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World Clash: Hunter

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  • World Clash: Hunter

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    And so the eight fought each other, clashing across the world, in strange alien floating cities, in space stations and in dark forests... Yet despite their trials and tribulations, this was not the end.For their meeting was not merely one by coincidence, but one caused by a clash within the multiverse. A nexus connecting each of these worlds had begun to shift, and change, changing the world, mixing them into each other.The universes are clashing, and if this is not stopped, soon there will cease to be eight universes, and there will merely be one chaotic mess as the universes destroy each other.

    Gaute was the first to witness it, first upon the space station, in one place were two stations, one inhabited, one not. And yet they kept fighting. This was not a mere hallucination, but rather the intermingling of the worlds. And so it spread, and a coalition at the United Nations was called, as such events began to multiply.

    There is far more than people had experienced, worlds that can be reached even when the infinite abyss of space is unconquerable. But to even investigate was beyond the capabilities of the Earth, who to contact, who to find? For Gaute it was simple. One person who had already travelled the endless universes. Faeris of Armageddon, from a world in which Earth was naught but a temple to a corpse, where cities were as large as worlds. It was he Gaute would seek out.

    Faeris rarely stayed in one place for long, and Equillibrium for a long time had focused on the Eternal Empire. Faeris found one of his prospective recruits in turn, askign him for help, with an event that Equillibrium was all too familiar with... A clash of universes. One that must be ended were Gaute's or indeed anyone's universe to remain. Faeris would find himself back in this world of worlds. Not merely to recruit from it, but save it.

    And all while the material world scrambled to find the science, the Soul Societies of the afterlife began to see the winds change. Similar to other events, but different in an unsettling way. Far from how it was done, the Soul Society had already seen what would happen if it not ended, the afterlife and the material world would both be obliterated if not stopped. More and more souls filling into teh afterlife, far more than should be possible, if left unchecked, the balance between life and death would be tipped over entirely, and with it the destruction of both the afterlife and the material world. Gurindai, who had fought the warriors from other realms would be given authority to act as he saw fit, to save the realms, and the souls of all the world.

    For the demonic arm life continued as normal, escaping with their life they continued to live in the body of Eve. Living off of the life force. Eve was a strong body, and not likely to rot any time soon. And yet that normalcy would cease to be, for his world was subject to the most change. Gravity changes, souls lost and won back, the laws of reality were failing to take hold, and soon entire cities were going to collapse under the weight of multiple reality crashing through. The situation was untenable, and were Sigoi going to survive, he would have to save this world... Or leave more likely, as his world began to become the pin holding the world together, sucked into the oblivion of the Nexus. Sigoi would in turn... Be the first to find out, that this was no natural phenomena, but one action taken.

    Uorag, one monster of the multiverse, countless realities swallowed in unending hunger, now redeemed worked with Equillibrium to right the wrongs of his former life. He helped to keep the balance where it was needed, saving worlds rather than destroying them... And yet his travels would bring him backto where he began his new life. The Old Man Uorag was returning to his new beginning, this time to save it, from another who would consume the whole reality.

    For the warrior of the Three Kingdoms, he may not be a mage, but he was a spirit, closely connected to the afterlife. He felt the shift in universes more keenly than most, and realized what was occuring. And if the universes began to cllapse on each other, who knows if even Li Lingqi could survive it? And so Lu Bu, would warn Li Lingqi, Lingqi, not one to accept defeat and die, would go forth. Through blood, sweat, and iron she would end whoever it was so thoughtless destroying their realities with their disgusting magic.

    Star Guardian may not have understood the particulars, but her adventures had given her a keen sense of the balance of the multiverse. As the worlds began to merge, the disturbance in her feelings resurged, larger. Chasing that disturbance leads the magical girl to the nexus of their worlds.

    Genichiro came home, but the land he had fought for so severely had crumbled before his very eyes, his failure in the tournament becoming a reflection to the failure in his lordship. Now he has left his kingdom, of which he had lost all his property, and went into the mountains. Training himself, to be stronger, faster, better than before. In order to become a truly great warrior... And so the multiverse saw fit to test his mettle, for the universes, they were colliding, threatening to crash into each other and be obliterated in the process, all at the hands of another tyrant...

    Farseers look into the void, and witness the time of ending. Can the eight work together and save their worlds from utterly annihilation? Or will their world fall apart, as so much cosmic dust in the wind?
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    He was leaping from building to building, chasing a strange and large creature, It was Gurindai, the shinigami was tending to his duties. It had been some time since the strange event in which all sorts of being appeared, but Gurindai had gradually forgotten about it as he was caught up with his job. "Come back here, you!" Gurindai said as he was chasing after some sort of strange creature, it was a hollow, human souls who stood for far too long in the human world and get corrupted as a result. The hollow he was chasing was quite a tricky and smart one, unlike its brethren. What it lacked in power, made up for a sharp mind. Quitting the town, Gurindai and the hollow would go into the outskirts, a forest full of trees could be seen in the distance, and the hollow was quick to use it to its advantage and enter it.

    Gurindai tsked as he saw the hollow entering the forest, it was pretty dense, looking from the outside. "I'm going to get you even if it's the last thing I did!" Gurindai yelled as he entered the forest, chasing after it, but could he do so in such environment?

    The hollow, meanwhile, reached into a grassy but open area, a lone and mighty tree in the middle. It would sense some humans nearby, no doubt visitors or even the natives going for a stroll. It looked around, and it seemed to have lost Gurindai. The hollow smirked as it changed shape and took on the form of a little Japanese girl, perhaps no older than ten years of age, making sure it had bruises around to fool anyone who came across it and lower their guard. It would go to the lone tree, kneel and start bawling. It was a sound and sight only a few select can hear, but that was the hollow's intention. It would drag humans that were special in some ways...Those who had some reiatsu in them. They were the most succulent of spirits, a treat to any hollow no matter the gender, age, size of the target. No doubt there'd be someone such as this around, the hollow had felt some reiatsu lounging around.
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      Naomi had finally left her job. The office took ages this time, she was glad for the job, but she could sense something was wrong, the disturbance she felt from Uorag at the time... The feeling was back and larger than ever. Honestly she had even been scolded for her disconnectedness, but in the end of the day she was free. Free to pursue whatever this was. Still, that it was worse than those three encounters with Uorag was... Worrying. They weren't back and stronger than ever were they? No, Uorag had overcome this... But then... What?

      Flying across the vacuum of space she continued, going throughout it, whizzing past star system after star system, even past the galaxy itself. It's somewhere out in the dark cold between galaxies, in the intergalactic medium. The only source of light for light years was her, looking around... Like a blind person in a maze she searched, with only the feeling of the Disturbance to guide her. They had to keep moving forward but just what could it be? Where was it?

      Eventually she found it... A hole ripped in space and time, with something leaking out. No would notice from here but she knew what it was. It was space... Other space, a space that is not of her own. And the space felt... Lifeless. No not quite lifeless. Dead. Like... Like... Like someone had devoured it, and all that was left was the void. She floated into it, forming a star sword and shield to defend herself. This whole situation... It felt like wading right into a snake pit. And just from the feeling, it was Uorag's world wasn't it? Wasn't it?

      She entered, and looked around, for anything, tried to sense any sort of life out there, pinpoint the loca-

      Oh. There is actually... A lot of life here. She had simply wandered into one hole in particular, but the way it melded into the rest of the world felt haphazard. At one moment there is a thick jungle, the next there is temperate snowy forests, and then just suddenly this void of nothing. It was like someone who had no skill in geography drew this, putting region next to region without rhyme or care. "What is this place?" She said, before flying up, to get a better look and... Oh this mess of regions was so inconsistent and strange, she swiftly flew back down having only gone a few dozen meters into the air, and flew around. A pink streak in the air she began to look for someone, a culprit or a place... She had no real idea of where to start, so blind wandering would have to do.

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        In Equilibrium, a mass of alarms went off in the Operations Center room of the Deployment Division. Various graphs and reports were being collated and collected as the entirety of the Balance-defending group mobilized at once. Normally the Deployment Hangar was a steady stream of activity but now it was absolute bedlam, but an ordered one. For all the movement and need to get things done it wasn't sloppy or dangerous, merely their usual speed cranked up several dozen times.

        Faeris was immediately alerted to head to Ops, and once he reached the SitRep area, the report came from Daemon Keido.

        "We have confirmed that we have an unexpected Nexus Conjunction Event. The total number of affected realities is still being collated, but it is a major event with many of the Threat Level Alpha worlds in play. 40K may or may not yet be confirmed." At those words most of Equilibrium became uneasy. All were aware of exactly how infectious 40K's various forms of ideology could be, to say nothing of the Warp Artifacts they still found on many worlds across the Nexus Network.

        "However, we have confirmed that several non-Equilibrium entities have been sighted in the main event location. So with that said, I must ask Faeris of Armageddon to prepare for immediate deployment. All equipment restrictions are hereby removed. You are also authorised, should you find it neccessary, to call in immediate reinforcement." That second comment silenced alot of the growing noise, as there were exactly 6 people who could possibly be called by Faeris as emergency backup, and they all had Keido for a last name.

        Faeris, for the most part merely stiffened as his duty was made clear and nodded and immediately prepared for embarkation. He headed to the Armoury, picking up his personal Inquisitor Power Armour along with his Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Inferno Pistol and stood before he melee weapon rack. After some carefully considered options he chose his Nemesis Halberd known as The Staff of Faeris as well as his personal Force Sword Mercy's Grip, and his Power Sword Unyielding Justice. Once Faeris was fully kitted out, He walked to the Embarkation Hangar, dubbed playfully the Stargate Alley for all the ringed portal machines arrayed on each side of the opposing walls in staggered formation. Faeris needed no wrist-mounted Equilibrium issued Omni-Device as his armour has it connected to his Psychic Hood for ease of use. With the portal now opened, Faeris walked forward with purpose, passing into the Nexus where a farming community immediately butted against a modern city. The shift in visuals was a bit stark and not very appealing, but as soon as he was settled he closed his eyes, gently letting his telepathy seek out the minds of those who would recognise his own.

        'To those who remember my voice and my mind.....seek me out that we may aid each other.'
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          One hour after Gaute and his party landed at Hanedo Airport he was strolling down a busy Tokyo street with Melina. "Do you speak japanese?", Gaute asked Melina as he himself was unable to. "I speak 8 languages fluently, japanese being one of them.»" she, obviously, bragged. "Well, I would like to ask people around here about this mural. I need to find that grassy area.", Gaute said, feeling as if he was repeating himself. "As you’ve told me 6 times already.", Melina confirmed his suspicion. "Let me try this person here.". Melina walked over to an old lady and showed her the picture.

          An hour later, after asking close to 40 people, they were no closer to their answer. Gaute noticed a shop that looked slightly out of place and decided to enter. Melina was talking to a young girl about the photo which she now had on her phone. As Gaute entered the shop he noticed they sold antiques, mostly from the japanese culture. After looking around for a few minutes he noticed something familiar on the wall; It was the same mural that was hanging in coffee shop in San Diego, except it didn’t depict any battles at all as it was just for showing the landscaping. He studied it as he got closer and didn’t notice the old man that approached him from behind. "Beautiful, isn’t it?", the man said in a calm voice, scaring Gaute. "Jesus...", Gaute said as he turned around and looked at the man, a caucasian man with greying hair and long beard. "Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to scare you.", the man said and seemed sincere. "That’s okay.", Gaute said pausing before continuing to speak. "You’re not a local.". The man chuckled. "Perhaps not by virtue of skin color, but I have lived in Tokyo almost all my life.", the man said and brushed his beard. "Are you interested in buying this piece?", the man asked Gaute. That prompted Gaute to grab his phone from his pocket. "No, sir. But I do have a question about it.", Gaute said as he unlocked his phone. The picture of the mural was already visible on the phone. "It’s eerily similar to this mural, wouldn’t you think?", Gaute asked as he showed the picture to the man. The man’s friendly expression on his face disappeared.
          "Well, that’s odd...", the man said and scratched his beard. "This mural is, or was, hanging in a coffee shop in San Diego. The difference, as you can see, is that this mural depicts two battles.", Gaute said. The man turned around and murmured something to himself. Gaute could only make out two word. "Osaka... Virginia...". Gaute put his phone back in his pocket. "Sir. I would like to know the location of the grassy plain in the mural.", Gaute said, making no mistake about his request. "It’s about 15 miles east of the city of Osaka some 300 miles away from Tokyo.", the man clarified. He turned back around to face Gaute. "You’re on a very important mission, Gaute Tidemann.", the man said revealing that he knew Gaute. "How do you know who I am?", Gaute said with surprise in his voice. "It’s a long known prophecy among my people that you are one of the heroes that will save our universes.", the man said, revealing now that he knew about the multiverses. "Who... are you?", Gaute asked though not aggressively. "I’m known as Logan, but I should probably not tell you more than I already have.", Logan introduced himself with name. "Why that name?", Gaute asked thinking of Melina who was using a covername. "It’s my given name, by my parents.", Logan said. He sounded truthful. "But you mustn’t linger, Tidemann. You’re already short on time, you need to travel to Kitano right away!", Logan now urged him to leave. Gaute nodded to Logan and left the shop.
          Outside Melina was still talking to people about the mural. Gaute approached her. "Melina, I found out where the grassy plain is.", Gaute told her. "Yeah?", she responded. "It’s an area called Kitano east of Osaka. We need to go now.", Gaute said to her, almost commanding her. "Okay, but please remember why we are here. Your quest is only secondary to what we want to accomplish here.", Melina said making herself clear that she was in charge. Gaute didn’t respond.

          A couple of hours later they were sitting on a train approaching Osaka. Gaute and Melina had not talked much, leaving Gaute to his own thoughts. He was still thinking about the phone call he had made yesterday to his wife Kristine. She had told him so much had happened since he had been gone, not least of all that their son Erik had enlisted in the army. There is no prouder moment in a parent’s life than when their kids do something worthwhile. Meanwhile he keeps thinking of Fredrik, his best friend, who lost his life serving his country. Gaute still blames himself for letting that happen. He looked out of the window to see the green nature of Japan’s countryside, and he wondered where exactly he would need to go to find the grassy plains. Melina had told him they needed a guide for that area, which Gaute agreed with. He closed his eyes to meditate for the rest of the trip to Osaka.
          One hour later they had arrived in Osaka, more specifically in the part of the city called Higashiosaka, on the east side. Melina was asking around to find someone who worked as a guide in the outskirts of Osaka, while Gaute was sitting at a bench near the train station. It didn’t take very long before Melina returned with a middle-aged japanese lady. "This is Tamura Ena, she works as a guide in the east region of Osaka which also includes the areas east of the city. As luck would have it, she also speaks english fluently.", Melina introduced the lady for Gaute. "Pleasure to meet you. My name is Gaute Tidemann.", Gaute introduced himself properly to the lady while bowing. "Tidemann. That is not american or british?", Tamura asked. "No, ma’am. I’m norwegian.", Gaute said. "Norway. Nice country. I’ve visited it before with my husband.", she said as she smiled. "Have you showed her a picture of the mural?", Gaute asked as he looked at Melina. "No, I figured you’d want to do that.", she answered. Gaute grabbed his phone from his pocket and showed the picture of the mural to Tamura. "The right side shows a battle which is supposedly near here in Osaka. Do you recognize it?", Gaute asked. Tamura looked almost bleak all of a sudden. "Haunted place...", Tamura responded and covered her eyes. "Haunted...?", Gaute repeated. Tamura looked around suddenly. "I can not take you there. I dare not.", she said. "Can you give us coordinates so we can go there?", Gaute asked. "It’s in Kitano, right?", Melina added a second question. "No. Not Kitano. It’s in the Tsukigasemomogano region, east of Ushigamine Cosmos Park.", Tamura said. She turned to face Melina and said something in japanese Gaute couldn’t understand. Then she paced away from them, leaving them to their own thoughts.
          "What did she say?", Gaute asked. "Something about hollows?", Melina said, although it sounded more like a question to Gaute. "We can get to this park she mentioned by means of GPS.", Gaute said, nothing worrying too much about this strange encounter they had had with Tamura. "Right. Let’s go.", Melina said.

          Having rented a car the two of them were now travelling in the countryside, driving on a road with thick trees on both sides. "I don’t see much that can be considered plains in this area.", Gaute said after 10 minutes of silence. "I agree, but it must be out here somewhere.", Melina said. "What I don’t get it why the man in the shop in Tokyo would say it was in Kitano, while Tamura Edu would say Tsukigasemomogano.", Gaute said having thought about it for a little bit. "They are pretty close together. It may just have been a common mistake based on that.", Melina said, who was driving. Gaute suddenly heard crying. "Can you hear that?", Gaute asked Melina. "What?", she responded, obviously not being able to hear it. "Stop the car.", Gaute said. Melina pulled over and stopped the car. Gaute stepped out to hear more clearly where the crying came from. Melina also exited the car. "There’s crying coming from over in that direction.", Gaute said and pointed into the forest. "Crying? I can’t hear any crying.", Melina said, now sounding more worried. "Wait here.", Gaute said and headed into the forest. "Gaute!", Melina yelled, but he blocked it out.
          He ran for 15 seconds straight through the forest, through branches and shrubs before he eventually arrived into an open area. He immediately recognized it as the grassy plain depicted on the mural. Looking around for the source of the crying he noticed a long tree almost in the middle of the plain he was standing on. A girl was sitting under it, the source of the crying. He felt the need to approach the little girll and comfort her, and as he took two steps forward someone stretched their arm in front of him, stopping him. He looked to his right to see a familiar swordsman looking directly ahead at the girl. "Gurindai...?".


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            "Gaute, it's been a while." Gurindai smiled as he saw a pal again. The two didn't spend much time with each other, but they grown to be some sort of buddies. The smile quickly turned into a fierce and serious look as he saw the girl. "If I were you, I wouldn't take a step forwards." Gurindai said, "Stand back and let me handle everything." Gurindai would then grab his Katana, it was pretty long, as long as his upper body, and he slowly walked towards the girl. The "girl", or rather hollow, was about to escape as it saw what looked like to be the hangman coming for it. But yet, another dastardly plan crept in the corner of its mind, and it would act even more scared and frightened. Its plan was to paint Gurindai as the bad guy and pit Gaute against him, maybe win some time to make an escape for it.


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              "It's been a while", Gurindai said and smiled at Gaute. "Ja, kanskje det har det for deg...", Gaute thought to himself. Gurindai stopped smiling and turned his attention, once again, to the girl beneath the tree. "If I were you, I wouldn't take a step forwards.", he said with extreme seriousness in his voice. "Stand back and let me handle everything.", he continued as he took a hold of his katana. As Gurindai approached the girl she became even more frightened, a plea Gaute immediately understood. Gaute had remembered the lady in Osaka saying something about hollows. "Var dette det? En 'hollow'?", Gaute thought to himself as Gurindai approached it. Perhaps it was wiser to let the swordsman deal with it, despite what Gaute was feeling at this moment; Gurindai had saved his life once before. "Okay, but once you're done you better explain to me what a hollow is.", Gaute said loudly, triggering something in the girl...

              Ja, kanskje det har det for deg... = Yeah, maybe it has for you...
              Var dette det? En 'hollow'? = Was this it? A 'hollow'?


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                Gurindai stopped for a brief instant as he heard Gaute mention the word Hollow. So he knows what they were, huh. That should have been obvious the moment he could hear and see this little girl. But still, he continued forwards, readying his blade.

                The hollow would notice that it was trying to fool the wrong men, but by then, there was no chance to escape. It was a fight or die situation. The little girl quickly and abnormally changed into a monster as it assumed its original appearance back, and it hissed and lunged forward at the two men, baring their fangs at them. Gurindai wasted no time as far faster than the normal eye could see, he had walked past the monster, the monster still in mid air. A cut appeared in the middle of the hollow's face...which then quickly extended to reaching the end of its body, before the creature was cleanly split in half, the two sides falling on the ground. Gurindai turned back and he saw his work, "To think you could beat me, he who is as swift as lightning, in a game of speed, you were deadly wrong. May your soul finally find eternal rest in the world beyond." Gurindai said as he assumed a praying stance, in which the monster's body vanished. An orb emanated from the disappearing corpse, it whispered, "I am finally free..." in a tone of relief.

                Gurindai would contemplate for a few more seconds, before looking back at Gaute. "I'm sorry you had to witness that," He told him, "But thankfully, you're safe. Despite everything, these things are still pretty stupid, it assumed I wouldn't hear its crying." He muttered to himself. "Now then, you mentionned "Hollow", and I'm going to cut straight to the chase...Where in the world di you hear the word from? I don't believe I mentioned them last time we spoke."


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                  With no other choice the girl seemed to give up it's crying, instead transforming into something more vile and much bigger. It took the shape of something slim, like a snake, but it's face was wearing some sort of mask. Gaute couldn't tell if the mask was attached by strings or if it was actually it's face. He had little time to think about it since Gurindai went to work with immense speed, speed Gaute was unable to keep up with. No doubt a great battle, it was over in just a couple of seconds as far as Gaute was concerned. He was too flabbergasted to take notice of Gurindai's muttering some 10 meters away. A few moments later Gurindai looked at Gaute and spoke. "I'm sorry you had to witness that.", he said. "But thankfully, you're safe. Despite everything, these things are still pretty stupid. It assumed I wouldn't hear it's crying.", he muttered, just loud enough for Gaute to hear. "Now then, you mentioned "Hollow", and I'm going to cut straight to the chase... Where in the world did you hear the word from? I don't believe I mentioned them last time we spoke.", he almost demanded an answer. Gaute took a second to gather his thoughts given what he had just witnessed.
                  "A lady in Osaka used the word 'hollows' to explain why she wouldn't take us here. With your arrival here, you being part of something called soul society as you explained it, I put two and two together.", Gaute said. "Truth be told, I wasn't expecting something so... tremendous.", he finished. "Gaute?", a voice from within the forest exclaimed. As Gaute turned around, he saw Melina coming out of the forest. "Ikke nå...!", Gaute thought and turned to Gurindai. "She's with me.", he said to clarify.

                  Ikke nå...! = Not now...!
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                    Gurindai looked at Melina as she made her appearance. "Don't worry, she won't be able of seeing and hearing me...well, unless she's a freak of nature like you are," Gurindai chuckled. "Anyways, what you saw right now, that thing, it was a hollow. I could go and explain more in detail, but it looks like you and I are busy right now. So I think it's best we go our seperate ways again." He told Gaute as he was about to head off. "Although, If you want us to meet again, you'll see me at Osaka Castle, every Night. it's kind of a ritual to me as I have fond memories of that place. Well then, until later." Gurindai said as he left the area, leaving Gaute and Melina alone.


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                      Gurindai glanced at Melina as she looked confused at what Gaute had just said. "Don't worry, she won't be able of seeing and hearing me...well, unless she's a freak of nature like you are.", he said and chuckled. "Anyways, what you saw right now, that thing, it was a hollow. I could go and explain more in detail, but it looks like you and I are busy right now. So, I think it's best we go our separate ways again.", he said, very much implying he had a job to do right now. "Although, if you want us to meet again, you'll see me at Osaka Castle, every night. It's kind of a ritual to me as I have fond memories of that place.", he said. "Well then, until later.", he said finally as he started levatating and flew away. "Are you okay?", Melina asked worryingly. Gaute turned around to face Melina, smiling at her. "Yeah, I'm fine. Nothing to worry about.", he said to calm her down. "What about the crying?", she asked. "Hvordan skal jeg forklare dette?", Gaute thought to himself. "I couldn't find the source. As soon as I stepped out into this opening the crying ceased.", Gaute lied. He turned back around to face the tree. "But this is with all certainty the area from the mural. It's a little bit more overgrown now, but... this is it.", Gaute said as he looked around some more.
                      He started walking around looking at the grass, the trees around and not least the majestic tree on the mound. As expected there were no signs of any battle here, as that happened in another universe. He took out his phone and snapped a few pictures. He turned back to Melina as he put his phone back in his pocket. "Alright. There's nothing left to do here, so let's go back to Osaka.", Gaute said. Melina had a bit of a skeptical look on her face, but ultimately she nodded and they headed back to the car.

                      Back in Osaka, now getting dark, they checked into a hotel to rest. They got separate rooms, but close to each other as Melina had commanded. Gaute could not sleep, so he sat by the window which had a view of Osaka Castle. He would give it a day before going there, he needed time to process the day he had just been through...

                      Hvordan skal jeg forklare dette? = How am I supposed to explain this?


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                        The day passed, giving enough time for Gaute to process the events. It was tomorrow night, and the castle of Osaka was standing mighty and proud as it always did. Gurindai would be found near the entrance, marveling at the castle equally impressed and saddened, the feelings never wavered even after all this time. People were walking back and forth, but they couldn't see Gurindai, anyways. All the while, Gurindai wondered about his meeting with Gaute yesterday. Why was he here? What were the circumstances that led to him knowing about the hollows? Nonetheless, he wanted to get answers from his mouth and only his mouth...all the while, memories of the past event that upset the balance, some sort of wicked tournament, popped in his mind again. If Gaute was there again, no doubt Gurindai would meet the others, too, and he would run into the people he disliked and fought against. Some of them were dangerous, far too dangerous, and he had yet to settle the score with them.


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                          "Just whistle while you work~" sang an angelic voice as she washed her hands in a surgical sink. All of the grime on them was removed down the drain, and with proper drying technique, they were practically shining thereafter. It wasn't for surgery, however. It was just because it made them look nice. Satisfied with the wash, the rest of the morning ritual was carried out. An hour and a half of grooming, managing everything as carefully as if it was a surgery. A snip here, a wash there...All being carried out by a demonic arm and its delicate, human counterpart. Sigoi had made Eve's body last for quite a long time in spite of being split in half and stabbing it. They had managed to recover the legs and find a twin of theirs. So in a sense, they were more Eve than Eve had been. The joys of twinhood had formed the most stable body Sigoi had enjoyed in a long time.

                          And enjoy it they did. It had to be protected and loved in every moment. Sigoi sat back in a bath, closing their borrowed eyes and sighing. Things were back to normal after all those fearful battles. No, better than normal, actually. The demonic arm had touched nothing in a long time and the urge had become only a gnawing ache as opposed to the all consuming gluttony of the past. In hindsight, Sigoi wondered how they had ever been so desperate. So much fuss for nothing. Enjoy the body they had for every moment it was allowed, that was the new motto.

                          "Of course, it helps having such a good one" Sigoi chuckled, using Eve's vocal cords to speak to themselves in the arm. Working the cords still brought a certain joy to Sigoi. It wasn't the BEST voice, but it was a voice. Always better than nothing. A phone rung near the bath and the face twisted in an ugly way. Quickly it readjusted as Sigoi left the water, picked the phone up with their human arm, and got dressed using the demonic limb. Human interaction always made things more difficult than usual for Sigoi.

                          "Oh yes?"

                          "It's the end..." The line went dead. Sigoi quirked a brow. What was that about?

                          "Okay, crank caller number ten, I'll definitely listen." Personal scalpels were placed into pockets perfectly, syringes into others. All perfect. Elegant.


                          Sigoi opened the door and was met with a sickening blast of heat. Not fiery, but humid and ruinous enough to ruin a good half of their morning ritual. Sigoi gasped reflexively behind their mask at the change in scenery. No, it couldn't be real. Maybe the twin had had scizophrenia undiagnosed. No, no, none of it could be real. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, not another jungle, not again....

                          Sigoi's horrified gaze at appearing somewhere totally different only grew wider as they saw Star Guardian. That plastic fake in the forest who looked so unattainably perfect. Sigoi struggled to keep their new, chill mantra in mind, but the demonic arm's hunger was a fire now.

                          "W-what did you do to me? Why is my apartment in a jungle?!" Sigoi screeched at Star Guardian shrilly. Their eyes desperately looked for imperfections, because imperfection wsa better than perfection when it came to others. If not...Sigoi got hungry.


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                            Star Guardian was surprised to hear that shrill cry. Looking down she saw a pretty woman, freaking out, blaming her for this. She couldn't simply leave them here freaking out, so she simply did what she always did. She tried to help, she floated down, arms held up in an attempt to calm her down "Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you. I know it's scary but I promise," She got closer, floating closely in and giving a comforting smile as best she could, like an angel or super hero, gently taking her human hand and holding it gently, "I'll do everything I can protect you." She said, utterly oblivious as to who she was speaking to.

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                              It was getting close to 10PM at night the next day when Gaute decided to take a stroll to the tourist attraction Osaka Castle. He was confident there wouldn't be too many people left visiting granting him a conversation with Gurindai Kokorosuke. Not notifying Melina he left the hotel right before 10PM and headed for the castle. On the walk there he noticed just how beautiful this city was compared to Tokyo. Tokyo was one of the most populated cities in the world and as such it felt more industrialized and perhaps had more culture attractions. Osaka on the other hand was less populated and had more nature to offer, a different kind of attraction for people who preferred that.
                              It took Gaute 12 minutes to walk from the hotel to the Osaka Castle and he noticed a lesser stream of tourists than it would've been on day time, though it was still guarded. He bowed for the guards as he entered the enclosed area where the castle was situated. Taking a closer look at the castle it was architecturally pleasing to Gaute who had always appreciated art in any form. This building was almost 500 years old and well preserved by the government, a historical building for sure. He headed inside as a couple, who were speaking between themselves in polish, were heading out. He looked around and noticed Gurindai to the left of him admiring the old handywork on the walls. "Hey. Want to find a more secluded place to talk?", Gaute asked to Gurindai.
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