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Kaishi vs Thouzer

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  • Kaishi vs Thouzer

    The Son of the Multiversal Disciple faces off against the Universal Conquerer

    Location: New Planet Vegeta

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    "Hmph. So, This is Universe 7," The holy emperor, Thouzer, said while strolling New Planet Vegeta. Behind him, were hundreds of armored men, his soldiers. "Great, Fuhahahah! Soon, I will name this planet Sadala 2.0! What do you think..Lucan, Danzig, Dolos?"

    "Heh, Lord Thouzer, Real good idea you got there!" Danzig replied. "Indeed, My emperor. For we need new bases." Dolos, the old man, was fiddling with his finger.

    "...It would be wise, yes." Lucan replied, solemnly. "Now then, We should make haste. I can't wait to see what Universe 7 has to offer." Thouzer smirked.

    Backstory: A few months ago, Thouzer had faced off against the humanitarian Frost, who at the time, was stuck in a civil war in Sadala. Despite Frost's careful planning, the humanitarian lost in the climatic battle. With his greatest obstacle gone, Thouzer had then took care of Caulifla, the then ruler of Sadala, and subjugated it, where it became his base of operations. Soon, he had extended his reign until he finally conquered all of Universe 6, few could stand up to him and those who did, all suffered horrible deaths.

    Through the underworld vines, Thouzer came to learn the existence of other universes and was intrigued by such idea. His hopes were finally achieved, where he had a run in with Cypher, who was looking for the Super Dragon Balls. It was a hard and arduous battle, but the holy emperor, much like against Frost, came out on top. He then stole his machine and traveled to Universe 7, bringing us to this current point.


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      Quiet and eyes on the ground, Kaishi walks the mountainous ground of New Planet Vegeta, grimacing occasionally, clutching his arm or what used to be. Replaced now by a mechanical substitute, the elbow with a circular plate with the Phoenix Group's symbol emboldened on it. The pain of his arm had never left him, despite it being gone for close to a year or two by this point. Either this was the effect of phantom pain or if that Horseman had cursed him to linger with pain for the rest of his days, the verdict was out on that.

      Bahamut scale armour glistening, radiating magical essence like a star emits light. Absent mindedly he walked past a city street and saw what looked like a legion of warriors patrolling not too far off.


      It had been a while since he had run into any of those, he had figured they had gotten the message that he was unkillable, or maybe that damn Horseman had told them to not bother, waving his arm around like a trophy.

      Kaishi's mechanical hand clenched reflexively. He needed to keep his mind off of Abbey for the moment. Kaishi checked his person, his blade was fastened to his hip, his eyepatch was fastened tight, gripping his blade by the handle, he moved forward, shouting out to the hundreds.

      "Who are you? And what business do you have here?"


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        "Huh?! Nice outfit, Nerd! Lord Thouzer," Danzig said in response to Kaishi appearing, "Let me take care of this guy!"

        Thouzer grinned, "Danzig, I believe he asked the question to me, and not you," Thouzer said to Danzig, "Besides, You lot all had fun while I was sitting. I need a good stretch. Lucan! Dolos! Danzig! Stand back, He's mine." His men bowed down as the holy emperor approached Kaishi, now standing a good twenty feet away from the swordsman.

        "I believe my name has not yet reached your universe, so I shall be merciful and forgive your ignorance," Thouzer told Kaishi. "I am the holy emperor of Universe 6, Thouzer!" He flaunted his cape, "And my business here...Well, let's say your little universe has pleased me enough to make it my own. Now," He extended his arm towards Kaishi, "Will you be smart and join me...Or will you perish like the countless others who dared to stand up against me?"


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          Nerd... are these guys serious?

          A few seconds later, and Kaishi was only left more confused on the answer to that question.

          "Universe 6? I imagine that you haven't left this portion of the multiverse then. You're still in the Ki source section. Universe 6 is far, far away from here, and you're mistaken. This isn't my universe, by your admission, this isn't yours either." Kaishi said as he peered behind the Holy Emperor to take a look at his lackeys. A smirk coming to his face.

          "I haven't upheld any action against balance infractions in some time..." Kaishi's hand gripped harder around the handle of his blade.

          "But your arrogant assumptions are making me miss the experience." Kaishi's grin was now a full on smile as he turned his back to Thouzer, waving him off.

          "I'm going to make a few assumptions here, stay with me on this. You got yourself some "ki" correct? Got the ability to manifest that in the form of energy attacks, maybe you're a little special with it, might shut down someone else's ability to use their own. Strong hand to hand fighting capability, given you conquered your own universe, I assume you're one of the best." Kaishi's hand raised as did his head.

          "Correct so far?" Kaishi waited for only a second before cutting off any response.

          "Of course I am no need to respond to that." Kaishi then turned back around to Thouzer.

          "But I have to wonder, what do you have that I don't know about? I'm almost certain that you wouldn't be talking the way you do if you were just some run of the mill ki based fighter. Otherwise Son Goku would've taken care of you as he does most others in this portion of the multiverse..."

          "Or you're so blinded by arrogance that you don't realize you're speaking to the son of the Multiversal Disciple. Maybe you're not anything special, or unique. Unless you can weaponize that awful haircut?"


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            "I see you like to run off your mouth," Thouzer said, "You really aren't that different from the so called "Resistance." Words can only take you so far, Fuhahaha." He slightly chuckled. He then turned to where Kaishi was.

            "What you are saying sounds interesting. This universe not being yours? Son Goku? Son of the Multiversal Disciple? This would all make for an interesting tea table discussion. Unfortunately, an Emperor has no time for such trivial matters...But I will tell you one thing," Thouzer grinned, "You've seen through me...mostly. Seems that eyepatch of yours is only for show. However, you're still off...For I have something besides KI, and I don't feel like explaining it by words...when actions can do most of the talking."

            Thouzer stood there, staring at Kaishi, as he exposed his torso without assuming any sort of stance. "Now, it would be best for us to get on with this. I'm sure that you and I are busy. Now...Come." Thouzer began analyzing Kaishi and mentally readying himself for battle.


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              "Oh so you want a fight, interesting." Kaishi said as he sized up his opponent a bit, removing his hand from his blade's handle.

              "I'm going to figure you out slowly, and with any luck. Break you in front of your lapdogs here." Kaishi clenched his mechanical arm into a fist, walking in circles around Thouzer, half paying attention, half not. Throwing his arm out open handed at the ground before returning it to near his chest.

              "My favorite part in these kinds of confrontations, gut check. Look at the ground."

              Below Thouzer's feet, a red coloured emblem had formed, looking ready to burst, and that it did. From the ground lightning soared immediately upward into the sky.

              If Thouzer had dodged out of the way of the lightning, Kaishi would nod, clapping his hands.

              "Not bad."


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                Thouzer looked at Kaishi as he was circling around the emperor, and was somewhat confused by this. It was then he heeded Kaishi's words and looked below him.

                "An emblem...?" His eyes widened as lightning burst out and hit him full front.

                "L-Lord Thouzer!" Danzig yelled as his boss was hit. "B-Bastard..!"

                "STOP AT ONCE, DANZIG!" Thouzer quickly got up from the ground and extended his arm towards him. "This is nothing more than a lucky shot. Do you think the holy emperor will be stopped by some mere bolts?"

                "N-No, Sir." Danzig replied, bowing his head. Thouzer turned towards Kaishi. "Not bad...Is this your ability...? I can tell, you can use something other than ki," Thouzer mused. "Perhaps..." Before he finished his sentence, the emperor leapt towards Kaishi, then vanished and appeared behind him. He tried to elbow the swordsman in the back, and if he succeeded, launch a powerful ki blast at him.


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                  Powerful punch it was, the impact was enough to echo throughout the empty expanse of the city. Whistling through cracks and shattered windows afar. A visible shockwave emanating from the contact that shattered whatever glass remained and caused Kaishi's hair to flow wildly. A powerful punch, for most. However, Kaishi's Bahamut Scale held perfectly, enough that the impact hadn't been felt by Kaishi. He opened his mouth, ready to taunt Thouzer, but it seemed the Emperor had something of a brain, that was something that wasn't all that common in this portion of the multiverse.

                  Kaishi felt his feet beginning to dig into the ground as he slid forward ever so slowly by the power ki blast. However, this still was not enough to pierce the Bahamut Scale which held steadfast all the same. Letting Kaishi turn around and raise an eyebrow.

                  "I would hope this isn't the full extent of power from a universal conquerer. My armour needs a little bit more effort than just that. You're holding back right? Maybe you got a trump card lying in wait, maybe a transformation? Or three?" Kaishi shrugged as he raised his mechanical arm again clenching it into a fist and letting go. Underneath Kaishi's feet, the mountainous ground began to crack from the sheer weight of his armour. Kaishi clenched his mechanical arm into a fist again and punched the ground underneath him, the ground began to crack and split towards Thouzer. When it would reach where he stood, it'd make that all too familiar crest and explode in sheer hynean magical power.

                  "Bit of advice" Kaishi said as the crack had just formed a crest.

                  ​​​​​​​"Get out of the crest this time."


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                    Thouzer's eyes widened as the ground began to fissure and the crest appeared, However, he was too late to heed Kaishi's word; Instead, he would defend himself as he crossed his arm in a defense manner...Then, an explosion of magical power ensued; its shock reverberated through the entire planet.

                    "Grk, He's strong!" Lucan commented, covering his face from the debris. "Oh ho ho, Young'uns these days sure are explosive!" Dolos said, standing behind Lucan and using him as a shield.

                    Danzig was caught in the blast and was sent backwards.

                    "E-Emperor Thouzer," Danzig looked up and saw the smoke as it was clearing out. The bald man grinned as he saw Thouzer still standing, albeit with minor injuries. "Could it be...?" Danzig focused his nen into his eyes, to use Gyo. There, he saw Thouzer being shrouded in Nen. It was invisible to anyone unless they themselves were nen users and could use Gyo.

                    "Hah, As expected of the Holy Emperor! He used Ken to fortify his defense! This is why Nen is superior to Ki!" Danzig thought to himself.

                    "I must say," Thouzer said, wiping dust off himself, "You managed to dirt me up, not too shabby, boy. This must be your ability...I can't quite put my finger on what type, but if I have to say...This would be the ability of a specialist."

                    Thouzer wiped some more dust off himself, then stretched his body around, "You're also quite the intuitive one. Yes, I still have more transformation...Three to be exact," Thouzer lifted three of his fingers, "I would say four, but I managed to make the regular Super Saiyan form into my base form. Whether I am awake or sleeping, I am always in said form." He gloated, "My last form is...let's say, the gods have been generous with me and gifted me it. Fuhahaha! You will have to be worthy of their praise if you want to see it." Thouzer stared to his left for a few seconds. "And I don't feel like ending the fight quickly," He turned his stare back to Kaishi, "...But even if I transformed, the fight won't be as easy as I thought it could be. You're holding back...aren't you?"