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Round 2: Ash vs Lady Ysabel Millesant

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  • Round 2: Ash vs Lady Ysabel Millesant

    Two hopefuls, one faithful to her gods and with a piece of the artifact in her possession, bearing the loss of an entire city in her attempt to protect it against the one known as Odin. The other long dismissive of the gods she once thought protected people, and finding through her struggle against Half-Lord that she is capable of wounding gods. Find themselves pit against one another, the next piece of the artifact up for grabs.

    Location: Village Hidden In The Sand

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    The Crimson knight found herself marching through the rough sands of this strange place. She had woken up only a few hours ago, and her last memory was her fighting the powerful undead, he who controlled Darkness itself, before a bright light engulfed her. She had wondered if this was just a nightmare, but all of the evidences pointed elsewhere. That meant the orb was indeed real. The orb which granted almightiness.

    She pondered whether she would meet the Half-Lord again, or if it was another opponent. Her eyes scanned the people, they sported rather strange outfit. Back at the imperial city, they didn't seem out of place but these people...Nonetheless, she was on the lookout for any threat. She knew who her opponent would be if she laid her eyes on them.


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      Ash drifted back. Kaishi was there waiting for them, mostly surprised to see them at all.

      Ash had the artifact. That was a plus, but it felt like hollow ash in their mouth. Ash went with Kaishi, taking them to the next world, the next artifact. The next battlefield.

      This world was another one, compared to some worlds they had seen, it was nothing so strange, certainly not like the warp from which Ash drew their eldritch powers.

      Another village full of people. Ash had to take care that this didn't end up like Daggerfall. Especially here, there was only one way in or out... Not for one like Ash of course, but all the same. Taking greater care, they took to a far subtler form of illusion. They removed the more obvious signs of mutation, shrinking their pupils to an average eye, their wings becoming invisible, their birdlike feet resembling shoes, and walked in the way any normal traveler would. They wore loose robes that could be ditched it needed to reveal Ash's form, and conjured a backpack behind them to ensure no one accidentally feeling their feathers. Finally they wore a turban. All of this helping to conceal their weapons, specifically their laspistol, knives seemed common here, but Ash's laspistol, even if a side-arm was advanced technology.

      Once Ash was inside, Ash could feel it. Perhaps because they had already laid their hands on it, now it was calling to them? As Ash contemplated the sense of certainty-

      Well. That's something. This tall scarred woman stood out almost as badly as a space marine would have, though perhaps not as anachronistic. Metal armor like that of a knight, as opposed to the clothing of everyone else. Observing them Ash had to admire her, the scars had spoken of a rough life, and something about her old Ash that they were as fiercely independent as they.

      Knowing the artifact was at the Kazekage's building... Ash made certain. They would avoid the destruction of the first... And instead gave a mental command to them, or rather a suggestion...

      The artifact is south. A simple suggestion, if they were after the artifact they would hopefully go south at this subtle mental prodding. Hopefully without ever realizing Ash was there to begin with, and Ash could simply walk to the Kazekage's room, and pluck the artifact away from them.

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        "Hold it." Before Ash could do anything, however, they heard a womanly, yet rough voice behind them. It was Ysabel, and she had caught up to them. She was slowly approaching them, walking like she owned this place.


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          A sigh escaped from their mouth. Caught, and evidently the gentle suggestion was not enough. Ash should have supposed that maybe anyone on the path to getting these was not going to be stopped by a mental suggestion.

          Ash stopped as ordered. And turned, the illusion still at play hiding their wings and making their eyes appear normal and human. They didn't say anything. They waited for Ysabel to speak first.

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            Ysabel then stood in front of Ash, it looked like she hadn't suspected a thing. "..." Ysabel was quiet, she stared at Ash in the eyes, before she spoke.

            "This might be strange to you, but have you seen anyone peculiar?" She asked Ash. "A large man clad in black armor, with an even bigger steed."


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              "...What?" Ash had to ask hearing this bizarre question. Ash thought for certain they had been found out.

              Ok, keep it cool. "No. I've not seen anyone on a steed. Why?" Ash asked, intrigued by this line of questioning.

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                "If you do, run away like hell from him," Ysabel told Ash. "I've had the displeasure of facing off against him and almost lost my life for it. And I've seen many things a girl shouldn't." Ysabel said, she then took a couple of paces forwards, past Ash, before she stopped "One last question...Who or what are you, and why are you here? You're not from this place." She asked, her back facing Ash.


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                  "I'm a traveler. What about you? Sticking out like a sore thumb... I'm Ash. I serve the Gods of the Warp balance the scales of the worlds." Ash said, striding forward, towards the Kazekage's den inward to the town.

                  As Ash would walk in front of Ysabel, she would find herself seemingly frozen, telekinetic strength holding her on place. Ash took one look, revealing their true form to Ysabel and Ysabel alone.

                  Wings in place poking from the robes, and their eyes being almost all black due to massive almost rat-like eyes, and a white eight pointed star of Chaos where their iris and pupils would normally be.

                  "You don't seem like a bad person." They said as they would continue attempting to use their telekinetic might to keep the knight in place "Walk away. You're not strong enough to see thia through" before their eyes seemed to lose focus for a moment, returning Ash stated... "If you continue on this path. You'll just meet him again. There's several artifacts scattered across these worlds and some very powerful people are after them, one you've already met evidently. I'm after it too, but I have the favor of the God of Hope and Fateweaver."

                  If Ysabel kept observant of the area, they'd notice most of the people had begun to vacate the area. The knight stood out to begin with, combined with Ash exerting influence to give the crowd a feeling of unease at the prospect of staying here any longer. Ash didn't think Ysabel was strong enough to break free, they just had armor and weapons as far as they could tell, but they didn't want any surprises to cost other people's lives like last time.

                  Ash waited for Ysabel's response.
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                    "So you're after it, too?" Ysabel asked. Her hunch about Ash was right as they revealed their appearance to her. She scoffed, "Don't tell me what to do, and stop trying to act as if you care about my well being." She said, however, despite all of this bravado, she found herself struggling immensely to move. "I will get this orb, no matter who or what is in the way. Because I can't let it fall on someone else's hand."

                    Managing to barely move her fingers around, she generated a small, harmless looking blue orb at the tip of her index and middle fingers. This was in fact a lightning orb. "Let go of me," She ordered as she wriggled her finger and sent the lightning bolt coursing through the air, its target being Ash's face.


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                      "Gyah!" Ash cried, engaging in warp time flipping back, their body aided with time speeding up as they flipped, narrowly avoiding the lightning. They quickly shed the robes, the turban falling to the ground, revealing themselves in a white tunic and and khaki shorts, a laspistol in one hand and a knife gripped in the other, wings spread out. They avoided the bolt, but in the process their telekinetic grip fled Ash's mind, and with it the force. Ysabel was free to move without impediment.

                      The crowds had dispersed at this point, the lightning striking nothing but ground. Good, and with that attack anyone left quickly ran to alert the authorities... As for Ash and Ysabel... "I can't allow it to fall into anyone else's hands." Ash said, before the sands began to move, their body revealed, bird feet and talons and wings beginning to take the color akin to the sun, shining brightly before the entire district had fallen into darkness, brought out not by the setting sun, but by a great amount of sand swirling so much as to hide Ash within it, before they took off with their wings...

                      Rather than Ysabel being restrained by telekinetic force, Ash would attempt to outmanuver them with the wings on their back and the sand now flowing all throughout as if in a great sandstorm. From the outside it was a revolving ball of it, from the inside it was simply dark... But illuminated ever so quickly, with the red laser from Ash's pistol. One shot from behind, another from the side, Ash was constantly moving, and with the aide of the sand and darkness trying to potshot Ysabel into submission with their laspistol. With hope, Ash may significantly wear her down.

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                        Ysabel's eyes widened before she had to cover them with her arms as to not let the sands get into her eyes. Her sight would impaired as the sandstorm obscured her vision, only allowing room for a few measly feet away from where she stood. She had no time to process as she was hit by something from behind. It burned, then to the side. An arrow? Ysabel thought, no, An arrow could not do this, was it a new weapon the dame of steel had yet to learn about? The enemy was moving around and had gotten Ysabel got; it was the same as cornering a rat. Ash was good at using their environment to their advantage, but if they had to resort to trickery...this means that up-close, they had to be mediocre. This was Ysabel's thoughts of line, as she dashed forwards, without taking the time to ponder on what her next move was.

                        Her steel boots sinking in the sand, she kept forward. This sandstorm must of have an end, and she was determined to reach it.


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                          Charging like a bull, they burst through the impromptu sandstorm Ash made, no reason to keep it up, as the sand fell down to the ground as Ysabel exploded out from it, boots sinking into the sand but still pressing forward. In a way, she felt the opposite of rogue-like Ash. Brash and blunt as a hammer, barreling forward through plan after plan, all while Ash continues to formulate plan after plan to hold them down.

                          Still, there were more and more ninja coming here. Ash expected this, and rathr reveal themselves, they faded into invisibility, telling Ysabel again. "You are'nt going to reach that artifact before me." Before seemingly disappearing, their wings being used to carry them far above, all the various ninja of the village hidden in the sand would see is Ysabel alone, after the commotion, lightning, and sand storm. They were not hostile, not yet, but they were clearly aiming to surround Ysabel, demand her identity, and bring her in.

                          Of course, with Ash invisible, and high above the village, there was little possibility of the ninja, right now focused on Ysabel, finding the rogue cultist before they already had the artifact within their hands.

                          Ash was certain Ysabel had a way out of it, no one else was hurt, yet. If they surrendered peacefully no one else had to be hurt... Though Ash knew if Ysabel resisted, the ninja would be unlikely to stop her either. Right now, Ash had to expect that all this trick would buy is a headstart towards the artifact.

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                            Ysabel had managed to get out of the sandstorm, not too long after, the storm quieted down. The knight coughed as soon as she get out and took a moment to catch her breath. "Come on out, I know you're surrounding me," She said to the ninjas who had been stalking her just now. Some of them were shocked as to how she found out.

                            "..." Ysabel looked around, there was no response. She didn't care what the ninja did or not, but one thing was clear, she had a faint idea where the orb was. It had to be in that large building. Pointing at where the Kazekage resides, she ran towards there as fast as she could. She was not going to let that birdbrain get it before her.


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                              The ninjas had of course continued to trail Ysabel. A strange new and clearly competent warrior striding forward towards the Kazekage's place of residence... It was natural... Still, Ysabel wasn't silencing them... As easy it would be to cast a more monstrous illusion onto Ysabel... It'd probably end up with this going worse. Ash thought further, as they flew towards the Kazekage's residence... Landing down on the strip, Ysabel was running forward... Let's see if they can't frustrate that further... A small look into the future, just a small peek, from their view point... They knew where Ysabel would be.

                              Flying down, they, using the might of the warp cast a ward, on the section of street, running from one end to the other, ordinarily nothing was out of the ordinary... But once something enters it... It would find time running far slower, or to their own view, everything else going faster outside of their bubble of normality... Regardless, they stayed invisible, far and away... But once Ysabel stepped through, they'd act. Revealing their position on the other end of the road, before the Kazekage's building in the middle of town, they'd fire dozens of shots, at Ysabel, carefully aimed with the aide of the slower time in that section.

                              In so doing, their las pistol, normally little more than a side-arm, even if one from the future, was transformed into a veritable wall of lasers barelling, a dozen shots at any single point, and dozens more laid down to cut off escape, though weak normally, they would pack more than a bit of strength from these machinations.

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