    Resultado de imagen de megatron beast wars yes

    Age: Unknown
    Height: 320 cm (japanese stats)
    Weight: 3500 kg (japanese stats)

    Alt-mode: A T. Rex with turbines that allow him to fly at speeds of Mach 8, plus skates on his feet which allow him to reach top speeds of 450 km/h.

    Megatron (Animated)

    "Decepticons, transform and rise up!"

    Megatron is the self-righteous leader of the "heroic" Decepticons.

    Believing himself to be some sort of freedom fighter against the oppressive and tyrannical Autobots that banished them off their homeworld, the wise and noble Megatron rose up and inspired other Decepticons to do the exact same thing. Now he rules over them with a charismatic iron fist, seeking the power of the Allspark, a source of unrivaled power that predates all cybertronian life, though not as a necessity, for as mighty as his body can be, his mind is even mightier. As not only a physical powerhouse but also a brilliant military strategist and genius in matters of science and engineering, few can claim to match or even come close to Megatron's greatness.

    Resultado de imagen de megatron animated transformers swords

    Age: Over 6 million stellar cycles (has been looking for the Allspark and fought during the Great War for this long if not far longer) (a stellar cycle is a cybertronian unit of time equivalent to a year, btw)
    Height: Around 40 ft / 12 m (Larger than Optimus Prime, maybe even twice as much)
    Weight: Over 10 metric tons (Heavier than any attack helicopter given its alt-mode)

    Alt-mode: A futuristic assault helicopter, capable of reaching speeds exceeding those of jets or escape velocity (Mach 33).

    Megatron (Aligned)

    "The name was meant to demonize us. Instead, we wear it as a badge of honor, for if speaking the truth is deception, then we are gladly guilty."

    Resultado de imagen de transformers prime megatron

    Megatron, the rhetorician leader of the unhinged Decepticons.

    Originally known as Megatronus, an ancient name belonging to one of the Thirteen, the first Transformers on Cybertron, he eventually changed his name to differentiate himself from the original as he conquered the gladiatorial pits of Kaon during the Golden Age of Cybertron and joined his brother-in-arms Orion Pax, later Optimus Prime, to convince the corrupt High Council of fixing the inequity among the population. Pushed to anger by the council, Orion Pax succeeded where Megatron had not, and rather than diplomacy, he chose to overthrow the council and rule over Cybertron with his newfound assembly of followers, the Decepticons, accidentally ruining the planet beyond repair due to the war that ensued.

    Age: Thousands of years, at least
    Height: ~30 ft / ~9 m (same as his Fall for Cybertron self)
    Weight: Over 20 metric tons (should be heavier than the heaviest fighter jet on Earth)

    Alt-mode: Some form of cybertronian jet, also capable of reaching escape velocity speeds.

    Imagen relacionada

    Megatron (IDW)

    "...In the final analysis, I would happily wade across a river of corpses, chest-deep in rust and grease and engine oil, just to crush the spark of the last Autobot standing. And I would not do so simply as a means to an end. No. I'd do it, Prime, because it would give me pleasure."

    Resultado de imagen de megatron idw

    Megatron is the undying leader of the monstrous Decepticons.

    This one has gone through various changes, as (much like his G1 counterpart), this Megatron refuses to die and even at one point gives up and changes sides. The only Megatron to have actually done so. But this is before that happened, and more or less when that quote above was said. Megatron here is upgraded and more ruthless than ever, killing any Autobot in range or sight and toying with the ones he seeks to torture the most, because violence is all he's known for his entire life. He began as a slave/gladiator who mined for Energon (the resource every cybertronian lives off of), who later rebelled against the Senate for the inequality among cybertronians, combining many of the aspects seen in past Megatrons, though perhaps deadlier than ever.

    Resultado de imagen de stealth bomber megatron

    Age: Well over 4 million years old
    Height: ~48 ft / ~14 m (when compared to Soundwave who is 32')
    Weight: Over 20 tons if not far more (bigger stealth bombers like his alt-mode can weigh over 70 metric tons)

    Alt-mode: A stealth bomber similar to a Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit, though smaller.

    Megatron (Bayformers - Dark of the Moon)

    "We need a truce. All I wanted was to be the man in charge. Besides, who would you be without me, Prime?"

    Resultado de imagen de megatron transformers 3

    Megatron is the pathetic "leader" of the inconsequential Decepticons.

    This Megatron spends most of his career doing things that lead nowhere and not succeeding on almost any of his missions. If he does succeed his efforts become meaningless in a matter of hours. He claims to be his own master even though he keeps becoming the pet of others, and here he is, at his most weakened state. Don't expect him to survive long. Heck, he gets immediately obliterated after saying that quote up there.

    Age: Tens of thousands of years at most
    Height: 38 ft / 11 meters
    Weight: Around 20 metric tons (given his alt-mode's standard weight)

    Alt-mode: A mack granite truck.

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      "A team of Gotham's greatest villians to do the job we haven't been able to do alone: clip the the bat jerk's wings permanently."

      Picture by LogicalLoony

      Team Penguin

      Making its debut and only appearance in The Batman episode "Team Penguin", it begins with Penguin watching a spy movie. One of the characters mentions that teamwork is the "blueprint" for success. Penguin, agreeing with the statement, assembled his own team, consisting mainly of other criminals operating in Gotham and those willing to work by his side.

      __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

      The Penguin

      Oswald Cobblepot, like Bruce Wayne, was an ostensible billionaire in his 20s - but the similarities stopped there. Unlike Bruce, "'Ozzy" was rude, selfish, arrogant, homely, and a grotesque penguin-bodied character. While Gotham City's other villains may have it out for Batman, Penguin was unique in that his scorn was often directed at Bruce Wayne, who served as a constant reminder of everything that he was not. Employing the use of highly trained birds and an arsenal of deadly umbrellas, as well as his faithful Kabuki Twins, Penguin was determined to rebuild the Cobblepot fortune by criminal means.

      Abilities, Equipment & Skills

      Unlike most other versions of Penguin, this version is a skilled martial artist, who learned in the Orient. He is capable of going toe-to-toe with Batman for a decent amount of time (a few minutes at most). His bullet and laserproof umbrella helps him fly across the air like a helicopter and the tip can sprout a metal blade which Penguin uses like a sword or open the igniter of a flamethrower. The back end of the umbrella also has a chain-sickle which is sharp enough to cut through small trees and is connected to a small battery, allowing it to fry and electrocute anything it latches onto.

      Killer Croc

      A half-man, half-reptile, Killer Croc wants to submerge all of Gotham in water in order to facilitate his plundering of the city. This version of the character is also one of his more intelligent incarnations as he is capable of thinking rather clever ideas in order to obtain money. His true origin unknown, though a brief comment in his first episode implies he may somehow be tied to the military, or trifled with the wrong kind of voodoo in the Bayou (due to his Cajun accent).

      In the comic tie-in series for the show, called The Batman Strikes!, it is revealed that he was once either a failed experiment or a mercenary who volunteered on an experiment of DNA splicing and ends up becoming a half-crocodile/alligator and escaped due to having fear of being locked up in a cage and because of how much he suffered through the experiments, he takes refuge in a circus but ends up lcoked up as well and escaped the same, and decided to become a criminal for survival.

      Abilities & Skills

      A virtual powerhouse with the strength of a crocodile and a deadly tail to boot, Croc's not too different from his original comic book incarnation aside from his appearance, preferring smarts over brawn. His crocodilian physiology allows him to hold his breath underwater for several minutes and gave him a powerful tail, sharp claws and a dangerous set of jaws. Like an actual crocodile, Killer Croc emphasizes on the most important aspects of a predator, such as tough armor, immense strength and incredible speed, plus his acute sense of smell can detect even the sneakiest of ninjas. Combine that with an intimidating vicious beast that likes to study his opponents' moveset and possesses actual fighting skill, whether martial arts or wrestling moves, and you have one of the Dark Knight's most intimidating physical threats.


      Garfield Lynns, a corporate saboteur, executed a few take-downs of rivals to GothCorp. Paid by the job, Firefly did each one with ease until Batman intervened. Though Firefly proved to be a challenge for Batman at first, he was taken down when Batman mimicked Firefly's high-speed jet-pack, which allowed him to play "catch-up" and took Firefly down. He's prone to team ups as he's not that much of a threat on his own, first with Mister Freeze and then with Team Penguin.

      He has a slight degree of insanity and is the wisecracker of the group.

      Equipment & Skills

      Firefly's weapons and paraphernalia included a heat ray capable of blasting through vault doors and slicing buildings in half in a matter of minutes, a battle suit which protects him from radiation, freezing temperatures and intense damage, and a jetpack (which sounded like a fly when it was used) that can travel across entire city blocks in seconds.


      A master thief and triple-jointed contortionist, Ragdoll is capable of bending his body in all sorts of impossible ways. Even able to survive in ways where a normal human would be crushed to death, like between the gears of a clock. He's the least talkative but also the most straightforward member of Team Penguin, as he annoys Penguin the most out of the entire group, for no good reason other than because it's fun.

      Abilities & Skills

      Able to twist and turn himself in every imaginable (and even some unimaginable, such as the inside of Penguin's top hat) positions (like turning himself into a wheel), Ragdoll is a formidable opponent for The Batman, not just in the sense that he could fit through almost any vent or gap, but that even from an awkward angle, Ragdoll possesses enough strength to casually take down a guard with a single punch, can leap dozens of feet into the air and easily get out of the way or dodge almost any attack from the Bat Family.

      Killer Moth

      Before and after his mutation.

      Drury Walker idolized the Penguin, and was inspired by him to become a supervillain. He arrived at Team Penguin's headquarters, and given membership solely as a "coffee boy". That or to be the source of humor for the other members: Killer Croc, Firefly, Ragdoll, and Penguin. While the other members grew tired of Penguin bossing them around and doing none of the grunt work, Killer Moth was quite happy to serve. They manage to steal vats of chemicals that they wanted to use to melt through the solid steel safes of Robert Howard. Killer Moth was in charge of the guarding the chemicals, which no one else was willing to risk their safety. When they find Killer Moth, he was at first in a thick cocoon, then finally emerges an insect-like mutant capable of flying and spitting acid, a result of the chemical merging the moths that constantly surrounded him into his skin. Though now the most powerful member, he still worships Penguin, and does as he is told.

      Abilities & Skills

      Before his transformation, he carried around a cocoon gun, that could trap people in a cocoon of some sticky substance, though all the times he used it, it backfired (the goo explodes from the back of the gun instead of shooting out the front). When he becomes a "killer moth", he receives the ability to spew acid (which occasionally drips out of his mouth when not in use) which comes from the previously mentioned chemical that was originally intended to be used to eat through five layers of a laserproof titanium vault (the same vault Firefly had failed to burn through at one point), the ability to fly and hover in the air like a half ton hummingbird, and enhanced speed and strength, making him the most powerful member of the team, with mantis-like arms capable of smashing through concrete.

      He's also really good at making coffee.


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        You guys gonna roleplay in a tournament of power setting?


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          That's the idea, yes.


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            Solid Snake Basically yes, you can bring just about anyone you want though. I'm bringing in OCs that aren't even from dragon ball for example... Also a lot of the choices here in general.

            Naomi Whitaker- Star Guardian

            Leader of the Guardians, she took the name Star Guardian, defender of the star light always piercing through even the depth of space. Her abilities revolve around the concept of stars more so than the actual phenomena, with the magic of the Guardians flowing through her, she is stronger and faster than normal by far, and can even move her legs in that form, this is doubly impressive given that she is a paraplegic.

            As Star Guardian, her hair glows a bright pink, and she wears a uniform inspired by the Japanese animes she used to watch when she was 11. Her eyes also have a bright pink color in their iris that appears natural. She has problems with her self esteem and direction in life, but in the field she is still the de facto leader of the Guardians, always willing to fight on the frontlines.

            Nara Bonfield- Sun Guardian
            Naomi began alone, but was not so for long, the second member of the Guardians, she came to her powers trying to save Naomi from a threat she couldn't overcome alone. She lacked the same drive to fight the Darkness like Naomi did, but she wanted to protect those close to her, including Naomi and her family. As the Sun Guardian she controls heat and fire, defending the world and watching over it like the sun.

            As the Sun Guardian she has bright orange hair, her outfit is also patterned off of Star Guardian's own uniform, her eyes almost glow with the bright orange of the sun and is constantly radiating warmth.

            Hitomi Furuya- Woods Guardian
            Hitomi was a quiet sickly girl, shy and withdrawn, before Naomi said hello to her, and tried to make friends. With perseverance Naomi broke through her shell, and Hitomi found herself joining them, eventually joining the Guardians to protect her newfound friends. These days she is much more outgoing and confident in herself, though she feels responsible for Naomi's paraplegia, and is determined not be a burden.

            As the Woods Guardian, her eyes and hair turn a deep green, her outfit is also patterned off of Star Guardian's outfit, like most of the Guardians. One can distantly smell the feint scent of pine around her. Her powers revolve around the forest and plant life, always rising up to reach the light.

            Ellen Smith- Winter Guardian
            Raised with high expectations, she came from a long line of painters. She did not mind that, as she found her passions in painting as well, but expectations put upon her from almost everyone had left her feeling bitter towards art, even resulting in her swearing it off altogether until Naomi and Aarush came into her life. Aarush and Naomi helped her to rediscover her love of art without fear, and when the Darkness came, she rose up to defend her friends and family from this monster that seemed to corrupt everything it touched.

            As the Winter Guardian, her hair is an icy blue, with her eyes sheening much deeper clear blue, her uniform is also based off of Star Guardian's uniform. Her powers revolve around the snow and winter, which which reflects and refracts the light, icy but also beautiful.

            Anya Diaz- Diamond Guardian
            A model since the age of four, she had always been distanced from any school, becoming a subject of gossip, apart from the class as a small celebrity. All except Naomi, who early on had become her friend in elementary. Almost her only friend until high school, she could feel the distance between them as Naomi got deeper into her duties as Star Guardian. She set out herself to confront Naomi and find out, eventually she'd join the Guardians as the Diamond Guardian.

            As the Diamond Guardian, her glows a shiny blond yellow, and her eyes sparkle like gems, with yellow and sparkles, her uniform is again modeled off of Star Guardian's uniform. Her powers revolve around the gem and mineral which refract and direct light.

            Aarush Laksha- Rainbow Guardian
            A member of an ancient royal family within India, he was always trained for great things, to be a princess for the Laksha family. Aarush was assigned female at birth and raised as a woman, to be a maiden of magic, succeed the family, and raise the next generation of their family. However, Aarush rejected this as a transman, vehemently disappointing his family, who would send him off to America in shame. Almost abandoned by his family, he often harbored self hatred for being unable to be a good daughter for them. However, with Naomi, Nara, Hitomi, Ellen, and Anya he would eventually learn to embrace his nature as a man, and rather than rejecting his upbringing or his gender to combine the two and become a guardian.

            As the Rainbow Guardian he is the light that pierces through even the darkest and most raging storms, his powers flow through water and pure light. His uniform as the Rainbow Guardian is not based off of Star Guardian's uniform, but rather with a flowing cape and ornamental sash around his body, as well as modern looking pants and gloves. The entire outfit's primary are white with gold trimming, the colors of his Guardian being made more clear during battle, in which he will often fight with pure light forming as rainbows, as well as control and creation of water.

            Signature and Avatar by NinjaSushi


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              Well, as per Darker's request, here are bios for the characters I'll be using:

              Spoiler Alert!

              Age: 20's

              Height: 6'1/185 cm

              Abilities: Can use Hokuto shinken, a martial art that allows the user to press the many(think hundreds) of pressure points that their opponent has to any effect, mostly exploding them in a gory fashion or making their bodies work against themselves. He can also use ki and shoot blast(such as Tenha Kassatsu), but his strongest ability is Muso Tensei, Hokuto Shinken's ultimate move in which one achieves it through embracing the true nature of sorrow. It allows the user to use the martial arts of their fallen rivals and friends(such as Nanto Seiken among many others) by communing with their souls and allows the user to achieve a state of nothingness, in which they are impervious to any attacks.

              Other than that he's pretty strong, fast and durable.

              BIO: Known as the savior of the new century, Kenshiro has done great deeds and helped people all over the apocalypse by bringing justice where ever he goes. Due to him being the 64th Hokuto Shinken successor, he had to square off against his brothers, especially Raoh, and he defeated him. This is Kenshiro after he beats Raoh, but before Part 2(I like to consider it non canon)

              Monkey D. Luffy:
              Spoiler Alert!

              Age: 19

              Height: 5'8/174 cm

              Abilities: Gomu Gomu no mi, allows the user to stretch their body limbs. But Luffy has found a way to make more of it, such as Gear 2 where he pumps his body and accelerates the flow of blood in his body, making him faster and stronger. Gear 3, where he inflates his bones and can enlarge limbs to proportions that dwarfs even giants, and his strongest ability thus far, Gear 4th(which has multiple modes) where Luffy inflates his muscles instead, it grants him speed that surpasses Gear 2 and strength that puts Gear 3 to shame.

              He has Haki and its three types: Armament, in which he can use it to make his attacks stronger, Observation, allows him to sense the presence of others. He also honed it to the point where he can see a little bit into the future, and finally, Conqueror's, a haki so rare it appears only to one in a million, and those who have it are considered to have the qualities of a king. With it, Luffy can tame beasts and he can knock out anyone that has willforce weaker than him(Not many of those exist.)

              He's also pretty strong and durable, due to him being made of rubber, he is pretty much invulnerable to blunt attacks unless they were coated in Haki or similar. But blades and gunshots still harm him.

              Edward Elric:
              Spoiler Alert!

              Age: 15

              Height: Something like 5'0 or 150 cm. He's a pretty short guy but he doesn't like being called that.

              Abilities: Can use transmutation alchemy. Since he has reached the gate of truth and witnessed it, he is one of the few Alchemists(Human sacrifices) that can use Alchemy without the need to make transmutation circles, as he only needs to close his palms. With it, he can shape the ground and alter it. His primary weapon is his right arm, which is an automail arm(metalish arm), Edward can use his alchemy to change its shape. He mostly uses it to make it pointy, as if it was a sword. He is also pretty acrobatic and agile.

              BIO: Ever since the incident in which he and his brother Al tried to resurrect their deceased Mother, taking away his right arm and left leg and his brother's entire body, Edward has been plagued with guilt and has been searching for the philosopher stone, to fix his brother and himself. This is Edward before the timeskip that led to the final battle.

              Tanjirou Kamado:
              Spoiler Alert!


              Height: 5'5/165 cm

              Abilities: Proficient swordsman, he can use the breathing of water style, which increases his power and speed to rival a demon's. He also uses moves that resembles flow of water(He doesn't actually create water, though.) However, he can also use the breath of the sun style, in which he can swing his nichirin blade so fast it can set everything he touches ablaze. When using this breath his scar becomes more visible and pronounced, almost like a tattoo.

              He also has the ability to see-through, in which he can foresee his enemies attacks and everything looks slow to his eyes.

              BIO: He was just an innocent boi who had to deliver coal, he spent a night far from his home and when he returned his family was killed and only his sister was left alive, she had been turned into a demon. His goal is now to swear vengeance upon the man behind all of this, the progenitor of demons, Michael Jackson- I mean Muzan Kibutsuji, and try to find a cure for his sister, Nezuko.

              Ichigo Kurosaki:
              Spoiler Alert!

              Age: 15

              Height: 5'8/174 cm

              Abilities: As a shingami, Ichigo possess Shikai, which is that large sword, Zangetsu. He can also fly. Ichigo also has achieved a second state, Bankai, in which he changes his appearance, donning a black robe, Zangetsu turned into a pure black katana. This ability makes him much stronger and faster, he can also use Getsuga Tensho, a very powerful reiatsu sword attack which sends an energy blast towards his opponent.

              Ichigo also posses a hollow inside of him. When using it, he dons a hollow mask, and in doing so, he becomes even faster and stronger due to the hollow abilities, A hollow + Bankai Ichigo is a very fearsome foe to fight against.

              BIO: Ichigo, since a very young age, was always able of watching ghosts(which are known as Hollows in the world of Bleach.) Unfortunately for him, this led to him seeing his mother die in front of him at the hands of a nasty one. Years later, He was attacked by a hollow and a shinigami appeared to protect him, Rukia Kuchiki, however, Rukia was careless and was wounded by the hollow, she would transform Ichigo into a shinigami and Ichigo defeated the monster. His adventures only get crazy from there as he had to venture into Soul Society to rescue Rukia, and fight off the traitorous Sosuke Aizen and his espada to save the town of karakura. This is Ichigo during the Karakura town arc, just before he fought Aizen in their final battle.

              Spoiler Alert!

              Age: More than 120 years old.

              Abilities: Being a vampire, DIO can suck blood and has regeneration, however, it is a bit slow and he needs blood to do it. However, his most notable ability is his stand, The World, a humanoid being which possess super strength and speed, and has the ability to stop time for nine seconds.

              BIO: Dio Brando was born in poor conditions to an abusive father. Twelve years later, his father dies and the rich George Joestar, who believed he owed a debt to Dario Brando, took Dio in as an adoptive son and brother to Jonathan Joestar. Shit ensues, Dio becomes a vampire, Jonathan defeats him but Dio takes his body away and is faced off by his descendants, Jotaro Kujo and Joseph Joestar. This is a hypothetical DIO who managed to defeat Jotaro and is now seeking to reach Heaven.

              Hisoka Morow:
              Spoiler Alert!

              Age: Idk pretty old. Perhaps around 28-30 years old.

              Height: 6'3+/190+cm. Tall boi

              Abilities: Can use transmutation nen. Some of his abilities are Bungee gum, where he creates nen that has rubber proprieties. He also can use other nen types such as Emission and Conjuration, but he isn't as well versed in them as Transmutation, his main nen type. He's also pretty strong and fast.

              BIO: Some creepy dude who took the hunter exam and became a licensed hunter. He was also a member of the phantom troupe, number fourth, but he was only there to fight Chrollo, the leader, but has defected away from them as Chrollo had lost his abilities. Later on, however, he fought with Chrollo in heaven's arena and lost, which led to Hisoka killing several phantom troupe members. Idk how to make a bio about him

              Hatake Kakashi:
              Spoiler Alert!

              Age: 31

              Height: 5'11/181 cm

              Abilities: Can use Ninjutsu, and is a natural in lightning style jutsu. He also possess the sharingan in his left eye, those of his fallen friend and teammate Obito, and with it, he is able of copying other jutsu, which earned him the name "Copy Ninja" or Kakashi of the sharingan. Aside from that he's pretty much like the other ninjas except stronger and faster, as he is a jonin-rank Ninja.

              BIO: Son of Konoha's white fang, Kakashi has always been a stickler for rules due to his father's death, who had disregarded important rules. This has got him into troubles and many struggles, such as the death of his friend Obito Uchiha, in which he received his sharingan. Since then, he had served Konoha and is in charge of team 7. He was also a major player in the 4th shinobi war. This Kakashi is from the last moments of the war.

              Spoiler Alert!

              Age: late 40's to early 50's.

              Height: Unknown, most likely 7 feet tall/213 cm or taller, hence the epithet "Thorkell the Tall".

              Abilities: Superhuman strength and durability, but he is rather slow. He is also a proficient weapon user, relying on his two axes to do the job and also knows how to use spears.

              BIO: Thorkell lives for the thrill of the fight, always having a part in wars. He was never bested in a combat except by Thors, who was known as the strongest man in the world. He has also fought with Thorfinn multiple times.

              Katsuki Bakugo:
              Spoiler Alert!

              Age: 16

              Height: 5'8/172 cm

              Abilities: His quirk, Explosion, Allows him to secrete nitroglycerin-like sweats, to which he can detonate and create explosions. With his hero suit, he can store them and make the explosions bigger and stronger. He also has superhuman physical characteristics.

              BIO: Bakugo dreams of becoming a pro hero surpassing All Might. He had won the school festival which made him a target for the villain association, and he required saving as he was taken captive. He has come to start loathing Midoriya, thinking of him as insignificant trash, and he has also figured out that Midoriya had All might's power, which, prompted him to try and surpass even Midoriya whom he started to see as a rival.

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                It looks like pics are missing or not showing.


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                  Yuko, The Mechanical City's Scion
                  Ever loyal to the mission of destroying Godzilla, Yuko was infected with Mechagodzilla's nanometal in a last ditch effort to slay the mighty monster. The attempt failed thanks to Haruo, one time romantic, attempting to kill Mechagodzilla to save humanity from becoming a monster to survive. However, the nanometal lives on in Yuko's body, severely damaged and corrupted but still given life by Yuko's own thoughts. Given time, her brain has regained its function. Or is it the brain of Mechagodzilla? In any case, the prime directive of the nanometal lives on; advancing life by technological means.

                  Yuko has a metallic body formed of nanometal, an adaptive, living kind of metal that is toxic to most kinds of life and will break them down and assimilate them on contact. Nanometal can deform into various shapes and configurations in order to better battle, but this should not be mistaken for shapeshifting, as nanometal does still have limitations despite its flexibility.

                  Haruo, The Void's Harbinger

                  First hand did Haruo see the destruction caused by man in the form of Mechagodzilla. Sure, Mechagodzilla itself was a will to live, but humanity would have either died or evolved under it. Civilization itself marches to its own destruction, so what's the point of it? Far better to just accept nothingness sooner rather than later. These thoughts made Haruo a perfect host for the golden demise, Ghidorah, the extradimensional being taking a physical form in the world through Haruo. However, Haruo recognizes too that perhaps some forms of life do deserve to live. Those that Yuko saves with nanometal, naturally. Thus, Haruo and Yuko give two choices to civilizations; either become one through the nanometal or become one in the void.

                  Haruo is able to invoke the power of Ghidorah through his eyes, distorting space and time by selectively applying the physics of another dimension to a target area. Ultimately, Ghidorah's power can be described as consuming the local reality and making it follow the cold, dead logic of its own dimension. Haruo himself is a fit human and well versed in hand to hand.

                  Shirou Emiya, The Heroic Belief

                  Shirou saw the very proof of his ideals to be a great hero after befriending King Arthur. This inspires him to a globetrotting life of heroics, putting his mettle to the test by getting rid of bad people to save good people. Haruo and Yuko saw this and decided to put things to a sort of a wager. Shirou may save the world from technopathic mages and deluded cults as much as he pleases, however, he must in turn save them too. Thus, all are protected equally, and a true conclusion can be reached on the nature of civilization. Shirou, hero that he is, agreed.

                  Shirou is a mage who specializes in swords, able to copy them after a momentary glance with only minor degradation. This can also apply to other such weapons, though the cost is much higher if not a sword and divine weapons simply cannot be copied at all. Shirou is also a capable archer, able to fire swords as arrows with a variety of magical effects tacked on.


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                    Ah I gotcha, can I have an example how it's supposed to look? I might get back into it cause I've been depressed lately, so this may be exciting for me I think.


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                      Just look at my posts, for example. If you're asking for making bios, that is.


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                        Originally posted by Darker View Post
                        It looks like pics are missing or not showing.
                        I was going to have pics shows up but it's says it can't have more than five attachments so, I had to delete them. I can't be bothered to put pics there, but, eh, I'll see if I feel like putting them.

                        EDIT: I think I've got the hang of this, I should have added some pics.
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                          Not bad at all.

                          One question: Can you see my post with all the Megatrons? It's weirdly colored for me


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                            normal on my end at least.

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                          Originally posted by Darker View Post
                          Just look at my posts, for example. If you're asking for making bios, that is.
                          I meant like how would the roleplay itself might look?

                          Would each character have a segment or multiple?


                          Fighter 1 was facing so and so, and the fight astonished the spectators.

                          Fighter 2 being the cocky guy he is, smirked as his opponent attempted to catch him off guard from watching Fighter 1's bout.

                          Will they be like this or something?


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                            Corporal Harkless:
                            Spoiler Alert!

                            Age: 24

                            Height: 7'0"

                            Weight: (in armour) 150 tons

                            Bio: Corporal Harkless serves valiantly as a member of the USIF Armoured Infantry, helping put an end to the operations of the Arm of Orion and Orion's Spear. He finds himself here out of his patriotism to the United States Empire and its continued prosperity.

                            Abilities: In order to cut down on length, I'll give the TLDR of the abilities granted by the Power Armor. Imperviousness to toxins and poisons. Naturally regenerating armor aided by nanomachines. A lattice-pattern plasma shielding that melts projectiles thrown or launched.
                            Heat resistance, a synthetic muscle system that allows the user to not only operate and move the ridiculously heavy armour, but go above and beyond the call of operating itself, users are ridiculously agile and athletic in the armour, the muscle system is also effectively bulletproof and requires rail assistance to penetrate. Protection from a hard vacuum and radiation, backup reserves of oxygen and various stimulants to keep the operator aware and alert.
                            A literal aimbot (can only be used in extremely short spurts), an on-board AI that assists in decision making, provides on the go calculations, provides constant radar and mini map as well as regulating internal temperature and distribution of the aforementioned reserves. The AI also doubles as a guardian, letting the user know about armour condition and plasma shielding battery levels. On top of this the user is afforded a jetpack to use for verticality.

                            AR-548 Scimitar

                            Specs: Railgun Assault Rifle

                            Hypersonic Muzzle Velocity

                            90 rounds per battery

                            600 rounds fired per minute

                            Full Auto, Semi-Auto, Burst Fire

                            15x45mm armor piercing rail slug

                            Mor-94 Hammer

                            Specs: Heavy Railgun Pistol

                            Hypersonic Muzzle Velocity

                            10 rounds per battery


                            .75 caliber cased, rail assisted slug
                            Combat Knife

                            MPRL-1 Trident


                            Missile Launcher

                            Subsonic Muzzle Velocity

                            HEAT Rounds

                            6 rounds per clip

                            The Hand:
                            Spoiler Alert!

                            Bio: Driven by purpose and belief in a worthy cause. The Hand finds himself here to protect his home, or what is left of it.

                            Equipment: Aside from his armour, The Hand comes equipped with a glowing green energy blade and the same of his shield. His shield is special in that it reflects any projectile both physical or magical back in the direction it was thrown.

                            Abilities: As is a staple of bosses from Furi, The Hand has the ability to unleash periodic bursts of energy to attempt to damage his opponent and in desperate times, can use it in large swathes with very few safe spaces within.

                            The Edge:
                            Spoiler Alert!

                            Bio: "What would you do if had an eternity to do nothing but wait? Do you keep busy, do you daydream, do you freak out? He trained."

                            Equipment: Two Nano Composite Katanas and a Wooden Oar

                            Abilities: Much the same as The Hand.

                            Spoiler Alert!

                            Bio: "Where order has broken down, where cruelty and lawlessness rule, Lawbringers are justice. They go wherever they are needed, and they come prepared. Their armor has no equal, its construction a secret of their order. And they carry the most versatile weapon ever invented: the poleaxe. Pray that you do not need them. And when they arrive, pray that you have done no wrong."

                            Equipment: Flash Grenade and Frag Grenade

                            Abilities: Stamina draining through his weapons, ability to lower people's maximum stamina, ability to ignore effects of weapons interrupting him mid-swing and while standing for short periods of time. Ability to heal himself for a moderate amount every now and then, and ability to regain health when out of combat. Ability to call upon a catapult to launch a massive explosion at his call. When surrounded and defending himself, has the ability to enter "Revenge Mode" an ability that allows him to ignore damage, strike harder and shields his body from direct hits, as well as gives him unlimited stamina all for a short period of time.

                            Spoiler Alert!

                            Bio: "We are far from home, we samurai. Each new land teaches us new things. Each new ally makes us stronger. The shugoki: once our guardians, they have become as family. And what more fierce protectors could we ask for? The kanabo is an unreasonable weapon; clumsy, dangerous... unless you possess the strength of a demon and an unbreakable will."

                            The best of his kind, this Shugoki has gained a reputation for his casual elimination of his opponents. Such that even the Shinigami, reapers of souls, have watched over his shoulder, eager to feast on his kills.

                            Equipment: Spiked Kanabo, Bow and Arrow.

                            Abilities: When out of stamina, he is still able to sprint. Incapable of being moved off from his feet. Able to ignore strikes interrupting him as he's swinging. Able to hurt people even if they block, the more he's damaged, the more resistant he becomes to damage. Each strike of his knocks people from their feet if it lands, able to regenerate health when out of combat. Has the ability to enter "Revenge Mode" an ability that allows him to ignore damage, strike harder and shields his body from direct hits while giving him unlimited stamina all for a short period of time.

                            Son Lu Bu:
                            Spoiler Alert!

                            Components: Son Goku and Lu Bu

                            Bio: Created inexplicably for a past tournament, Son Lu Bu has found himself in yet another tournament. The fusion of the two greatest warriors of their worlds find themselves working together again to overcome the odds.

                            Abilities: Enhanced physical ability

                            Energy attacks

                            Energy sense

                            Telepathic powers: Read minds through touch and psychic communication

                            Hand to Hand Combat

                            Wish Granting


                            Pole-arm mastery

                            Kaishi Leonheart:
                            Spoiler Alert!

                            Bio: Kaishi walked in the shadow of an aspect of the multiverse itself, his Father. pleased with the way he had led Kaishi, left him to his own devices. Kaishi opted for a more... unusual path to power, one mistakenly given to him by his Father. After his Father's disappearance and presumed death, Kaishi's wicked nature cooled, and was replaced by a burning desire to replace Equillibrium, so that others could avoid the same fate his Father had. Wielding the power of the Guardian Style, Kaishi blurs the lines of reality with his desires.


                            Bahamut Scale: Crafted from the left over pelt of The Dragon King Bahamut, this blue scale armour radiates a purple energy. Weighing enough to sink Kaishi into the ground without measures to prevent it. It both hinders and protects Kaishi. Its massive weight allows him to tank most blows thrown his way at the cost of slowing him down dramatically and its natural magical essence allows him to dampen the effects of arcane attacks. When broken, the magical essence is absorbed and Kaishi's speed becomes uninhibited, though he is less protected. In many ways, Kaishi is as dangerous in the armour, as he is out of it.

                            Abyssal Artifact Of Desire: Gifted to him by his Father and planted in his body, this Abyssal Artifact allows Kaishi to manifest his desires into physical form. Anything from raising golemns, to manipulating the environment, to erasing projectiles.

                            Guardian's Blade: Made from the combined essence of the Guardian Forces, this blade allows him to channel their powers into his blade, their special elements accessible through the Guardian Style.

                            Phoenix Group Ley Gauntlet: Having lost an arm in a fight against Abbey Keido, Phoenix Group approached him with a way to both replace his missing arm and allow him access to the usually genetically given Ley power. Using this gauntlet, he is able to passively absorb latent Ley on a planet and channel it into various attacks and forms. Usually with very explosive results.


                            Hyneanmancy: Although nowhere near as proficient as his Father Rain, Kaishi wields the ability to use Hynean spells up to Ultima.

                            Eye of the Lion: Keeping one eye closed, this ability is the reason why. If opened upon seeing acts of the arcane his eye will direct an arcane occurence to itself and absorb it with or without Kaishi's agreement. Causing great pain and temporary blindness, the only upside to this eye is the ability to wield the absorbed attack as if it were his own.

                            Body and Time Connection: Born to a Father whom's grip of time was that like we would hold particles of sand. Kaishi has inherited an ability to stop time and set himself up for an attack as time resumes.

                            Guardian Style Abilities:

                            Stab Thousand: Feinting a stab and stepping backwards, a flurry of one thousand stabs flies out towards his opponent from arcane manifestations of his Guardian Blade.

                            Slash Thousand: With activation requiring contact, one thousand slashes from arcane manifestations of his Guardian Blade seek to turn his opponent into ribbons.

                            Wide Moon Slash: Channeling the power of Bahamut, Kaishi swings his sword, letting out a wave of cutting power across the width of his eyesight.

                            Zantetsuken: Channeling the power of Odin, this sequence of attacks destroys the soul of his victim, leaving their body a husk and torn asunder.
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