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Round-Robin Summer 2019 tournament round 2A Darker|Tinny|Goddess Ultimecia|Emmeth

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  • Round-Robin Summer 2019 tournament round 2A Darker|Tinny|Goddess Ultimecia|Emmeth

    Uorag vs Star Guardian vs Lu Lingqi vs Gaute Tidemann

    This fight will take place in a floating city, one unlike any you've seen before with statues everywhere. The skies are colored yellowish, nary a speck of blue reflected. What is this city? What happened here? Such questions will have to wait however, for you are not alone!

    This fight will last for two weeks.
    Post as you see fit.
    Remember, do not vote based on who will realistically win, vote based on the best writing.

    Ready. Set.


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    Gaute was sitting in a helicopter ready for his next encounter with enhanced beings, but despite the apparent disadvantage he seemed to have he was actually excited. He had learned something about the conditions surrounding this tournament which he could use to his own advantage. "ETA 5 minutes, Sargeant!", an american soldier had informed him. He nodded to the american soldier who was heading to his own mission right after dropping Gaute off. Gaute looked out of the helicopter to see what appeared to be a large floating city in the distance. "That must be about the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. It cannae be of human design", said the astonished scottish Colonel who was in command of the division Gaute had accompanied.

    Not long after, just under the 5 estimated minutes the soldier had given, they were descending in what seemed to be the outskirts of the floating city. They stopped the helicopter just about 1.5 meters off the ground as it would be easier to take back off. The scottish colonel looked at Gaute, despite having no connection or familiarity, and saluted him out of respect and habit. "Good luck, soldier!", he said in his stern Glasgowian accent. "Thank you, colonel", Gaute responded out of the same respect and habit before jumping out of the helicopter ready for action.

    He had been walking for a few minutes, he could still hear the waning sound of the helicopter, in the city which looked steampunk to him. It looked like something inspired by asian culture, particularily in a buddhist style. He had brought along an assault rifle for this encounter, along with his bowie knife and tactical pistol. He also had more medical supplies in a medical kit around his waist just in case things got way out of hand in the upcoming brawl. He couldn’t hear anyone else at the moment, but this place was pretty large so it could take a while before he got a whiff of an opponent...


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      "Where am I?" said the old man, no longer with Uorag's arm replacing his own and holding onto a tree. Why had Uorag shied away back inside the old man? Was he afraid of this place? Unlikely, Uorag wasn't too aware of the concept of fear. It must've been surprise, then. He had certainly shown signs of being precacious, evidenced by how he'd ripped the old man out of his body in order to save himself from potential doom. Was he even on Earth anymore? He'd never seen a sky as lifeless as this one, and the countless statues around him had an ominous feel to them.

      These sensations were weakening the barriers that kept Uorag and his insatiable hunger locked within the old man's body. That had been the monster's plan all along, but there was no Moon to speak of at the moment, which is primarily what had made him go back inside, though he too felt something strange about this new place. Above all else, he was angered by the fact that his prey had escaped him, but perhaps it was for the better, if they truly had the power to slay him. Uorag, deep inside, hoped that he wouldn't have to face them again, which surprised even himself.

      Turning around a corner, the old man witnessed some form of strange metallic creature descending, with a man wearing strange clothes coming out. He turned around and walked in another direction as far away as possible, to save this man from the threat of Uorag.


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        Naomi rolled her wheelchair through the place. Having seen it in the air one day, coming back from space, she touched down upon it. It was a strange and very alien city almost. Just floating up in the sky. Anyone with a satallite or just flying above the clouds could see it. And honestly... Long as this place was here, it posed a danger for any air traffic up here, just coming up above the clouds only to run into this city... Her first though was to simply transform and force it to Earth, but getting closer... The sky was... Not right here. Rusty almost, she sometimes saw the sky turn that way in the deserts, but this was different. And yet after several minutes of flying through, any apprehension she had about the city itself, wondering if it would spring to life and try to kill her was quelled. So here she was, detransformed and simply taking a walk through the city, using a wheelchair to get around...

        "...Man... Hitomi would love this. Maybe I should call her once I'm back." She said, her cheek resting on her hand... She could feel the bandage covering it, that scar underneath, those were healing at least but goddamn she felt like she was going to explode explaining all the new bandages. That huge face in the center made her think this was dedicated towards some god or something. Slowly she wheeled herself through this abandoned town, looking at the various statues in various activities they were portrayed in, dancing or walking or fighting or just posing.

        Creepy... Eventually though, she came in an alleyway and saw something strange... Another person. Not a statue but a human on the other end. Picking up the pace, not sure about her eyes, she wheeled herself in closer, trying to get a better look, she couldn't make out much detail from here though, and she called out "Hello?" She said, with an uncertain tone of whether or not she should be suspicious, or even whether or not she is actually seeing someone and not mistaking a statue for them.

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          Gaute was walking leisurely and taking in the sights, almost imagining himself on vacation. He and his wife Kristine had taken such vacations before. Rome, Paris, Prague... That was just some of the cultured cities they had visited while the kids were vacationing with Gaute’s or Kristine’s parents on a car-trip in Norway, especially his son loved seeing the rich nature in their own country.
          Gaute knew, however, that he was not on vacation, he was on a mission. An unclear mission, but a mission nonetheless.

          Suddenly he heard something squeeky drawing near. He armed himself with his assault rifle and pointed it in the direction the sound was coming from. Looking up from the assault rifle sight he saw a girl in a wheelchair approaching. Was this a native or one of the other fighters? Knowing what he knew he couldn’t let his guard down, not even for a paraplegic child. It was a young girl, skinny and unassuming; Her pink hair was the only thing that stuck out. "Who are you? Why are you here...?", Gaute asked precaucously, not knowing who this person could be. For all he knew it could be a shapeshifter ready to strike at any moment, yet somehow Gaute felt some sort of... good in her. It was difficult to describe.

          He looked around, mostly to the left and right, to see if anyone else was nearby. He couldn’t sense anyone, not that he had any sort of power to do so though he called it experience and intuition. "Lurer på om denne jenta også kan lese hva jeg tenker?", Gaute thought to himself thinking back to his previous encounter with Faeris and the two others. He had a feeling he’d see Faeris again, but that was for another time.

          Gaute kept his assault rifle aimed carefully at the girl awaiting an answer...


          Lurer på om denne jenta også kan lese hva jeg tenker? = I wonder if this girl can also read what I'm thinking?


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            Seeing him closer up, she immediately saw his brandished assault rifle. And it was pointe straight at her, seeing the muzzle she immediately put her hands up, though the momentum kept her strolling forward, after a bit of hesitation, she brought her hands down upon the wheel to stop herself... "I uh..." She stammered out he demanded her to stop and tell him who she is, and what she's doing here... This... The assault rifle was one thing, Star Guardian could take a beating but Naomi herself was just a young woman, and that rifle would kill her like anyone else.

            Revealing herself isn't exactly great either, she didn't think anyone was up here in the first place, that's why she just went as herself. Telling him the truth would be even more outlandish to them no doubt. Now that she was face to face with... A Danish soldier? She couldn't tell what language he spoke, she wasn't very language proficient in general. She eventually answered the man "...I'm a tourist." Great fucking job Naomi, you're ready for the Oscars she sarcastically scolded herself with. Who the hell would believe that a tourist was just here in a floating city?
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              She was hesitating to answer, she seemed anxious. Gaute was pointing a rifle at her, any normal human-being would be extremely on edge in a tense situation like that. "...I’m a tourist", she hesitantly said. Gaute could’ve believed it if she said she was a native, he had no idea if this place was abandoned or not, but a tourist... That’s another matter. It was obviously a lie, but Gaute still couldn’t shake the feeling she wasn’t hiding something because she was bad but rather because she was just trying to be careful. A large fit man like Gaute would be a threat to almost anyone without a rifle, imagine how threatening he would seem in a situation like this.

              She didn’t seem special aside from being handicapped, but Gaute knew better; Everyone he had encounter so far in this tournament have had some sort of enhanced ability, maybe with the exception of Lingqi although she was ferocious and near superhuman herself. But she was obviously fit, this girl was handicapped although she did look in better shape than most paraplegics Gaute had met. She was also bandaged various places on her body which indicated a struggle, so Gaute was gonna assume she was another tournament entrant.

              Gaute lowered his assault rifle in good faith. "I’m not willing to believe your tourist claim. I don’t know what kind of enhanced abilities you have, but clearly not healing ones since you have bandages.", Gaute stated matter-of-factly. The let the assault rifle hang along his torso as it was bound in a sling around his neck. He walked slowly over to a bench nearby while taking out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from one of his pockets. He sat down, put a cigarette in his mouth and lit it. "You might be a native in this apparently abandoned city...", he started as after he blew some smoke out of his mouth. "...Or you are part of this tournament I entered.", he finished as made himself comfortable. Gaute wanted to intimidate the girl, show that he was more than asserting his confidence in this situation.

              Gaute continued to smoke. "En forferdelig uvane. Skulle aldri begynt å røyke slik jeg gjorde i tenårene", he thought to himself and smiled.


              En forferdelig uvane. Skulle aldri begynt å røyke slik jeg gjorde i tenårene = A terrible habit. Should've never started smoking like I did in my teen years.


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                "...Tournament?" She said, she hadn't heard of any tournament lately. She had participated in a few (as Star Guardian, it was a long story), but the way he was talking about them, it sounded less like something with ladders and more like... Just a series of fights if one couldn't even be sure if someone was an opponent or not. "What are you talking about?" She said, growing concerned, enhanced human abilities, in other words superhumans or possibly aliens.

                She needed to know more, whatever was going on, she had a bad feeling about it "Why are you fighting in it anyway?" She asked him. If this was something terrible, then she needed to put a stop to it.

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                  Struggling footsteps falling into mud, a tattered cape brushing against bushes. Continuing forward with the only company being the sound of insects and birds chirping. Three days of walking in the thick forests and not a single one went by without heavy rain. By this point, Lingqi was freezing and exhausted. Both by her engagements with Gaute, as well as Faeris and Genichiro. Most of that had gone by in a blur, she could hardly remember what had happened. Last she could remember she was engaging Gaute for his firearm. To her credit, she had managed to get away with it, though she had failed to defeat the ordinary man. Something that, given the legacy she was trying to uphold, was a huge blow to her pride. Then the other two, literal gods fighting not all that far away. Calling upon spirits and the heavens to combat each other.

                  She really wasn't cut out for this was she? Both her and Gaute sitting at the children's table while the adults did actual things. Showed actual power, and here she was holding a weapon without the ability to use it to its fullest. Both her father's polearm and the pistol. What good were both of these if she couldn't kill anyone with them? Especially a peasant of all things.

                  Groaning, she continued on. Her lower back was on fire, and her thighs had barely any strength left in them. At some points she even stumbled. Bringing a hand to rest on a tree as she kneeled. It would be so nice to just, sit and maybe take a nap. She sighed, shaking her head. She couldn't of been much further off from where she had entered from. It didn't take three days to get here though, odd it would take that much time to get out. These forests seemed to throw people for a loop, and she was beginning to suspect that was what she had done.

                  Even a few minute sit did all the world for her. Rising again, she walked forward once more. As much as her body itself seemed to be okay with the trek, her mind was beginning to shut down on her. Everything was becoming blurry, tunneled vision and occasionally her ears would ring. Leaning on her polearm she groaned again. She couldn't go any further, this was it wasn't it. The Daughter of Lu Bu, not slain in battle, not the victim of archers, not even executed. Dying in the middle of nowhere after failing to kill one person... figures.

                  She felt something wrap around her waist, and hoist her arm around them. Her feet dragged through the mud, but she was moving she thought. She couldn't tell if this was her mind losing it on her. When she looked up she could see her Father's face looking forward. Not down at her. She looked back forward and blinked, They were somewhere else in the forest, she blinked again and there was a clearing with a horse that was red from head to tail, and its mane lit like it was fire. She could feel her body being lifted on to the horse, and her feet being put into the stirrup. She leaned over onto its neck and closed her eyes, falling asleep.

                  When she woke up, she was not in a forest anymore. She couldn't see a single tree, not one speck of green. Everything was gold, looking up she could see not blue sky, but just the clouds and a colourless barrier between Heaven and Earth. Was she dead? Was this some sort of purgatory? She could see monuments dedicated to some sort of royalty, or legendary figures. Every one of them kept pristine.

                  If this was the Heavens, then... was this the next challenge? Was Sun Wukong somewhere around here... was she going to have to fight him?

                  She was snapped back to reality as she saw that the horse was... real. She was on it, and it waited for her command. But her Father wasn't here... what was real and what wasn't? Where was she? Was this part of the next group? She would just have to assume that this was the intended next skirmish.

                  "So... Red Hare. You're here. Tell me boy, where do we go?" She gripped her polearm tightly as Red Hare whinnied, smoke billowing out of its nose. Charging forward at blinding speed towards an alley way, there... she saw him again.

                  "YOU!" She yelled as she closed the distance in almost no time at all. She scarce had time to notice the handicapped woman before she had stuck her polearm out, spear end first for Gaute's chest. Passing by and turning a corner, rounding again for another pass.


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                    Suddenly, the old man fell to his knees, starting to feel pain all over his torso, almost as if something was trying to burst out of his chest. He didn't know why this was happening, and he could only guess: Was Uorag trying harder than ever to escape this weak and mortal prison? Had he sensed the presence of another in the area? Or was it as simple as this elder's hunger, instead of the werewolf's? The man couldn't even remember what was the last thing he'd eaten, assuming he'd ever even eaten anything in his life... Whatever it was, the pain pushed him down another path, so he couldn't ignore it.

                    If it was simply hunger, he would have no choice but die of starvation, perhaps his only chance at stopping and ending Uorag for good. But was there any risk to this? Would dying really kill the beast, or release it? Had he tried this before? His memories were blurry... Regardless, there were risks he couldn't take. That's why he'd kept walking along the shadowy corners of this place, to make sure the Moon's powers wouldn't affect him, in case there was a Moon in this strange new world.

                    But this pain was too intense, it almost made it too hard for him to walk. The thought of suicide entered his mind, almost as if whispered by another voice. He powered his way through this pain, that got weaker as he climbed up the tallest structure he could find. The other voice reassured his worries by proving the lack of natural satellites in this void of a realm, as well as the fact that this place was a city floating in the middle of nowhere, and no matter what he tried, the old man's attempts would be pointless as Uorag would be free sooner or later. The old man knew this voice was right, so he didn't even bother to question its enchanting existence. He simply allowed gravity to do its thing and fell off the building.

                    His body splattered on the ground, and just as soon as the blood began to come out of his open wounds, it made its way back inside the old man's body, which began to mutate, with the white fur remaining but getting denser across the body. It was almost as if Uorag had returned, but not quite. Unlike Uorag, this new wolfman was smaller and an albino, with pink eyes replacing Uorag's original red lifeless, pupil-less and iris-less eyes, and most distinctly...

                    "HA! Foolish human... Freeing myself was easier than I thought... I was starting to get bored of watching this old man's adventures, and my other half was too afraid of that pink haired human's presence to keep me at bay. Now I'm in control!"

                    ...this one talks.

                    Having said that, the intelligent werewolf turned around and went back the way the old man had come from. Back to where the tasty prey were, with his mouth salivating like a waterfall.

                    "And unlike that mindless half of mine, I'm not afraid of that hairless ape... Quite the contrary, her power was quite the treat!" - truly, this new "Uorag" liked the sound of his sniveling and pompous voice.


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                      The girl in the wheelchair seemed clueless, which didn’t seem right. "What are you talking about?", she asked him. "Har vi forskjellig mengder med informasjon?", Gaute thought to himself, but before he could answer the girl his attention was quickly dragged away from the girl to another threat. He heard a familiar voice yell "YOU!" accompanied by the sound of a fast horse’s hooves... from behind. Gaute had to act unfathomably fast as the sound was rapidly closing in. «Da kommer testen...», Gaute thought to himself as he prepared himself to jump. In very quick succession he got on his feet off the bench and leaped straight up into the air hoping to clear the attack that was being launched at him.

                      As the horse with Lingqi flew by, he landed on his feet on top of the bench without issue. "For en landing! Perfekt 10!", Gaute thought to himself as he looked at Lingqi and the red, beautifully fierce horse. He took the tactical pistol out of the holster and pointed it at Lingqi. «You have my gun, Lingqi. I want it back since this gun isn’t quite up to snuff for my standards. Doesn’t feel right in my hand, you know?», he yelled firmly at the horseback riding Lingqi. His theory had been proven right, he was enhanced somewhat; Stronger, faster and more agile than before. This would be to his advantage.


                      Har vi forskjellig mengder med informasjon? = Do have different amounts of information?
                      Da kommer testen... = The test is incoming...
                      For en landing! Perfekt 10! = What a landing! Perfect 10!


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                        The crazed woman with the stallion immediately assailed him cutting their conversation short, she initially leaned back in surprise, before it proved too much for the wheel chair, sending her onto her back as the momentum sent her down. As she saw her turning for another pass, she felt something vile in the air... No time to stop and ponder, instead she raised her hand and cried out. She didn't know what was going on, but this was an ambush. Whatever evil lurked here, she would end it, for she was "STAR GUARDIAN! REVOLUTION!" A pink energy surrounded her, as she floated up, her dull pink hair suddenly growing out past her shoulders, glowing with magic energy alongside her her eyes. Her unimpressive clothing changed into a uniform straight out of a magical girl cartoon, and most of all, she was floating in the air.

                        Seeing the horsewoman come in for another blow, she flew past Gaute, and straight at her, aiming to grab that spear of hers and hold in the air against all the momentum the Red Hare built up, likely sending her off the horse if she held onto it, and if not, she was more than fast enough to swing the blunt end at Li from behind as the Red Hare carried her, planning again to get her off the horse and force the outlandish warrior to address her. That spear would hurt if it hit, but she was still incredibly strong, and unless Li was buckled in, chances were she couldn't bring the full momentum of the horse charge upon her. "And what do you think you're doing?" She said sternly, staring down from her spot in the air, bandages or no, she was still Star Guardian.

                        Still in the back of her mind, she knew that whatever work she did in trying to keep herself secret, was ruined with this. There's no way Gaute couldn't connect the dots from here, even with her clear transformation. Who were these people? Why were they here and fighting? Just what was the history there? And that dark feeling, was her Li? Or something else?
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                          Ah, there they were... His unmatched senses of smell and hearing were not needed to guide him towards his prey, their battle was loud enough to be heard from dozens of meters away, especially the pink one's redundant screams that alerted his enemies of what attacks or transformations he'd pull out of her disappearing and reappearing fancy clothing. This white Uorag stayed hidden from their eyes behind a nearby corner, merely observing their fight and counting how many there were, and gave himself a mental note: Two females, a male and what appears to be a steed. Good thing I keep within me the knowledge of our ancestors, unlike my mindless dark half and that hairy weakling that is stuck with us, I'd be stuck ignorant otherwise... I may be strong, but the pink one worries me... It sure would be a shame if something happened to her... - he thought, with a wicked smile on his face. He pointed his finger at the girl, as she floated in mid air, and augmented the gravity on her ten times over. If she wouldn't fall unconscious to the ground due to her injuries, the others would finish her off. The one on the horse seemed enthusiastic enough to care very little if she killed such a young girl, and this white Uorag was fine with that chain of events. She knew prey were easy to swallow if they were weakened, and the only male there wasn't seen as a threat, so all he had to do was wait for them to kill one another.

                          The old man had awakened from his apparent death, now within a void where the original Uorag with dark fur was as well, trembling in fetal position not too far from there. This void was split into two from where he was standing, and in the black side of the void was Uorag. On the other, there was nobody. Memories were starting to flash back into the old man's head, memories regarding who he was, or more importantly, what he was to this two-sided void.


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                            Rounding the corner of the alleyway again, Red Hare and Lingqi were a force to be reckoned with. Her silver hair was flowing wildly behind her, Red Hare's mane winded back as it turned, and then she felt it. A loud BOOM that went off behind them, her eyes opened wide as she was pure speed in this moment, she could only see the general area where Gaute was. Approaching so fast that she scarce had time to notice the pink blur that attempted to get in front of her, and then fell below. She couldn't tell if that was some exotic silk or cloth and if Red Hare had run over it. She could only take a wild swing where she guessed the westerner was at. By the time she had swung, she noticed that he was on top of the bench, and her swing ended up short. Instead cutting the seating portion of the bench clean off from the support.

                            She scarce had time to hear words that were spoken, she had heard the first peep from Gaute, some attempt at speech maybe from that pink thing. Her hair now wild and resting on her shoulders as Red Hare circled again, this time however stopping behind a building. Lingqi fastening her polearm to her back, then grabbing her bow from her back, and grabbing four arrows from her quiver. Lining each and every arrow on the string, aiming upwards for the sky. She calmed herself briefly, closing her eyes and letting a deep breath out, releasing the draw string and letting the arrows rip towards the sky. Angling the shots so that they would come downward like spears from the heavens. She looked away from the arrows, and thus did not see the effect that had occured.

                            A blue chi enveloped each of the four arrows, creating two copies of each by their side. 12 arrows now, raining down in the general alleyway area.


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                              She had rushed in to defend him, but instead found herself brought down to earth quickly, grunting as she did so, forced to use the magic to keep her standing, a sensation she was very unfamiliar with after many years in the wheelchair. That left it as simple for the horse Li rode to trample over her, leaving rolling until she found herself staring up at the sky in pain, the gravity pushing her further down into the ground. She was just breathing for a moment, but she couldn't stop, not even if the gravity was a hundred times as heavy. But she did know the feeling, thinking back... Uorag did something similar didn't he? Was that this dark feeling she felt?

                              These were questions she couldn't get the answer to just yet, as she saw a hail of arrows down, each dividing into three from her eyes, she quickly forced herself up against the gravity, and flying to Tidemann, getting to the bench before letting herself fall, damaging the bench's armrest as she fell on it, holding her hand up, and telling Tidemann to "Get down! Star shield!" Assuming the soldier did get down low, a shield would appear above the two of them in the shape of a pink star, blocking the arrows, though it was clear that her priority was defending this person that had not five minutes pointed a gun at her, rather than herself as the arrows rained down. Instinct one supposed, for there was not the least bit of thought in going to defend a man who had managed to flawlessly dodge the Red Hare's assault from behind, especially when it may result in her getting new wounds so quickly after being trampled.

                              No, her thoughts were very simple. Stop the woman from attacking. And find whoever was causing her such strain... Were it Uorag… That couldn't possibly be it, Uorag was a monster, unintelligent and bestial. There's no chance something like this was simply the work of a predator. Predators don't let others kill their quarry.
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