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Star Civilization Faction Builder Thread

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  • Star Civilization Faction Builder Thread

    There was a time when humanity expanded through the stars, escaping the homeworld of Earth through amazing technologies. The most instrumental being the wormhole engine, allowing massive space stations to create wormholes across the galaxy, allowing humanity to spread throughout the galaxy. It seemed humanity's fate was assured, but then an event only known as the extinction occurred. Communication across the galaxy was cut off, the wormholes collapsed, and the empire of humanity that had subsumed the whole of the galaxy would fall. No one quite understands what happened, some say it was as massive civil war, others that the gods were displeased with them and struck them down, others that an invasion from without had wiped them out. Some see it as justice for imposing their will on the galaxy, others see it as a tragedy. Over thousands of years civilization has reemerge, the remnants of humanity, old species rising up after the fall, and new civilizations coming to take their place on the galactic stage… These are but a few in a brave new world.

    Rules for faction creation:
    Must be in some way a space faring civilization.
    The setting is in the far future of humanity
    The faction can't have direct control of Earth
    Blowing up planets Death Star style should be rare and costly in some way.
    Generally the genre should be able to fit into science fiction or science fantasy, if you're not sure if it counts just ask.

    Aside from that, you can do just about anything with the faction in question. Human or alien. Old or new. They may use cybernetics or genetic manipulation, their technology may be organic or magic, the possibilities are endless..

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    As an example...

    The Transhuman Commonalities

    Spoiler Alert!
    Where there is authority, where there are rulers, there are those who disdain it. Where there is tradition demanded, others want to innovate, when change is imposed, others resolve to preserve.

    But not all societies required such rigid hierarchy. Those who dreamed of total freedom, to witness a world of unfettered progression, to free themselves of the shackles of the past and to embrace the future.

    Humanity had its era, but like all other eras, it came to an end. They seek not to reinstate the age of humanity, like many others, nor to supplant it with an age of their own rule, but to transcend it. They existed on the edge of civilized space in ancient times, seeking to create their own communities separate from broader civilizations. When the empire collapsed it had almost dragged them under, but those further away had survived the collapse, banding together in the outer rims.

    They are transhumans. For them humanity is a choice, they have mastered the art of digital consciousness. For any reason a transhuman may upload their mind to a machine of any sort for any job that needs doing. Normally they stay in organic bodies, designed to the transhuman's specifications, but for work they have taken on specific bodies to undertake the task, often of metal and electricity.

    To call the transhumans a united group is false, for they have no central authority to speak of. There is no capital, for every space station is its own community that takes orders from no outside authority. For every wide ranging decision needs a corresponding agreement. This makes warfare rare, as every warrior must choose to follow their leader.

    However when warfare does arise, thrust upon them or in an agreed upon invasion, they take on cybernetic bodies. Metal feet and treads meet the ground, as war machines directly controlled as one would a body. Troops go forward far more resilient than any solely organic life form, far quicker to react, and far more courageous in combat, for should one fall, there is always a central server for the war party preserving their prior data should they fall in battle. Indeed, the transhuman armies are feared by those who would earn their ire, as they face more-than-human might against laser and plasma.

    And while they can strike forth, striking back against them is difficult. For every man made platform used, can also move as a ship or satellite, a flotilla artificial habitats able to move from system to system into the blackness of space between systems without dooming their populations, the largest of who even constructing solar engines to move their entire solar system, further aiding their elusiveness.

    This in turn renders them effectively nomadic groups, relying greatly on trade thr necessary for goods and services. Others however rely on piracy, and yet others are all but independent, more interested in spreading their transhuman ideology than in trade, or preferring isolation.

    Every station is different, but the commonalities between them is an incredible amount of art, whether its a large station the size of a country, a flotilla of many smaller ships and satellites, or one of the few transhumanist planets, there is incredible amounts of art, it is common that visitors end up overwhelmed by the sheer art on display, so that no two alleyways or sidewalks look the same.

    While there are no central authorities, you can broadly group them into specific categories based on how they carry themselves, in practicality as well as ideology.

    The Flotillas of Trade
    The smallest groups ranging from large city-sized space stations with a number of satellites to collections of ships. These are the most mobile and go from system to system, offering services and wares for goods. Sometimes welcome and sometimes reviled, these groups never the less often prove instrumental to large construction projects with their transhuman constructors. Often seeking to present well to those not transhuman themselves they wear bright colors, war is often undertaken when forced upon them as anti-transhumanist sentiment reachea into violence, or for some if they decide to pirate and pillage in order to get what they want.

    The Steel Asteroids
    Many groups of transhumans are sheltered in extremely large space stations, the size of countries or even continents, they fly through space, orbiting planets and trading with others planets and planetoids. Most transhumans live in these constructs. More sedentary than the Solar Sailors of the Fleets, it is they who most often will engage in with local politics as more than simply a passerby, even if the citizenry do not.

    The Solar Engines
    The largest, only a few dozen of these exist, but there are communities who are the size of planets and solar systems, and have turned the sun into am engine, with a stellar engine to push it forward through the stars. These are some of the largest and most influential of them, and though rarely roused to war, when the time comes, they are an opponent like no other, with the entire force and energy of a star behind them.

    Warfare: When Transhumans go to war it is a sight to behold. One would think the lack of centralized leadership would make them slow to respond or foolish, but it is anything but. The foot soldiers go out in warbands, choosing a leader before descending into the fight. The average foot soldiers is known as a Tech-Ranger. An amalgam of machinery, their glowing eyes stare unblinking at the battlefield before them. Their arms and legs are machinery, crushing the dirt underneath their feet, and fighting with great strength beyond that of any human. Their weapons firing burning plasma and incredibly accurate laser weaponry. They have no fear for should their body die, they themselves will not.

    At the center of any formation, protected most heavily is the central server of any warband, holding the personalities and memories of every participant, should they fall in battle. In many ways it serves as the centerpiece, for even at its smallest it is a miniature factory able to take in resources and process it into fighting machines capable of engaging in warfare against the enemies that would see them brought low. At any scale of a Transhuman army, the Central Command Server serves as the most important centerpiece, be it a building sized server on foot, or a massive capital ship directing people. They not only serve as their defense against mortality and source of weapons, but also frequently as their commander, seeing the battle simultaneously through everyone’s eyes they direct them each to the best of their individual abilities. If they fall in battle, not only does the fear of mortality return to them, now that their body is the only one they have, but they also lose a general, and often a trusted comrade. In this event, many transhumans will retreat to fight another day, often in panic, but just as often out of a need to run and recuperate, for if the Central Command Server is lost, than more than likely the battle has also been lost.

    The sight of the Techrangers are a unique one, wind swept jackets overlaid cybernetic bodies, the primary sidearm a powerful shot plasma-revolver. Glowing optics take in their area. When one least effects, they stare into a forest and suddenly see dozens of glowing optics staring back at them, in blinking as they fire down on their surprised quarry.

    In vehicle warfare, be it terrestrial, aquatic, or space-born, the Transhumans as a whole have proven incredible powerful. Operating then as one would a body with enhanced perceptions, each individual strike craft is able to outperform their opponents in a series of calculations detailed long before the battle is first joined. A life spent among the stars leaves a population that can read the solar winds and navigate the vacuum of space far better than any terrestrial based empire, who frequently feels the needs to turn their ships into reproductions of terrestrial life. Theirs are the most maneuverable ships.

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      The Romanus Empire

      Spoiler Alert!
      Money is power, though what counts as money has changed throughout the eons that humanity has been around. The general concept has stayed the same. Empires crumble and others grow, the names of them and their culture fade out into obscurity and eventually are forgotten. Only the very successful, the very few are remembered far into the future. While they fell, their legend, their culture... it sticks around. Empires are influenced thousands of years later by the most dominant. For the Romanus, their influence is very clear.

      On a resource rich planet with a myriad of wonders that were the pride of the former galactic empire, a new civilization grew from the great silence. On the world was a very large concentration of merchants and aristocracy, knowing that none of them had the capability for fighting, they instead opted to fight one another through the use of their own wealth. As the centuries passed, the knowledge of what once was a great empire faded, lost as the technology they had eroded and decayed. What they still had however were well preserved ancient artifacts telling of a great civilization far into the past. Valuing the luxury of life, fielding armies spanning continents under one banner. Across every merchant family, they knew of this ancient world and wished to emulate it.

      Aristocracy tended to rely on the goodwill of the lesser to follow them. However, on this world, those with the power were merchants as they held the means to the resources necessary to build that very power. Eventually, the old aristocracy died out. Many were smart and married in to some of the most powerful merchant families while some descendants of the old aristocracy currently work as labourers. The world was split between four great families.





      Within these lands, there were varying merchant families working within the confines set. Centuries of loopholes and workarounds had made their economy airtight with very little in the way of manipulation. From an outside eye, trade deals and contracts are every bit as a labyrinth as they are deceptive. Masters now of poison pill economics.

      Several millenia later, they were visited from the stars by a civilization riding in ships the size of cities. As a gesture of good-will, they offered to bring the Father and Mothers of the four great families on a tour of their homeworld. They accepted and what they saw was a civilization advanced in all ways of thinking. Militarily, Culturally, Socially. But not economically. What they saw economically was weakness. When they returned home, they called for what is now known as 'Conventus'. During this meeting, the four families agreed that as far as their military was concerned, they were simply no match. They had aspirations for conquering their world, but the conventional method of doing so was outdated, and simply infeasible given their situation. It is here that they spent four months working with each other to devise a plan to cripple this other civilization's economy. By the end of it, they agreed the last necessary step forward was to unite the families under one banner. The Romanus.

      At the main body of this new world government was the senate, an electable position. Each family were allowed atleast one voted in person to vote on their behalf. However, the four great families were allowed four representatives each, those standing in lesser power were allowed only two and one representative respectively depending on their power.

      An advisory body was necessary to ensure that the lesser families did not manage to slip through legislation that would strengthen them, and weaken the four great families. So another body known as the consulates was put in place, consisting of their greatest minds to read over everything the senate attempts to push through. To ensure that their stature is not lowered.

      And at the head of all is the Quattor. In older times this position would be likened to the The Emperor/Empress. For The Romanus, it is slightly different. From the four great families, one representative is chosen by the family in each to share in ultimate authority with the others. The nature of four separate families sharing this position lessens the chance of downfalls like ancient Rome had of singular Emperors ruining their empire due to ego and incompetence.

      With everything in place, the newly minted Romanus enacted their plan. Utilizing their homeworld's rich resources and tourist attractions, they struck a series of deals with this new civilization that were of the poison pill variety. Things they had looked over or not given much thought to were targeted ruthlessly. Eventually with their hold on these new resources, they leveraged them into arguing for even more valuable commodities and resources. Eventually even their technology. This presented a new way for the lesser known in the families to stake their claim in power and legitimacy. Many of which eventually were able to get themselves into positions of power in this civilization. Then using their influence to legislate for the betterment of the Romanus. It culminated in eventually their president being Romanus and a majority of their governing bodies as well. With power solely vested in them, they worked then to implement various 'killswitches' on their economy. Effectively holding that world hostage should it ever decide to become bold.

      They too then fell under the umbrella of the new Romanus empire. Now with the power and technology to travel the stars, they began an eight century long slow takeover of their neighbors known as 'Incrementum'. Utilizing and innovating on the methods they had used previously. They saw greater yields and success in an even shorter time frame. Worlds that were more advanced than them to worlds that were still in the fuedal era. They were conquered, most of the time, without a single shot needing to be fired.

      In the modern day, the Romanus empire stands some eight hundred planets strong, and looking to expand further. Their philosophy on how to conquer has not changed, however they do now have the options necessary to conquer militarily if need be. Their auxillary forces are second to none. Ranging from excellence in naval, land and air. What's more is that they were able to find remnants of the old empire's technology still functioning. They have taken steps to the restoration and innovation of their own tech with these new findings. Soon, the Romanus will be unstoppable.


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        The IronSoul Unity

        Spoiler Alert!
        Fire. Iron. Flesh. Sweat. In each of these is formed the basis of the Forge. In the Forge, all are remade. What was broken becomes whole once more. What was weak becomes stronger than ever.

        The Forge is the central dominating concept of the IronSoul Unity. It is both a religious exultation and a secular community in equal measure. Not all sanctify what it does, but all benefit from it nonetheless. The Forge is in essence the Cybernetic Augmentation Protocol that all within the Unity utilise. How much one wishes to be augmented is a personal choice, and often one that while is often explained is never required. But all of the IronSoul Unity works on these augmentations. From the smallest timepiece to the mighty World-Titans that stride across planets in war are connected by these cybernetics.

        Far on the rim, the Unity has carved out a strong civilisation, one that has indeed united together through their connections of flesh and metal. Not in oppressing the individual but in connecting each to another as they wish to be. All are united through choice, and even though discussions and debates and differences in opinion occur, it does not diminish the unity or prevent action from being taken. Any option that can bring about success is allowed to continue, provided none negatively affect one another. And so what seems like multiple crosswise plotting can in an instant become singular focuses that shatter all opposition.

        In war, these cyborgs take on heavier armour built upon heavier frames with deadier weapons, each man and woman a legion of steel unto themselves. The largest of these Mechanizers are the World-Titans, the largest of the war machines that only the most augmented are able to successfully pilot. But no matter the metal they attach themselves to, the humanity underneath is not lost. The flesh is as strong as the iron, and without it they would become nothing less than the dreaded transhumans who have decided even death is no longer to be respected. The two factions have long been at war with each other. Often it is fleeting, smouldering beneath the surface as the two groups trade venemous barbs and piratical raids on each other. Other times, nothing less than total war between several systems are occuring and only the destruction of the other side is enough to curtail the bloodlust that wells up. To the Unity, the Transhumans have forgone their humanity with their transformation. That they are nothing more than computer code lying to itself thinking it is alive. What the truth may be, the Unity cares not. It is not their way, and the Forge will simply let such weak thoughts burn to be remade into something better, more useful to the Unity.

        Fire. Iron. Flesh. Sweat. With these Four Icons are the Great Works of the Forge made. and nothing but time shall undo them.
        A Shadow is merely Darkness in the presence of Light

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