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Rogue Trader Character Creation/Character Sheet Thread

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  • Rogue Trader Character Creation/Character Sheet Thread

    Here we have the official Rogue Trader Character Creation Thread! Here, I'll have you post your character sheets, and where I will also add any modifications to your abilities, equipment and other sundries. First and foremost, I'll talk about the primary things you will absolutely need in your sheets. These are the things that if you want to just pick up and go without alot of detail will do just fine.


    Racial Subtype (Where Applicable)

    Homeworld (Or Birthship of origin if one was born and raised on a ship)

    Class (Your particular skillset and what it primarily allows you to do in combat)

    Equipment (This is determined mostly by your class and we can discuss exactly what you'll get at the start of game privately before you begin. This part of your sheet is subject to change as you modify your equipment list.)

    Special Abilities (Some Classes will have secondary uses beyond combat and this is where they will be listed. Again, your Abilities are determined by class and we will discuss what you get before you modify this one on your own.)

    This is all you absolutely need to play. You can also add a small Biography and perhaps even how or why you joined the Rogue Trader's crew.

    Note: Due to the dangers of 40K, your characters all equally have an opportunity to die. However, for sake of sanity, I will offer to those that have horrific luck the chance to simply "reroll" a new character that has all your equipment and abilities that is effectively a clone of the lost character. You do not need to take advantage of this if you do not want to, but it is there if you choose to. If you wish to RP out the death and the ressurection in some fashion I am also very welcoming of that.
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    Name: Glenn McDaniels

    Race: Human
    Racial Subtype: Homo Navigo

    Homeworld: Gelfranor

    Class: He's a Navigator, which will not often play a direct part in combat, but he expects assassination given his ambitions, and expects others to fail. He is more than willing however to utilize his unique mutation and third eye in combat. His third eye can reveal many things in personal combat... It can strip away one's nascent understanding of time, slowing them to a crawl, it can draw the creatures of the warp to his foes, he can lock a creature in place with the gaze of the third eye as well...

    Equipment: As a Navigator he has access to a great amount of resources. The first and most useful of his is a selenite pattern void suit, providing great protection from the void of space,, and other spaceborn dangers such as temperature extremes, radiation, migro-fragmant impact, and the like. It can also sustain his life in a hard vacuum for ten solar ohurs, before the dual re-breather cells must be replaced (that can be done without taking off the suit as well). He also has an autopistol, but will utilize an autogun if he's expecting to be attacked by a military force.

    Special Abilities: His third eye provides him with various abilities. Like many navigators, he was taught to mark a point of calm, even in the wrost of warp storms, finding a stillness in the Immaterium flowing around them. (It can dampen psychic powers and push daemons back as well). This can often be the only thing stopping him and his ship from being torn asunder should the Gellar Field fail. He can penetrate warp storms, looking for a safe path through the blizzard that is the chaos of the warp, as well as stare into his enemy's souls with the same ability. He can even churn up the local area of warpspace, creating something akin to a miniature warp storm in the local space, preventing voidships from entering or leaving an area through the warp.

    Biography: *click*

    Audio recording start.

    Let's see here...

    My name is Glenn McDaniels. This is an audio journal, I will put down my thoughts on this. Record myself for posterity. So… let's see, I should start with my family.

    My family have been proud navigators for a long time, once we lived deep within the core worlds, with great wealth… That was before my time. These days, the name of McDaniels is dragged through the mud. Falsely, framed for a crime, we were exiled from polite society. Forced to the outskirts. Living like pariahs. My family was made of great navigators as well, who gave everything they had to improve the house, our reputation…

    *he sighs*

    It did not help. Generations have gone on, and we are still denied what is rightfully ours. A name. Our superior breeding, our purity of blood, our training and our innate skill. None of it matters to them. I could spend my whole life serving the Imperium and my family’s name is still misunderstood! The injustice… But there is little I can accomplish here talking about it.

    I spent much of my life learning, training. But there are few opportunities to serve the empire for a house like mine. They have plenty to choose from, the McDaniels are left by the wayside… Which is how I ended up here. I can’t serve with glory, but if I can steer a Rogue Trader vessel to glory… I can make a name for myself. And if I can make a large enough name for myself… Perhaps I’ll be able to accomplish more than merely directing a ship.

    Ideally… If I can make a name for myself. Prove my worth… Even become Pater Nova… That’s a long ways down… But I know it’s in my blood.

    *sounds of ship alarms*

    Recording end.


    Appearance: Defining traits include Blond hair, green eyes, an enlarged jaw that juts out, and an extra (inoperative) finger on his right hand, and he is a gangly eight feet tall.
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      Name: Arbitrator Mortius Sagittario

      Race: Human
      Racial Subtype: Homo Sapien

      Homeworld: Crixos

      Class: Arbiter

      Equipment: Standard issue Arbites armour and autogun favouring the design similar to that of a modern day bullpup rifle.

      Special Abilities: Imperial Judgement. Pressgang locals of any Imperial world to serve the Rogue Trader ships at an easier rate. Generally by going to the criminals and offering a life sentence that only might end in death and may yet end in clemency and riches beyond count

      Biography: Crixos is a vulnerable planet, still recovering so many milleniums later from the attack by the Black Legion. With the recovery of the planet, a new culture was formed. That of a distrust of law and order, of authority and justice. With new cities being built where others once stood, the lawless run amuck. Born to a higher class family, Mortius Sagittario was selected by the planetary governor as an enforcer, to be trained in combat both lethal and non lethal so that when he became of age, he could be the cold unforgiving hand that would bring stability to the planet. And to Mortius' credit, he did precisely that. Becoming feared on the planet for his almost animalistic ruthlessness in dispatching ne'er do-wells. For three decades he had served faithfully in both upholding the planetary governor's will, and the purity of the Imperium's doctrine.

      Slowly, the planetary governor's mind faded with advanced age. And his council, in the pocket of petty lords of the underworld due to the low pay given to them, eventually began to grab power and moved it from the good hand of the governor, into the thug lords of the lower hives.

      Mortius had seen this coming for a long time, and he gave fight to the council and their thug lords for the better part of three years. At this point being renounced by the governor and made rogue. He would brandish his own justice in an attempt to save the new hive he had been raised in. But, despite his training, despite his experience, it could not overcome the numbers advantage ranging in the thousands. Even criminals seeking clemency, were not insane enough to wage a street war with the thug lords.

      Alone and surrounded, Mortius carved a path out and began a retreat from the lower hives up to the surface where he was seriously wounded and left for dead. Saved only by a pilot and his crew in a Rogue Trader. Their offer was simple, yet effective, he had no choice. Life, or death. He chose to live, and now aids in the Rogue Trader's operations. Hoping to amass enough resources to return to Crixos with a professional personal army to retake the hives from the thug lords and the council that betrayed the people.


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        Name: Eucaleys Gaminetic (U-KAL-leez Guh-MEAN-uh-tech) [inb4 I have no idea how pronunciation **** works]

        Race: Human

        Racial Subtype: Psyker

        Homeworld: Neucalyrus (destroyed)

        Class: Primarus Psyker (Telekine Discipline)

        Equipment: Salvaged & Refurbished Partial Suit of Primarus Armour, Chainsword and Lascarbine.

        Special Abilities:
        • Assail: The Psyker lifts a boulder or heavy object from the ground and hurls it towards his enemies.
        • Crush: The Psyker entraps his foes in a choking and crushing mass of force capable of grinding enemies to powder.
        • Gate of Infinity: The Psyker enters a corridor of the Immaterium, allowing him to cross great distances in the Materium in the blink of an eye.
        • Objuration Mechanicum: The Psyker jams the weapons and engines of his enemies.
        • Shockwave: The Psyker slams his palms together and the noise is magnified a hundredfold, creating a devastating shockwave.
        • Telekine Dome: The Psyker erects a barrier of shimmering mental energy around himself that can deflect bullets and blows.
        • Vortex of Doom: The Telekine opens a tear between the material realm and the Warp, unleashing energies that consume any nearby foe. (source: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Telekinesis)
        Mother's Mercy: Unique to Eucaleys. This ability allows him to survive from the most fatal of circumstances, harnessing his mother's latent desire to keep her son safe no matter the cost. While it cannot, say, revive him after having his brains blown out and left for dead, even if he is hacked into pieces beyond anything someone could reasonably survive, this will passively kick in and allow him to survive far longer than anyone else who would last only minutes if not near instant death. While it cannot prevent an instant death scenario and innately holds an "internal cooldown" of sorts, this is how Eucaleys survived the destruction of Neucalyrus. He can also use it on another person if he desires, albeit at a reduced efficacy because he doesn't have an affinity for biomancy and using it on another person also reduces its ability to heal. Still, this makes it an incredible healing gift that Eucaleys can use on another person if he chooses. However, it shares the same internal cooldown so if he does he cannot use it on himself if necessary. Every time he uses Mother's Mercy the other ability, Mother's Malice, becomes slightly weaker as a result when it is next used. Mother's Mercy gains in strength the more it is used so long as Mother's Malice isn't.

        Mother's Malice: Unique to Eucaleys. This ability allows him to channel all of his mother's hatred for the Necron and anyone else who would dare try to hurt her son. He can mold the ability to any shape or form, be it single or multi-target. It does an extreme amount of damage with the intent to kill. The fewer the targets and smaller the scope, the more focused the destructive capabilities. This truly is a bizarre ability in that its appearance can differ from use to use purely based on Eucaleys' mental state, who he is up against, and what he plans to do with it. If he intends to wipe out one hundred enemies at once it may manifest as a large dark red wave of energy that mangles and slaughters everything in his way. If he is attacking a single opponent, it might manifest as a current of near invisible force that floods into the opponent's body through their mouth, nose, ears, etc. causing them to overload and their flesh to shatter into bloody, meaty chunks sprayed all over the environment. The less control Eucaleys has of his logical, conscious mind and the more he gives into rage and bloodlust the more potent Mother's Malice becomes. Frequent use of Mother's Malice with infrequent or no use of Mother's Mercy will empower Mother's Malice more and more, but, at the cost of weakening Mother's Mercy. Unlike its sister ability, Mother's Malice can be used far more frequently, though, it is not as amazing a destructive force (yet!) by comparison to Mother's Mercy in healing potential. It also holds a physical toll on Eucaleys whereas Mother's Mercy has very little to no discernible cost in energy output. This prevents Eucaleys from simply spamming Malice until it is powerful enough to overwhelm any foe in battle.

        Whether it be Mother's Mercy or the sister ability, Mother's Malice, both have unknown affects on his personality and mindset upon frequent use in which one is not balanced out by the usage of the other.

        Biography: Full biography still a WIP, will probably write the earlier parts of his life organically into the RP and/or edit eventually to talk about his childhood (but that's not too relevant to his ability to actually be viable in the RP to begin with, therefore becoming low priority writing). Short version is that he grew up on a Tomb World, had an incredible gift for Telekine and was considered to be a legendary prospect of his generation for the Imperium of Man. However, his world was suddenly uprooted overnight and destroyed by the Necron awakening from their 60 million year slumber. While he made it out alive, Eucaleys witnessed a lot of death and destruction of mostly everyone he ever knew and loved. This changed him from a handsome, outgoing and likable young man into a jaded, PTSD-addled and mentally ill Primarus who became prone to fits of violent rage, consumed by darkness and a hatred for his own powerlessness. He worked relentlessly with the Imperium to improve himself. Finally, upon being selected for reclamation of his home planet - now a designated Tomb World - he let the lifetime of praise, adoration and his own personal desire for vengeance eclipse logical action. Eucaleys quickly went off the reservation and broke formation. He didn't realize until his body was being carved into pieces that he had essentially ran headfirst into a metaphorical (and kinda literal) slaughterhouse. His psychic hood was destroyed, his body in shreds and initially assumed dead due to the improbability of survival. Barely making it out, his foolish actions resulted in tragedy. Eucaleys was given a medical discharge by the Imperium of Man and his prognosis was just as bad as his near butchering at the hands of the Necron itself: very little chance even with the best of care to EVER do anything in the military again; if he somehow did recover basic bodily functions and, even more unlikely, a few abilities... he still would be permanently crippled to some extent beyond the duties of a Primaris and deemed unfit to serve. Best case scenario? He barely learns how to walk again in the next ten years.

        While he easily outdoes this prognosis and even reclaims not only his bodily functions but all of his abilities, he still lost the peak of his youth, is disfigured beyond recognition physically emotionally and mentally, is in an insane amount of debt because it really did take several years of near 24/7 intense rehab and he has no career prospects. While he regained most of his original potential and the loss of approximately a decade of progress can be worked on, the damage was so extreme that his truly legendary upside is now capped. While certainly still capable of becoming great, that last bit of absolute latent ability which had the potential to make him one of the best Telekines alive in the multiverse is now gone. While he strives to gain it back and likely will to some extent if allowed to grow long enough, it's inevitable that he will never return to pre-injury form no matter how hard he works. Seeking to prove himself, grow and work on the shifting sands that are his personal identity, Eucaleys - desperate - sought out a Rogue Trader group after being released from rehabilitation. His existence, teetering between the last dredges of humanity and an eruption of psychotic madness, Eucaleys isn't sure what he's looking for other than a reason to live in the euphoric clamor of death.

        Eucaleys Gaminetic left the Imperium rehabilitation with only a few parts of his original issued Primaris armor that was painstakingly salvaged & refurbished (at his behest) to some usable condition adding an absurd amount to his already ungodly debt. He seeks to pay it off and put his profits towards personal gain. Addicted to the memories of his past and filled with a bloodcurdling, burning rage and an incendiary hatred of the Necron; and even the Imperium of Man to the extent that he felt they abandoned him. Eucaleys Gaminetic is himself in-name-only, a mere shell of the man he once was... and could have been. It's up to the rest of the group to determine if he is worth having around long-term, to get to know him, and decide if he can be successfully reigned in and harnessed to magnificent effect or if he's a ticking time bomb waiting to kill them all and possibly as much of the galaxy as he can take with them. Eucaleys is enigmatic and only truly comes alive when committing to the slaughter of an enemy, reveling in the ecstasy that comes from using his powers. The battlefield is where he lost everything he loved and very nearly his life, now, ironically, it is the only place that makes him feel alive. He only adheres to the order of the cosmos as it is because it often allows him to kill targets without repercussion. Should he be stopped from doing so or decide that order is not the most effective way to get what he wants, then his allegiances may change on a whim. Can he be saved through reestablishing the human connection he once had and loved or is there simply a 'too far gone' for this Psyker's spirit?

        We'll see!
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          Name: Goolblitz Dakkfixa

          Race: DA ORKZ

          Homeworld: W'ERE YOU FIX DA THINGS

          Class: MEKBOY

          Equipment: MA OWN TWO HANDS

          Special Abilities:

          Waaagh! Konstrukshun: You will be able to build many of the Ork Weapons including melee weapons and Deffguns barring a few such as Shokk Attack Guns. You are able to build these out of any material you come across including broken guns, armour and sundries.

          Biography: I was someone 'dat fixed 'da guns an smash. It wasn't enough for me ta do jus dat, i liked 'da shiny bits i kame across wheneva we looted 'umiez. From den on, i knew i wanted more uv it. I left ma group while dey fought ta be leada an made ma way ta a ship 'dat was 'n need uv repair. I raised ma fixa an’ did it for im. Dey let me on an’ 'dat was 'dat.


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            "Blood is the best type of lipstick! It looks great on those who try to fight Quiller!"

            Race – Kroot
            Racial Subtype – You can guess. It's a Kroot for an Ethereal's sake!

            Homeworld – Presumably Pech or one of the many worlds inhabited by Kroot.

            Biography – Born within a Tau moonbase located in a mostly deserted system, a young and weak orphaned Kroot was selected to be part of a secret super soldier program, which was deemed unsuccesful by the end... Mostly because Quiller killed them all! Quiller got big and strong in a matter of decs (or the Tau equivalent of hours) and after getting out of his tank, decimated the base, leaving nothing and no one behind. His genetic material had been altered beyond the standard Kroot, mixing his genes with those of Carnodon, Grox, Diablodon and even Sand Tigers, for maximum efficiency in a relentless and vicious fighting machine, which was the scientists' undoing after Quiller woke up from the experiment. He later gained information on what he was and what he had been chosen for from his latest preys, and so he decided to live the mercenary life and avoid any kind of job that would make him out to be a soldier. Ultimately, he didn't really care so long as he got to fight and eat, but most especially, collect. Though his body had grown and matured, his mind was still that of an immature child, and so he has taken a liking to a specific kind of weapon and has a very childish and crude sense of humor, which is where he got his name from, the combination between 'quill' and 'killer', two human words that described him from within and out fairly well.

            At some point, a few Tau'cyr (Tau years, each year being 297.74 Terran days long) later, his vehicle stumbled upon that of a Rogue Trader, and so, Quiller offered the human entry in his ship if only to trade in some weapons or be part of any fun mission, since Quiller had been bored for a while. His offer was not declined.

            Class – Tracker/Scout/Pilot

            Equipment – Lots and lots of shotguns. Control room aside, his vehicle is practically divided in two sections, one containing corpses from which he takes genetic materials from if necessary and the other containing nothing but shotguns. Pulse Blasters, Ripper Guns, the Mark XI Combat Shotgun... You name it! During combat or in any situation he'd see himself fighting in, he carries one of these many shotguns, though his weapon of choice may vary depending on the day. If he's not carrying a shotgun, he will be dealing major damage with anything that resembles a club, his second favourite type of weapon. The club he wields is one he stole from an Ogryn, made out of ceramite alloy.

            But take all his weapons away and he's still heavily armed, with sharp claws and powerful jaws. Among other natural weapons in his arsenal, or rather, his body, to be more specific.

            Special Abilities – Obviously, Quiller possesses the standard abilities of a Kroot, albeit slightly enhanced. The Kroot are a warrior race, well over two meters or seven feet tall, exceeding most humans by half a meter, and Quiller is even taller than this, nearing three meters or ten feet tall. He is also quite a bit more muscular despite having not even reached maturity, and his bones aren't hollow and far more robust than that of an average Kroot. Given their avian ancestry, think of other Kroot as birds of prey, like an eagle. In comparison, Quiller is more like an ostrich, with stronger and denser bones that augment his resilience in order for greater strikes as well as to support his increased weight. Also, due to the genetic manipulation Quiller went through, he developed the same sensory ganglia on his back that can be seen in the Kroot's closest relative, the Kroot Hound, suggesting the Tau weren't just messing with creation... but evolution, as well.

            Though all Kroot look distinct from one another, even he would stand out among them, and not just on sheer size or appearance alone. For example, his skin tone is brownish red with black strikes, and yellow eyes. His "hair" of quills is also considerably larger.

            Resultado de imagen de warhammer 40k kroot female
            Of course, given this, he possesses superhuman strength, to the point that he'd likely be capable of singlehandedly beating a Great Knarloc, or the Kroot equivalent of a T. Rex... but bigger. This strength is something Quiller inherited from the many beasts within his genetic makeup:

            Such as the Grox, for instance. A 5 meter long monstrous bovin-like reptile packing the size and strength of the largest terran mammals, and tenfold their agressiveness. There's also the Carnodon, a saber-toothed maned felid similar in appearance to a snow leopard but as big if not bigger than the previously mentioned Grox and though possibly not as strong or tough, its thick hide is still hard to penetrate, even by blades or more advanced weaponry. Then there's the Diablodon, the kings of the midasaur strain, the ultimate predator and dominant life form in most worlds they inhabit and considered a legend by most, as the harbinger of death. Even bigger than the previous beasts as its talons alone are as big as power swords and adults rise to heights comparable to an Adeptus Astartes Dreadnought, being easily the most feared predator among these four. Last but not least, though it's certainly the smallest creature mentioned so far, it's the Sand Tiger, roughly half the size of a man but just a dangerous of a critter as the last three, especially since it's an ambush predator accostumed to living in deserts, in which it uses a hunting tactic similar to an antlion's during its larval stage, digging a small hole in the loosened sand and waiting for anything to fall to the bottom, where underneath the sand, the predator awaits its prey. Unlike antlions however, Sand Tigers will not give up if the prey escapes this trap, and chase after it until the prey tires out and beyond, for dozens of hours.

            And Quiller has inherited all of this.

            This cocktail of demigodly animals makes Quiller one of the fiercest members of his species, as he permanently has their abilities and properties and not just for a limited period of time like with other Kroot. Even when Quiller chooses any being to take and absorb traits from, it will be able to do so even with species the Kroot are more wary with, such as Tyranids, without the issue of suffering problematic or unwanted alterations, thanks to the high levels of testostorone and the very durable immunity systems from a few of these beasts, such as the Grox, Diablodon and Sand Tiger's ability to live in nearly any extreme environment, such as surrounding volcanoes or geothermal areas, the vacuum of space (momentarily) or a nearly waterless environment, potentially going for Terran months or even years without any liquid, as well as being able to ingest and digest virtually anything, so Kroot is also able to choose what he will eat and decide to either absorb it or digest it and refuse the absorption.

            Adding even more to his tough skeleton, it is also semi-silicate like a Sand Tiger's, composed entirely of translucent, rose-tinted crystal, comprised of a molecular structure that no member of the Adeptus Mechanicus has been able to replicate, something the Tau kept in mind if anyone ever tried to clone their new brand of super soldier. Not only that but the muscles and bones are bonded on a near-molecular level, making the two almost equally as tough and damn near impossible to cut or tear through. Though incredibly tough, his skin is still edible, being extremely palatable and nutritious, something inherited through the Grox from which the Imperium has even made "Grox Burgers".

            In battle, especially under stressful situations, Quiller will showcase the combined ferocity of these four extremely agressive animals, making him an unstoppable killing machine of unmeasurable viciousness. Though he's not as big as most of these beasts, Quiller is still enormous for such a young Kroot. Who knows how big and strong he will be when he reaches Kroot sexual maturity, at ten terran years of age? Or as old as Kroot can get, a hundred?

            Though a modified Kroot, Quiller still behaves like any other member of his race, with a high level of intelligence and creativity, showing off fairly decent craftmanship when it comes to more natural and primitive weaponry. As the Tau implemented Quiller the necessary knowledge for space-travel in his mind, he is a fine pilot. Neither great nor bad, just perfectly fine on average. Over time, he gained the necessary technique to know how to shoot a gun, and found shotguns most fun due to the kick they have behind them, very different from most Kroot whose preferred or most common weapons are Pulse Rifles.

            Good pilot and good shot aside, above all else, he is an excellent tracker, as you'd expect from a Kroot, a race that uses the small, barbed spines, similar to elongated quills, on their heads as part of the Kroot's sensory apparatus, being connected to their frontal lobes. These quills contain what seem to be ganglia running from the frontal lobes of the alien's brain and, in this position, would be extremely efficient at receiving and interpreting information on the surrounding environment. Connected to these quills, and running along Quiller's back starting from his head, he possesses the Sand Tiger's bristling hairs that help him sense vibrations in his surroundings, including those within a living being (for instance, the human body is made up of electronic vibrations, with each atom and elements of the body, each organ and organism, having its electronic unit of vibration necessary for the sustenance of, and equilibrium in that particular organism). The olfactory cavity remains enlarged like any other Kroot though is more efficient, being able to smell and track down carcasses several miles away, courtesy of the many beasts that can do the same within him, and even without his sense of smell, he can see further into the infrared end of the spectrum and sense the body heat generated by other life forms, though he is able to see clearer than this thanks to multiple nictitating membranes that can be used all at once to detect any kind of prey, while shielding his own eyes from anything that could harm them, and thanks to the Diablodon's usual lifestyle of living and dwelling in dark and subterranean places, Quiller has inherited the beast's excellent night vision, in case his infrared vision ever fails him.

            Among other defensive and offensive weapons, Quiller also gained the Carnodon's tusks, albeit reduced and reversed but tougher and harder to break as opposed to most saber-toothed felids, and longer claws powerful enough to dig through almost any terrain.

            Quiller is a mighty one for sure, but do keep in mind that he's still young and quite unexperienced in comparison with most warriors in the galaxy. Furthermore, he has partially taken personality traits from these solitary predators, such as their preference for solitude and privacy, but is still a Kroot and understands that strength in numbers is a necessity in some battles, despite being kindred-less (kindred being the word used for a Kroot clan). Interestingly, he considers himself a being of many, and might occasionally refer to himself as "we".