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    Back when Dreillos was being taught about the cosmos, the idea of destroying a planet would've sounded fantastical. It still did.

    Reaching Freeza's level sounded impossible for him... But he couldn't give up on this second chance at a family... Not when he'd already done the mistake of ignoring a threat and losing the first one he'd ever been part of.

    "For how long will I be gone?" - he said.

    “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”


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      Itazura had broken the main door as he waltzed in. Lex didn't react much, instead, he opted for a slight smile. "Don't go breaking my door, idiot. Next time knock on it." He told Itazura, while the rest of the dojo pupils were in awe.

      "Right, day's over kids. Time to go home...unless you all want to stay on overtime." The pupils, once again, quickly grabbed their stuff and got out, all while Lex lightly chuckled. "They never change, do they?"

      As they had all left, Lex would approach Itazura. "So you actually came. I was wondering when you were gonna stop by. Right, let's get started on the training but first, there's someone who's been waiting for you. Follow me." He would lead Itazura to a lone room that was in his dojo, and he opened the door. There, they would see Olivia. Lex had given her a room for herself as a courtesy, and also, to not bother the pupils.

      "Oi, Olivia," Lex spoke to her. "He came, like you said he would. He wants to train so I figured you might join us. Sounds good to you?" He asked her.


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        Shortly after Itazura had entered the lone room with Lex, a hand brushed over the trip wire for the bell above the broken door, letting it ring, letting himself inside. Not having changed from his attire, only having changed in that he had washed himself from his previous assault on Ginger Town. Kuri waits in the main dojo hall until he hears voices behind a closed door. Not one for manners of any kind, Kuri let himself in. Standing in the doorway, the light beaming over his body as he looked at three inside. A small looking woman, a lithe looking man and the man who ran the dojo, the man he was after.

        "Lex Avendura? Aleks told me to come here when we weren't training. Said you could teach me a thing or two." He said as he walked into the room proper, shoulder bumping past Itazura to stand face to face with Lex.

        "Not sure what he sees in you, or what I can learn. You don't look any different from any other dojo master."


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          "Looks like I'm getting a bit more recognition that I thought I would," Lex said as Kuri mentioned Aleks, "But yes, I'm Lex Avendura. Who might you be? I didn't expect someone else. Well, whatever, If you're here to train you've come to the right place." He turned towards Olivia and Itazura, "I hope you don't mind this gentleman joining us. A four way sparring is better than just the three of us. And we could learn a thing or two from him."


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            She simply nodded at Lex's suggestion, this sparring with multiple people could help a lot with gauging their ability with her own eyes and strength. Much as she dismissed maretial arts as an effective way to build up strength, the fact remains that she needed every last strong fighter around. She welcomed seeing Itazura again so soon after leaving, but... The next one... She recognized him, and this got her to stand up, quickly flying up to a formation, her own hands twitching. She remembered him.

            Kuri. Not remembered by many in the wake of the invasion but... She remembered. They just had more important things to attend to, she couldn't hunt him down, then during the invasion she figured he was dead, with how aggressive he was... So aggressive he put her cousin in the hospital. She wanted to just zap him for all his worth... But no... Like it or not, if he survived... With his attitude...

            Whatever it takes Olivia. Whatever it takes. It was like pulling teeth, but she responded as such "Yes. I agree."

            The clone, unbeknownst to her, simply responded to Dreillos "...I don't know. We're supposed to act quick. Go to Freeza, end him, return... But I can't promise that it'll go according to plan. Last time that happened..." No need to finish, everyone knew just how badly that had ended.
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              "I have to work with these two? They look weak." He said as he turned and eyed the both of them.

              "Especially the woman, she doesn't look like she could carry a staff, let alone lift a fighter."


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                "Come over and see." She said, she really wanted him to take him up on her offer, as she took a simple stance, one arm out towards him with a loose hand, the other kept close to her stomach in a fist.

                Do it Kuri. Do it, give a reason.

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                  "Oh, well atleast you have the attitude of a fighter." Kuri says as he turns his attention fully to her. Hulking over her in per size, standing a little over a foot taller. He looked at her stance and was a little confused at it. He took her for some amateur, but that form... he had seen it before at a tournament, he couldn't remember exactly which one but... it was so strikingly similar. He took his stance as well, lead foot forward, turned slightly to the side. One hand raised near the abdomen and held horizontally as a balancing arm, the other clenched into a fist and held near his throat. If this little one wanted to fight, then he would be more than happy to oblige her.

                  "YEUH!!!" He yelled as, in the instant he striked forward with a side kick, he was enveloped in the Kaio-ken aura, his power having spiked in that incredibly small window of time.


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                    It wasn't an easy choice.

                    "So there are pretty good chances of me dying whether I stay here or go with you... Either way, Freeza will come and kill us all." - Dreillos looked at his pack for a second. Their expressions showed that they were aware of the situation. Before turning to Olivia, he said:

                    "All of you. Stay here. I will be back." - then he turned "Lead me to where we must go, Olivia. My odds against Freeza are better with the group working together."

                    "Shouldn't we go, then? We're strong too!" - said one crocodile, backed up by another and a few more yelling "Yeah!" "We can take on this Freeza guy!" "Just like we dealt with those demons!"

                    Dreillos let out an immensely loud roar that shook all the trees around them, and all the crocodiles stepped back. They got the message. Chain of command.

                    "Let's go." - said Dreillos, to the little witch girl.

                    “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”


                    • The proud Saiyan Prince Vegeta had been humbled. His wish stolen and his pride seriously wounded. Freeza no longer had need of him or any Saiyan in his army. Ten years ago on Namek after Freeza gained immortality, Vegeta and the others fled while Nappa made a futile sacrifice for Vegeta's escape. He remained behind, the sole Saiyan on Namek, his fate obviously to die as he confronted Freeza for the first and last time right after gaining his immortality. Sometimes the Prince wondered why Freeza didn't hunt himself, Raditz, Turles and the Half-Saiyan brat of Kakarrot's, Gohan, down and exterminate the Super Saiyan threat once and for all. He had surmised over the years that almost every single one of Freeza's soldiers would perish easily at the hands of the rogue Saiyans and Freeza himself, now unafraid due to his immortality, wouldn't chase a bunch of "monkeys" across the universe. While it pissed him off, he was counting on that arrogance to be his downfall. While Vegeta was still prideful beyond reason, he had leveled (to some degree) with Raditz, Turles and Gohan to become more powerful and seek out any chance of any other survivors existing in the cosmos. He was alone searching as often as he could be. Nappa was his only confidant and he remained behind on Namek to die for them. That rat Aprenulo disappeared as quickly as he came and the Prince of a forgotten world was alone all over again.
                      Corrado Shakyamuni did not head for Aleks. No, he no longer craved comraderie, distractions, love and approval. He didn't care for a place to call home anymore - that was taken from him - he craved the truth. He needed it beyond words. Man searches for the truth in all things, they gravitate towards it. They usually don't know how to find it though. But Corrado? If any man had the power to find truth in this world, he did. His truth. For his world. Whatever was left of it.

                      He had arrived in civilization for the first time in nearly a decade after being an outcast for so long. He had come in search of Olivia - an old acquaintance, one he hadn't spoken to since before being eviscerated by that scumbag Raditz. While her actual physical body was clearly somewhere else, this is where the search for his truth would begin. He saw little point in heading to East City for the original when a clone was right where he needed. He was vaguely aware of her position as a sort of leader of the planet under the Planet Trade Organization. He didn't really respect it, but, he understood it and even sympathized with her. He understood that if she said no, Freeza would have just killed her and instituted someone else in her place. He did not envy that position. It didn't matter. He would find the path of least resistance to her office and take it, entering and smiling. He hoped she might be able to recognize him still. He donned a frighteningly cold grin overburdened by the weary eyes of a man who had clearly snapped with nothing left to lose. There was no killer intent, but, the smile clearly indicated that he had broken and found purpose in it.

                      "Hello, Miss Olivia." He bowed, almost mockingly, though he did not intend to be insulting. "It has been a long time. I never thanked you for reviving me. I figured you might be looking for help someday soon, so, I came to you... but not to play catch up or offer my services for free." Corrado had felt out with his Zen Mode all of her various clones. His sensing capabilities were likely the greatest on Earth when meditating with the form activated. Little that was tangible could escape his grasp. "You help me and I will help you. One favor, regardless of magnitude, I will pay back upon your assistance in helping me towards a truth." His cold and yet somehow still charismatic smile faded to a hardened face as he spoke. "We both need resolution and I believe you are the only person with the political access to help me get started in my hunt." He would pull up a chair, if possible, and casually sit across from Olivia. He was a naturally charismatic and confident man, but, he was clearly deeply and profoundly troubled by something. "Please." His voice cracked a little.

                      "I need help."
                      Brother! Your crusade IS OVER!!



                      • Olivia looked as Kuri closed the distance, he was quick, fast, and clearly strong. Much stronger than she expected from someone like that, as her arms in the way the way of the kick, as her feet dragged alongside the ground, her beginning to float, once it reached. It hurt her arms to block the attack, but she was going to control it, her frustration at facing this person at all was enough for that. Thinking quickly, she took her hands, and wrapped them around Kuri's arm, aiming to turn his momentum against him. Flying, she turned her whole body, using the momentum to throw his leg up, before flying, at his other leg, trying to tackle him to the ground. Eliminate his height advantage and send him to the floor quickly.
                        "I'll let you know the minute we're ready. You were actually one of the first I contacted, alongside Bulma and Dr. Gero. I want to make sure when we come for Freeza, that we'll be ready." She told him, before looking at his clan. "Your clan has a lot of courage don't they?" An honest observation, it was a bit misplaced for something like Freeza, but if she could get Earth to take this kind of confidence... They could perhaps push the invaders off.
                        She stiffened seeing Corrado come in. Olivia recognized him but just barely, leaving aside the ten years adding more hair on his head and his chin, the way he carried himself was significantly different. Heavier...

                        She recognized that feeling. She felt it too. Every night, every day. Every time she saw Asphar. Even now he could see him on the opposite wall from Corrado. She wondered, if he also saw his ghosts... His failiures.

                        "...You have ghosts to chase too." She stood up. "Sure, whatever you need. I'll help put your ghosts to rest, if you'll help me with mine." She said simply. She could tell him later what weighed on her mind. For now it was to focus on Corrado, with whatever resources the PTO detachment here could afford. As she came over, with a data pad in her hands, she looked at him. "...Is this related to that explosion?" She didn't need to explain what explosion, they both knew what she was referring to.
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                        • Corrado paused for a moment, then rolled his eyes and smirked. "Of course, you could sense the explosion. Yes, it's... that. As for ghosts," He paused, chewing on his response. "I thought that's what they were. Something I had to leave in the past. Both literal and metaphorical ghosts. I felt haunted and like I needed a purpose. I craved it beyond words. My journey prior to Raditz showing up and "King Piccolo" destroying my Monastery was a quest just... to feel. Something. Anything at all. A sense of belonging, like I mattered in the world, or had a place in it. Something." The three-eyed man sighed heavily. "Same with after my revival, but, I had realized this. So it made life feel so empty and meaningless. To know I was actively hunting for a reason to be alive was demoralizing. It doesn't help that I had the weight of the entire world being enslaved by a galactic tyrant in the back of my head. I couldn't validate what happened on Namek and what happened with Freeza with my sorry excuse for living. I couldn't even bare the weight of your looks upon seeing Aleks and me for the first time. We were barely becoming friends before I died. You risked everything to bring us back and stop Freeza. In the end, you couldn't stop Freeza. But because you couldn't stop Freeza, Aleks and I were brought back to life." Corrado cringed, clearly in pain at this fact.

                          "When I see this world and... everything it has become. I see a reflection of my failure and weakness juxtaposed on every man, woman and child. Their fate is tied to mine. In a way so literal and direct I cannot bare to see them. Even coming here..." He began to shake, tears welling up in his eyes though he dare not shed them. "But now I know that even the truth I had based my entire life off of after the Monastery's destruction; the fundamental groundwork that has formed every decision I've ever made... it's all false. Wrong. It doesn't make sense anymore. That means I need to find the platform in which my future decisions are defined. I must atone and cope with the falsehoods in my life. I will do anything for the truth. I maybe once told you that the tyrant King Piccolo destroyed my Monastery in the area that my emotional outburst took place. It was a remote location. I assumed in the following years that it was to consolidate his power. King Piccolo or his subordinates killed Muten Roshi - the Turtle Hermit, Kuririn the best friend of Son Goku and Chaozu best friend of Tenshinhan, all to remove obstacles in his tyrannical rise to power after wishing for his youth back. After hearing the details from Son Goku in the afterlife, my suspicion made even more sense." Corrado monologues, having not really had a conversation with anyone in a decade.

                          "You see, my three masters, particularly the oldest and wisest of the three, were all very powerful in their own right. Our Monastery was imbued with magic by nature and taught martial arts and a mastery over the arcane unlike anywhere else on this planet. No place like it has ever existed nor will ever exist again now that it is gone. It made some solid sense to me that King Piccolo would target and destroy it if he could. The Archmage Hechizago - the strongest and oldest of the three teachers - told us it was King Piccolo before he died. He sounded rushed and panicked, though I was blind and couldn't see what was happening. I took his word for it and that was the last time I ever heard from him. But I visited the area: there's not much clue that King Piccolo would have done it. It doesn't make sense. The Monastery was almost completely obliterated. I was the sole survivor. Even King Piccolo seemed unable to do all that damage. What's worse, I found evidence that there was a severe magical outburst that, as far as I know of, Son Goku and Tenshinhan described as being impossible to attribute to King Piccolo since he didn't seem particularly magical in that regard. I didn't go back to the site until today. At least a good chunk of the Monastery, if not the entire thing, was destroyed by own teachers. How can that make sense, unless it was a situation where they had minimized damage and were attempting to fight back with all their might? But even then . . ." Corrado seemed to be obviously working through this downward spiral in the moment, rubbing his hands together anxiously and his eyes flickering around the room. "...I'm sorry, I'm thinking out loud." He paused before continuing to what actually pertained to Olivia.

                          "What I need from you is any record you have of King Piccolo wreaking havoc in that area, any confirmation. I know I was the sole survivor, but, there should have been evidence of it. He wasn't yet the tyrant of the world when it happened. It was..." Corrado paused briefly. Ten years had passed and it was five years after the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai before Raditz appeared. "Around eighteen years ago. Any information, plus or minus a year, in that area would be appreciated. It was on the southwestern area of Yunzabitto Heights. It was one of the few hospitable areas in that arctic desert. You see, the mountain bordered the ocean and we had tidal shifts coming in. Also, the geology of the land provided us with a unique oasis. While it was always cool, even in the summer, we were protected from the worst of it and the atmosphere was always temperate. Even beautiful in parts. It was also mostly uninhabited besides us as a result. I know that means it may be difficult to find information, but, even the government had multiple outposts in that area and would have been able to detect and report on an explosion that size. The world was wary of King Piccolo. If he was spotted, it should have been noticed by the government outposts there. While I can't claim that for certain, it would definitely help confirm my suspicions that King Piccolo did not do this alone." Corrado finished.

                          "I'm sorry, I have a lot on my mind. After this, we can discuss what to do next... and what happened on Namek. The past is always with us, Olivia. Where we come from, where we're going, what we go through and how we go through it," Corrado mused. "Because I don't know my own story anymore, I figured I'd find you guys before one of you found me after that outburst. I thought only you could truly help me taking the first step."
                          Aprenulo, disguised and hiding his power and presence on Earth, had taken note of Corrado's outburst. He thought something had happened, maybe the Archmage had taken him back as he did Sembra. But no, he had been on Earth all this time! Aprenulo knew he had been wished back, but, vanished himself after the Namekian Party returned to Earth. He was a master of recon and stealth because of Hechizago's gift, but, even he couldn't find any information on Corrado's life after he had been resurrected. However, he hadn't been contacted by Hechizago in over ten years himself, so, he waited. And waited. And waited. He disguised himself expertly as a commoner and dropped the basket of fruit he had been hauling as part of his day job. He had integrated himself into society and seemed rather weak, meek and powerless so that nobody could ever track him down. But to sense Corrado after this time... the visage cracked ever so lightly.

                          What, then, is the Archmage doing? Why have I been just... stranded here? To get back in touch with Corrado? What happened? Why...?

                          Aprenulo picked the basket back up, thanking another man for helping him pile the fruit back into it, before continuing on with his day. He felt something gnawing at him. He had felt Corrado's massive explosion of power where their Monastery once was. That was no coincidence. There was a good chance that Corrado may find him soon. He didn't know if he could help that now. Corrado was so powerful and unless the Archmage retrieved Aprenulo and took him back, there was nothing he could do about it. He settled down, assuring himself that Hechizago would take him back to avoid any exposure or contact with Corrado. They couldn't afford to let Corrado know the truth that Aprenulo knew.

                          Could they...?
                          Brother! Your crusade IS OVER!!



                          • Itazura walked into the room with Lex only to be greeted by Olivia again. He was about to greet her when someone else came walking in right after the mage. He turned to greet the man and was shocked to see a very muscular man facing him. "They look weak." The man brushed past Itazura, which got on the young man's nerves.

                            The man had started sparring with Olivia, and Itazura thought to jump in, but then remembered Lex. He turned to face the instructor of the dojo, assuming a brawling stance. "Maybe we can have a round two instead for now?"
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                            • "These kids ruined the dojo. Well, can't wait to hear the cleaning lady bitching once again." Lex smoked his cigarettes as the insides of the dojo had been torn by Kuri's and Olivia's fight. Then, Itazura asked him.

                              "Sure. Let me see if you got stronger. But first, let's get out of here. It takes a whole lot of money to run and fix this place, you know?" Lex would head outside and he waved at Itazura to follow him. On the way, he would yell at Kuri and Olivia to continue their fight outside, unless they wanted to have a bad time.


                              • "They're loyal and protective as expected." - said Dreillos, regarding Olivia's comment on his pack's bravery. - "It is only natural. We've all had this, even before we knew how to speak."

                                “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”