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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Roleplay

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  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Roleplay

    So yeah, this place needs something new, so I've decided to make a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Roleplay thread.

    All you have to do is fill out your team like this:

    Your Name:
    Team Name:


    Your Name: Big Green Uncle 2
    Team Name: The Poliwrath Brothers
    Members: Poliwrath, Politoed
    Rank: Gold

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    Anyone interested in this roleplaying thread?


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      ..... Well?

      If anyone is, I'll post a revised registrations list.


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        I'm bumping this in case there is finally interest in it.


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          I think we should start off with our team's backstories... They don't have to be detailed, though.

          This is Part I of the backstory of Poliwrath and Politoed...

          Poliwrath and Politoed are full blooded siblings, and to differentiate between the two of them, Poliwrath was named Wrath, and Politoed was named Toed. They told each other they'd evolve to Poliwrath and Politoed respectively to become more recognizable among the villagers.

          Wrath was stubborn and somewhat overbearing, but a Pokemon with good intentions. Toed was more carefree and occasionally lazy, but also a Pokemon with good intentions.

          They lived with their half brother, Froakie, and all three share a mother, who used to be a hooker, a Ditto, who supports the family with a full time job, turning her life around, and all three don't even know their real fathers.

          Needless to say, both their family life and real life was messed up. Regardless of their mother's change of heart, they got teased throughout their childhood. All they had was each other, and while the Poliwag brothers tried to reach out to everyone for acceptance, Froakie on the other hand was more vindictive... However, regardless of their different ideals, they were all understanding of each other.

          The Poliwag brothers get older and become Poliwhirls, and Froakie becomes a Frogadier, their mother Ditto eventually died of sexual disease that finally caught onto her, so a Lucario who saw this tragedy decided to train them in a guild in which he led, all three under the same team... In the eyes of Wrath and Toed, they wanted to become more respectable in the community. Frogadier on the other hand strived to become stronger and overtime he became a bully.

          Wrath and Toed were frustrated with Frogadier, saying that the two of them were changing the community's opinions of them, but Frogadier was not so well liked among others, even moreso than before. Not only that, but even during missions, they had different ideals. Frogadier was obsessed with power and was hostile toward outlaws. However, all three were geniuses and climbed up the ranks among Guild members quite fast.

          They finally become Poliwrath, Politoed, and Greninja respectively, and all three became the best students of Lucario's guild, with Greninja in the lead while Poliwrath and Politoed were lagging behind... Due to this, Greninja decided he can no longer work with his half brothers because of different ideologies as well as them falling behind him, and decided to work solo only.

          By this time, even Lucario and other guild members saw the darkness within Greninja, although they didn't kick him out of the guild because he was above everyone else including his brothers and brought them good income.

          Part II of my team's backstory will probably be scripted. To be continued...