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Dark Souls-esque rp: The Lords of Life

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    She didn't trust Victoria, and hadn't even the ninja her name, but she had a better idea than any of them had, especially given how they had no knowledge on this situation.

    Synford had a point in how casually she had killed them, but for now, she preferred allies to enemies. Just need to follow for now. Still with what Synford said... "You had to outrun chickens?"

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      "Why yes, Uncle Buck's chickens are too affectionate and they can warm up quickly to strangers," Synford replied to Harriet. "I, had many errands involving Uncle Buck, And I do not want these filthy creature to smother me to death. I have done several time records as a matter of fact, you know."


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        "That speed, built by running from chickens." Arakan nodded while looking away, raising his eyebrows as he did so. Tall tale.

        "I don't believe we're in a position to question her methods, she'll turn us to ribbons just as easily as she did to those poor souls. I have a feeling we don't have much of a choice in this do we?" Arakan asked towards the ninja.
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          She chuckled. "Yes, well you needn't worry. You four are not to die at all costs. Now, onward!"

          30 minutes later...

          The rest stop appeared to be little more than a small encampment with around 10 or 15 people waiting around a bonfire. But now they didn't need to wait. Victoria and the others arrive, and one of the people look to and greet them. "Hey! You all made it after all!" The others looked to them as well and they began cheering as the ninja approached. A beer in hand, they all make a toast in response. "3 cheers to our new lords!"

          Geoffrey turned to the others. "You see? I knew there was something significant about him saying that!"


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            "Aha! I see they were anxiously awaiting for me!" Synford grinned and flexed his skinny muscles. "Now, will you answer all of our questions, lady?" He turned to Victoria. "Why have we been brought back from the dead? Do we have another purpose that calls us?...well, calls me. The three others can go back to sleep. I am more than enough, I'll have you know!"


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              Victoria and the others laugh at the clearly false bravado coming from the young man. "So, you're hot stuff, are you? Ok, well we are having a problem with a giant... about 50 feet tall... with a giant cleaver... think you could step in?" Everyone laughs some more. "But in all seriousness, yes, it is time to answer any and all questions you all may have."

              She addresses Synford. "You were all brought here by a powerful mage that is far north in a castle. Not much is known by us about the man other than that he is a part of a big scheme to rebuild this planet. I don't know how he operates, but the rumor is that he has eyes and ears everywhere, and you lot were picked out of many choices due to heavy research. That is what is known. It's just a rumor though, so we actually wish to find out more ourselves.

              I understand you also wish to know about those people I killed back there. Look, the fact is that is going to happen a lot. Get used to it. Those people are nonbelievers, and they are not buying anything about any lords coming to take any sort of role in this existence. They attack out of fear and ignorance. There are many such groups. On the other hand, there are a handful of groups like us, looking to really find the answers. We acknowledge each other as the enlightened ones, as we look to shine light on mystery rather than burn it down. So stick with us and you'll go far."

              She then turned to Geoffrey. "You heard of the term 'lord' before I mentioned it?" Geoffrey nods his head. "Hmmm, seems some of those guys are getting really bold..."


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                Arakan stood with his arms crossed, poleaxe handle leaning on him as he listened closely. A mage had brought them here for some big plan to rebuild the planet... he wasn't sure exactly that they weren't the evil undead risen to enact the apocalypse. Not exactly the way he had expected his life to renew, though not all that unlikely. He would keep quiet on his suspicions for now, he was probably no better off coming off suspicious to this group than he would revealing himself to the general public. Atleast for now, this group didn't seem to want to poke him full of holes.

                "So this enlightenment you speak of, what does that entail? I apologize for being unaware but you'll have to excuse my ignorance, I've been dead for a while."


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                  Victoria turned back to Arakan. "Those people that attacked you? They're ignorant. We are too. The key difference being that we attempt to find out about this big plot instead of blindly attacking it. We call ourselves Enlightened, not because it's an accurate title, but it's a foreboding one. That's the idea, at least. We've clearly learned enough, seeing as I found you lot. There's still much to unravel, but we're making progress."

                  She stopped and turned back towards the camp. "Make yourselves at home here, as it will be just that for the time being. We eventually want to settle, but now is really not the time." She sits down, motioning the others to join her. "We are actually constantly on the move. You see, the Nonbelievers are aware of us, or at least some of them are. They don't like us very much either. It's why we're so powerful. We knew that to survive in our mission that much training was needed. Now, most of the fools are weak and insignificant, but we've come across a few that made us flee. You'll surely see some of those warriors too. So we will train you all to be like us. We are not all the same, but we all can help equally regardless. We all come from different backgrounds, but we unite under one purpose, and we move as one body. That's another key factor in our strength as a group. While they rely on mere numbers, we strive for quality." She sighs. "But enough about all that, time to get comfy."


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                    Enlightened they called themselves, she can't say she put much stock into that, all sorts of religious fundamentalists had considered themselves illuminated compared to the populace, all the while shrinking further into delusion. She wasn't sure about trusting them fully yet, but the important part was they seemed to be friendly, for now at least. She sat down, looking over the food they ate, she came back alive, did her hunger come back with it? Or was it now something unnecessary?

                    More important things to take care of later, for now, she wanted to... Explore this new form she supposed.

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                      And so a great feast was had in celebration. Many words were shared, mostly trivial stuff. Some spirits were consumed, some simple fun was had, and just like that the evening passed. The bonfire was put out, and everyone got ready to sleep the night away. Everyone except Victoria, who kept watch over the others just in case.

                      The sun came out, and Victoria began waking everyone up. 'RISE AND SHINE, SLEEPYHEADS! IT IS TIME TO BEGIN TRAINING! OUR NEW LORDS MUST BE CAUGHT UP ON THINGS, AND THAT MEANS YOU SORRY LOT GOTTA WORK A LITTLE HARDER, YOU HEAR?" All the other group members (sans the undead) quickly rose as soon as she spoke her first words, as if they were trained to do so. One may think she was going to burst a lung with how loud she was yelling, but this happened every morning.

                      Geoffrey awoke. He, like everyone here, was just lying on the uncovered ground. He stretched and looked to Victoria, giving a quick nod. She doesn't return the favor. "Ah, you rise quickly. Are you military, by chance?" He nods his head again in response. "I was a knight." She smiles. "Good, that's perfect. We have less to worry about already. Hopefully the others have some real former training as well."


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                        "Goodness Christ!" Synford bolted out from sleep as Victoria shouted, "Tone it down, would you!?" He looked at her with a somewhat angry, comedic stare. "I was beautifully walking in the land of nap! Eh, no use in going back I suppose. Time to show the world my prowess." He said, and he got up. "So, what is in today's plan, miss?" He asked Victoria.


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                          Victoria looked to Synford, not looking terribly impressed by his attitude. "Hello, I see you're the second one up. Today we begin our training, in case you didn't hear me screaming. We are going to head to the nearby forest. More direction will be given once we get there."


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                            She laid in bed, sleeping like the dead, even past the damn announcement she made. Slowly rising she pick herself up groaning. "We should be resting forever, are you that surprised we take time to stir?" She said, hearing her discontent. Still, training... Perhaps it'd be good to remember her own abilities, ever since rising she hardly had a chance to test out her abilities. Tapping her allies who still slumbered, she rose up, wiping her face with her hand, a habit from when she still lived to groom herself, though the days of her beauty were long behind her now.

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                              As Redwell tapped Arakan's arm, he stirred awake. The pole of his weapon resting on his head. Looking up from underneath his conical hat as she walked by. From the look of things, everyone else was waking up as well. Being dead was a strange experience, usually waking up, he would find his skin to be itchy, especially around his beard. But he didn't feel the urge to itch, for the most part his body was numb from its own function. Every bit as alien now as it was yesterday. This was going to take some time to get used to. Nodding as Victoria said that today was the beginning of their training.

                              "Very well." He said as he rose from the floor.


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                                Victoria didn't respond to anyone in particular; it seemed she was taking this very seriously. "Alright, the first step is to get you all some better gear. We have a secret armory, and we must head back to the graveyard from yesterday to access it. Are you all ready? Oh, who am I kidding, of course you are!"

                                She and the others all began heading out. Geoffrey followed suit.

                                But before they were to get very far, a group of about 40 people appeared, a few people at a time from all directions popping out of nowhere. They carried weaponry of various types. Pitchforks, swords, axes, bows, crossbows, you name it, it looked to be there. This caused the group to halt.

                                "Well, well, well. What do we have here? It seems we've found you at last, oh ye enlightened ones..."

                                The voice those words belonged to was not known, until a single man appeared to stand in front of all the others. Dressed in bright silver armor, with an equally bright greatsword slung over his shoulder, was a very tall man of light complexion. "Remember me, Victoria?"

                                Victoria would put her hand out behind her, saying she would handle the situation. "What do you want, Francis?"

                                The man responded by pointing the greatsword in her direction. In a narcissistic tone he said, "Your head... as usual. Is that not the right answer?" The people behind him began marching toward the Enlightened ones, who all drew their blades, as Francis stood in place. Victoria shouted out, "Get ready for battle, you four! This could get sticky..."