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Kelevra Trials: Benhail

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  • Kelevra Trials: Benhail

    First Trial: Bahamut (part 1)

    "You step upon the sacred grounds of the Kelevra Tribe, where both man and faery have long tested their mettle against beings both familiar and beyond comprehension. You stand not in the mortal realm, or in the realm of gods, but in a place seperate, where tens of thousands of years filled with the might and magic of the most powerful beings that have ever existed have slowly formed this former woodland into a prime destination for battle, what you will face today is beyond anything that you have handled before, even myself." Herc gives pause for only just a moment before continuing.

    "And though our battle was very much you limit, the beings you face here today will not show you mercy, failure means death, those souls that perish here, will stay here forever, to join the game staged by the God of Hunts as prey. Even those of immortal standing, know that this is a fate worse than death. Do you accept this possibility?" Herc asks, to which the red skinned Benhail looks to the sky at the disembodied voice and nods.

    "I accept."

    "Very well, know that, though you will push your body beyond what it has ever experienced before, that success brings with it the blessings of the spirits that rest here, power beyond what you are used to will be yours. With the risk being your life, this is your reward, there will be no assistance from these spirits during this trial, after completion of a test, you will be allowed enough time to recuperate, knowing this, do you accept these terms?"

    "I accept."

    "Let's begin."

    As Herc finishes his sentence, far above just outside the realm looking in, he turns to Rain who stands beside him, looking down as he is here to see one of his chosen disciples put themselves to the test that Rain never had.
    The landscape begins to shift around Benhail as it morphs into the area for the first trial. A mostly charred landscape, surrounded by cliffs and a few mountains. A dead Daemon Keido lies face first, imprinted into the ground by the force of a raw magic, a dead Squall is nearby, turned to cinders by the very same magic. In the air, beating its mighty wings is the King of Dragons: Bahamut, smoke fuming from its mouth and nostrils as it lays its eyes on Benhail.

    "Another of the residents plan to put an end to my rampage? Folly, assuming you have the power to do so. Though you do not lack in courage. I'll give you a proper death for bothering to attempt this, whether it's your courage or stupidity, I know not." Bahamut gives another mighty beat of its wings as it ascends skyward, its city sized body parting the clouds as it passes through.

    "We will see in due time beast."

    Rain raises an eyebrow, turning to Herc.

    "Bahamut as the first test?"

    Herc gives a small grunt of laughter, shrugging.

    "The trails are anything but forgiving."

    Pulling out his warhammer, Benhail waits patiently as he sees the gargantuan dragon change from ascending to descending, charging from the sky towards him. Its huge mass allowing it to attain speeds far beyond the speed of sound. It would take some time before the boom of Bahamut breaking the sound barrier would reach Benhail, by then, provided Ben were even there, the dragon would've reached him far before.
    Headfirst, the dragon king smashes into the red warrior, knocking him off his feet and sends him careening into a nearby cliffside, pushing through to the other side and skipping like a rock until he slides to an end. The cliff he had just been pushed through only now beginning to feel the effects of the attack, crumbling to the ground.

    Wind blows through Ben's hair as he lies motionless on the ground, his breathing erratic as he attempts to regain air, unfortunately for him, the dragon king was not one for waiting. Already descending from the sky once more, Bahamut grabs the downed Benhail with one of his clawed feet, lifted him into the air, and with what seemed like only the slightest bit of effort, tosses the disciple in front of its mouth as it opens it. A clear white energy forming in a ball, growing to the size of a building as it released the blast of raw Hynean magic into Benhail, engulfing the warrior as it streaked across the sky down towards more charred ground.
    Upon making contact with the ground, the ball of energy released a massive shockwave, levelling the immediate surrounding area and taking with it a dark smoky cloud riding the wave just as it began to recede as the air forced it all back to refill the area. The mighty dragon king lands nearby and with one movement of his wings, the smoke clears, leaving only the smoking body of Benhail his back and chest cut up and wounds cauterized. His blood beginning to run after a difficult attempt is made to bring himself to his feet, the second he rises to his feet, he falls back down to a knee. Breathing heavily. The tales that Rain would tell of this Bahamut were not tall tales, before he was dealt with by Warmaster, he was indeed quite a fiercesome beast.

    "You still breathe, I expected a carcass after the first strike. I expected nothing after the second. That is impressive, nonetheless, your journey ends here." Bahamut would say with his booming voice as Benhail reaches a hand out, his hammer returning to his grasp. The golden feathers on his belt glowing now.

    "Not yet." Benhail said as he forced himself to his feet using his warhammer as his balance. Not caring to continue the conversation, Bahamut brings his head back as another formation of pure hynean magic forms and is ready to exit his mouth.

    Not caring to let himself stand still and take it, Benhail begins to run at the beast, small as he is compared to it. Yelling as he charges forward Warhammer raised. Bahamut brings his head back down to level, unleashing another blast, fully engulfing the warrior once again. Not even his silhouette remains visible as the incredibly destructive energy now simply vaporizes everything within its wake, all ground and mountain both nearby and in the distance within the firing range are reduced to nothing, not even so much as smoke remains.

    Rain shakes his head as he watches this with Herc.

    "He's being absolutely dominated."

    "Each trial in some fashion or another is meant to challenge the participants beyond that of what they're used to, don't worry much though. I've had first hand experience with fighting Benhail, it'll take much more than this to put him down."

    Bahamut continues his attack, walking forward, each step causing the mountain they fight on to tremor. Abruptly, Bahamut's stream of hynean might ends, and the dragon king's head and snout get sent jerking to the side, spit, blood and fangs flying out. In front of the dragon king stands a heavily panting and steaming Benhail, a smile on his face.

    The Dragon King returns his gaze onto the warrior, looking at the hammer not even bigger than half of one of his claws, and how it managed to give such an impact. With another snort of its nostrils Bahamut spoke again.
    "I know not how you accomplished that, it is my folly to assume that you were not capable of surviving, lesser manage to draw blood. It is a mistake I will not make twice." As Bahamut says this, Benhail unwraps his wrist tape some and wraps it around the handle of his warhammer. Preparing ahead of time for the king of dragons to ascend to the skies. And as he predicted, it did.

    "Not this time." Benhail said as he threw his hammer into the air after the speeding Bahamut. Enough force being used that the hammer outsped the dragon and wrapped tightly around one of its claws. It did not take long for Ben to leave the ground and follow closely behind Bahamut. With haste, the disciple climbs up the makeshift rope. The force of all that air on his body at these speeds making climbing a herculean task, one finding its match in the disciple of strength.

    Farther and farther the king of dragons ascended into the sky, attempting to leave Benhail with two decisions: Stay and suffocate as they reach the outer atmospheres and eventually the void of space itself, or plummet to the Earth from on high, almost surely a death. Between the two, it seemed the disciple would choose the option that would allow him a chance to attack Bahamut.

    "Give up and accept death while you still can mortal, what you face is not simply an overgrown dragon, but one fortified with the souls of thousands of its brethren and of the Kelevra leader, Daemon Keido." The gargantuan beast laughed at the hopeless situation of the one that had challenged him.

    "Your mundane weaponry is not enough to kill me, you should have sought guidance from the gods, acquired their weapons of favour, even then, you will have fallen short, just ask the Demon of the Steppes, chosen of the sun god."
    Hanging just right below one of the claws of Bahamut, Benhail stops and stays still. Contemplating his options with this new information. He pondered just what then was necessary to put down this beast if his hammer would not suffice. Surely he would not have been put into a trial he could not possibly succeed in, that would be a sentence, not a trial...

    "Bahamut, I ask then for you to give me a day in preparation."

    "Take as long as you need, it matters little in the end."

    "Is that so?"

    The humph from the dragon was enough to gather the answer from.

    "Then I ask of only one thing from you, I want one of your claws."

    "If that's all, then you are either stupid or delusional. Be off with it then." Bahamut says as the claw Benhail is wrapped around extends itself further out until it is pushed out, the building sized claw beginning to plummet, Benhail with it. Bahamut then turns in the air and flies off in another direction, holding true to his end, he would come to seek out Benhail tomorrow at this time.

    As for the disciple, he found himself with both the claw of Bahamut and a freefall. It would seem that the dragon king was willing to honor the request that was made, though it seemed Ben would need to survive to tomorrow. Gritting his teeth, Benhail slowly began to climb up the claw as around them a firey aura formed around the claw, beginning to burn him intensely, the resilliency of his body allowed him to not simply turn to ash, there was however a very noticeable smoke emanating from his body, one that caused great agony if his facial expressions were anything to go by.

    Now on top of the claw, he drops to his knees, putting his hands down on the surface and closing his eyes. He takes a deep breath, for this moment clearing his head from the pained choking cries of his body as it gets cooked by the burn in from the atmosphere on his body. With his head clear, he is able to focus his power.

    Leading carefully, the space below the claw begins to warp in on itself, becoming a see through twist. Arising from it small golden embers that surround the incredibly large claw. Gradually, the speed at which it and Benhail fall is slowed down, until the burn in is no more, and not a moment too soon as the ground quickly approaches.

    Although their momentum was lessened, it still was not enough to make a clean landing. Such a large object falling so many dozens of feet per second was not going to make a graceful entrance. Upon impact, a wave of air is sent rushing out, within the immediate vicinity, sound is simply lost, and as the wave lessens until it dissipates entirely, the mountain and ground below begins to quake violently, shaking Benhail off of the body part and falling some distance chest first, both his back and front heavily bruised from the impact. He lies face first, arms out to his sides. His head occasionally moving in a way not unfamiliar to someone that has been knocked unconscious and is beginning to stir awake. His head raises again and his eyes open for only a few seconds before he puts his head down again, accepting the embrace of sleep.
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