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  • Itazura smiled seeing that Lex struggled to block the attack. When Lex threw his counter, Itazura tried to block but failed. "Oof!"
    He doubled over and was thrown into the ground hard, not making a peep. He began to glow orange and slowly stood back up. His face looked a bit bloodied, and he spit out some blood. "Hmph. Guess I asked for that." He then appeared to burst into flames, and he crossed his arms. "I guess I should be more serious from here on out."

    He proceeded to put his arms out in front of him and they started to burn brighter than the rest of his body, then flames shot out toward Lex without warning.


    • Corrado's gaze shot up, eyes widened with some devastating pain and denial burning in them. Both brothers were too awestruck by the reveal that they failed to notice Olivia's completely nonsensical guess as to Aprenulo's motivations. The suddenness of it sunk the dagger in further, Corrado having already been rejected by his only living "family". He grimaced, clearly hurt and seething with rage. The air around him seemed to vibrate uncontrollably. Aprenulo on the other hand had only managed to completely freeze in his tracks, stunned into inaction by Olivia's choice of words. His expression was blank, eyes wide. Another moment that felt long as eternity passed and Aprenulo finally breathed again. He had suddenly decided to do something remarkably bold.

      He was going to take a page out of Corrado's book and introduce a little chaos. Aprenulo was going to bullshit his way out of a situation, for the first time in his life.

      He started, intentionally quiet, letting that note of dread dwell within his brother's understandably wounded heart a moment longer. "Yes, it has been awhile, Olivia. I hope you have been well. I never did like talking about myself, I just had a mission." Aprenulo began weaving together a plausible tale for both unexpected guests. "You arrived after Corrado. If I had seen you, I would have mentioned the trip to Namek and my role in it. I did not intentionally withhold information from you, brother. It's complicated." Aprenulo smiled, almost an alien expression for his face. It seemed like an obvious lie but Corrado was emotionally unhinged and desperate enough to want it to be true. Corrado, confounded and unsure how to feel, slowly walked towards Aprenulo who remained calm under pressure. "How were you just going to dismiss ever having a relationship with me again in two minutes and claim that you don't give a damn!? You helped revive me! You don't think that detail is one that you--- MOTHERFUCKER!"

      Corrado's voice swelled like the thunderstorm behind him as he bit off the sentence and trucked his brother without care to hold back. He was too angry. Words could not do it justice. The enraged monk's fist rapidly collided with his brother's jaw with such brutality that Aprenulo had been launched halfway across the ocean in the blink of an eye. The wind exploded violently where he used to be, nothing left except for a feeling of creeping misery and regret. A long moment passed. Corrado gazed over at Olivia.


      A blast of power interrupted Corrado right as he began to speak. Lightning crashed in the skies behind them as the rain finally began pouring, blood trickling down Aprenulo's face. Corrado stopped and was visibly shocked. While Aprenulo's nose was certainly broken and there was no shortage of blood dripping from his mouth, he was certainly not dead. Hell, it was more than that, he didn't just survive that hit, he managed to stay in the fight. If this were a fight. The monk's rage quelled slightly as curiosity crept in its stead.

      "I suppose I deserved that." Aprenulo spat blood and sighed. "Corrado, of your many great flaws, impatience is by far the most irritating one."

      "Careful Aprenulo, or I'll show you just how impatient I'm getting." Corrado snarled.

      Aprenulo paused, then gestured strangely to his brother. As if waving him to come over. Corrado was taken aback. Did Aprenulo seriously want to be punched halfway across the sea again?

      Then an unfamiliar noise. A woman emerged, clearly a combination of upset, pissed and confused at seeing Aprenulo's bloodied face, exiting the cottage. She was mostly plain looking with freckles, of average height with a tan complexion. Her striking green eyes stood out though, most of all. Aprenulo instinctively couldn't help himself from smiling a little bit when he saw them. She had always been so expressive. So excited. He could read that look. Disappointment. "What the hell is this? Aprenulo, you can't be serious, how could anyone hurt you that badly? I'd feel sorry for you if I wasn't so ashamed." She looked over at Olivia and Corrado. "Who the hell are you two? My husband can kill damn near anyone on this planet and I know that for a fact. You must be pretty..." She paused and looked closely at Corrado as the lightning whipped violently, illuminating his features. She gasped. "You must be . . ."

      Aprenulo interrupted her suddenly. "I-I'm sorry. I was trying to tell Corrado that I wanted to leave him to his peace these last ten years. He vanished for a reason. It wasn't any of my business. As for Namek..." Aprenulo paused and sighed, rubbing his busted up face as the rain kept washing the blood away. "I wanted to see you after. To explain everything that I could. Of course I was going to go revive you. But first, I had to come to terms with the fact that you had even been alive to begin with. But when I came back hoping to see you, you had already vanished. You ran away and gave up, brother, and the world is unraveling. There is so much at stake and it's not just Freeza. I - we - have so much to lose." Aprenulo actually sounded convincing. "And trust me, we are losing."
      Brother! Your crusade IS OVER!!



      • "Heh, that's the spirit!" Lex said as he crossed his arm and created a ki barrier in front of him, deflecting the flames. However, they were quite powerful and even managed to fissure it! "Phew..." Lex sighed and wiped sweat off his forehead. He would then start running towards Itazura in circles, afterimages appearing as he did so. They would all close to him, each using different attacks, the real Lex would come from behind and attempt to kick Itazura in the back.