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  • "Right..." Krillin responded with a somber tone. It was a bleak outlook on everything, but Earth had overcome worse right? There was the demon invasion, and they managed to deal with that pretty well. How much worse could Freeza be? There were only four people here, not thousands like the demons.

    "Tch, we'll show this Freeza not to mess with us." Yamcha would respond with a smirk on his face.

    "Freeza might've been able to deal with us back then, but we're stronger than back then, and plus..." Yamcha pointed his thumb at himself.

    "He's gotta deal with me."

    The three of them soon landed across from Cooler's Squadron and Cooler himself. Cooler for his part raised his brow. So this was the first line. They didn't seem like much, but Cooler knew better than his brother. To underestimate people based on their size was folly. If this was the first line, they had to have been formidable. Taking a bow to them, Cooler wasted no time.

    "Hello earthlings, I am Cooler. You may recognize me as Freeza's brother. I was made aware of an incident earlier where our PTO satellites were destroyed by a planet sized object. You three wouldn't happen to know of anything about that right?"

    A chill ran down Krillin's spine, he didn't like the way that question ended.

    "Get on with it, what is it you want?" Yamcha would reply.

    "Oh, straight to the point. I like it. Very well, I couldn't happen to also notice that the average battle power on this planet has increased exponentially. If I didn't know any better, I would say either you are doing Freeza a favour and raising strong warriors for the Planet Trade Organization... or..." His head cocked slightly.

    "You're planning on rebellion."


    • "So this "Frieza" has a brother to boot, too?! Are there no depths to this guy's power?" Lex grimly thought to himself. "I don't know about anything about this satelite story, but I can tell you, we're not happy living under your brother's thumb," Lex told Cooler. "So, I'm going to say it bluntly and nice, we are going to rebel against him. Have you come here on his behalf to try and stop things from going out of control?..You don't seem like the type of guy to do that, however. I could tell you wouldn't care what would happen to him in the slightest...Would I be wrong in assuming that?"


      • "Inquisitive. I like that as well." Cooler rolled his shoulders as he then looked at his squadron who all seemed to be... itching to fight.

        "How about this, you defeat my Armoured Squadron. And I'll give you some answers? Seems fair I would say." The Armoured Squadron then lined up right next to each other. Krillin making a worried sound before dropping into his fighting stance. Yamcha following suit, though on his end, he didn't seem bothered even though they had the slight power advantage over him. Something he very well likely could sense.

        "We can take them." Yamcha said as he looked at Cooler's goons. Three humans, two of them men, one of them women. Their ears were slightly larger than a human's but that alarm bell didn't seem to ring for Yamcha. Pointing to the biggest, burliest of the three. And then pointing his thumb to himself as he walked off to the side. The woman of the group smiled as she pointed at Krillin and waved him over to the side with her index finger.

        This left one for Lex, not as tall as the woman, not as buff as the other guy. But a mix of the two. Cracking his neck and stretching his limbs. Unlike the others, he didn't have a scouter on his face. It seemed he could sense the powers without it, and he seemed particularly pleased that he had gotten the strongest of the three.

        "You're pretty strong, this should be fun. My name's Brussels, yours?"


        • "Lex Avendura." Lex replied to him. He then assumed a stance as he knew Brussels was his opponent, and he waited for him to make the first move.


          • Brussels wasted no time, nodding to Lex as he took the initiative. Launching himself forward, sending dust where he stood before. Aiming a haymaker for Lex's face.

            Krillin ducked underneath his opponent's leg kick, making a sweep kick that knocked her off balance. Tossing a kiai wave to make distance for himself.

            Yamcha hard blocked his opponent, keeping him in place. Despite the size disadvantage, Yamcha seemed to have a physical capability that hadn't been neglected. Trapping his opponent's wrist underneath his arm, and then using the leverage to spin and toss him away. Returning back to the wolf stance.


            • Lex would bring his arm to the side and block Brussel's attack. However, the shock reverberated through his entire body. "What strength!" Lex thought to himself as he got an idea of his opponent's ability, and it wasn't good in the slightest. Lex then started his counter, which consisted with a karate chop to Brussel's side, followed by grabbing his head and slamming him into his knee before sending him flying away with a ki blast.


              • Brussels got up from the ground with a smile on his face, even as blood trickled down from his nose. he sniffed and wiped it on his hand, and then on his pantleg. This Lex guy, he was pretty good. Charging at Lex once again, he'd stop instead of striking right away. Instead attempting to use his brute strength to punch for Lex's solarplex.

                Krillin was having equal success as Lex. It seemed that the underlings of Cooler didn't have much in the way of skill, but they did have a lot in the way of power. But at a level like this, it didn't matter. So long as they didn't go full power, it didn't matter how more physically imposing they were.

                Yamcha meanwhile was having an absurd amount of success against his opponent. His opponent hadn't tried to come back to fight up close, this was because Yamcha was pressuring him from afar by controlling a ball of ki from far away. Using his fingers to guide its movements. Smashing it into his opponent and keeping his ability to close the distance nill.


                • She sat, and waited, inspecting it, learning its secrets. An altercation of magic between her and that staff... Keep learning. Keep testing, as time went on, she continued to unlock its secrest, and soon she began to figure out some basic uses for it. Not all of its secrets were revealed, but she could absolutely channel her already powerful magics from it...

                  "Governor." She opened her eyes. It was time. A visitor...

                  please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza please don't be Freeza

                  So went her thoughts as they were described, finall a photograph being provided.

                  Oh. Cooler... Not Freeza. Ok. They aren't all dead. Good.

                  Now... What the hell is Cooler doing here? Stabbing her staff into the ground, she began the ritual to teleport to Kami's lookout once again, interrupting Olivia as she made her demands to Didger. Telling her "Cooler, planetside. Merge." She would say, before reforming into Olivia, before the one at Kami lookout could even know what was happening. Lightning intermingling, the staff falling, before getting grabbed.

                  "... Don't do anything with the balls Didger." She said, before getting ready to teleport. "We have another visitor." She'd simply say before again performing the ritual and teleporting, a fair distance away, she saw Lex, Yamcha, and Krillin fighting with Cooler's Armored Squadron. And there is Cooler in all his purple glory. If he's here to do something... She'll need an upperhand on him... Assuming it was even possible. At the moment he didn't seem hostile.... Best thing is to wait and observe.

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                  • Lex grunted as he was hit in the gut and was sent skidding backwards. He put his hand on his gut as he wheezed, that was a damn good punch. But yet, he smiled, it had been so long since he found himself a fight like this. Quickly, he'd glance at Brussels, before dashing towards him. As he got close, he would duck and then swing an uppercut to his chin upwards, and if successful, he would grab him by the leg, swing him around, and throw him before throwing a ki blast towards him to finish the combo.


                    • Brussels was starting to get the hang of fighting on a skill based level. Watching the way Lex was fighting, he could feel his innate racial talent allowing him to start incorporating some of Lex's moveset into his own. And he could start making reads on what Lex was likely planning on doing.

                      Uppercut, Brussels moved his hand right below his chin and let it connect with his palm.

                      Though Lex got a hold of his leg, it wasn't enough that Brussels was sent all that far, and turned around just in time to catch the ki blast in-between both of his palms. Sliding back in the ground as it pushed him. Then using his strength to push it skyward where it later exploded. Brussels smiled as he looked back down to Lex.

                      "Yeah, definitely going to have fun." Both hands of Brussels became filled with ki balls and soon he started tossing them at Lex like he had an infinite supply of them. Not necessarily accurate tosses as some landed short, some off to the side. But the pure volume of it insured that quite a few were aimed at Lex himself.


                      • "?!" Lex went as he saw many ki blasts heading towards him. Some of them wouldn't even reach him or trailed off to the side, but the sheer amount meant that it didn't matter. Quickly, he'd begin flying to the side, at the same time, he would slowly close in to Brussels. "He's going to get tired at some point," Lex thought to himself, "If he doesn't, then well, I'm in deep shit."


                        • "Alright guys, enough playing around" Brussels would say as his comrades would stop their attack or defense. Yamcha and Krillin paused as well. Brussels would launch a quick wall of ki towards Lex before shouting out to the others.

                          "Full power!" Brussels wasted no time in beginning his increase in power, very quickly rising exponentially. Numbers would pop up over the others' scouters. Yamcha's opponent's power kept increasing... 10,000... 50,000... 100,000... 200,000... 400,000

                          Krillin's increased even further than that, rising until it was over 500,000

                          And Lex's opponent increased until it reached over 700,000.

                          Brussel would stand ready, waiting for Lex to either attack... or...

                          "If you know what's good for you, you'll power up as well. This won't end well for you if you don't. I can sense it, you can power up further too."


                          • Lex was slammed by the wall of ki and was sent crashing through a building. But seconds later, he showed up in front of his opponent. "You mean he wasn't fighting at full strength? That bastard," Lex thought to himself as he sensed Brussels getting stronger. "Well, you got me. I guess a fight with both parties at their best is better than playing around, isn't it?" Lex chuckled, before a serious look set itself on his face. "You asked for it." He said as he assumed a power up stance and a blue aura enveloped him, "Haaaaargh!" He yelled as he powering up to the fullest, the ground shaking under his power, before it calmed down, and he exhaled deeply. "So, what d'ya think? Not too shabby, huh?" He asked before he assumed a stance and then leapt towards Brussels, instantly covering the distance between them. He attacked him with a flurry of punches to his face.


                            • Koftah saw them arrive, and Lex leave... Koftah felt it too... Incredibly strong power levels... He was weak even compared to these people... As much as he found distaste in it, he continued his training rather than aide his master. And so he continued... Making it a priority to reach the beach faster than Aleks and Corrado did, he would fall short of course, but he would push himself as absolutely far as he could go before he did.


                              He walked, each foot digging into the sand, the grains slightly dissipating over his feet, but in such number they still held together even under this immense weight he carried. Be like the sand, bend before that impossible weight, but use that bend to form a stronger hold. and keep in moving.


                              towards the ocean, to make a lap, he went, step by step. Each one an adventure of its own, but all but a preliminary showing to the swimming, keeping himself above water with the heaviest turtle shell he had ever put on. It could alwalys be worse he supposed, it could be a demon attacking him, and he was too weak to defeat it. Right now the consequences were minor, and he trained himself hard as he could, to fail as fast as possible, so that when it came time that he had to succeed, he would.

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                              • Demon Dreillos avoided Raine's punch, sensing danger behind it. He was not in the mood to heal lost limbs after the beatdown his counterpart had given him.

                                "You'll have to get faster than that, too!"
                                "Guess I revived Shenron for nothing, oh well, I'll go hide them again." - said Didger.