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    Original Thread: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/drag...ad-t86070.html

    "Decadence, I don't really care what your plan is, so long as Earth and its people stay safe, unmolested and kept from any outside harm. They are welcome to war amongst themselves at their leisure, but they are to be protected from without. And that includes you. Keep to your fun, and we will not have trouble. But the minute you become a threat.......I will remind you with your last breaths why I am not to be fucked with. Do we have an accord?"

    "We have an accord so long as you remain in a position of authority Aleks, you know as well as I do the fragility of such things."

    "You are welcome to test that authority at your leisure anytime Decadence."

    "As much as I would relish in that Aleks, it won't be me that tests that. There are others like me, far more unrestrained, far less calculating. Focus your power and caution on them, I seek only an excess of power, others seek a fate far worse."

    "Never give me reason to turn my gaze to you, then."

    "I would never give you reason that is not of your own desire Aleks, my offer is still on the table. I can offer a wealth of knowledge and power neverending. That is the only reason your gaze will ever be upon me."

    "My answer has not changed. I see no reason it ever will. But......I am also not a knower of the future, so I will not insult either of us by saying my answer can never change."

    "And I would not question your thinking in either case, but, we're speaking in a matter of haves and have-nots. We will not truly know what we must have or have not until the right occasion forces us to those conclusions."

    Ten years, ten years since the mission on Namek had failed horrifically. Totoma and Neris killed, our hero's spirits crushed and worst of all. Freeza's dream come true, the galactic tyrant had acquired the juicy morsel he had been seeking, that which no other being in this world or the next possessed. Immortality.

    Vegeta and Nappa both failed in their mission to acquire immortality, having it ripped from underneath them and gifted, brought to Freeza's feet by an obedient Olivia. The same person that had helped secure the Namekian dragon balls in the first place.

    For Raditz and Turles, this failure manifested in a failure to wish for the Saiyan race to be revived and brought to Earth, or as they had called it paradise. The Reformists were to be forced to be content with seeking whatever last sons and daughters of the race were out there and bringing them together in that way.

    For Olivia, her failure to pull the trigger on Freeza. Fear having gripped her heart like an icy hand risen from the coldest lakes of the poles. Now firmly in the line of sight permanently as Freeza's own appointed Planetary Governor of her homeworld, Earth. Overlooking a ruined expanse, ravaged by the Makaios a decade prior.

    For Gohan, his failure was not on Namek, but at home. His mother, the only connection he had on Earth, perished, killed by a Demon General much the same as many other Earthlings had. With no one to care for him, Gohan's barriers towards Raditz lessened, and he found himself leaving with his two Uncles for space to seek others of the race his Father belonged to.

    For Aleks and Corrado, their failure was not of their own. With only two wishes, the choice was made to avoid wishing the two to Namek, it would be a waste. Instead, the wish was made to return their group to Earth, much to the Kaio warriors disappointment. Their only course of action was to instead help preserve and protect what fraction remained of civilization on Earth.

    Life continued on, unfeelingly forcing our heroes on with their lives. In this time, all hope has not been lost. For those that remained on Earth, they found assistance from those that had trained with King Kai and his students. Picking up on techniques that otherwise would never have found themselves on the mortal plane. Techniques such as the Kaio-Ken, or their own variations of the Spirit Bomb. Where life existed, it found a way to continue on. Despite the ever lingering existence of the remnant Demon Lords, humanity has found a way to persevere, and in recent times. Grow stronger.

    "Keep your mind clear, focus your energies from inward, and release them outward. A calm mind is required to harness the true power of humanity." A voice says over the radio of a small child in her bedroom, eyes closed, breathing steady with her right hand's wrist resting on her left hand's palm. Fingers pointing up, here she stays quietly for minutes at a time, silent like a stone. Until an otherworldly blue emanates around her, an energy aura. She opens her eyes in shock, and soon glee.

    "MOM! MOM! MOM! I DID IT! MOM!" She shouts as she leaves her room in a dash faster than she had ever done before. The voice over the radio soon after ends their broadcast.

    "Thank you for your time audience, this has been Son Soup bringing you humanity's inner power."

    Son Soup, writer of "The Art of Warfare; The Power Without And The Power Within" had recently come out of obscurity. After the first year of repairs to restore power to effected areas, Son Soup had emerged with his own radio show. Where he would teach his discovery to anyone tuning in, free of charge. The secret to the inner power of ki, and how to manifest it to make yourself stronger. Long forgotten and thought to be a forgotten art, made up by spiritualists making up history. He had unearthed the method in one of his pilgrimages to the Paozu mountains. Instead of charging for these secrets, he instead sought to ensure that humanity would no longer be subject to the whims of external invaders. No longer would they be some alien's playtoy to be done with as they please. He would make sure they could fight back, that they would think twice before attempting any kind of subjugation.

    His school was immensely popular, and his students immensely powerful, their combines had resulted in them freeing several former cities from Demon Generals that had anchored themselves there. As far as celebrities went, there were none bigger than Son Soup, as far as humans were concerned, there were no human stronger than him, and it was hard to argue that point. If there were humans stronger than him, they hadn't made themselves known, and if they did, why would they go out of their way to attempt to defame him? Someone who sought to protect humanity by sharing the secret of divine power with the masses.

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    Aleks was walking along a dirt path, hands in his pockets. His head was a thousand miles away though.

    Ten years. A shitload had changed then. For one, Aleks found less of a need to hold his tongue with coarse language. But that kinda thing happens when you fucking DIE, he supposed. Why bother mincing words after you come back? Especially since most don't get such luck.

    The sun felt warmer on his return trip. He still wasn't sure if it was because of the invasion causing some kind of greenhouse effect or if death caused a dulling ofnthe senses. It isn't like he ever tried food to determine that for certain. At any rate, Aleks came back utterly restless. He had spent all that time training to hunt and kill Frieza......and after all that training, Frieza got what he wanted and Alekz did not. He hadn't forgotten that moment.

    It was a near-maddening obsession, these days. He knew at some day down the ljne, Frieza would come back, to either cull potential threats, conscript them into his service, or a combination of the two before he turned earth into dust and echoes. Aleks had been relentless in his training since he came back. He figured he at at least matched Goku's singlemindedness, if not exceeded it in some fashion. It was all that mattered most days.

    "One day, I am gonna make Frieza wish for death just so he can escape me. And I'll make sure every dragon shuts the fuck up and only grants that wish when I'm finally through with him. Upon pain of fucking-with-a-pissed-off-wolfman."
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      "...Ten years. What happened ten years ago is something humanity, or, what's left of humanity, will never forget." A visibly older Lex, with longer hair, a goatee and a mustache, said to himself. Compared to the somewhat skinny Lex from ten years ago, this one went from a boy to a man; large in size, broad and muscular, he was only wearing a tanktop and green soldier pants and boots, clothes which only served to demonstrate his look. He was sitting by a chair on Roshi's island, facing the calm ocean, reading a book and next to his side, a radio with Son Soup's voice emerging from it.

      He sighed, taking off his cigar and exhaling a large amount of smoke. "...How did this shit even happen? First we get attacked by demons and now we have aliens. It would be nice to go back in time...Wouldn't it be, Sister?" Again, he spoke to himself.

      He then looked at his wristwatch. "...Right, I have to open the dojo soon."


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        The Makaio had been wrong, Frieza had been wrong. Terror didn't lie with them. No, it laid dormant, waiting, plotting, reading. A coalescence of fear and madness, some strange, otherworldly embodiment of terror. There was Majin Boo, Majin Abra, even Decadence, originally called Majin Salaga, but worst of all was Majin Piala. Piala, who absorbed entire planets on a whim, then spit them out again for the sheer pleasure of the looks upon the mortals' faces when they saw an entity that was as God to them, who could kill them in a second, had shown them this, and then chose not to simply because he could.

        And where was he now? Well, as all things that blight this universe and the next, Piala existed within the confines of the earth, having been trapped there by the asshole of a birdman that had wanted his comic books. Piala could never give those away, he'd been collecting graphic novels since there were graphic novels to collect. He'd been punished, of course, but when life is eternal and you're mad as a hatter the fucks cannot be found. So he'd grimaced and cackled like a mad man and astral projected, and read and and and obsessed and and and and and and and and-

        Piala, wrapped around the core of the planet slapped himself, he was in his pocket dimension, the one that existed inside all Majin, reading his billions of comic books. He was almost done, some 7 or 8 more, and above, far, far, far above he could smell and taste them, the scent making his pink, florescent mouth water and water and water and water and--- Piala laughed maniacally and slapped himself again, his own hand tearing his cheek apart. He shrugged grimaced, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, if time was here, there, everywhere then it was time. He could feel it, moreso, he could taste it, it filled his every sense, like some maddening geyser, and when he breathed he inhaled it, yes, it was time, it had always been time, but he'd waited, and now it was time again.

        A mad cackle, and energy, ki, magic, something, something dark, horrible and powerful burst out of the humans on Earth, flooding back downwards, being sucked, pulled, drawn, pumped, extracted, called, summoned forth and drained from them, bombarding the seal that held him, contained him, locked him so tightly into a ball of sentient ooze that the last several billion years had just been dull. He'd tried before with the dinosaurs, those big, meaty, mouth watering beast, but some purple cat man had decimated those and then nothing ever had the energy like they did, not long, long, long until finally some weird, meaty bipedal pig people had been created, summoned by the energy the seal constantly stole from him. He'd watched them grow, saw how they were called humans, had astral projected, seen their greatest plights. He'd watched them fight on other planets, seen the wars fought here, saw their greatest and worse and he couldn't care, didn't want to, maybe. It didn't matter, he was hungry and the seal was fading as he drew his own energy from the humans. It wasn't much, no, not at all, they all, all life forms on earth only had bits and pieces of him, nothing big, maybe some 5% of their life energy, but it was all his and he was taking what he could from the humans, taking, taking, taking. And he cackled and sneered and grimaced inside of himself.

        And then the seal snapped, like a twig, a candle melted into wax, a star dying out, wind fading, the sun setting on a perfect day, whatever the seal was done, done, done, and his fun was about to begin. He appeared as a maroom shadow, the Makaio were uninterested, until he gripped them all in his oozing grasp and sucked with so much force that their skeletons were torn out and 60 of them now laid dead, breaking down inside of him, and then he was laughing again and he was somehow on top of the Lookout, having launched himself there with herculean telekinetic force and all he could do was roll around and giggle, thinking of the screams he'd get to listen to, and the morsels of flesh, bone, blood, chocolate, honey, and all sweet things he'd get to taste, eat, consume, inhale, absorb, destroy.

        It was madness, he felt, it all was and somehow that brought him great, resplendant glee, and he rolled and waited, feeling the power of all the entities on this planet, awaiting something big and juicy to head his way as he raided the fridge of the Lookout and read a Garfield comic he'd acquired on his way here, still resting, holding as a maroon shadow.

        Piala was here.
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          The mission to Namek was simply a minor setback, and nothing had ocurred to his brothers and sisters... Dreillos' clan had continued to grow and spread throughout the world's northern regions, with their territories being ignored by humans for the most part.

          Though he wondered where the other members of the Namek crew had gone to, he felt well thinking they weren't in a bad situation, even if he knew nothing of it.

          On the other side of the world, on Kami's Lookout, Didger had stayed there, on Kami's Lookout, for he had no home and Kami's home was the closest thing to one, given how Kami was his closest "relative".


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            Lex stared in a random direction. "Something bad is about to happen." Lex felt a feeling creeping up, he inhaled then let out smoke as he removed his cigarette and threw it into the ocean. "Old man, what do you make out of this?" He asked Roshi.


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              Roshi stood with his hands held onto each other behind his back, looking out in the direction of where the particularly devious energy was being sensed from, where the Lookout was.

              "I'd say that we should wait, Aleks should be both willing and capable of dealing with it." Master Roshi said as he paused for only a second.

              "Still, we haven't been on the receiving end of good fortune as of late. You never know, maybe this is finally some of that good fortune."


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                "Aleks, huh." Lex smirked. "That's a name you told me many times, Master Roshi. That Aleks, is he that special as you claim him to be? Still, I can't do anything and I have greenhorns to train." Lex then head out to his floating car. "Maybe we'll do get the good fortune and everything will work out like you say. I'll be back later." Lex then hopped on the car and departed towards East City, his former hometown.


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                  He ate.

                  The blue-haired man was sitting on a felled tree, enjoying the cooked carcass of a wolf that tried to get the jump on him. He had just finished his morning training which consisted of meditating in mid-air, thanks to a spell he learned just a year ago that allowed him to levitate without thinking. When he meditated, he pondered how to continue his journey for power. Day after day he would do this, never taking a break for any reason other than pure exhaustion, which was very rare. Ever since he turned 18 and decided it was time to move out, this has been his life. He loved these woods, and felt a personal connection to them. They were the same woods that he got kidnapped in by the very witch that he could thank for even using these powers he had. He felt peace in them, a peace he never felt nor feels anywhere else.

                  Sometimes he would bump into her, merely giving a nod and smiling, the gesture being returned by her. They hadn't spoke since she deemed him fully trained 5 years ago, and that may never change. It wasn't out of anger or spite, but rather a lack of necessity. Their chapter had ended, and they moved on. The memories remained, good and bad, but they could be shared with just those two actions in passing.

                  His name was Itazura, and this was his life. When would he break from his routine? He wasn't sure. But today was not the day, unless something major came up.

                  He finished his meal and stood up, stretching and beginning a walk towards the town he grew up in.


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                    From somewhere behind him, Aleks felt a power rise. It was new, and yet.....strangely familiar. It took him alot longer than he was comfortable admitting to determine what this new power reminded him of. But once it did.....

                    "......This feels like Decadence. Well she always did claim others would come in due time, and she has never lied before. Guess ten years is as good a repieve as any....."

                    Aleks fully turned to look at the direction the power came from.......and all at once his ki became a raging spire of power. It was his commonly used warning to all his Z Survivor friends that he was aware of the problem, and that he would be looking into it.

                    Indeed, he was already in the air and surging at near-maximum speed. It was very likely many of the newly ki-empowered were able to sense this surge. How sensitive they were to it, however, was a matter that Aleks gave not one fuck about.

                    he had a potential problem at hand. And he was gonna solve it damned quick.
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                      Ten long years. She had not gained much in the way of height since then, but her change was unmistakable. Complete and utterly failure. Being faced with a terror the likes of which they had never seen. She was listening to his message again. the message he gave her. Believing in her when she didn't believe in herself. And she failed him. And he died. He. Asphar. It revealed a lot in plans, and after... After Freeza attained immortality. She came to him and... God she failed him.

                      She could still hear his voice in her ears. Still hear the screams, from the Namekians. From Asphar. They'd still be with her forever.

                      "Why won't you avenge me!?" He yelled at her. She knew he wasn't really there. She answered anyways "You know I can't fight hum." "Fight him? You didn't even try! I risked my life and you did nothing." "He would've killed me!" "AND HE DID KILL ME! YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD'VE DONE SOMETHING!" She stopped responding as there came to be more surrounding her. Pelting her with more questions about why she didn't act when she could have.

                      God. It feels like yesterday.

                      It was too soon. And she acted too late. As she laid her hands among her desk, gifted to her by the PTO as governor of Earth. She knew the truth. The only way to make the voices quiet.

                      Freeza needs to pay. He cannot die. But for Asphar, and all the lives Freeza ruined. she would ruin him.

                      Ruin Freeza.

                      Ruin him.

                      Until then, she deserved this.

                      It was times like this that Amaranthe was more helpful than ever. The only one left here that stayed with her.

                      But she knew her goal.

                      She had to Avenge Asphar. Avenge everyone.

                      End Freeza. End him. End Freeza. Once and for all. End Freeza. Destroy the PTO if she had to.

                      But she needed others... She knew who to talk to. She raised her hands, and the intricate gestures. And she was with Baba. "Baba. We need to talk." She said, straight to the opint like all those years ago, now weathered with age. "You need to teach people magic. More magic than ever. Freeza's spared us for ten years but... It won't last forever. We need everyone as powerful as possible. And magic will take a lot of people a lot farther than martial arts." She says.

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                        No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Piala wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't engage any of these beings. They were allies, comrades, individuals suited to his fancy, made for him to befriend, acquaint to. No, he couldn't engage them, the hunger was too great, he'd just try to eat them, and he'd lose. Definitely would as he was fuelled solely by paltry Makaio and displeased as he ever could be with the intake from them. No, Decadence was the goal, the endpoint for all things that Piala needed, had to achieve, that ached at him during his entire imprisonment. If he could not beat Decadence, he could definitely never even hold a candle to Buu. He had not seen his brother for ages, but that was the true fear, not fear of being lesser, but fear of being dominated by an entity that just so happened to be stronger than him, and that's what also had annoyed him about Gods of Destruction, Angels, all those other fuckers. They tortured him, not because he didn't mind being weaker, he cared little for power, but he craved, needed, begged for, had to have control, at least if not all things in reality, of himself, of his actions, of his agency. Everything else was irrelevant, he cared not, didn't want to, didn't need to, and that's why Decadence needed to die, die, die, die a thousand times and never be seen again. He couldn't allow that, wouldn't even consider it, and that's why he, the maroon shadow he still chose to be was gone, didn't exist, not to anybody else. His energy had been sucked away by himself, it was non-existent and he'd lept suddenly across most of the planet, bounding into a swamp, and then he simply started consuming, attempting to gain any energy he could from anything, growing himself in mass, size, radiance, whatever he could.

                        His existence was starvation and he wanted now to only regain who he had been, to become complete, whole, entirely himself and so he absorbed every tree, every animal, every plant, every human he saw along the way, trying to do all he could to regain himself, recompose who he was and to even hold a remote candle to something as great as the monstrous siblings of his, who he'd so unluckily been dethroned by because of some angry bird man that he should have absorbed as soon as he met him. Piala shook his head, the madness was frustrating, futile, maybe when he was strong it mattered but here it didn't, couldn't, never should have been a part of his personality when it so easily could consume him and ruin all good things, annihilate all good plans. So humans were the new snack, he'd eat them, merge their minds with his owns as he consumed them, develop their memories, their compassion. He'd learn to be the enemy, at least so he could play pretend, attempt to be a thing that could possibly be loved so that when it benefitted him most he could turn against the captors in this world and get off this shithole that had been his prison so long. He had a simple, easy, inordinately basic goal, a series of them, maybe.

                        Eat people, become stronger, eat Decadence, become stronger, learn magic, become stronger, become stronger, become stronger, become stronger, eat all other Majins, unify his race into just himself, defeat Buu, Bibibidi, Babidi, whatever masters that other uproarious, shitty lifeform could have, and finally, finally, be free, move away, sleep, do as he wished, make some friends, whatever he could. Maybe, just maybe if, no, when, he couldn't lose, wouldn't allow himself to--- he'd gotten off track again, and mentally slapped himself. When, when, when, when. When he finally beat those that rivaled him, then, maybe, just maybe, he could have a life, actually finally start living rather than fending after several billion years, could hold a candle and call it his, could be happy. That was far, so distant, intangible, unreachable for now, so cast from his eyes that immediately at the thought he cackled, shrugged and began looking for humans to turn into candy and consume. He read his comics as he walked down the highway, picking off random hitchhikers and stragglers, bombarding their minds with the hazy, unfamiliar way he knew to speak in his short maroon form. That's all it was, some strange sprawl of images, he'd just ruin their minds by showing them creation coming into existence and him being there, and then they would be chocolate, would be so unfamiliarly dead and he'd eat them, take them entirely as into himself, absorb their minds, maybe even their souls, though he had no idea if such things existed and didn't care if they did. He learned their lingo, their mannerisms, and slowly became more, more, more, so much more human-esque. Developed a nose, developed some form of speech. His singular antennae became 6 or 7, hanging down the side of his head, flipped away from the other side like some strange, hipster hairstyle. He wore only pants, but his skin was dotted with holes that blew out steam.

                        Piala grimaced. The cape was lame, had to be. He was already a pink Buublegum man. That was lame, so, so, so lame, but allowed him infinite life, the cape had to go, be gotten rid of, and so did this pigment. The cape became chocolate and he ate it, and then he was no longer maroon but was purple, and that was that. And now he could finally sense energy again, at least, could target people with it, and so he went to a magically powerful person. Somebody that felt less "gggggggggrrrr" and more "hmmmm". He didn't know what that meant, but when he got where he was going, throwing himself at them in the form of a singular, rotund Majin ball of goo, sized like a gumball, his energy not flowing from him, non-present, impermanent, he simply stuck to a wall and watched as a young, at least by his ancient standards, girl waved her arms wildly, speaking to the sky, saw her speak at nothing. She reminded him of himself, because she must be batshit. He cackled inside of himself.

                        Piala thought he was funny. And while he laughed he waited, feeling in his gut something, some withered old woman pop into existence.
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                          Lex had reached the coast of East City, and he parked his car there, by the beach. He then looked at it. "I probably don't need this heap of junk at this point, but, this...it's got some nostalgia value." He then went to a nearby beach store and brought a pack of cigarette, and instantly, he lit up one.

                          He had to go through the woods to enter East City. The stroll, no matter what time of the year or season, was always something that soothed Lex's spirits. As he was still walking, he would smell...the odor of burned meat. "Someone's cooking...?" He directed himself to the source of the smell, as he arrived, he only saw bones and some parts of leftover meat, on top of a pelt, next to a tree. Lex had quickly deducted from looking at the pelt that the animal used to be a wolf, which confused him for a little.

                          "Strange. Wolves in this forest are on the top of the food chain. Someone or something's hunting them." He looked in front of him and he saw a figure, getting smaller and smaller as it was walking away. Lex took a good look at it: A blue-haired man.

                          Lex inhaled, took out his cigarette and exhaled smoke from his mouth. He would stub out his cigarette using the dead wolf's pelt.


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                            A thunderous roar could be heard from afar, all throughout the Dragon World's northern regions. From behind Lex, two green blurs ran deep into the vast wilderness and disappeared as soon as they came out of their hiding place. They covered a vast distance in a matter of minutes, arriving in time as they had run out of breath, in front of their tribe's leader: Dreillos, donning a large cape made of human and animal skin, a gift he'd been offered by his brothers and sisters, and sitting on his throne of bones in the middle of the lake they all lived in.

                            They were aware that their pack leader had summoned their presence to ask something of them. Dreillos extended his hand, asking for them to do the same, and they did, extending their arms and laying it on his, so massive both could fit on it. He approached their hands with his snout and caught a scent he hadn't sensed in a long time. It was Itazura, a member he had not had the pleasure to speak with in their mission on Namek, or the journey back home. He wondered if he still remembered the smack he'd given him. Dreillos sure did, he remembered pretty well how he knew that deep inside Itazura was good, like Olivia and Aspher, and walked away instead of eating his unconscious body.

                            Their territories were filled with warnings, telling any human to go back if they came any closer, along with barricaded pathways with huge trees that would make it impossible for anyone to cross. Or almost anyone. He knew Itazura was not as weak as most humans, so he had likely ignored all the signs written in blood and covered in guts or bones.

                            But his scent wasn't the only one in the vacinity. Another had entered the forest.

                            He had to know if this was an ally of Itazura's or an intruder. So he let his brethren's arms go and followed their tracks to see where they'd come from.

                            Friend or prey, that was the question.


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                              "...The forest isn't as peaceful as it used to be." Lex said as he heard the roar. He heard something behind him and turned to see, but he found nothing. However, he knew that something was watching him ever since he entered the forest and decided to keep quiet.

                              Lex would then, again, turn around, to the direction the strange blue haired man took. He grabbed his pack of cigarettes...There was only one left. He put in his mouth and grabbed his lighter, but tried to get fire out of it, but the lighter wouldn't work.

                              "If it doesn't work, then I'll most likely find myself in a shit situation." He threw the lighter and the cigarette pack into the air and incinerated them using a simple finger ki blast. He then brought said finger into the cigarette and lit it up using ki.

                              "Eh. I still have the job to do." He slowly began to walk towards East City, in a rather casual manner.