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Summer 2019 Round Robin Tournament

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  • Summer 2019 Round Robin Tournament

    Round Robin Tournament

    A new tournament! This one will be a round robin, you will play a single round against each and every contestant, winning or losing does not stop you, the one with the most points win, and in the event of a tie, there will be a final match with all the ties involved in which they go at it once more for the crown (This is liable to change if too many people join).

    In addition... You will be fighting more than one participant, you will be fighting two or even three other members, in a three way or four way fight (depending on numbers).

    Signs up will end in one week, on the twentieth of May.

    Each match will last at maximum two weeks, and each contestant must post every two days.

    Sign up should include the OC you are using, and their abilities, though do remember for the purposes of the tournament, you are all roughly equal.

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    I'll sign up, and I'll be using Faeris of Armageddon.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Series: Warhammer 40,000, Tournamentverse

    Sex: Male

    Race: Human Subrace (Psyker)

    Class: Equilibrium Agent

    Equipment: Inquisitor-Pattern Power Armour, Force Halberd, Force Sword, Power Sword, Infernus Pistol, Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Psychic Hood

    Psyker Disciplines: Biomancy, Pyromancy, Telepathy, Telekinesis

    In the grim darkness of the far future did Faeris hail from. But fortune and circunstance took him far from his brutal home to a land he has since made his own. He so loved his new home that he willingly laid down his life for it time and again......until he finally had it taken from him. But........true servants of the Emperor's Light find that not even death can end their duty. And so Faeris lives once more, aiding those who aid The Balance.
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      Count me in.

      Spoiler Alert!

      Name: Gurindai Kokorosuke

      Class: Shinigami

      Age: 250-300 years old

      Appearance: Gurindai has a height of around 5'10. He has black, short wavy hair and brown eyes, and he sports a beard. He is also perpetually smiling. He has a headset and he wears classical shinigami clothes.

      Personality: Extremely laid back and sarcastic. Rarely gets serious.

      Bio: Gurindai, who at the time when he was human, was born as "Jugemu Jugemu no Chosuke". Son of a family in the lowest social class, he managed to work his way up in Edo period era. At age 25, he was already a respected figure in the army, but he met his end on the battlefield. Since then, he was taken on by the shinigami and was sent to live to Soul Society, where he took on the name "Gurindai". He was so strong that he managed to work up the way to be a vice-captain for the 1st squad but gave it up soon after due to the lack of freedom, as he is perfectly content with doing the jobs an ordinary Shinigami does. He is guarding the district where his former home was; in modern time, he is guarding a quiet and humble district in Osaka, Japan.

      Zanpakuto: Masamune. A large ass katana-like sword. When Gurindai uses his bankai, The masamune turns into a large jitte.

      Ability: Nothing notable while using shikai, aside expert swordsmanship and Shinigami techniques such as Shunpo. However, Gurindai has unlocked his bankai: "Raijin no Gekido" in which his Masamune turns into the jitte; allowing Gurindai to call forth thunder from the skies and use lightning powers against his opponent.
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        Edit: I'll be switching my character from Jaime Noble to an OC named Lu Lingqi

        Name: Lu Lingqi (Formerly Rei Leon)

        Class: Warrior

        Gender: Woman

        Spoiler Alert!

        Bio: Rei Leon was an Equillibrium agent that was fairly good at her job, her skills in investigation were top-notch, likely better than Jaime Noble's. It is these skills that brought her to the sight of a battlefield in a nearly submerged city. Warnings had been put out to her that this was the sight of a battle between an ancient chinese warrior named Lu Bu, a fighter named Son Goku and Abbey Keido. With nothing worth of note to be found in the submerged buildings, she moved to the rooftops where she found an odd sight. The poleaxe of Lu Bu's, planted into the concrete of the roof with an arrow through the hole that held the weapon's tassel. When she touched the weapon, she no longer was Rei Leon, but Lu Linqgi, daughter of Lu Bu. Her ambitions were that of Lu Bu's, and she finds herself seeking a return to China but not before cementing herself as greatest warrior in all worlds.

        Personality: Gaudy, Honorable, Overconfident, Wrathful

        Abilities: Just like Lu Bu, Lu Lingqi has found herself in possession of almost unparalleled combat skill. This includes her weapon, her hand to hand, and her ability with a bow and arrow.
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          Definitely sign me up!

          Spoiler Alert!
          Name: Genichiro Ashina

          Class: Samurai

          Spoiler Alert!

          Click image for larger version  Name:	sekiro-shadows-die-twice-genichiro-ashina.jpg.optimal.jpg Views:	0 Size:	155.5 KB ID:	5475Click image for larger version  Name:	Sekiro-genichiro-ashine-2nd-encounter.jpg?width=1280.jpg Views:	0 Size:	97.5 KB ID:	5476Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen_Shot_2019-04-08_at_1.45.00_AM.jpg?width=640.jpg Views:	0 Size:	26.6 KB ID:	5477

          Bio: Different from Genichiro Ashina from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Reimagined in the Naruto world. Genichiro was an abandoned baby adopted by the wealthy Ashina Clan. Until he reached a certain age the young Samurai found out that he was a member of the Uchiha Clan by birth. He has gone down a dark route to ensure his family Ashina did not fall. However, in the end he failed losing his life. When he thought his life had ended for good this time, the Rejuvinating Waters had once again brought his life back. But this time it was different, he likely would not come back again.

          -Nature Types: Lightning, Yin, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth.
          -Notable Jutsu (Uses many): Chidori, Amaterasu, and Susanoo.
          -Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan and Mangekyō Sharingan.
          -Equipment: Black Mortal Blade and Bow of Ashina.
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            I'll join in, but be warned that this character is fresh. I have little experience in writing him.

            Spoiler Alert!
            Name: Gaute Tidemann
            Born: August 25th 1978
            Nationality: Norwegian
            Place of birth: Lillestrøm, grew up in Oslo.
            Occupation/Employer: Norwegian Army Special Forces
            Rank: Sergeant, formerly Captain

            Abilities: Peak human strength, endurance and speed. Special army training, mastery in close-quarter combat and black belt in Karate. Excellent aim with pistols and machine guns.
            Personality: Pragmatic and sarcastic. Will often try to put opponents off by insulting them. Kind to friends. Intelligent, can improvise in the field much like MacGyver.
            Personal life: Wife Kristine (born 1980), Kids Erik and Julia (born 2002 and 2005). Have been an army man for 23 years. Lost a best friend in combat in the middle-east, feels guilt over losing him.


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              I'm entering myself, using Star Guardian AKA Naomi Whitaker

              Spoiler Alert!
              Name: Naomi Whitaker

              Title: Star Guardian

              Gender: Woman

              Class: Magical Girl

              Bio: Throughout all of time, Evil has sprouted up, intent on destroying everything, coming in many forms, and for just as long, Good has risen up, defending against them, by selecting champions to push back against the evil. These two forces have taken many different names, at many different times. The champions of Good have been known as the Amaguk, Paladins, the Golems of Judea, today these forces take up the names of the Light and the Darkness, with the Light’s champion being Star Guardian!

              When Naomi was eleven, she was gifted with incredible power and became the Star Guardian, with her friends she would form the Guardians and defend the world from the Darkness that encroached, eventually pushing it back. Since then, she has lived her life, defending those who cannot defend themselves in the world as Star Guardian. Her life as Naomi Whitaker is significantly less glamorous, currently living in an apartment and struggling to pay the bills. That does not stop her from doing her duty as Star Guardian however, and her experiencing in being a hero for more than fourteen years has given her a breadth of experience that many her age lack.

              Spoiler Alert!
              As Naomi she is of fair skin, her hair is of a darkened pink, and her eyes have a pinkish color. As Star Guardian, the pink becomes far more pronounced, with her hair and eyes becoming a bright soft pink, her civilian clothes are replaced by a different clothing of her choosing, in this case a somewhat uniform-like look for the Star Guardian (a choice influenced by the magical girl cartoons she watched at the time). The primary colors of her clothings are white and pinks of various shades, with thigh high boots, a pink skirt with white ruffles, a darker pink vest with white gloves reaching to the elbows.

              Spoiler Alert!
              Without Star Guardian’s power, Naomi is a normal woman, paralyzed from the waist down due to a spinal injury suffered in her fight against the Darkness, using a wheelchair to get around. Relatively fit but otherwise unremarkable in physical conditioning. As Star Guardian however, she has been given incredible power of which to fight evil!

              As Star Guardian she is stronger, faster, and tougher than she would ever be able to attain without it.
              She can fly
              She can move her legs, albeit through the use of magic and not under her own power.
              She can see through all lies.
              She also has a great number of alternative techniques that she has picked up over her career as a hero including:
              • Star Guardian Revolution: She transforms into Star Guardian
              • Star Beam- She can fire beams from her hands, legs, or her whole body
              • Star Shield- She takes out a shield in front of her that can block fire
              • Shooting Star- She enevelops her body in magical energy and rockets towards her target
              • Star Scream- she can yell at the top of her lungs, using it as a percussive sonic weapon.
              • Star Sword- She forms a sword with the magic of her body she forms a sword out of magic.
              • Supernova- She explodes the nearby with magical energy, lashing out as random, this move is a desperation tactic normally.
              • Starlight Purification- Shining like a beacon, she transforms into star light, going straight to the source of evil pouring her very being and purifying it from the inside out, at the risk of her very being. This move only works on beings of pure evil or those suffering under extreme corruption. For those with strong wills, or those particularly resisting to her attempts, this may result in another battle inside the mind.

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                Name: Uorag

                Species: Werewolf, of sorts

                Age: At least a few thousand years old.

                Gender: Male

                Appearance: Werewolf-like, but with several signs of rigor mortis, with many parts of his body looking decomposed or damaged, such as half his right arm missing most of its fur and flesh. Same with one side of his face and his left leg. Quite tall but very skinny overall, with some ribs even coming out of his torso. Has a rather elderly appearance, hunched down and with a somewhat apparent beard.

                Abilities: Many Moon-related abilities.


                Many legends exist about the moon... Some say it's the night's protector, many say its phases symbolize immortality and eternity, enlightenment or the dark side of Nature herself and others say it's just an unimportant object in the sky... For wolves, rulers of the forest, it is so much more. They sing for the Moon every night, as a way to pray to their mother, queen and goddess. The Moon is also thought to be the link to the spiritual realm, between the conscious and the unconscious, the symbol of the soul... Perhaps linking two beings or more into a singular connection... This, is where werewolves come into the picture.

                Dating all the way back to the ancient age of Greece and Rome, men that could turn into wolves at night have always been feared. They would hunt ordinary men, women or children and feed on corpses while in the midst of darkness, where they were at their strongest and humans at their weakest and most vulnerable. They grew a rivalry with other demons of the night, but vampires and zombies were never a match for them and were eventually wiped out, as were humans. Humans attempted to reproduce more often in order to in one day outnumber and slay these beasts forever, but the werewolves had put a curse on their kind, and for every seven children a woman would have, so long as all seven were male, the last would become a werewolf, and so, these hated beasts devoured their competition from within. The night became eternal as these man-wolves took over the land, no longer in fear of the Sun's power to turn them back into humans, stronger than ever thanks to the Moon's magic.

                Their numbers and packs expanded across territories, and one day, the same curse that had extinguished humans off the face of the Earth, had been casted upon them as well. The first time a female werewolf birthed a human baby, the seventh "pup", instead of a true werewolf, its destiny was clear. It was banished to the Moon, to die of hunger forever. The void of space killed the child, doing immense damage to his body, but the Moon's magic had a different effect on the corpse. It was reborn as an undead adult werewolf with the hunger of an entire army's worth of of pups, having awakened the true werewolf within, and with nothing else to eat, the Moon was dwindled and forced into a waning crescent phase after most of the satellite was devoured by this undead creature, which had now just obtained titanic levels of magic.

                This vengeful spirit returned to Earth once he was finished with his meal. Without the moon, the werewolves were as vulnerable against him as humans had been to them, and served as this creature's dessert. Their demise was brought to them by what could've been the most dangerous of them all, being part human after all. In spite of now being a werewolf, he was still mostly human and could only speak the humans' tongue. He had no name, but the memories of stripping the life and energy off other werewolves that would forever remain in his head reminded him of a particular word they repeated a lot. "Uarog", meaning something along the lines of their kind's "dark reflection".


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                  Name: Sigoi

                  Gender: ????. Liable to be anything depending on the moment

                  Class: Gestalt Being

                  Bio: Sigoi has been many things at some point in their long life, from noble healer of the sick or murderous phantom in the night. What they were centuries ago is something even they have forgotten, focusing instead on the future and the improvements it could bring. Possessing the incredible gift to be able to self modify their body with parts from others using their vile right arm, Sigoi is obsessed with the idea of constantly improving and finding better form after better form. Somehow, they have failed to reach perfection after so long, but they do still try.

                  Sigoi does attempt to live normally, but inevitably, they are drawn to harvesting more raw material for their body that forms from their abominable arm. Their terrible arm has become their drug and Sigoi is a hopeless addict. Though Sigoi is not wicked by nature, relapses inevitably happen due to this addiction and that tends to mean death and maiming for those who they want to take parts from

                  Appearance: Variable depending on what body parts Sigoi is using at the moment, but the right arm is consistent. It is long enough to reach down to the knees and has long, thin claws that look both capable of shredding meat and also picking up something as delicate as a dust mote as though razors. It is colored black with the claws a shock of white and its form can be compared to a mass of crane cables all twisted together. This mass of artificial flesh runs up the right arm and shoulder and up to the mouth, which is also universally different regardless of body. Sigoi's teeth are silver and their jaw bones exposed, resembling something like an elevator track placed horizontally with jagged, evil looking edges. Consequently, Sigoi often wears a surgical mask to hide their ugly mouth. Sigoi also typically carries a bandolier of syringes, scalpels, and other assorted medical tools across their chest.

                  Spoiler Alert!
                  The over all look of the arm should be akin to a bunch of wires sort of twisted together
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	solder12.jpg
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Size:	4.6 KB
ID:	5539

                  Abilities: Sigoi's abilities all revolve around their right arm. The arm is very strong and its claws lethal. Furthermore, it can twist the cables it's composed of even tighter in order to brace against an attack or club a foe as though a flail. The opposite can also occur, releasing tension in the cables in order to swiftly retract the arm or be more agile. At a maximum loss of tension, the arm's individual cords can envelop a human body. Most important of all, arguably, is that whatever the arm grabs onto and rips away can be assimilated via being transported up the cords and into the mouth. Once assimilated, Sigoi can apply the stolen part in most any way. The more unnaturally it is assimilated, however, the swifter it will degenerate(all parts degenerate over time, though). This cursed arm can be considered the center of Sigoi's life literally, as no matter how the body is injured, Sigoi will be able to live on and continue fighting through the arm. Sigoi's bite is also very powerful and dangerous, but using it is difficult due to the awkwardness of their mouth.

                  Sigoi's body offers different abilities depending on what it has assimilated, but there are a few favorites. The brain of a doctor is ideal, the hands of one even better so as to assimilate parts precisely. A muscular body is preferred to take down others quickly, but is often foregone for appearance's sake in favor of a more stereotypically beautiful one. These beautiful forms can still be very strong due to assimilating all the muscle internally, but this means that the degeneration is swift. Probably the most unique part that is a consistent trait with Sigoi would be in the legs; they are universally long relative to their body in order to run, climb, and so on swiftly. Sigoi's collection of medical tools, when wielded by these traits, can be quite incapacitating...or lethal.