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Deep Sea King vs Captain Harkless

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  • Deep Sea King vs Captain Harkless

    Location: J-City

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    Had the Seafolk been defeated at last? Not as long as one remained, and unfortunately for humanity, the mightiest of the Seafolk remained. Just as soon as J-City started to evacuate, a Demon level threat had appeared, the Seafolk's ruler: The Deep Sea King.

    "Evacuation? How so very foolish."

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      "Your goal here is simple Harkless, an assasination mission. Take out Deep Sea King, ingratitate yourself with the populace by helping them, and we'll do the rest." Harkless nodded as the supply ship hovered in the skies above J-City, stabilizing itself and readying for a jump. Taking his heavy machine gun and assault rifle, a plethora of grenades, strapping his sidearm to his hip and placing a few other weapons in storage ready for calling down. Harkless was ready as the doors beneath him let out, dropping him from the stratosphere down towards J-City. His speed increasing exponentially as he reached terminal velocity. An aura of fire surrounding his body as he looked down, marking a spot where the populace didn't seem to be running towards, but away from. That's where he aimed.

      In a plume of smoke and debris flying up. Cratered ground beneath him, Harkless landed in front of Deep Sea King a few dozen feet away. Pulling himself up as he takes his assault rifle and takes aim. Using his hand to usher a small child behind him and urging him to move back towards the rest of the crowd that were running.

      "Deep Sea King? Surrender now, and no one has to get hurt. I'd rather have you alive than dead."


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        The Deep Sea King wasn't sure what had just come out of the sky, even as it revealed itself before him. One thing was clear, however, as the Deep Sea King sensed: There was meat inside this tin can.

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        The Deep Sea King lunged himself at this human. Whoever it was, he was on his way, and ready to fight him. He would soon be nothing but blood smeared all over the ground.
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          This tasty looking meat however, was the USIF's most impressive infantry unit available. The Armoured Infantry, not blessed with magic, telekinetics or superhuman powers, but instead blessed with the greatest technology mankind could offer in a world far, far away. The world slowed down in front of Harkless as his body was administered a sufficient dose of drugs to keep his aim as steady as possible. His on-board AI running data analaysis of the foe in front of him in real-time. His velocity and mass as well as time to impact with himself. All calculated and informed to Harkless in less than a second. With his Assault Rifle already raised, retaliation was as simple as a pull of the trigger.

          The AR-548 Scimitar, a master class in destructive firepower. 15x45mm armour piercing rail assisted slugs. Muzzle Velocity exceeding that of this world's fastest bullet several times over. Being fired at 600 rounds per minute, 90 rounds in the battery clip. His aim true, and his target charging him directly. A death sentence for those fired upon, a death sentence surely for the Deep Sea King too. He pulled the trigger down like it was the easiest thing he had done.


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            A weapon such as this was a fist for the Deep Sea King. He'd never seen anything like it, but as fascinating as it was, it was also painfully slow. He dodged the assault, not taking the risk of ruining his skin, although his cape still managed to get a little damaged, and he did this by kicking the ground hard enough to send himself flying in another direction, this time behind his opponent.

            "You seem to know me, but let's reintroduce ourselves..."

            Click image for larger version

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            "...I own the deep seas, and as everything originates from the sea I have claimed dominance to the earth as well. And you, little man? What role do you play in this story?"
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              Captain Harkless remained silent as Deep Sea King asked his question, his body moving on its own, grabbing his combat knife and turning around for an attempted quick stab in the gut.


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                The Deep Sea King, also unaware of what this other weapon was, and a little irked about how much this opponent had decided to disrespect him, chose to grab the blade with one arm, stopping it mid-thrust and soon discovering that his opponent was much stronger than he realized, so he quickly used both arms instead.

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                “…I didn’t realize you wanted to be out of this world so quickly… But I can make that happen.”

                Going for a roundhouse kick, the Deep Sea King mercifully chose his opponent’s method of execution: Decapitation.


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                  Thousands of years of Earth being turned into an inhospitable wasteland had hardened the survivors into a genetically stronger, faster race. Now enhanced further by the strides made in military technology, the liberal application of performance enhancing substances, and an AI to track movements and assist in movement. Ducking underneath the kick and readying to attack again like a cobra dodging an attack and dancing, ready to strike. Like a cobra, Harkless immediately charged forward, all 150 tons of USE military excellence, gripping the Deep Sea King from the gap between his legs, holding down his arm over the other leg as his speed began to pick up. 10 MPH, 20 MPH, 30 MPH, peaking at 40 MPH. And then, faintly the Deep Sea King could likely hear a faint AI voice as they neared a concrete building.

                  Overdrive Mode Activated

                  50 MPH, 60 MPH, 70 MPH, 75 MPH

                  The first wall was nothing as Harkless charged through with Deep Sea King as his meat shield. And then another wall, and then another, and then another, followed by several others until he blew out the other end of the building. Tossing him off of himself, then lunging with his combat knife in hand, attempting to stab him in one of the shoulders as he comes down.


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                    The Deep Sea King was being moved against his will, something unconcievable.

                    Click image for larger version

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                    Not only that, he was being thrown aside, as if his large size meant nothing to his opponent, but it was evident on the amount of damage he had caused that he was no small fry like other heroes. He had managed to ruin his cape, after all.

                    Click image for larger version

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                    He moved out of the way of the knife, getting back up while still getting some damage on his body and face, as well as his cape, small cuts that immediately healed.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      There's the name-sake, likely shares some kind of regenerative DNA from jellyfish. Works fast too, going to need to adjust my method of attack. Is there a limit to the regeneration?

                      Putting his knife back on his person, he grabbed for his heavy pistol and aimed it at the cocky King. He had seen the way he had manuevered around his earlier firing, he was certainly fast, so shooting this would also likely fail to hit, considering it had a slower muzzle velocity than his rifle did, but it made up for that in sheer firepower.

                      .75 caliber was a round usually fired out of cannons, muskets or redneck DIY pistols, they were simply too large and too powerful for usage in modern day small arms, atleast to be of any use before breaking the very weapon it was being fired out of. But in the future it wasn't a concern. Utilizing both the enhanced physicality of their supersoldiers, the improved materials, and utilizing a rail assistance system. .75 caliber not only was feasible, it was the preferred choice of weaponry for an up close battle.

                      "You'll feel this a lot more if you don't surrender. Last chance."


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                        "Silly little ape. Kings don't surrender. Kings conquer."

                        Decapitation had obviously failed, so this time, he tried a surprise attack by unleashing his inner moray eel, to remove his opponent's weapon, along with his arm and anything else the arm would be attached to before getting ripped apart.

                        Click image for larger version

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                          Although not entirely surprised by the sudden eel unleashing itself out of Deep Sea King's throat, Harkless was surprised by the sharp teeth that it had. It wanted to eat, that was clear. If it wanted to eat, he had more than enough to feed it. At this close of a range, hitting it would be easy. Especially with the aid of his on-board AI as it activated his aim assistance. Moving his arm to the exact spot it needed to be.

                          He flicked the fire mode from semi-auto, to burst fire. And unleashed three thundering explosions of the Hammer aimed directly into the gullet of the eel.


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                            The Deep Sea King just kept taking more and more damage. His moray eel had been blown to bits, and what was left of it had retrieved back to the Deep Sea King's innards. As expected, the monster was not happy. On the contrary, he was starting to get pissed.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	PkBTkXr.png
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                            Putting all of his might into one punch, nothing would stop him from destroying whatever was in front of him, whether it would be a structure or his opponent. Regardless, he would end up destroying the structure as well.

                            Click image for larger version

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                              Seven rounds left in his clip, turning his aim from the eel that retreated back into his mouth like measuring tape retracting. To the King's center mass. Burst fire still activated, he was ready to fire again. The sound of a civillian running and screaming nearby turned his attention for just a split second, just long enough for the Deep Sea King to burst forward with an attack. Though Harkless' on-board AI warned him of the attack, he wasn't sure exactly where it was he was being struck at and from. He moved his head to the side.

                              But this strike was wild, it wasn't intended to decapitate, atleast not intentionally. His big fist landed straight flush in the center of his chest. In that moment, his fist was recognized as a projectile, and the plasma shielding of the power armour activated. Letting out an extreme amount of heat in that instant. Usually intended to melt small projectiles, not flesh. Though it would likely burn all the same.

                              But the plasma shielding could not stop physics, taken off of his feet and flung back all the way through another set of walls in the concrete building and out back the other side. Painful, but the power armour held together, no structural damage to speak of. A testament to the strength of it.

                              By the time he got back up to his feet, his plasma shielding had refilled. Ready to protect him once more. He put his pistol back and took out his assault rifle again. Aiming down the sights towards Deep Sea King again. Changing the ammunition type from the standard 15x45 mm rail rounds, to the slower, but more powerful 18x51 slug rounds. He had seen that he could be damaged. And this was likely to do just that. He fired a quick three round burst to test his reactions from range. Forty-five rounds left in the clip.