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    Gurindai kept staring at the castle for a few more seconds, before he shifted his attention to Gaute. "Sure," He replied. "I know the perfect place for it, follow me." He said as he began walking to his side, expecting Gaute to follow him. The two would end in a secluded place behind the castle, it was a small but beautiful garden, with a river flowing in the middle and sakura trees, with petal falling, truly a magnificient sight. Gurindai would see a bench nearby and sit on it, letting some space for Gaute, too.

    "What can I do for you?" Gurindai asked him, "I can tell by the look on your face that you're acheing to ask me questions, so, ask away. I'll answer them the best I can."


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      Gurindai took a few seconds to visually respond to Gaute's words, but eventually he looked at him. "Sure. I know the perfect place for it, follow me.", he said and started walking further into the castle. Gaute followed him through an area where some people still lingered among the displays, then towards the back entrance of the castle. Gurindai was guiding Gaute to the backside of the castle. He sat down on a bench that was placed up against the wall of the castle, Gaute stepped up to the bench himself and sat down beside the soul hunter. "What can I do for you?", Gurindai asked. "I can tell by the look on your face that you're aching to ask me questions, so ask away. I'll answer them the best I can.".
      Gaute was unsure whether he could smoke here or not, but he would chance it; He grabbed his pack of smokes from his pocket and took a cigarette out of it. He put the cigarette in his mouth, put the pack back in his pocket and lit the cigarette, all while contemplating what questions he should ask. He inhaled smoke and blew it out before he decided on an answer. "First of all you need to know of a phenomenon that happened aboard the space station we were both on a while ago.", Gaute began as he leaned forward and put his arms on his knees. "A time displacement happened up there and for me it skipped forward a few weeks. My first question would be if you were at all affected by it? Were you told by your contemporaries in soul society?", Gaute asked and turned his head to look at Gurindai directly.


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        "No, it didn't," Gurindai replied. "In fact, for me, it was the opposite. All the time I spent on that space station, it amounted to nothing here on Earth. I figured it was Soul Society's work, but now I think it might be something else....Very strange indeed." Gurindai told Gaute. "Oh, and uh, Gaute," Gurindai said, "Since we're on that subject, I'd like to say I apologize for suddenly disappearing. Those guys at Soul Society called me all of a sudden, like they usually do. I hope you can see where I'm coming from."

        Gurindai then sighed, "Also, Kind of a selfish request, but I'd appreciate it if you stop smoking here."


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          "No, it didn't.", Gurindai said. "In fact, for me, it was the opposite. All the time I spent on that space station, it amounted to nothing here on Earth. I figured it was Soul Society's work, but now I think it might be something else....Very strange indeed.", he continued. "Oh, and uh, Gaute. Since we're on that subject, I'd like to say I apologize for suddenly disappearing. Those guys at Soul Society called me all of a sudden, like they usually do. I hope you can see where I'm coming from.". Gurindai sighed. "Also. Kind of a selfish request, but I'd appreciate it if you stop smoking here.", he requested. Gaute looked away from Gurindai, straightened his back and took out his knife. Since there were no ashtrays nearby, only a garbage can to his left, he had to put out the cigarette in a more unconventional way; he removed the cigarette from his mouth and put it out on the knife before putting the cigarette back in his pack. He cleaned the knife on a piece of paper before putting it in the garbage can, holstering his knife right after.
          "Never mind the time displacement for now, it seems to me you would have to investigate it more and you don't seem to be the reason for it.", Gaute said and scratched his neck. "Would you know how to get a hold of Faeris, the warlock you no doubt met during the tournament? I have a strange feeling he's involved in this, ever since I was reminded of him by Star Guardian.", he continued, giving Gurindai another question to answer.
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            "Faeris?" Gurindai asked. "Faeris, Faeris..." He muttered to himself as he tried to remember who Gaute was talking about. "Oh, yeah, him! I met him," Gurindai told Gaute, "He's a pretty cool guy. I haven't talked to him since our meeting, but if I remember correctly, he was acquainted with the soul reapers. I believe we can contact him, but I'd have to go back to Soul Society." Gurindai said and he stood up. "Normally, I can't take someone like you, who is still alive, back with me, however, for this case, I'll try to make an exception." Gurindai said. "So, ready to go? Or if you need time to prepare, go ahead. You'll find me at the same spot every night."


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              "Faeris?". Gurindai started muttering Faeris' name to himself clearly trying to recall any such person Gaute had described. "Oh yeah, him! I met him.", he suddenly said as if he remembered. "He's a pretty cool guy. I haven't talked to him since our meeting, but if I remember correctly, he was acquainted with the soul reapers. I believe we can contact him, but I have to go back to Soul Society.", Gurindai explained as he stood up from the becnh. Gaute did the same thing. "Normally I can't take someone like you, who is still alive, back with me, however, for this case, I'll try to make an exception.", he further clarified and offered a solution. "So, ready to go? Or if you need time to prepare, go ahead. You'll find me at the same spot every night.", Gurindai said.
              "Er dette en ferd til den andre siden? Dit hvor døde går? Jeg har aldri trodd på himmel eller helvete, og hva enn skjer nå er jeg ikke sikker på om jeg vil endre mening.", Gaute thought to himself. This was a big undertaking for Gaute, who was without a doubt mortal. "Jeg har aldri nølt på noe i mitt liv, jeg kan ikke starte nå...", he thought. "There's no need for further delay or preparation. I'm ready.", Gaute said as he looked at Gurindai, ready for this next part of his, to this point, bizarre adventure.

              Er dette en ferd til den andre siden? Dit hvor døde går? Jeg har aldri trodd på himmel eller helvete, og hva enn skjer nå er jeg ikke sikker på om jeg vil endre mening. = Is this a journey to the other side? To where the dead go? I have never believed in heaven or hell, and whatever happens I'm not sure if I'll change opinion.
              Jeg har aldri nølt på noe i mitt liv, jeg kan ikke starte nå... = I've never doubted anything in my life, I can't start now.


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                "Alright, then." Gurindai said as he pointed his sword in front of him, and turned it like it was a key. A japanese-esque door appeared in front of the two men, which opened and showed a portal to the otherside. "Well, let's go," Gurindai said as he stepped into the portal. If Gaute did the same, he would find himself transported to what looked like a Feudal Japan-era town. People wearing Kimono would be looking around and they'd notice something wrong with Gaute, that he was alive.


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                  Sigoi wished that Star Guardian hadn't smiled. Wished she'd sneezed or coughed or done something else rather than just smile like that. Like some toothpaste ad rolled together with a hair product ad and then quadrupled, Sigoi thought. The bitter commentary did not stop the fiendish doubt from setting in, however. Sigoi's demonic arm bulged and writhed in its sleeve, a whole swirling ball of nematodes no less parasitic than the real deal.

                  "You already did, hurt me! Sailor Shithead!" Sigoi cried out, swatting the extended hand away with Eve's weak arm before going to mentally grappling with the demonic arm. It NEEDED more, craved it! And it punished the body with every second it didn't get it. Sigoi did not ordinarily feel pain, but these pangs of addiction were something that transcended that. THESE were the purest agony. The sleeve ripped itself apart as the great arm unfolded like the wings of a raven, black limb that crossed through the sky like an insult. "I was doing fine until you showed up!"


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                    Uorag had remained in human form for the longest period of time yet. With his evil counterparts restrained in the depths of his mind, his grey form kept his mind at peace. He'd been given a teleportation device by Faeris of Armageddon, as a sign of honorary membership into the Equillibrium, but before joining their ranks, Uorag had chosen to travel across the multiverse, going back through the large stream of empty realities his malicious halves had consumed, intent on bringing back life as it was, or at least end the lifelessness that plagued them. Through his grey werewolf form's consumption ability he could create holes through dimensions and travel through the void between them. If he ever felt in danger or powerless, he would use the teleportation device to go straight to Faeris. As if against his will or as part of someone's grand design, he'd been led from the void into a universe that was not empty, quite full of life in fact.

                    Suddenly, a Star Destroyer warped into orbit and crashed on the planet's surface, in the middle of an arid desert, not too far from where Uorag was. The werewolf ran there to investigate, arriving right before something tore a good chunk out of the massive vehicle from within. It was a black creature wearing a robe, slightly cut, showing signs of a previous battle that likely happened not too long ago.

                    "A desert? I know destiny and its sickening sense of humor, but there was no desert in the planet I would've crashed into!" - the creature known as Darth Xeno looked around. - And where is that assassin? More importantly, where am I? - Using the Force, the sith tried to pinpoint his location, finding out that he was not in the same faraway or even the same Universe. - "Heh... Was this an accident by the assassin? Or did she really mean to exhile me to a desert planet? Either way I must thank the young fool. No longer do I care for the simple conquest of a measly galaxy, from now on I am the supreme emperor, nay, GOD of the multiverse!" - He loudly laughed, summoning the various xenomorphs inside the Star Destroyer who had survived the crash. - "Take care of the humans, either dead or alive they'll be useful hosts. I will take care of the nearby spy."

                    "So, you knew I was there. Do you also know that my duty is to stop you?" - said Uorag, coming out from behind a nearby dune as the Xenomorphs ran back inside the Star Destroyer, to do who knows what.

                    "I can sense everything on this planet. They will serve well, as my army's hosts. As for your duty... You will not be impregnated. I have bigger plans for you..."

                    "Enlighten me."

                    "Perhaps after I kill you." - said Darth Xeno, lunging towards the werewolf with his lightsaber, ready to cut his new opponent to ribbons.


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                      Star Guardian was particularly unprepared for her to freak out even worse. She had her hands swatted away, and the look in her eyes of nothing short of angry. Star Guardian really had thought she'd done a good job trying to calm people down but in this case, it seemed to make things worse. Naomi wondered if this woman had thought her condescending, or still had thought she had something to do with...



                      Her other sleeve, the one she didn't grab had ripped apart, revealing a very familiar looking arm, and bringing a look of worried confusion onto her face before, like a lego piece...


                      ".....Oh." Naomi said, as if she had stepped in something particularly gross. In a manner of fact she had stepped in it. Why in all the worlds there are, she went to the space between galaxies into a planet and yet... Sigoi(!?) was here somehow? And apparently had just come out of the house thinking everything was normal it just... "Why are you here!?" Her face scrunching up as if she smelled something foul. This recontextualized a lot "And who is that?" Her face turning towards the arm and pointing at the face. "..." A slight hesitation, her voice coming out before wondering if she even wanted to know, as that much, unless Sigoi just gathered a little bit from a ton of... No that's impossible. They were too pretty, the face and body fit too well together. Meaning... They were already dead.

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                        Lu Lingqi awakens on top of Red Hare. Trotting through having managed to make their way to the great forest from the great platform in the sky. There had been a fuzzy lack of clarity, like there were layers of sand in her eyes as she had travelled thse past few days. Where things seemingly happened not because they could happen, but possibly like she was in a dream. Some very strange, bordering on nightmare dream. Everything from ancestor spirits, reality bending to the will of gods, world eating wolf-men, weapons that fired too fast for the eye to see the projectile.

                        Even as she tried to reflect on it, she found it difficult. The way she had traveled usually involved her being unconscious or near-unconscious and exhausted. She hadn't much time to actually know how Red Hare got from place to place, hell, she could barely remember how they had gotten down. She had slept through it.

                        That's when she came upon it, the site of the battle that had taken place here. Several acres of trees dead with... changes compared to the others. Several more acres having been trimmed with the land split like it had been stabbed length wise. Shell casings from that weapon that she had fired a few times. She had fallen asleep one too many times, and the fact that this place was just the same as she had remembered it. This had to mean that this wasn't a dream, this was real. But what of her Father? He was a detemined fighter, he wouldn't let himself be deterred from a fight. Yet, despite leading her to these battlefields, he was never present when blows came to blows. Which part was reality? Which was fake?

                        Red Hare stopped in its tracks as it came upon Lu Bu, holding his hand out towards the horse with his back turned. Eyes closed and nose turned up like he was... sensing something. His head turning slightly as it seemed he was taking in whatever it was and attempting to make sense of it.

                        "We cannot leave yet." He would say to no one in particular, though given his gesture, he had to have been talking to them.

                        "Something isn't right. There's something insidious." Lu Bu would then walk forward, Red Hare following patiently behind.


                        Lu Bu looked behind him, that same stern expression that he always gave, whether it was an advisor or his own Daughter.

                        "LINGQI! LEAVE!"

                        That uncharacteristic yelling and concern for her, it crashed into the forefront of her memories. Xiapi, the counter-attack by Cao Cao and Liu Bei. Having baited him into their trap. The situation looked bad for him, so many men against just Lu Bu... She didn't know the fate he had, she just remembered running. Though some followed after her, attempting to subdue her, they ultimately failed as Red Hare came and helped her escape.

                        She rubbed Red Hare's neck. She likely owed her life to him.

                        When she looked back up, Lu Bu was gone. As was the forest. Now they trotted in a seemingly endless desert.


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                          Gurindai had acknowledged Gaute's words, his wishes were about to be granted. The swordsman did a gesture with his weapon and an oriental door suddenly appeared. It opened and a veil was visible inside, not quite like the teleportation doors Gaute had encountered before which were connected to the space station. "Well, let's go", Gurindai said and stepped into the door before Gaute, who followed mere seconds after. When they arrived on the other side of the door they were standing in what looked to be feudal Japan, with people wearing traditional kimonos now looking at them as if something was out of place; Obviously that was Gaute himself. He was not supposed to be here, as Gurindai had made abundantly clear. "These people... are they dead?", Gaute asked and looked at Gurindai who was standing right next to him.
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                            "Yes and no," Gurindai replied as he walking forwards, "These people are alive but they're awaiting the time where they reincarnate to get back to the human world." Gurindai then looked at the people who were staring, "Mind your businesses, already. Shoo!" He said as he chased them and obviously they could do nothing but go their merry way, they couldn't afford to anger a soul reaper, let alone someone who was a vice captain. "Now, follow me, we'll be going to the 12th division. They're the techy guys so I'm sure they have something to contact Faeris."

                            Eventually, walking through the town, they would reach an impressive gate of wood, it was the entrance to the 12th division barracks. Gurindai would knock on it several times. "Yes, yes, we're coming," Gaute and Gurindai would hear a voice from the other side, it sounded like it belonged to a woman. The gate would eventually open and it revealed a girl with long black hair, she looked like in her early twenties and she wore the same outfit Gurindai did. She looked at Gurindai, "Gurindai Kokorosuke, former vice captain of the 1st division, welcome," She said as she bowed down, she glanced at Gaute for a split second before shifting back to Gurindai. "Ah you were...uh," Gurindai said as he was trying to remember who she was. "Nemu Kurotsuchi, Lieutenant of the 12th division."

                            "Ah, right, Nemu," Gurindai said as he chuckled and rubbed the back of his head. "Now, we're here for a reason...Is uh, Captain Mayuri there? We need him for a moment."

                            "Lord Mayuri isn't accepting visitors at the moment," Nemu replied, "You'll have to ask for an invitation at a later date." She said as she began to close the gate, however, Gurindai would stop her. "H-Hold on," Gurindai said, "Just this once, please?"

                            "...What do you want to do with Lord Mayuri?" Nemu asked, with a rather weary tone. "Is it the ryoka?" She looked at Gaute.


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                              Uorag had never seen the kind of weapon his opponent was using. His advanced senses and primal instincts were telling him to dodge it, but instead, he proceeded to catch it.

                              A foolish move that resulted in most of his arms getting severed. He began to feel waves of pain as he'd never felt before, this was a first for him. Was it because of the weapon? Or was he just too rusty and not violent enough like his malevolent counterparts, who could've easily shrugged off hits like these?

                              "Yes, a powerful body, as I sensed... But controlled by a weak mind. I sense multiple presences inside your body, including a human. Is that what bounds you? What makes you so weak? I can get rid of that for you..." - asked Darth Xeno, taunting the now agonizing Uorag, bent to his knees, and giving him a strange and cryptic proposal.

                              The healing process was taking longer than normal. He'd definitely gotten rustier if his body wasn't even healing on its own and had to concentrate on it, for something as small as partially lost limbs. He would have to buy himself time. - "Just who are you? More importantly, what are you and that laser sword? I've never been damaged by anything like it! Give me that much, before you kill me..."

                              "Oh, please, as if we were capable of dying..." - said a pompous voice inside his head, unable to be heard by the sith, in the" mindspace" as we could say. It was the white werewolf (White Uorag we shall call him), his 'good' and 'heroic' half before being corrupted. By his side, the black werewolf that he was reborn as (we may call him Dark Uorag), out of grief and anger, his evil half if you will. - "Let us out, old man. We, well, at least I have more experience battling overconfident warlords and world conquerors, or whatever this alien priest and his tunic think they are."

                              "I thought you two were gone..." - said the purified grey form of Uorag (born off the two previous counterparts merged together), from the void in the mindspace, not present physically in front of them but still able to communicate them.

                              "You can't get rid of quintessential parts of your core personality, little fool. We are part of you, like it or not. Forever and ever. Now let. Us. Out."

                              The conversation had occurred in an instant, not even a second had passed outside the mindpsace. It was still a way to buy himself some time, to think at least.

                              I can't let them roam free, they're too big of a threat... But this creature could be as well, if I let him do whatever he plans on doing... - thought Uorag.

                              As per his orders, a xenomorph approached his king carrying something, a spider-like abomination with a rat-like tail, something humans in distant realities knew as "facehuggers". Behind the xenomorph, the others who had come out of the Star Destroyer, practically an infantry division ready for a World War, had piled up the thousands of bodies from the officers, stromtroopers and other imperials who hadn't survived the crash. Those who had were forcibly impregnated, giving Uorag a good idea of what was going to happen if that thing got a hold of his face.

                              "Beautiful, is it not? They grow faster than ever, each generation smarter than the last, getting stronger every day... Truly we are the perfect race." - said Darth Xeno.

                              "You don't even want to know who I am, before... you know, doing this to me? You haven't answered any of my questions yet, a bit rude if you ask me." - said Uorag, his arms still having not fully regenerated, showing off some humor comparable to a few of his last "sparring" partners.

                              "I'll learn it all soon enough." - said Darth Xeno, being given the facehugger.


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                                "Hey, I'm asking the questions here! I can't do a magical teleport or illusion or whatever you did! That was all you, so I have no clue what I'm supposed to be doing here" Sigoi shouted back. The demonic arm twitched through the air, reflexively for Naomi. But now was a really awful time for that. Sigoi leaped backwards, grabbing onto a tree branch with their human hand all the while that the demonic arm continued surging forward like a dog straining on a leash. "Reflex, it's a reflex!" Sigoi explained. "Like when regular people are drowning, they can't help but try to suck in the water..."

                                "Who is?...OH!" Sigoi's wild spasms stopped as the weight of those words set in. The sailor freak wasn't able to tell how many exactly had been used for this new body. They were even...was that a complimentary look? Well, not complimentary given the disgust, but appreciation at least for the artistry. Sigoi had expected the condescending disgust, it was what fueled the wild and desperate thrashings of the arm, but this. Well, well, Eve and her sister had saved them twice. Not just from space, but now from the addiction pangs. Still there but...having someone besides themselves acknowledge their art was quite the mood stabilizer. A balm on that ugly bit of self worth.

                                "Eve and Jane" Sigoi answered honestly. Top half is mostly Eve, but the bottom is Jane. And I redistributed a little bit of the excess. It'd be unethical to use only choice cuts and throw the rest away, especially since these two are so physically compatible and I've improved my skills greatly. Thanks to that battle..." Sigoi cracked a rare smile behind their mask as their arm retracted slowly to a more normal-size, only abnormally long now as opposed to grotesquely so. "I wish I didn't have to kill them, I really did, but it's not like I had a choice after my body was destroyed" Sigoi shrugged non-committally, toying with a strand of hair casually. "But don't be making faces like that..." Sigoi noted with triumphant pride at the twisted expressions on Star Guardian's face. Ah, not so grandiose anymore. Not something to envy as much. "...I've more than made up for it. I've saved at least a dozen lives using the new techniques I've learned. So it's a net positive of ten."

                                "Don't think I'm a fool" Sigoi suddenly growled, stopping their aggrandization. "You wouldn't bring me here by accident. This reeks of a deliberate attempt."