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    Gurindai slowly turned his head towards Star Guardian. "Gurindai," He said, still smiling, "Gurindai Kokorosuke. If it traps the soul of people by eating them," He told her, "Then all the more reason for me to put an end to it...I'm a shinigami. That's a soul reaper, and my job is to make sure they pass on safely to Soul Society..." He would fully turn at this point, "I'll have to end this monster right here and now." Gurindai sheathed his sword, and he closed his eyes.

    "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens." Gurindai recited, a blue energy generated between his index finger and middle finger. "Way of destruction Seventy-three!" He made a pushing motion with both his palms, "...TWIN LOTUS BLUE FIRE!" He would fire the concentrated blue energy, now shaped into a wave, towards Uorag. It had enough power to destroy the forest in front of Gurindai for several kilometers.


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      In other conditions, Uorag would've been able to either deflect or absorb this attack... But he was at an extremely vulnerable point of his life and the pleads of whoever was inside of him were not working. He knew he could potentially die from this, so he punched himself through his chest and chucked a figure out of it, blood spreading everywhere but evaporating milliseconds after, and the rest of Uorag's body followed, being reduced to nothingness before the attack even hit him.

      The figure was an extremely hairy and elderly but muscular man, covering all his private bits with the fur and hair that he seemingly had naturally, like a wild animal. In spite of how muscular he was, the fall had done some noticeable damage, as he couldn't successfully run away from this situation, not with the limp he had.

      "I don't know what just happened... I must get out of here..." - he said, to himself, like a madman, almost as if this man had never spoken with anyone else but himself. - "But maybe I should stay... I've never met other humans like me... And certainly no one capable of stopping him... No! They want to kill me! I must savor this moment... I don't know how long it's been since I've seen the Sun!"

      “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”


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        That was all Sigoi had and all they did while Gurindai, Star Guardian, and Uorag had their titanic battle. The doctor had merely slithered off to another tree, ignoring the many falling leaves that crashed down over them. This body was dying now, broken by battle and wood. If it was gone, then there was nothing left but starvation, dehydration, and lack of sleep all in one as the diabolic arm was forced to crawl to some new form. And yet, that was preferable to taking on these awful bodies. Star Guardian's was a crippled mess, utterly plain in all ways that could ever be applied to Sigoi and the dull pink hair on their head felt like a mocking insult now.

        No doubt Gurindai would be just as bad. The miraculous light that flared from him was briefly witnessed by the stunned Sigoi, but what had made Sigoi salivate at the mouth now repulsed them. Clearly these magical, glowing beings were only pure for their own sake and not their own. Something Sigoi would never achieve; they were like a physical embodiment of that distant perfection. Their light burned away the horrible wolf, and Sigoi only just barely saw it for their eyes fell right out of their head. Followed by their head itself. Splinters of wood went down from Sigoi's form as their body came apart, its shelf life long over due. Better to be a diabolic arm for a while, and run into some better body than to even dare attempt to take Gurindai and Star Guardians' plain selves.

        If only there was a way to be like them, to have magic like them...



        Could there be? Was there any rule saying that no magic was allowed to Sigoi? Why shouldn't they have their own piece of that pie? It was only fair that they should partake it in as well and sup upon the sorcery the world had to offer. Ah, but such thoughts came too late for Sigoi. Just an arm and grotesque mouth now, lying on the ground while the rest of their body slowly became dust on the wind. Sigoi curled and twisted, but there was no sensation. Where were Star Guardian and Gurindai? They could ask them about the magic! The arm slithered desperately through the jungle, trying to find something with eyes and a proper tongue. anything would do now, anything to allow communication!

        The hairy man that came from Uorag would have to do. The disembodied arm lurched forward, aiming to grab onto his tongue and his eyes. Just one more tiny sacrifice, that was all Sigoi would do and then they would swear off it. With magic, what need was there even for something so limiting as a body?


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          It was over. Their clash with Uorag had ended with the monster being obliterated in an incredible display of power from the... Shinigami? It sounded like a grim reaper the way he talked about it, as she held Uorag for the final blow. Now it was destroyed. Sigoi seemed to be nowhere, though she had told him to run before. To get away from the creature. She had to admit, she wasn't sure what to think here. They were trapped inside that wolf, and when they pleaded for their lives, she didn't detect a lie, at the least, they thought it truth... She wonders if maybe there had been a better way. Whatever the case, apparently Gurindai had ferried their souls to the afterlife.

          She'd have to be satisfied with that, now that the creature was gone. "Thanks Gurindai." She said, before asking him a question, floating over back to a tree and de-transforming, just Naomi again. "So... Everyone that was trapped in that wolf? They're in the soul society?" She said, unfamiliar with most of these terms being thrown around, at least not in this new context. But at the least, she wanted to be sure they were in a much better place, then the belly of a Big Bad Wolf.

          Though, whatever the case, it's not like she could do anything from here at this point. The distortion was destroyed... And it was for the best, who knows how many others could have died by its hand if it hadn't been defeated here in this forest. A monster that tried to eat her, turned out to be a lot more brutal and disgusting and powerful than she initially imagined. She simply looked up into the sky, the pink of the forest beginning to fade away, now that both Uorag the red lightning wolf and Star Guardian were gone. She hadn't had time to consider it in all the fighting, but it looked like it was going to rain soon. She'd probably have to transform and leave again, it's not like she brought her wheelchair with her afterall… But maybe she could rest a bit first, until the unpleasant tingling in her spine, right where Uorag had hit her subsided.

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            "An old man...?" Gurindai was confused as an elderly person appeared after Uorag vanished. "...Was he a prey in the middle of being digested, or is there something else about it...these arrancars are an enigma. Whatever the case is, the wolf should have died. And the guy seems to be a live being so...They? He can see me?" So many questions in Gurindai's head, few answers.

            Then, Naomi had approached him and Gurindai turned to her. "You...were the pink haired girl with the weird outfit? You changed your hair color and your clothes still are strange," He chuckled, before stopping. "I don't know what was with that thing, but I felt there wasn't only one presence within it...many, many were alongside, suffering. As I told you earlier, I'm a soul reaper. My task is to make sure that the souls pass on safely to Soul Society...Your human religions could refer to it as the afterlife, but only the idea of a life after the one in Earth is correct; everything else is wrong. Now, I believe there was another guy, some sort of mix and match freak. Have you any idea where he is..." Gurindai leaned over to his right and he saw an arm, which he quickly deduced it to be to Sigoi's, lurching towards the defenseless old timer.

            "So you're still there, after all! Like Hell I'll let you, filthy arrancar!" He ran past Naomi, towards the disembodied arm. "Take this!" He swung his sword in the air and created an energy attack in the shape of a sword towards the arm. The intent was to cut it off.


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              Swords were weapons excellent for severing pieces off of a body, for thrusting through vital organs. But this abominable arm was the exact opposite of any of the things a sword should face. The energy slash flew true and would have definitely struck a body if there was one, but there was only a torture machine-like array of smashing, all-consuming gears and black fibers at the base of the arm. The ground was torn up and leaves shot up everywhere, but the arm continued unimpeded as it struck like a viper.

              Blind and deaf, senseless to everything save for the presence of the ugly body before itself, Sigoi did not alter their path at all despite part of the blast having actually hit it. A few of the black wires composing the arm's "muscle fibers" were frayed, wiggling wildly and uselessly in a manner separate to the tightly organized pulsing of most of the arm. It was a discomforting sensation, but this arm was so densely packed, so knotted together, that it merely knotted the frayed ends back together without skipping a beat in mid-air as it leaped for the Uorag-man.


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                Though it took longer than how Uorag did it, this man's limping leg had completely healed. But that wasn't going to save him from the creepy disembodied arm that wanted to take body parts off him.

                The old man was ready to run away from it, and he thought he'd be saved by the energy attack... But he was wrong, as the arm continued to attack, in a snake-like manner to make matters worse. He tried to stop the arm in mid air with both arms, trying as hard as possible to not let it get any closer to him.

                "Help!" was all the man could say.

                “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”


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                  Naomi was surprised, Gurindai shouting at something, she'd have gotten up, but she was paralyzed from the waist down.

                  It her spine still hurt and tingled but she would move. She'd move once she heard that one word.


                  Immediately she sprang to action, "Star Guardian! Revolution!" With no hesitation she transformed again. In a flash of pink she was across the forest, flying quickly. It was a cry she couldn't ignore, not when someone was in mortal danger... Seeing the arm of Sigoi making an attack on him, the slash couldn't stop it. If it didn't... Then... There was one thing she could do, one thing that would certainly block it.

                  Quickly, and without hesitation, she threw herself between the two, that tightly knotted arm and the old man. Riight in front of him, in what must seem like a flash to most, she was there, the fight barely over, and may start again, again with Sigoi having the first blow on her, though now as an arm. She looked at the old man and simply told him "Don't worry. I won't let him hurt you." her arms spread out to catch whatever maneuver Sigoi attempted.

                  She was leaving herself wide open, she knew that, but that was fine, long as the old man was saved from this hideous mutant of an arm.

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                    "What is that arm made of?!" Gurindai asked as the energy slash proved to be useless. It was then Star Guardian flew by him and attempted to protect the old man. "Good going. Let me help." Gurindai lifted his arm and pointed at Sigoi's arm. "Way of binding number sixty-one: Six Rod-Light Restraint!" From his finger, a spark of yellow energy was generated, which split into six beam of lights. If nothing was done, they would slam into the arm and bind its movement.


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                      The meat that the arm crashed down onto was tender! Not incredibly so, but about as much as Star Guardian's. So much the better. If Sigoi had to take even a single part from Uorag, they might well kill themselves before finding the sorcerers. The fibers of the arm were so sensitive as to locate the face of its target in a split second and make minute corrections so that those black, long claws would lurch forward and pluck the eyes out. The arm's "elbow" had coiled round the meat like a serpent, and the bite to seal the deal was incoming from those claws.

                      The target would survive it, Sigoi told themselves. They had done a great deal many terrible things today, and they did not plan on taking a life after Star Guardian had showed just how foolish their initial attack was. Just enough to get by. That was surely ethical, surely not evil. So Sigoi told themselves, but something stayed their hand. It was only by a fraction of a fraction of a second, but it was enough. The claws slammed shut, but not onto the squishy gelatin of an eye. Rather, the claws clamped down all over Star Guardian's head and held it like a man grabbing an egg.

                      'Star Guardian?!?!' Sigoi's shock and horror at recognizing the feel of the head it had just grabbed was punctuated by a sudden paralysis overtaking them. The six yellow lights bound the writhing arm well, but unfortunately for the one it had grabbed, all too well. The claws of this arm opened and closed in conjunction with movements of the whole arm. And with those binding lights, Sigoi COULD not release Star Guardian's head no matter if they willed it. Sigoi's mouth end chattered and skipped across the ground, writhing in clear panic. They had wanted Star Guardian's secrets, not her plain Jane head! Even worse, a grip like this could kill the victim! Someone had to free her from it! Someone who Sigoi could then take the eyes and mouth from in order to apologize profusely for almost killing Star Guardian. How terrible it was to be forced into attacking someone fatally! 'Why does this happen to me?' Sigoi internally grieved.


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                        For a moment, the old man thought about helping the woman that could potentially destroy Uorag once and for all... But staying would only risk the safety of everyone there, this entire world included, as it could mark the return of Uorag, who would make quick work of the pink woman now that she was weakened. Cowardice was not his way, but he had no other choice. He had to run, and soon enough, he found a clearing.

                        But getting far from the denser part of the forest was perhaps not the best idea, as the Moon, even during daytime, began to call the beast within him. He tried to resist the transformation, and he partially negated it. His teeth and fingernails got longer and sharper, but that was it. The Moon's call became more enchanting, but the old man refused to continue listening, by moving back to the denser part of the forest where the Moon wouldn't be able to spot him. But he was stopped. Stopped by what? He turned to see, and found Uorag's arm replacing his own, far thicker and more muscular, sticking his claws into a tree to keep him from getting away from the Moon's dirge. The man tried to overpower his stronger limb, but he couldn't even make it budge. Crying out for help would only make matters worse. He had no way of escaping this, but Uorag's arm alone couldn't completely move his body back either. They were in a stalemate.

                        “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”


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                          She couldn't see, but she heard the foot steps as he fled. Good, at least he was alright, though now the arm was tightly coiled around her, threatening to engulf her head, she could feel it tingling even...

                          God... Was she going to die here? Trapped in it, she couldn't even get it off of her, something was keeping it stuck on her head, not just the arm itself, which seemed to almost panic at being with her... Maybe it was scared, or maybe it felt guilt after she had saved them. But regardless, it leave. It was just here, eating her...

                          She could feel it... Bands holding the creature down. She didn't know what they were, but considering how hard the hand of Sigoi was struggling, she doubted they wanted to be here anymore than she did. So she dug her fingers under the bands and tried to pull, hard as she could... She could feel it giving, just a bit but not enough to break it! Maybe it could provide enough space for something like Sigoi to escape but... If not, then she had to hope Gurindai could save her again...

                          ...Again. Heh, thinking about it, Gurindai has saved her three times, this would make it the fourth now wouldn't it? He really has been helpful to her despite how she got herself into trouble time and time again. She'd be dead again if he didn't help her, at least she was thinking, as she failed to free herself, she didn't have the leverage, she could almost feel her head disappearing into the maw of the arm now bound to her.

                          And here she was again, hoping that Gurindai would come to her rescue, that smile being more reassuring than it had been at the beginning. From strange and off-putting to reassuring, as she pulled these bands of light as far away from her as she could, failing to break them in her situation...

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                            "Damn it, why is this bastard so resilient?!" Gurindai kept getting frustrated at how hardy the mix and match doctor was, and how he tried to suck the star guardian. "Pick on someone your own size, already!" Gurindai jumped towards the bound arm, and if nothing was done, he would attempt to slice it into with his masamune. If the attempt failed, however, he would quickly disband the rods of light and hope Star Guardian could free herself from Sigoi's grasp.


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                              Sigoi's claws clenched, their razor tips cutting into Star Guardian against their will. 'No, no, I can't be killing someone again!' Sigoi struggled vigorously, trying to move in time with Star Guardian's own attempts to shove them away. It was slow going, but through the desperation of both parties, Sigoi's thick, black form was slowly pulled from Star Guardian's face. It must be painful, the claws' hooked tips not leaving flesh kindly and the siphon leading to the mouth still sucking and sucking instinctively. Sigoi was sure that feeling wasn't anywhere as bad as how they themselves were feeling. Having tantalizing meat dangled right in front of them, ripe to be plucked and assimilated, and yet made to pull away...it was taking all of Sigoi's power to not just relent and start engulfing Star Guardian. Whatever pain Star Guardian was feeling, Sigoi's was far more agonizing because it was mixed in with that underlying 'I should just take her face' feeling.

                              There was a gap! Finally, away with the temptation, finally to...Sigoi didn't really have any plans for what to do now. An apology was hard without a tongue, and being taught magic seemed like a long shot now. Thankfully for Sigoi, actually having to make a decision wasn't necessary. As Sigoi slipped free of the golden bands and removed their hand from what was left of Star Guardian's face, the sword strike hit it. Sigoi's whole form arched and spasmed as the blade it it, black cables all over it bursting open and making the arm thrash wildly about.

                              A threat?! Well, that could be taken care of! The arm whirled about, claws opening wide to take a chunk out of its attacker's throat, as it had done to Uorag beforehand. It was bent strangely, looking almost boneless after the sword strike had cut so deeply into it.


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                                "...?!" Gurindai held his katana horizontally with both arms to block the incoming attack of Sigoi. The attack had so much force behind it, it sent Gurindai skidding backwards, forcing the shinigami to stand on his feet.

                                "Finally decided to take me seriously," Gurindai crouched and got his sword away from the hand. As the hand was still pushing, it went through, and Gurindai was under the arm instead. "You attacked an unsuspecting and defenseless person and for being an arrancar," Gurindai was about to swing his sword at the arm, "I will end this right here and now! Take this!" If Sigoi wasn't careful, Gurindai would cut their arm as he had put all of his strength into the sword swing.