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Kaishi vs Pandora

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  • Kaishi vs Pandora

    Off in a fringe world, obfuscated by layers of dimensional labyrinths lies a clearing in a primal world. In this clearing is Kaishi's budding group, united in ideology with lofty goals. They seek to bring about a new revolution in the way the multiverse is policed. But before they can do that, Kaishi needs to make sure that those he recruits, are more than capable of handling themselves in a confrontation. As a small group taking on a centralized policing body spanning the multiverse, this is a must.

    Reference Picture (Location):
    Kaishi walked out of the lodge, built with stone and wood and fortified by runic incantations near the foundation that glowed a calming baby blue. Out of a second story window peered Feulace as she watched both Kaishi and Pandora walk off towards a 30x30m pit that was three meters deep. The floor of the pit, atleast underneath the small sheet of ceramite was a series of shaved and flattened boulders, joined together by melding the ends with extreme heat. It was about as perfectly flat as you could get. The walls were a series of sturdy hardwood supports placed into the dirt. Covering the gaps in-between with another sheet of ceramite. It wasn't the most glorious thing, but it was durable and could handle most training exercises. Kaishi in the back of his mind hoped that it would stand up to this, though if it didn't, it did show promise from Pandora.

    Dropping down into the pit, Kaishi walked towards one end before turning around. He wasn't wearing his Bahamut Scale armour, opting instead for a heavy gambeson, very thick wool pants and black boots. On his hip was a sharpened wooden blade, for the purposes of this sparring session, he wasn't going to try to kill Pandora, she had too much to do that. But being able to give cuts was likely sufficient to act as a disciplining reminder to defend herself. Pulling it out of its sheathe and holding it in one hand, he nodded towards Pandora.

    "Whenever you're ready."

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    Pandora nodded and began by rubbing the floor with her foot.

    Then her hands. several seconds would pass of getting an uninterrupted feeling of this, as Pandora observed the smoothness of the rock. It was really smooth. Smoothness that one can only get by shaping the rock. Smoother than most walls honestly. Smoother than Kaishi's wooden sword too. "This is very smooth." She observed. "I like it." She said, as she continued rubbing the rock with her hand.


    Ash meanwhile was looking at it from another window in a seat across from Fuelace. It was far away but she couldn't help but notice. "Is... Is she going to do anything?" Ash asked, regarding the blue/black haired werido sparring with Kaishi.

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      Kaishi observed as Pandora came down to the pit, waiting for her to make the first move but it never came. In fact, he was half sure she hadn't even heard him when he told her she could begin at any time. She was fixated on the floors, oddly so. he could understand feeling them for just a little bit, hell even he was kind of surprised when he had first made them, just how well it all came out. But this was... so strange. First she was rubbing the floor with her feet, and then she was rubbing it with her hands. Was she alright? He hadn't put any incantation on the floor did he? He raised an eyebrow and waited as patiently as he could, she'd have to stop eventually right?

      Fuelace couldn't help but chuckle a little bit covering her mouth slightly, stifling the chuckle into just a grin. Looking away to Ash and shrugging.

      "She's... an interesting sort. She tends to become singularly focused in as about an extreme way as you can possibly be." She said as she turned back.

      Kaishi had enough of waiting. Putting a hand on his hip and shaking his head, looking at her with disbelief.

      "Hey, Pandora. Hey you still there? We have to get this done soon. You can have time to rub the floors after, I need to see what you're capable of."


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        Pandora looked up at him. Oh. Right. The sparring. "Oh. Yes." She said, bringing herself up and looking at him. Pressing her nails to her palm, she gripped tightly, enough that it bled, then let it drip to the floor. The blood did not act like normal blood however, falling with an unnatural slowness, before changing directions entirely... And growing far more than any small cut could possibly give, it snaked across the ground not quite forming... Until suddenly towards him, came two legs of an ass, kicking at him, in the front. A horde of wasps was created to the side and flew out around him, to sting and cut at the warrior, while below him scorpion tales would rise up, venomless in this case, but incredibly large to sting at his legs, possible even pin him to the bottom of the arena, which was swiftly becoming naught but a pool of blood over the smooth rock. All of this in what could charitably be described as the first move and without any real exertion on her face. In this moment if anything, it may seem as if Pandora was studying him, while he evaluated her, as she had not moved a single meter from where she started, and her stance was utterly neutral.

        Ash now that she was seeing what Pandora was capable of remarked. "If she summoning them?" She asked absently, remembering back to how some of her fellow cultists could summon daemons with but a blood sacrifice.

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          He remembered what he had read based on her Academy entry documentation. An ability to mimick the aspects of different animals through the use of manipulating blood. But to see it in action was something else. Usually blood fell fast, not slow. Usually blood did not travel with purpose. When he read that it took on aspects of animals, he didn't figure that it literally meant it would form into animals' body parts. In this case a donkey's rear legs. Bringing his mechnical arm to block the intense blunt force of the strike. It was enough that it forced his arm back into his gut, making him give himself a gut shot with his own arm. Grunting as he quickly breathed out to catch his breath, he would need it.

          He was fortunate that he had decided to wear a heavy gambeson that day, the lack of exposed skin working to his advantage as most of their attempted stings landed harmlessly into the thick wool. Still, one of his hands was exposed as was his face. Simply putting an arm up wasn't going to block his face from things as small as wasps. When they stung, they hurt, what also hurt was the feeling of getting nearly stabbed in the legs by something viciously sharp. Looking down he could see blood scorpions, oversized. First move and she was already overwhelming him. He wasn't one for holding back if need be, and Pandora likely would need this experience. Not everyone was a meathead, some were vicious killing machines. Some sought to inflict as much pain and misery as they possibly could before they would even think of killing. The sooner she learned this, the better.

          Kaishi's body became engulfed in an aura of fire, not particularly effective as far as catching the hornets on fire, it was blood after all. But the heat was enough to cause them to boil, which lead to them sinking into the blood pool as droplets. The scorpions were next, now able to use both hands, he focus fired his aura into his hands, turning into two streams of focused fire onto them. Burning them until they too deformed into the blood pool. Kaishi immediately thought to himself as the blood was seemingly everywhere, knowing she had a near insurmountable advantage in such an environment.

          In an enclosed space, she's probably the most well suited fighter I've ever seen.

          That was the biggest takeaway in all of this. Atleast so far. The fire turned into an icy blue arcane essence. Leaping out of the blood pit and forcing his hands down towards the pit. Beginning to freeze the blood he was standing on, and attempting to freeze the rest. He couldn't stop her bleeding, and inevitably more blood was going to come over the thick layer of blood here. But it would buy him some time to think of how to deal with it.

          Fuelace too was impressed with Pandora's initial showing, a theoretically unlimited amount of options to attack with at once. In this case one large blunt attack, a pestering series of small attacks to disrupt her opponent and a dangerous set of stabs. All in one turn. She was legit. By comparison, she wasn't that impressed if at all by Kaishi's response. Though she did find his use of ice to stall the blood pool's effectiveness to be somewhat innovative.

          "But how does he negate the blood from having an effect? He's only stalling the inevitable."


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            "You don't. It's like fighting Tyranids. You go for the synapse creature, and the army falls apart around it." Ash responded to Fuelace, her eyes looking at that arena that had turned red.

            Pandora herself continued staying still, as he began to form an ice barrier, but it wouldn't be quite that easy, out of the blood outside of the pedestal he created for himself out came larger creatures, cfreated by a singular planet to defend against invasion, now turned towards Pandora as she mimicked their biological processes, her blood turning into the required tissue and organs. Some may know it as a Meteor Goliath, but Kaishi would know it by it's actions, when it came out, a head larger than Kaishi himself, with blazing blue fire inside it, breathing it onto the blood, melting it away and paving the way for another Goliath to attack from the air, leaping onto Kaishi, all while blood began to climb up the walls, and inside her could see eyes, specifically those of hawks, closely observant and able to spot a mouse from miles up in the air.

            And yet even that was not enough as more creatures arised, wolves running forward to chomp, they wouldn't get through the gambeson, but they would keep his hands occupied as they came in one after the another, trying to tackle and hold him in place for the Goliath to come down. Once the Goliath was about to his they would melt back into blood, but until then they must have seemed mad, sacrificing their own life to hold one figure still. Yet still that fire breathing Meteor Goliath would rise up and begin it's own burning charge, for Pandora did not expect the Goliath to actually hit, but once he was in the air... That may be a different question.

            All while Pandora merely stood there, looking straight at him as the blood climbed up the walls.

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              "I do not know about these Tyranids, but I'll take your word for it. Synapse here being Pandora presumab- what the?" Large beasts of blood were visible from the window. Towering over the pit and above Kaishi. Feulace couldn't help but look in shock as it then quickly melted the ice that Kaishi had made. Seeing some sort of last second barrier made by Kaishi to protect himself, though it did nothing to protect the ice.

              Kaishi grunted as even from inside his barrier, the heat of the beast could be felt. He could feel the ice underneath him fastly melting, especially as he sunk down to the floor again. Cursing to himself as he kept the barrier up for his own sake. But his barrier was meant to repel the physical heat being forced on him, not for several dozen tons to fall on him from the air above. Quickly shattering the barrier with its weight and grabbing Kaishi. Smashing him into the walls of the arena ferociously, it let go temporarily, leaving the dazed Kaishi defenseless as he felt his limbs being forced in all kinds of directions by her wolves. The blood was high enough at this point that he couldn't breath or open his mouth unless he wanted it in his body, so he kept his mouth shut even though he wanted to shout in pain.

              His blessing came in the form of time itself crawling to a stop. The creatures freezing in place, the goliath that had thrown him about stopping its raised foot just right before it was about to stomp on him, the blue goliath frozen. Wrestling his arms and legs from the wolves, Kaishi slowly limped his way to one of the walls, lifting himself up with great difficulty. And when he made it over, he rolled over until he was on his back. Taking the time to take a breather.

              "God..." He would say breathlessly, covered in blood as he was.

              "Not..." Kaishi struggled as he sat up.

              "Gonna survive if I keep fighting like that..." He wasn't sure what blood was his and which was Pandora's. There was a lot of both at this point. He closed his eyes and exhaled. What could he use at this point to stop or mitigate her advantage. She had...

              He looked over to the pit again. Six wolves, two goliaths, one that breathed fire, and... hawk eyes on the walls.

              He sighed, struggling to gulp down his own saliva with his eyes closed. Taking out a rag and wiping his face of the blood, then opening his eyes again, now the burning sensation was gone atleast.

              Fire wasn't going to do anything if it couldn't evaporate the blood, which his couldn't. His ice didn't work fast enough to stop her from mass summoning again in retaliation, and with that blue goliath, it wouldn't last. Unsheathing his wooden blade, he couldn't help but regret not having brought his actual blade. Guardian Style would be very useful at about this time. He was a stronger swordsman than he was a mage, but there was something to be said about the utility of magic. And for a fight like this, he was going to have to rely on that more than what it could bring offensively. It was time for him to use one of the most useful techniques his Father had taught him, the junction. Combine his most useful magic, with his swordsmanship. That was what he was going to have to do.

              Wobbling to his feet, he ran his index finger and thumb across the front and back of his blade and slid them down to the base, instead of flames or arcing electricity forming, a simple runic combination signifying a bond. He was going to link their life forces with a strike. If he couldn't reach her while he was getting pummeled, he was going to make sure she could feel every bit of pain he was. Time slowly started to return, the goliath stomped, the wolves dissolved from the stomp. The blue goliath stood waiting for Kaishi to retaliate from underneath, and the hawk eyes looked around to find Kaishi, quickly seeing him as a healing aura finished its job around him. And with renewed vigour he lunged forward back down into the pit, seeking to slash at her midsection with his blade and potentially tackle her with his body weight. He couldn't do much about the creatures in that moment, but this was the more pressing matter. The creatures could be dealt with later.
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                Wooden blunted blades did not cut and bleed. But they did hurt, and hurt a lot it did, as Pandora looked around, eyes eventually drifting up once they had noticed a shadow, only to find herself falling back as Kaishi slashed down. "Ghuh!" She grunted in pain as she fell.

                Pain. Once she had been ashamed of it, thinking of herself as only a weapon. Not even as a her. As an it. But her experiences in Ace Academy changed that.

                Jay, Jamie, even Drake. Some had hurt, some had pitied, but all of them treated her as she. The opportunity to form friendships, acquaintances, rivalries...

                And yet... The fires... The screams... The betrayal.

                She had to suppress that as she fell back, the creatures dissolving before reforming. No crying, just a tear as from as large tentacles, like for an octopus came out from the blood, with the idea to wrap around Kaishi and throw him to the other end of the arena...

                Though of course, if Kaishi felt the full impact of that, so too would Pandora, along with a likely far more audible grimace of pain as the pain would be knocked out of her, should something similar happen to Kaishi, and Kaishi was far more composed, especially in the heat of battle than Pandora...

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                  Kaishi slammed into the wall hard, grimacing but keeping his mouth shut, keeping his eyes closed in an effort to stop himself from yelling. These walls were perfectly smooth, which meant whatever force was being slammed into them wasn't going to be dispersed in any way. Each slam was going to be felt as that slam was intended. His head spun but he kept himself composed, hopping back up to his feet and sheathing his wooden sword again. He noticed that what he had felt, Pandora did as well. The junction spell worked just as he had intended it to. He may not've been able to outgun her in a situation like this, but he could make her regret attacking with full force.

                  He couldn't help but let that arrogant smirk crawl on his face. It was a hard habit to get out of, he after all spent most of his early life constantly on the backfoot. It wasn't until recently that he had come upon the knowledge to force others on theirs. It was a rush that he couldn't deny, in many ways, he was just like his Father.

                  "You're good, better than I expected." Kaishi rolled his shoulders, afterwards making a series of hand gestures, each one forming a sigil of energy in front of him which would then birth a white ball of energy no larger than the size of someone's hand, four of them in total. His focus seemed to sharpen as he brought that wooden sword out again, holding it in front of him as he sloshed through the blood pit. He didn't seem to care for dealing with it at this point. The orbs followed him steadily, sometimes jabbing forward before pulling themselves back in an attempt to fake Pandora out.

                  And then it started, attacking in synchronicity. One orb, followed by another, followed by another, followed by another, Kaishi slashing at her, followed by another orb, and then another and then another.


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                    Pandora formed a fungoid shield in front of her, unable to retaliate. If she struck back, she'd hurt, if he hit her, she'd hurt, any attempt to hurt him would just result in pain... Unless.... The orbs easily made their way past her defenses, but she extended them, creating an essential kite shield for the orbs and slash and more orbs to ram against.

                    And as they did, Pandora held her breath, partly in effort, as pain after pain wracked across her, but as well for another idea, if she couldn't hurt him...

                    Derived, similar to hemlock, a poisonous gas would fill, utterly silent, tasteless, traceless, until the symptoms showed up. Not pain, that would be fine. No rather, it would case a trembling in the muscles, not a controllable one. One fearful may mistake it for nerves, and that would be far more accurate than they would think... As time would go on, there would be weaknesss in the muscles, speech impairment, seizures, a rapid heart rate turning quickly to a decreased heart rate, dilated pupils, even muscle paralysis, in the worst cases respiratory failure or death.

                    Not that anyone would allow death, the cabin had plenty of cures for all ailments, Pandora could even produce some if Kaishi needed it. Though if that were the case, there would be no doubt who had won the sparring match.

                    All without inflicting great pain.

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                      Kaishi paused and stepped back as he punched into the kite shield fungal mass, moving his hand in front of his face as his orbs continued their assault. Coughing, taking a deep breath as he re-assessed his approach. That was... strange. He didn't know particularly what had been the case of that, but given that it was a fungal shield she had used, the likelihood of spores was high. The solution he figured was relatively simple, use the method against Orks, here to deal with that shield. As the orbs continued to pelt down Kaishi would aim his hand down, fire licking out from his palm, waiting for the right moment and then throwing it forward in the form of a fireball that was meant to detonate on contact.

                      Kaishi afterwards formed an orb in his hand, crushing it in his grip and watching as everything slowed down, from the wind blowing in the trees to the fireball Kaishi had just launched. But he hadn't casted a Slow spell, instead he had casted a Haste spell. Effectively creating a small localized field around himself that allowed him to advance far quicker than time would normally allow. Everything was moving at their normal rate, but Kaishi was accelerated. Sparing no time, he ran behind Pandora and readied his mechanical hand, forming a small bit of pure leyic energy much like Abbey and aiming to punch Pandora square in the center of her back to launch her forward into the fireball.


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                        Coughing. Good, from there she just needed to maintain her defense. A few orbs being fired out, she continued to hide behind that fungoid shell, letting it, then, her many eyes around the arena saw, he was doing something to himself, as he gripped an orb in his hand and began to move, quickly. Pandora however saw this and quickly acted, forming a chitinous shell behind herself, in her back, spreading out, by the time he was behind, his punch, even buffeted by pure leyic energy was significantly shielded.

                        That didn't mean it didn't hurt however, as she still cried out "AH!" At feeling it, the fungoid shield came to fire too, and quickly detached from her arms as they returned to that a raptor's feet, clawing and dragging across the ground to stop herself. The blood that now covered the arena left the fire to burn the shield, swirling around it, and meanwhile, underneath the surface, more and more plants began to surface, a host of vines stringing across the ground, making it much harder to get a good grip on it, though they of course moved to make room for Pandora. A few more attempts to strike at him, as behind her emerged needles from the blood, aimed strait at Kaishi, though her intention was not to hurt him, just the opposite, keeping him fighting without making him realize she had done something. He should be able to deal with this if he did well.

                        ...Hopefully he would, it would be awful if he ended up tripping and Pandora had to feel the pain of a dozen needles in her chest.

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                          "The fight's looking a little more even-grounded now" Feulace said as she watched Kaishi's orbs combine together into making a rectangular shield that blocked the striking and countless needles being thrown his way.

                          As the shield rose up, Kaishi wasted little time. Charging forward as the shield itself moved forward in an attempt to pin Pandora up against the wall. Kaishi following along soon after, looking to shoulder check his weight into her and the wall.
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                            "Feulace, is it just me or has Pandora gotten a lot less aggressive as the fight's gone on?" Ash asked, though considering hope the match opened perhaps it was hard not to be comparatively less aggressive with how it started.

                            Pandora was not worried about this assult, not least of all was because of Kaishi, as was common when fighting her, had lost track of the battle. A thousand and one variables all under her control, all she needed to do was ensure that Kaishi's attempts be frustrated.

                            Like a geyser, blood figred at the orbs, in an attempt to stop forward momentum by pushing it back, as for Kaishi's shoulder check, the vines would take care of that.

                            As Kaishi ran, the vines came into action, they would make every footing unsure already, they would writhe and move, looping themselves to grab onto his legs and body, and trip him onto the floor with more writhing vines trying to trap him and prevent his movement. Pandora still couldn't directly hurt him, not with force she herself couldn't take, but tangling was absolutely possible, even the pain of tripping was not so terrible, at least compared to a punch to the jaw.
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                              "If I had to guess, she's figured out a way to fight him without needing to use everything in her arsenal. Mixing up the pace is a good way to throw someone off." Feulace said as she looked back and saw that Kaishi was completely rendered immobile.

                              "Or she slowed down the pace to do exactly that." Feulace said as she laughed.

                              "Pfft" Kaishi let out between laughing. He really let himself get caught up in something like this, all of his time spent on dealing with brutish warriors that focused on explosions and theatrics left him unprepared for a more subtle approach to combat. Kaishi still had something to learn. Though his laughing stopped as his eye twitched uncontrollably for a few seconds, and his fingers started trying to ball themselves into his palm. That most certainly wasn't normal, was something in these vines? A fast acting toxin of some kind? Among his thinking of the vines, his mind immediately raced to the time he had hit that mushroom shield and some kind of dust had flown off.


                              "You're definitely every bit as impressive as I had read. Up close and personal you're definitely better than anyone I've ever run into."