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The Siege of Las Noches

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  • The Siege of Las Noches

    Tinny, Daemon Keido, Goddess Ultimecia

    Three lone figures walked among the white sands of Hueco Mundo. They had been walking for hours now, in a straight direction. It had been some time since all three had been on the same assignment. Leski was glad to be alongside her friends again, awkward as they could be with certain topics, but she had to admit an unease. Ever since her meeting with Faeris, how her memories were locked away. The Lich... She had trusted him and yet... He was the source right? As she thought more, the topics always had to do with the past, questions or assumptions or such. She simply assumed it was a hard life and quietly stepped off those topics but now?

    "Jeeze, would it have killed them to put us slightly closer?" Felicity muttered looking at the map. "Have seen the guns?" Edith replied, "They would shred our transport to bits, and we've only been aggressive towards them." "Oh come on, no weapons what's the worst we could do?" "How would they know?" "Let me complain, gosh! You're a damn stick in the mud!" "I am not!" Leski watched the two bickering like an old married couple, and couldn't help suppressing a giggle. Naw, she may have suspicions in private, but to think the worst of them was just being ridiculous. "I did offer to carry you with my magic" She said, a wind of sparkles and glitter. "I am not meeting them covered in glitter and pixie dust thank you very much!" Felicity said trying to shoo Leski away. "I mean it would be faster." Edith said barely holding a laugh in, even through the hood she could tell she was smirking. "Oh you don't even have to show anyone your face!" A split second of hesitation crossed her face realizing what she had said, only for Edith to riposte "Could hardly make us look worse if you were covered in glitter." "I- I put a lot of work into this." Felicity responded, licking her hand and combing it through her fur.

    It continued as such as they walked over, until they reached the first front gate of Las Noches.
    Unbeknownst to any of them however, Three figures also walked on the white sand, but not two cat-women and a magic girl, but a cultist and two daemons. Ash had arrived, and with the help of two changlings had made it their sole duty to infiltrate the fortress, and take out one very specific target.

    Ash looked at Zeectil and Herisophinesi. Seven letters and seven syllables, just as Tzeentch likes it, they'd need all the favor the Great Deciever could dispose for this. Please, by your grace Tzeentch do not deceive me with false visions, one false mistep and it all collapses before it's even begun. They all walked in, she could not simply use her abilities, they would detect, like it or not, the only thing that could be operational, was the perception Tzeentch granted to them. However, they were not alone. They all had long took on disguises, and were infiltrating in with a large group. Changlings could flawlessly match their disguise, but Ash's Mantle of Lies would have to do. They took the identities of three personnel, of whom Ash had made certain would be late to the bus that would take them here. A drink here, a mental suggestion and they were so drunk they'd be awake by next fortnight, and with a splitting hangover. The three made their way, not as Ash, Zeectil and Herisophinesi, but as Ameel (a nonbinary pilot), Charlie (A female hacker), and Aydne (A male munitions inspector). They looked at her, Zeectil/Charlie. They did not know each other well, she had been summoned just days ago, but Zeectil had proven their ability when they had managed to almost fool Kaishi into thinking he had met his future self, until she lifted the guise and shown her true form. Herisophinesi/Aydne, she perfectly mimicked Rain Leonhart's manners down to the most minute details despite never meeting the man. Ash had to admit they hated Herisophinesi after a while given how much chaos (not Chaos, just chaos) they had made in the lodge with their pranks. For days Ash couldn't be sure who was who. Zeectil by contrast was less disruptive but just as adept at stroking dislike as they mimicked people juuust enough to make a mocking parody, playing up their less likable features.

    Still, they had proven their abilities, Ash thought to themself as they began to enter. Everyone was screened, the Changlings passed easily, and Ash's future sight showed she knew she could make it past this... The scan seemed quick for them, but took eons for Ash, or so they could swear as it occurred. Still, the scanner didn't find anything suspicious and they were let through into the back, on the outer layer of Las Noches. But it was not the otuer gate they needed, but the inner sanctum, and these people were not allowed so deep... Whatever the case, it was Daemonic magics against the threads of fate here, even if Ash wasn't certain this 'Kinikia' knew yet.

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    Within the halls of Las Noches, the trio of disguised entities would find a myriad of groups moving to and fro. Some in simple robes carrying staves, others in blood red robes with mechanical prosthetics across their bodies in various parts. Others still in heavy Astartes-style armour, and some even in legendary Custodes-style armour. These armoured ones would travel in smaller groups, between two and six depending on their apparent duties. Every step in unison, a clockwork of thunder that struck without a single note out of balance with another. As they passed, some of these guards would nod to Ash's disguised group, but generally they were ignored. After all, they looked like they belonged.....in this particular area at any rate.
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      War chants, banter, booming laughter and the occasional challenge to each other's orkiness. Stomping feet, occasional clapping and the roars of flame-haired squiggoths. The revving of motorcycles with motors comically large and the wham of electric guitars. Armour from the future, and armour of the past. All gathered inside the crude metallic walls of Doomstompa Da Fly'n' General's tribe-land. His orks having a knack for polearms, hair squigs, and all matter of melee combat. He strides to the center of the combined groups first, standing head and shoulders above every other Ork, with only one other matching him in size. Looking around and nodding, raising his arms and feeding off the energy present. Adorned in ancient chinese inspired metal armour, and wielding a crude imitation pole of the once legendary Lu Bu. Each hair squig on his face and head made to perfectly imitate the figure.

      "Wot are we ere for!?"

      He shouts as every Ork interjects with differing takes on what it was exactly that they were there for. Doomstompa interrupting them to steer them onto the right path.

      "‘dat's right, warboss ‘dat dinks 'e's betta dan us. Betta dan me, betta dan ya! but 'e's wrong, see we're different dan ‘da othaz. For every strike dey drow, we drow two! wot takes im four hits, takes us wun! dey kan drow dere dousands at our hundreds but it mattaz little! dey kan drow millions uv ants at us, but we're mountains an’ dey're mole hills! like rats we're gonna hunt im, our squiggoths will batta dere walls until dey're bleed'n red. Our blades will kut throo im like paper, an when we have im where we want im, we'll showz im why we are da future! dey are ol, obsolete! when dey surrender, showz im mercy, so ‘dat dey kan witness our greatness from da bottom uv our boots!"

      In the great expanse of desert, there was a concentrated area where Orks resided by themselves. Roughly the size of a continent on Earth. Equillibrium had done their best to fully exterminate the Orks but their resilience and method of reproduction always insured a few hundred at their lowest. Opting instead for cullings of the population once it had reached a noticeable number. The ever opportunistic evolution of Orks rose to the call, birthing Orks like Doomstompa, and his quieter but equally fierce cohort Gnarlgutz Mek-Killa. With a raised arm and a directed point. The combined might of the aptly named Kingdom of Smash aimed for its first conquering, the land of Warboss Revrippah