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Round Robin Tournament Summer 2019 Round 1B Greeny|Goddess Ultimecia|Daemon Keido|Emmeth

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  • Round Robin Tournament Summer 2019 Round 1B Greeny|Goddess Ultimecia|Daemon Keido|Emmeth

    Genichiro Ashina VS Lu Lingqi VS Faeris of Armageddon VS Gaute Tidema

    This fight will take place in a foggy old forest, with gnarled branches in many areas, with underoots seeping far, and the canopy reaching high. Do not take too much time to wonder about this ancient forest, for your enemies reside within in too!

    This fight will last for two weeks.
    Post as you see fit.
    Remember, do not vote based on who will realistically win, vote based on the best writing.

    Ready. Set.


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    Cutting through more and more underbrush, what was originally a journey to find the strongest warriors in the land, was now turning into a job of making paths. It wasn't entirely that bad, monotonous as it was, it did give a lot of time to think. How to go about engaging an opponent once they were found, how to deal with whatever weapon they may have on them. The element of surprise was always a possibility, an element of the cowardly, it was particularly nasty compared to other methods. The element of surprise was usually used by strategists keen on capturing or killing other officers. Lu Lingqi knew this very well, and she would go to any length to ensure that she was not going to be part of some greater plot. Death was a better alternative to bowing down to others. That was something taught to her by her Father Lu Bu.

    His teachings echo'd in her mind constantly, his brilliance was unmatched. Disregarding strategists, disregarding magic, using only his pure martial might, he crushed his foes with ease. There was not a single warrior that could match him, that legacy was tough to follow, but if anyone could, it would be his flesh and blood.

    "Who..." She muttered as she slowly came around a large tree, seeing a figure standing by another tree faced away from her. Immediately she pulled out her Father's poleaxe, holding it in her armpit as she pointed towards the figure, yelling towards him.

    "You, present yourself!"


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      Faeris smiled as he stepped from the shadow of an upper branch, his own Force Halberd resting in his hands as he nodded to the younger woman.

      "Greetings. You may call me Faeris of Armageddon. I take it you are among those here who shall fight with me?"

      Faeris had heard of another groupings of fights in the multiverse, and rather than supress the damage that would be done, had another thought:

      Surely these warriors could be of use to Equilibrium? Provided they desired it of course. And who better to test their skills than what could arguably be considered its premier field agent in Faeris?

      Faeris dropped down with a heavy thud as his Power Armour's servos whined in countermeasure of the jump, with the Psyker resting his halberd's pommel on the undergrowth, awaiting Lu Lingqi's answer.
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        Being from Norway Gaute had been training in many forests, but this was something else. He had been many places as part of the norwegian special forces, some of those places included forests, but he had not encountered a density like this forest. He had his tools, he could cut through the forest if necessary but in this case he actually wanted to climb the trees instead, maybe he could spot something from the tree-tops that were very close together.

        He approached a tree that looked easily climbable. "Ja, dette ser ganske bra ut.", he said in his native tongue. He jumped and grabbed the lowest of the thick branches he could see, subsequently he dragged himself up quite easily considering the shape he was in. He reached the top of the tree and looked over to see the sky, the sun was hidden behind heavy clouds with only the occasional gap where he could see the blue sky. He also surveyed how thick the forest was, it was impossible to see anything from this angel, he had to climb under the top leaves so he could see below.

        He ducked down below again and suddenly heard voices. Someone was talking a distance away, which confirmed the mission he had gotten from his commander. "Så, det ER folk her. Kunne ikke forstå hvorfor noen ville komme inn i denne skogen som er så tykk. Vanskelig å puste også.", he said to himself in his native tongue. He decided to climb in the trees closer to what appeared to be a clearing. He saw two figures in conversation so he decided to linger a bit to find out what this was all about...

        Translation for norwegian lines:

        Ja, dette ser ganske bra ut = Yeah, this looks pretty good.

        Så, det ER folk her. Kunne ikke forstå hvorfor noen ville komme inn i denne skogen som er så tykk. Vanskelig å puste også = Ah, so there ARE people here. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to enter this forest, thick as it is. Difficult to breath aswell.


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          Genichiro placed his palm against one of the unique mossy trees.

          "This place doesn't seem much different from Japan, but I can't help but shake there's something different." He removed his hand and patted it alongside his pants, wiping off the moss that still lingered. The samurai marched forward and stopped short as he heard voices up ahead. Slowly, he snuck up to see those in view. There were two of them engaged in conversation. Only two? Genichiro sensed someone else could be near by, but it was more of a hunch. If someone was near, they were well hidden. He pushed that thought aside and went down a hill to join the other two. The young samurai placed his hand on the handle of his katana, wary of what they might do. He stopped as he was still several feet away from them. Genichiro didn't speak, he instead would wait for one of them to make the first comment.


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            "I am Lu Lingqi, Daughter of Lu Bu." She said as she began to swing around the poleaxe from her pit and place it in front of her, ready for combat.

            "I wasn't expecting someone this calm about engaging in a battle, you're a pleasant surprise in a forest of fog, or a bad omen." Lu Lingqi ran forward towards Faeris, if this were a bad omen, she couldn't pay it any mind. If her Father hadn't done it, neither could she. Hesitance was weakness, strength was in knowing what you wanted to do and doing it in as short a time as possible. That was how her Father was legendarily attributed, among men, himself. If she were to begin to mount anything of a legacy near his, she would have to follow his mindset, his attitude, his martial skill, everything.

            She wasted no time once she closed the distance between them, throwing out a few testing slashes at Faeris, then mixing it up. Stepping closer to Faeris and feinting a downward slash, then reversing the momentum so that the pommel of her poleaxe rose up like an uppercut for his jaw. Spinning afterwards and slashing for Faeris' gut.


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              Another person entered the fray as one of the two already there was getting ready for combat. Gaute was no coward, he had been in the army for over two decades and counting, but he got the sense these were special people with special abilities. He had heard of people with magical abilities, he was no fool as he knew they existed outside fantasy books; These were clearly gifted in that field.

              He had to weigh his options, think of a strategy to use against someone who would be clearly superior to himself. He had no doubt in his own abilities, only one man had ever bested him in combat and that was his commander, but these people needed special care; He had to be at his very best to beat these people. Gaute didn’t consider himself a cheap person, he’d rather get straight into combat instead of sneak attacking like some kind of elitist sniper, but he seriously considered a crafty entrance here.

              He decided to wait it out a little bit more, study their movements, maybe he could find a good opening. He also decided not to take a cheap shot with his tactical gun, which was the only ranged weapon he had brought unless you also count his knife which he could throw with exeptional precision. «Forhåpentligvis har dere noen svakheter...», he whispered to himself.


              Forhåpentligvis har dere noen svakheter... = Hopefully you have some weaknesses...


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                As the girl came in close, Faeris flourished his Force Halberd into a more ready stance, giving ground on the initial charge. Which was wise as it afforded him the need to ignore the feint for the original blow. The suddeness of her followthrough caused her blade to score across his power armour's chestpiece, a scratch across the hardened metal proving her skill as cleanly as any bloodflow.

                Faeris nodded as he began to circle around her, his grip on his halberd firm but flowing. It was most obvious to see when he first thrust so quickly turned into a pommel strike followed through with a massive rising slash and still seemed to be one single movement despite the drastically different actions. He could have pressured her further but he wanted to test her as she tested him, to prove to her with deeds and not words that he wished to learn better of her as well.
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                  Genichiro removed his hand from his katana and pulled the Bow of Ashina off of his back. It was time for the samurai to join the fray. With immense speed, he shot off six arrows--two for each of the fighters. The arrows were imbued with lightning chakra causing them to fly faster and strike harder. After shooting his arrows, the samurai wrapped the bow around his back and unsheathed the Black Mortal Blade from his side. Darkness poured out of the katana and for a few moments, Genichiro struggled to stand. Only those who had the Dragon's Blood or the Rejuvenating Waters could wield such a weapon. Alas, Genichiro still stood.

                  "It seems the Rejuvenating Waters are still in affect within me," he said to himself. "Good. I need this blade still." He gripped the sword with both hands and placed his body into a stance.


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                    She managed to score a hit on Faeris, not as cleanly as she had hoped, but nonetheless she had scored a hit. Scratch as it was, it did send the message that she was no slouch. Watching Faeris intently as he began to circle her, likely seeing if there was an opening in her defense, he would find none. As he stepped forward, so did she, deflecting the stab off to the side, forcing the pommel side down with her free hand, then quickly putting both hands on her poleaxe's handle to deny the upward slash. Her face was not one to be overtaken by some love of combat or pride, she kept a serious demeanor as she stared at Faeris in the eyes, removing her poleaxe from its position and spinning backwards to put distance between the two. She stayed still only for a second to see if Faeris was going to engage further, but at that moment heard a whistle behind her.

                    Turning around, she immediately slashed vertically, meeting the exact tip of the arrows with his blade, cleanly slicing them in two, the wood and split metal passing on both sides of her. Feeling a temporary numbing in her hands as though she had swung a bat against a tree. She watched intensely as another fighter stepped out from the woods. This one... this one looked like a fighter from Japan. A Samurai without armour? Interesting choice.

                    Lu Lingqi positioned herself accordingly, in the middle of both Faeris and Genichiro, she faced forward, putting them both on each side of her.

                    "Faeris, I thought better of you. Resorting to this so early on?"


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                      Faeris was impressed at Lu Linqi's reaction but before he could say anything in praise, several arrows were fired at both she and himself. The electrified aura around the arrows created his own counter, his violet eyes blazing emerald green as he reached a hand out as if to bid the arrows to stop. "Smite."

                      biolightning stronger than the mightiest natural thunderstroke shattered the arrows and several trees afterwards, felling them as quickly as grass before a scythe. Faeris looked to Linqi quickly, smirking gently.

                      "If this man was with me, his aim was far off since he shot at me as well. But I do admit to having my own tricks. Like so."

                      the emerald shifted to sapphire, and he shifted his grip to bring his halberd blade closer to himself, which also glowed the same colour as his eyes. He brought his hand down as if to slap the flat of his blade......


                      ....and as he did so, a stone-shattering pulse of power blew from him, breaking trees that could not bend enough into the unseen blow to survive once again. For 50 feet in all directions, the shockwave flew out, and amything not Faeris would be injured indeed if it had no defense.
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                        Fortunately for Lingqi, she was already in a well enough spot to simply back up into the woods as the shockwave went off 50 feet was not that hard to cover when she had the added benefit of being angled from him in the first place. Though the effect of the shockwave was three-dimensional, though she had moved out of the way of the shockwaves themselves, the trees could not be avoided as easily. Grunting as she looked up as several obscenely tall trees began to topple over, she bent over slightly before leaping high into the sky to the top of one of the trees, then leaping even further into the sky, high enough that she looked smaller than she did on the ground.

                        Poleaxe in her hands, she aimed it downwards as she began a rapid descent down exactly towards Genichiro. Striking down from the heavens like dragon warriors.
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                          As the situation was tensing up below him, Gaute was studying the movements of those who were actually moving. The person who had arrived last was standing there silently, for now, as if he hadn’t been noticed. Looking more closely at him, Gaute noticed he was dressed like a samurai who was high in rank. They were rare in his own world, but the history about them was immensely rich. In fact all three in the clearing below him was wearing clothing similar to that of a medieval setting, which made Gaute feel out-of-place; That often served him well and it comforted him.

                          The woman and the soldier who was already there when Gaute had approached stealthily along the treetops were about to fight. Observing this would help immensely in future encounters he would be forced to enter. They had both unsheathed their weapons, both looking of technology out of Gaute’s own world. The first encounter proved to be what Gaute would consider ’Earth-shattering’, the sheer force was of unexpected power leaving him in awe.

                          Suddenly the samurai unsheathed his bow and started firing arrows around, two directly in Gaute’s direction. He was able to dodge them with some fine movements which also maintained his hidden position from at least two of the fighters on the ground, but was it in vain? Was he exposed? And if he was, how? It was a cheap shot, and while Gaute considered shooting back in the same fashion he ultimately rejected the idea. «Nei, for min del får ære være ære. Skal jeg sloss skal jeg slåss verdig», he thought to himself. This was the moment of decision, should he reveal himself or wait to see if the samurai had misfired two arrows?


                          Nei, for min del får ære være ære. Skal jeg slåss skal jeg slåss verdig.= No, for me honor will remain honor. If I’m to fight, I will do it with dignity.
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                            The massive shockwave had knocked Genichiro backwards. The samurai stabbed his blade in the ground to try and stand firm. It sliced through the ground backwards until finally, he was stable. Almost noticing too late was Lingqi flying down at a tremendous speed with her pole axe.

                            "Coming at me full force I see," Genichiro said. He quickly pulled his blade from the earth and placed it up in a block as the axe came crashing down upon him. Any normal blade would've split in two, but the Black Mortal Blade would never meet its end. His legs slid from the impact and he struggled to try and push Lingqi off of him. Genichiro rubbed his right arm and smirked at the exchange. She had a lot more strength than he had given her credit for. Genichiro then held his blade off to the side and the darkness upon the blade began to grow larger.

                            "Let's see how you handle this." He then raised his blade with both hands and then struck down. A slice of dark energy flew from the blade vertically. The slash sliced through the ground and everything else it touched. For good measure, Genichiro sent off another wisp of energy. This time, he held his blade to his side and swung horizontally, creating the same type of energy. It would cut down any trees it came into contact with.
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                              A shockwave almost knocked Gaute out of the tree, he couldn’t see where it came from, but the samurai was also rattled by it, that much he could see.

                              Now the samurai was getting serious down there, if the arrows weren’t indication enough, as he was now using his sword to unleash some sort of unnatural energy that scorched the very Earth they stood on. The tree Gaute was sitting in shook and he didn’t think he could conceal his presence any further. He decided to jump down from the tree; He landed a few feet away from everybody involved, the girl was furthest away at the moment. "I was having such pleasant dreams up in that tree. You cocksuckers disturbed my nap!", Gaute finally got to talk english, a language he was fluent in.

                              He was crouched on the ground still hiding much of his face, he was used to keeping his face from harm from training and situations out in the field so studying the others’ faces wasn’t an issue. Two of them looked to be asian, although Gaute couldn’t be sure they were from Earth at all. He couldn’t determine where the soldier could possibly be from, though he was distinctively pale. It didn’t matter, they were all gonna be defeated one way or another anyway.

                              Gaute unseathed his knife and took the tactical gun out of the holster, then he stood up firmly. He was 6'2" from head to toe, a foe to be reckoned with. "Which one of you fools volunteer for a demonstration by yours truly? I promise, I won’t go easy on you.", Gaute exclaimed with authority. He positioned himself such that his gun arm was leaning on top of his knife arm. He had a grin on his face and it was easy to see he was enjoying himself already despite not having been involved in combat yet.
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