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Round-Robin Summer 2019 tournament round 1A Darker|Tinny|Lazerbem|Vitalista

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  • Round-Robin Summer 2019 tournament round 1A Darker|Tinny|Lazerbem|Vitalista

    Uorag VS Star Guardian VS Sigoi VS Gurindai Kokrosuke

    This fight will take place in a foggy old forest, with gnarled branches in many areas, with underoots seeping far, and the canopy reaching high. Do not take too much time to wonder about this ancient forest, for your enemies reside within in too!

    This fight will last for two weeks.
    Post as you see fit.
    Remember, do not vote based on who will realistically win, vote based on the best writing.

    Ready. Set.


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    Gurindai Kokorosuke, former vice captain of the 1st squad of Soul Society, stepped into the portal as he was assigned to a mission. It was his first mission in a while that's outside the city he usually protects, despite his objections, Soul Society forced him into doing the mission.

    "Alright, those bigshots will leave me alone for a while if I do this, so what is it this time?" Gurindai said as he got out of the portal, and he ended into a strange forest and looked around. "A forest? Strange, I thought Hollows mostly concentrated on places with human lives...Or could this be the forest of menos?.." He thought to himself, "No, can't be. I remember the forest of menos and it doesn't look like this. Well," Gurindai shrugged, "Only one way to find out what to do: Old fashioned exploring." Gurindai would keep his reiatsu down to a notch, and put his hand on his sheathed sword, slowly but carefully walking around the forest to see if there's any sign of life.


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      Flying in from the depths of space, a streak of pink came into the misty, ancient forest, flying in through the clouds, down through the canopy onto the ground of the forest. She touched down, leaves spinning around the pink Star Guardian. A sight rather hard to miss, even in the foggy mists of the gnarled forest.

      The tips of her feet barely touched the ground as she had a soft pink glow to her, the magic energy surrounding her as she flew through the forest, searching for the enemies that lay within these woods, leaves and grass picking up as she flew past, a trail of pink light following her wherever she flew. The disturbance was here, she knew it, and she just had to find the source...

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        Up in the trees, something lurked. It swooped and twisted among the branches, moving from tree to tree at high speeds. Finally, the dark shape came to a halt, bladed claws digging into the side of a tree and suspending the creature's full body weight. Mismatched eyes, one blue and one brown carefully gazed at the terrain. Finally, they locked onto the target.

        "Oooh, nice." A quick hop and skip later across the branches, and a scalpel had cut away a small fern growing in the nook of one of the trees carefully. Sigoi admired the fern's delicate leaves in the light for a moment in their delicate hand before placing it inside of a pouch. "These would be a lovely accent, really get the room in order. Just the perfect shade of green to go with my room." A brown eye flicked towards skin of the same shade on a hand and then narrowed. "Well..., the room at least." Sigoi sighed, leaning up against the tree and drumming their claws on its side. "It's fine. It really is. It's fine..." Sigoi muttered to themselves, the tapping becoming scratching and the scratching becoming ripping away chunks of bark from the tree as if ripping away skin. Why did the surgeon have to not quite match the rest of their body? The scratching continued until the claws of the devilish arm had hit sap, making the tree weep tears of its ichor. Sigoi drew the claw away from the bark and stared at the arm.

        'Maybe...maybe just a hand. I've been good, haven't I? Just a hand. A hand's not that important anyway. They'll be fine. Build character about it, write a book..." The justification continued long after Sigoi had already started to lope through the branches once more, on the search for a hand that better matched the rest of them. A bald head, pallid skin save for the monstrous arm and dark, human hand was Sigoi's current face to the world, wrapped in a flapping, off-white coat like a mockery of a doctor. It was an ostentatious sight, one that spoke of Sigoi not having planned for any sort of fight and making the decision to snatch up a new arm on a whim. However, it was downright subdued compared to the pink glow of the Star Guardian which Sigoi spotted up ahead.

        Sigoi stared at the young woman, wreathed in rose power and flying as though it was so easy. So perfect, you could get lost looking at it. However, a more clinical glance downwards and Sigoi hissed behind their surgical mask. Those legs of the flying woman were wrong. Best to leave those legs where they were, what Sigoi wanted was an arm...and maybe the face...maybe the hair too. Maybe a little more here and there...

        Sigoi's fingers twitched and twitched and twitched, trying to control themselves from snatching up this perfect rose until they simply could not. Sigoi's fingers lunged to their bandolier, grasping a syringe of tranquilizer and flinging it like a dart for Star Guardian's neck, their own eyes bugging in the excitement of the pieces they could get from this astounding specimen.


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          As she flew past tree after tree, eyes scanning the misty forests... It was rather aimless but her search would soon have to be put on hold! Before she even knew it was coming, a syringe plunged itself, thrown from a direction she knew not where, it quickly releasing the drug into her system. "HGAH!" She cried out, swiftly turning to face the enemy, her hands quickly grapping the syringe and throwing it away. From where she felt the syringe, the assailant must be...

          Must be... Was it hard to see? It began to feel like the ground was getting closer, before she fell straight down. Shaking her head She looked around, trying to regain her footing but the forest was still foggy... Oh damn it, she lost track of where the syringe came from... And... She... Feels... Tired...

          Nonono, work was tiring as always but she could... I mean, she wasn't getting enough sleep, she knew that but...

          Where was that thought going?

          The syringe, it was half full... That explained why her hands could barely grip anything, let alone make a fist. Her eyelids felt heavier than anvils still... Damn it Naomi! Wake up! This was no time to take a nap... But... "Damn it..."

          Her body collapsed into the ground, unmoving, the glow still shimmering but the body itself showing no activity, except of a consistent breathing as she lay in the mud and dirt, the greenery doing little to hide the soft pink glow of the now immobile Star Guardian.

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            "...I'm not alone in this forest," Gurindai had sensed presences and later on, he heard a hard thud hitting the ground, not too far from where he was. "...Hollows? No, it can't be. This reiatsu doesn't have the hollow feel to it...If you can even call it "Reiatsu." Best check what's happening."

            He would head towards the source of the thud, of course, hidden behind the bushes and tree, as if it was an enemy, the element of surprise is the deciding factor of the fight. This is what Gurindai believed in and always worked with. "...I can hear faint breathing." Gurindai thought to himself. He moved a bit forwards and saw a pink glowing in the ground, as if it was directing all attention to it. Gurindai took a good look and he saw a young woman, with pink hair and eyes, lying on the ground.

            "...A human? What's with the strange fashion clothes?" Gurindai asked to himself, unaware that even his outfit was strange in modern times, "No...Something's off about this girl...It's something otherworldly...I can also feel something's watching. Meh, this is none of my concern. They can't even see me, so, might as well go back to my merry way."


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              Uorag found himself in a forest, all of the sudden, filling the place with his undead body's stench. Had he just wandered into this area, or had he teleported here himself?

              He didn't know, his mind was clouded by hunger. He didn't care either, all he knew was that this place was full of life, ripe for the taking. He sunk his weak jaws into the nearest tree, breaking them in the process, and immediately regenerating the damage, strengthening his jaws for this task by absorbing the humidity around him. He'd grown even bigger, and now his jaws were large enough to grab the tree's trunk in its entirety, tearing it off the ground along with its roots. Through his teeth and mouth, he sucked this tree dry of life, leaving only a lifeless husk of a tree behind, and consuming what was left of it as well. He repeated the process with everything around him, even the soil beneath him, growing bigger and bigger. He was making a lot of noise, no doubt alerting others of his presence, but Uorag thought he'd already consumed everything and everyone in his world. He lacked awareness, but he could sense that there were indeed others in this forest, strange as it was for him to think he'd left anyone alive. This only made him even hungrier. He slowly approached these creatures without caution, only thirst for blood.

              Something was lying on the ground. It was easy to tell that it was unconscious... But was it human? Uorag had never seen one before, but it made him feel something... Why had he stopped to check this? He normally consumed everything in front of him, living or otherwise. This one had been knocked out by somebody else, and Uorag knew there were two others around. As much as he tried from deep within, Uorag knew nothing had the strength to stop him. With his enormous jaws, he prepared himself to slowly eat this unconscious being whole.


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                Sigoi trembled in glee at the sight. A perfect shot with the tranquilizer was always ideal; less suffering for the one being farmed and this being quicker for themselves. Sigoi was just about to clamber down when...

                What. Was. That?

                It looked like a ton and a half of an asskicking, a gross wolf creature that people said Sigoi was but Sigoi had never taken at face value. This thing was waaaay worse than Sigoi could have been in a thousand years. Sigoi's metallic teeth ground together, utterly repulsed by just how fucking ugly that thing was. It shouldn't have ever been born if it came out like this. Sigoi's internal horror was put on halt as the beast approached that perfect body. Visions of teeth despoiling flawless skin and of claws ripping away fine hair flashed through Sigoi's mind, an even more horrifying nightmare than that wolf creature. How dare it? That...that...

                "THAT'S MINE!" Sigoi shrieked, throwing aside all sense in favor of defending their fallen target. Their nearly perfect body would be at terrible risk fighting this beast...but the body of that pink-haired woman was infinitely prettier and more majestic than their current form. All of a sudden, all of Sigoi's current flaws were shown in sharp relief, becoming as beastly as the wolf's own hideous visage. Yes, better to throw away this carcass and upgrade than to risk losing it all.

                No tranquilizer for the wolf beast, Sigoi simply dropped straight down on top of the wolf and tried to dig their claws into its meaty throat and rip its jugular, carotid, and windpipe right out of its neck. The devil's arm became fully taut and tense before rapidly unspooling as it attempted to yank out the wolf's neck meat.


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                  Nothing had the strength to stop Uorag, the destroyer of his own world in his hunger, and still his hunger continued, as he ate everything, and lay down to eat Star Guardian.

                  Nothing indeed had the strength to stop Uorag on his world…

                  But here... There was the Star Guardian!

                  Springing to life from a faked slumber, she her hand flew up towards his mouth "STAR SHIELD!" She called out, as his jaws would close, not on her flesh, but on a star designed to prevent his maw from closing, quickly followed by a "STAR BEAM!" She aimed her free arm straight at his gut, trying to push him into a tree. She would then quickly rise, flying up with again her toes merely grazing the ground. Her plan to feign unconsciousness so as to draw out her assailant She could feel it, the scent of death on him, and the disturbance...

                  The disturbance she felt... Was him! "Big Bad Wolf..." She simply uttered before forming in her hands an energy construct of a woodsman's axe. Taking a better look at him...

                  ...Somehow she doubted this massive wolf creature was the one that attacked her with the syringe… Speaking of it, she was still a bit woozy, her vision not clear... Still, it was lucky she was conscious enough to fight... Who knows what would have happened? Not even certain as of yet if this creature could think, she deigned not to immediately attack but instead made a taunt. "Seriously? You see an unconscious woman and your first thought is lunch?" She said, twirling her energy created axe all the while. "For shame... Especially for someone coming here uninvited, now why are you here!?" She said, demanding answers from this Big Bad Wolf. Admittedly, her attempt at resilience would appear far less intimidating, not only given her soft pink color scheme, but also the fact that she was trying to fight a yawn from coming out... Her eyes were still bleary, her vision still impaired.

                  Damn syringe throwing maniac... Wait.. Now that her vision was beginning to adjust... Wait a minute, wait a... "And who the hell are you!?" She called out, finally realizing in her drugged state that the maniac was right in front of her and mauling the Wolf.

                  This... Was not Star Guardian's finest hour, though the shame of it was at least helping to keep her awake past the tranquilizer.
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                    "...Yeah, I care too much about people to let that girl to her own fate." Gurindai then looked behind and he saw some strange wolf creature about to eat her. He then had a shocked face as he ran towards the two of them. It was then Sigoi landed on top of Uorag, and Star Guardian waking up and trying to fend herself against the terrible beast.

                    "What the hell?!" Gurindai was officially confused, first there was this girl out of nowhere, then a zombie werewolf appears, alongside some thing. "...Is this what Soul Society sent me to deal with? They aren't hollows, they don't have the same vibe...But maybe, they're ?!" Gurindai grabbed his sword high in the air, and he slashed down; Creating an slash-like energy attack that traveled towards Uorag and Sigoi, in hopes of saving Naomi.


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                      Much had happened in the last few seconds:

                      A magic shield suddenly appeared around his prey, and as that happened, he got shot in the gut, with the beam going straight through his body, sending many of his entrails flying and making him step away from the now conscious prey, but this wasn't the only thing that made him step away...
                      As this happened, something had fallen on Uorag's head, attempting to slice his neck open, and succeeding. Uorag violently shook his head, spreading his blood everywhere while trying to shake off whatever was on his head.
                      And finally, his arm was severed by an energy attack and fell to the ground.

                      He'd been greatly weakened, but he felt no pain from this. At least, not Uorag himself.

                      His jaws were wide open now, as many voices reberverated out of the void that was his mouth, crying out for help in various languages, with one being distinctly human. Many voices yelled the undead werewolf's self-given name "UORAG!" in brave or nervous tones.


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                        Many, many things happened at once. For one thing, the wolf bled and bled its disgusting fluids everywhere and Sigoi was very suddenly wishing they had picked a poorer nose than this one as they retched from the stench. For another, the sleeping girl was suddenly not asleep now and had conjured up an ax randomly. And finally, a whirling blade of energy from behind had crashed right into their devil arm and actually managed to cut a few of the black strands that composed it. Sigoi could have stopped and evaluated all of this, but all they saw was that the sweet face was so crinkled up in confusion and it would look so much better than the bizarre impression of a fish their current face was pulling.

                        Scrambling over top of the howling, maimed wolf and ignoring the blast of energy, Sigoi leaped straight for Star Guardian. The devil's arm raced right for Star Guardian's face, tensed and coiled once more so it had incredible speed. While attempting to take off Star Guardian's face, Sigoi's powerful legs shot them forward like a running back to try to tackle Star Guardian.

                        "Just hold still, I won't be taking much. You'll still be alive. I saved you!" Sigoi protested, rather outraged at getting no recognition for saving Star Guardian's life from the zombie wolf. "Come on, come on, I did not get soaked in that fucking thing's juices just to deal with this. Just...just hold still! Don't move those skinny, chicken legs."


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                          Another attack blew past her at the Big Bad Wolf, lopping off it's arm. She looked at them and they seemed remarkably pleased at the whole situation, with black hair and equally black robes, held together with a white cloth, it reminded her a bit of the Kung Fu uniforms that Nara would wear at the martial arts schools. That was strange enough that she was beginning to wonder if she was having hallucinations from that syringe, but before she could consider that a demented roar rang out from Uorag, somehow still alive despite being utterly eviscerated. It called out and she could hear it, the sounds of its victims, seemingly frozen in their last moments. A monster it looked like, a ravenous... Not a wolf, but rather a zombie. She had little time to contemplate that however, as Sigoi leaped at her, intent on...Taking something. Whatever it was she didn't want to even know, but she would not falter.

                          She held her arms in front of her in a cross, before her whole being began to almost blaze with a pink energy. She may not know what he was after but given the crack he made about her legs. "I don't owe you a thing! SHOOTING STAR!" If he expected her to be grateful for the problem they caused, they were living in a dream world. Her entire Body surged forth, going straight at him and his arm, aiming to ram him, and if it went well, Uorag too, planning to ram them both through the mess of trees and hit them with enough force to almost force them entirely into the fog. She'd not try to avoid his attack, she'd charge straight into it! She wasn't one to run, or hide, but one to face the danger head on! Whatever he had planned, she was ready to face it straight on.

                          An undead monster, a twisted parody of a doctor, and yet another fighter who she didn't understand, but seem utterly pleased with the situation given their ever-present grin.

                          Uorag was simple, this wolf was some zombie, always hungry, something that seemed to keep it's victims alive, in soul or mind if not in body. A disgusting creature, but she's met similar things before, she doubted it had anything up it's sleeve aside from it's unnerving ability to continue.

                          The doctor, or whatever they was clearly wanted her body, like some sort of cannibal. Especially given that comment, chicken legs, see how easy it is to exercise your legs when you had a 9-to-5 job, barely enough money for an apartment, and were paraplegic! And that's before you factor in crap like this on top of it!

                          Finally that last one, she didn't quite know what exactly they were yet or what they were so happy about, but she was markedly suspicious. At least they haven't tried to eat her yet, what is it with monstrous cannibals and this forest?
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                            "You're a loud one," Gurindai said, as he stood in front of Uorag, "..But now I confirmed it, you definitely aren't a hollow. Yet, I feel like you're something much worse...Perhaps, you're one of those arrancars I've been hearing of," Gurindai didn't know what arrancars looked like, so he assumed Uorag was one, "So is your little friend over there." He pointed at Sigoi, who was battling against the guardian of stars.

                            "No hard feelings, but I want to be done with this mission as soon as possible." Still ever-smiling, Gurindai unsheathed his sword: It was a large katana, and he held it close to him. He also assumed a stance and stared at the monster, analyzing it to see if there was a weak spot.


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                              Sigoi's diabolic arm took the brunt of the impact, the crash of the Star Guardian's unstoppable charge and the diabolic arm making a sound like thunder.

                              "Please, you don't understand. I need it!" they cried out, skidding across moss and branches as their charge was utterly overpowered. The mismatched eyes bugged and Sigoi's throat went dry. No way...what kind of unnatural energies could give a body like that so much strength? Did it have lines of compressed muscle fiber like their own too? For all of Sigoi's efforts to attempt to stave off the smaller girl's tackle, it was for naught and with a loud scream of dismay, they were hurled backwards and into Uorag.

                              Sigoi's ribs cracked, probably because they'd just been pushed inward by the superhuman strength at Star Guardian's disposal. Sigoi felt the sensation of it, but not the pain of it; pain was a long distant thing to these temporary bodies. Still, Sigoi screamed as though they felt every bit of it. "No, no!" Sigoi wailed, sounding like they were about to cry. Slamming like a ragdoll into Uorag and then sliding across even more branches and moss left the formerly vaguely handsome Sigoi looking like, well, someone who'd just been punched through a forest into a zombie wolf. Sigoi's diabolic arm finally dug into a tree with its claws, stopping their flight and allowing them to self assess. Their carefully chosen form was covered in scratches now, utterly ruining the skin and even striking the flesh. The bones of the chest and organs within were terribly damaged too. And after all this effort to obtain this great a look without killing.

                              Sigoi panted, sucking in air over and over again as they just stared at themselves. Their frustrations were given vent as the diabolic arm lashed out, aiming to grab Uorag by the tail and with immense strength, bodily hurl the wolf at Star Guardian like a projectile.

                              "I didn't want to. I didn't want to! I was doing just fine! Why do all of you want to get me down?" Sigoi howled. "That was the last surgeon in the area that could die of natural causes. I HAVE to take you now. Aghhh!" Sigoi complained, feeling such horrid pity for poor Star Guardian. She could have still been pretty and strong but for the interference of that damn wolf and the lunatic with the sword. But now she had forced Sigoi's hand. It was always terrible when people forced Sigoi to take all of them inside. Sometimes, tranquilizers weren't enough.