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Rain Leonhart vs Star Guardian

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  • Rain Leonhart vs Star Guardian

    Naomi stared at her account on the monitor, rent was coming soon, and the land lord has raised it. She had wanted to get Llili a gift this time, her birthday was coming up but... That wasn't going to be the case... And the birthday was coming up soon. She wanted to do something nice, get her a nice ring since Lili had been talking all about this ring with the beautiful crystal... Maybe it was a bit much for a horsemate but she cared...

    She sighed, and put the money out, and towards the rent. most her saved pay gone in a flash... Maybe she could take a small l- No, get it together girl. You can't afford a loan payment option. Still, that crystal ring was expensive... Crystal...


    An idea popped into her head. From her old days, when they ran in a gruop of six they once went to another universe, a land of crystals and eternal sunlight. It was a beautiful place being harrowed by the Maestro of Mirrors, and they had fought to save the land. She hadn't been there since then, but maybe she could take Lili there... Not as a date! Just as... A sight. It wasn't a crystal ring, but at the least she could give her an experience with pretty crystals.... Yeah, that would do she thought.

    The next day, a week before Lili's birthday she came to her while Lili was finishing up on the phone, talking to their parents it sounded. Lili made the offer "Lili... I know your birthday is coming up soon, and... I was thinking, I wanted to do something nice as an early birthday present." Lili tilted her head, curled hair falling as she asked her "Oh?" before her eyes began to light up "Wait you mean with-" Naomi nodded. "Yeah! Does today sound good or..." Lili thought about for a moment. "Alright sure, today sounds good. Where are we going?" "It's called the Crystal Kingdom, been there when I was younger... And I thought maybe I could share it with you. Mountains of crystal and cities made of clear glass." They might even have a ring even more beautiful just laying around crystal is so common. They went to the outskirts, she transformed into Star Guardian, bright pink light and a magical girl uniform in all her glory... Lili held on, pressing herself tight...

    Breath out... And... Lift off, not to space as she usually did, but to another universe entirely. The trip there was it's own treat to the eyes, a rainbow of all colors flying past them as she made the path, remembering it as she came, touching down on another world... And... She looked around and...

    "Naomi... Is this place supposed to look like Australia?" Lili asked rather flippantly, referring to the incredible amount of fire here. Naomi wouldn't blame Lili for that she was never here before but... "...No, this place... I.... Um..." She could feel something was wrong here, not just the fire but something was not supposed to be here... "I'm sorry Lili. I... There should be people here a whole city of crystals and..." Lili finished that sentence "instead it's burning..." Lili let go, and looked around. A few years streaked from Naomi's face, as a questioned burned in her mind...


    Naomi turned to her, "I'm sorry-" "I know. Just... I'll look around too." Naomi hesitantly nodded, before she flew up. As Star Guardian, she needed to find the culprit, or culprits and bring them to justice. Save whoever is left. And get rid of whoever perpetuated this act of cruelty.

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    Bright, sunny and beautiful. Only one two of those fit as descriptors at this point. Clear crystal only offered different shades of red looking through it. The sound of explosions ringing out from a nearby mega facility, and subsequently multiple portals coming from realspace. A squad of five people deployed from the defense branch of Equillibrium, meant to protect and secure important artifacts and possessions of Equillibrium. Four of them rushing off into the building, one other staying behind and running up to Naomi and Lili. Putting a hand on Naomi's shoulder, pointing two fingers at her and back to their eyes to make sure they were coherent.

    "You need to leave! This place is too dange-" Their head turned as someone from inside the building yelled out. Bursting through one wall uncontrollably. Then another through another side of the wall. Someone punted skyward, and the last individual kicked through the main doors at a pace too fast for the last Equillibrium agent to react to. Getting smacked with their comrade and tumbling to the ground, rolling over each other until they came to a stop unconscious. The culprit standing just outside the facility, staying still.

    Then from the skies above the agent that had been punted was forcing themselves back down torwards the man. Boasting a fiery blue trailblaze behind them as they soared as fast as they could at him, hoping to catch him off-guard. In a split second, they were in the air coming down, and in the next they were already on the ground, held down by the throat and then carefully lifted one-handed.

    "Where are they? The Keidos. Tell me, now."


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      Perhaps the agent was seeing their life flash before their eyes, seeing Rain Leonhart, the multiversal disciple holding them by the neck, clearly more powerful than anyone else. Yet salvation may yet come for them, as the Rain would feel his hand being gripped with a great deal of strength. "Let him go." Star Guardian said, scowling at them. Star Guardian didn't know who they were, but it was pretty clear that this skeleton of a person had done this, they even looked like death, sunken eyes, the picture of an unhealthy person, Star Guardian may even have pitied them if they just saw them in the street. But their power was obvious, and their hostility apparent, underlying the ice in her voice as she demanded to know "Did you do this?" Referencing the destruction in his weight.

      Lili for her part was getting distance, she didn't know what was a safe distance in this sort of thing, and had no plan to find out.

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        Rain stood still, not a muscle moving as Star Guardian gripped him by the arm. In the time he had been back, he had been searching for the Keidos this whole time. Those responsible for his suffering, for his torment. In the back of his mind, he even suspected it was them that had brought him back, that they should've let him stay dead this whole time to avoid retribution. He had prepared himself for the fight that would likely come from it, how it would likely push him more than he had needed to for the longest time. But with Star Guardian, he had felt something he hadn't expected to feel so soon.

        He felt pain.

        His grip loosened on the agent just enough that they dropped to the ground, grabbing their throat and rubbing it as they backed up themselves. Now able to get a look at the woman that had saved their life. As well as the individual that had attempted to end it. The Multiversal Disciple and Star Guardian. Stumbling backwards and landing on their bottom, they quickly looked around and ran out to gather the others. Soon after ending up by the two unconscious ones. Then looking to Lili.

        "You need to leave, now." They said as a portal ripped open. Sparing no time in tossing their brethren through, and following shortly after. The portal then closing shut the instant they left, wanting to prevent Rain from potentially following.

        Rain had stood still until then. His eyes slowly moving down to meet Star Guardian's. His eyes shifting from pure black into the old blue and yellow. Phasing in and out from the two like it was unsure of which it was at this point or simply didn't know. Then his eyes drifted towards Lili off in the distance, and then back to Star Guardian.

        His free arm starting raising towards Lili, his eyes still locked onto Star Guardian's. Orbs beginning to form, but then shattering into nothing. His gaze turned towards the hand that had failed to cast a spell, flexing his fingers and then curling them. Staring at his palm.

        "Make her leave." Rain would say simply.


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          Dead sunken eyes turning blue and yellow, just for a moment before fading back. Not like a spellcast, but just the opposite, something that almost came and then didn't. Star Guardian didn't udnerstand what that was but she wasn't interested in finding out. However, as his eyes began to turn away... Her blood couldn't help but run cold as she followed his eyes towards Lili. If he did anything to hurt her... Orbs even formed in his hand like some sort of attempt, even if they couldn't fully form, the intent was there.

          Make her leave he said, she'd love to do nothing more, take Lili back to Earth... And yet, there were almost certainly people left, on this planet if not this city or even country. Lili herself had tried to run, but wasn't yet certain if she could, or if something awful were to happen if she stayed in place... No, Naomi was still strong, Lili just needed to find some place to hide. And so she did, running, looking for somewhere to hide from them.

          Star Guardian had to trust that Lili could keep herself away, as she made sure to keep him away from her. Even if she grabbed her and run, what would he do? Follow and bring the destruction back home? Stay here and kill more? Leave and destroy yet more worlds? More to the point, she was still Star Guardian, projecting her confidence and anger "You don't get to make demands, despoiler," Star Guardian said, floating between him and Lili. She reached a hand behind and said "Star Shield." As a bright pink series of stars formed a wall between them and Lili.

          Pink almost glowing eyes looking back at sunken dark eyes, hand still on his wrist, even if the gripped relaxed slightly with the agent no longer in his grip. Just another despoiler she thought. She'd deal with him like one. "If you surrender, it'll be a lot easier for you." She said, the Light had it's own ways of keeping people from harming others without killing them, ways she could accomplish here if he cooperated, reincarnation, or locking away that power just to name a few.

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            How long had he been gone? When he was last around, everyone far and wide knew his name. His face, his abilities and the knowledge that there was nothing they could do to stop him. And yet, this one here that called pink stars from the sky was ignorant of him. What he was able to do, what he had done, the countless record of victories against virtually every single universe's best. Did she not seriously know? Was she feigning ignorance to keep her own composure? Or was she simply not aware of him?

            He could feel the energy of the star barrier behind him, and he could see it all around him. She was closing off the area that the both of them could travel. Locking them both in a cage, was this a wise idea on her end? Was this her strong suit? She casted spells of a sort. Perhaps that was her weaker point, a warrior that had a minor affinity for the arcane. Meant to enhance their ability to pressure their opponent, maybe force them into fighting them up close. Whether she was ignorant or not. Rain was itching to find out.

            "I do not bow to anyone." The world with the exception of the crackling of fire, lost all sound. Rain noticed that Star Guardian still held his arm in the air, leaving that side of her mid-section open. His first move, a crushing knee for the ribcage. If there was any reaction from her to that, he'd follow up by attempting to grab her head with his free arm and driving it down into the other knee.


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              "GAH!" His knee came swift and without mercy, pushing Star Garduain before feeling her head being grabbed, and driving back down, Star Guardian was never good at grounding herself, she preferred to fly, even in her civilian form she never so much as walked. She found herself easily pulled, and her face smashed into his knee, pain blossoming on her face. Still, she was hardly one to let that stop her, instead she flew up, right at him. Putting her arms around him, she would attempt to ram this man, whoever he was right into the very barrier she had made, and if he was rammed successfully, take one hand, and attempt to repeatedly punch him in his jaw.

              There was little in the way of fine technique or strategy, simply an attempt to bull rush them into a wall, hold him down, and punch against the wall of her own making, but what Star Guardian did have was sheer strength, even restrained here each hit was far more powerful than even that final agent could have hoped to achieve with their blue fire.

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                She could fly, and she could grapple. At the least at a rudimentary level. As his back impacted with the barrier, he could feel every single bit of energy that formed it, how it pressed and dispersed and stretched as pressure was being put on it. How more of the energy rushed to the point of impact to prevent it from breaking. Intelligent energy design, she really was intent on protecting her friend. And with the first punch, she certainly had the strength to protect her. But he could feel as the knuckles inconsistently landed, that she didn't even know how to punch properly. And now that they were up close like this, with this barrier prevented a backpedal. He was going to make her unable to fly again.

                As she punched wildly again, Rain raised his arm and prevented the punch from landing, using his other hand to push her into the wall as he switched positions with her. Now imposing his skill and positioning, keeping weight on her as he responded with his own selection of knees, punches, and kicks. His face was already bruising from the assault earlier, but it wouldn't matter that he couldn't heal it, if he could completely disrupt her from being able to mount offense again. With one of her arms locked underneath his, it would leave only one arm to defend herself with.


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                  And so Star Guardian found herself, back pressed as he assaulted her with attack after attack, locked there she couldn't respond effectively, not physically.

                  Attack after attack came, she had to get out somehow...

                  The answer can simply, as another knee came in, her whole body began to glow before she shouted at him, "Star Beam!" A large beam of pink energy erupted out from her whole body, trained solely on him, intent on assaulting him. She was not defenseless even restrained like that. If he had let go of the exploding girl, she would not stop there, as it ended, she'd come down, arms crossed, shouting with it "Shooting Star!" Arms coated with more of that bright sparkling energy, and ready to crash down with incredible force upon what was once the Multiversal Disciple from an age long before Star Guardian.

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                    Rain paused a moment right before Star Guardian glowed, he could sense energy welling up inside of her. Stopping his strike as he sensed the energy beginning to form and concentrate. Based on the way it was forming itself... he figured that the next attack would be a beam. And not an eye blink later, his hypothesis was proven correct. Blasted in the chest at an angle, he was lifted off his feet and sent flying uncontrollably into another end of the barrier. He tried his damndest to control his course through the use of flight but... he couldn't fly.

                    Sliding down the barrier, he could only attempt to push himself off the wall, but Star Guardian was quicker than that. Body checking him full force into the wall. Gasping for breath as it all left him. Dazed and his hands shaking from the impact. She hit harder than someone that unskilled should. It didn't make any sense to him at this point, anomalies existed, but this level of power was usually obtained by master martial artists that had spent their entire lives training for this. Not by second-rate brawlers.

                    He spat out some blood as he quickly rose to his feet, attempting to kick off the wall and force Star Guardian down to the ground. If he was successful, he would begin attempting to hammer blows down onto her face from top mount.


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                      He was giving so far, as she made her attacks and going closer to the ground, but Rain, the more skilled had tried to kick at the wall. Star Guardian was forced down to the ground, arms blocking the blow, albiet clumsily, feet meeting with the ground rather unsteadily, into a tripping fall, but as he attempted to hammer her head again, she had not to rely on her own arms on this. "Star shield!" She cried as a star began to erupt in front of her, blocking his blows, like a shield in her hand, as the other, would peak out from behind the shield and erupt with a "Star beam!" Pink energy again erupting out at close range, shorter this time, and with enough force to hopefully get him off, followed quickly be her flying and following using her star shield to beat him, slamming it into his side repeatedly, rising to be above him, each attack creating a shockwave behind it, the largest sound in this being not what blows may land but the sound barrier repeatedly being broken.

                      "You're trapped, and you can't escape." She called out to him "This can end, whenever! You! Stop!" She said, punctuating each blow, with three blows with the aim to put him up into the air, then away from the wall, then towards the ceiling of the ad hoc arena she had made for them. Would it be successful, she'd put her hands together the star shield would disappear, replaced by a glowing spinning star at her two hands cupped as they were, as a large amount of energy began to charge within them. He could surrender, or he could take the might of this star beam face first

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                        Does she know nothing?

                        Rain thought to himself as she charged forward arms swinging wildly, and fast beyond what he could deal with. Eating each and every punctuated strike. Though blood and spit flew from his mouth, that same dead expression in his eyes remained the same. She didn't know what or who she was dealing with. Pleading to him as though she was in the position of authority here, like she had power over him.

                        "You're trapped, and you can't escape."

                        Was that the case? He couldn't use any of his spells, and he was being overpowered. Physically dominated. he was the multiversal disciple, stripped of his power, of his knowledge.


                        How was Izumi doing? He could faintly remember her fondly. Of the relationship they had, the fun the both of them had when they would mess around as teenagers and cause a ruckus.


                        He could remember Soul Society, with its myriad of shinigami. His first real taste of a world outside of his own.


                        Being taught by Akiyama personally on the nature of kido, bakudo and spritual pressure. Was he weak back then? No.


                        He was strong.


                        He was talented...



                        As Star Guardian charged her next attack. Rain said nothing, for the first time, he grinned. As life returned to flush his face. A more youthful look than what had been normal. His eyes remaining in their blue and yellow state instead of that dead black colour. He was not afraid of her, or her threats. As she thrust her hand forward to blast him, he didn't move his body, only words leaving his lips.


                        As the beam died down, Star Guardian would see Rain unharmed, in front of him a translucent wall that had nary a scratch on it. And as it faded, he put two fingers out towards her. An ordinarily mundane technique for even the most simplest of shinigami, but with a spiritual pressure on the level of Rain's, even the most basic of techniques were crisis inducing powers.


                        A repulsive force flew towards Star Guardian, with enough force to break through the barrier she had set up around them.


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                          Oi, what just happened? His eyes seemed to be glowing and her attack had resulted in nothing. He simply stood... Floated there rather. And as he now looked at her, pointing at her with two fingers. What the hell is he doing? She tilted her hand, there were nor orbs but-


                          Immediately she understood what he was doing, as she felt a great force on her, pushing straight through the shield, the arena she made for them fading away as she crashed towards the ground under this attack, pushed down into the dirt until it too began to give way, but Star Guardian was not one to give up, she'd face it head on, spiritual pressure or no, Star Guardian would resist, and bringing her hand back, she struck at the pressure with great might, with a punch capable of ripping it apart through a combination of sheer brute force, and the magic infused with such as strike, pinks whips combating that invisible force Rain had used.

                          "Fine," She said, arms beginning to coat themselves in the ethereal pink energy "Shooting Star!" As she flew up to meet him, this time ready to barrel through his attacks, the sheer force almost splitting the air as she came up to meet him with a titanic crash of energy upon him.

                          Lili on the other hand had ran, still able to hear the shock waves and the sounds of battle. She ran past the burning landscape, eventually coming across a small family of colored crystaline people, as they made their way towards a shelter, designed for just such an eventuality that the world had been invaded. Lili had joined them helping to carry their oldest child who had been injured, their knee cracked by the senseless slaughter this monster had wrought upon them. Carrying him in her arms, hey made their way inside, and the murmuring beneath. Are they safe? Could Equillibrium push them back? Many were doubtful, despairing even at the destruction.

                          And yet others, the oldest among them tried to calm the masses huddled in this doomsday shelter "Now my children, remember the stories. When the Maestro of Mirrors had complete control of the world, and reduced to slaves, there was still hope! We fought, though our bodies were bound we still fought, with our hope and our dreams! And those dreams crystallized into great heroes to save us in our darkest hour! The Guardians of the light of our soul, and-" "Shove it! Those are just stories, everything's on fire and-" Lili actually spoke out here. That boy was clearly in pain and such... But if she understood this, then maybe she could help "Was one of them named Star Guardian?" A silence ensued as both were confused as to what a seeming tourist understood here. "Yes, why?" "I came here with her. She's out there fighting them." The boy was hesitant to believev, but seemed willing to hear her out. "...What do you mean?" "She came back just in time to save you again. I know everything looks bad now but... It isn't the end."

                          In truth, Lili was terrified at what was happening. It seemed unreal, and if she died... She didn't want to think about it, a thousand things wrong with it. But she wasn't going to let them wallow in despair like this. If she was wrong, they were fucked anyway.

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                            "I'm nowhere near my former power but..." The ground trembled as Rain's locked away Reiatsu began to leak out into its full level and capability. His power increasing exponentially, that smirk now permanently etched onto his face. That smug look of his as he looked at Star Guardian attempting to close the distance. Even in this powered up state of hers, she looked so slow. Her ability to fly was mediocre, like she had barely any practice in it. A lack of footwork on the ground, everything just so plain and vanilla. So brutish and straight to the point.

                            Rain was surprised only by one thing, that she hadn't simply perished from the presence of his spiritual pressure. That was a feat in it of itself. He couldn't help but be impressed by that. She may have been a brawler, but she was strong, he couldn't take that from her. But swelling up inside of him was a power he hadn't felt in so long. He could feel the liberating feeling of a level no shinigami had ever sniffed.

                            Rain simply moved his head to the side. Though from her end, she was moving faster than the eye could see. Rain was moving as smooth as could be. His subtle movements leaving black afterimages of himself that would disappear shortly after. Another strike, dodged, another one, dodged, and then another, and then another.

                            All the while his power kept increasing. His speed increasing exponentially again. And as she continued to strike wildly, Rain had already figured her movement's course. Having moved so fast himself, that he left a clone of pure speed for her to continue to strike. And to Star Guardian's credit, she managed to land one thunderous and destructive blow. Strong enough that it blew the speed clone's head clean off... but that was the issue. It was simply a clone. It quickly vanished, with Rain right behind her, holding his hand out into her back.


                            And from his palm erupted a gargantuan red beam of reiatsu.
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                              "AAAH!" Star Guardian cried out, partly in pain, partly in surprise she found herself blindsided with an enormous read beam.

                              Down at the ground, since rendered lifeless since the invasion of this figure, she found herself pushed through. She had to turn herself against the red beam, this spiritual force being forced upon her, eventually pushing her through a crystal mountain, a hole bored through it in the shape of her and the beam.

                              If this kept on going... She couldn't let that happened, her feet stuck out, she may not be able to walk anymore, but she understood the motions, and she could replicate them with her magic if need be. Feet braced against the soil deep in the mountain, she stopped, "Star..." Concentrate... "SHIELD!" She said, a star coming out to defend her, and for her to stop the beam... If Rain were paying close attention, he may notice something strange occuring, bracing her feet against the soil in the mountain has no reason to stop the attack, and yet she had ceased her backwards momentum with this movement.

                              Lili could hear the battle occuring, the shattering audible from here. Lili found the sound incredibly frightening, just the volume of it... And yet for the others here, especially the elders, those more hesitant seemed if anything to relax. "The sounds of battle... It is Star Guardian! She truly has returned in our darkest hour!" The Crystaline senior had said, crying tears... Lili wasn't going to ask just what that tear was, at any rate.

                              She just hoped Naomi was able to push back that monster.

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