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Ash Vs Daemon vs Ignus

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  • Ash Vs Daemon vs Ignus

    Location: Starport

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    Ash seeks to spread dissent amongst the Imperium's citizens, a task likely able to be accomplished should there be no interference. Unfortunately for them, a long thought dead Salamander from a time long past has managed to make his way back to the land he once called home. Though many memories of the past are long gone to him, there are a few that he still remembers, both fondly and in disgust. One of those is the smell of Chaos.

    Pinged to the alert of a Chaos cultist converting citizens at a rate alarming, Daemon has been dispatched to the area in order to deal with the issue. On another note, he has been alerted that a Salamander Marine from ten thousand years in the past has made his way back without a known method. The wolf enters the fray with his eyes set on them both.
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    Ishtan III is a prosperous space port, one of best in the stellar region, all commerce coming through the various solar systems here first go through here, not as a matter of law but of sheer commercial might. The station is large, grand and beautiful with it's gothic architecture stretching several stories high. Looking at it, one would easily conclude after only a minute that this station was one with a bright future.

    But this was only skin deep, as with all images of prosperity in the Imperium, it is built off the backs of the slave and underclass. People crushed under the industrial gears that keep the Imperium functioning while a precious few enjoy the benefits... and in such conditions, whispers from the dark can seep into the year of the faithful, turning them away from their Corpse'Emperor and towards a far more ancient and immediate force...

    Ash was one such whisper in the dark, coming in from the darkest pits of the station, where the poor and mutated and outcast dwell, they have spread the message of the Imperium's frailty, of their folly, and of the power the people could hold.

    If they simply turn away from the Imperial Cult.

    Beneath the surface a riot is brewing, graffiti line the walls and people have begun to disappear, not simply the unlucky and poor in the wrong place but high profile actors on the station, and the leaders now fear foe their lives on a station where they rule, never knowing where the next attack may come from...

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      Within the darker halls of the station, where prying eyes were far less likely, a portal opened just long enough for a single entity to pass through. Dressed in a roughspun cloak covering all but the last bottom inch of his black boots, the entity was hard to describe. Large and broad and vaguely man-like in dimensions, but all else was hidden behind the dull brown cloak. Its hood covered the man's face in a darkness the vaulted lights could not easily pierce. But when he stood in just the right spot, silver eyes set on a tanned face with crimson hair could be seen.

      Daemon Keido pulled out an arm with an attached scanner on his wrist. He normally didn't take jumps into 40K, it was a quarantined realm for damn good reasons, but Faeris had mentioned concerns he had with sensations from his connection to the Warp even across dimensions. Something unusual was beginning to happen. When Dae's scanner tapped into local infostacks and dataslate archives.......the Elder Agent was almost floored.

      ".....Cadia is.....gone? Destroyed by a Thirteenth Black Crusade? Holy hell......"

      Daemon looked around, making sure he was still unseen. Chaos had apparently had a resounding victory over the Imperium.

      And then Roboute Guilliman woke up and rallied the Imperium.

      This was......well frankly it upset what was taken for granted to be a standing draw on all sides. Now.....the realm of 40K was in a state of true upheaval. Dae needed to deal with whatever was happening locally as soon as possible and then go and update Equilibrium. Faeris needed this info more than anybody, only he and a select few others like Hael-Beta and Berek could make sense of it all.

      Dae quickly made his way for the main thoroughfares. He'd need to blend in until he found the local threat.
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        Countless ships flying in and then flying out, crowds of merchants and officers moving about. The occasional Arbite standing guard, checking cargo to ensure everything was in order. Occasionally getting a glance thrown his way, being remarked with curiosity for his being this far out. Some even having what seemed to be breakdowns at the mere sight of an Astartes on the station. As he walked from the docking station into the commerce section, his ears perked as he heard the whispers of concerned Arbites that had heard of what happens when Astartes make landfall.

        "Could this be due to the unrest with the workers?"

        "It could be, it would also mean they have something more insidious than we've managed to sniff out thus far. That said, it's a Salamander, he could be on pilgrimage. Take it one step at a time, we've no use in worrying about his affairs."


        Ignus paused in his walk momentarily, turning his head up slightly as he took a deep breath and exhaled.

        Something isn't right


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          Ignis' appearance had made waves throughout the station as a whole, not simply the Arbites but the poor, those who had been mustering up the will to fight, now having their courage recede back into the darkness at the appearance of an Adeptus Astartes, the legendary super soldiers of the Imperium of Man. The spearhead of every assault, it was said that a mere dozen of them could occupy an entire planet.

          And now that one was on the station, all the work that Ash had done was going to waste. They could not allow that, for all the work they've done into bringing the populace to a boil, only for them to be scared cold... Normally perhaps they would have considered stealthier means of opposition, but another word had flooded through the corridors.

          Salamanders. They has had personal experience with them, and it has left them with as foul taste in their mouth whenever the word so much as touches upon their ears. Skin like coal and eyes red like blood, they had shown up on Ash's home planet to restore order, playing the part of the hero as they butchered their people. They would never forgive them for their faux-sympathetic attitude towards the Imperium's critics while defending it's every institution.

          They knew what to do. It was time to act, this would not be when the station goes silent for fear... No. With this Space Marine's death, they would plunge the entire sector into war, as they see that even the servants of the God-Emperor can bleed. Silently they went to work, flying up above the grime of the underside of this space port, they would move. In the dark rafters above she eyed him, he seemed different from the others, rusted armor in spots, but that was unmistakably a Salamander with that color scheme, and more obvious was their incredibly stature standing above most humans, standing two heads taller than any human at least... Not so far was a host of other Adeptus Arbites, the usual hammer of the law in the Imperium, but Ash has grown far past that...

          A chant in languages long forgotten to all, without the restrictions of low or high gothic, Ash had begun a filling the room with an eldritch energy, most would not feel it unless they were attuned to the frightening forces of the warp already... It's effect would be evident quickly however, as the arbites, already nervous, began to clench and unclench their fists, their teeth grinding and the whispers that they could not ignore reminding them of every slight and every injustice hoisted upon them, from childhood to today, each whisper more abrasive, more infuriating than the last, until one finally made the move.

          One brought out their pistol and shot their commanding officer, another began to punch a hapless commuter, beating them to death before they were tackled aside and beaten in with the but of another's firearm mobs around them began to fight back, some out of fear but many more out of simple rage, not a riot however, violence and rage, one arbites even beginning to shoot Ignis, screaming the accusation of mutant scum as he emptied his clip into the Salamander's torso.

          Assuming Ignis had the keen senses to realize where the true perpetrator was, and look up into the raters they'd see a mutant. Pale skin, and eyes black as night with the only spot of color being the white sigil of chaos, wings transforming from the dull grey and green of a pigeon to the stark blackness of a crow, avian feet holding onto the rafter, and the scent of a psyker... Or perhaps a sorcerer, given the surely obvious mark of once they are acted upon.

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            Only hours after touching ground, and Ignus had a harrowing, sinking feeling in his gut. He had smelled something foul before, but as time went on, it felt like it grew stronger. Moving on from a smell, and instead like a sixth sense, the aura of the place turned chilly and biting. Where before there was silence with only the occasional footstep, his mind could pick up on a faint whispering. Intensifying over the minutes until it became overwhelming. There was no mistaking his senses. He had figured right. This place was infected by something more insidious than Ignus could've wanted. It wasn't only the greed and callousness of the officers aboard, turning their auras into that of twisted images of themselves, but of Chaos lurking deep within the bowels like a disease spreading to the surface.

            Even before Ash began to speak in tongues, Ignus had his hand readied on his bolter as he looked around, his senses tuning out the world as his senses heightened, aided by the use of his librarian might. Listening intently to the far out, the rumbling of the space engine, the churning of the machines bringing oxygen to breath and... chanting?

            Ignus' head turned almost instantaneously towards Ash, his eyes locking on to her bird-like form, her multi coloured wings stretched out and her avian feet holding herself in the air.

            Underneath his helmet, Ignus frowned as he realized what these senses were. It was this one, and perhaps more. This starport was compromised. An Arbiter pulls out his stubber, aiming it on the Astartes, not thinking once of the futility of shooting someone clad in Ceramite plate, with a bone structure that is bulletproof. And yet, lost in his sudden hatred, he fired, screaming of hatred of the Salamander.

            Ignus turned around and gave a stare towards the Arbite. This was how he knew that the chant was Chaos-born. No Arbiter would ever call an Astartes a mutant. Rushing over to him in less time than it would take even Earth's greatest athletes, he slapped the weapon out of his hand and grasped his head with his own. His eyes glowing alight as psychic white noise began to fill the room, scrambling the ability of Ash's chant, atleast temporarily of sending the citizens into a blood craze. He took a moment to survey even the slightest bit of damage that was done as he released his grip of the Arbite.

            Many dead, some seeming capable of being saved. He kneeled over towards one who had been shot in the abdomen and had been trampled. A merchant that seemed to have been here to sell produce from an agrarian world.

            "Calm yourself brother." Ignus said as he laid his hand down on the wound, his eyes glowing with a pure white energy once more as flesh re-knit itself, bruises healed, and haemorrhaging stopped. The merchant's injuries healing themselves nearly as fast as they had been applied. Ignus threw another look back towards Ash, whom's wings had changed from their multi-coloured state to pure black like that of a crow.

            A bird of prey

            This one in specific was a nasty sort, managing to find some sort of purpose in causing the others to attack each other, while maintaining its focus on him. Is this how it got its satisfaction?

            His eyes narrowed on her once again, looking at the rafter she hung from. He had an idea of how to get her down. But he needed to get in range, and for that, he had an idea. The space around him began to distort until it seemed he walked as the space itself, taking on the characteristics of the environment around him, like a chameleon. Walking as one with the crowd, still attempting to gather their bearings, and pacing wildly. Such an environment made it easy for him to fit in as he walked closer towards Ash. Until he was within a hundred metres of her. At which point his chameleon nature would end and he would manifest fully.

            Utilizing another minor power, he would manifest a physically invisible force in the shape of a pair of hands up towards the rafters. Taking grip upon its support structures, and ripping at it with a tug until it seperated. Causing the rafters to split in two and swing violently downwards. At which point Ignus would take his bolter out and take aim for Ash.


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              Dae's ears picked up a mass of activity up ahead, moving up slowly but always towards the trouble. When he saw the Salamander he smiled. An Astartes will definitely help make his job easier.

              Daemon dropped his hood, looking up to where Ash stood, Ignus' aim directed right at them. A smirk on the Lycan's lips left him watching for the moment. All the while he noted Ignus' armour. It was a much older looking model than Berek's or the Griever Guard's designs. The pauldron that normally held the Chapter heraldry was instead studded with what looked like ceramite domes.

              "Wait.....this armour looks like from Faeris' history archives......this is Heresy-era armour! This fell out of use long ago......"
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                He'd noticed, "tsk." They was hoping to get the drop, no matter, his destruction would come. They would... Wait where was he? They could have sworn they were there, did he disappear in the mere time it took to blink?

                Their eyes darted everywhere, where was he? They couldn't possibly be hard to spot given their size and color so where- right there, within spitting distance they were hand extended towards them as they suddenly felt the beam they had perched on giving out underneath, the whole thing falling as the metal at both ends was crushed. A psyker, Librarian rather, but there was no time to think about that as the space marine has raised their bolter. There was no time to think at all. "NO!" They shouted, as the bolter fired and the projectiles left the instrument of death.

                All of it flying past their intended target, right through their target, and back at the ceiling and wall, while Ash's wings stabilized their fall, allowing them to land on their feet without injury, and able to retaliate, their laspistol would fail to get through that armor, so instead they used their own power, behind them appeared eight black sigils of chaos, they would turn, and hurl themselves towards the out of time Salamander with the accuracy of a shotgun spread, but for those that missed, perhaps all of them, they'd stop in midair just behind the Astartes and turn back, flinging themselves much more accurately at the Salamander from behind.

                The rest of the abites in this area that would attack the witch were dead or incapacitated, the rebellion would live or die based on what happened here, and Ash was not going to let it be crushed by this monster feigning humanity.
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                  "They phased through..." Ignus remarked as he raised his free arm to shield his covered head. Expecting some of these chaos sigils to land, but being surprised when each and every one of them missed, flying behind him. At this point, a lot of Astartes, particularly those arrogant would assume that the sorceror was simply a bad shot, and incapable of controlling their power. Not Ignus, he knew better than to underestimate Psykers, especially one touched by Tzeentch of all the Ruinous Powers.

                  His eyes grew alit once more as an aura formed behind his head, allowing him in that instant to look behind him even as he looked forward. Able to see the return path of the sigils, now much more accurate and aimed mostly for his center mass and head. Intelligent use of deception to open up another opportunity, but not against Ignus.

                  Reaching his hand out towards some sheet metal from the rafter, those ethereal hands ripped two sheets off from it and flung them towards his back just in time to shield his body from most of the sigils, a few remaining that were angled well enough to avoid the now non-existent sheet metal. Ignus took immediate action, and utilized one of the physical advantages of Astartes. Their incredible agility.

                  Leaping to the side at a speed unbecoming of something 8 feet tall and weighing a few tons, he deftly avoided the rest of the sigils as he rolled on his shoulders and back to his feet, his eyes losing their glow as he pulled his bolter out again, taking a couple of shots at Ash once more.

                  "Surrender now heretic, you are in above your head." Just then Ignus' ears caught wind of a statement made by someone nearby. Heresy-era armour, long out of use. He couldn't afford to look at whoever made the statement, but he responded nonetheless.

                  "Get to safety citizen, this is not a place to be loitering about!"
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                    "While your words are true, Lord Salamander, I cannot allow you to face this foe alone when I can be of use."

                    Dae pulled back his cloak, revealing a heavy carapace armour underneath. It was powered armour of a sort, but required less servos as Dae's physical strength was more than enough to make it move. Of course, it still sounded the same to any ear, except perhaps the Salamander. Whether the Space Marine would care during a firefight was another matter. Dae's hands burned with his crimson coloured Dark Fire, drawing a bead on the rogue psyker before them. "RYUUKEN TAIHĂ”!"

                    Dae thrust his hand forward in a savage palm thrust, and a jet of Dark Fire erupted from his armoured palm, swirling and seeking out the dangerous cultist before him.
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                      Their eye flicked over to Daemon Keido, and suddenly a great telekinetic pressure would fall upon them, with the intent to freeze their whole body in place before the armored man could finish whatever he was saying. Ash then spoke, words directed at the Astartes while their eyes were trained on the new assailant, giving the Keido a long look at their eyes, wholly black like a rat except for a white star of chaos where their pupil and iris would normally be.

                      The Astartes was closer to the railing, it was hardy and good take a beating from normal humans, but it could only take so much weight and force, and an Astartes flung into it would surely destroy it, and send them falling down a large chasm, deeper into the underbelly, possibly even kill them, and Ash was determined to do this. Their eyes would squint slightly before turning towards Ignis, and with it Daemon Keido would find the psychic force trying to keep him in place, now redirecting his velocity towards the Space Marine at high speeds, intent on slamming one foe into another, and hopefully both into it. Once the Keido was left flying Ash would stumble onto the ground, using one's full ability with the warp always carried risks, and while Ash accepted them, that was not the same as prevention, and anyone still there at the end would begin to smeel a foul stench, but not of the bodies, it was much to bizarre a smell for that...

                      Ash got off light for using that strength for now. They had to be careful not to overdo it and subject themselves to something far worse, and again their eyes flicked another way, footsteps, not a crowd but of the arbites. Quickly acting, Ash flapped their wings and quickly rose into the rafters again, before folding them in and climbing through pipe after pipe, some of soft materials like iron or steel, others of ceramite. Staying in one place was death, keep moving and never let them pin you down.

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                        Dae felt his body lock up before he was able to fully push with his Leyic energy. This cultist thought his power was based on his ability to speak, so it suited him to make them think that still. Just as he was able to get a plan ready, he felt his body rocketed towards Ignus, shifting his weight as soon as he could to turn in the air, just in time to post off his hands on Ignus' right pauldron, taking the time to say a few words before he flipped off the Astartes' armoured body. "They are a telekine as well. At least the heretic has one less trick to surprise us with."

                        Dae landed lightly despite the armour, his ears and eyes keying into the world around them. But his sense of smell reigned supreme, following Ash' scent path even as they did their best to hide. "Where are you......" Even as he appeared to not know, he slowly moved into what would be a good angle to ambush from for Ash.....now all Dae needed was for the cultist to take the bait.
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                          "Clearly." Ignus said as Daemon managed to land himself without much issue from the Telekine's manipulation. Some things he noticed during that small stint, Ash had telekinetic capabilities, that was to be expected given their allegiance to Tzeentch. Something else had been noticed, this stranger both had the agility unbecoming of a human and was adorned in power armour of some kind. Not one he could recognize by either visual or by the way its mechanizations functioned on an auditory basis. Though the answer quickly came to his head as he remembered he had made mention of Ignus' armour itself being long out of use.

                          What year is it?

                          Ignus wondered for only a brief second as his mind snapped back into its fighting nature, immediately turning his eyes to Ash as they escaped through a pipe into an entire network of them. Just like Daemon, Ignus' sense of smell was better than any human's, and the wretched stench of Chaos wafted through the pipes like a dead animal rotting. Though where precisely Ash was in this network, Ignus couldn't figure out. They were fast, and the pipe system was diverse, even using his ears was made somewhat difficult considering the echoing their movements would make surrounded in heavy material.

                          But it turned out he wouldn't need to delve into his sensory librarian powers again, Daemon seemed to have figured it out, himself perched overlooking a few exit points for a set of pipes. Pondering where they were, but as he looked closer at Daemon, he could see from the way his body acted, the way his eyes seemed to narrow with an almost animalistic nature that he had figured out where Ash was likely to come from. His sense of smell must've been greater than his own, no doubt amplified by a subtle implant of some sort.

                          Ignus' eyes looked around from where those endpoints stretched from. Seeing their origin point, and where the midpoint was. Daemon was offways to the side, not visible from the inside looking out, that gave Ignus a good idea of what to do. Leaping from the rafters to the midpoint of the set of pipes, taking his hand and engulfing it in a subtle bit of warp fire almost similar to that of a torch and seperated them from the greater set of pipes, then continuing the pressure until the end he was holding had melted its material into a proper seal from this end. Only one way out, where Daemon was.

                          Putting the rest into a sort of bearhug, he began to emit his pyromancy proper through his hands onto the pipes, slowly heating them up. He was going to cook Ash out of those pipes, one way or another.


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                            Ash could feel the two's presence, not that the space marine made any effort to conceal their positions, up here in the rafters, seeking to corner them and lure them into a kill zone. If they thought it was going to be that easy, they had another thing coming, a hand signal to focus the rebel's thoughts towards a simple deception. A simple, but quite unbreakable one, the arbites were coming soon, their jackbooted footsteps echoing throughout the pipeworks as they came below.

                            They did know what to expect, except that the station was already in chaos at the hands of heresy they came quickly scanning the area, looking left and right at the dead and wounded, then up- "FIRE ON THEM!" The captain called out, and with lasgun, autogun, even bolter fire alike they shot into the rafters-

                            Right at Librarian Ignis and Daemon Keido.

                            A mantle of lies, a well crafted illusion that turned the two to them and them to Daemon Keido. An illusion immaculate enough that Daemon and Ignis would have trouble telling that the other was not in fact the heretic they hunted, and by that same token the illusion over Ash themselves was so well produced it would be difficult for even kin to tell the difference between what Ash's illusion and the real thing. Patience was required here, though the heat was closing in patience was still required. Let the arbites do their job of stamping down on any sign of corruption...

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                              For the arbites firing upon Ignus, they would find just a small taste of the horror many on the battlefields faced when the Astartes were called down upon them. A walking mass of bulletproof flesh, genetically engineered beyond human capability, clad in armour found on baneblades from head to toe. As the peashooters harmlessly clink against the ceramite plating, raising his attention temporarily as he stared them down from afar and though from this distance, the darkness would serve to cloak most of the Astartes' dulling colour save for his eyes, red orbs that spoke more words than he would ever need to.

                              Stand down

                              The suggestion would enter their minds, the suggestion carefully crafted like a weapon forged in a Nocturne forge. The message would come politely, but stern. Some lowering their weapons, and others beginning to second think their aim before raising their arms again, this one in particular wielding a bolter. Freeing one of his hands only temporarily, Ignus pointed it towards them, those phantom hands manifesting again and ripping the bolter from his hands. To Ignus the use of this weapon was nothing special, it was simply a tool to enact the Emperor's Will, to further the protection of humanity. But to the Imperium, to turn such a sacred weapon upon an Astartes, treacherous.

                              "You seek to influence their minds and turn them against their fellow man, you are rotten to the core, like all Chaos, needing to be snuffed out. Yours is a fire that burns with hatred, with an illness that seeks to bring ruin to all." As he turned his head around, and placed his hand back, he froze. He looked where Daemon last stood, seeing the Tzeentchian cultist standing there, perched, staring at him.

                              That couldn't be right, they were in these pipes, he hadn't heard Daemon move, so he couldn't... and yet...

                              If Daemon could look underneath the helm, he would see Ignus' expression blank, his eyes widened and observing every subtle movement. He couldn't take even the slightest chance, one wrong move then he was likely to be struck. Why would a weak cultist leave themself open? So readily available to strike, or shoot and kill? It was too stupid... but maybe stupid enough to work? This is the web he got himself tangled up in, he had been away from this world for so long that even his remarkable stalwart mind was able to slip for even a brief moment, that one moment being focusing on the Arbites.

                              Reaching for his bolter, he raised it at Daemon, his eyes not blinking at any point, the world itself began to shut itself out. His entire focus on just himself and Daemon. Even as he did so, the illusion he saw didn't flinch, didn't waver as the weapon that would surely burrow through and leave them in bits was aimed center-mass. No words, even if Daemon spoke, he didn't hear it. Was this a sign that this was Daemon? That the cultist didn't care for life and death? Or that the cultist was using this as a way to psyche him out?

                              All he could hear was his own heartbeat, his own breathing, this thing's breathing, its heartbeat.

                              Ignus swallowed as his finger reluctantly began to pull on the trigger, and just before it was pulled enough to shoot, he heard the servitors of not his armour wheezing, but of Daemon's. As he heard it, the illusion shattered, Daemon being revealed in his true self right where he thought Ash was. He lowered his bolter, nodding towards Daemon. He had no idea if Daemon had gone through something similar, how he felt, all he hoped was that the nod was good enough understanding between the two that the spell put on them was over.

                              Ignus snarled underneath his helmet, psychic barriers beginning to build up in his mind. He would not let this happen again. Putting his bolter back at rest, he grabbed the pipes again.

                              "You wicked animal." Heat began to force itself on the pipes at tenfold the rate it was before, Ignus' anger seething through his hands. The pipes beginning to slag, falling through his grasp like sand through a clenched fist. But Ignus did not know how long he had spent staring at Daemon attempting to figure fact from fiction. For all he knew, Ash had likely escaped.