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One Piece RP Thread sign up & character bios

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  • One Piece RP Thread sign up & character bios

    Old link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/drag...ad-t93340.html

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    Signing up with old characters Portgas D. Ace and Sasaki.


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      Matthew Marvel in my case.


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        Name: Axel

        Race: Human

        Gender: Male

        Appearance: Axel is a fairly tan young adult of average height standing at about 5'11 with a build similar to that of a swimmer's, his eyes are a dark shade of green however they are almost always covered by his dark brown Adult Game Protagonist like hairstyle. He wears something that resembles a black sleeveless wet suit along with belt that hangs somewhat loosely around his waist that holds his sword, which is a fairly generic katana, and flintlock. He also carries a satchel which contains various equipment that he's shrunk down, honestly it's mostly just weaponry, effectively giving him his own mobile armory.

        Age: 29

        Occupation: N/A (He'll more than likely end up as a pirate at some point though)

        Class: Swordsman/Sniper

        Skills and abilities-

        Mini Mini no Mi: The Mini Mini no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to become vastly smaller than their actual size as well as shrink other objects and people/creatures.

        Trained basically in the use of most blunt, piercing and slashing weapons as well as most types of guns.

        He excels especially in the use of pistols and swords, favoring using a single pistol and sword combo but it isn't uncommon for him to use either two pistols or two swords at any given time.


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          I'm simply porting over Johana

          Name: Johana Vermeer

          Race: Human

          Apperance: She's a small girl who wears big glasses. Her hair is red, and braided into a double dutch braid, each of which is thick and outlines her face. Her eyes are green, and she has freckles on her cheeks spread out. Usually it is easy to see through her glasses, though notably when she gets angry, it is harder to see her eyes under the glasses, though she can see just fine through them. Her arms are thin, and her legs are similar. She will often wear a sundress, in various simple colors and patterns.

          Occupation: Pirate

          Class: Cook, virtue of her having no other particularly useful skills. She often simply paints paintings for the ego of Gunning as her role on the ship, but in terms of actually helping, she will often prepare the meals (or aide in such) and maintain the ship. With that said, she is actually good at the culinary arts, seeing it as another avenue of expression.

          Ability: She has quite the strange ability, her painting can be so clear and identical to life, that were she to paint something that was not real, it may very well manifest itself into reality. It should be noted that this doesn't mean she can create life, if she did draw a dolphin, she'd get a dolphin that was never alive. If she drew a giant ship, she'd end up with an empty hull of a ship. If what she draws is simply too big, too large, it may end up shrinking to a puny size (draw a mountain, get a mountain the size of a snow globe, for example). Not that she minds this limitation, as it greatly aides in displays and statues.

          Dream: Her dream is simply. Achieving it is not. She wishes to put the entire world into painting. All the world in all it's appearance sketched onto every canvas and painted, modeled, shown through art, and for this dream, she is willing to take to dangerous waters to do so, art can never be achieved without some level of personal risk. She simply takes it more literally than most.

          In her life, she has always been a painter, a sculptor, an artist. She had sketched every sight in her home archipelago... But... That's kind of boring after a while. Not that one can't find new ways to portray it, but she never wanted to portray the same thing over and over. It wasn't something she wanted in life. No, she had a dream in her. Fit the entire world into a portrait. And in order to fufill this, she made a simple decision. Sail the Ocean Blue, and find the greater world, and paint it. And so, here she is.

          Signature and Avatar by NinjaSushi


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            Name: Faat.

            Race: Human.

            Gender: Male


            Occupation: Pirate.

            Class: Waste of Space.

            Ability: ATTA! ATTA! Fruit, after eating a fruit he pawned off someone one day, he gained incredible and other worldy powers. He can hit the pressure points of other people, as well as his own, which result in strange and wonderful effects.