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Dark Souls-esque rp: The Lords of Life

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  • Dark Souls-esque rp: The Lords of Life

    Humanity. What really is it? Well, for many in this age, it is a state of being that is highly sought after and rarely attained. Countless undead have been slain due to the hope of being... alive. How funny, one may think. A waste, even.

    But such thoughts would get your guts spilled out from the ones that would soon be awakening.

    DING... DING... DING... DING.

    The bells went off, and the destined souls would rise shortly after. Their goal? To reach the camp.

    This was the Cemetery of the Pheonix, and its name was awfully fitting. While fire wasn't involved, the passion in the eyes of those called to come out from their tombs may as well have been.

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    Synford Calamity, a young aspiring adventurer, had tragically met his end only a few days ago after he left his hometown. Many thought of him as a fool for venturing into the dark and harsh outside world, while others mourned his death and wondered why couldn't he have only lived a boring, but simple and safe life much like they did.

    He would be buried into the Cemetery of the Phoenix, as it was the closest one to town.

    "Uargh!" From under the dirt, Synford got up, it was night and he looked around. "Goodness, was that a dream?" Synford remembered his last moments, prior to his resurrection. "I remember an enemy shot an arrow at me, straight in my forehead!" He looked around, and found himself in a cemetory. "They do not believe I have truly perished, do they?" He wondered to himself.


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      He was a proud knight.

      Sir Gregory had served for years as a guard to the Great Chapel of Edgeville, a town appropriately named for being on and around a small island in the middle of a bigger island. One night, he was out patrolling by himself (a privilege he was granted from time to time when little action was going on) and was unfortunately ambushed by a surprise bandit attack. He was left defenseless, and was brutally murdered by 10 bandits.

      He awakes from his slumber, body still suffering from the wounds of battle. With many grunts and groans, he slowly climbs out of his coffin, confused as hell. "Wha-? What's going on? Why am I alive? And where am I? The cemetery near the city?" He looks over to see someone else also arisen from a grave. "You!" He points to the other undead soul. "Have you any idea what's going on?"


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        "Huh?" Synford turned to a sudden voice asking him. "I do not," Synford replied to Gregory. "All I remember is having this strange dream about being hit by an arrow in my forehead, and then waking up here, in the cemetery." Seeing Gregory filled with cuts, it made Synford wonder. Quickly, he would put his hand on his forehead, he slid his finger. There, he felt some sort of hole, an arrow hole, and Synford gulped.

        "...This might sound crazy, but I believe we have died and resurrected through strange ways. Perhaps the work of a wizard or witch?" He asked Gregory.


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          Gregory scratches his head in confusion. "How odd... but it's not completely out of the question I suppose." He looked over himself and was shocked at the job those bandits did on him. "My, my, why am I not in severe pain? Does that come with not being fully alive?"

          Just then, someone had walked into the cemetery, whistling. They took one look at what had to look like two zombies and shrieked. "The lords have risen! We're doomed!!!" They quickly about-face and sprint out of the area.


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            Muffled, she could hear talking from... Somewhere. It was dark, dark and cold... It felt suffocating.

            She needed to get out, slowly her hands crawled up, in an attempt to find breath, a hand poking out, and precious light just beginning to illuminate, the soil was loose... It wasn't too difficult to escape, with a groan she rose fully, ignoring the shrieks as the women ran.

            A cough, she began to look around, behind her was a shallow grave... Ah... She must have died in her sleep. And now she had risen again. She looked at her hands, the skin was still there, muscles were there but shriveled up, bringing it up to her hands, she felt her bony face up. "Death wasn't for me then." She said, before walking back into that grave... There were a few objects, her belongings, a rapier and a bag. She put in her rapier, slowly at first, then simply dropped it in once it was clear this was her bag of holding, before fishing it out and attaching it to her hip. She was lucky no one stripped her of her belongings before tossing her here.

            She looked over at the other two, and upon their face they would see her, dark skin, one eye clouded by cateracs, as well as the general skeletal look of someone who starved in what little of her body showed. "

            "We're dead, or rather supposed to be it seems." She would say to them. She adjusted her clothes, making sure they wrapped around more of her body than what had been shuffled around, she still looked awful but not skeletal, covered by the back clothing that shrouded her deathly figure, face and body, revealing only her eyes, one blue, the other a milky white, a product of cateracts in life.
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              Synford looked at the woman who made her sudden appearance. Dark skinned and having two different colored eyes, and he was amazed. From where he came, people were fair skinned and had blue eyes, including himself. "Might you be a witch," Synford asked, no chill. "I have heard that skin of witches were as dark as night itself. I demand an explanation for bringing us back to life."


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                A quizzical look crossed her eyes "I know some magic, not nearly enough for this." She simply said, his stories were his cultures, and it wouldn't be surprising to her, magic in her own home was not looked upon as honest despite it's utility. She wouldn't be surprised is a coven left up north in response. "In any case, I'm in the dark as to how we live, same as you."

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                  "Did you hear what that person said?", asked Gregory. "They called us lords... surely that must mean something?"


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                    "I was hardly a lord in life, I doubt anyone would really know me these days... Either she mistook us for someone else, or it's something related to how we came to." Redwell said.

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                      Another one rose to a sitting up position. His noble-class clothes and his face dirtied by the earth he had been underneath. He did not speak for some time, simply staying quiet, wide eyed as he observed the area around him. No one came for him, no one mourned him. None knew him as ever having been alive, or in this case, dead. Whatever shock he had from realizing he rose from a grave was overtaken by the sobering reality of his loneliness. Rising completely from his grave, he reached back down and pulled out his weapon, a poleaxe and a sharpening tool.

                      He looked over to where others had risen from the dirt, his expression unchanging from its melancholy state, even seeing the death on their faces. What judgement could he pass onto the undead, if he was amongst their ranks?

                      "Why do we rise?"


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                        "Aha! They have heard of my exploits, did they not!" Synford said, stroking his chin and grinning, "My tales cross the world and many ears have heard of them, it seems."

                        It was then another voice was heard, it asked a question. "It seems this question is on everyone's mind, but, everyone denies the fact that dis is a second chance at life, a blessing many would have. But if I have to throw some coins of silver, I would say there is witchcraft at hand." Synford spoke.


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                          "Well, shall we band together for the time being? Maybe we can make sense of this. I believe I know this area pretty well, I can show the way if need be."


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                            "We are abominations, your tales are nightmares if they see you as you are." Arakan would respond to the seemingly vain Synford.

                            "Banding together is likely the best course of action, we risk retaliation out of fear if we stride alone. If you know the path, lead us and we will follow."


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                              "I was hardly a lord in life, I doubt anyone would really know me these days... Either she mistook us for someone else, or it's something related to how we came to." Redwell said. "Alright, as he said," referring to Arakan, "If we don't move, they will likely come for us right here. Start moving." She said. "Anyone recognize this place? The quickest way out?"

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