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Rain Leonhart vs Star Guardian

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    He said something she didn't quite recognize. Time Sand Eternity, she wasn't sure what he was trying to say with that, but the effects of it was clear, a hundred Rains, and a large shield between them and her. As he yelled out his vapid compliments. Putting his shield with the intent of stopping the blast in its entirity, a mixture of a bunch of energies to create an ultra dense shield.

    Star Guardian didn't care for the small delicacies of mixing and matching and different energy usage and any of that. For her it was simple. Rain was right there. There was a shield between them. She'd break through it, whatever it takes.

    If Starry Night couldn't do it, she'd go further. "TWINKLE!" She'd cry out, as the Starry Night attack bearing down on the attack seemed to shine more and more, twinkling like the night sky, and behind it all... Was Star Guardian, flying down at him, one or one hundred or one million didn't matter, she'd continue to fight. For a single moment it may even look like Star Guardian was replaced entirely with twinkling lights as she smashed down on it, with the full force, and the intent to break through his shield and come right down on him or them or whatever he may try.

    To those on the ground, it had been quiet finally, no more fighting or fires. At this point they had let a few out to look, telling them not to be far from the area. Lili had gone up with them, mixed feelings about all this... The same fear... And up above at the skies... When the hell did the sky turn into Van Gogh!? And she could see on... A moon? Not one she remembered seeing when she first came, especially so large. A planet? Something that the fight was still going on... More frightening was the broken off asteroid that just seemed limp next to the absurdness of the changing sky and a new moon...

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      One by one, the clones began to teleport outside of the shield onto the ground. Forming a perimeter around the area as Star Guardian charged forward, cloaked in bright lights. Intentionally or not, she seemed to be making the correct call. Attack the head of the clones, and the rest will fall. She wasn't entirely blind it seemed. Blinding light rushing forward to his barrier, he leaned in closer as she was only several feet away. He held off on his clones attacking, curious to see what this power of hers that she shouted out could do.

      As she smashed against the first barrier, it cracked and shattered near instantaneously. The second barrier held longer, several seconds before it too shattered. The lost energy retreating back to the final barrier where it joined in fortifying it. As she smashed against it, Rain rose his head some as the barrier held. Only a small crack no larger than a line on his palm showed. That was further than he expected her to get. It was very likely that at any moment she was going to attempt to surge more energy into her charge, and try to break through. That was what Rain figured at any rate. The rear end of his shield dissolved and moved itself to the front and sides. Strengthening its concentration in preparation.

      "Hmmph. Tunnel vision'd." Rain said as his clones breathed in deeply, the ground once again quaking and this time splitting apart as they spoke more ancient tongue.

      Force, Balance, Push

      Thousands of words of power, forcing the world to bend to its will. Even down to the crystaline world below, the echoes of those words could be heard. Like a choir of gods chanting. Even from below, they could likely see large chunks of matter being forced out from the atmosphere.

      For Star Guardian however, each and every shout was focused on her, intent on forcing her off from him, or simply cause her to yield as she would be the target. If she paid enough attention, she could likely see an orb find its way into Rain's palm. A small blade protracting, aimed for her stomach should she manage to break through. One last shout from a group of clones behind her, intent on pushing her forward into him.


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        And so forth she continued, breaking through the shields as the last one dissolved and gave way before her, sparkling excellence breaking through, the army of clones he now had around him saying something again. Force and balance and push, each working to push her out towards space, but she wouldn't stop. No matter how strong it was, she was slowed but she refused to stop, pushing through, parting through it bit by bit... "You... Won't... Stop... Me!" She said, before she had suddenly found.

        Behind her, another group, they had shouted again, and pushed her forward, but not simply under her own power. She may have done most of the work in brekaing through, but that last one is what broke through, and without her intent behind it, she was slightly unbalanced by the sudden speed.

        He had adapted and turned that momentum against her, as she drove a blade through her stomach.

        She hadn't seen it in all the force and effort she put through in getting at him...

        She hadn't been genuinely wounded in a long time. Hurt no doubt but not wounded. A flash of panic ever so quickly in her eyes, replaced by a resolution... The attack didn't quite work out as she wanted...

        But now he was right here. And that worked out fine. She would change gears, everyone was close, utterly surrounded.

        She reached out her hands to grab him and hold him close, as she cried out another attack. "SUPERNOVA!" That same energy bursting out in all directions like the flares of the sun itself, powerful enough to tear through the barrier had previously set up to contain him, the force she used to escape that three pronged assault. Now it would be used for this, the army right around her, and their commander right here with her.

        All Lili could see was the moving skylines, the star on that planet slowly disappearing, the asteroid orbiting the planet now... And now what looked like the explosion of the sun in miniature, but in pink. Did she just die up there? She couldn't be certain, all she knew is she didn't want to be stranded here, or die from a fight between what seemed to be a fight between two gods, damn the consequences for the small ones below. The others were looking

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          What is her next move?

          His hand pressed against the wound, her blood seeping through the gaps in his fingers and running down his arm. Whatever feeling of remorse from someone else's blood on his body had long been beaten and conditioned out of him. His eyes stayed cold and unfeeling as he looked her in the face. Seeing her expression change to one of panic ever so briefly, immediately then gripping his arm tightly, as well as his other shoulder. His barrier was down, what was the next plan for her? He saw in her eyes that the panic had been replaced with determination. She had him locked in place... a suicide attempt?


          As the planetoid itself was engulfed in that glorious bright pink light. Rain's clones disappeared into smoke one by one until there none left. Rain consumed in his entirety as he was left defenseless against the point blank attack. His skin searing off as he fell backwards from her, being shot from where the planet had been. His mind raced towards distant memories, of his Father, his introduction to Hyneanmancy. Then to Bahamut, who had a hand in mentoring him earlier in life. And finally towards Ultimecia, the will of hatred. How there was more to her than what others usually saw. He knew the reasoning for her madness, her anger.

          He was left adrift in the void. Floating as a near corpse, quiet as could be. Until...


          If Star Guardian could see him, what she could see was macabre. As a Rain stripped of his flesh was puppeted by lightning coursing across his body. Jerkingly bringing his arm about and making the finger motions necessary to create another army of clones for himself.

          "Hi-Laan-Niin-Wah-Spaan?" Unlike before, an effect on the world didn't accompany these words. These were simply conversational. Asking Star Guardian if she wanted the clones to defend themselves this time. Each clone then creating the same barrier that Rain had done by himself earlier. Each one growing that same orange aura with that beastly winged lion leering above, down at her.


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            "Stop trying to impress me." She responded to him with may appear to even be a derisive growl. Her own blood flowing out, it missed any vital organs at least... She thought. Even if it had hit them, she couldn't stop. She was strong but that didn't matter. Even when he actually injured her, that didn't matter.

            This was the first injury she received in a long time, not merely pain but injury. As the color seemed to bleed into the outfit. A deep breath, before she continued. Flying straight at him, the one who made the rest, her opponent was still them. The clones could attack if they wanted, but as she shouted "Shooting Star!" a cloak of energy covered her in order to block the attacks while her arms, held in an X in front of her, as a star began to appear in front.

            Just keep fighting. Keep fighting until that man, until Rain is defeated. If she could protect them for even a moment more, then it was worth it to throw herself into the fire once again. As long as the clones were focused on her speedily charging at the original, that was fine. Even if in the back of her mind she was wondering, how many attacks now should have put an end to him that he just keeps getting back up. She didn't much understand what he was doing, but whatever the case he always seemed to have yet another trick. Fine, if that's the way it has to be, he can exhaust them all.

            Star Guardian had a more important job. She had to defend those down below, and she'd fight until they were safe... She just hoped to end to this sooner than later, her mind going thinking of obligations they had home. She had a day... But it was hardly fair for Lili to be sleeping in this strange land because of her actions. Because she couldn't make enough money and she decided to use her powers to treat her instead of taking a loan. God it'd put her in deeper debt, but now Lili was in danger. All because of her stupidity. She couldn't shake the thought that she deserved what was coming to her once she brought Lili back.

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              One by one, the army of clones moves in the pathway between Star Guardian and Rain. Forming a barrier with their energies that seemed akin to a wall. Though bit by bit, each barrier melded into the other, and soon that beast-like aura returned. The winged lion half completed and looking down at Star Guardian again. Its clawed hands coming together, fingertips and thumbs touching, looking down through the diamond gap between its hands. Growling loud as could be as it aimed directly for Star Guardian. Rain shifted to the side, the clones and their construct following suit in front of him. Aiming now with Star Guardian's back towards a far distant star.

              Cloaked within the construct, one of the clones spoke to her of its own will. Situated within the head of the beast, as his lips moved, so too did the construct's.

              "End of the line. Neo-Tri Beam..." Though unlike the other clones, this one had a voice of its own, distinct from the one Rain himself had, and the rest of the clones had. Though that was of lesser importance than the absolutely astounding power being generated between the hands of the construct. World-shattering power and a sound like someone was sucking in air, though in this case it wasn't air being sucked in, but the fabric of the world itself. Bending to the energy being produced like it had its own will.

              One by one, diamond shaped shots of orange energy shot from its palms, multi-layered. Each blast capable of violently pushing planets out of the system if they could even handle it. Each and every shot aimed for Star Guardian. She could choose to dodge, but if she dodged the wrong way, then the world she was trying so hard to protect would be smacked with one of these absurdly powerful blasts.


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                Her momentum stopped, met with unrelenting force as the clones powers all coalesced into one being, itself performing an attack so powerful it shortened the lifespan of it's user. Her first instinct was to dodge, but as she was flung back, she saw the planet... No. She couldn't, she just had to bear with it. Blast after blast that seemed ready to rip apart worlds itself. Each one pelting her head on, further and further back through the vacuum of space. She couldn't simply take the attacks either, not only were they extremely powerful, but they contained such force. If she continued taking hits, she'd be flung out far and away from the planet.

                For many, this would have been the end, a valiant end but an end all the same and end, world shattering blasts, her final attack reduced to nothing... Down on the planet they saw it, they saw Star Guardian fighting, continuing to struggle as best she could.

                But she refused. She would not yield and she would not break. Spinning throughout space, shot again and again and again by this massive construct of a winged lion. She looked straight at it, as it fired one more, this strange voiced creature...

                She put one hand forward, as another devastating blast of orange energy shot. "I told you." The sky, the stellar expanse beginning to sparkle brightly as she spoke. "I can do this as long as I need to... Star..." It was ever closer, her face illuminated by it's orange light, as she closed her eyes.

                The blast hit her palm, and was parted like the seas.


                An incredibly large pink beam burst out, each world ending crack from that lion shattered like so much detritus. The beam was not like the ones at the beginning of this fight. Such speed and strength and size that it overcame his Neo-Tri Beam, and came straight at the Lion, with every intention to wipe it out in this one titanic display of power, power that had somehow been found in this very moment. The pink overtook the orange, having redoubled it's power in the face of this threat.

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                  Rain stood far in the distance from his clone construct, eyes close and hands interlocked with one another, surrounding himself in a faint white hue. From the very fabric of the world, it began to shape itself like it was being tempered into skin. Slowly but surely with every flake, Rain began to rebuild his body piece by piece. His trust in his clones was absolute, but his trust in the head clone in specific was higher than the others. There was something special about that one, it had already exhibited some qualities, but the demonstration that had been given was only the beginning.

                  Enjoying the body?

                  It is weak, you'll need to find a better substitution while I hold her off. Lest you want me to fight in spirit?

                  The two spoke to one another, connected to each other through their minds. Though separate at the moment, they were still one in the same. With most of his face reconstructed, Rain managed a smirk.

                  "Will do."

                  Switching to a multi-tasking role, his body reconstruction slowed as Rain's mind raced towards the techniques he had rediscovered. Thinking intensely on their properties, the way they were manipulated, the effects he could already get out of them, and how he could temper them to create a more permanent body for one of his many souls. It would take time, but he trusted in his fielded spirit's ability to fight. After all, he was one of the greatest.

                  The clone's attention focused squarely on Star Guardian as he hammered away at her with the Crane school technique. While Ki was a very archaic and limited form of energy manipulation, there were a few techniques from it that were a cut above a lot of other universes could offer. Though few and far between, which ones did stand out were invaluable. And yet...

                  He noticed before she had even started to blast away, her energy was superior. As he let loose another blast, both himself and the lion stopped. Now putting both hands together, eyes closed momentarily as her blast neared him. Eclipsing his previous blasts ten fold in every aspect. While he had done an excellent job in creating distance between the two, the blast was still excessively fast. He was fortunate she was as far away as she was, if she were any closer, he wouldn't have had any time to come up with a defense.

                  His eyes opened wide with golden energy spilling out, the Lion shared these properties. Extending its hand forth to meet the blast, catching it in the palm of its hand, but being unable to push it, nor be pushed back by it. Space and time distorted around the collision violently, from the planet side, it would look like the sky itself was crunching, the stars being bent to the will of its attacker.

                  "This power..." The spirit said as it held back the blast, his hand stretched out just like the Lion's. Looking at his hand as it shook violently.

                  "Mix and burst!" And on cue, the godly realm energy began to seep into Star Guardian's beam, seeming like it was corrupting it, soon after, it blew up. Temporarily blinding the spirit and the Lion. Raising its arm in front of its eyes as the effects were akin to a divine flashbang. Not precisely the manuever he was intending to use, but with no time to spare, and his godly energy depleting quickly, there wasn't much of a choice.


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                    And so again her attack was stopped, this time creating a large explosion, bending space itself in the process, but she wasn't about to hand over the momentum. The minute it failed, she rushed in, even as the explosion happened, almost quietly compared to their banter so far, she said "Star Shield" The star in front of her, as she flew into the blast as it threatened to light up the stellar abyss itself. Pushing directly into the blast as it came so bright as to blind her, she still pushed on. She wouldn't stop and would not allow herself to stop, whatever it took.

                    Rain's spirit had raised his hands to block the light, Star Guardian on the other hand had no such reservation, and flew in completely blind, not that she needed it for what she was about to do...


                    She said, rearing back her head. If she had her way she'd destroy both of them with this attack.


                    A titanic scream, capable of shattering concrete, steel, ceramite, even legendary weapons forged by the gods themselves.

                    Scream she did, continuing, the sound waves able to heard even by Lili down on Earth... A comfort given what she saw up above as the stars began to move. She'd want to say that she stopped being afraid, but that was not accurate. It was more like soldiers in a fox hole. It was not that they would not scream and run if they could, but their death and survival was so utterly out of their hands. All they could hope that the artillery, or the battle did not reach them, as they cowered here. The fight here was so absurd... If she lost, there was nothing Rain Leonhart from utterly annihilating this planet, her too.The sheer fright had turned into a constant unease, she could feel the stress in her stomach, the pit in it. This was the world Naomi or Star Guardian or whatever the fuck she was inhabited. Was this what she wanted to show? She couldn't stop herself from feeling bile at the bitch for putting her here in the first place, fearing for her life while it lay in other people's hands. One she barely knew, and one she was beginning to realize she didn't know at all.

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                      "Profile summary: Incredibly skilled hand to hand combatant, strikes powerfully, adept usage of Reiatsu, adept usage of ki, creates constructs from energy, copycat factor, capable of mixing Ki and Reiatsu for more potent attacks, adapts to bodily injury and makes proper adjustments, excellent anti-grouping capability and can survive the vacuum of space..." Says an analyst in a group of four, studying tape recovered from the survivors of Rain's earlier assaults. Each one of the four looking at different film captured of their target in action. Speculating on what he may and may not be able to do, recording specific techniques showcased. They had even managed to grab some distorted film from the destroyed facility showing a bit of his stand off with Star Guardian in the beginning. From what they could see, whoever this man was, he was a master-class in physical and metaphysical force application. They had already sent in a recon unit as well as a hand to hand specialist unit. Both had been beaten with what seemed to be the utmost ease. They needed to send in a hard counter, it was clear sending in people en masse wasn't working, and if anything actually hindered their chances.

                      Just as they were getting ready to package a short form file and send it to the Field Operations Division, one of the higher ranking officers of the division stepped in. Of a slimmer build, a farmer's tan and the beginnings of graying in his shoulder length dark brown hair. His brown eyes shoot across to where the file in just about ready to be sent, holding his hand up and shouting out to them.

                      "Hold it right there." He says in a thick cajun accent.

                      He quickly jogs to the group as they wait. Recognizing the man that has halted them as Field Operations Specialist Decatus. A cajun man with what was largely described as the ultimate defense.

                      "Who's that?" He asks them politely as he watches the various tape.

                      "We're not sure yet, we're sending our short form to Faeris and letting him know we will be finishing out our analysis sometime later in the day." Decatus nods as he quickly reads the short form on the screen, nodding.

                      "Do me a favor, add on to that. Say you're sending me in, let Faeris know where I'm gonna be."

                      "Decatus with all due respect, the target is currently engaging someone while in a vacuum. That's not advisable."

                      "Right, I got an idea though. No time to argue on it, just add me to the bottom of it and let him know." Slapping his hand on a desk and turning around, Decatus began to run back to his branch. The analyst team then adding underneath the tape recovered a note with Decatus' image explaining that he was going to attempt to seize and capture the target.
                      Blinded, it wasn't a particularly nice feeling. Though Rain himself wasn't, his spirit had been. It was an immensely painful bit, especially with the potency of the energies that had been used. It was like if a flashbang had the intensity from the flash of a nuke. What was worse now was a piercing shrieking from Star Guardian that pierced through the energy veil. Beginning to shake the bodies of every clone within, some of the clones beginning to disappear into smoke. For the spirit manifested in one of them, it was like every single bit inside of him was being stabbed, like her voice had knives. Even though he was blinded, he could still feel his eyes shaking. He had to do something quickly, if this kept up, this body would disappear into smoke just like the others. He tried his damndest to stop attempting to see through his eyes, and instead, through his mind.

                      He looked for her energy signature, and it was vast. Spreading as far as his mind could see across the deep nothing. Her power was surely incomprehensible for most out there. All except Rain. In the epicenter, he could see her. Her silhouette bright as a star in the pink wash. She was every bit as blind as he was, she was using this attack to ensure that she could hit her targets. Lucky for her, she was pointed in the right direction. Unlucky for her, she was a little too close for comfort. As some of the last clones disappeared, the energy veil deconstructed. And Rain's spirit leapt forward, looking to wrap his hand around her throat, and squeeze as hard as possible to stop her screaming with one hand. While using his other hand to beat her.

                      Rain for his effort, attempted to erect an all encompassing barrier around himself to protect. But found it difficult. What made it worse was what looked to be a portal opening up next to him. His focus shifted over to it, before he heard another one open on the other side, he could immediately sense someone. He let his hand fly, looking to land flush at whichever Equillibrium agent was attempting to get the drop on him. But as he did, the Equillibrium agent forced his hand, and his body back into the first portal. The agent following immediately after. The portals then closing afterwards. Leaving only Rain's spirit there with Star Guardian.
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                        She screamed, she shrieked as long as she could, blindness impeding her not as she shouted her lungs out in this singular attack. She simply screamed, the sound somehow carrying over the vacuum of space before she felt the cold grip of Rain's hand around her neck, as another had maintained to beat her.

                        She coughed and sputtered. The suddenly restriction of air from her throat, air she should not have in space, left her suffocating, as beatings made it harder to see, even as the light from that spectacular explosion faded. She couldn't speak, most of her attacks had often relied on her shouting, as her hands came to his hand. Again and again. Her legs were limp of course, but the rest of her body was struggling as hard as it could, trying to fly back and away from the grip.

                        "St... ar..." Another blow. It seemed like she was about to give, her eyes barely staying open before...

                        Sudden, and with great force she flew towards him, intending to ram through, let the punch get a glancing blow on him before, with gritted teeth and burning eyes, head butting the multiversal disciple as hard as she could. Hopefully it also freed her neck so she could shout "SHIELD! BLADE!" As a host of pink stars appeared behind him. Nowhere to run now, she'd use her star blades now within her hands, and bring them together, a two pronged attack, straight at his neck.

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                          "You play with your food too much, what good is that ability when you spend it trying to intimidate everyone instead of using it to end a fight as fast as possible? The longer you let someone breathe, the more likely they are to figure out how to deal with it. If you're not scrambling their thought process, then they're going to focus solely on getting around your strengths."

                          "Ardys, you're acting like everyone has the tools necessary or the ability to think out a way to beat me."

                          "I have your file right here, including your loss in the Proving Grounds. Damita beat you with rope Decatus. Rope."

                          Rain shot out the rift uncontrollably, attempting to catch himself through the utilization of his various energies but finding himself unable to in this environment. Another plain pocket out in the middle of nowhere, stashed as another realm within the possession of Equillibrium for use in the containment of potential world ending threats. This one in specific seeming to nullify the manipulation of most known energies in the multiverse. Skipping across the ground like a tumbleweed, bouncing recklessly until he came to a stop on his knees and elbows looking at the ground.

                          What the hell was that

                          That energy felt so alien to him. Nothing he had ever run in-

                          His thoughts were interrupted as Decatus immediately pressed the attack, no talking, no waiting for him to gather his bearings. Just a soccer kick in the head with a steel toe boot followed by Decatus assuming the sprawl and driving knees into the back of his head. Each successive knee moving Rain's thoughts from figuring out what he was facing, and instead how to fight it. Another knee and Rain brought his arms up to grab behind the knee. Using the moment to get up from the ground and begin to carry Decatus in a sprint. However that was quickly dashed as some unearthly weight fell down on the top of Rain's head as he began to move. Spiking him headfirst into the ground and losing grip of Decatus as that same knee smashed down directly.

                          Before Decatus could get the sprawl applied again Rain used his natural strength to push himself backwards and back onto his feet. Shaking his head as he now could see his opponent, Decatus of Equillibrium. He didn't know who he was in specific, but he did know the outfit. He had seen plenty agents attempt to take his life wearing that same outfit. It had happened enough that he recognized where they came from. Field Response, these were the-

                          Decatus charged again. But stopped his charge as Rain readied himself. The both of them now finding themselves dancing around each other, occasionally feinting a step forward to attempt to open up the other for a strike but to the credit of both fighters, their discipline and their respective training in the art of close quarters combat prevented them from making easy to make mistakes. For Rain, his lifetimes of experience and training. For Decatus, his mentor's teachings, Ardys. Both fighters keeping their hands up near their head. Decatus could see, whoever this was. They were larger than he expected. Not only was he half a foot taller than Decatus, but he looked like he was the strongest thing he had ever seen. His stature was imposing just like this, Decatus was dwarfed. Though this dimension did plenty to weaken his target, it couldn't account for natural biological advantages, and if Decatus had to make the call, Rain was very much gifted in that respect.

                          Rain saw an athletic, but woefully undersized opponent. Both him and Star Guardian were pipsqueaks by comparison, though this Decatus was less so. He seemed at the least to have some form of training. If he had the power that Star Guardian possessed, he could be a force to be reckoned with, but seeing as how he wasn't...

                          Rain let out a lightning quick side kick for the belly, instead of staying put and using his ability to push the attack back, Decatus instead dodged to the side. Spinning as he did so, and letting loose a kick for Rain's other leg, to which Rain responded to by hopping above the kick and transitioning his other leg from its still position, into an axe kick down at Decatus' head. Decatus responding by half moonsaulting, onto his hands. Kipping up as the kick whiffed back at his old position and immediately attempting to make a sweeping kick and failing as Rain countered with a capoeira cartwheel kick. Decatus having enough sense to bring his guard up at the last second to block the blow. Then responding successfully with an uppercut in the gut before backing up from Rain.

                          Normally an assault like would've showed some form of damage to an opponent, but not Rain. Hell, he wasn't even breathing differently. How long had he been fighting by this point? The better part of an hour continously? Assaulted by three deployments of response as well as Star Guardian. And not a single indication that he was even the slightest tired. Decatus shook his head, exhaling slowly as he brought his hands back up. This was going to take a while, but it seemed at the very least, Rain hadn't caught on to his ability just yet.
                          Sensory overload was a good way to describe the effect Star Guardian's scream had on Rain. In an odd twist, she had even managed to somehow return his vision with the rattling his eyes and brain were doing. He'd seen the opportunity and had grabbed her by the throat as hard as he could, letting loose a beatdown he hadn't managed to get on others unless they had been outright unconscious. he could see the swelling and bruising building on her face with successive strike. She was helpless, she knew nothing of fighting, nothing of discipline, nothing of technique. All she had was whatever burning fire was in her soul, that kept her pushing on. While Rain himself likely would think nothing of it. This particular spirit found it particularly admirable of her. That she could keep on this long against Rain was no easy feat, the fire in her soul surely burned brightest of all.

                          A meek attempt at defending herself as she brought a hand up to attempt to defend her face to no avail, while another one attempted to loosen his grip around her throat. It wasn't going to happen, strike after strike after strike. She was looking closer and closer to fading in his grip, the spirit was on the verge of dealing with Star Guardian by himself, he would soon be on his way to assist Rain properly... and then...

                          Her head rammed into his jaw, stunning him momentarily, his grip on her throat lessening just enough that words could escape her mouth. It seemed that only that slightest bit of relief was all she needed to mount an offensive. One that she seemed to be intent on making the final between them.

                          "SHIELD! BLADE!"

                          He could feel the energy forming behind him, he could just see the blades in her hands. He could see in slow motion as she made to thrust through him in the stomach while the attack behind him inched ever closer. He was caught between the two, with seemingly no way to escape. He had gotten so close to defeating her, and now his own final push was being countered into a guaranteed one by Star Guardian...

                          "FEIM ZII GRON!"

                          And his voice carried to the Void, and the Void carried back. Turning him into one that could not harm, nor be harmed. As Star Guardian plunged her blades deep into his stomach, he'd pass through her like a ghost would. And he'd immediately leap to the side to make distance. His ethereal form shimmering before giving out and returning him to normal. Breathing heavily, exhausted. And just now, having narrowly avoided his end. He had nothing to say to her, there was nothing that could be said. He couldn't attempt to talk trash, she had almost killed him. He just looked at her, hands on his knees, bent over, eyes staring at hers in silence. Just what was she?


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                            She stood there a moment, barely even surprised. Another. Of course. Looking back at him, she saw his exhaustion. "You can surrender. If you do that I can guarantee you'll be safe. I can't do that if you keep fighting." Simple ultimately. Another chance to surrender. At this point she trusted she proved herself.

                            Of course there was a likelyhood he would refuse... In the case... What would almost certainly happen was thus.

                            "Very well." Holding one hand she would call out "Star bind!"

                            And with this a cluster of stars would appear, as if forming from the limbs, acting as bonds around his arms and legs, holding him in place, and now putting out two hands... If he could see her hair, he'd notice it was now swaying forward, towards her hands, as a new pull of gravity had appeared centered around her hands, before a great glow began to emerge, and just so barely, every star in the cosmos seemed to give over a small piece of it. A few breaths in, right in the depths of space. "Sayonara."

                            Raising her hands above her head, the energy had coalesced into a single solid form, akin to a pure eight pointed star, like the Northern Star or a compass rose would form, tall and bright "STAAAAAAAAAAAR!"

                            She called out as it pulsed with power, the bonds holding firm, even against intangibility. "BEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!"

                            In many worlds, that beam had seemed to turn night into day, a pink streak visible from the neighboring galaxies. It would be marked in calendars by astronomers, and speculated upon. And yet it was not prove deadly, planets merely coated in it's light... Except for one single target, the sole recipient for such earthshattering power, that nevertheless would not harm a blade of grass. Though Star Guardian had never thought about it, and never realized it... This was no mere beam, and those were no mere bonds.

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                              He had done a good job up to this point, he had kept the pressure up. Prevented a predictable pattern, hell, he had even managed to land a few clean hits. Decatus still had his cuffs in his pocket. The gameplan from here was simple, if he could get these cuffs on his opponent, then it'd be a wrap. It'd lock down most forms of energy manipulation, from there it'd be a matter of then applying the proper settings to shock him if he attempted to use his fingers. Maybe utilization of knockout gas and go from there. His focus returned entirely to Rain, he hadn't moved from his spot yet. No doubt intimidated from the previous attempts failing to land any damage.

                              There was a brief instant in which Decatus felt completely drained, but the feeling was gone just as quick as it had begun. Decatus charged in again, being aggressive hadn't worked against so far, there was very little reason to approach otherwise. Decatus feinted a spin kick, giving his back for only just a moment before spinning back around, forcing Rain to back off from his attempted grapple, Decatus responded by feinting the kick again. Then spinning and kicking, this time for real, a side kick directly in the solarplex. He could feel it, now was the time to go in for the finish. As his foot made contact with Rain's chest, he repulsed, sending him flying across the ground. Rain was left keeled over on his knees, Decatus charged forward again, readying his fist and swinging to make contact with the side of his head.

                              In that moment, Decatus' body underwent vertigo. Instead of looking at the horizon, he was instead looking at the ground. When he thought he punched Rain, he instead punched the grass. When he went to move his legs, his body was too weak to do it. When he made to punch, he was breathing normally, now he was screaming in agony. Coughing roughly and spitting out bubbly red tinged saliva. His insides were burning up, he felt exhausted. Rain wasn't even there, he was crouched over observing him, watching as Decatus' body went into a near primal reaction, attempting to reflect at whatever it was hurting him to no avail.

                              "Reflection..." Rain murmured as he then looked at his hand, orbs racing about. Traces of a dead god's skin.

                              "That could've ended badly." Rain added as his memory raced back to the first contact between the two. Decatus rushing forward intending to grapple Rain into the dimension, Rain responding with a bunch. A green orb slipping from his hand and entering Decatus' body without him noticing. Poison, a fast acting magic toxin that would ravage someone's insides with every action taken. in Decatus' desperation, he could feel the entirety of the area as it was. Thick, with a miasma of willpower that was being forced on every single inch. This was what had fooled him all along, this man's willpower forcing him into perceiving things differently than they had gone. Decatus had been on the ground writhing and panicking since the very beginning. The only hit he had gotten in being that soccer kick from the start.

                              Rain was assured of his opponent's fate, walking off through a portal opening. Leaving Decatus to die. Returning to the battlefield, his eyes glowing as his clones filled him with information from the skirmish with Star Guardian.
                              When Rain returned, what he saw was nothing but brightness fading and his clones and his other spirit gone. Star Guardian had dispatched him in what was clearly a powerful attack. One that Rain had knowledge of, knew moves that she had utilized. The portal behind him closed, leaving Rain to observe her quietly. He was better off than he was before, and now with knowledge he had lacked before. The secrets of Hyneanmancy had returned. And with it, Rain made to intimidate Star Guardian, letting one orb wash him with a healing energy that quickly healed every wound he had suffered up until that point. His skin returning, his arm mending itself. He cracked his neck on both sides. Now, the real fight began.

                              "I cannot surrender, you'll have to destroy me." As the binds trapped him, the spirit found himself unable to do anything in this pitiful body, his fate was sealed.

                              "You with the burning fire in your soul, show me the power of one so stalwart."

                              "His final words?" Rain shook his head at the loss, it was disappointing as he was closer to Rain than he would like to admit but... he knew the score, Rain knew it too. What they were facing was something unique and this was a possibility, especially with such a lousy body as those shadow clones.

                              Rain's mind raced to moments before his spirit's elimination. The star bind being used to trap him for an enhanced version of the star beam that she hadn't used before. She was for the most part still utterly simplistic in her fighting, but she managed to add an element of strategy to her energy manipulation, now utilizing an entrapping element to confirm her hits. He would need to be careful.

                              Rain slowly raised his hands towards Star Guardian, his older look contrasted by an even younger version of his personality, tempered by his experiences. Making a motion so as to goad her into attacking him.


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                                "Fine... If you want it... STAR... BEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!" She said, swiftly, her palms thrust out and pink energy exploding out of them, just as powerful as the attack that eliminated the clone, flying through the space above the planet she fought for. That same energy to shatter worlds, and yet delicate enough to avoid harming blades of grass. She already beat one, she'd beat the next.

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