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  • "He said once I could sense energy, that I could find him easily. Apparently he's the strongest guy on the planet. So just follow that." Kuri said, finishing up his sandwich.
    "Yes, this is magic. You've been given the knowledge of how to control the specific spells atleast as I understand them. Having any idea of control of magic will help you in controlling yours, or learning dispell. Now you likely can feel the magic that surrounds you, what does it feel like?"


    • "I'm not sensing anything, except you, and these two guys still fighting," Lex refered to Itazura and Olivia. "So maybe, he's suppressing his power, then. I'll try tracking him down tomorrow, I'm beat." Lex yawned. "Since you don't have a home, you can stay in the dojo for the night. There's everything you need, a bed, a fridge with food and water and any other necessities." Lex told him. "Make yourself at home, I'll be tomorrow morning and we'll track this guy, how does this sound?"

      "It's feels like the world is more alive than it is," Raine said, still in shock and looked around, "The sky, the ground and everything in between...it's as if they were breathing in the same vein we do. It's kind of a complex thing to explain, ehehehe..." Raine chuckled, "As for me, I feel...different? As if I became stronger...wiser. Thank you, Miss Baba." Raine bowed down. "So, all I have to do now is train to control my magic using these basic spells? And then...I won't lose anyone. I won't be afraid of standing with people like me...I can feel normal again."


      • "Right... You two, I need you both." Olivia said, backing off, finger pointing back and forth at the two of them. "And I'll go take a look at this whole thing, before clearing out the rest of the demons." She said, before holding her hand out, starting the teleportation ritual, gestures and crosses in the snow and... She was gone.

        Across the world she was back at the PTO headquarters. More or less her new house since things began, she'd invite her family but they rarely came around this way, so it was mostly empty, save for the official Planetary Governor apparatus, her room... And the files she had collected on various objects and people. mostly the big figures she felt could help her in her effort, Sun Sou wasn't anyone she had considered strongly, more because he was already active, her involvement as Planetary Governor of a planet that (justly) didn't want the PTO would have legitimized him more than anything.

        But she didn't need to go as the PTO governor, off the PTO armor, and on a much more simple robe, and looking up the broadcast transcripts for Sun Sou. Right, the broad location, she knew that place, a specific mountain peak, see it in her own head as her eyes closed, and the gestures from there once again... When she opened her eyes, her vision was met with the exact image she had in her mind, of the mountain ranges near to Sun Sou's location. Now to find this Sun Sou and see what she can get from him about this so called god.

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        • As Olivia pointed her finger at Itazura and electricity gathered around it, the young man just stood there still smiling. "An old trick, I take it?"

          But before he could finish speaking, his opponent fired her attack. A lightning bolt, as expected by Itazura. He already had an energy shield up though, an invisible coating around his entire body. While it didn't make him impervious to attack, it greatly reduced the effect on him. He felt a bit shaken, but was able to ignore it. It also had a bit of knockback, making him take a step back immediately.

          "Ah, yes, that feels familiar..."

          A flame appeared in his right hand, and his smile had yet to fade. "I wonder what's new in your arsenal though." He casually tossed a few balls of fire at Olivia, another flame appearing in his left hand, and he began to glow orange.


          • Just as quickly as he began to throw fireballs, she was at work, a simple gesture but one with a lot of practice, manipulating the forces she could create a ring of cold, so cold in fact it could stop and freeze anything that entered the ring. Not particularly useful as an attack, but as a shield, the fireballs didn't even reach her, their momentum cut off before the cold overtook it entirely. "There's one!" A ring so cold it could even stop ki attacks in their track...

            Perhaps even enough to stop his death lasers. She hoped anyway.

            All the same it was time for the counter attack, a few more gestures of the finger, manipulating water, clouds coming near, not obvious, especially given that her other hand was crackling with electricity. It looked big, a bluff but one to bring out more from her opponent. "HOPE YOU'RE READY FOE THIS!"

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            • Kuri raised a thumb to Lex. Standing up and walking to where he would be staying for the night. Day one of training finished.
              "Well not qui-" Baba paused herself. She meant more how does the insidious magic feel, but it helped if she could also feel how the magic world itself felt. It would have a positive effect in the long run if she could get that fundamental down. Sighing as her crystal ball stopped moving.

              "Yes, you should practice those spells. As you do, you'll begin to understand the way they work on a deeper level and innovate on the foundation to make more creative, more powerful versions of them, or use their foundations to branch off into different classes of magic. Now follow me." Baba says as she begins to lead Raine deeper into the palace, past the entry building that she used as a dojo.

              "Now, until you learn to either control or dispell the magic currently surrounding you. You'll need to reside deeper in the palace, I can't have you making my students sick or even dying." She says as they come upon the furthermost building on the peninsula. Fumbling around with keys until she picked out the right one and opened it. Revealing a few machines scattered about, a small room that would presumably be her bedroom and the rest being empty space.

              "Now those machines there carry a variety of elemental spells that are meant to attack. You should put it on yourself to attempt to figure out dispell on them, and then use it on yourself to rid yourself of that nasty aura. I have no idea how long that might take, but until you figure it out, you'll be here working on it... hopefully." Baba says as she sighs again.

              "Once you do, or rather, if you do. I'll let my 'friend' know about it. She'll be very interested in both your ability to deal with demons and your ability to potentially wield a dispell. Until then, get to work. We usually eat after classes are done, the center building on this peninsula is where the food usually resides. And remember, do not come into the classrooms until you have removed that magic surrounding you." Baba says as she then floats off towards the center building on the peninsula. Dinner was soon.
              Son Sou paused in front of a mirror, taking the time to look at himself.

              Salt and pepper short hair. Tan complexion, a few wrinkles here and there but nothing too bad. Tired, green eyes and a seemingly permanent slight grin. He looked away for a second to slip his black jacket on and when he looked up again, he noticed eyes staring at him from behind. Immediately turning around to look and seeing nothing. When he turned back around, the eyes had vanished.


              He couldn't see her, or feel her energy. But nonetheless, he felt a presence that couldn't be described in matters of traditional senses or even ki sensing. Just an... unnerving feeling. Cold even despite his jacket.

              Need to get moving

              School had been let out for some time, so when Sou exited. It was empty, save for a few of the janitor staff. Walking down the steps of the elementary school, he stopped as he saw a robed figure. Features that were... kind of recognizable but he couldn't put his finger on it. She was almost as short as a child, so it was potentially another student from another school?

              "Hey, school let out some time ago. Did you get lost?" Son Sou asked the robed figure.


              • "Sure! I'll stay in there as long as needed be." Raine said, as Baba left. "...This kinda feels like a prison, but if I can get rid of this curse...I'm willing to do whatever it takes." Raine looked around, she saw the machines that Baba spoke about. She went to one of them, the closest to her. She looked around, saw some buttons, and there was a gauge, above it, marked the word "INTENSITY". "I'm guessing this sets how strong the attack would be," Raine told herself. "Well, let's set it to something that's right in the...." She said as she was adjusting the settings until it reached Moderate.

                "Middle. Right, this isn't too low and isn't too high. So now, I press this button?" Raine pushed a button that was next to the gauge. The machine started to glow, and near instantly, it was as if it was burning. "What?! Did I break it??" Raine panicked, and looked around. However, her panic was quickly cut as the machine threw a fireball at her, sending her crashing into the wall, before she fell to the ground. "AAAARGH! It burns, it burns!!" Raine said as she rolled on the floor. "...W-Wait, it's not that hot, is it? It's just annoying, as if you were on a sunny day..." She looked above and saw the machine throwing several fire blasts at her, she barely managed to avoid. "T-Too fast...Lemme see if there's something I can do about this." Raine closed her eyes and began scrolling through the knowledge Baba passed on. "Here!" She said, her legs began to glow with a golden aura. The machine shot out several fireballs, but this time, Raine leaped around and could dodge them with more ease than before.

                "This magic...it increases my speed...Alright then, I'll keep avoiding the fireballs until the spell runs out!" She said, avoiding any fireball the machine threw at her.


                • Aleks was quiet, but soon enough grabbed a few strands of his hair, tugging it quickly free of his head abd handing it to Gero. "I'm sure you are making some kibd of abomination of science. That is what Red Ribbon paid you for. Just make sure this abomibation can be controlled after it has completed its goal."

                  Aleks leaned in closer, a threatening look in his eyes as he whispered now. "Or else not even Olivia's voice will save you from me."
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                  • Looking upon the man, Olivia smiled. "I was looking for you actually! My name's Olivia." She simply said, extending her hand to shake his. Nothing to intense to start with, "I'm curious about you." She plainly said.

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                    • "Ask yourself if you can be controlled, then you'll know whether or not my 'abomination' can be. Regardless, I have no concern for your meager threats. If Freeza is dealt with, then I'm certain that it can easily deal with you." Gero grasped the hair with a displeased look.

                      "Shame you couldn't be like Olivia and use some decency when handing over samples. Though I suppose that's a bit hard to ask of you." Gero turned away from Aleks towards the mountain path. Not looking back at Aleks and acting as though he knew Aleks wouldn't attack him, even as much as he probably wanted to. For the first time, Aleks had to listen to him not the other way around.
                      As Olivia whisps off to another portion of the world, Amaranthe comes through the door just a little too late holding an absolute ton of documents and letters from the various towns and cities.

                      "Olivi-" She says as she catches herself.

                      "Darn, missed her again." She says as she looks around for a table to put them on.

                      "Right here Amaranthe." A familiar sounding voice says as Amaranthe turns to her. A warm smile returning.

                      "There you are! I thought I had just missed you!"

                      "Needed to go check on a dispute between Aleks and someone. You know how he gets." The voice said.

                      "I don't, I haven't seen him in a long time."

                      "Oh, well take my word for it."

                      "Sure thing." Amaranthe says as she hands the documents to the person.

                      "Stay here please." It says as they quickly sort through the documents and letters, burning them into memory.

                      "What did you need me for?"

                      "Come, sit." It waves to Amaranthe, not knowing any the wiser, Amaranthe complies. 'Olivia' places a hand on Amaranthe's temple, causing her to lose control of her pupils as they go wild, darting in every direction as her memories are accessed. Specific requests lobbied for Amaranthe to give to Olivia directly.

                      When Amaranthe comes back to...

                      Olivia whisps off to another portion of the world, Amaranthe comes through the door just a little too late holding an absolute ton of documents and letters from the various towns and cities.

                      "Olivi-" She says as she catches herself.

                      Except, she's not holding onto any documents like she swore she had been.

                      "Did I just have deja vu?" Amaranthe questions as she scratches her head. Looking at the documents neatly sorted on a table.

                      "Eh, whatever. Now I can get back to training." Amaranthe says as she runs off to the nearest field. Closing and locking the door behind her. 'Olivia' long gone.
                      "The Olivia?" Sun Sou asked as his suspicions were proven true. It was the planetary governor here, to talk to him directly. Instead of being hostile, he instead looked calm, collected, maybe even a bit of admiration.

                      "Please, have a seat." He says as he points his hand in the general direction of a park bench, taking the time to sit himself.

                      "So what is it that you would like to know?"


                      • "Well, I've been hearing so much about this guru, teaching everyone the secrets to ki, after what happened that decade ago I'm really glad that people like you are working to uplift these people." She said to him, as she floated up and sat back onto the chair, legs crossed and elbows on the table as her chin rested on her clasped hands. "There are some things I'm unclear on, like Decada, who is this?" She said, trying to sound as innocently curious as possible, even if she was a decade older she was still short enough to look like a kid, at the least she hoped she could tap into it like she was able to during her circus days.

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                        • "Urk." After hours and hourse of dodging, Raine laid down on the ground, extremely drained. She managed to do her challenge, turning down the fire element machine. "I-I can't move," She groaned, "I can't even feel my legs, and I've got this headache going on," She told herself. "But still, I'm starting to have an idea on this thing, magic...Or at least I think I do." She would forcefully drag her body until she reached her bed. "Well, I think I'll call it a day...Tomorrow, I'll have to surpass myself..!" She closed her eyes and she began to reflect on the things Baba had told her earlier.


                          • This was a lot of information for Corrado Shakyamuni to process. Aprenulo has a wife?! I didn't kill him with that punch? He knows Olivia...? He helped resurrect me on Namek? The world is falling apart...?

                            Corrado supposed he had some degree of an answer to most of that, except the last bit that Aprenulo said. "We are losing," his brother remarked. Corrado scoffed. He was overwhelmed by all these revelations but unwilling to beat the truth out of Aprenulo with his wife now in the mix. Corrado could only imagine what it would feel like if the roles were reversed and his empathy tamed his rage.

                            "I know about Freeza, Aprenulo. Why do you think I hid away for a decade?" Corrado bit off his words. "You make some sense in what you say... so I'm choosing to believe you for now. But you are going to help us. Maybe not... fight to the death like I'm willing to do, if needs be." Corrado glanced towards his wife, feeling guilty at the intrusion. "Of course we're losing. There are demons everywhere. Freeza's immortal. I indirectly gave responsibility to Aleks and he appears to not have had as much of an impact as I'd have hoped. I did nothing to help this past decade. Of course things have gone to hell." Corrado reflected for a moment and mumbled softly enough that Aprenulo and Olivia would be unable to hear, though this was unintentional: "If only Son Goku were still here..."

                            Aprenulo raised an eyebrow, finding a rhythm in his jungle of lies. "That's not all. If that were all, I wouldn't speak down to you. I mean, I would, but..." Aprenulo's cockiness, arrogance and the joy of getting away in the thick of an elaborate lie showed on his face, though, he simply looked smug and... like he was actually finding some enjoyment in seeing Corrado again after all this time. In many ways, he actually was, even if he couldn't admit it to himself. "Not on this. You haven't paid attention to the goings on of the world on a day by day basis like I have. I've meditated on the various ki signatures in the world. Every single day. For the last decade."

                            That's when Aprenulo's wife cut him off. "He really has. It's damned annoying but he insists he does it in his morning ritual. The man sells fruit for a living, far be it from me to question why he feels the need to act like Son Sou and be so in touch with the world and his inner nature."

                            Corrado was utterly confused. "Who? Also... I'm sorry, miss. I didn't get to introduce myself, I'm---"

                            She interrupted him as she had Aprenulo. "I know just who you are. The only man who could kick the shit out of my husband. You're kind of my brother-in-law. I'm Salisa." She smiled warmly and extended a hand. Corrado hesitated, not wanting to shake her hand with the same hand covered in Aprenulo's blood as the rain had suddenly started to let up as quickly as the thunder and lightning rolled in. The sun started to shine through the clouds as he awkwardly wiped blood off on the ground and then extended his hand. She retracted hers.

                            "I do not want to shake your dirty hand. I've had my husband's blood on my hands before. You think you're the only one to clock him? The man's an asshole. I thought you'd know that. I'd rather shake your bloody hand than one you just rubbed on the damn ground." She scoffed and laughed in sequence. "Anyway... I can't believe you don't know who Son Sou is. Aprenulo has a lot to tell you, apparently. Please don't get him killed..." She sounded slightly worried in that last bit, but looked toward Olivia. "He doesn't need my permission to fight as he sees fit... but, I know what he's told me about what's going on. It's fine. Living like this sometimes really doesn't feel like being alive. You should all know that. Besides, we've already brought back the dead once." She cracked a smile and started to retreat back inside the home, not wanting to intrude. "Take care and... don't be a stranger, Corrado. He might be cold and an ass but... he does love you."

                            That struck a chord deep within Corrado as Aprenulo acted as if he almost completely ignored it. "Love you, take care and I'll be home soon, I promise. If I'm not... just sense me out. If you can't feel my ki, then maybe come looking. Corrado might decide to keep hitting me, after all." Aprenulo smiled and waved at Salisa as she left. This behavior was so unlike the Aprenulo that Corrado thought he knew. The one that was about to sever all ties before Olivia dropped the Namek bomb on him. He had completely changed. Was this still the same man?

                            "You can tell me whatever you want... after you tell me what happened at the Monastery. What do you know?" Corrado was clearly hung up on this subject and couldn't believe that Aprenulo knew nothing about the disaster. At the very least, Aprenulo had eyesight when it happened. Corrado didn't until... she was dead in his arms. He refocused himself, trying to get that violent imagery out of his head.

                            "Of course... I sensed your outburst. I can only tell you what you already know: there was an accident and..." Aprenulo paused. And what? King Piccolo? Yeah, it was likely the once-blind boy finally saw through that lie that Hechizago barked out at his disciples. Aprenulo knew the truth, of course, and Sembra was dead... well, somewhat dead. Not alive in this plane of existence, at least. "It wasn't King Piccolo."

                            Corrado's eyes widened. "Then... who? Why... the lie? Why would Hechizago lie to us?"

                            Aprenulo shook his head. "He lied to you. Sembra could see what was happening, she knew it was a lie, so did I."

                            At that accusation of Sembra not telling Corrado the truth before she died, Corrado cocked his fist again, ready to kill Aprenulo. This time, Aprenulo's ki gently began flowing out as a warning.

                            "You may be more powerful than me by a wide margin, brother, but I've always been the more proficient magic user. She had good reason not to tell you. So did he. It was... an accident. A magical disturbance of sorts. I can't say I really know all the details myself." So far, this was actually the truth, well, mostly. It wasn't entirely an accident but... the rest was true, other than Aprenulo not giving up all he knew about it, which would certainly make Corrado kill him. "The Masters... they were doing something. Dark potentially, certainly forbidden. You probably noticed the scars on the Earth from an intense magical ritual when you went back?" Aprenulo asked.

                            Corrado thought back... he did. That was certainly strange.

                            "Of course, I've gone back myself and confirmed them." Aprenulo continued. "I ran too, brother. I didn't want to die. I obviously didn't. You and I... were the only survivors. I didn't know how to find you though. We didn't know how to fly. I could faintly sense you but no idea exactly where for so many years and then you just ... died. When that monster ki came to Earth, I knew you would fight. And I knew you would die. I had to find a way to bring you back when I knew there was a way to finally see you again. It seemed insane but here you are." Aprenulo was actually being truthful, he supposed a lot of the key in being so duplicitous was believing your own lie, so, the innocent part of the truth would likely aid him.

                            "Why did you try to turn me away moments ago?"

                            "Well, Olivia didn't blow my cover and... Salisa, I have a wife now. I love her, obviously. You know what that's like." Aprenulo bit off those words bitterly. Corrado thought about hitting him again but it was an accurate statement that made him finally back off. "I didn't want to get involved in all that happened in the past. You isolated yourself, I assumed, for reasons of your own. I already said that, though. I detest repeating myself. You know this as well from when we were kids."

                            "Some things never change..." Corrado mused.

                            "Indeed. As for the accident, that's all I can really say. The Masters caused it... all three of them. Hechizago didn't want you to hate them all for the rest of your life, but, he's dead now too, so, it's not up to him what I say to you. I'm a bit shocked even now that nobody else escaped, but, the ritual tore through the Monastery like a molten knife through butter. I ran, brother... that's all there is to it. That's all I have for you, I'm sorry." Aprenulo genuinely felt a bit remorseful to lie, but, he valued his own life above all. Corrado stood quietly, looking down at the dirt. His unkempt beard and sullen eyes weary with the weight of the world. He sighed and finally glanced over at Olivia.

                            "Sorry, not terribly interesting stuff, but, I told you I needed to pursue this before I could go after Freeza."

                            "As I was saying earlier, Corrado..." Aprenulo gently insisted, trying to get off the Monastery topic. "Freeza is a monstrous concern, no doubt. I've... seen him firsthand. I've seen what he's done. What he can do. You cannot wonder why I hesitate to join the fight."

                            "I don't..." Corrado admitted.

                            "There's a fight that I believe myself more suited for and I could use your assistance. In regards to Son Sou... he's a legendary monk, for lack of a better term."

                            Corrado interrupted immediately, almost like an impetuous child. "I would have heard of him. I studied the monks of our world's history more than you did."

                            Aprenulo rolled all three eyes. "You fool. You've hermited away for the last ten years. Nobody has been able to find you. Son Sou has emerged in the last decade. He's not some relic of the past. He's a living, breathing person. And with him came a movement where even the most average of people have become far more powerful and able to wield ki."

                            This took a moment to register as pure shock to Corrado. The secrets that he learned as a child, that they all learned, that they all studied and dedicated their lives to protecting... so casually known by the layman now? What the hell?

                            "I noticed that the average human was getting far more powerful but... I didn't ever really explore why. I assumed it was in response to the damn demons everywhere." Corrado admitted.

                            "I would assume that's a decent reason why as well. But it's not the source of their power, I believe. I've been paying close attention to the patterns of man, the patterns of demons, the history of both. What I've discovered is haunting... and probably a bigger threat than Freeza, by my estimation."

                            "You're talking out of your ass, Aprenulo. The immortal psychotic dictator with power incomprehensible ruling over our planet and essentially enslaving us as part of his 'Planet Trade Organization' is the lesser danger?" Corrado almost mocked Aprenulo, who merely remained stalwart, his jaw tightly wound and his expression ironclad and unmoving. Corrado faltered a bit. He's... serious?

                            Aprenulo glanced over at Olivia as Corrado stood, unable to formulate a response. "I'm sure you know something of this. The Djinn. The Majin. It has had many names but I believe one to be living on this world and has been for over a decade, at least. I believe that amid all this chaos... there is something foul, dark, and malevolent afoot. Ancient beyond comprehension and something that would even scare Freeza if he could ever get past his hubris to understand the potential lurking. It's like a damned parasite and they are legendary creatures of mythological origin. Only... they aren't just myth. They are real."

                            That's when Corrado found his tongue again. "I remember hearing Master Odamlav tell a story or two about them. They sounded like nonsense, Aprenulo. Are you serious? You're essentially telling me that the magical, galactic version of Big Foot is feeding off our world?"

                            Aprenulo found that amusing, actually. That's Corrado's sense of humor... glad to hear it.

                            "In no uncertain terms, yes. We should visit a human who underwent a harrowing experience recently that I managed to sense the entirety of. It was an episode of sorts. We have much more to talk about on the way and I'm sure our PTO Governor here isn't completely oblivious to details of her own. Come, we must visit a human named Kuri. Then perhaps some others. Including Aleks. He has had ten years and must surely know of this being. If he doesn't, you were a fool to put your trust in him. We start with Kuri, though. I've been meaning to find him for some time and having the strongest man on Earth and the PTO Governor with me will make any questions I posit less like interrogation. Then you will believe me." Aprenulo nodded, readying to leave. "I will tell you much more about my theory along the way. Shall we?" He gestured at Corrado and Olivia.

                            Corrado hesitated. This was strange but... god, so much strange had been happening ever since Raditz showed up. He nodded silently, not seeing any reason not to give his brother a legitimate chance to explain his theory as it certainly didn't sound impossible. He was curious what Olivia knew, about seeing Aleks again potentially, who this "Kuri" was, who this "Son Sou" was, and wanted to be filled in on the way over.

                            "Sure. Olivia?" Corrado asked. Pending her response, they would leave to visit Kuri. Aprenulo seemed lost in thought for a moment as he quickly used his prolific magical ability and ki sensing prowess to locate Kuri during the conversational lull.
                            Brother! Your crusade IS OVER!!



                            • Didger thought this was a bad idea. The moment he entered the Lookout he had a bad feeling about this whole deal, and the feeling only got worse as their surroundings warped and creepy figures appeared before them. Popo and the figures talked, making Didger aware that these were past Guardians. It was hard to tell, but one of them even looked like Kami, who Didger hadn't met, but he could tell simply because of his uncanny resemblance to his father.

                              He felt the need to bow as they asked him to tell them his story.

                              "Well... Long story short, my father made me because my "siblings", the other hellish spawn I called brothers, were tired of their precious toys, poor humans caught by them, breaking apart so easily. My father, King Piccolo, knew the only thing tougher than man or beast in this world was another demon like him and his kin, and thus I was born, to be treated as a punching bag for the other demons to release stress or frustration upon. Think of it like the lowest member in a wolf pack, the omega, who has more or less the same role, except I wasn't even acknowledged or respected among my clan, and being a demon, I wasn't trusted by humans either. It was only until a human martial artist came to stop my father that I was able to escape. I trained hard to avenge my suffering, getting stronger by the day. When the day finally came, I found out King Piccolo and his successor had both been killed, denying me my revenge. From then on, it's been quite a ride... I've faced giant white humanoid crocodiles with shark features, another white monstrosity going by the name of Freeza that puts even my father to shame in the douchebaggery department... All my life I wanted revenge, I even considered killing myself so I could fight my father in the afterlife... But I'm a coward. And a joke. I trip over my own tail, sometimes hurt myself with my own attacks, bite my tongue... Bad luck are the words of the day everyday for me. I suppose I might as well be Guardian of Earth, what else could I be anyway? I'm nothing."


                              • This Decadence was... concerning. "If it's another threat, better to kill it now in its infancy before it becomes stronger. But no, I had nothing, Sun Sou but nothing on a majjins... honestly I still don't know what those are exactly." She said, unfamiliar with the tales. Those weren't the tales given to her as part of the traveling circus.

                                Still "alright, grab on, I'll take us there in a moment," she some, closing her eyes, imagining the area in her mind, a limited cognition gave her the area. Lex's dojo, Kuri and Lex would be there. Gestures and leg movements and... "We're here." She said as they would appear right behind another Olivia talking to Lex.

                                "So Lex, you were really impressive out there, and I've been thinking... Earth needs peotecting, not just from demons but the whole of the universe, there's more dangerous things out there than even the demons... I'm putting together a force to defend us from those who would hurt us. And I want you to join us." She said, extending her hand before feeling the scent of magic, turning around swiftly before... Oh it's just herself with Apeenulo and Corrado... "wait why are you here?" She just said, puzzled as to what her clone was doing here of all places.

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