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Rain Leonhart vs Star Guardian

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    He said something she didn't quite recognize. Time Sand Eternity, she wasn't sure what he was trying to say with that, but the effects of it was clear, a hundred Rains, and a large shield between them and her. As he yelled out his vapid compliments. Putting his shield with the intent of stopping the blast in its entirity, a mixture of a bunch of energies to create an ultra dense shield.

    Star Guardian didn't care for the small delicacies of mixing and matching and different energy usage and any of that. For her it was simple. Rain was right there. There was a shield between them. She'd break through it, whatever it takes.

    If Starry Night couldn't do it, she'd go further. "TWINKLE!" She'd cry out, as the Starry Night attack bearing down on the attack seemed to shine more and more, twinkling like the night sky, and behind it all... Was Star Guardian, flying down at him, one or one hundred or one million didn't matter, she'd continue to fight. For a single moment it may even look like Star Guardian was replaced entirely with twinkling lights as she smashed down on it, with the full force, and the intent to break through his shield and come right down on him or them or whatever he may try.

    To those on the ground, it had been quiet finally, no more fighting or fires. At this point they had let a few out to look, telling them not to be far from the area. Lili had gone up with them, mixed feelings about all this... The same fear... And up above at the skies... When the hell did the sky turn into Van Gogh!? And she could see on... A moon? Not one she remembered seeing when she first came, especially so large. A planet? Something that the fight was still going on... More frightening was the broken off asteroid that just seemed limp next to the absurdness of the changing sky and a new moon...

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      One by one, the clones began to teleport outside of the shield onto the ground. Forming a perimeter around the area as Star Guardian charged forward, cloaked in bright lights. Intentionally or not, she seemed to be making the correct call. Attack the head of the clones, and the rest will fall. She wasn't entirely blind it seemed. Blinding light rushing forward to his barrier, he leaned in closer as she was only several feet away. He held off on his clones attacking, curious to see what this power of hers that she shouted out could do.

      As she smashed against the first barrier, it cracked and shattered near instantaneously. The second barrier held longer, several seconds before it too shattered. The lost energy retreating back to the final barrier where it joined in fortifying it. As she smashed against it, Rain rose his head some as the barrier held. Only a small crack no larger than a line on his palm showed. That was further than he expected her to get. It was very likely that at any moment she was going to attempt to surge more energy into her charge, and try to break through. That was what Rain figured at any rate. The rear end of his shield dissolved and moved itself to the front and sides. Strengthening its concentration in preparation.

      "Hmmph. Tunnel vision'd." Rain said as his clones breathed in deeply, the ground once again quaking and this time splitting apart as they spoke more ancient tongue.

      Force, Balance, Push

      Thousands of words of power, forcing the world to bend to its will. Even down to the crystaline world below, the echoes of those words could be heard. Like a choir of gods chanting. Even from below, they could likely see large chunks of matter being forced out from the atmosphere.

      For Star Guardian however, each and every shout was focused on her, intent on forcing her off from him, or simply cause her to yield as she would be the target. If she paid enough attention, she could likely see an orb find its way into Rain's palm. A small blade protracting, aimed for her stomach should she manage to break through. One last shout from a group of clones behind her, intent on pushing her forward into him.


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        And so forth she continued, breaking through the shields as the last one dissolved and gave way before her, sparkling excellence breaking through, the army of clones he now had around him saying something again. Force and balance and push, each working to push her out towards space, but she wouldn't stop. No matter how strong it was, she was slowed but she refused to stop, pushing through, parting through it bit by bit... "You... Won't... Stop... Me!" She said, before she had suddenly found.

        Behind her, another group, they had shouted again, and pushed her forward, but not simply under her own power. She may have done most of the work in brekaing through, but that last one is what broke through, and without her intent behind it, she was slightly unbalanced by the sudden speed.

        He had adapted and turned that momentum against her, as she drove a blade through her stomach.

        She hadn't seen it in all the force and effort she put through in getting at him...

        She hadn't been genuinely wounded in a long time. Hurt no doubt but not wounded. A flash of panic ever so quickly in her eyes, replaced by a resolution... The attack didn't quite work out as she wanted...

        But now he was right here. And that worked out fine. She would change gears, everyone was close, utterly surrounded.

        She reached out her hands to grab him and hold him close, as she cried out another attack. "SUPERNOVA!" That same energy bursting out in all directions like the flares of the sun itself, powerful enough to tear through the barrier had previously set up to contain him, the force she used to escape that three pronged assault. Now it would be used for this, the army right around her, and their commander right here with her.

        All Lili could see was the moving skylines, the star on that planet slowly disappearing, the asteroid orbiting the planet now... And now what looked like the explosion of the sun in miniature, but in pink. Did she just die up there? She couldn't be certain, all she knew is she didn't want to be stranded here, or die from a fight between what seemed to be a fight between two gods, damn the consequences for the small ones below. The others were looking

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          What is her next move?

          His hand pressed against the wound, her blood seeping through the gaps in his fingers and running down his arm. Whatever feeling of remorse from someone else's blood on his body had long been beaten and conditioned out of him. His eyes stayed cold and unfeeling as he looked her in the face. Seeing her expression change to one of panic ever so briefly, immediately then gripping his arm tightly, as well as his other shoulder. His barrier was down, what was the next plan for her? He saw in her eyes that the panic had been replaced with determination. She had him locked in place... a suicide attempt?


          As the planetoid itself was engulfed in that glorious bright pink light. Rain's clones disappeared into smoke one by one until there none left. Rain consumed in his entirety as he was left defenseless against the point blank attack. His skin searing off as he fell backwards from her, being shot from where the planet had been. His mind raced towards distant memories, of his Father, his introduction to Hyneanmancy. Then to Bahamut, who had a hand in mentoring him earlier in life. And finally towards Ultimecia, the will of hatred. How there was more to her than what others usually saw. He knew the reasoning for her madness, her anger.

          He was left adrift in the void. Floating as a near corpse, quiet as could be. Until...


          If Star Guardian could see him, what she could see was macabre. As a Rain stripped of his flesh was puppeted by lightning coursing across his body. Jerkingly bringing his arm about and making the finger motions necessary to create another army of clones for himself.

          "Hi-Laan-Niin-Wah-Spaan?" Unlike before, an effect on the world didn't accompany these words. These were simply conversational. Asking Star Guardian if she wanted the clones to defend themselves this time. Each clone then creating the same barrier that Rain had done by himself earlier. Each one growing that same orange aura with that beastly winged lion leering above, down at her.


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            "Stop trying to impress me." She responded to him with may appear to even be a derisive growl. Her own blood flowing out, it missed any vital organs at least... She thought. Even if it had hit them, she couldn't stop. She was strong but that didn't matter. Even when he actually injured her, that didn't matter.

            This was the first injury she received in a long time, not merely pain but injury. As the color seemed to bleed into the outfit. A deep breath, before she continued. Flying straight at him, the one who made the rest, her opponent was still them. The clones could attack if they wanted, but as she shouted "Shooting Star!" a cloak of energy covered her in order to block the attacks while her arms, held in an X in front of her, as a star began to appear in front.

            Just keep fighting. Keep fighting until that man, until Rain is defeated. If she could protect them for even a moment more, then it was worth it to throw herself into the fire once again. As long as the clones were focused on her speedily charging at the original, that was fine. Even if in the back of her mind she was wondering, how many attacks now should have put an end to him that he just keeps getting back up. She didn't much understand what he was doing, but whatever the case he always seemed to have yet another trick. Fine, if that's the way it has to be, he can exhaust them all.

            Star Guardian had a more important job. She had to defend those down below, and she'd fight until they were safe... She just hoped to end to this sooner than later, her mind going thinking of obligations they had home. She had a day... But it was hardly fair for Lili to be sleeping in this strange land because of her actions. Because she couldn't make enough money and she decided to use her powers to treat her instead of taking a loan. God it'd put her in deeper debt, but now Lili was in danger. All because of her stupidity. She couldn't shake the thought that she deserved what was coming to her once she brought Lili back.

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