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Round-Robin Summer 2019 tournament round 3B Goddess Ultimecia|Lazerbem|Vitalista|Emmeth

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  • Round-Robin Summer 2019 tournament round 3B Goddess Ultimecia|Lazerbem|Vitalista|Emmeth

    Lu Lingqi vs Sigoi vs Gurindai Kokorosuke vs Gaute Tidemann

    Space, the final frontier. Who knows what lays out, away from the security of our own planet. This Space Station hovers above one such planet. It is a station with futuristic technology, meant to house a great deal of astronauts as they explore the mysteries of the universe. But such actions will have to be put aside today, for you will have to battle in the depth of space!

    This fight will last for two weeks.
    Post as you see fit.
    Remember, do not vote based on who will realistically win, vote based on the best writing.

    Ready. Set.


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    "Huh?!" Gurindai said as he awoke in a cold, gray room, on top of a bed. "...What happened?...Oh, my head..." He sighed and put his hand on his head, and he looked around. "Wait..This isn't the city...Or was that a dream?" Gurindai got from the bed, his sword was laying by the wall there, he was utterly confused as how he came here. Was the whole showdown against Faeris and Genichiro only a dream? But it felt vivid, too real to Gurindai. Not too mention Sigoi once again making their appearance.

    "Where am I...This doesn't look like any place in Soul Society." He closed his eyes. "Calling soul society...Is anyone there?!" He attempted to call them, but still, he would receive nothing. Usually, he would get a response, but here...nothing, but pure silence. This wasn't a mission Soul Society sent him in, then. Perhaps it was that force Gurindai was thinking off a while ago? A force that pulled fighters from different realities and pit them against each other.

    "Man, this is such a headache. I'll try contacting them from a better place...Let's see in what situation I found myself in again." Gurindai grabbed his sword and he began strolling around this place, while being careful. It was more technologically advanced than Soul Society. "Huh...Nice view." He said as he stared down from the glass, he would see Earth from above. "I didn't think we'd go to space but here I am. Funny how things turn out."


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      Spoiler Alert!
      Gaute woke up on the ground next to Star Guardian. He looked up to see the werewolf was walking towards them completely unfazed by the attacks Gaute had landed on him. Presently he didn’t see Lingqi and he felt he needed to shift his attention to the little paraplegic girl who looked mighty innocent although severely damaged. He didn’t need medical attention himself, he could already tell, so he took out the medical spray and started tending Star Guardian. Most of the wounds were superficial but others required more attention. The werewolf was slowly approaching them though Gaute felt like he had a little bit of time to heal the young girl. He sprayed the deep wounds on her torso, wounds from the werewolf’s blast and the pole Gaute had attempted to use as a weapon.
      The medical spray would do all the work needed to start the healing, but the wounds still needed covering so Gaute took out bandages from the medical kit and applied suitable bandages on the girl’s wounds.

      The werewolf was getting closer and still yet no sign of Lingqi. "Hun må ha vært smart for en gangs skyld og forlatt området", Gaute thought to himself and smiled. "Bra, vi to er ikke ferdig med hverandre...". Once done with tending to the Star Guardian’s wounds and with the werewolf about 10 meters away, Gaute grabbed a grenade from a holster around his waist, took out the pin and rolled it towards the approaching beast. He then grabbed the Star Guardian and started running away from the area. While running and holding the young girl he grabbed a cellphone from one of his pocket and dialed 4-5-6. He put the cell phone back in his pocket and the tracker he had inside the empty room of his knife’s handle started beeping. He ran for a little while longer before he heard the standby helicopter approaching.
      It landed some 50 meters away from his current position and Gaute ran as fast as he could towards it. He didn’t want the werewolf to catch up. As he approached the helicopter he yelled "AS SOON AS I SET FOOT IN THE HELICOPTER YOU GO!" to the soldier standing in the side entrance of the helicopter. He nodded and signalled to the pilot to be ready.

      A few seconds later he had reached the helicopter. "Take her!", he said loudly to the soldier and handed him Star Guardian. "She’s an innocent girl who happened to be at the wrong place", Gaute lied as he got in the helicopter which immediately took off from the ground. He saw the werewolf arriving just a little too late as the helicopter was now 150 meters in the air. He grinned and then turned his attention to Star Guardian who seemed to be healing nicely at this point. "Du reddet livet mitt flere ganger der nede. Nå er det min tur til å redde ditt...", Gaute thought as he looked down at her, thinking immediately at his strong yet fragile daughter. "Will you issue a wheelchair approximate to her size for when we arrive at the base? She’s a paraplegic and her wheelchair was lost during the battle in the floating city.", Gaute asked and told the soldier. "On it", the soldier answered and turned to some communication equipment.


      Hun må ha vært smart for en gangs skyld og forlatt området = She must’ve been smart for once and left the area.
      Bra, vi to er ikke ferdig med hverandre... = Good, the two of us aren’t done with each other...
      Du reddet livet mitt flere ganger der nede. Nå er det min tur til å redde ditt... = You saved my life several times down there. Now it’s my turn to save yours...

      Round 3

      Gaute was rearming himself at a military camp in the midwest of United States preparing for a new mission which would send him further upwards; Into space. He was walking towards the debrief area with a cigarette in his mouth as he saw Naomi Whitaker in her new wheelchair, a newer model of what she used to have but not much fancier, rolling herself. He took out the cigarette and smiled as they approached each other, she was looking healthier after being healed up but only in body; She seemed crestfallen. "Miss Whitaker, I must once again thank you for saving my life several times up in the floating city. I will never forget that or you.", Gaute said with the utmost respect to the young girl. "Thanks for helping me and thanks for the new wheelchair.", she said, looking at him with a forced smile, obvious to Gaute but not necessarily to many others. "Chin up, you’re alive. Given the circumstances, if you meet this beastly werewolf again, you will have better odds next time, I’m sure of that. Maybe you’ll even meet a super soldier 10 times better than me.", Gaute responded, gave a thought to Faeris, and put his hand on her shoulder as comfort. She chuckled, which still felt forced to Gaute. "I hope so...", she said trying to act brave. "For now though it’s on to the next one and I have a feeling we won’t meet again, at least not for a long long time. I wish you well and all the luck the world has to give you.", he continued as he removed his hand from her shoulder, passed her and left her behind, leaving for the briefing area ahead of his mission. He put out his cigarette and threw it safely in the bin outside the building.

      Once inside he was greeted by several soldiers, but above them all the general for this area. Gaute saluted him, all the other soldiers followed suit. "Sergeant Tidemann, as you know you have a mission to an abandoned space station which is currently orbiting Earth. You have to survey what dangers there may be as to plan it’s destruction.", the general briefed Gaute on what he had already been told, but now it was official. "Once your mission has been successful you will return to Earth to brief engineers on what you have observed.", the general continued. "Are we clear?". The general was done with his short brief, Gaute had already gotten the mission two days earlier. "Yes, sir.", Gaute yelled and saluted the general. The general saluted back, then he signalled Gaute to approach. "Walk with me...", the general requested, a request Gaute was not going to reject. They walked outside the building as the general pulled out a cigar and lit it. "Listen, son...", the general started as they walked without destination in the military camp. "I’d rather send one of my own boys up there to do the scouting but I’ve gotten direct orders to let you go.", the general said doggedly. "Now, I don’t know why that is but I can only accept orders as orders. I’m not blind, I can see you are an excellent soldier, but there’s something else behind this. Something kept secret from me...". The general paused and exhaled, visibly distressed by having to send a relatively unknown soldier on a mission he’d rather have in his control. "Either way, I’m taking you off-site to a location not many people know about. This is where you’ll get where you’re going.", the general guided Gaute to a car. Gaute only now realized the general had planned for this walk all along. They both got into the car. "Your equipment is ready for you at this location, barring the tactical pistol and knife you’re already carrying on your person.", the general explained to Gaute and those were his final words as he did not speak another word for the duration of the car ride

      At the off-site location Gaute was escorted by two soldiers to an elevator which took them deep underground. The general was not accompanying them as he had other tasks to do. Deep underground the elevator finally stopped and the soldiers continued to escort the highly excited but confused Gaute down a long damp corridor. "Disse amerikanerne kan virkelig være paranoide.", Gaute thought to himself as they walked down the corridor towards a big teal metal door. One of the soldiers knocked at the door and then waited. 20 seconds later the door was audibly unlocked before it was pushed outwards. A man in a labcoat stood in the door opening. "This is Sergeant Gaute Tidemann, we were told to escort him here." the soldier who had knocked on the door said. "Yes, very good. Please follow me, Tidemann.", the man said in a nasally voice and turned around and headed back into the room. Gaute followed him and saw his chosen equipment laying on a table inside. He quickly changed his attention to the man in labcoat, asusming he was a scientist, and spoke up. "My good man, this seems counter-productive. I’m supposed to go to space and right now we’re even farther away from that target than when I was on the surface.", Gaute said matter-of-factly. The man turned around and smiled to Gaute. "That’s where you are wrong. Grab your equipment and follow me, please...", the man said put his hands behind his back. Gaute rolled his eyes, turned to his equipment and started placing it on his body. He had asked for another assault rifle similar to the single-shot rifle he had used in the floating city, a medical kit with the same spray he’s been using and more bandages, a Swiss army knife and a grenade kit containing one frag grenade, one smoke grenade and a flashbang. He put the assault rifle around his neck, the medical kit on his right hip, the grenade kit on his left hip and the swiss army knife in his right pocket. "Ready?", the man in labcoat asked, obviously seeing Gaute being ready. He made a follow-me gesture with his head and Gaute complied. "En korridor til å gå ned...", Gaute thought to himself as he faintly heard the heavy door be shut behind them.
      They didn’t walk long before they reached a room full of high technology displays and what looked like experiments. The most noticable thing was a big metal door frame in the middle of a room with two scientists tinkering with it. "Are we almost ready?", the man in labcoat asked his two associates. "Just a few more seconds now, professor Lansbury...", one of them replied. Suddenly the metal frame was lit up and Gaute could see another man on in another setting inside. Gaute was utterly astonished by this. "This far exceeds technology we know today...", Gaute said weakly, flabbergasted at the sight. "I have been working on this for many years and very recently we had a major breakthrough.", Professor Lansbury said with excitement. "Sergaent. That’s the space station you have been assigned to scout.", Lansbury said proudly. Gaute had big eyes at this and could not help but think there are conditions behind this ’breakthrough’. "Who’s the man on the other end? I thought the space station was supposed to be abandoned.", Gaute inquired about the scientist on the other end. "Yes, it is. However, we sent up a team a few months ago to make ready for this very moment.", Lansbury said still very excited about the whole thing. Gaute approached the door, but was stopped by Lansbury. "Wait, we need to test it.", Lansbury said suddenly with anxiety in his voice. «No time.», Gaute said and just walked towards the door. "NO, it could be dang-", Lansbury proclaimed as Gaute walked straight through the door!

      As suddenly as he had walked in the door he was on the other side, it was exactly like walking through a regular door. Gaute hadn't really taken a risk as he knew the conditions for these fights would never allow him to die that way. He looked around and saw the surprised team looking at him. "Well, that was underwhelming...", the team leader said. "That’s what I was hoping for.", Gaute said flatly and looked around the room. "How big is this station?", Gaute asked the only person that had spoken to him. "It’s of pretty substantial size, but what bothers me the most is all the technology we will lose from destroying it...", the team leader said dejected. "Any emergency space suits? Just in case I need one?", Gaute asked trying to be on the safe side of things. "Yes, several. But there’s only two with full tank of air.", the team leader told. "You four get out of here, through the door. It’s safe.", Gaute ordered. "But I thought we could stay behind and...", the team leader tried to argue, but Gaute was having none of it. "No. You should leave now.", Gaute said decisively. The team leader was disappointed but ordered his team to go through the door.
      Once they were all safely on the other side, Gaute pulled the plug on the door and broke the right side of the frame with the blunt end of his assault rifle. Gaute thought he could hear Lansbury cry out in anguish and smiled. "Du er tryggere på denne måten, professor.", Gaute thought to himself and shifted his attention to the space station. "Folk er antageligvis her allerede. Jeg må være forsiktig med hvor jeg går...", Gaute thought to himself and stepped out of the room.


      Disse amerikanerne kan virkelig være paranoide = These americans can be really paranoid.
      En korridor til å gå ned... = Another corridor to walk down...
      Du er tryggere på denne måten, professor = You’re safer this way, professor
      Folk er antageligvis her allerede. Jeg må være forsiktig med hvor jeg går... = People are probably already here. I need to be careful where I walk...


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        That was a wall.

        That was another wall.

        That was a wall. It might be a ceiling though. A bit hard to tell without eyes!

        Sigoi had fallen to pieces, literally and figuratively. They had pushed themselves to the absolute limit for a fix of what they needed, even something as simple as an animal would have done. Instead there was just nothing. Not protists, not (useful) bacteria, nothing. Pure sterility. Nothing to smell, nothing to feel but hard walls. Even their sense of a "body" had been destroyed, their form frayed and twisted into a thousand-thousand separate muscle fibers that uselessly floated about.

        Were they even alive? Had their life of millennia finally ended? They could feel themselves moving, but that was it. If something moved, was it alive? Sigoi didn't know. Did not knowing make you alive? Sigoi didn't know that either. There was a vague, far away agony in the abyss, but Sigoi could barely reach it. The rest was just...empty. They were going to die. They might already be dead. Just like a prosthetic limb chopped off from a host, lifeless and unmoving. No movement...

        The air moved. Sigoi didn't waste a second. Movement was life. Life was life to Sigoi, a body, a being, a host. Fibers 900 through 1200 coiled together, forming into a primitive muscle. A single "foot", coiled into a spring to maximize efficiency. Compress, compress, compress, and then release. Energy surged through Sigoi, every single one of their individual fibers jerking back together and weaving into the shape of a surgical instrument more precise than any in this place. Claws slashed into warm meat, blood spilled, and Sigoi's maw was finally sated. Nirvana to finally get their fix! Oh, the ecstasy! The absolute pleasure! The arm writhed upwards, fibers going taut and the great claws reaching up. And then, to join it, a fleshy human arm joined the demonic arm, sprouting from Sigoi's maw. The moment of release was the most beautiful Sigoi could describe. For once, Sigoi felt that those with true bodies of their own would envy them rather than the other way around. Blonde hair, green eyes, crimson cheeks, all of these spilled out in a rapid genesis of birth as Sigoi assimilated the body wholly.

        Eve. This one's name was Eve.

        "Eve!" gasped a voice, tinkling like glass as Sigoi tested vocal cords for the first time in too long. Legs properly formed themselves, letting Sigoi rise to a modest height and step over a discarded human arm still on the floor. "A E I O U, ohhhh, yessss!" Sigoi whispered, gaping their new mouth open, flaring their nostrils, and blinking constantly to drink in all of the senses they had been so deprived of. Memories of senses flowed through Sigoi as well, of pride in graduating with honors, of amazement at being one of the first scientists to study complex animal dynamics in space, and of curiosity leading Eve to step into the sterile room when she saw those odd black threads curling in the air. Eve had thought it a mushroom, of all things. "Hehe...HAHAHAHAHA! A mushroom! Oh, this brain was definitely mushy. Very mushy. But hey, it's a brain!" Sigoi murmured to themselves, popping their new neck as they looked to their fingers. Delicate ones used to careful surgical work on the other, and rough ones used to the same on the other. Good enough to have another doctor's body. The demonic arm reached down, grabbing the scrubs of Eve as they floated in the air and putting them on. Oh, clothes felt so nice.

        Sigoi caught a glimpse of a few scalpels on the wall and syringes and quickly snatched them up. They'd do more than cut open rats now. Still in a kind of fugue state, Sigoi opened up the door to the room and almost immediately began flailing about in confusion as her feet treaded on the air. Zero gravity, they'd forgotten about that. Sigoi's demonic arm latched itself to a handhold on the wall while Sigoi quickly spent frantic time stabilizing their body. Thankfully, as this one was not a patchwork, it was a bit sturdier when it came to resisting foreign environments. Sigoi's fear of falling apart was unfounded and the body thief relaxed. Their sharp eyes caught sight of a man at the end of a corridor on the space station, a burly one with guns.

        The irrational part of Sigoi's mind said that they needed more of a body, a better one than this dainty frame. They should seize the day. But Sigoi was done listening to their basal impulses, and slapped them across the face for it. The last time they'd done that, they'd gone on a horrible bender. "Not today" was Sigoi's new motto as they strolled as casually as one could in zero gravity while trailing a demonic arm behind them. They passed by the grizzled soldier, tipping their head to him. It was unfortunate for Sigoi that in their joy, they had forgotten to cover up their mouth. Their grinding, conveyor belt mishmash of a mouth that split the pretty face from ear to ear.


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          Gurindai was whistling as he was strolling by, he had reached some sort of kitchen and for the first time in a while, he would see people. He recognized their outfits, they were cooking chefs and it seemed like they had been preparing for a big occasion.

          "Huh, I thought I was alone in there." Gurindai scratched his head, "Well, not that it matters, they can't see me." Gurindai said, before he felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned around. "Hey, what are you doing here," The head chef asked Gurindai. "You'll disturb the cooking. You should be in the waiting room, they're holding the event soon."

          "Y-You can see me?" Gurindai asked, totally confused. The head chef and everyone who heard the shinigami gave stares at him, they were like "What the hell is this dude on?"

          "Yes, I can, you doofus. I can see you fine, with your fancy clothes and that big sword of yours. I trust you are part of the security personnel, more reason you shouldn't be here! Shoo, now go!" A bunch of chefs pushed Gurindai out of the kitchen, he was totally lost to even resist, and after seconds, he went through a large revolving door and he ended up on a massive room, there were easily dozens, if not, hundreds of people there. They looked fancy and were most likely millionaires and billionaires here. Tables were around, jazzy music would play, banquet tables with food on them everywhere. These people looked like they had fun, and were throwing a party in outer-space.

          "What the hell?" Gurindai muttered. "Get in line! Stand watch over the others!" A large man, towering over Gurindai, appeared in front of him. He wore the traditional outfit of security guard, he also had black sunglasses and a small device on his ear, the one you use to receive and send messages.

          "Listen, hey," Gurindai spoke to him. "I have no idea what's happening here. I woke up and found myself here...Where even are we?!" The security agent gave him a confused look, and he grit his teeth. Gurindai was starting to annoy him.

          "Don't make me repeat myself. Go over here if you know what's best for you." He pointed at a corner of the room, similar people wearing security uniforms were there. Some were sitting and eating, some were standing and observing what was happening and some were talking with each other. "And change your uniform!"

          "Sheesh, fine. I won't change my uniform, so suck it." He glared at the security agent, the look flinched the large man. Gurindai then walked to said corner and he sat down, pouting. While he was watching over the room, seeing these powerful people having a good time, Gurindai would snack on the food. "Man, this is good. Way better than what Soul Society has." He admitted.

          "And now," The music stopped and the lights went off, which startled Gurindai. "We would like to dedicate some of your time to hear Mr. Barnsworth speech."

          Shortly after, a small, balding old man with a fancy suit and glasses appeared, he was on some sort, this was Mr. Barnsworth. "Ahem," He coughed. "Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to thank all of you for funding this project and making it possible. Our planet, Earth, as we know and love will soon be overpopulated, its resources depleted. And for that, Humanity will need to go one step beyond and conquer Space, see other worlds and leave its imprint on them. And this...space station, the first of its kind, crafted by the most fine of engineers and brilliant minds of earth, will be the most vital instrument in realizing that goal...." The old man kept blathering on and on.

          "Blah, blah, blah," Gurindai rolled his eyes. "Soul Society is a really big place. If you're worried why don't you just drop dead?" Gurindai said while munching down his food.


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            Gaute found that the space station was mostly lit up as he studied a nearby information panel. "Hvorfor er nesten hele romstasjonen lyst opp? Brukte det 4-manns teamet hele stasjonen? De var ikke ment for det.", Gaute thought and scratched his head. He looked around to see if he could find a map, but nothing nearby so he decided to move.
            He saw no people in this section of the space station, but could there be some somewhere? He started walking carefully down the dimmed corridor with his assault rifle in his hands. As a soldier he was always on the alert, which he considered more a curse than a blessing. He remembered once on vacation with his wife and two, young then, kids he had almost broken a man’s arm for putting his hand on Gaute’s shoulder from behind. Kristine was very embarrassed by that and still mentions it to this day.

            Coming to a door it opened automatically, like something you see on Star Trek, and Gaute walked inside aiming in every direction. He saw a map on the wall to the right and walked cautiously over to it. Looking at the map he could make out that he was in one of the decks with a large amount of bedrooms, while he room he was in seemed to be for information as he deduced from the large counter to the left of where he was standing. He wondered if this space station was made for tourists in the long run but something went wrong along the way. "Er Elon Musk bak dette?", Gaute wondered to himself as he studied the map. There were bigger rooms on the other end of the space station. A huge lounge room where people can eat and dance with several side-rooms for more quiet activities like talking, drinking and smoking. There were also different other rooms like a kitchen, bathrooms and an observation deck. This was very advanced even for the time Gaute was living in, but not completely unrealistic. Seeing the layout of the space station he realized he had been told very little by the american military which made him think that they also knew very little. Something seemed off about this whole thing, Gaute couldn’t put his finger on it. He decided to head for the lounge area so he could see if he could find anyone.

            Walking through another self-sliding door he was met with yet another corridor. "Korridor er dagen’s ord. Mange bygninger kan ha korridorer i og med at de er veldig nyttige for arkitekter så de kan bygge små eller store rom nedover.", Gaute thought humorously to himself remembering some old norwegian game shows. The gravity in this corridor was low, but not completely at zero; Gaute’s equipment and muscles weighed him down to the ground and he could walk almost normally. Coming to the end of this corridor he saw a young woman, a scientist, approaching him. She looked very ordinary except for the fact that her mouth looked way too large for her face. "Trussel", Gaute thought immediately and armed himself with the assault rifle. To Gaute’s surprise the woman just passed him and tipped her head to him. "Dette må være en felle...", Gaute thought to himself eyeing the woman as she passed.


            Hvorfor er nesten hele romstasjonen lyst opp? Brukte det 4-manns teamet hele stasjonen? De var ike ment for det = Why is almost the entire space station lit up? Did that 4-man team use the entire station? They weren’t meant for that.
            Er Elon Musk bak dette? = Is Elon Musk behind this?
            Korridor er dagen’s ord. Mange bygninger kan ha korridorer i og med at de er veldig nyttige for arkitekter så de kan bygge små eller store rom nedover = Corridor is the word of the day. Many building can have corridors as they are very useful for architects so they can build small or big rooms down it.
            Trussel = Threat
            Dette må være en felle... = This has to be a trap...


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              Sigoi noticed their uncovered maw a little late, but to their credit, they didn't flinch or make it remotely obvious. Their demonic arm was compressed heavily at their side for the moment, wound up to a normal human length. Nothing could be done for the claws save but to clench their fist to hide them. Now, to take care of this unseemly maw. Sigoi cracked open Eve's brain for her memories and found the cabinet supplies were just nearby. A few pulls of handles and there were a bunch of surgical masks on display. Ah, now this was familiar. Sigoi took the mask and put it over their mouth, sucking in air deeply and relishing the hiddeness. They looked just about perfect. With the demonic arm concealed and their mouth concealed, that was plenty good for them. They could settle in this body for a long, long time. No more scheming to take better ones, they'd learned their lesson.

              "This is my last shift here" Sigoi spoke idly to Gaute, aware that just being dead silent attracted more attention than being conversational. "I intend to ship back to Earth soon enough. Stretch out these legs and walk around in the shade of trees. Maybe work out the kinks from space. Did you know your bones and organs degenerate the longer you're up here? It's awful, so many good bodies getting their life expectancies cut. Almost makes you just want to send sick people up, huh?" Sigoi's speaking was clinically friendly, slowly coaxing out social cues from Eve's brain and mimicking her mannerisms down to the hand brushing through her hair. Sigoi simultaneously scoured the brain for any clues on how to get off this ship before their already fragile constitution degenerated any further from space. It was all well and good for a natural human, but Sigoi's cursed arm was not quite so sturdy in maintaining its bodies. Being in space for too long was a real threat for them. Damn her luck!

              "Damn it, the exits are all up in the upper levels?" Sigoi murmured out loud. They blinked, looking at Gaute awkwardly. Outbursts weren't normal, right. "I mean, have you heard that scuttlebutt? I guess it's so that the partiers can get out first. Well, it's where I'm going now. I am not wasting my time here anymore!" Sigoi continued to make their way up to the higher levels, rambling all the way an utterly false story that was so annoying, hopefully people would just ignore them. Perfect for their purposes. "...I didn't even want to be here but my parents said I had to do something with my life and honestly, ugh, it might have been a teeny bit my fault too. But you just want a little more in the end, a little more and then it becomes just a mess of being out there in the dark..."

              Oh, that actually got a little personal. Ow, ow, that truly did hurt. Sigoi finally made their way up to the room where the party was taking place, cringing at their unintentional self reflection. Should they look at their emotions a bit more in depth next time? No, it was this body that was wrong, Sigoi concluded. Perhaps prone to anxiety or some other issue, terribly imperfect. How unfortunate. Poor marks, really. Were they settling for this?

              Sigoi's slow spiral downwards of maddening thoughts stalled immediately as their eyes caught sight of him. The one who had reduced them to such a pitiful state, the ONLY bastard responsible for this. Yes, had Sigoi ever really thought it was their fault? They slapped themselves. No time to settle old grudges, just had to escape. Sigoi tried to skulk past Gurindai as best as they could, knowing that to him, this disguise was less than adequate. Their arm was still a mass of black cables, their surgical mask too familiar. This time though, Sigoi was packing heat. Syringes of horrid chemicals and all manner of medical blades were near Sigoi's fingers, like a cowboy's gun. If he so much as twitched...

              Stand down, they thought, as if willing Gurindai to stop would stop him.


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                Gurindai was drinking a juice, he didn't really think much of this party. He only waited this party to end so that they can send him back to Earth, there was no telling he could go to soul society while outside Earth and he didn't want to risk it. He looked around, but fortunately for Sigoi, he didn't notice them. "...This is boring...The old dude is still giving his speech? Give me a break." Gurindai slammed his head into the table and sighed.

                However, as a twist of fate, the one who would notice Sigoi wasn't Gurindai but rather, the large security man who forced Gurindai to sit down. He knew who Eve was, or used to be, and he thought her found her strange and her appearance slightly changed.

                "Eve, you okay?" He approached from behind Sigoi and spoke. "You're walking a bit differently from how you usually do," He commented on Sigoi's sloppy walking, masqueraded as Eve, "Did you injure yourself somewhere? Also what's with that surgeon mask? I don't remember you having one when we came here." He was asking too many questions for his own good.

                He would notice "Eve" still focusing on Gurindai. And he would put his hand on her shoulder, "Yeah, that guy's weird. He's probably one of the billionaires guard or something...maybe one from Japan? Kind of reminds me of what they used to wear back in the edo era....Say, what's with your arm? and what are you doing with those syringes and blades? You're not a doctor...Oh, I get it! You're pretending to be a doctor! Silly Eve! Wahahaha!" He began chuckling.

                "Oh shut up." Gurindai turned to look at "Eve" and the large man for a second before shifting back to what he was doing. He still didn't notice anything wrong.


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                  One moment the woman had looked strange, the next she looked normal. The face was human but there were something mechanical about how she moved, like she wasn’t really human...
                  At this point Gaute would suspect anything considering there were not supposed to be people on board this space station. "This is my last shift here", the woman said in a human voice. "Stemmen stemmer med kroppen ihvertfall...", Gaute thought to himself. He still had the assault rifle pointed at her head and was extremely reluctant to lower it for whatever reason. He decided not to respond to her for now.
                  "I intend to ship back to Earth soon enough. Stretch out these legs and walk around in the shade of trees. Maybe work out the kinks from space. Did you know your bones and organs degenerate the longer you're up here? It's awful, so many good bodies getting their life expectancies cut. Almost makes you just want to send sick people up, huh?", she continued with her idle talk, like seeing a man in full military garb was completely normal on a space station. Gaute had a feeling the woman was not her usual self and that even without having met her before. Gaute closed his eyes to show sign of distrust. The woman didn’t seem to take normal notice of it and continued talking. "Damn it, the exits are all up in the upper levels?", she said and finally looked at Gaute. Despite only looking him straight in his eyes only now, she must’ve noticed his outfit before.

                  "Noe er fryktelig galt med dette mennesket, hvis det i det hele tatt ER et menneske.", Gaute thought to himself, still not lowering his assault rifle. The woman had yet not asked him if he could lower his assault rifle, highly suspect behaviour, and didn’t seem nervous in the slightest, which was even more suspect. "I mean, have you heard that scuttlebutt? I guess it's so that the partiers can get out first. Well, it's where I'm going now. I am not wasting my time here anymore!", she said while looking normally at Gaute but soon started walking in the direction of where Gaute was going, indicating she must've come out of one of the side-rooms. He decided to follow her with the assault rifle pointed at the back of her head. "...I didn't even want to be here but my parents said I had to do something with my life and honestly, ugh, it might have been a teeny bit my fault too. But you just want a little more in the end, a little more and then it becomes just a mess of being out there in the dark...", she said finally showing some emotion which resembled frustration. Gaute was far from convinced, but lowered the assault rifle as they walked into a room full of people. "Hva i all verden...?", Gaute thought and looked around in wonder. There had to be at least 30 people in this room alone. "Dette kan ikke stemme... Var ikke denne romstasjonen ment for planlagt destruksjon?", Gaute further thought and put his assault rifle on his back so not to cause commotion.

                  A security guard approached the woman. "Eve, you okay?", he asked her with genuine concern. "You're walking a bit differently from how you usually do", the guard continued as he showed great care for ’Eve’. "Hun går uvanlig? Ukarakteristisk? Da hadde jeg rett i å være mistenkelig.", Gaute thought as he noticed an unusually clothed man sitting by a table. "Did you injure yourself somewhere? Also what's with that surgeon mask? I don't remember you having one when we came here.", the security guard asked, now growing a bit suspicious. Gaute could notice this ’Eve’ focusing entirely on the man by the table, she showed no interest in the security guard whatsoever. The security guard noticed 'Eve' staring at the man at the table and now seemed to have ridden himself of what Gaute thought was suspicion and put a hand on her shoulder. "Yeah, that guy's weird. He's probably one of the billionaires guard or something...maybe one from Japan? Kind of reminds me of what they used to wear back in the edo era....Say, what's with your arm? and what are you doing with those syringes and blades? You're not a doctor...Oh, I get it! You're pretending to be a doctor! Silly Eve! Wahahaha!", the security guard said and laughed off any suspicion he might’ve had. The man was clearly in love with this ’Eve’. Gaute looked more carefully around and saw people wearing costumes. "Så, det er et kostyme-party... Men hvorfor?", Gaute though suspiciously and looked more closely at the man at the table. Was he behind it all?

                  "Oh shut up", the man by the table suddenly said, quite rudely. Gaute had a feeling he was more trustworthy than ’Eve’ anyway despite the rudeness. He went back to minding his own business.


                  Stemmen stemmer med kroppen ihvertfall... = The voice is correct with the body at least...
                  Noe er fryktelig galt med dette mennesket, hvis det i det hele tatt ER et menneske. = Something is terribly wrong with this human, if it is a human in the first place.
                  Hva i all verden...? = What in the world...?
                  Dette kan ikke stemme... Var ikke denne romstasjonen ment for planlagt destruksjon? = This can’t be right... Wasn’t this space station meant for planned destruction?
                  Hun går uvanlig? Ukarakteristisk? Da hadde jeg rett i å være mistenkelig. = She walks abnormally? Uncharacteristically? Then I was right in being suspicious.
                  Så, det er et kostyme-party... Men hvorfor? = So, it’s a costume party... But why?


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                    Sigoi froze as they were touched from behind by someone who very obviously knew this body. This was one of the reasons to not have just a body made of one person, it was recognizable to others. Sigoi's hankering for pieces of another to improve this one only grew keener. Their eyes narrowed a bit, frustration pricking at them. This body just seemed to be worse and worse by the second. At this rate, Sigoi might well use the scalpels on themselves before they used it on someone else. Maybe giving themselves a few scars or surgically messing with some muscle groups might improve this form a little bit more. Just a bit more to top it off, not due to ingratitude, of course.

                    "We were dissecting a diseased specimen, didn't want to cross contaminate it" Sigoi lied when pressed on the mask. But this guy just didn't quit. He was getting the attention of Gurindai and now asking questions about the small arsenal they were carrying. Sigoi's razor claws itched to tear out this man's heart and then replace their own, palpitation-prone one with it. Not just to shut him up, but because Eve didn't exactly have the best cardio. If it had been just Gurindai, Sigoi would have tried it, but that stoic one with the gun being here too complicated things. What was his deal? Did he have a hatred of women or something? Or a grudge against this body? Sigoi's nails dug into the flesh of their palm, eyes jerking around to try to find an escape. Thankfully, they could mute a fear response so it just looked like they were curious about the room.

                    "As for the rest? Well it seems people are showing up covered in sharp things, figured I should be a part of it too. The guy with the sword is taking it a little far though, if you think about it. Or the wannabe school shooter back there" Sigoi said, jerking their head back to indicate Gaute. Their nasty, caustic insult came out of their throat in a strange way, one which had never said things like that before. Sigoi coughed afterwards, fluttering their mask a bit as they tried to maneuver away from Eve's friend. Okay, calm down, they told themselves, cracking open Eve's brain further to ramble on a story they had said before. Sigoi didn't bother controlling their lips or mouth, just letting the story about escaped rats that Eve apparently found funny enough to tell at parties(how sad was that?) replay as they thought to themselves on how to escape and upgrade their body. There had to be a better way than fighting their way out, a less sloppy way. Sigoi's nail clenching finally got to be too much and the skin of their hand broke.

                    Oooo...now that idea had potential.

                    "Wait...is he...OH MY GOD, LOOK OUT!"


                    "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!"

                    Sigoi staggered backwards, crashing against a table and clutching their human hand to their chest. Their eyes were wide, lashes fluttering with terror and sucking in breath in ragged gasps. Sigoi's hand came away bloody, an ugly hole ripped right through the center of their chest. Sigoi gaped at the blood for a moment, too shocked to speak for a moment before dully looking up at Gaute.

                    "He...you shot me?"

                    The sound of the shot had been generated by the fibers of Sigoi's demonic arm rapidly uncoiling and then snapping together with a supersonic snap like a whip. And as for the blood, a scalpel ripping into their chest provided a reasonably convincing bullet wound. The rest had been pure acting talent.

                    "The bastard shot me!" Sigoi shrieked as they pointed at Gaute, ready to capitalize on the panic.


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                      "Huh?!" The party abruptly stopped as they had heard a CRACK sound. As they came to be, they would see "Eve", on the ground and bloodied, pointing at Gaute, claiming he shot her. And indeed, the wound looked convincing.

                      "A-Arrest that man!" Mr. Barnsworth, alongside the other billionaires, ordered their guards, and so, they rushed towards him. "E-Eve...? What happened?!" The large man asked, totally confused. Out of a sudden, Eve received a wound, but he knew that Gaute did nothing.

                      Meanwhile, Gurindai looked at the panic, however, he did nothing and was instead, observing and analyzing everything. "This whole thing is weird..." He stated. He then got up, and approached the Eve and the man.

                      "Miss," Gurindai spoke with her, "Are you sure you were shot?...Because it seems to me you didn't." He asked, extremely skeptical. "Y-Yeah, she's been acting weird, she fell and crashed against the table out of a sudden...Maybe there are snipers around here?!" The man gave his hypothesis.

                      "Perhaps." Gurindai replied. But still, he remained cautious.


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                        ’Eve’ seemed uncomfortable in this situation, but moreso than regular human nervousness. "We were dissecting a diseased specimen, didn't want to cross contaminate it.", she said, unconvincingly to Gaute, out in the room. "As for the rest? Well it seems people are showing up covered in sharp things, figured I should be a part of it too. The guy with the sword is taking it a little far though, if you think about it. Or the wannabe school shooter back there", she continued, but this time with personal insults to Gaute and someone else with a sword. "Hvem har et sverd?", Gaute thought and immediately looked at the man at the table who seemed to be carrying something resembling a sword, at least. "Og har hun aldri sett en militær-mann før? Om dette ikke var mistenkelig før, er det ihvertfall det nå.", Gaute thought. He decided not to take insult and looked around for any sign that said ’Non-smoking’, but could not see any. He decided to grab a cigarette from the pack in his pocket and light it up in his mouth.
                        However, before he had a chance to do so something happened with ’Eve’. "Wait...is he...OH MY GOD, LOOK OUT!", she yelled before Gaute heard a huge bang and the woman started stumbling into the room. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.", she almost yelled as she fell over a table. "He...you shot me.", she said as she looked at Gaute. Gaute had froze with his cigarette between his index and middle finger and his lighter in the other hand. "The bastard shot me!", ’Eve’ said and finally pointed at Gaute. "Hvem prøver hun å lure? Jeg er ikke bevæpnet...", Gaute thought and shook his head. She had possibly not seen Gaute putting his assault rifle on his back, but was committed to her act so she probably had to just hope for the best.

                        "A-Arrest that man!", an older gentleman said and pointed at Gaute with people panicking all around them. "Hva faen er dette? Ser de ikke at jeg holder en sigarett i en hånd og en lighter i den andre...?", Gaute confusingly thought as several guards ran towards him. He wasn’t afraid of any of these people here, though there were something about the man at the table. "E-Eve, what happened?!", the security guard asked as he looked at her and then approached, he seemed confused as he had seen first-hand Gaute had done nothing. Two of the charging guards grabbed Gaute who didn’t struggle. "Boys, can you not see that I’m not armed? What did I shoot the woman with, the fucking lighter?!", Gaute said first calmly but more frustrated as the sentence reached it’s end.
                        The man at the table had reacted to the commotion and looked around. "This whole thing is weird...", he said as he stood up. "No shit!", Gaute exclaimed as he was being held by the guards, which he could’ve easily gotten out of if he wanted to. The man with the sword didn’t respond or react to Gaute, instead he approached ’Eve’ and the concerned security guard.

                        "Miss...", he started as he looked at her. "Are you sure you’ve been shot? Because it seems to me you didn’t.", he asked her accompanied with his own obvious hypothesis. The security guard looked at the man as to respond. "Y-Yeah, she’s been acting weird, she fell and crashed against the table out of a sudden... Maybe there are snipers around here?!», he suggested. "Perhaps...", the man said.
                        "Snipers? Hey, Sherlock! Where would a sniper hide in a room like this? Or are you suggesting they are floating outside in the empty vacuum? Are you fucking dense?", Gaute yelled with anger. "Something strange happened to her before she started stumbling into the room. Ever think to check what kind of wound it is? I bet it’s not a shot wound...", Gaute gave his own recommendation.
                        With Gaute’s building anger the guards struggled to keep him under wraps, but he had no intention of doing something to these innocent people.


                        Hvem har et sverd? = Who has a sword?
                        Og har hun aldri sett en militær-mann før? Om dette ikke var mistenkelig før, er det ihvertfall det nå = And has she never seen a military-man before? If this wasn't suspicious before, it's definitely now.
                        Hvem prøver hun å lure? Jeg er ikke bevæpnet... = Who is she trying to fool? I'm not armed...
                        Hva faen er dette? Ser de ikke at jeg holder en sigarett i en hånd og en lighter i den andre...? = What the fuck is this? Can't they see that I'm holding a cigarette in one hand and a lighter in the other...?


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                          "Oh shut up," The large man replied to Gaute. "This place isn't impenetrable! I'm sure there are some who are willing to take the lives of these influential people! I wager you are one of them!" The large man got up, but Gurindai stopped him by putting his palm in front of him.

                          Instead, he would approached Gaute, who was being held by Guards that were struggling with him. With a wave of his hand, he pushed all the security members that were holding him. All of them were flabbergasted, and they began running away as they saw Gurindai as some sort of mission.

                          "My guy, you have some anger issues." Gurindai told him. "Anyways, tell me what happened. I wasn't looking around....So, I'm willing to listen. Don't try to lie, though, because....I hate lies and liars." Gurindai said, putting his hand on his sword's hilt, in case anything went south.


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                            The large security guard turned his attention to Gaute with an angered face. "Oh shut up!", he yelled as he got up. "This place isn’t impenetrable! I'm sure there are some who are willing to take the lives of these influential people! I wager you are one of them!", he explained and now seemingly blamed Gaute. Was he really so in love with Eve that he couldn’t see the obvious? The man with the sword on his back stopped the security guard from approaching Gaute and walked towards the restraint military man himself. He lifted his hand and waved it which sent the two guards holding Gaute flying backwards. Everybody was in awe of what had just happened, except Gaute; He had seen something like this before and knew immediately that this man was his supposed opponent.

                            "My guy, you have some anger issues.", the swordsman offered his unwanted psycho-analysis. "Anyways, tell me what happened. I wasn't looking around....So, I'm willing to listen. Don't try to lie, though, because....I hate lies and liars.", he ordered with threat. "I see now. You are one of the people sent here to fight.", Gaute said with a smirk. He put the cigarette he had been holding in his hand and lit it with the lighter he had in his other hand. "The woman, the one the guard calls Eve, is putting on some show. She knew I had weapons and decided to act a victim, for whatever reason I am unable to conclude at this moment.", Gaute said after puffing out smoke to the side. "Why didn’t you check out the wound? You will clearly see that it is a cut wound, probably from one of the surgical tools she was carrying.", Gaute said before inhaling more smoke and subsequently puffing it out. "As human as she looks, and I will say it’s an immaculate disguise although at first she looked like she had a mouth that didn't fit her face, she apparently knows very little about humans since she seemingly didn’t recognize my military outfit as a human contraption. She was also unnaturally calm when I was holding her at gun-point earlier before we entered this room.", Gaute said and continued to smoke.
                            "My dear fellow, I can’t help but feel you don’t know recognize this garb either so I have to assume you’re from another time or reality all together. I can’t give much trust in the fine rich people in this room either since they are not supposed to be here, but that’s an issue for another time.", Gaute said and decided not to talk any more.

                            A glance away he saw someone in familiar clothing. "Lingqi, er det deg?", Gaute thought and looked at her. The face was covered in a mask so he couldn’t tell properly, but the physique and oriental military garb fit her description. Gaute was fixated on her, he had to know if it was her! He left his spot, went past the security guard and approached the woman he thought was Lingqi...


                            Lingqi, er det deg? = Lingqi, is that you?
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                              "You're rather...nonchalant about what's happened so far." Gurindai reacted to how calm Gaute was, but if anything, the army-man was making quite the impression on Gurindai. "You also don't look like you're lying, thankfully, so I'm willing to believe you. The wound appeared strange to me, but, I don't know what kind of weapon these "guns" are since like you said, I come from another realm. Which probably doesn't surprise you. And truth be told...Those scalpels and that mask...They look familiar to me, once you mentioned them. Stand back, if you value your life...or don't, I guess. You'll just add more work to my job."

                              Gurindai then approached the large man and "Eve", and he pointed his sword at her. "Alright, I don't know how you slipped past by me, but this is the third time we've met...and it will be the last."

                              "H-Hey, what are you!" The Large man attempted to punch Gurindai, however, The shinigami easily grabbed his fist and threw him away. "Now go, things will get messy!" He yelled to the room, but, before he knew it, the whole lobby was in panic; people running everywhere, screaming heard from every corner of the room, it wasn't a suitable environment to fight in.

                              "Darn it...I'll end this in one swift swing then!" Gurindai lifted his sword up in the air, and swung it down, attempting to slice Eve in half.