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Tournament of Power RP Thread

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  • Tournament of Power RP Thread

    List of the teams and their characters. As each fighter is eliminated I will put a strike through their name. If I forgot anyone or if you have last minute adds, let me know in discord.
    Spoiler Alert!

    Greeny's Team
    Jon Leon

    Darker's Team Megatron
    Megatron (G1)
    Megatron (Beast Wars)
    Megatron (Animated)
    Megatron (Aligned)
    Megatron (IDW)
    Megatron (Bayformers - Dark of the Moon)

    Darker's Team Penguin
    The Penguin
    Killer Croc
    Killer Moth

    Tinny's Team Guardian
    Naomi Whitaker- Star Guardian
    Nara Bonfield- Sun Guardian
    Hitomi Furuya- Woods Guardian
    Ellen Smith- Winter Guardian
    Anya Diaz- Diamond Guardian
    Aarush Laksha- Rainbow Guardian

    Notaka's Team
    Monkey D. Luffy
    Edward Elric
    Tanjirou Kamado
    Ichigo Kurosaki
    Hisoka Morow
    Hatake Kakashi
    Katsuki Bakugo

    Lazerbem's Team
    Yuko, The Mechanical City's Scion
    Haruo, The Void's Harbinger
    Shirou Emiya, The Heroic Belief

    Goddess' Team
    Corporal Harkless
    The Hand
    Lu Bu

    Daemon's Team Keido
    Daemon Keido
    Aleksandr Keido
    Aethan Keido
    Abbey Keido
    Thaddeus Cain, Western Warrior

    Darker's Team Terrible Trio
    The Fox
    The Shark
    The Vulture

    Solid Snake's Team
    Ken Masters
    Jin Kazama
    Solid Snake

    Tinny's Team 2
    Kinikia Jackson
    Daniil Chupalov

    ChocolateCosmos' Team
    Koba Cheo (Kobalt Mk. 3)

    The arena is the same as the Tournament of Power in DBS. Weapons, killing, and flying are all allowed. I'm probably not going to be killing off any of my characters, but if it's something you want to do then that's fine. There is no time limit, so the fighter who is last standing will win it for their team. I think the rest should be pretty straightforward.

    . . .

    "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Tournament of Power!!" the announcer yelled. He floated about the teams as he stood on a small platform. There was a large audience as people from all over different realities came to watch this grand spectacle. "At long last we have the ultimate tournament in store for you. There are several different teams fighting today and whoever wins the tournament will be granted a wish from the Super Dragon Balls (I guess lol)!! Let the Tournament of Power . . . begin!!!"

    "So, we should probably stay together, right?" Yamcha asked. "Since we're a team and all." Goku and Camus both looked at Yamcha for a few seconds then burst off into the battle zone. ". . . What about you, Jon?"

    "I'd rather fight alone," Jon replied. He turned and slowly walked away from the rest of his team. Yamcha then looked at the others.

    "I'm just going to stand by Zelgius the whole time to be safe! Hahaha!" Ryoma exclaimed joyfully. Zelgius, garbed in his heavy black armor that constricted his true power, didn't say a word.

    ". . . I guess that's not the worst tactic," Yamcha began. "But he isn't going to budge an inch. I still want to fight."

    "Don't worry, Yamcha," Goten replied. "I'll fight with you."
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    In the edge of the arena, opposite to where the first team stood, was a hub of light emanating. There, ten fighters, each from a different reality, had appeared.

    "Huh? What?" A man wearing a red vest and a strawhat, said. He was confused and looked around. "This isn't the Thousand Sunny! Zoro?! Sanji?! Everyone, where are you?!" Luffy looked around, but, nowhere to be found.

    "It's been a while since I saw you." Luffy heard a voice behind him and he turned. There, he'd see a man wearing traditional Japanese clothes and had a large sword.

    "Ichigo?! Hey, it's cool to see you too! If you're here, then Naruto must be nearby, isn't he? It seems the Jump team has a job to do! Where is he?!" Luffy began looking around. "He's not here, but, allow me to take his place." Another man appeared, he had silver hair and wore a mask to cover his left eye. "You were Naruto's master, right! Bandana guy!" Luffy pointed at him.

    "...Luffy, his name is Kakashi." Ichigo replied. "So, if we're here, then it means someone's threatening Jump Universe again. Who could it be? You don't think it's the likes of Aizen, and the other villains?"

    "Doubtful. I've had a dream yesterday," Kakashi replied, "Apparently, we are to participate in a tournament, but why I was chosen specifically instead of either Naruto or Sasuke, I have no idea."

    "Now that you mention it, Yeah, I've had something like that. But I was on my way to save Karakura town," Ichigo said. "I can't waste anymore time, then. Everyone is fighting."

    "We all have better things to do," Ichigo, Kakashi and Luffy would also hear a new voice, they looked around but were confused. "...I'm DOWN HERE!" The voice yelled, the three of them looked down and they saw a short blonde haired teenager, looking visibly annoyed. "Huh? Sorry, sorry! It's just that you're too short, so we couldn't see you!" Luffy grinned.

    "Did you call me SHORT?!" Edward Elric spoke, he was trying to start a fight. "...Can we cut this out? It looks like you have something to say. Please do so." Kakashi tried to stop any mischief from happening. Edward Elric would calm down and then proceed to explain everything.

    "I see, so it was true," Ichigo spoke. "And we're supposed to work with them?" He pointed at the other characters. "Yes, so, let's try and get along. It won't do good for any of us if we were to lose this, each of us can't afford to waste times and must return to our realities. But I don't think some of these guys are willing to work with us." Edward spoke with disdain, he was eyeing a couple of characters. "They look like they have their personal agendas."

    Meanwhile, someone far was looking at them, and he approached them. He too bore a sword and he looked trustworthy enough. He would introduce himself as Tanjiro Kamado, and explained his circumstances, saying how he had to go back to his world and find a cure for his sister. Shortly after, a large, well built man had also appeared and Ichigo, Luffy and Kakashi were quick to recognize him, Kenshiro, the 64th hokuto shinken user. He too was in this place and he only sought to return back to Yuria's side.

    "Right then, let's get to it!" Luffy grinned, cracking his knuckles.


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      "Deep breaths..." Anya said quietly, to herself alone as the curtains lifted on their opponents. In... And out. How long has it been since she was in this getup? It matured along with her, but all the same, it had almost a decade since they last had fought against a great foe. Though... This wasn't exactly a foe. More like ten other teams, some were robots, some seemed like normal humans, others were aliens or creatures out of fantasy. And then there was their team, the Guardians were put here. In... And out. She felt a hand on her shoulder, looking up, it was Aarush. She had adjusted to the name since they were children, but after all that time, she could barely recognize him from when they first met, the princess and child model. She held his hand in her own. "That obvious?" Anya said to him. He simply nodded.

      One hell of a way to have a reunion after the years they spent apart. Anya had to hope they could still mesh as well as they did when they were eleven. Naomij- Star Guardian right now, shouted out "Alright team! We'll just do what we always do!" And was about to fly forward before she get held back, Nara- Sun Guardian right now stopped her and said "Or maybe we wait for someone to make the first move. There's like ten other teams here. Let's at least see what they can do." "R-right." "Naomi-" "Star" "Right. Star we're gonna have to pace ourselves. "A-Diamond! Star! Defense!" Sun Guardian barked out. Anya would hate to admit it, but she flinched at how suddenly loud she was, but she did mention she had become a teacher in her Kung-Fu school earlier. It certainly gave her more presence if that order was anything to go by. Me and Star flew out in front, she was in the air to the left, I was on the ground towards the right, in front of my team. I could hear Sun Guardian giving a few more orders, Hitomi-Woods Guardian and Ellen-Winter Guardian would stay in the back, and Sun Guardian and Aarush- Rainbow Guardian would be in the middle in a rectangle...

      "Nara did you base this off of DnD?" "N-no!" Sun Guardian said in such a way that betrayed her embarrassment. Maybe it was how serious Naomi had been when explaining this whole thing before that, but figuring out Nara just based our formation on some board game left me laughing Aarush spoke up, "Nara you shouldn't base your strategies on Dungeons and Dragons-" "I didn't!" "If you say so." Aarush said, I turned back to see Nara red as a tomato while Aarush tried his hardest to suppress a smirk.

      Right, this was the team introduced as the saviors of the universe. Hopefully everyone else was as dysfunctional as this team, though if seeing the other team ready to throw punches over something or other... We'll be fine. She thought to herself upon taking another look.
      Kinikia looked over the whole arena and their place within it. They already hashed out the plan before as Kinikia knew where everyone would be located, and who was who... "Alright, we'll stay in the back, Gaiyase, you ready?" She said, as Daniil and her pulled out their pistols. "I'll meet them." She said, before flying forward right at Goku and Camus, Tamate following behind, at a distance. Gaiyase flew up and above them, and called the Saiyan out "Son Goku is it? In my world you died quickly." She said, "I wonder how you got strong enough to get here." On the surface those words seemed to compliments, but the sneer on her face as she looked down at him and the contempt in her voice said more than enough of what she really thought of the Martial Artist. She took a stance Goku would recognize as similar to Whis (if not quite as flawless, but who was compared to Whis), and with one hand gesture, beckoned him closer. A challenge.
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        "Hmm, you look pretty tough," Goku replied. He stepped down and faced Gaiyase and placed his body into a fighting stance too. "Pretty cool that I existed in your world, too bad I died though." Goku would pull his right leg back then propel himself forward and start the fight off with a barrage of kicks flying at Tamate.
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          Gaiyase saw his attack, a flurry of kicks aimed straight at her, she stepped back, giving ground before him, the fight had only just begun after all, and the others had yet to flood in. Rather than attack straight on, she waited for her chance, looking at his attacks, swift as they were.

          Back and back and back with kick after kick... There! She thought, and with swiftness, one kick coming in at the right angle. She her left hand, and would attempt to grab his ankle and pull him in, with the intention of creating a ki blade in her hand, and driving it deep into Goku's stomach. She wanted to strike a decisive blow quickly, and even should Goku managed to avoid his stomach being split open with a ki blade, it would reestablish the momentum of the fight in her favor, with her forcing Goku back, rather than the other way around.

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            "Here again..." The Hand mumbled as he took in the surroundings once more, he remembered this place, he remembered being here with Ultimecia on his side. But she was no longer here, long gone. Instead replaced with an assortment of intimidating warriors. Those clad in armour from head to toe, some in wooden armour, others in steel, others in the scale of dragons. One of them carried an assortment of firearms, the rest seemed content with weapons of the ancients, those forged in fire. While he missed having someone of her caliber on his side, the numerous amount he was paired with here was re-assuring in its own way. He could smell the scent of magic emanating from the one in Scale, and the one with black armour.

            "Brothers, we are outnumbered heavily, by sticking together, we increase our chances of survival." The Hand said as he tapped the front of his shield with his sword's hilt, igniting the green neon flame on both sword and shield. Green neon flames erupting from the two open ports at the top of his helmet, forming into viking horns.

            "Not a bad idea, we'll have to be aware of any ordinance or... extra abilities they might have." Corporal Harkless says as his helmet forms over his head, his assault rifle ready as he takes a deep breath.

            "I'll stay in the back, if anyone is willing to be our front piece, I can assist." Lawbringer says through his helmet as Shugoki beats his chest moving to the front by himself, Kanabo in one hand. Taking a sumo pose as he raises one leg at a time, slamming them on the ground once, standing ready.

            "I'll assist from the back as well, we'll need the fire support." Harkless says as he moves behind the Lawbringer, assault rifle at the ready.

            "And I will assist the Shugoki in the front." The Hand nods as he stands next to the hulking giant. Looking over to the rest, a familiar face in The Edge, and two unfamiliar ones. One wearing an eyepatch, and the other wearing a headress reminiscent of a red bug of some sort.

            "Will you three be joining us?" The Hand asks, the answers he got varied differently.

            "I have no use in your formation, my role is already taken, I'll be observing the others, relay what I can back." Kaishi says as he leaps in the air to the top of the pillar, perching at the end of one side looking down. There weren't a gross amount of contestants, but each one seemed to be formidable in their own way, the most noticeable of them being the gigantic robots.

            "I don't have a place in a group, you know that as well as anyone. I do better by myself." The Edge says with a warm smile as he begins to walk away from the group.

            "Quiet worm!" Lu Bu shouts at The Hand as he too walks forward, away from the group.


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              "Oh, great. Now where are we?" - asked the annoyed Penguin, looking around to see nothing but a vast space full of other people suddenly appearing. - "How am I going to get that golden beauty now?!"

              "Kinda looks like a tournament arena, like those held in Japan."

              "How would you know?" - asked Firefly.

              "Have you ever seen me fight, flyboy?" - replied Killer Croc, showing off his huge fist in front of Firefly's face.

              "Now now." - said Ragdoll, putting himself between Croc and Firefly. - "We all heard the announcer."

              "Uh... I didn't." - said Killer Moth.

              "What a surprise..." - said the whole team minus Mothy in unision.

              A short squabble broke out among them, before a group walked up to them.

              "Croc? Penguin?" - said a voice.

              The Team turned to see a trio of animal-based masked fighters.

              "And who are you supposed to be?" - asked Penguin, pointing his umbrella at them.

              "The Fearsome Fangs. Also called the Terrible Trio." - answered the Fox, smacking away his umbrella. As Penguin ran to retrieve his property, the Fox continued. - "You two are pretty famous in Gotham... We were planning to buy ourselves a few companies there. Seems like a nice place."

              "Well we don't recognize ya." - said Killer Croc.

              "You wouldn't, lizard brain. We haven't gone there yet, remember?" - said the Shark.

              "You don't want any of this, fish breath." - replied Killer Croc. The Shark was ready to swing his large metal mallet at him, but the Vulture stopped him.

              "Don't be hasty. It's clear that we're not from the same reality. Just look at the crowd above." - said the Vulture.

              "Realities? Are you talking about the multiverse theory? That crap's bogus." - said Firefly.

              "No one asked for your opinion, whoever you are. I hardly even recognize either of you from the newspapers photos I remember seeing, so it's evident we're not part of the same universe." - said Fox. - "Just look at the other fighters in this arena. They possess powers unlike anything we've ever seen before."

              "H-Hey! You can't claim to know what we've seen!" - said Killer Moth, getting ignored.

              "But they've yet to see our power!" - said Fox, still holding onto the totem they'd been holding all this time, now lifting it up in the air while Vulture and Shark touched it as well, transforming into monstrous versions of the animals they represented, surprising Team Penguin. With his voice having gotten slightly deeper, he said: "We would've defeated Batman and Bronze Tiger and conquered China with this power... But we won't settle with you five, because I alone could take you all down. The others look a bit more promising." - he said, as the Trio ran towards the first team they saw that looked worth the thrill of fighting them, these being a large group of swordsmen, including one that looked quite a bit Lu Bu, but it surely couldn't be him... Right?

              "Did those guys seriously don't recognize me? How am I not as famous as either of you?!" - Firefly asked at both Penguin and Croc, both still a bit shocked from the transformation.

              "Are those guys friends with Man-Bat or something? Ugh, there are far too many animal-themed villains in Gotham, I swear..." - said Ragdoll, looking to the side for a moment. - "Gentlemen, I suggest we run."

              The whole team looked to where Ragdoll was looking, seeing a group of towering and intimidating metal figures, and immediately running in the opposite direction, as well as far from any team, towards any safe spot they could find.

              "So, we have been summoned to a tournament spanning multiple realities. Brings back good memories, of the gladiatorial days in Kaon..." - said Megatron (Prime).

              Megatron (IDW) noticed what his counterpart had just said, but did not say anything and remained silent.

              "Nobody summons Megatron!" - angrily said Megatron (G1), shooting at the other teams.

              Megatron (Animated) looked around, noticing that they all shared some similarities. But he didn't care. - "I have been stripped from my victory over the Allspark for this farce?!"

              Megatron (Bayformers), having also noticed they were all Megatrons, lashed out the smallest in his sight, exclaiming: "There can only be one!! I am Megatron!"

              Megatron (G1), not moved at all by this attack, smacked away the other Megatron that was spitting too much on him. - "Unhand me, you ridiculous abomination!" - and having said that, Megatron (Bayformers) obeyed, turning into truck mode and driving away elsewhere.

              "Good riddance. He did not seem valuable in any way. We can win this without him." - said Megatron (Prime)

              "You stink of Dark Energon." - said Megatron (IDW) to Megatron (Prime).

              "A necessity, I assure you. Thanks to it, I have been reborn, stronger than before and with the ability to control the dead!"

              "Does this power allow you to control humans as well?" - asked Megatron (Animated), concerned only about his chances in returning to his reality.

              "I should be able to control any form of organic husk." - replied Megatron (Prime).

              "Enough talk! Let's blow them off the face of this platform!" - shouted Megatron (G1), still shooting at the various teams from a distance.

              "Hmm... Not how I was hoping my predecessor would behave in battle..." - said a voice behind Megatron (IDW), which then proceeded to reveal itself by walking in front of the others. It was yet another Megatron (Beast Wars). - "This is most fascinating. Just after erasing the Maximals from existence I find myself in front of not just one, but multiple potential predecessors!"

              "Predecessors?" - wondered Megatron (Animated).

              "You claim to be our progenie?" - asked Megatron (Prime).

              "Not quite, more akin to a follower, an admirer. All of you are my namesakes, but most specifically, he is." - he said, pointing at Megatron (G1).

              "You come from the future? Then why do you look like a measly scout? Even the yellow one in Optimus Prime's team is taller than you!" - said Megatron (G1), not at all impressed by his more developed predacon successor, due to his size.

              "Optimus Prime? That name sounds familiar..." - said Megatron (Animated).

              Shocked, Megatron (Prime) turned towards his Animated counterpart: "You mean to tell me Optimus Prime does not exist in your reality? Who leads the Autobots, then? How have you not succeeded yet?!"

              "That is of little importance now. They will all be exterminated once we're done with these pathetic organics. Megatrons! Transform and rise up!" - said Megatron (Animated), transforming into his attack helicopter mode and flying towards the nearest team.

              "That, is a plan I can follow." - said Megatron (G1), taking off into the sky in robot mode.

              "Hmph. Agreed." - continued Megatron (Prime) turning into his jet mode, while the silent Megatron (IDW) reluctantly followed through with the plan and transformed into his stealth bomber mode.

              "Yesss... Let us terrorize them!" - finished Megatron (Beast Wars), using his turbines to fly next to his counterparts, all shooting down at once, as if the arena had been suddenly consumed by fiery rain and the Megatrons were the storm.


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                A light beamed in a quadruplet of fighters from varying realms into a location void and darkness, the only light making itself know via a sphere matching the current apparent arena.

                "Hey Ryu, what is this place? Is this one of Master Gouken's mental trainings?", Ken asked, clearly prepared to do battle with his long time rival, same as his best friend.

                Looking over they both saw a familiar face from Pandora Box incident, Jin Kazama, "The Child of Destiny".

                "Greetings.", being the observant quiet warrior and tactician he was he continued, "This appears to be tournament of some kind."

                "You'd be right, the area is way too chattery to be anything else.", "The Legendary Mercenary" appeared seemingly out of nowhere, as if he was a ghost but the others clearly saw he was at the very least some like Guile/Nina Williams from Street Fighter/Tekken respectively.

                "Well, if this is a tournament...who am I to deny this opportunity to defeat these guys?", Ken spoke cockily, Ryu smiling in amusement.

                "If you guys gonna expose yourselves then make sure you're all close, I'll support you guys as long as long as you're in my line of sight and vice versa." Snake declared, Jin concurring.

                "Alright, if we agree with his assessment...", Jin said looking to the militia dressed friendly, with a look Snake deduced he was trying to get a name out of him. "Call me Snake...", he spoke for the three martial artists to hear, they all nodding and fanning out in a triangular angle away from Snake who whipped out M4 Assualt Rifle, placing his suppressor onto the gun's barrel; unclipping the safety, waiting to assist his newly formed teammates.

                Ryu dashing towards Killer Croc, Ken closing in on Ichigo and Jin zoning in the direction of Daemon Keido.


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                  "Hey, what the?" Ichigo turned around and suddenly, explosions were abound all over the arena. "Who's doing this?" He looked up, so did Kakashi, Luffy, Tanjiro and Kenshiro. They would see a bunch of large robots alongside planes.

                  "What the hell? Are we in Gundam now?" Ichigo asked himself, quickly, he would get away from the battlefield. Kakashi also decided it would be safer. "Luffy, We should head back-" Tanjiro was also about to go, but he noticed Luffy staring. "L-Luffy?" Tanjiro went over to him, and he saw Luffy being star-eyed.

                  "Ouaaahh!! Awesome!" Luffy exclaimed at the sight of the various Megatrons, "It's like Franky's robot, maybe even cooler since they can fly! I can't miss that, sorry Tanjiro!" Luffy sloppily apologized. Quickly, he would stretch his hand to the nearest Megatron, that being the Beast Wars incarnation and went over to him. "Uh. R-Right, How about you, Kenshiro-san?" Tanjiro looked at him. Kenshiro looked around, he turned to Tanjiro, gave him a soft smile and proceeded to walk away.

                  "Don't worry about it, kid," Kakashi said to Tanjiro. "Luffy and Kenshiro are both very strong fighters, legendary even. We should focus on the other fighters...Sorry, but you're on your own now." Kakashi said, grabbing his dagger and began leaping around, finding anyone who would challenge him. "...Yes, I have to be strong. For Nezuko's sake." Tanjiro grabbed his courage and too headed in a different direction.

                  "Darn it, we got split too quickly," Ichigo commented. He would feel someone approaching him, "Who?" He turned around, and saw a blonde haired man wearing a black shirt and red pants. "I haven't seen you yet, that means you're from a different team...Well, I'll hate it to break it to ya, but, I kind of need to beat you quickly so I can go back to Karakura town. Nothing personal." Ichigo said. He grabbed his blade, Zangetsu, from his back and shifted into a stance. "Let's go!" Ichigo exclaimed, and he leapt towards Ken, starting their fight with Ichigo by swinging his sword at Ken.

                  Edward had used his alchemy powers to protect himself from the rain caused by Megatrons. "Tch, this just isn't my day!" He commented, as soon as the attacks calmed down, he put both his hands on the ground and created some sort of pillar that would ever expand, and Edward stood on top of it. He would travel across the arena, to get a good idea of the layout. Unfortunately, this would make him rather noticeable, but still, Ed knew that risk.

                  "Hmm, how wonderful," From afar, Hisoka was watching the battles unfold, he licked his lips at such a beautiful sight, at least for him. "Aahhh~ I can't take it any longer." He said, dashing into the distance. He would come across Star Guardian and her team, and he took a close look at him. "Hmm, yes, you will do wonders~"

                  At the same time, however, another person had made his appearance. Blonde haired and wearing a green headband, DIO had made his appearance. He saw Daniil and Kinikia, particularly the guns they were holding. "Hoo," DIO scoffed. "Do you have what it takes to shoot others, in this brutal fight? I want to see your convictions." He said, clapping his hands. "Otherwise, I'll just suck you dry, no need for the weak minded to be here."

                  Thorkell, the tall viking warrior, wandered around. He came across a bunch of medieval looking warriors, and he was fascinated in fighting them. In particular Lawbringer, this was another person that had an axe, a big one, aside Thorkell. "Oi!" Thorkell said, dashing towards them. With one of his two axes, he pointed at Lawbringer, "That's a nice axe you have there. What's your name? I challenge you to a fight!" Thorkell grinned.

                  From behind where Jon stood, a large explosion headed down his way. It was caused by none other than Bakugo, who had been taken here against his will. Still, he didn't mind too much, as long as he can let loose, this was an excellent occasion to prove that he is the number 1 candidate for the number 1 hero spot and to affirm that Deku was only trash to him. "Oi, where do you think you're going, moron?!" Bakugo exclaimed.


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                    Goku's ankle was grabbed and his eyes widened immediately after he saw the ki blade. If that sunk into him, it'd certainly cause trouble. Goku suddenly shouted, "Taiyō no honō!!" An orange aura burst around his body and his power, speed, and abilities grew rapidly. The saiyan freed himself from her grip and managed to fly backwards a bit.

                    "That was a close one," Goku said. "Heh, I'm not gonna get out of this Tournament that fast though."

                    . . .

                    A red aura flashed around Zelgius' body as the Megatrons' blasts rained down from above shielding him from the attacks. Ryoma meanwhile clumsily evaded them.

                    . . .

                    "Hey you," Camus said as he floated down in front of Kenshiro. "You look pretty tough. How about we give it a go?" Camus then placed his body into a fighting stance and would wait for Kenshiro's response.


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                      With one look, Anya knew exactly what kind of person this Hisoka was. She had dealt with this many times, the kind of person to send creepy letters and to ask the absolute worst questions when she sat down to do answer them. A pervert in other words. Still if it was just the one, she couldn't imagine him being too much trouble. Worse yet this one wore makeup like a clown. A pervert clown, she could already feel the cringe creeping into her expression. "Buzz off creep!" She said, before pointing straight at him "Diamond Flechette!" She said, as a bunch of blue gems shaped into incredibly sharp shards would fly forth, though despite the seeming ferocity of the attack, she was, at least for now restrained, avoiding vital areas, instead of aiming to mark the sides, scare them into running back.
                      Daniil had looked at this blond foof of a man, large built but that just meant there was more to fire at, one glance behind him, and he saw Kinikia, with one hand in her jacket, simply looking at Dio, looking at his eyes. Whatever she had in store, he'd trust her, she'd proven herself an oracle lately, it was part of how he went up the ranks after his meeting with Marcus. Just as Dio began asking them if they had what it took to shoot others, Daniil would interrupt his speechifying with a gunshot. "How's this for convictionr!?" Daniil would shout as he unloaded three rounds into his chest, each going for his heart.
                      Gaiyase saw him fly away, already he transformed, and as he commented on how close a shave it was, she looked at him, and simply responded "Sloppy. How did you become a defender for your realm?" She said, flying back in, ki blade disappearing as quickly as it had appeared, unlike Goku's flurry of kicks, she would press up close to him, so close that if she started breathin with her mouth, Goku would be able to feel the air leave her lungs. Close enough to see his now orange reflection in her eyes. Almost no room to kick at all, but this didn't bother her in the least, as she stared at him.

                      She'd proceed with a series of short, close range, rolling one right after another at his abdomen, taking even further steps closer to him, closing the already small distance between them, as her fists would aim higher and higher, all the while being available for a block should Goku decide to counter attack at this close range.
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                        Lawbringer scarce had time to look over to who was calling him out by his title. A giant of a man, wielding two axes, much like the Berserkers belonging to the vikings, he too, while being taller than any he had seen, shared the same fascination with facial hair. Though he seemed incapable of growing anything respectable. Cranking his neck from side to side, he whispers to the others.

                        "Be ready" As he steps forward from the group only slightly. Nodding towards Thorkell as he nestled his poleaxe into his armpit, spreading his arms lengthwise, bowing slightly to him.

                        "You wield the weapons of Berserkers." Lawbringer says with his heavy Italian accent.

                        "Bene pugna."

                        He says as he raises his poleaxe again, keeping the spearpoint of the pommel pointed towards his opponent.
                        Son Lu Bu for his part had walked in relatively the same direction as the other two lone wolves, though one of them had leaped into the air, and the other began to make their way in a different direction. Stopping only to look at three bipedal animals rush towards his comrade, giving a confused look over towards Lu Bu.

                        "You want them?" The Edge says with laughter.

                        "I don't have much of a choice." Son Lu Bu says as he looks at the three.

                        "I am Lu Bu. You three are brave, I'll give you that." He says as his laugh rips through the air.

                        "But you'll need more than three to make this a fair fight." Spinning his halberd across his two hands like a dancer would move their feet across a floor. Each rotation seemed to burst out winds capable of uprooting trees and throwing anything not bolted down into the air. Stopping after five seconds of the show, he points his halberd towards them again.

                        "Which one of you three wants to die first?"


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                          "Darn it, we got split too quickly," Ichigo commented. He would feel someone approaching him, "Who?" He turned around, and saw a blonde haired man wearing a black shirt and red pants. "I haven't seen you yet, that means you're from a different team...Well, I'll hate it to break it to ya, but, I kind of need to beat you quickly so I can go back to Karakura town. Nothing personal." Ichigo said. He grabbed his blade, Zangetsu, from his back and shifted into a stance. "Let's go!" Ichigo exclaimed, and he leapt towards Ken, starting their fight with Ichigo by swinging his sword at Ken.
                          Ken brought himself to a stop, noticing the Shihakusho the teen was sporting, smirking. He back flipped away from the slash the swordsman tried to maim him with. "Judging from your attire, you must be a samurai? But, if you plan on defeating me, you'll have get more fired up than this.", jumping in the air and descending downward with a knee strike he planned to strike the orange "strawberry" with and was to follow up with a side kick to his left rib and a roundhouse meant for his cheek.


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                            Kenshiro took a close look at the man who presented himself in front of him. Kenshiro had seen scum for too long, and knew how to recognize one. Camus wasn't one of them. "Very well," Kenshiro cracked his knuckles. "I shall show you what Hokuto shinken can do." He shifted into a stance, before leaping towards Camus, and starting the fight with a sweeping kick.

                            Hisoka grabbed a deck of cards he had and he threw them at the shards, cancelling them. With the speed he threw them and using his nen, they were as sharp as knives. "Oh my, That is no way to treat a stranger who only likes to meet your acquaintances. Ah~ don't worry about it, I bear no ill intent...I simply wish to test my skills against yours~♥" Hisoka said, while speaking, he would twirl his finger. But this was a ruse, he would attempt to use his bungee gum move, to attach a thin, near invisible nen string between his finger and Anya's left cheek. If he succeeded in doing so, he would once again twirl his finger and then swing it down, which would cause Anya to spin in the air and then slam into the ground.

                            "Useless." DIO grinned, and as the bullets shot through the air, they would be deflected by a seemingly invisible force emanating from DIO as they were mere inches away from him. "Pistols...They didn't work against me a hundred years ago, they won't now. But now I know you have what it takes. I shall take great pleasure in taking your blood for me then!" DIO said, rushing towards Daniil. "Za Warudo!" DIO would summon his stand, however, he was confident they wouldn't be able of seeing it. If nothing was done, he would approach Daniil and pummel him with a flurry of punches, courtesy of his stand, The World.

                            "Berserker? Hm, I wouldn't call myself that," Thorkell began thinking. "But I'm happy you decided to take my challenge, not many people want to fight Thorkell the tall and that's frankly boring. Awright then, Here I COME!!" Thorkell shouted, and he quickly charged towards Lawbring. He would begin the fight by swinging both his axes in different directions, the two horizontally.

                            Ichigo was amazed Ken dodged the blow. As Ken was in the air, Ichigo grabbed his sword and let it hung over his head, holding with both hand, he blocked Ken's knee strike. However, he failed to react to the side kick and was roundhouse kicked in the cheek. "Urgh!" Ichigo skidded backwards, and planted Zangetsu in the ground to stop him in his tracks. Still, he took an instant to get up.

                            "I'm not a samurai, although I can see why you think that," Ichigo said, holding his sword that was planted in the ground and kneeling, "If you're the least bit religious, I'm a shinigami. Although, a substitute one, I'm still a human first and foremost. Don't worry, I'll be sure to get fired up, you'll just have to push me enough." Ichigo said, finally grabbing his sword. He held it with both hands, and he swung it in the air. A crescent shaped energy beam came from the sword as he swung it, and it headed towards Ken, in hopes of cutting him. "GETSUGA TENSHO!" Ichigo yelled the attack's name.


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                              Lawbringer's focus narrowed down to the point of tunnel vision, nothing else in this tournament mattered. Every other sound, the bombing of the various megatrons, all drowned out. Each movement seemingly made in slow motion, watching as Thorkell charged forward like a bull seeing red. Keeping his axes close to the midsection, that narrowed down the amount of attacks he could do, a seasoned warrior would choose only a few of those options. Lawbringer readied his polearm to parry the incoming blow, he was sure he had it figured out and then...

                              Thorkell went for something he had only seen a Warlord do, a zone attack? A madman, Lawbringer waited until the very last second to backstep out of the way of the horizontal spread, as he planted his feet on the ground, he put his lead foot forward, and the other behind as he moved forward, bringing his poleaxe horizontal with the axe pointing towards himself, shoving forward to push Thorkell backwards, then poking forward with the spearend of his poleaxe for the belly.