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Muyma's Dragon Ball Roleplay Character Sheet Thread

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  • Muyma's Dragon Ball Roleplay Character Sheet Thread

    Post your character sheets and backstories, boys.

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    Name: Tamate
    Race: Saiyan, Raised by Namekians and lived among Tuffles, only knew her race through the book of legends, and later the stories tuffles told

    Hakuryutenin- Living among Namekians, she has learned to extend her appendages (legs, arms, even neck) like the Namekians do, her biology has dubtly shifted in training, and now she can use these long arms to her advantage in a fight, suddenly extending her arm.

    Healing- Having mainly been taught by the dragon clan in the ways of magic, she has picked up various magic spells, of which her most useful has been healing, given her own tendency to train until she physically collapses. She can heal herself, but it is much more effective to heal others.

    Tech blast- Between improving her physical and mystical abilities, she's done very little for her ki blasts. Tuffletech from her friend however, has allowed her to fire blasts. Each attack is a laser, at less power, it's a collection of small beams, meant more to overwhelm a target than to hurt, and medium levels (the most powerful she can get in the heat of battle) it's one small, but piercing and powerful beam, and it's most powerful it resembles the mankonshoppo, devastatingly powerful, but with a long wind up.

    Focusing lense- Inspired from the tuffle work with lenses and lasers, she can create lenses (much the same way magic can create clothing and such) to focus or disperse ki beams as she sees fit. It can disperse by 20% (80% strength beam) and double the power when it powers up.

    Item: A set of personal communicators of which she can use to communicate at great distances and vice versa (enough for the party)

    Knows Veloc and calls him Blubur, they've traveled on the road with each other before, and though she's hardly say she knows him that well, she trusts him. Also finds his infinite confidence funny.

    Knows Arctic by reputation as a hero who stopped wars and helped people. Ever since her love for saiyan culture was rewarded with seeing the true face of the saiyan race, she has looked up to him, particularly since he helped the namekians, who raised her, and the tuffles she would live with reach peace. She views him as an ideal.

    Strongest Feat: When she was particularly young, she had even less control of her ki than she does now, constantly rising, her body could not handle it, and she had to expunge it through any means necessary. This resulted in her almost destroying a village at a young age. Thankfully the Namekians were able to stop that, using their magic to engage a mental lock in her mind, preventing her from unwittingly raising her ki to such levels, and only teaching her in magic and physical action.

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      Name: Aleks Kinkaid

      Race: Wolf People

      Bio: Aleks has lived a solitary life for a long time. Not one to really feel kinship with his own people, he has lived as a mercenary and bounty hunter. Recently he has taken up with a couple partners for both help in bagging bigger bounties and general drinking buddies. He has always enjoyed a good fight but not as obessively as most Saiyans take to it. Having said that, nothing gets Aleks happier than a bounty that won't come quietly.......

      4 skills:

      High Caliber: large ki blast, minimal tracking capability

      Assault Cannon: Shotgun blast of ki balls from the fingers, can be repeated but not fast enough to qualify as a spam. Say, once every second.

      Fire For Effect: Standard Spam assault, ki blast number limit subject to GM requirements

      Heavy Cannon: large ki beam, moderate tracking capability

      Speciality: Grappling, including many "pro wrestling" style manouvers, like his rotating sitout muscle buster (usually from a large height/distance) called Bunker Buster.

      Connection to others: Bounty Hunting partner with Zenith and Aprenulo.

      Predicted power level: 30K

      Special Item: Stimpack. Based on tech from his world, this genetically locked booster shot delivered via a cuff on his left arm doubles his power on the first dose. If he takes a double dose, this improves to ten times his base power. However, the dose, doubled or otherwise, only lasts for half an hour, and after it wears off Aleks' body is left in a severely weakened state and all but useless in a fight. As such, his use of this stimpack is usually limited, as it also has a moderate addictive property if dosed frequently over a short time.
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        4 abilities: Taiyoken, Ki-ko-ho, Zen Mode, Multi-form technique, Multi-arms

        Name: Aprenulo, humanoid alien. Three eyed clan.


        CHARACTER GOALS: Survive, gain perspective on things and be the most loyal/observant for his master (Hechizago) as possible. Of Hechizago's three... offspring, for lack of a better word, Aprenulo is the one that has most closely adhered to Hechizago's side. He basically wants to survive, hoping that means he'll eventually pass whatever convoluted test that he has been put in the RP's universe for. If he is threatened or even about to be killed, he knows he will not be saved by Hechizago under any condition, so, he essentially stays a reserved, calculating and cold individual.

        BEST/STRONGEST FEAT: I guess he could be far more destructive than his PL indicates with a Zen Mode Kikoho. Such is the nature of the two abilities and how they get along together. The mastery of ki control that Zen Mode provides was made with Kikoho in mind. But in short, he has no real feats.

        PREDICTED POWER LEVEL: 14,480 base. 17,760 with Zen Mode activated. Greatly amplified ki control, extra amped Kikoho as a result.
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          Name: Mollu

          Race: Namekian, Dragon Clan

          Rapid Ki Blasts: Fires a stream of small bullets of ki for about a second.

          Healing: Mollu places his hand on one's chest and emanates a wave that can heal just about any ailment.

          Fireball: Approximately 6 inches around.

          Teleportation: Can appear anywhere within a 100 mile radius.

          Knows all of his clansmen by name, as well of some people of the other clans. Is familiar with Tamate.

          Strongest Feat: Has held off alien attackers with power levels in the 20-30k range with his magic and ki based attacks for a short amount of time.


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            Name: Zenith

            Race: Rephaim

            Appearance: https://imgur.com/Gs50wI2.png

            Relation to Others: Assisting Aleks on a Bounty Hunt

            Strongest Feat: An undying curiosity of the world at large, as well as the mysteries that lie within. In another life, this same curiosity lead to him amassing a squadron of reformed villains and augmenting his own body to become the pure manifestation of a warrior. if given the correct opportunities here, it may happen again.

            Projected Power Level: 25K

            Bio: Part of a race of beings tuned to the world at large, they exercised the ability to "walk with gods" as they referred to it as. An ability that allowed them to become in tune with the living world and the afterworld. In peace, this race lived, meditating and putting themselves through trials to test their resolve and their ability to stay attuned to the path. After the awakening of the Super Saiyan God, a great disturbance was felt, and the race dreaded its future. Their oracle foretold a grisly end of their race at the hands of "mind numbingly powerful and even more dangerous savages." Holding true to their nature, they resolved to not fight, instead seeking apotheosis during their meditations to escape this inevitable fate. Some managed to do this, becoming "one" with the world as it was described. The vast majority however did not share this mercy. Instead meeting their end to an invading force of these Saiyans as they were known as. Every single last one of Zenith's race were wiped out from their homeworld. Zenith would've shared the same fate as well, had he not miraculously survived. Battered, bloodied and beaten... He has given himself one last trial. Seek revenge for his race by wiping out the Saiyans, every single last one of them. In his old age it's unlikely he'll succeed, but it would not be a trial if it were easy.
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              Name: Arctic

              Race: Frieza's clan

              Gender: Male

              Appearance: He looks like Cooler in his fourth form, but instead of Cooler's purple skin Arctic has a white one. His tail while white, has stripes of black. He wears a red and blue chestplate, along with two armbands. He also sports a white cape.

              Personality: He is a honest and hard working person who inspires others. He is not much of a fighter, instead relying on diplomacy to resolve conflicts if possible. However, in this ruthless and savage age, his ideals are too naive for his own good.


              Telekinesis: Being part of the Frieza clan, Arctic can lift objects without physically touching them. He can at best, lift giant rocks(Almost as big as the rock Frieza threw at Goku during their fight)

              Transformation: Arctic has multiple transformations, however, instead of getting stronger, they're used to keep his power in check. It can come handy in deceiving the enemy. Environment adaptability: Frieza's race can breathe in the vacuum of space, and withstand extreme temperuatures. Arctic is no exception

              Last but not least, is his ability to use ice attacks. True to his name, Arctic can lower the temperature of the area. Given enough time, He could freeze his opponent in solid ice.

              YOUR RELATIONS WITH OTHER CHARACTERS:As for the moment, Arctic doesn't know the others. Given how he is a bit famous, they could have heard of him. CHARACTER GOALS: To establish peace with the saiyans and try to set them in the right path.

              BEST/STRONGEST FEAT: During the ten years old war between the Tuffles and Namekians for the undiscovered planet, Arctic had them witness him destroying a large moon with a single finger blast, as to prove that fighting him and getting on his toes isn't a good idea. This is how he managed to convince the two races to work together.

              PREDICTED POWER LEVEL: Around 40-45K


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                Name: Cade

                Race: ?

                Gender: Male

                Age: 20

                Appearance: Rough looking man with medium length dirty blonde shaggy hair laying over his earrings. Wears a dark golden breastplate, black pants, and red wraps around wrists. A red sash is tied around his waist beneath his belt.

                Biography: A bounty hunter who was forced off of his home planet over a decade ago. Revenge isn't in his mind as he simply just doesn't care. He takes any job no matter how dirty. Easily gets annoyed and will kill without much hesitation. He enjoys getting into fights and never gets his butt handed to him.


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                  Remember Burter? Member of the Ginyu force? All blue? Yes? Good.

                  Remember Pui Pui? Or Pocus, if you read the english manga? One of Babidi's minions? The one with big lips? Yes? Good, good.

                  Well, let's just say two members of each character's species met up, love happened and then they had a kid that grew up into a cocky prick that had to be kicked out for being too lazy. They told him to get a life, a home, a family, anything, but Veloc chose to become a nomad instead, roaming and exploring the Universe for fun, now that he didn't even have a console to entertain himself with.


                  - A power level of 28000
                  - Great speed, which he acquired from his dad
                  - Great chi control, which he got from his mom, allowing him to create barriers and shoot powerful beams
                  - And just for the sake of repeating it, he's reaaally fast
                  - Like seriously
                  - Like several hundreds of thousands of times the speed of sound kind of fast
                  - Like holy crap

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                    Name: Ultraviolet
                    Race: Ultra (currently occupying the body of an intrepid Saiyan astronaut)
                    Bio: A young initiate from the M78 Nebula, Ultraviolet(Violet for short) is sent out to test her teeth on some low level issues in the backwater districts. Far away from the grandiose fleets and destructive aliens that most Ultras handle, Violet is rather annoyed with her assignment but diligent enough to follow through with it anyway. She has the notion that perhaps this is all some kind of test to see if she can cut it by taking out enough threats or someone really strong. As such, expect cocky showboating despite the fact that she can only remain manifested in a planet with an atmosphere for three minutes at a time due to the lack of light that Ultras subsist on.

                    4 Skills:

                    Size Shift - A natural ability of the Ultras owing to their world's unique composition, Violet can shift her size from that of an average human up to her natural 40 meters tall; her strength and speed increase as well. However, being in a planet with an atmosphere means that being in her true form is not energetically efficient at all as most sunlight is blocked out by the atmosphere. As such, being in this stronger, giant form slashes her time limit down to a third of what it usually is.

                    Violent Claws - Unable to manifest her energy into a proper sword and not licensed to have a weapon, Violet makes do by manifesting her energies into the shape of long, sharp claws emanating from her fingers to give her extra reach in close quarters. If she gets a good grip on someone, the claws can also be used to pulse ki directly into their body with destructive effect.

                    Gamma Smasher - Igniting the inner light within her to a fever point with her ki, Violet fires a straight-forward white ray with very high power from her hands. Once it penetrates a target, the energy will suffuse their body rather than pass straight through, maximizing the damage. However, the cost of using it is high and it is something of a finisher move rather than a move to be used freely.

                    Extro Hydro - Violet has an affinity for water and somehow uses her light to convert her ki into water. Depending on her degree of effort, this can either be about as effective as a sprinkler or it can be a deadly water cannon. The pressure it exerts at high levels throws her backward with its use, so she has to aim right immediately or else be left wildly flailing with it and hoping for it best

                    Relationships - Her relationship to the others can be summarized as "Who are these savages from the boonies?" There is a sense of arrogance due to being an Ultra towards these less advanced peoples. However, she does know of Arctic's reputation and is mildly envious of it. She has also seen Aleks on some wanted posters, but has been told by her superiors to not mess around with him unless he attacks first. So she seethes in silent obedience to them whenever she looks at him.

                    Predicted power level: 28k in base form, 35k in giant form.

                    Greatest feat: The planet Muck used to called Sand. Then she flooded the desert world with a torrential flood while testing out Extro Hydro. An extended use of Gamma Smasher to turn a mountain range into letters spelling out her name as a prank also stands out.

                    Item: Ultra Bracelet. While she's not licensed to have weapons, she was given the multi-tool that all Ultras leaving the home world have. Its spear function is locked to her, but it can still become a knightly shield to block attacks in a pinch.


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                      As some of you might know, Guldo is that pesky little green blob that hangs out with the Ginyu Force. He's not really part of the team, he's too weak to be of true value for anyone, and he got taken out by a chump as we all remember. He used his psychic powers for pranks as a kid and didn't get much better as time went on.

                      But let's say that Guldo never chose the path of the prankster. Let's say he decided to stay fit and get strong, to train and improve his abilities beyond imagination... That's what Rudo is. Well, in truth is a name Guldo chose after finding his original name to be a little too ridiculous for his new "intense" persona. He's more serious than the Guldo we're familiar with, but still just as goofy deep inside. Still, he's now more dangerous than ever, having taken a job as an assassin, following the example of his tutor, a man named Hit, whom he took as inspiration for his current set of clothes.

                      But I know what you're all thinking... He's not from this era! He will come into existence many centuries from now! And that would be correct, since this Guldo is from a different timeline altogether, having fallen into a wormhole that led him to the timeline this RP takes place in!

                      So... yeah.


                      - A power level of 20000.
                      - Fairly decent at hand-to-hand combat, though it's not his greatest asset, that would be...
                      - All the stuff Guldo already knows. All his psychic and time shenanigans. You know the drill.

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                          Yamoshi was the first saiyan known to achieve the legendary form of Super Saiyan. He prospered as the strongest of his kind, before two of his children were kidnapped and brought elsewhere to experiment on them. The scientists responsible for these experiments were seeking their father's immense power in their genetic material, and soon found traces that could lead to them obtaining the perfect servant and super-weapon. After genetically morphing and combining the two children into a single entity through density alteration, a new saiyan was born, much paler and slightly larger than most, with the rare eye color of blue. But even though the scientists had removed his ability to speak, he could still think for himself, and through his anger, his captors were massacred. But it wasn't its own thoughts that made him do this. Something inside had done this.

                          The saiyan now known as Groker had developed a split personality disorder, and a much more malicious voice in his head told him to do terrible things. Though over time the children's single conscience grew into another personality that guided this powerful body, traces of the malevolent personality still shined every now and then, but this evil persona could only fully obtain control during a full moon, in the saiyan's Oozaru stage. It lashed out with joy as it destroyed anything in its path.

                          Under smaller amounts of blutz waves, the two personalities were able to take control simultaneously or at the same time, which only boosted his power by a third of the amount that Oozaru normally did, still making him quite formidable.


                          - Small amounts of blutz waves will lead into what is stated above.
                          - Not all that old despite his hulkish appearances, but still has quite a bit of skill hand-to-hand-wise. Same for chi attacks, though only as much as he was implemented with on the lab.
                          - Extremely dangerous in his Oozaru form, especially.
                          - He keeps his tail hidden underneath his pants to attract less attention, though his paler skin might still start a fight 'cause people like to point that out.
                          - There's A LOT of hidden potential within him

                          “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”