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The Material Man

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  • The Material Man

    A story about someone doing something. That's all you need to know.


    “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”

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    Small continuation:


    “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”


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      "Sorry for arriving late to the party, blue boy. What'd I miss?" - said Alloyz at an officer with his back against a wall on an empty alley.

      "Honestly, I'm not sure myself. I felt something very feral rush from within me for an instant, and then I was back doing my job on the streets..." said the cop, very dizzy still.

      Alloyz didn't know what to think of that. His recordings across the city on the past few hours had shown him all sorts of crazy things, which involved that super heroine, Witch-Hand, luckily not doing anything that would imply she'd be responsible for the situation. After all, Alloyz wouldn't know how to counter magic when all he can do is change skins like a rebellious singer.

      "Will you shut up, narrator?" - replied the hero, unable to accept the truth.

      "Excuse me?" - said the officer.

      "Uh, nevermind. I was probably hit with some hocus pocus that might've dizzied me out a bit." - That shouldn't have worked, but it did. The officer's car was nearby, as he was quickly informed of a situation occuring nearby, being told the classic "you should take a look at this" cliché.

      The officer offered Alloyz the chance to go with him, and of course the hero wasn't going to refuse the chance to go in a police car. Something within him told him that was supposed to be exciting. The car shook quite a bit the moment Alloyz got on.

      "Oops. That's my bad. I probably weigh hundreds of kilograms right now. Lemme make myself lighter."

      "Sheesh, I wish I could do that." - said the officer, looking at his small gut.

      They passed through a few streets, where more policemen and other members of special forces were helping out the populace.

      "So what's the switch?" - asked Alloyz to the police officer.

      The officer was about to answer before they reached a park, where they began to see what they'd come for.

      "That is the switch, I imagine..." - the officer pointed at the bars that surrounded the park. In many of them there were recently escaped prisoners that had been impaled and set on fire.

      Alloyz quickly got out of the car to observe this carnage. Some prisoners were simply laying on the ground, but even those guys were set on fire. Others were on top of buildings, hanging on the antennas. The firefighters had arrived shortly before them, and were doing their best to put out the fire in their dizzy state.

      "These are all convicts... And they haven't been ordinarly put on fire..." - said Alloyz, distraught. - "They were forced to drink something, something flammable, and someone combusted them from within... And I know exactly who did this. I've known him pretty well over these last several years... Conbuster..."

      "THE Conbuster? He hasn't shown his face for years, hasn't he?" - asked the officer.

      "Indeed. And every time we meet he's harder to bring down. The last time we met, I couldn't do anything against him..."

      "You not only say you know him... You've FOUGHT him?! Multiple times?! Didn't the dude bring down a skyscraper by himself once?"

      "That was recently, he wasn't as strong originally. The first time we met, probably about a decade ago, maybe more, he seemed a lot more noble. He wanted to rid the world of criminals and suggested that I needed a sidekick. I said I didn't want a sidekick. I wanted a partner, to make him feel like we were equals. I grew to like him a lot, in just a matter of weeks, almost like a brother. He was a lot like me (made of metal and seemingly not human)... Until he met Harver Cliffbee, better known as Stone Face. We were ambushed in a sewer and, while I took care of the big bad of the day, Diamondark, he decided to deal with his goons. But he wasn't strong enough to take them all on. I was being bear hugged while I saw what Stone Face did to him. The first punch sent all of his teeth flying out of his mouth. The next target were his legs, which were stomped on and broken. The next was the strange black gem that's always been in his forehead, he never explained me what that is as he didn't even remember where he came from, but I knew for sure that it was a very resistant gem, as Stone Face could do nothing to punch or rip it off, but he tried very hard, the brute, and did plenty of damage to my... my partner... No, my brother's cranium, including his left eye." - explaining all of this was clearly very hard for Alloyz, whose memories of that night were flashing back again. - "Finally, as if Stone Face hadn't done enough... He ripped his right arm off, then dumped him into the sewer's waters, claiming it was the fitting place to throw garbage at. I was enraged, more than I've ever been in my life. You probably know how I left Diamondark based on the photos and scans they made after I brought him to one of your stations, officer. If you haven't, let me just tell you... A head made of diamond stands little chance of staying in one piece when hit with a fist made of graphene... While I stood there beating up Diamondark, however, Stone Face and the others escaped, and ever since, that man has eluded me... One day we will cross paths, and trust me... His face won't stay in one piece either..." - said Alloyz in an angry tone, accidentally turning into a material so dense and heavy his feet sank a few millimeters into the street.

      "I'm sorry to hear that you had to witness something so horrible. I've seen Stone Face in action. He may not be the biggest threat the city has seen, but he's still a force to be reckon with for any unarmed human... A cruel thug... As for Diamondark... We still owe you for putting him in a coma, he hasn't recovered much since. What surprises me the most, however, is how Conbuster survived all of that."

      "I've yet to find an explanation myself either... After I defeated Diamondark, I swam into the sewers' waters. I couldn't find him. I spent hours, days, weeks... I never found him. Years passed, supervillain activity grew and regular goons weren't much of an issue for the police or were easily captured... Those who weren't would later be found, dead and on fire. A whole month went by with convicts being killed left and right. I tracked down whoever could be responsible for this. Even to this day, I refuse to believe that is Conbuster... but I must face the truth. He's a monster now, from within and out, one that has been looking for Stone Face for a while."

      "Like you, as you said." - said a voice, echoing through the streets.

      It was Conbuster.

      A hulking figure dropped off a building, smashing the street apart with its sheer falling mass alone.

      "And here's the aforementioned gift, bro." - he said, as he rose up from the crater he had just created and chucked Stone Face in front of him. Alloyz resisted the urge to kick his head off right then and there. He couldn't lose sight of the real threat here. "Don't call me bro. You lost that right long ago..." - said Alloyz, much more serious than usual.

      "Oooh, come ooon... Why the long face? I was the one you always made fun of for that! Hahaha!"

      "No one's laughing, Conbuster. You're not funny... Not anymore." - said Alloyz, with plenty of pain in his voice as he said that last part.

      "It's true that no one's laughing... But guess what... He will be crying in a moment." - said Conbuster, still with a smile on his face, showing off his sharp teeth and looking at Stone Face.

      Other policemen had reached the scene, but even without his comrades' help, Alloyz's officer buddy had already pulled his gun out, as ineffective as it seemed against Conbuster.

      "So which body parts do you want, bro? Dibs on his left eye, his right arm and both his legs..." - said Conbuster as he got closer, with bullets flying at him but all of them bouncing off, even when hitting his eye. Alloyz stepped between him and Stone Face, not letting him take another step.

      Conbuster's right eye was as white as the fog in an eerie town... But suddenly, a black iris grew out of the nothingness of that eye, and the smile turned upside down.

      "Alloyz. You know why I'm doing this. You know this is the only way to rid the world of the evil that contaminates it."

      "By acting like them?"

      "Don't give me that nonsense! I'm not acting like them! I'm being better than them! None of them have done as good a job putting us heroes down than I have with them! I only go after the convicts that have committed crimes worth the death penalty!"

      "You know for a fact that's not true. Stone Face may be a ruthless barbarian, but he's yet to kill anyone. He's strong, dumb, lucky and incompetent. That's all there is to the man Harver Cliffbee. He's still a man, with a life that no hero should take away from him."

      "Even cops stupidly kill people or animals, yet they're recognized as heroes... And did you hit your head the night that 'ruthless barbarian' as you put it tossed me into the water? I woke up like this, as you see me right now! I died, Alloyz! I'm no longer myself and I don't know what changed me!"

      "Let me help you find out... please."

      "Okay..." - the iris vanished into the eye as he said this, and that devilish smile returned. - "...Once I've sent his ashes to Hell!"

      Conbuster easily pushed Alloyz aside, not really hurting him, but sending him several blocks away. Luckily for Alloyz, his body had instinctly taken a material tough enough to withstand that.

      As soon as he returned, Stone Face was gone, and the police were still there.

      "He used the crater he made earlier to lose us in the sewers! We couldn't keep up with him, and it got too dark!"

      "Once again... I've lost him down there..." - were Alloyz not a combination of machines, he would've dropped on his knees and started crying.

      Far from there, on a warehouse, Stone Face had been wrapped up in materials he wouldn't recognize even if he was familiar with every material in the solar system. Conbuster was sitting only a few meters away from him...

      "Don't worry, my dude. You'll see your end soon enough. I've already cremated every guy you partnered up with in that fateful night, the night you missed your chance to kill me. Your worst decision. You should blame it on your stupid mother, making a kid as dumb as you... Too bad I don't have her here so that she can watch you suffer as Alloyz did... She's probably already dead by now... Oh wait, you wouldn't know, would you? I read your file, Harver. You were a rebellious boy who escaped from home, 'cause his momma and papa never loved him... Boo hoo. At least even an insufferable dimwit like you can probably still remember your past, unlike me... Nevermind that, though... Even without your miserable mother, you will not die alone. I've restrained myself from killing the last element involved in my murder... Your boss, still in a coma: The only vengeful attempt from my bro. He will not stop me from doing this... No one can."

      “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”