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Lone Heist

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  • Lone Heist

    A heist by a lone person, hunted by an agent, trained in SEED and forged in ACE Academy.

    The hunt begins, in a futuristic metropolis, powered by an unobtanium core, a nexus of travel between various worlds both near and far.

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    "Rei, I need a question answered."

    "Yes, Jaime?"

    "What's the status of air control, they grounded?"

    "Yes, an order was put out two days ago to halt all transportation."

    "So that leaves a two day span where it wasn't, do you have any records on what flights happened in that time frame between Felicity's escape and flights being grounded?" Immediately Jaime could hear typing that was inhumanly fast and then it stopping.

    "From what I can see, there were 33 flights, mostly two-way flights to the moons. There was one that went off into the nearest system."

    "Benhail's been antsy, tell him to get on a flight to there and check it out. Message Decatus and tell him to get out to the moons and scope them out."

    Jaime held on to the button on his shoulder just long enough to catch Rei asking him a question.

    "Sorry, what was that?"

    "I asked, what's the status of the ship? I see it's grounded near the city."

    "Yeah, wrecked. Took a look inside and aside from some strands of fur and broken off plates, not much I can use to find her or her whereabouts. I've sent a team back with the fur to get that into our database, you should be expecting them within the next few hours. Jaime out." Jaime let go of the button and took a look towards the city. This was going to be one hell of a long time to find her. Across four terraformed moons, another planet entirely, and this city. They were going to have to sort through tens of billions of people in order to find one.

    "I wonder..." Jaime pulled out one of his tablets and began to scroll through them for the planet he was on, opening the demographics page to figure out if Felicity was the only one of her kind here, to his disappointment, she was not. In fact, this world had quite a few cat-like humanoids. He also saw that the natives that lived here first were a minority compared to the rest. He'd have to keep that in mind, as well as the fact that they made up most of the underclass here. Putting his tablet back, he moved his finger back to the button on his suit and held it down.

    "Alright Rei, investigation on the crash site is over, go ahead and send clean-up crews. I'll be heading into the city soon."

    "Sure thing, also you may want to see this, I'll send it to your tablet."

    Jaime pulled his tablet out again and saw a report of a broken down garbage vehicle, attempted to crush the contents of a garbage can outside of the slums and promptly malfunctioned. Apparently there was some kind of armour that had found its way in the can. He had his first location to check.
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      Felicity had to be swift, at least for now, get into the city while the wreckage was still hot, they'd be sending agents... She needed to get out of her armor now. Alone it wouldn't help to have armor, not against a large force, certainly not alone. No, she'd have to change it up. She'd have to use her wits... At the least, Kinikia was out of commission. Still, on the off chance, she needed to get rid of everything. Her armor, get a change of clothes. And so she ran, using as much speed as she could to head into the bustling metropolis that had not even been aware of an incursion, or so she had thought anyway.

      Once she was inside the story, shortly after she'd need to find some clothing that fit her. A lot of the people here were tall blue aliens called Na'vi. Too large for her to steal clothing from, but many lived in large apartment complexes. And more importantly, they didn't live alone either. Lots of different species, and many that were about her size. This particular place seemed like some poor outskirts... She'd begin to climb up, up a few floors to an apartment room, one that had faced the outside, and had left clothing to dry. Nothing particularly nice looking, but it was in her size. She didn't want anything too memorable so... A white shirt and black jeans, before escaping into the building proper, making her way down via elevator, and leaving as if this were a normal day for her.

      She doubted Ms. Jackson was in any condition to follow with her damned foresight, and no one else she saw at the base seemed impressive, so long as she kept her head down... She should be home free, she thought as she walked ever further into the city, knowing exactly where to go.

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        Waving off his cab, Jaime turns around to the entrance of the garbage dump site that had put out a request for a repair of one of their garbage trucks. Someone had put in armour of all things into their garbage can. Once the garbage truck attempted to grind it, it had destroyed the mechanism entirely. Something particularly durable, that even a high tech society's garbage disposal couldn't deal with it. Now that was something he had to investigate, pushing the door to the side, he walked in to see that a mechanic had already made his way there, working on it. Jaime could see a few police officers surrounding what looked to be the armour. Walking over to it and maneuvering his way in-between the officers. Getting in front of it and observing it only for a second or two before he felt the hand of one of the officers grasp his shoulder.

        "Sir, please step back, we're conducting an investigation at the moment. We can't have you touching the evidence." One of them said, Jaime politely moved his hand off his shoulder and turned back to the armour piece.

        "I'm conducting an investigation of my own. Jaime Noble of Equillibrium, currently looking for the whereabouts of an Operations Specialist of the Endless Empire, currently hiding out in this city. Before you even think of detaining me, keep in mind you're only endangering yourselves and everyone here. And that if you were to detain me, you would likely be seeing your job status put in jeopardy for arresting someone that at this time, has immunity. Now step back, and let me continue."

        From the look of it, the machine hadn't done all that much damage, a little indentation, a little fabric tear, but that seemed to be about it. Jaime could see how Felicity wasn't immediately squashed by someone like Benhail, armour of this sort was hard to come by. Bringing out a cotton swab, he dabbed the inside of it and found no moisture within, but he did pick up a small amount of fur.

        Bringing out his tablet again, he tabbed out to a program that protruded a laser light, holding the cotton swab to it and letting the laser run over the sample a few times before letting it run through the database. Within seconds it matched up to the sample they had collected of Felicity earlier. This was her.

        "Who is the driver of this vehicle?" Jaime asked as he looked around, finding a woman raising one arm to him, puffing on a cigarette in the other. He walked over to her, bringing out a pad and pen.

        "Which stop were you at when you picked the armour up?"

        "I was on 36th and Clegaine, early morning." Jaime wrote down the address almost as fast as she had said it.

        "Right, did you happen to see anyone drop it off?"

        "No, just some kids walking by it. But I doubt they would be picking trash." Noted.

        "Any previous history of breakdowns over there? Any idea if you're being targeted?"

        "Not that I know of, I started my job here only about four months ago.

        "And I doubt most people could get their hands on armour of that kind, it would be way too expensive." Jaime responded.

        "It's a poor area, so yeah, I doubt they could get armour, unless they're in gangs."

        "Believe me, the quality of armour is far beyond what this world could likely muster through street gangs. Another question, does a Felicity ring a bell to you?"

        "No sir."

        "Alright, thank you for your time Ma'm." Jaime says as he walks away, putting his pad and pen into his shirt pocket. Shortly after, exiting the dump site and waiting on another cab.

        "36th and Clegaine. Rei." Jaime says as he holds the button down near his shoulder.

        "Go ahead and send a retrieval team to the police department here to get the armour, we'll put it in evidence and hold it for the time being. She may want to grab it again, we'll make sure she can't. Jame out."
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          She had time. At the least she had time. She doubted Equillibrium was in any shape to chase her down, not with their seer out of commission. This meant she had time.

          And if she had time, she could plan. She'd already done her research, this place was a nexus for travel between universes, a crossroads, and that meant a host of different items came to and through... She had a few ideas... The Unobtanium Core was at TriOptimum corporation building, a large skyscraper over looking a good portion of the city. There others here as well however, including apparently a Master Sword, and an object simply called Holy Wars, housed in the Helvietican corporation, held deep within their research laboratories...

          At least for now, she was fine. She'd gotten into a few fights with some underground hoodlums. Bastards wouldn't stop insulting her appearance, and their voices were grating to begin with... She did get a nice jacket off of them however, red. She'd later steal some pants from a high rise suite, sneaking into the room and simply taking a pair, she doubted they'd even realize unless they were a particularly neurotic sort.

          Next move into the city. She can blend in a lot better now that she had clothing like the high flyiers here... She moved a ghost inside a crowd of millions. She was in a commercial district, the bustle of life all around her, and she moved forth, into the crowds, carefully eyeing each and everyone one... A swipe here, a cut there, sometimes a bump in, she was beginning to build up an identity within a stolen wallet. an ID card here, some money there, including a keypass... He'd notice soon, she'd have to move quickly, right into the Helvetican corporation building, a building standing right across from the TriOptimum building...

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            "White undershirt... red jacket... dress pants..." Jaime murmured out as he furiously drew on his pad a sketch of what Felicity most likely looked at, based on what he had gathered about clothing theft in the area. He did his best to replicate her facial features from the dossier he had on her. And couldn't help but realize he didn't have a description of whatever footwear she was wearing. Which, while strange, wasn't enitrely a dealbreaker, people would most likely recognize her by everything else. Finishing up a few bits of shading and colouring, he saved the document and sent it to the city's police force in the form of an APB. Attached a message.

            Be on the lookout for this individual, if spotted, don't rush to engage, report them to your superior who will then send it to us to deal with. I repeat, do not attempt to engage with them, they are an armed and dangerous multi-system criminal.

            Jaime nodded as he leaned against a nearby lightpost, sighing as he put his pad away, rain beginning to come down.

            "My feet are killing me" He said as he plunked down sitting, rubbing his forehead with his hand as his hair spilled over it.

            "Now's the worst part, waiting... and hoping she doesn't switch up her clothes, or one of those cops ends up being a meathead. Please god I hope not I don't want to spend any more time here than necessary."


            He heard Rei.

            "What's going on?"

            "Quick change of plans, Benhail says he's swept the planet and didn't find her."

            "Already? It hasn't been a full day yet."

            "He's not known for lying, he says he's heading off to Las Noches. Vacation time or something."

            "In a permanently night desert?"

            "He's strange."

            "No kidding."

            Jaime couldn't help but chuckle to himself. Coming up to him was the police officer that had helped him comb through the complaints list.

            "Thank you again for taking those reports, you're helping big time."

            "Don't worry about it, I've heard enough about the Endless Empire to make me want to avoid them like the plague."

            "In any case, I've sent out an APB of her description, keep an eye out and let me know if you see her. Equillibrium will transfer your message to me directly so don't worry."


            "What's up Rei?"

            "We've got a hit, Helvetican Corp building."

            "Great...you mind giving me a ride?" He asked the officer who waved him over to the car.


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              Infiltrating the Helvetican corp building was simple, idiots didn't even look twice as her as she made her way up, half of blending in here was looking like you owned the place, and she could pull that off. Keep walking, her eyes were careful not to snap to every potential threat, that'd just make her more suspicious, but out the corner of her eye as she ascended, felicity noticed. Some were taking notice regardless

              Drat. They were yet onto her. She couldn't have that, she needed to move faster... If those bastards were catching onto her... Whatever, she was still closer to get target, continue moving, take the shortest route to the top of the building, where the building seemed to scrape at the edges of outer space, right into an elevator. She opened up, taking care to appear casual, it opened, a man walked out, she walked in. Close the door, press the button, let it take you up.

              The exchange took but a few seconds, to her it felt like whole minutes were slipping away, but it was done. And the elevator was heading up, and with it she was able take a look, taking care not to use her claws, she dislocated one of the panels, softly pushing it up and to the side, before climbing out and replacing it, careful to place it back in it's proper place as best she could. The elevator was on it's way to the board room, what she was after was higher...

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