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Benhail vs The Demon King, Ke-Pa

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  • Benhail vs The Demon King, Ke-Pa

    Benhail, disciple of strength faces the demon king, Ke-Pa in a battle of epic proportions.

    Battlefield: Mount Paozu
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    Meanwhile, in China, but not in the China of the world we're familiar with, but rather a world filled with anthropomorphic animals, during the ancient times when kung fu was still young...

    Ke-Pa has successfully freed his brethren after master Oogway, creator of kung fu, sealed them away hundreds of years ago, and they're currently at the start of their rampage through China, soon to ravage the entire world and rid it entirely of mortal life.

    Concurrently, in the spirit realm, essentially the afterlife for kung fu masters, the aforementioned master Oogway is having a rematch with his brother in arms Kai, the Collector. He has lost this rematch, as it was never his destiny to stop Kai.

    However, upon attempting to return to the mortal world...

    ...he opens a rift in time and space which sends Ke-Pa and his army across a multiversal stream, making them land in another, far different reality.

    They find themselves in a mountainous region unknown to them, and they're aware that this is not the Valley of Peace they were just attacking, but they do not care if this is a trick as either way, all mortals across the planet will meet their doom in due time. They continue their onslaught, tearing the place apart. Ke-Pa just watches the destruction continue. He enjoys it very much.



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      "So you want me to pose like this?"

      "No no no no, not like that you bozo. Like this!"

      "Ohhhh! Well that seems a little odd for a pose... you said you needed references for some kind of fighting work? Wouldn't it be better if I just show what I usuall-"

      "Do you want to get paid or not?"

      "Say no more."

      Benhail assumed the awkward poses but unfortunately was interrupted as the crew immediately ran out of the small studio. Not one to remain still, he too exited out the studio door and saw... an interesting sight.

      Hundreds of what looked to be warriors? Running rampant, slaughtering whoever it was they ran across. This wasn't exactly the way he had imagined this world, it was scheduled for an invasion somewhere on later down the line by inhabitants of its own world. But these didn't exactly look quite like them, atleast not that he could recognize. He soon found out enough that they indeed were not of this world, atleast not entirely atleast. As a swarm of them came in his direction, seeking to poke and prod him with their weapons, the hand to hand specialists looking to knock him silly.

      Unfortunately for them, Benhail raised his foot and stomped on the ground.

      In an instant the block he had been on went up in smoke, countless pounds of building foundation, walls and ceiling collapsing into a crater that seemed to have no bottom and from the abyss Benhail leaped out and landed aways from the hole. Right next to a warrior that had managed to avoid the immediate effect of the stomp but was left stunned on the ground from the sheer sensory overload. Benhail grabbed him by the chest and carried him like a passenger carrying their bag. Making his way towards where he was seeing countless streams of these warriors coming out of. A path from the mountains not that far off.


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        "Ah, competent life after all." - said Ke-Pa after seeing the puff of smoke and consequently a creature moving too fast for his minions to catch. - "Destroy him, my brothers!"



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          Further up the mountain pass, Benhail could see from the river that this stream of warriors was long gone from finished. Hundreds more seemed to flow like blood from an open wound from a one particular mountain. He was not going to waste any time in dealing with the small fry here, they were not worth his time, pulling out his hammer, immediately the space around it began to warp, the ground around him beginning to rip and circulate around it. Tossing it towards the legion that was fast approaching, the pull from his hammer only intensifying as it got nearer. By the time it was in the heart of the group, it was strong enough that they were being pulled faster than their body could handle, some being torn to pieces from being remotely near it.

          As the hammer returned to sender was when their fate was officially sealed, those that had survived the gravitational pull, were subject to Benhail's whim as he grabbed his hammer, smashing it down to the ground and erupting his immediate area in another immense explosion that could be seen from miles away. Smoke cloud flying far into the sky. And with no pause, Benhail continued towards the dragon Ke-Pa.


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            Ke-Pa watched as the warrior got closer and closer, with his brethren being less than a threat to him. He didn't mind a challenge at this point, there was no longer a magic tree to get in his way.

            He shot a fireball directly at him, more than strong enough to blow away a mountain peak.

            Meanwhile, not too far from there, a green explosion occurred, one emanating very supernatural energy.

            Kai had returned.