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    "UORAG!" was shouted once more, and before more cries of help could echo their way out of Uorag's mouth, the muscles around the jaws healed, closing them up. The rest of his body began to heal as well, with red muscular tendrils coming out of everywhere to reattach the arm and reinforcing the tissue so that it'd be harder to sever. With a wave of his arm, Uorag commanded the blood spread on the ground to return to him, and as he did this, he began to suck the humidity of the trees around them, with all kinds of liquids moving across the floor and into Uorag's body.

    In response to all of this, Uorag had nothing to say. It wasn't the first time he'd been cut like that, and he'd already endured far worse when he was a newborn. Pain was his friend, and he was going to introduce it to these strangers. By consuming them, of course, which would result in eternal pain.

    The loving pair that stood a bit far away from him weren't his problem right now, the swordsman was, though they'd all become prey eventually. Of course, Uorag had never seen a swordsman before, in his world werewolves were pretty feral and not very advanced. So like them, Uorag didn't understand the point of the sword, but deep inside he saw it as a sign of weakness. This creature before him was incapable of defending itself by the weapons mother nature gave to him? Uorag had to get rid of it. But hunger was king in his psyche, so another idea came to mind: Perhaps the sword was very powerful in its own right...

    Before he could form any kind of attack, he was grabbed by the tail and tossed away into the female human. But this changed nothing. Even now he had ways to attack.

    He came to a sudden stop in mid air, before colliding with Star Guardian, and flew back down to the ground, before striking it with his previously severed and now strengthened arm, making gravity go bonkers for dozens of meters around them, getting moderately heavier for an instant then much lighter in the next. The one that would be left most vulnerable after this attack would be his next target.
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    Reaper? A label created by the Protheans to give voice to their destruction.
    In the end, what they chose to call us is irrelevant. We simply... are. We have no beginning. We have no end. We are infinite.
    Millions of years after your civilization has been eradicated and forgotten, we will endure.


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      The charge was successful and Sigoi was sent careening back into Uorag, crying out all the while that he needed it. Lots of people claim that, and very rarely are they talking about a physical need. That combined with the fact that she could still feel the drug working it's way through her, and the indignation at the comment about her legs, left her very... Unsympathetic and doubtful towards his claims, she was just fine leveraging her superior strength against this strange doctor.

      With that stated, even Sigoi's lesser strength can be overtaken if you choose the right weapon, in Sigoi's case...

      A rabid monster of an undead wolf that speaks with the voices of those who fell to it.

      Or so she would have thought, had it not... Stopped in midair, she initially got her ax ready to swing it, akin to a baseball bat but when Uorag stopped in midair, after Sigoi heaved them so quickly...

      "...Huh?" Then everything went wild. Down began to change directions as she had to quickly right herself to avoid falling up, now feeling a sensation as if she were upside down, things became heavier and lighter and back to normal only to change again, and judging from the amount of leaves heading in every direction, she had to imagine it wasn't just her.

      And that damned drug... Normally she could have dealt with this, flying in the atmosphere, she's even flown in weird places that acted like this all the time, and fought others who could control gravity. But given she was also fighting to stay awake, she couldn't effectively counter, as the axe ended up little more than a prop, falling and dissipating as she felt ready to retch. Star Guardian really preferred not knowing what her barf looked like as Star Guardian. Eventually, she simply went with it, and stopped flying, just holding her arms close, hugging her own body, occasionally stealing what few glances she could stand to take in this nauseating situation towards Gurindai, and waiting for this rollercoaster of an attack to end.

      Why are these things never simple?

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        Gurindai was confused at the turn of events and didn't expect it. In an instant, He was kneeling as the gravity got much heavier due to Uorag punching the ground. Fortunately, he regained composure, but it was something it'd take a while for him recover from. "What insane ability...Is this what arrancars can do?" His eyes widened as he thought about Star Guardian, would the girl be able to resist it? She was already in a worrying state before. Gurindai couldn't stop himself from taking a glance, however, he crossed eyes with her. She wasn't doing good, but was otherwise fine, reassuring Gurindai a bit.

        "Take this!" Gurindai swung his sword and created an attack that headed towards Uorag. This menace needed to be stopped.


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          What the hell was the wolf doing? Did it just get uglier and uglier every single time it did anything? At this rate it'd look as bad as Sigoi without a body did. Sigoi took a step backwards, eyes narrowing in disgust a second before the change in gravity slammed into them. Their loosely attached skin twisted and whorled like a liquid would, all of the assimilated parts being put to the test. Sigoi's face twisted up, then down, all the while the diabolic arm reached out to try to stop Uorag.

          "Damn it, move out of the way, Big Bad Wolf's abortion!" Sigoi hissed, using the diabolic arm to support themselves or grasp onto the ground alternatively whenever the gravity shifted. Their internal fluids were audibly sloshing around as though they were a wineskin, but similar to Uorag, it seemed such injuries did not impede very much. Or at least, that's what Sigoi thought at first. The unfortunate truth was that their patchwork body had about as much consistency as an octopus after the attack and became a boneless, flopping pile on the ground. Sigoi said nothing for a moment.

          "AIEEEEEE!" But they were definitely not dead, not at all despite jiggling across the ground with all the bone structure of a slug save in the diabolic arm. Sigoi lashed out savagely with the arm, aiming for Gurindai's feet to pluck out their tendons. "Weak, ugly as sin, but it'll have to do for now" Sigoi muttered, calming themselves from hyperventilating(metaphorically, anyway, as their lungs now were only useful for sloshing noisily).

          "Look, look, we can negotiate. It's okay, I'm cool, I'm cool. We can have a, uh, payment plan. I just take the hand and the hair and a little bit of her face, and then I'll just put you in debt. Okay? Please?" Sigoi's justifications did not even fully finish leaving their mouth before their still working arm had seized on a scalpel to throw at Uorag's heels. Heels were probably the easiest target to hit while one was pile of meat on the ground. "AND GET BIG BAD'S INBRED COUSIN TO STOP ATTACKING THE PRETTY ONE!" Sigoi yelled at Gurindai.


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            The masked one was on the floor, in pain. Uorag could hear every liter of blood inside him bouncing up and down due to what he had just done, which of course did not affect him. This one would be his target.

            As Uorag charged, however, the swordsman, standing nearby, created another attack with his weapon, aimed at him, of course. He was being bombarded left and right, and deep inside, he was starting to feel pissed off, being unable to satiate his thirst and hunger, but these attacks appeared worth the time to counter. Quickly, Uorag inhaled most of the oxygen around them, leaving very little air to breathe in that one moment this happened, and then blew it all out to reflect the swordsman's attack with a powerful gust of wind that would dwarf any cyclone in power and speed, visibly and violently shaking the trees in front of him.

            Whether they would be affected by the sudden lack of oxygen in that split second or not, whether they would be blown away or dodge the attack, or whether his counter would fail at all... He had a fail safe, just in case...

            Reaper? A label created by the Protheans to give voice to their destruction.
            In the end, what they chose to call us is irrelevant. We simply... are. We have no beginning. We have no end. We are infinite.
            Millions of years after your civilization has been eradicated and forgotten, we will endure.


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              Gurindai noticed Sigoi savagely lashing out, trying to go for his feet. However, for a refined warrior such as Gurindai, this attack was easy to see coming. But, the sheer speed made it difficult for the shinigami to dodge. "He's a fast one!" Gurindai noted. Sigoi then attempted to bargain, was it to Gurindai or Uorag, or both? Gurindai thought at first but he didn't want to dwell on that thought: "No, thanks, I'll pass up on your offer. But, I'll gladly get the zombie wolf to stop attacking the girl. Just know that you're next-" Gurindai was interrupted as the oxygen was sucked out for an instant, then he got struck by his own attack: The monstrous Uorag deflected it back at him.

              "Guh!" Gurindai spat blood as his own attack managed to slice him. It was a shallow wound, but still drew blood nonetheless. Gurindai landed and put his arm on his chest. "H-How could you deflect that...? It was a hadou move!...Well, no matter," Ever still smiling, he gave a glare to Uorag. A glare that belongs to a bloodlusted beast.


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                Whatever the case, Star Guardian wasn't going to wait for the others, as Sigoi called out for some sort of bargain as they were reduced to a heap on the floor (but still alive clearly), and Uorag blew out a cyclone. Big Bad Wolf's inbred cousin indeed. With something like this... These cyclones were powerful, picking up dirt and root all the same as it pushed out from his mouth... It even managed to injure Gurindai

                But for Star Guardian, she could only get better suited towards fighting him here, the longer the drug ran it's course. And with that, she flew towards him, her arms out, as if to hug him. Least she was reasonably the torso wouldn't fall off, unlike his arms, or maybe his foot given Sigoi just threw a scalpel at his ankle.

                "MAKE SURE THE DOCTOR DOESN'T GO ANYWHERE!" She yelled out to Gurindai the bloody but still smiling man, and barked out "AND STOP TRYING TO TAKE MY FACE!" Another advantage of this plan, she at least got some time away from this creep of a doctor. She turned her attention towards Uorag "You and I are going for a little trip!" She said, before flying up, fast.
                Flying higher, gaining speed as she did so, leaving a pink trail until exiting the forest entirely. Let's see that gravity help him when she's going fast enough to exit the atmosphere in minutes, already above the clouds.

                Looking out, the sky turning dark, the sky temporarily turning pink, right before she dove down, still holding onto Uorag, whatever happened, whatever he tried, she had to hold on tight, she wasn't going to let her escape, not if she had a say in it! Going down, feeling the heat of reentry, they flew straight down, a pink meteor aiming right at a particularly large, gnarled and thorny tree, crashing into it, almost certainly obliterating the tree, right before she let go of him... And immediately shouted out "STAR BEAM!" As a bright beam shone out of her whole body, a large beam firing out of her entire body, a beam easily capable of digging through the earth, or if need by digging Uorag deeper into it.

                No way Uorag could survive this, she thought, as she turned away, "Now, about that doctor" she thought, that A-hole still drugged her after all, and seemed still intent on taking her body parts, as she began to float back towards them, it was fairly easy, given the pink trail of energy was lighting up in that foggy area, giving the forest a pink hue at this point from her flying all over the place. Looked like some Korean music video honestly, only if you replaced all the pretty boys with wierdos. Seriously, who the hell keeps smiling after getting struck by their own attack?
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                  Sigoi propped themselves up with their diabolic arm, rattling and shivering from the failed attempt on Gurindai's tendons. It was no use, they were too slow like this. They needed raw structure, hard materials, strong and flexible yet elegant. Sigoi dragged themselves away from the battle for a moment, every moment making them panic more and more. What if the pretty one is being mauled by the wolf? What if they're about to die and this is all for nothing? Desperately, Sigoi scrabbled at the trunk of one of the massive trees around here with the diabolic arm, gouging its bark and ripping it away. Not losing this score, not losing this score, not losing this score! The diabolic arm opened up its wiry structure, engulfing the torn up bark and sucking it up deep into their body in huge clumps. Sigoi's mouth screeched in protest at being forced to mangle through and assimilate this much wood content, splinters and refuse spewing from their mouth and shredding the surgical mask finally.

                  Sigoi's skin twitched in places, bulging with new reinforcement to their body's destroyed structure. Cellulose from the tree and bark was stripped down and added to muscles, to bones, to joints in order to pull the body together. The process was imperfect, tree branch like growths bursting out of the skin at its thinnest points and turning Sigoi and unhealthy shade of green, but bit by bit, they drew back the strength to stand. Sigoi crawled up to a standing position, wincing as they noticed that the assimilation wasn't holding so well. Trees and humans weren't very compatible. No matter, it was just a temporary effort. Sigoi was up just in time to almost be flattened by a flying piece of shrapnel from the explosion caused by Star Guardian were it not for the arm's lashing out and smashing apart the piece of destroyed wood before it could hit.

                  "Why me, why me on this fucking day? Coulda just gone a different path, instead I had to run right into that bonanaza" Sigoi grumbled to themselves as they clambered up a tree and lurked in the canopy. One good thing about the tree look, it helped make them look even more like just a random branch. So long as Sigoi stood still, their spindly, wood growth covered form looked almost invisible. Sigoi's arm dangled down, entirely untensed and looking like nothing more than the tendrils of some type of vine.

                  "I can moderate. I'll just take the hair and the arm then. Baby steps, baby steps" Sigoi told themselves, agonizing over the effort of not pursuing Star Guardian directly. It was such a deep and burning need now that it felt like spikes were being driven into their body every moment they saw Star Guardian and weren't jumping at them. Bargaining for just the hair and the arm was like a man dying of thirst bargaining for a few drops of juice and water, but like said man, Sigoi would even accept that bargain. The pseudo-doctor lurked in the trees, waiting for Star Guardian to brush past the loose wires of the diabolic arm. The moment Sigoi felt so much as the slightest sensation on them, the arm would tense back to normal and engulf that beautiful, beautiful hair and arm.


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                    The swordsman chose to stare Uarog down. He believed the bloodlust in his eyes would in any way match his own. A valiant effort, but ultimately futile, if perhaps a little cute.

                    In the next few seconds, Uorag was grabbed and dragged into space, then brought back down to Earth. He allowed this, as it brought him memories. After all, Uorag himself had been truly born in space. How would he refuse this invitation? The cozy heat as they re-entered the atmosphere gave Uorag a feeling of warmness that he'd never felt before. Though he was incapable of showing emotion, for the first time since his birth... Uorag felt happy.

                    But of course, all good things must come to an end, ironically with a beam of pure good to the face, no less.

                    Uorag, being what he was, a dark entity, felt pain for the very first time in his life. The beam made his entire body explode into bloody bits, violently reacting to the positive energy that made the beam. This took him out of commission for a few seconds, but luckily for him, this kind of attack worked in his favor, or at least the graphic result. Many of his body parts and much of his blood had gone flying, spreading everywhere outside the crater Star Guardian had created with his body. And in this area there was plenty of life to consume. Muscular tendrils and mouths with gnarly uneven teeth sprouted out of these many body parts, starting to consume whatever life was around, mostly the trees.

                    These body parts began to attach, with his blood and the trees' moisture also telekinetically moving back to recreate Uorag's original body, though into a smaller shape thanks to how much he'd lost.

                    Against his own will, he spoke. An elderly man's voice came out as he looked around.

                    "Where... am I?"

                    Uorag snapped back into reality, closing his mouth with his hand and getting out of that crater. Star Guardian was his target now, and what a perfect target she was, lit up like a candle emitting pink light. It wasn't a very pleasant color, so Uorag decided to change things up a bit, gathering electromagnetic radiation on his fist and shooting a bolt of red lightning at Star Guardian, mixing if not overshadowing the pink atmosphere with blood red.

                    Reaper? A label created by the Protheans to give voice to their destruction.
                    In the end, what they chose to call us is irrelevant. We simply... are. We have no beginning. We have no end. We are infinite.
                    Millions of years after your civilization has been eradicated and forgotten, we will endure.


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                      She hovered past, brushing off the blood and entrails, some with her hands, other, harder to remove stuff like blood with her magic. The putrid and disgusting creature had bleed all over the place, and that attack in particular had left him little more than a smear across the forest. She was preoccupied with getting the disgusting stench off of her, so much so that she barely even processed passing through the vines in the forest. That was... Until the vines suddenly began to constrict around her,

                      A gasp of surprise, she struggled to free herself as she was taken up, as if caught by a massive plant, shaking her head, trying to free herself as she found herself dragged towards... Sigoi. Sigoi's mouth again, trying to eat her, the damned creature. She attempted to fly down, and avoid the creature, shaking her head loose, she could even feel the hair on the right side of her head being torn from her in her struggle, as the vines or tendrils or whatever the hell was actually grabbing her began to envelop her. "Get... Off... Of..." She began to mutter out, Uorag may have been a danger, but Sigoi she had to admit a grudge against for trying to steal her face. Already having taken some of her hair, as it would quickly transform back into her normal hair, a much less exuberant color than before, taking on a duller shade of pink, like someone had dyed it days ago.

                      However, as she struggled against against Sigoi, the branches and vines threatenning to engulf her hair, her arm, her body into a disgusting maw... She could hear in the distance, an older man asking where he was... Hopefully he wouldn't wander here, into this mess, but before that thought could even finish... The entire sky turned red, away from the soft comforting pink that had colored the forest into a harsh and unforgiving red. Herself an easy target in this forest, her back, her spine was struck dead on by the blast of cruel lightning, and her body tensed in response to the unexpected attack, and her voice cried out "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" Her spine was hit with the lightning, her arms temporarily not under her control as it coursed through her system. Her body almost becoming limp as it refused her command, the pain making it harder to make any fine observation.

                      Her body felt weak at this point, and all she could weakly say at this point was "Put me down... And run... Tell Gurindai to get out too... That monster wants me." She still hated Sigoi for attacking her, she barely even understood what made her body so special when she couldn't even walk... But the way those voices were stuck in there... Who knows how long they've been in there. She's seen what it does to people. Maybe it was just using the voices or maybe their souls were actually trapped in there... And if it were the latter... That was a fate she wouldn't wish on any person, even her worst enemy. That was how their fight started wasn't it, Sigoi kept her in one place, and the monster came to eat her, now here she is again, trapped by Sigoi, and the monster was almost certainly coming.
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                        As the guardian of star came crashing with the voracious dead canine, Gurindai was blown away by the impact. "W-What power! And I thought the girl was defenseless!" He said. In a quick moment of wit, he planted his sword into the ground and held his own, the wind still trying to shake him away. Eventually, all calmed down. He then saw Uorag using some sort of...red lightning powers? As he did so, he turned the sky, which was a calming pink into a horrifying blood red.

                        "Shit, she won't last much longer...Get off her already!" Gurindai grabbed his sword, leapt towards the vines that were constricting Star Guardian and dragging her towards Sigoi. If nothing was done, he would attempted to slash the mad doctor in the face. If he succeeded, he would have another crack at the werewolf who was torturing her by launching an energy blast, a kidou, at him.


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                          The. RUSH!

                          Sigoi's arm immediately reformed from its dangling state the moment Star Guardian entered it, attempting to entirely engulf her within the dark tendrils and veritably absorb her. It was slow going with how she struggled, but already parts of her were entering the arm and becoming Sigoi's. No feeling could ever compare to that. The faint, balding fuzz on Sigoi's head began to grow out, to a lustrous pink unseen by any other being in the world. A masterwork was what Sigoi would have, and then they'd be able to rest for a while and kick this habit. Just this one last time, this time it was for sure the perfect body.

                          "Oh yes. Thank you, for your sacrifice. You have no idea how it hel-" Sigoi's truly heartfelt thanks was cut off by a bolt of lightning striking Star Guardian. The diabolic arm did not conduct electricity, but just the sight and sound of it was enough to make Sigoi squeal and leap backwards in shock. They were the type to take parts in peace, and having a random bolt dropped right on Star Guardian had just obliterated the mood as well as driven quite a scare into her. Sigoi's back slammed against a tree a few meters away with the force of the jump, and they would have slid down like a splattered bug had the diabolic arm not twisted backwards and dug its claws into the bark, letting Sigoi dangle there.

                          "What the...?" Sigoi finally looked up at the sky and tilted their head in the utmost bafflement. They didn't have a meterologist's brain, but they were sure that wasn't supposed to happen. Best to finish this up quickly and get out of here before anything weirder happened. Sigoi's stomach region sagged weirdly, the cellulose support struts there already failing. Sigoi's clicked their monstrous jaw. They had wanted to savor this, but it seemed like they'd have to just pig out. Still, it'd be worth it for a body like Star Guardian's, with hair so...dull?

                          Sigoi touched the hair they had just assimilated with their hand, bringing it to their eyes and seeing its shade. It was just dyed pink. But how?! They had seen the pink hair with their own eyes! They had felt it be siphoned up their arm to be grinded down by the assembly of conveyors they called a mouth, but now it was nothing at all. Sigoi blinked over and over again, shaking their head in disbelief. All of this work....over nothing at all? So much damage to a body that was perfectly fine?

                          "Wh-what the hell are you? Your parts just die the moment I take them from you. Are you poisoning yourself just to keep me from having it? Please, don't!" Sigoi pleaded with Star Guardian from their perch on the tree branch, dull, dyed hair looking absurd on their half-green, half-bloodied frame. They barely even heard Gurindai's cry, merely numbly shaking their head and squeezing their eyes shut.


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                            Uorag charged while howling what could be interpreted as a hyena's cackle combined with a scream of pain. As he ran, he absorbed the life out of the earth and trees around them, getting slightly bigger by the second. The swordsman showed his bravery once more and swung an attack at him, but he wasn't his prey right now, so he jumped over the attack, clearing a good distance and being right on top of the pink energy woman, though so far up in the sky it'd be hard to see him, even with his size.

                            He increased the gravity around him, gathered a storm with the nearest clouds and shot himself out of the sky while inside a massive lightning bolt, plummeting at incredible speeds and with immense force on top of the woman and the clingy creature near her, creating an even bigger crater than the one they'd done before. Being little more than a mindless abomination, he did not realize that kind of attack would also severely damage him, but that's why he thanked the Moon for the healing factor it had given him. It wasn't this pain that bothered him, but the one that pink woman had caused earlier, that still made him feel weird.

                            "I need to get out of here somehow..." said a voice inside of Uorag, possibly in too inaudible of a tone for the people outside.

                            Like an angry child, Uorag began to kick the ground and punch himself in the head to shut this voice in his mind. He'd never found anything inconsumable. This was very annoying.

                            Luckily he'd already taken care of the biggest issue. It was time to find what remained of the woman and her clingy friend, to devour them. If they were still there, of course.

                            Reaper? A label created by the Protheans to give voice to their destruction.
                            In the end, what they chose to call us is irrelevant. We simply... are. We have no beginning. We have no end. We are infinite.
                            Millions of years after your civilization has been eradicated and forgotten, we will endure.


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                              She almost had to laugh to this, all this trouble for her body, when the whole time, she could have just revealed who she really was. And as he looked, crying as she fell to the ground, thinking she was poisoning herself or something. "Other way..." She said, before the transformation disappeared, revealing just her. "Anything you'd want to take is because of the magic. I'm just me." Naomi said, as her body left away the intense magic pulsing no more, and revealing just a woman in a coat and jeans. "Now just run, that monster is making it's way here... I think it traps the souls of the people it kills." She warned Sigoi, before turning to Gurndai upon seeing lay an attack at the approaching monster, deftly dodging. Seeing it go up into the atmosphere... "That creature's faster than it looks... Smaller than before too... What's your name?" She asked the smiling man. A smile that would haunt her nightmares, if not for the real nightmares here. Now it's...

                              Reassuring? Yeah. Reassuring almost. Maybe that's why he always smiled. "I'm going to catch it. You just obliterate as much as you can, don't even leave a drop of blood left." She said, staring straight up now, waiting for it to fall...

                              "Alright Big Bad Wolf. Huff and Puff all you want, let's see you blow me down!" She said beginning to sit up, her legs couldn't move as normal, but she didn't need to move for this.

                              When she was a child, she loved magical girl cartoons and the like, but her brother had asked her a question. "Why didn't anyone try to hit her while she's transforming?" and she never really had an answer for that. She liked them but she couldn't really answer them at the tender age of eleven. Then she became a Guardian, Star Guardian, and learned how to fight. She eventually figured it out. Why no one attacked the magical girl when they transformed.

                              The answer was simply. They could not.

                              The evil red lightning came down from the sky, she looked straight up, seeing the light come here, swifter and swifter. And as it came... She to time it right.
                              "STAR GUARDIAN! REVOLUTION!"

                              Cascading pink energy, pure goodness flowing around her enveloping her and allowing her to transform. And as Uorag would violently crash down, with a destructive attack that would flatten the area into another large crater, it would meet the uncompromising barrier of the Star Guardian. It would not yield or break before his attack, neither the lightning bolt nor the crash, it would not yield in the slightest, even against his strength! The field would in fact trap Uorag's attack, there would be no crater, not even any destruction, as she refused to be moving, transforming.

                              Her jacket and jeans would be replaced by the uniform of Star Guardian, her hair lengthening itself, and glowing a soft pink in contrast to the monster's red. Her eyes turning pink, and once it was over, everyone would see Star Guardian there, holding back Uorag's attack, as if he hadn't just leaped in from the atmosphere. Uorag specifically might even see a smirk on her face. She held on to whatever part of Uorag and flying up, tried to provide a good target for Gurindai. Uorag was powerful but not invincible, "You slice him apart, I'll keep him away from the rest of his body!" She said, no matter what she couldn't let this creature get what it wants. She began to fly in a single direction, back towards the crater they originally made, carrying Uorag underneath.
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                                He understood that.
                                They were planning to kill him. Was that even possible? He'd already faced death before but...
                                He was a construct of the Moon, a herald of nature's dark side. Could he even die?

                                This woman was an issue. She had powers beyond Uorag's comprehension and seemed to be linked to nature in some way as well, almost like a perfect counter to the undead werewolf. She might have the power to kill him... But he was not going to let that happen. And whatever this pink woman had done earlier had triggered something inside him, a part of him thought dead long before he'd even transformed... While being dragged by the flying woman, he began to panic, and an elderly but distinctly human voice came out of his mouth.

                                "Please, don't kill him! I'm stuck inside of him!"

                                Reaper? A label created by the Protheans to give voice to their destruction.
                                In the end, what they chose to call us is irrelevant. We simply... are. We have no beginning. We have no end. We are infinite.
                                Millions of years after your civilization has been eradicated and forgotten, we will endure.