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Round 1: Ash vs Aariv

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  • Round 1: Ash vs Aariv

    Transported to the capitol of High Rock. Divinity meets a devoted follower of other Gods.

    Match will end in three weeks unless finished before hand.

    Location: Daggerfall

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    Ash cae,e forward, there it was, Daggerfall. Ash had limited knowledge on who exactly they would fight, but if it was the opponent Kaishi thought it was... And he was close by, far more than any of the others brought to this tournament. An illusion had been cast on them prior, Ash simply looked like a peasant making their way inside, and Kaishi stood out far less, appearing simply as one armed adventerur rather than a son of Leonhart. All the same,while it would be useful to have his help, this was not a doubles. Ash was going in alone, searching for the object. The opponent as dangerous as they might be, were only one part of this, the more important factor in play, was the shard, that fraction of the abyssal artifact.

    If anything Kaishi told them about Aarive was true, they couldn't allow a man such as he to use it. They'd stop them, right here, steal it from under their nose preferably, but if needed, Ash wasn't above killing him.

    They left Kaishi behind, a few words of warning... They appreciated Kaishi being worried about them. From everything he's said, this Aarive was as powerful as he was skilled. However, Ash had something unique to them, that Kaishi didn't. They went in, wings folded and hidden by illusions, feet transformed into shoes through those same illusions, seeming the same as any migrant nord making their way through daggerfall. Through the front gates they went, alone, and they knew exactly where to go... Not to the temple or the castle, but to the lower quarters, at the northwest part of the city. Go there, be among the peasants, start looking through the rumor mill. Firstly for the artifact itself, secondly for those looking for it, as they passed by the market and temple of Kynareth, on their way deep into the peasantry quarters of the city.

    The hunt was beginning.
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      South of the Temple of Kynareth, nestled behind a warehouse and the end of an alley stands a tent and a stand. Shielded from most sunlight outside of the middle of the day when the hot Nirn sun beats directly down. A cloaked figure, nestled behind its stand, sitting patiently on a carved rock. A faint golden glow of what seems to be a mask, and his eyes that seemed to protrude with energy like orbs of magelight.

      "Shhh!!!" He turned his head and with those piercing eyes looked at two Breton men holding their breaths still as footsteps marched by of the city guard. One of them clutched his side, blood slowly spilling through the gaps between his fingers, he was the one furthest in to the alley. The other, fine aside from his suspicion, keeping an eye out as the guards passed by. What seemed to be hours for them passed before the one keeping watch patted his friend on the shoulder.

      "Come on, it should be safe, we need to get you some help."

      And one staggered step followed another before his friend fell onto the ground, pale in the face and weak.

      "Hey, hey! Come on!" The other said as he attempted to lift his friend off the ground.

      "Any further from this alley, and he likely will draw his last breath." Aariv says from behind his stand, drawing eyes to him for the first time.

      "Don't say that, we didn't make it this far for it to end like this. Come on!" Panicked in disbelief, his friend beginning the long process of death through bleeding out. A terrible way to go.

      "Can you help us!?" Shouted in that same panic. Aariv exhaled through his nose and stood up from the rock, walking over to the dying man and crouching. Pulling the man's hand from his weakening grasp on the wound to see the full extent of his injury.

      A short-blade, this was a stab wound no doubt. By a particular thick one in particular, perhaps a gladius of sorts?

      "How long has it been since he was stabbed?"

      "I don't know, we've been running from one of the taverns on the other side of the city. Owned by one of the lords."

      "I see..." Aariv says as he picks the man's body up and begins carrying him to the tent, letting the other man know to follow behind.

      "What would you be doing in a tavern that would bring him to be stabbed like this? And to be chased by city guard?" Aariv asks as he enters the tent and puts the man down on one of the cots, then putting his hands on the wound before a faint golden light exudes between the gaps.

      "Does it matter?"

      "It matters to me, tell me, and my service is free."

      "We were trying to steal something alright?"

      "Stabbed over petty thievery? Either you're lying or the guards are easy to incite. Which is it?"

      "I'm not lying, we were trying to steal something... it's just what it was, was particularly valuable."

      "Is that right? What in particular makes it valuable?"

      "A fragment of a buckler used by King Lysandus in his youth. They say even just that one fraction is valuable enough to buy three homes and a farm."

      "That would explain the response." Bit by bit, the blood began to clot at the wound, and healing properly began, though not entirely finished.

      "He will be fine here, he will need a few days of rest for him to return to normal. In that time I am requesting a favour of you, I will assist you in acquiring this buckler piece. I need you to pay attention to the guards of the tavern from a safe distance, let me know of their routes and their schedules."


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        The search was surprisingly simple, it was the gab of the town how one of the taverns had been turned into a fort, protecting some sort of buckler piece.

        "I heard they's stab anyone who tries to get close."

        "I be hearing you could buy a farm with that."

        "Aw, what I would give for a way out!"

        ...It could always simply be some pretty jewlery, but Ash had their doubts. The procession was simple... Still, if what they were saying was true, it may be best to get help...

        Some daemons would be especially helpful... But.

        Oh, here they come, a few guards, harassing one of the younger folk there. People tried to ignore it, what were they going to do if they rose up anyway? They had armor and weapons, all their had were their fists to contend, not to mention the guards would be upon them later if such a large number mobbed them.

        That was not a problem for Ash however. They simply looked upon the two as they beat down on the young folk. "Bastard! Think you can steal in this town!?" He rose his hand to slam down on the younger boy. Too much ambition, and they would suffer the consequences. The guards protected the wealthy at the expense of the poor.

        The same everywhere it seems, as alien as the worlds are they always come back to the basic fact of life. The powerful are protected, and weak left to suffer.

        But for today, not so. They suddenly stopped, their eyes losing their focus, as they began to run down an allyway, deeper and deeper into the city, where it was difficult to find one's way out of one were not used to it. Ash wasn't used to either, but they didn't have to be, as they flew above, becoming nigh-unseeable to the populace below, appearing at most as a grey outline amongst grey clouds.

        The guards came to, realizing where they were, turning around and about "W-where was he!? I saw him run here b-" He wouldn't finish the statement, his vocal cords and a great deal of the neck with it torn out by talons. The other guard had begun to scream and draw his blade, only for himself to begin bleeding out of his eyes, falling to the ground in a moan of agony.

        A sacrifice for the gods, done properly can give one great help indeed...

        The light in this one area, seemed to be darker, as the blood was spilt, and the bodies burned by warpfire, giving way to two helpers.

        Changlings, shapeshifting daemons, they would be Ash's ticket to entering the tavern. Ash was never high class, but they could act as a servant. The Changlings would act as a pair of wealthy nobles, intent on seeing the buckler piece, art aficionados intent on making an offer.

        They came to the front of the tavern and began speaking to the guards, their wealth was so obvious, so audacious that to doubt their pedigree would be thought of as an insult to what seemed to be high elves. Tzeentchians sure loved their gold and jewlery, Ash thought, though they too were a disciple of Tzeentch, they disdained these signs of wealth. Instead they wore what appeared to be simple white cloth clothes, hooded, an indentured nord servant. They come in, with a simple demand "You have a valuable historical piece, I want to see it, and purchase it." Was what they said to the barkeep, their foreign accent, clearly from the summerset isles themselves. "I am willing to give a considerable sum for it if you would so kindly."

        Ash had their eyes closed, following behind them, like any servant would. Three foreigners stood out, but in the right way as to believably make so audacious a request. A couple of high elves fancying themselves artisans demanding the right to purchase a historical artifact, with a manservant? Clearly these people were not used to being told that they couldn't, or they their wealth wasn't enough. Ash meanwhile, almost faded to the background, simply another servant... Allowing them to observe the tavern... The location of the artifact was clear...

        The basement, located on a pedestal... Alright. More guards here than would normally be here at any normal time of day, likely for the artifact. Ash could simply overpower them, but their opponent was somewhere in this city too, and given how easy it was to gain the location simply by listening... It was best to use a touch of delicacy.

        If it was best, Ash wouldn't even have to meet this so called Aarive, and take the artifact from underneath their nose.

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          "They were in the midst of beating a peasant when they... suddenly began to run off into an alleyway. Then something from the sky dropped down and in moments all I heard was a scream. A few minutes later two High Elves and a Nord servant walked out. Whoever got rid of those guards must've cleaned up their doing before those three walked through."

          "Interesting... this only serves to help us."

          Perhaps my opponent is already moving their pieces in place?

          Aariv exits his tent, leaving the two Bretons as he leaps from the ground onto the building of the warehouse. Reaching into his left eye socket and pulling out one of his orbs. With another hand closed, a smokey dust exudes from its grasp and when Aariv opens his hand, a raven sprouts from his palm. Handing the orb to the raven as it consumes it, one of its black eyes then being replaced with an orb the same colour as Aariv's. Into the air it then flew, soon perching across from the tavern and looking on as two high elves and a nord servant enter. Keeping its eye and Aariv's eye focused through the windows as it watched them intently. Here it would stay.

          Not long after, Aariv in his cloak enters the tavern. As he enters, he bows to those that first lay their eyes on him. Barmaids and patrons, nothing too out of the ordinary there. What interested him was the talk he could hear in the distance, a request to purchase the artifact. Now... that caught his attention. Shifting silently through the small crowd until he too reached the barkeeper. Nodding towards him as he responded, writing a letter at that moment.

          "If you're interested in purchasing the artifact, you'll have to speak to Lord Belisarius."

          Aariv positioned himself so that his face was hidden from the nord servant and the two high elves.

          "Do you need that letter delivered?" He asked.

          "Yes, actually. Could you deliver this to Lord Belisarius in Castle Daggerfall? Tell him that we have buyers for the buckler piece." Aariv would then nod as he delicately takes the letter and walks off. On his way to deliver the letter to the lord mentioned.

          It didn't take long from then for Belisarius to quickly make his way to the tavern. Dressed in high quality fabrics purple and red from head to toe. Even his shoes felt like silk. Entering from the door to the two High Elves and the barkeep.

          "My apologies, it's been some time since we've last had a legitimate offer. Most would rather try their hand at stealing it, you'll understand my hesitance at first." Beliarius then grinned hearily and laughed. Shaking his head.

          "In any case, let's head to the buckler piece, follow me downstairs." He says while waving them behind him.

          For Aariv, he soon heard the door to the room close just as he entered the tavern. Making his way to the barkeep and nodding towards him. The barkeep thanked him.

          "It's not much but it's the least I can offer you for your help."

          Aariv held his hand out, and the barkeep dropped twenty gold coins into his palm. Aariv then thanked him before asking another question.

          "Do you believe that your Lord would mind if I took a look at the piece before it's sold off?"

          "I don't recommend it, but there's no harm in asking."

          "Thank you."

          Aariv then walked down the stairs too, and before entering the room, took off his cloak. Turning the door handle and opening the door.


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            The three looked upon it, a small buckler, a piece of the artifact. Ash waited, looking at it, their eyes flicking towards the sound of foot steps on the floor. They couldn't see through their hood, but someone was there. As the changelings handed over a line of credit, with an immaculate perfectly replicated seal, Ash waited.

            The high elves specified that their servant would handle it, but Ash was only half listening. This might be anyone else but if it were Aarive, the other contestant, then what's stop them from attacking what they think is a defenseless group?The three looked upon it, a small buckler, a piece of the artifact. Ash waited, looking at it, their eyes flicking towards the sound of foot steps on the floor. They couldn't see through their hood, but someone was there. As the changelings handed over a line of credit, with an immaculate perfectly replicated seal, Ash waited.

            The high elves specified that their servant would handle it, but Ash was only half listening. This might be anyone else but if it were Aarive, the other contestant, then what's stop them from attacking what they think is a defenseless group?

            The purchase was complete, by tomorrow the line of credit would fade away into nothing, but that wasn't Ash's problem. "Our servant will hold the artifact." Ash came to the display with gloved hands. While on the outside Ash seemed to hunch, in reality it was like a coiled spring. Looking back might reveal themselves to the enemy if they were there. Instead they listened for the slightest movement, even the quietest of steps put weight upon the wooden floor. The creak would be their indication, as the slowly removed the small buckler.


            Every sound was deafening in the silence.


            Clothes rubbed against clothes as Ash reached forward.

            Metal. Cold.

            The shine of it was immaculate, grasped by gloved hands.

            It was truly shiny and clean.

            And in that single momeny, Ash could see behind themselves. Aarive.

            Would they attack now? So close it would seem impossible for Ash to escape any strike in such a cramped room. The stairs were just behind him too... Any attempt to escape meant going right past him. Barely inches between them. Amazingly, the disguised changelings kept up their act perfectly. They snapped their fingers and said they were off.

            They would begin to walk, single file or of the door way. All Ash had to was follow. Ash turned. Creak.

            Step. Creak.

            Step. Creak.

            Step. Creak.

            Do not look him in the eyes, lest he sees yours, and with the eyes, your intentions.

            Step. By step. By creaky step.

            This exchange, or even a lack of exchange would last at most seconds, but would feel like hours to Ash. A few feet feeling like miles between the display case and the staircase Ash had entered through.

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              As Aariv stands in the doorway, he nods to the two high elves and as the nord servant walks by, buckler piece in hand he closes his eyes and chuckles audibly. He could tell by the way they intentionally tried to look away, that his arrival was something that hadn't been planned. The two high elves as well seemed to avoid his gaze at all times. Furthermore than that, there was always something that could single out any worshipper of the ruinous powers. Specifically those that utilize their gifts.

              The stench of Chaos permeates strongly from you three

              "I apologize for intruding Lord Belisarius, I was hoping for one last glimpse at the piece. But it would seem I'm too late. I'll be on my way..." Aariv then turned around, quickly catching up to the three without making any difference in the sound of his pace.

              "One moment please." Aariv would say as he put a hand on one of the two High Elves' shoulders. Looking at the other two as he did so.

              "You two can be on your way, I'll be just a moment." Aariv then would try to walk in front of the clear aristocrat.

              "Tell me, what attracted you to the piece in the first place?"


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                A chuckle. The arms stiffened, were they going to do something?

                Don't stop moving. Keep on going. They walked.




                No action. He stopped one of the changelings. Asking them what drew them here.

                It'd be simple to leave the high elf with them. Leave the Changeling on their own against Aarive... But they summoned them here. The dangers were understood, but they were comrades in a struggle. Ash had to stand by them here. They waited, midway in the stairwell, before it took a turn leading to the ground floor. Away from Aarive.

                And instead Ash waited, the other changeling was at the top, looking down at Ash, while Ash waited for the other to give their answer.

                "I seek the finer things in life. Great artistry for example, and this was King Lysandius' himself. It's a worthy artifact to hold. Such a ghoul he is now, but can you imagine what he must've been in life, that the dead still rise up decades after his death to serve him once more? I want to see why, and the best way to know a man, is his possessions." He said, eloquently. "Perhaps such a..." He looked up and down his physique and weapon. "Person disdainful of intellectual persuits, would not understand." He said, before, almost with contempt, brushing his hand aside, the way an aristocrat would when touched by one of lower standing, but is in no position to enact punishment for it.

                Ash waited for their exchange to end, if it ended peacefully, they'd simply exit the tavern together, holding to the story of two big name high elfs and a nord servant.

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                  "Is that so?" Aariv said as he looked at his own body, what he wore, what that said about him and the way he was. Perhaps this chaos spawn's observation was correct, he certainly did not dress the part of a man aiming for intellectual pursuits. Though he couldn't have been more wrong. Still, nevertheless. There were still more observations to be made, if he could gleam a man's creed from his dress, then the same logic would apply towards him.

                  "A man dressed from head to toe in the finest fabrics of the land. At the end of the day, what we wear is what we intend to show about ourselves is it not? For me, my armour and my weapon says everything about me, I am dressed for practicality. My armour does not do anything more than protect me, my blade for striking down my foes. Additional value is brought on by those that marvel at its craft, it is not made with impressing others in mind." Aariv then puts his hand out again, grasping the altmer's shoulder again, and scrunching the fabric tightly.

                  "These clothes do nothing more than what a peasant's shirt would. Do these keep you warmer than a Nord's pelt overcoat? Does this jewelry do anything more than flaunt of your wealth? I do not see a book on your person, this is not the wear of a man interested in intellectual pursuits, this is the wear of a man obsessed with the idea of power, and letting others know of their power. And yet..."

                  Aariv moved around to the front of the Altmer, gleaming deep into their eyes with his one all-seeing orb.

                  "You insist on the idea that you stand beyond me." The air in the room had gone quiet, all besides a deep humming, followed by a feeling in the tongue, like licking an exposed wire. Followed by the smell of something burning, the sizzle of electricity.

                  "Reveal yourselves."


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                    He was going to to die if Ash did nothing.

                    The air felt hot and crackling.

                    The burning was in...

                    Ash dropped their own illusion, their wings plain to see in a glimmer.

                    Wings of red and green and blue out, like a Macaw bird, and staring directly at Aarive, it could clearly be seen. The eight pointed star of Chaos, Ash's true existence, not merely as a nord, not a servant, but a rebel and a fighter, taking on all in the name of the Dark Gods. "ZEECTIL DUCK!"

                    Ash would not bend the knee, and they would not allow Aarive to kill their companion. Utilizing the full force of their telekinetic might, they formed a telekinetic grip on Aarive, intent on locking his movement and throwing him up and over their changeling ally, into the display case and other end of the room. The jig was up, utterly and completely. No reason for either of them to hold to their disguises, and so they shed them, revealing their true form as daemons, though the locals would very likely mistake the two for "DAEDRA!" They would cry, assuming Ash was successful, Zeectil, at the bottom of the stairs, would begin to turn, warp flames erupting from their hands in a fan before flying up the stairs, to a rapidly evacuating tavern, as guards would begin to close in.

                    Ash assuming they were successful in throwing Aarive with their telekinetic might would also run, quickly jumping up the stairs onto the ground floor, casting warp time on themselves to hasten their retreat from whatever cauldron of magic Aarive was attempting to brew in this moment.

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                      Out of the corner of his eye, Aariv could see the true form of the Nord. The pesky cultist that Daemon Keido could not keep quiet about, the one that had eluded his grasp, and succeeded in their goal despite his and Ignus' efforts. Not even the apotheosis of the latter had managed to stop the tide of revolution stemmed from this one's churning. So it made sense, the disguise, the act. They had no intention of fighting here, they knew their place. This, was an unwelcome change to plans.

                      So you spread your wings and fly from your nest, far from home.

                      Aariv felt his feet leaving the ground as an incorporeal force shoved him off and into the side of a wall. As he made contact with it, the spell he had casted continued. Even the wall itself zapping him with volts of electricity enough to feel it like a taser. Shaking his head, he would turn back as he watched Ash and her accomplices make a dash for the door. Aariv put his hands out to the side, raising his head to the ceiling as his attack focused him down as a conduit. The skies above quickly turning to darkest clouds, swirling and intermingling with one another, like the gods themselves were angered. Guided by the hands of the above, a lightning bolt, wide enough to cover the entirety of the tavern, struck down. Engulfing it in its entirety. Bright so as to consume even Aariv in its light. Brief patches of silhouette before eradication of all in its path. Leaving nothing but a crater and the charred remains of the unfortunate souls still left inside.

                      But no Ash.

                      Aariv shortly thereafter pulled himself from his destruction. Looking about until he found them. The hunt began, a menacing walk. As though he knew Ash would not escape him, like a killer in a movie stalking his prey. The crow from across the tavern took to the skies, keeping an eye on the cultist from above.


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                        The changelings and Ash ran, quickly. Some heroically brave guards stepped forward to stop them, but the changelings were too swift for them, speeding past them, they weren't relevant anyway, with the mystic power at display here. Ash themselves barreled through, using their psychic might to push the two aside, through the windows of the tavern. Bruised and battered, but they would find they were far luckier than their companions inside. A huge lightning crash, eradicating the tavern came down, breaking apart wood and glass alike, leaving nothing but smoke and crater.

                        That blast was enormous, and from what Ash knew, it was better to never fight anyway. Besides, Ash already had what they came here for, the buckler.

                        Escape the area... Now... First idea, leave by the gates?

                        No, that's the first thing he'd check. better then to go elsewhere. "Scatter!" Ash told the others, they flew in different directions, the Changelings went west, diverging north and south respectively, hiding within buildings and coming out as other people. Ash went straight south, towards the market. It was pretty impossible to mistake Ash at any rate, but this city was large, the trick was to give Aarive places to search, but not a precise location, so Ash could disguise themselves once again, as someone like a guard or a merchant and walk out, hiding the buckler in their tunic.

                        They flew, first high before diving down low, north of the markets, guards would come trying to find the harpy that had seemed the source of such a blast. Ash for themselves looked for a place where there was no one, and swiftly took upon another illusion, not simply as a person even, but a small barrel. Guards would run past them, to and fro but not one would think to check a small barrel full of water.

                        Quietly they waited, when the traffic of the area began to die down, they instead would begin to change their disguise again. It was not a large change, the scars would seem to fade, and the skin would darken and facial features change in just such a way as to resemble a poor imperial out in the city of daggerfall. Start moving. Beginning by, they'd walk back into the open areas, and would walk by the Lynx and Barbarian, another tavern they assumed, looking around. To anyone else it would seem to look for daedra or bandits or whoever, a bunch of guards just came past this way after all, but Ash was chiefly looking for Aarive. If they had kept looking for them, and where they were. The Changelings for their part had transformed, Zeectil into a guard,and the other, named Herisophinesi would transform into that of a mage, dressed in the same clothing as the local mages from the guild. And from their respective direction, they would come up, quietly looking for Ash and Aarive alike. It was another disguise again, this time the two had changed into bretons, indistinguishable from the population that populated most of this area, or so was the idea...

                        The hunt begins. Wait out Aarive if possible, or escape from under his nose while he looked in vain for them, that was the plan. Ash already had the buckler, no reason to fight Aarive in the open.

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                          As Aariv looked down the square, he saw all three of his targets break away from one another. What he saw as well was his raven taking flight, following one of them from the skies above. No doubt they were trying to leave from the area. If they were particularly intelligent, then they would no doubt attempt to split up. Exit the city on multiple sides. Of course, that was unless they were simply trying to hide...

                          Aariv held his head down, closing his eyes as his perspective shifted to that of his raven. Flying high above, keeping track of one particular. One that assumed the garb of a mage. Walking about and keeping an eye out for their assailant. Raven now landing, perched atop a building looking down, Herisophenesi was no doubt a clever and tactful one. They and their friends cloaking themselves in shadow and the flesh of others not themselves.

                          Aariv opened his eye again. He knew exactly where they were. Putting his hands together and breathing deeply. On both sides formed doppelgangers of himself, forming from incorporeal into corporeal. Both donning his appearance but lacking his weapon. Off one went to the an exit of the city, the other two kept in proximity to one another, unconsciously plotting how to take out their known target. Their selected method was a simple one, one relying on them not knowing he could make doppelgangers.

                          In front of Herisophinesi, coming from a street. A doppelganger would walk forward, looking around slowly at the mages and citizens. Carefully regarding each and every one of them with one eye. When the doppelganger would look at Herisophinesi, he would stay looking at them for an extended period of time before turning away and walking, presumably off to continue his search.

                          Should the ruse not be broken, any relief from being spared would quickly turn away as the real Aariv would attempt to grab Herisophenesi around the head with his massive hand. Then attempting to run the Daemon through with Zantetsuken through the back of the chest.


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                            Herisophinesi kept watch, looking at them, people were scared, and... There he was. Aarive. Trying to escape. The inside workings of the changeling's mind was thinking faster. Not a breath hitched, he did not move to conceal himself even the most subtle way, for a mage would never act in such a way. In fact, they openly looked at the man, standing out golden and red eye'd, many others took note of him.

                            A simple sniff, his hand coming up to rub his nose. He came to a stall, not the market exactly but people sold things. The changeling intended to buy nothing, Herisophinesi did not need anything, and it was simple enough to appear as a brief survey of wares, mages always needed more ingredients ordinarily left to nothing after all...

                            He walked away eventually. Logical of course, he would not find them here. He should know better than to-

                            He couldn't see.

                            He didn't panic. He already knew what was happening. It pierced the back of him, a massive sword through the back and through the cut. Blood prayed out and people began screaming. He knew. He knew all along.

                            If he knew about him... How did he know...

                            How did he know...

                            But rather than be banished with a whisper... The Changeling let out a screech in their native tongue.

                            It was eldritch, it was sounds human mouths could not replicate and brought a dull headache amongst the most close-minded. It would be what informed the other two. One way or another. He knew.

                            Zeectil had paused in this... Herisophinesi got caught. How was that possible? This had become very dangerous very quickly... Did he know about the other two?

                            They needed to know how exactly this had been done. Until they did... Who knows what would happen?

                            Ash on their part visibly froze hearing that... They needed to get moving. Quickly. Aarive had already found one of them... Ash wasn't dead yet... But they needed to move... Get to a place where a lot of people could come and go and stay and leave... The Temple of Kynareth. It was going into a temple pretending to worship a false god...

                            But Ash had lived as a cultist in a theocracy for many years. Pretending to be faithful to fake gods had long been ingrained as a skill to them.

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                              What would originally look like foul murder, soon solved itself in front of the mages present. Normal people did not speak in forbidden tongues, only those of Hermaeus Mora's cloth did. Herisophinesi's crime had been repaid in full, and Odin, the judge, jury and executioner. As Zantetsuken was freed from the Daemon's chest cavity, Odin looked around to the others. Nodding to each of them.

                              "There still remain two of them, search for the one holding the buckler piece of King Lysandius, and there you will find them. Report this to your superiors."

                              Without another word, Aariv walked off, keeping his nose to the air, in an attempt to keep scent of Chaos. His raven, taking to the air and looking from far above.
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