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Rain Leonhart vs Star Guardian

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    "no need, Star! TELEKINE DOME!!" Faeris stood at Star's side, overlaying his Telekine Dome with her shield, causing the hynean magic to reflect back at Rain, Faeri's eyes blazing blue as he tapped into his telekinetic powers. "I am more than able to defend myself against Rain's skillset."

    Faeris then looked at one of the crystal outcrops aound them, noticing they seemed to get energized by all the ambient energy currently being thrown around. he reached out with a hand, lifting a large hill-sized crystal with his mind before speaking to Star. "Shoot the crystal, it will amplify your attack! ASSAIL!" Faeris threw his hand towards Rain and the crystal followed his command.
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      Acting quickly, she did just that, seeing the crystals shooting out, looking straight at Rain she turned her shield into a large "STAR BEAM!" As it shot into the mountain, bouncing in and out around it until it exploded out in a shower of light and energy, in a great fan blasting out straight at the former Multiverse Disciple.

      She would then fly ahead to Rain, following behind the mountain-sized crystal, eyes peeled for any new trick he might try again. She wasn't going to get tricked and almost hit Faeris again if she could help it. And at the least Faeris has proven time and time again he can protect himself.

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        As Telekine Dome reflected his projectiles back at him, as Faeris amplified the attacks of Star Guardian, as Star Guardian charged behind the crystal... Rain remained calm, even as Faeris claimed to have the powers necessary to combat his skillset. The mega-flares, the Star Petal and the Crystal with Star Guardian behind it all within a second of impact. Rain simply brought one hand down forcefully into a clap with the other and in that moment, all momentum for the mega-flares, the star petal and the crystal reversed. Immediately heading back towards their caster.

        Rain wasted no time, tossing out a flurry of orbs to act as elemental mines while he backed up some for distance. A platinum helix popping up and beginning to float around Rain in the meantime. His will then forcing itself on the environment around them, clutching itself into the cores of several celestial bodies nearby save the main planet. Forcing them into making a path towards the two. Two planets smaller than the one Star Guardian was so adamant on defending, several moons, and a flurry of asteroids from a nearby belt.

        Orbs immediately replenished themselves as the master hyneanmancer then took to buffing himself for the battle ahead. Several barriers forming in front of him before fading softly in an effort to lessen the impact of physical and arcane attacks. Before then making a new set of hand signs, making an opening between his index and his thumb. Blowing as hard as he could, unleashing a massive torrent of flame towards the two.


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          She flew behind the crystal mountain... And immediately as it changed direction, slamming her in the face "Guh!" She said, before glaring at him... "Having fun?" She sarcastically asked before taking one hand, pulling all the fingers into a single fist, and shattering the mountain before flying through... Thinking about Faeris, he may say otherwise, and he has defended herself but she ran through possibilities. Her own power was meant for Rain, it'd do nothing to Faeris as she didn't seek to hurt him. As for the rest... Faeris could teleport right? She remembered him taking them to a different dimension, figuring he was fine, she refused to engage with his attack. Let him throw them, she used her speed, blazing past like a streak of pink past each planet, each planet crossed in a matter of seconds, the moons she simply flew through with a "Shooting star!" Blazing past with such speed that even the moon had passed her by, and the asteroids could not hope to withstand the raw power on display here.

          She'd put them all back in their proper orbit once this battle was finished. She swore that as she looked straight upon that, as those down below saw what must seem like the stars themselves beginning to shift, if in few number.

          For her own strength, she'd ram against his shields like a battering ram, each successful punch somehow maintaining that strength with each blow landing upon the shield, seeing him sign a bunch of hand signals before beginning to blow... If he wanted to test their voices, she'd meet him right there. Flames against the sheer sonic power of her "STAR SCREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!" All while her own fists continued raining down blow after blow upon those shields, and God willing... Rain himself.

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            Star Guardian charged as fearless as ever, fast as ever, powerful as ever. Rain did not bring his arms up to defend himself, instead having used them to make the hand signs from earlier. Each strike of Star Guardian's blunted in effect significantly, such that it did little to interrupt him from his actions. What did effect him however was that incessant screaming she had a knack for doing. She met his flame with soundwaves, very quickly making short work of his attack and pelting him with that power just like she had done before with his spirit. But Rain knew the counter to it, he had seen it through the experience of the clones. It was very much reliant on her being able to make sound in the first place. Through gritted teeth he'd move his free hand to her throat and attempt to squeeze down with all of his might.

            He would stop his fire breathing, taking his free hand and raising it in the air. A fistful of orbs shattering in his palm as he looked her in the eyes.

            "Burn with me." And like a pillar of holy light. White fire would erupt around them both, breaching far into the cosmos and beyond. Fire modeled after Daemon Keido's own Dark Fire. The brightest flame, burned hottest.


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              "PSYCHIC SHRIEK!!!!" Faeris roared, and the sound travelled through the Warp as he focused on Rain's face, knowing his vision would send the shriek to one person alone with the power he had right now with his Psychic Hood empowering as much as it was. Hopefully even Rain's head would be shaking from this assault, Faeris flipped his grip on his Nemesis Halberd as if to throw it, shouting to up to them. "Star! Catch!" Faeris threw his halberd to her, drawing his Bolter and Bolt Pistol soon after, aiming at the Helixes as his eyes energized with green, his weapons glowing in concert as his Psycannon rounds followed suit with his influence. He aimed at the helixes, noting the distances on each so he could change targets quickly. "Smite."

              When he fired his Bolters, the rounds came out as bolts of green lightning instead, striking the helixes almost instantly each time.
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                And as had happened before, she kept on pounding away, fist after fist, only for her scream to be stopped, a hand around her throat, though Faeris could do his part, she was left unable to breath... And then

                White. Nothing but white. A blinding white enveloped her and blinded Naomi, unable to so much as look ahead at her opponent. There was nothing but the blinding white. She would have screamed but that hand had constricted her throat.

                She couldn't even see something... Or maybe... Something, vaguely in the white hot flames that enveloped them both, in such brightness as could be seen from space. It wasn't Rain... It was... A small girl, held by the neck, couldn't be older than elementary or middle school. Star Guardian. Naomi Whitaker. Her.

                All those years ago, with the Maestro of Mirrors... She had been so frustrated. Distraught even, every attempt they made was met with trick after deception after lie. Each attempt to bring him to justice a dead end as he played them like marionettes. And held there, her bravado gave way to a hopelessness.

                Silently, doubts had crept in for her.

                God now they bubbled to the surface. How she was here in the first place. Her life since school... How she had constantly relied on her friends. A parasite feeding off of them. Or when she wasn't a parasite she was like some pitiable cripple everyone took pity on her for. She hated feeling worthless. She hated being treated like some lamb in need of help. She hated feeling tired of both of these emotions. But even now she was brought here by own failure to take care of herself. She couldn't handle her money, and rather than face Lili's disappointment, she had brought her here. A land of crystals and wonder and diamonds and jewelry. All without having to have done anything herself, face the consequences of her own actions. And now she paid the price in white hot fire burning her, torching her insides in a pillar of flame.

                She had gone limp at this time. Naomi saw her younger self struggling against a villain, she had strangled herself with her own actions.

                She deserved this burning. Faeris' halberd had simply passed behind her, leaving her left arm by.

                Remembering back, the Maestro was far more talkative than Rain. Talking about how love was a lie, a deception and reflection of the needs of the person.

                Did Lili deserve this?

                The halberd had been caught by her right hand.

                And it surged with power. Not simply pink, but a glittering pink like the gems below on the planet they fought above. And that glittering pink grow to encompass and grow past the white hot pillar of flame, as it seemed to turn the whole of space into glittering magic, and a powerful explosion erupting right within, powerful enough that even that pillar of flame was dissipated. And the center was Star Guardian, renewed, a tiara appearing on her head, a single pink gem encrusted within it, and Faeris’ halberd had seemingly transformed, glittering and powerful, as the blade itself hummed with the intense energies that could only be from the Star Guardian herself.

                And with it, as the blade pointed straight at Rain, her eyes seeing clearly through the blinding white and the blinding pink as well, she had seemed to mouth something to herself. "I promise you. I'll bring you back." And such powerful energy erupted out of the handle of the halberd, rocketing forward, quickly and without pause, entirely determined no matter what to meet it, whatever orb he threw, she was determined. Not a single one would stop her from taking this halberd, now imbued with her own power, and driving it straight into his stomach, with such force that were it not for her singular focus, it would carry such mass and force as to threaten to bring in the sun and stars by sheer pull of gravity.

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                  A simpler life...

                  What would that entail? No fighting? Rain wasn't naïve like that, he knew fighting was an inevitability. There wasn't a world out there that managed to stray clear of it, sooner or later, it would be forced on everyone. And what then? Would he rely on the strength of someone like Naomi to protect him? When he was more than capable of defending himself as he was? Would he simply forget everything that made him tick? Would he even be named the same?

                  She knew nothing about him, making these generalized promises. As though she knew better than him.

                  She did not.

                  He found his grasp slipping as he realized a faintly similar feeling. The endless whispers calling to him, welcoming him home. His gaze turned back to Faeris as he shot out his lightning towards his helixes, striking each one of them head on. Shattering them into dust. His grip on the tossed worlds removing itself...

                  Why could he see Faeris?

                  Everything was pink, Star Guardian now wearing a tiara with a pink gem encrusted.

                  White fire snuffed out.

                  Rain found himself unwilling to defend himself as he was run through with the halberd. Curling him over her shoulder as his body went into shock from the powers used against him. Blood pouring out of his open wounds and dropping down to his feet, pooling as though he were standing on a surface.

                  His head slowly turned to Faeris, his eyes now as cold as ever. That was no mentor, that, was an enemy. The last of his allies, proving themselves to be just as untrustworthy as all the others. Wishing to contain him, and letting Star Guardian run him through with his own weapon. Utilizing an element he was vulnerable to. This wasn't containment, this was murder.

                  Rain dropped to his knees and slumped over, halberd driven clean through his body.

                  Orbs rabidly began to dance around his body, shattering themselves as fast as they could. Rain's body being covered in a myriad of hues, and a variety of clocks accelerating themselves above his head. One orb moved itself to his head.

                  He shakily looked to Faeris as he began to cough out blood caused by his mentor's own weapon.

                  He looked at him not coldly, and definitely not warmly.

                  Faeris was a target, Faeris would be first.

                  The orb shattered and Rain's pupils disappeared, his body overtaken by a red hue.


                  Wounded as he was, Rain's instinct had taken over, zipping across to Faeris faster than he had been up to that point. A rift would open behind Faeris, and Rain would waste no time in forcing Faeris through. Following behind with rage only betrayal could bring. He wasn't simply going to kill Faeris, he was going to do It excruciatingly, bit. by. bit.


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                    Faeris saw the action Star had taken and while he had hoped she would have taken a less lethal move, he could not fault her decision on the basis of who their target was. All the same, he saw the look in Rain's eyes....and knew he would be targeted far more aggressively now. He had time to cast one power before Rain would act, and so he chose based on how he expected Rain to engage him: at close range.

                    "Iron Arm!" Faeris held his ground even as he was aware of the portal opening behind him, holding his ground as Rain smashed into him, pushed all the way to just before the terminus of the rift but not quite passing into it. Even with his enhanced strength, Rain's Berzerk spell was like fighting against a crushing mountain. But all the while, Faeris held his ground, teeth clenched even as he held Rain back as much as he could. "You killed men and women I trained, Rain! Fellow students! And while you are my first, and my favored, YOU ARE NOT ABOVE ANOTHER EQUILIBRIUM MEMBER IN THEIR RIGHT TO EXISTENCE!" Faeris roared as he threw Rain to the side, drawing his Force and Power Swords after having dropped his Bolter weapons, both blades now aglow as befits their status: the Blade of Faeris raging with the rainbow of his mind, the Inquistor's Edge in electric blue and crackling with lethal energy. "If it is in my power, you WILL be contained and brought in alive....but you force my hand to use greater violence with your every action! YOU BETRAY THE LESSONS I TAUGHT YOU!!!!"
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                      "YOUR LESSONS FAILED ME"

                      Some semblance of rationality remaining within Rain as he recovered near instantaneously from the toss. Immediately getting right back to Faeris. Striking at his arms and attempting to maneuver his limbs in a way to eliminate leverage. Preferably keeping Faeris' arms restrained so he could look him dead in the eyes.

                      "ASK YOUR FRIEND THERE, I CAME HERE SKIN AND BONE, AS A GHOUL. YOUR LESSONS BROUGHT ME AN ETERNITY OF ISOLATION AND EMPTYNESS, OF ENDLESS FALLING." More and more of his mind begin to slip as he threw a headbutt for Faeris' face.

                      "IF YOU WANT TO BE ADDED TO THE PILE OF CORPSES, THEN SO BE IT. YOU'RE DEAD TO ME." As the Berserk spell took full hold, Rain's physicality increased significantly, every step was worth two, every punch hit like he had done it twice. And his grip on Faeris' arms tightened. Rain fully intended to crush Faeris, even with his halberd pierced through him like he was staked.


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                        Rain continued to rain fists down on Faeris, and as he assaulted the Warlock, Star Guardian could see, anyone could really.

                        Anger, fury even at this, one that was utterly lacking between the two of them. Between the two of them it was just a job. Between these two it seemed personal.

                        Just enough it opened a genuine opening for her. He had thrown aside as any attempt at magic. This drama, the reasoning behind it, it was secondary. Especially when he had refused to surrender.

                        And she did what she did best. She intervened. Fist rained down only to be caught by Star Guardian, who would attempt to twist the wrist of this attempt. Followed by the halberd once again coming to life, pink and glittering and exploding with energy as bolt after bolt exploded, met with a point-blank range "STAR BEAM!" The Halberd returning to her as she pushed him with her beam to another moon.

                        "..." Still, what he said. If she understood him "Betrayal?" As she flew towards him. "You're right to be angry... I'd be angry too. But those people" halberd pointed at the planet below. "They have no place in this conflict. If this is the only way you can find them, then I have to stop you."

                        Eyes meeting his, she told him "Who did this to you?" the state, as much as she saw him, more lively certainly, before he seemed like a monster. "I can find them. I can punish them. Just let me help you. I can take you away from it. Another world, I can take that power away, and you never have to think about them again."

                        Another attempt. But maybe this understanding could help.

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                          Reasoning, all these words. Talking about what she intended to do. At this point he was in a numbed state of mind, the explosion of the halberd inside of his body had hardly registered for him outside of a low groan. He had heard so many people tell him about what they were going to do, but very rarely did they follow through. Be it from being swayed or being unable to accomplish it. Given her friendship with Faeris, he knew it would be the former. This fight was his, not hers. If she was so concerned about the well-being of the people from that planet, then she could come to their aid after he was done.

                          What Rain knew was actions, and the actions done by these two were very clear, the gaping hole where his abdomen used to be said far more than any words could. He was far beyond the point of being talked to. His mind was set, every ounce of blood in his body was boiling. He wrestled his wrist from her grasp, he removed his hand from Faeris, using it to grip Star Guardian on the shoulder, throwing a headbutt forward for her nose.


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                            Silence. Perhaps she could have thought he lost his mind too far to talk, were it not that look of steely determination on his face. No, it was clear, he still didn't want to talk... Fine. Fine!

                            Whatever the case, as she grit her teeth, she'd meet out blow with blow, attack with attack. This fight had gone on long enough, she brought her own head back, attempting to do the same. Gritting her teeth as tiara would meet forehead, she looked him dead in the eyes. He may have been old, and she in her early twenties, but that same refusal to surrender was still there.
                            She had already gotten back up, and she wasn't going to let it go back. Back to back it wasn't hard at all. All this display of strength, he was ultimately trapping himself, as she began to say "SUPER!NOVA!" and explode with raw magic energy. Again and again, over and over, the pink glittering energy would spiral out like flares from the sun itself, with the two of them at the epicenter.

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                              Every strike, met with one of her own, while his seemed to be nothing but a fly smacking into a wall, hers hit as though the righteous fury of god was guiding every fist. Hard enough that he was gaining lucidity from every hit, anathema the effects of his own spell. Every attempt at invading her mind reflected off like a bullet against heavy armor, every attempt to grapple her swiftly and aggressively tossed to the side.

                              Nothing worked, with all of his strength, his accolades, his skill, his variety, his unmatched mastery of the arcane and mundane arts.

                              Useless against the power of Star Guardian.

                              He screamed in agony as the first burst of supernova ravaged his body and threatened to turn him to cinders. The following bursts silenced him, and the last one, having been on the edge sent him careening off across the cosmos far into the distance. So far that the original world they had begun their fight in was halfway across the world.

                              His only reprieve from the endless drifting being when his body ignited from falling into the thin atmosphere of a barren planet. His body crashing against the meteor pothole'd surface like a skipping rock. Coming to a stop on his back, looking up at the blood red sky. Rain lie broken, body shattered against the might of his opponent. His only sign of life being his chest still rising. When he attempted to move his arm, the only thing that would move would be the charred remains and his legs up to his knee was much the same.

                              That he had lived up to this point was both a blessing and a curse. The latter weighing on Rain's mind as his body had gone numb from the pain, the effects of his spell were long gone. The once vibrant and animated actions of his orbs had slown. Some had even dropped and shattered on the ground. Rain could only muster to shift his body to where he dragged along on his knees to a dead tree. Resting his head and shoulder on it.

                              This was how it was going to end wasn't it? Just another failure in an infinite series of them. Another one to add to the list. There was no retribution for Rain, his existence it seemed was placated on being punished for eternity. No one to answer for leading him down the path he had. They were free to roam as they pleased, no doubt thankful for the circumstances. And for here especially he imagined that Faeris was every bit as grateful that Rain would return to nothing more than a haunting of the past. The last friend he had, showed his true colours.

                              Star Guardian was different atleast, she had a consistent belief, one that she did not seem to waver on. There was no expectation of loyalty from her, she was a stranger. And Rain could feel every bit of sincerity from her. If he had to die to her, it would atleast be a welcomed change, it would atleast deny Faeris the pleasure of it. His breathing slowed, closing his eyes as his body's tenseness released. As every bit inanimate as the tree he rested on.


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                                And she followed, never for so much as a moment hesitating. She'd given him chances, far more, teach time cast aside, but now was the time for justice.

                                It was time to end this. When this was over, she could think of how to make it up to Lili who had been forced to go through all this.

                                But for now...

                                "DIAMOND COMET!" As she seemed to encase herself in a glittering comet, she rocked at him, seeming like an asteroid coming to all life on this planet. In a manner of speaking that was true, this attack was meant to kill the only thing alive on here.

                                A final resolution. Many feelings could have abounded in her heart as she brought the finishing blow. But the largest was resignation to this ending, and regret for how she had brought Lili here, only to fear for her life. This man was powerful, that is true. But nothing else, just another enemy to defeat in the end.

                                Touchdown, she knew the end was near. Perhaps she'd ask Faeris who this was later. Who the Keidos were... But that was later. After she vanquished her foe.

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