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    An Arcosian in a nearby system regards the readings from Earth with curiosity, these readings, atleast at this level hadn't been recorded in some time. The last time they had, it had been the result of a single warrior letting out all their energy. These prying eyes then also regarded the rest of Earth's population. Scrolling through multiple categories, specifically the earthlings who in that same time period, seemed to have increased exponentially...

    "Oh... this is interesting."

    Running through a previous archive, the Arcosian compared the last time a consensus had been done. Judging that the average battle power on the planet had only been a meager 5.

    "And now it seems to have increased to 30, for a race to uniformly increase like this in such a short span of time..." His finger hovered over his immediate hotline to Lord Freeza, but something prevented him from actually pressing it. Making a disapproving sound as the finger returned to his seat.

    "There is no need to bring this up to my hot-headed brother. I can investigate this myself." Suddenly at that moment, the scanner went haywire as some sort of planetary mass blocked its ability to scan the planet directly, many of them simply going offline, as though this planetary mass had smacked into them. His scanner reading now not on that of Earth, but a series of question marks and barcode.

    "I can waste no time then, ship, set coordinates to Earth." A smirk forms on the face of the Arcosian as his ship turns a full 180 degrees, forming the necessary jump necessary from his warp drive. It wouldn't be long.


    • Ah, human hugs. That was a weird sensation. Anise awkwardly patted the taller woman's back, a bit shocked by her enthusiasm. A little shocked, but honestly it was for the better, wasn't it? A big old brawl felt so barbaric when compared to just showing up and making it clear she knew better. Humans fell in line of course, as they did. Soon, the world would be hers without a single shot! And then with that prestige too would be the utmost in luxury. Olivia as a mere peon of Freeza was already in a good state; Anise knew she could do better.

      "Oh, a demonic invasion. How awful. I do hope you repelled them" Anise nodded solemnly. That was no lie, she didn't want any competition here. Everyone could call themselves a demon these days, honestly. It was awful. "Oh, the planet?" Anise looked up at the red glare of Makyo and felt at a loss. But it was such a beautiful planet to light up the Earth. Then again, the thought of Freeza or something worse noticing its presence was quite the fright. Yeah, maybe better to hide it. "Paprika, the Dead Zone please. Over all of it. ALL of it." With that telepathic command, the red light of Makyo began to be gradually swallowed up in a massive void. Thankfully, its radiation still shone through the void, but the light and appearance of it was diminished to just something like a tint. "I hope we get to unveil it again one day. Makyo may be a terrible place, but it's my home." Anise tried to look sentimental over it, but it looked more like she had gas. She would hate if it it meant losing her power.

      Anise's expression became a big grin as Olivia agreed to escort her to the lookout. "Perfect! I'll take good care of the Earth too. There's got to be a way to defeat Freeza if you can focus on just that while I tend to day to day things" Anise crooned, lighting up her crimson aura and following Olivia up to the lookout. She was almost salivating as she flew; thankfully the wind blew that away. She could smell the thing she'd been jockeying over for so long. "You made me a lot stronger, I'm sure you can do the same with the earthlings." Not too strong though, that'd be bad if they were stronger than their god.

      "A biological amalgamation?" Anise questioned as she took Olivia's hand. Giving demon blood to a human was a sacred sort of pact. Well, unsacred more so. "You have a solid pact with him?"


      • "Popo! You look... Different." She said, trying to remark on his bird form. Is... That just what Popo looked like as he got older? That is... Huh. She turned to Olivia "Anise is here and wanted to become Guardian of Earth! I figured since we haven't had one in like a decade... Yeah." She said, shrugging. It'd be nice to have a friend as the Guardian of Earth as well. "Hey Didger, what're doing here?" She said, giving a friendly wave to him.

        And regarding Anise's question. "Gero? I guess? If he can make a weapon that can kill Freeza, I'd give just about anything to have it. And I'd appreciate if he also had yours to work with, the more variety the better right?" Her face turning uncharacteristically dark as she looked away with a hatred towards that singular individual. "A-anyways, it's a thing. Maybe I'll introduce you two after this."

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        • "What am I doing here, you ask?" - Didger sarcastically said as he walked towards the visitors. "Well, if take a closer look, you'll realize I look a bit different." - he added, waving his new garb around.

          "Don't mind Popo's new appearance, it just changes depending on the guardian. It's a better look if you ask me."

          "Ah, your silence speaks volumes. You DO come from another time... And based on your expression, I'm the first one to find out about this... Assuming you've associated yourself with others aside from this clan of yours." - said Demon Dreillos, having found out Dreillos' little secret.

          "What's it to you if I have?" - replied Dreillos.

          "Ah, my poor, innocent, naive, not-quite-as-pretty counterpart... I may have threatened your life before after you entered my territory... But put my sadism aside and what am I? One of you, no? We're a group of so-called monsters, shunned by those who least resemble us. For the better. Look at what we've become thanks to the true monsters beyond this forest! What have we learned other than love for carnage?! We have been contaminated by the evil of humanity! And we are still in danger as long as they're alive out there. Don't try to fool me, this place stinks of human blood, I can tell you've killed trespassers that ignored your warnings, and one day they'll come well-armed wondering where their friends went, and trust me, that day will come sooner than you think. Humanity is evil, Dreillos. We both know that better than anyone."

          A spark lit up inside Dreillos, a surge of memories going through his mind. - "Humanity isn't all bad. I stumbled upon a family of many once. I respected the elder's ability to protect the little ones in spite of how fragile and weak he was. I stayed with them, I hunted for them, learned from them. I even domesticated a small pack of young Allosaurids... I allowed an enemy to fly away and foolishly turned my back on him. That day I paid for that mistake with that family's life. I killed that enemy and found a new home here. It wasn't until much later that a human dropped a green liquid in this lake which mutated everyone here. It's the same liquid a strange green creature used on me. I had fed upon the corpses of humans and a shark I'd found when I was given that liquid, mutating into what you see now. Now I have a new family of creatures that are just like me, but I won't seek out trouble with the humans nor let them live. I'll just stay here and protect them 'til the end." - but Demon Dreillos wasn't interested in this story.

          "Don't you realize the risk is too great? Are a few good humans your excuse? That's how you defend what they've done to us?! Even demons treated me with more respect when I was captured by them! We either kill them or we are enemies." - Dreillos chuckled at this.

          "A monster strong enough to destroy this world will arrive one day." - he said.

          "What the hell are you talking about?" - Demon Dreillos obviously found that hard to believe.

          "I will be there to try to stop him, but I won't be able to do it alone... Before I crossed the world I had... allies, I guess you could call them. A group of various creatures, some human others far from human. I wouldn't have admitted back then, because I couldn't talk, but many of them were stronger than you and I, and they're likely much stronger now, at least those who are still alive... I owe the confidence and trust I have today to one called Asphar, and I admired the bravery of two small ones going by the names of Olivia and Itazura. I will join them when the time comes, and I propose you should too, if you want to live. Killing everyone in the planet will only detriment our survival." - said Dreillos, heading back towards the lake.

          "You just turned your back on me..." - said Demon Dreillos, smiling and ready to fight. - "I thought you didn't let anyone who came here live..."

          "You're no threat." - And thus Dreillos finished the conversation, going back into the water.

          Demon Dreillos had been left alone, insulted. His pride and intellect had never been challenged in such a way. Had he fought Dreillos, he might've been killed, their last fight wasn't exactly even... He left the lakeshore and ventured into the forest, to think.


          • Aleks got in Corrado's face as Aprenulo pinned him, his own visage a mask of barely contained rage, his own ki threatening to bubble beyond his control to mask. That was ironically something Aleks had more control over than Corrado. He lived with his rage every minute of every day. It was something he knew he could let loose and when he could not.

            That doesn't mean he didn't slip, of course. You ride a razor's edge long enough and you will eventually bleed. Like right now, where all he wanted to do is follow up that punch Corrado almost landed. "Yes, I made what might have been a bad call. But I was the only counsel I had. When I could have used Olivia, she was too busy playing her part to Frieza and his various attack dogs. I can forgive her for that. The others, they barely know me from a stranger, likely only helped ressurect me because of a promise they made to Olivia and for no other reason. There was one person I could have figured would join my side, especially when they felt my ki rage in a fight. One person that might have had more info than I did, who could have told me if my plan was shit. And when I needed them most, WHERE WERE THEY, CORRADO!? WHERE!? SITTING IN THE RUINS OF THEIR PAST, SULKING LIKE A CHILD BEFORE A BROKEN TOY WHOSE TIME FOR ENTERTAINMENT HAD PASSED DECADES AGO! IF I MADE A BAD DECISION IT WAS BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE YOU TO HELP ME SO IF DECADENCE'S CONTROL OF THIS PLANET IS IRREVERSIBLE, IT IS AS MUCH YOUR SIN AS MINE!"

            Aleks' voice was ringing as thunder, and when he had began shouting his ki raged just a little bit more. It was rare when Aleks was truly out of control but if Aprenulo was concerned about his position between what were effectively two titans, he could perhaps notice that for all the emotional response coming from Aleks, his body was tense but unmoving. Aleks took a few shuddering breaths to focus, closing his eyes as he stepped back, his voice a bit hoarse from the screaming.

            "But.....that is a problem to worry about if we survive to deal with it. We still have Frieza to consider. Not to mention that planet that showed up. Decadence will have to wait. Much as you might hate that."
            A Shadow is merely Darkness in the presence of Light

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            • Olivia

              I was approached after I had closed my school for the day by a young woman named Raine. I will leave out the unnecessary parts of the encounter, but suffice to say, I currently have her training her miraculous spell abilities in an effort to control them, and even possibly use her unfortunate situation into a way of finding previously non-existent spells. Simply by walking near me she had managed to make me feel ill, and according to her own stories, she seems to have an ability to cause non-mages to simply perish. I feel it is of the utmost importance that you come here as soon as possible to examine and interact with her, she could be the key in your effort to defeat Freeza.

              With haste, Baba

              This was the contents of the letter sent from Instructor Baba to PTO HQ, packaged with an urgency seal so that it was delivered immediately to her office.
              Popo laughed in that very similar deep voice that he's always had. The laugh however wasn't directed towards anyone in particular, moreso himself.

              "I should've let you all know, we do have a new Guardian. Designated recently, his name is Didger as you see." Popo would say as he would point his hand to Didger, currently admiring his new garb.

              "I apologize for not letting you all know sooner."
              "Aleks is correct" Says an elder voice, rounding about from an alley into view of the windows. Catching the door of the dojo just before it closed and locked, letting himself in.

              Sunglasses, a white and strapped t-shirt and beige cargo pants. Bald and a long beard.

              "But he misses the greater point." The door then finally closes and locks behind Roshi, looking up, and though shorter, his experience as an elder has him stand taller than either one of the two.

              "I want you two to stop by my house later on today, somewhere along the way, the both of you lost sight of what this is all about." Roshi then moved his head to take a view of Kuri.

              "And I will take that one under my wing, before he too is taught by a tainted tutor." Roshi then turned around, exiting out the door. Though he paused for a moment.

              "This is not the time to begin tearing each other apart, and it shouldn't at any point." A flared aura, and Roshi was gone as he flew back to his home.


              • Corrado had listened. First, he had aimed to inflict pain and punishment. But like a mad dog he had been brought to heel and by his weaker older brother, no less. The memories of Aprenulo's cold and merciless beatings when they were sparring at the Monastery flashed through his mind. But this... this was more of a mercy than a punishment. Saving him from himself. Corrado heard his words and saw the bitter wisdom in them. His bloodcurdling rage quelling as he shriveled, his fair skin flushed red with both shame, sadness and anger. His tears had stopped flowing like rivulets down his face but his eyes glimmered with residual sadness. Aprenulo held the magical tendrils in place despite the slight strain on the already exhausted monk-mage, although Corrado had essentially stopped presenting himself as a threat, Aleks was still a factor and could antagonize him in return. As the wolfman began speaking, Aprenulo only hoped he wasn't about to be caught in the middle of two estranged friends and the strongest known beings on the planet from clashing, causing irreversible harm to the world.

                Aprenulo listened carefully, Aleks' own words largely mirroring his own points in places but adding a personal point-of-view. He indeed knew he was not blameless, but, had seen past the point of blame. What's done is done. Dwelling on it is irrelevant. But Corrado? While he had been talked down by both of them in turn and while he knew their inconvenient truths to be self-evident, it did not help him overcome his anguish. After Aleks finished screaming in his face, in which Corrado simply hung his head and listened - he didn't have much of a choice, anyway - he finally locked eyes with him again, a grimace on his face. He wanted to cry again but held it in, at least, he thought he did. "You're right... you both may be right about me. But... she wasn't a toy... I... I loved her... I loved her more than anything. I can't forgive myself for her, for everything that's happened, I'm... I'm lost, Aleks. And now... now I fear we all are. I should have died instead that day. And now, she's not even dead. She's just... gone. As if she never even existed. And the only memory I have of her - of truly seeing her - is her cold body in my arms. The first thing I ever saw was the only person I've ever loved, dead. And now I find out it was the Masters who helped raise me who were responsible, they lied about King Piccolo, Aleks. Aprenulo told me. My own... they were like parents to me and they killed her...!" Corrado broke down, falling to his knees as he shaded his face with his arm. "I cannot help anyone. I cannot save anyone."

                Corrado and Aprenulo had no idea how Aleks might respond to Corrado who seemed almost too far gone. Perhaps not to the level of manic insanity that Olivia had reached, but, Corrado was clearly a man deeply traumatized. No matter how many valid and logical answers were given to him, he couldn't see past the ghosts that had consumed him, turning Corrado Shakyamuni into a dead man walking.

                And Aprenulo somehow, shockingly, found his heart breaking a little. He was first shocked that Corrado knew that Sembra was completely removed from this reality, he probably found her grave dug up. That made sense and filled him with a sense of dread. He knew more than he told Corrado, but, the rough details were ultimately true here. And his own role in it? Aprenulo remembered Hechizago, he remembered how it has been almost eleven years since he even bothered to communicate with Aprenulo, he then remembered Salisa smiling back home as they grew vegetables together and lived modestly for the last eight years. Her green eyes glowing with the evening sun as they lived a simpler, happy life. He... was happy with that... wasn't he? For once in his entire life, he made his own choice. He chose her. Hechizago never told him to marry a woman and ... perhaps after all this time actually love her. He was just blending in with the world as it was. But now?

                What if Corrado took her from me?

                The single thought of that role reversal was like a dagger being driven into his chest. His hands began shaking and the magical tendrils faded, along with his third eye closing. His body continued to shake uncharacteristically. Part of it was magical overexertion but there was something more...

                He was terrified, for the first time in his life. Not even when he saw Freeza go on a killing spree did he falter; yet now, he was terrified. Especially after seeing Corrado's immense ability and how much Sembra's loss had devastated him. He couldn't really fathom it before now. Had he even really cared? Not really. It wasn't just the idea that Corrado might harm Salisa if he knew the truth. It was the idea that he betrayed his own brother and sister, assisting in killing one and ruining the other for life as a result. He felt... guilt. Shame. His heart raced and he quickly found himself feeling dizzy, weak, his chest hurt and sweat dripped from his face. His hands had gone numb, too. Pain coursed through his chest along with adrenaline, mixing with terror and his panting due to exhaustion became downright hyperventilating. He was absolutely terrified and could barely keep his composure. It took everything he had not to lose it in the moment and beg his brother for forgiveness. He, too, was suddenly confused and lost.

                Then, Muten Roshi arrived. Corrado, still defeated, at least paid attention to the wise old master silently. He had been meaning to ask about the Mafuba jar and seals, as it had been in the back of his mind for some time now. Still, somehow, the old man's words were reassuring. He heard many tales of Roshi while training with Son Goku. If he could provide any clarity, it would at least be a sense of direction for a man who had lost all of his senses.

                By the time Roshi departed, Aprenulo's heart had been beating faster and faster. He thought he was going to die. He wanted to beg for forgiveness - from someone, anyone - but there was no one that would forgive him if they knew the truth. He collapsed face-first in the dojo, unconscious.
                Brother! Your crusade IS OVER!!



                • Anise was already making a grand flourish of a statement, tossing her head and ready to shout "I will guard the Earth now!". So, this was Popo, soon to be her new servant. And there was that foul worm, a pathetic excuse for a demon that she was going to execute as her first act purely because the sight of him offended her so much. This planet was property of Makyan demons only, any others could get out. Yes, she was going to execute Didger, the guardian of the Earth.





                  Anise gave an undignified squawk, almost falling forward flat onto her face as her face turned a bruise color from the blood flushing through it.

                  "N-no way. Just now? But, but he's not going to last very long, is he? He's only second generation, not original stock" Anise said quickly, her voice growing more shrill with each passing second. This couldn't be happening, oh by Makyo, this couldn't be happening. "I can take over the reins of the Earth, no problem. I still have eons in the tank. And I'd be able to forge a connection with Makyo too! So it'd be two worlds, together!"


                  • "...Oh, huh" she said, realizing, taking out a watch she realized "...After ten years, this had to be pretty recent too thinking about it. I went in and did some stuff, and when I came out there was the planet... This would've had to take place just hours ago wouldn't it?" Olivia said, calculating the time it must have taken... Then she felt a vibration in her pocket, taking it out... An urgent message at the PTO building? Since Anise wasn't going to hurt anyone and the makyo planet wasn't invading, she pointed out at a cloud, shot out a lightning bolt, and let that bolt bounce from the cloud miles away towards the PTO headquarters, to form into Olivia directly. Meanwhile she noticed Anise seeming very distraught, still talking about forging a connection. "I'm sure it's fine, to be honest Earth's been fine for ten years without it so how important..." her sentence dropped off realizing what she was saying. "Not that I'm saying your job is bad or anything Didger I... I..." A second passed. "...What does the Guardian of Earth do anyway? We haven't had one for ten years or maybe longer than that even." She said, remembering the fact that the Guardian of Earth never came about during the saiyan invasion. Or the PTO occupation, until now anyway.
                    Another clone of Olivia formed in front of the PTO and went in, ready to check the letter. "Now... Baba what did you find..." Was it a student? And...

                    Non-mages simply perished... Oh god. She- she had to test this. What about Corrado and Alek- No, if it killed them she'd be down her two best fighters. And for that reason she couldn't ask that of many, but she needed someone powerful, she couldn't spare anyone given how powerful Freeza is.

                    Alright then, if that's not the case then there needs to be someone else, someone unwilling. She might not want to kill just anyone though so... Someone dangerous as well, someone bad, someone like...

                    "A demon." Perhaps it was a good thing they were only now getting around to wiping them out, a smile crossed her face as Olivia was now two more of herself. One to head north, the other to head to baba's place. North she could find Dreillos, if anyone knew of any strong fighters that wouldn't be missed it'd be him... And for Baba, it was best to say hi and take a look for herself. She needed help after all...
                    Olivia arrived as soon as she could at Baba's, it was earlier in the night than in Lex's Dojo but all the same it was night time. She came right up to where Baba specified... This was the room of the one who could make Baba sick. She knocked on the door, and asked for the name "Raine?"
                    Arriving at Dreillos' domain, high in the air she once again scanned for that old croc, now intelligent and huge, but the forests and swamps were still vast all the same, even if his throne was still hte same.
                    A final Olivia was left at the house, sometimes she left without making clones, but no one she trusted was here. So she stayed, and began to finally unpack a few things. An advantage of being a mage with power like hers, you could relax while doing work, and pass it on to yourself after a long day. She was never sure if that helped her mental health or not, it was never really great since Freeza, having to deal with the PTO and the tyrant himself. Organize a few things and fix her room up, she did just leave the stuff from hte day onto her bed after all. Taking the statue of the demon she... Anything was possible. She noticed that... This was not just a statue, the demon was still in there, she could still feel it, if she looked closely... Putting in her room... She began to wonder... "What are you? What is your magic?"

                    Unwinding could wait for this clone. This statue may pose a puzzle to her yet...
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                    • Dreillos had returned to his throne, wondering where Demon Dreillos had gone. Perhaps it was too much to expect him to come around, he hadn't had any interactions with good humans, after all. Suddenly, he detected something in the area, an energy clone of someone he had just mentioned.

                      "Heh, speaking of... Welcome, Olivia."

                      Ignoring Anise, Didger answered Olivia's question: "That's a good one, little witch. And you may be surprised by the answer. Remember the dragon balls? I can make them a reality again!"


                      • "Huh?" Olivia would hear a voice from the other side. "You sound different from Baba...Who are you?" Raine asked. "A student of her? If so...Please don't get any closer."


                        • "We have been without a Guardian for the past sixteen years, the duties of one has been sorely missed on this world for some time. So I took it upon myself to scout for a suitable candidate and I believe I have found that candidate in Didger. Someone that has experienced being the absolute bottom of every situation they've been in, understanding the need for unity and most importantly, working towards the betterment of Earth not for themselves, but for the simple act of it itself." Popo would say as he stared at Anise.

                          "Perhaps if you had not disappeared, you would've been in consideration for the position, my apologies but the need for a Guardian was pressing given the situation we are currently in." Just then Didger had blurted out that he could make the dragonballs again. Why did he feel like that was going to lead to more trouble than it was worth?

                          "Yes, the dragonballs can be created again. We once more have access to them. I would recommend however that we limit our uses, the potential backlash of the dragonballs could lead to..."

                          The view would then cut to nothing but Popo's face, zoomed particularly to his eyes.

                          "Dire consequences..." Followed by an almost maniacal laughter.


                          • "The... Ooooh" That old story of the balls that when collected could grant your wish... Such a thing. Despite Popo's warnings Olivia already was forming plans in her head as to what to do with them, a new wish each year, fortifying the planet "Can we wish Freeza dead?" She would say. The all important goal and if all they needed to do was send a dragon....
                            Olivia waved at Dreillos! "Hey! I've found something, there's this girl, with... Magic, those without magic get destroyed without a single trace. Nothing at all. And... I was thinking, I can't use this on any of my allies, especially the strong ones. But... I figure you might know someone who is powerful, but not with magic, and... Won't be missed." She finished. Demons in particular but anyone would do, if they were powerful enough.
                            Olivia would answer simply "My name's Olivia, I'm a mage, Baba taught me a decade ago and I've studied magic a lot since then. You're Raine right?" She said. Even from here she could feel something... Awful really, the feint rumblings of a much worse sickness was abounding inside her. Olivia was already one of the most proficient mages in the world if she said so herself, if she was feeling this... A spell spread through her body, a feint orange glow took shape around her, like embers around a campfire. A way to create a barrier for her magic to meert. "It'll be safe." She said, before reaching forward, and opening the door, floating in. "Baba told me about you." She said, giving a warm smile.
                            She pressed further into the red gem scepter, observing it from every angle, feeling it, turning it in her hands... But it was time now to move to a more mystic phase. Sitting in front, she'd cross her legs, put her hadns in front of her, and begin channeling the mystic energies of magic, the ground, the winds, water, heat, cold, all of it around the object, lifting it up into the air, and poking about it at it, analyzing it's magic... It threatened to make her sick, but she had to observe this directly, else there was no point to studying this demonic magic.
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                            • "Olivia?" Raine asked, "Baba..she told me about you. Come on in, then." She said with a small tint of joy as Olivia entered the room; She would find Raine sitting on her bed. She looked at Olivia, she saw that she was covered in a orange aura, it was feint but for Raine, it was somewhat visible. "That's a spell, right?" Raine asked, "Of the defensive type...It's still above my paygrade, but thanks to Baba, I've learned more about Magic...Well, I say learned more, but it would be more correct to say that I simply learned about it," Raine put her finger on her lips, "Even though I can only use basic spells, I feel like I'm getting somewhere...and it makes me happy," Raine smiled. She then turned to Olivia with glowy eyes, "Say, Do you think you could help me learn magic? Baba has been helpful, but she doesn't even check up on me!...Understandable, though, she is busy teaching other people magic.." She fiddled with her fingers.


                              • "Alright, sure." She said, floating down and sitting beside her. "Well, here's a trick that had me learning magic a lot faster. You gotta know what it is. People think that magic is this ephemeral stuff but... It's a lot different. Magic is, manipulating the world around you. Everything can feel is subject to change, and as a mage you nudge that process you accelerate it. This magic around you, is something you can feel, and hold, and control if you learn how." She said, before asking her "anything in specific you're having trouble with? Looking at it, these machines use the same magic I use."

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