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    He saw it, then. Ekel watched as the Saiyan girl, Naria, rushed into the air, an Oozaru burst into existence near him, and several others did also and still he laughed like some unbesmirched, careless madman, the ball of energy in his mouth still trained on Veloc. The Saiyan's voice, thicker and even more vapid somehow in his state as a Great Ape screeched, his voice tearing through the momentary quiet as everybody looked on in horror like a grenade going off in a public library.

    And there it was, a small bead of energy collected in his gullet, beads of energy trailing into it until it became truly colossal. Ekel once more screeched like some demonic horror, turning on where he saw Veloc last, and spinning like a madman, a gargantuan blast of energy discharging from his gaping maw.


    The bar was vaporized in an instant, and all around him Oozaru rallied towards him, carving their own trails of destruction, grabbing people and snapping them like twigs while around them even more Saiyans transformed. In the distance 2 or 3 more Power Balls errupted into the air, as more bellows from the horrible ape creatures were released. And then it happened. Naria jumped in front of the barbaric Ekel, screeching a wild kiai as she shot her 2 Maiden Impacts into his eyeballs. He stumbled backwards as screamed, turning his head, and them yelled in agony as a beam gouged open the side of his head, annihilating one of his eyeballs, and fell back on his ass, right on top of the sewer grate that hosted Mollu just moments before.

    Ekel screeched like he'd been stabbed, grabbing, swiping for anything, seemingly unhinged by the agony, grasping at where Naria used to be and firing blasts of ki from his hands and mouth like a mad man, setting ruin to any location where he saw anybody. He even turned upon his own Saiyans, firing a colossal beam of annihilating force at Violet, as well as other Oozaru in the area, killing 2 or 3 instantly as he did, blasting holes through them.

    The noise was like a hurricane, and still Ekel undulated, the entire cavern shaking wildly as his energy went wild, bursts of ki flying from his every orifice, let loose from his hirsute frame a barrage of lambasting deadly ki. Balls of energy flew from everywhere as he roared, each one only about the size of a golf ball but detonating like a small bomb as they flew through the air.

    Mollu's fears were realized in this instant as the caverns were no longer able to take it. With a sound like rolling thunder, the exit to the surface of Ccin nearest them collapsing inward, right as Tamate and Aleks escaped. The party was trapped and the air around them filled with so much dust that only visible was the light of the 4 power balls hanging precariously in the distant caverntops above them like some great artificial lightbulbs, the only other sources of light being the burning, perditious ki of the Oozarus as they laid waste.

    As they entered the surface, Tamate, Aleks, and Arctic would see it, some 200 meteors hurtling towards the forcefield generator, varying in size and magnitude of a small car to some that were as mammoth as a skyscraper. Even more still rained upon the planet. The situation growing increasingly desperate as they heard deep beneath then the continued cries of the damned and the bellowing, demonic roars of the Oozaru laying waste there. The situation was growing ever more dangerous.

    Though they weren't being attacked by monsters now, they had their work cut out for them, as citizens of Ccin ran in fury, trying to run back beneath the surface of the planet choosing to brave the Oozarus rather than the impending desolation that the meteors and failing shield generator brought.

    In the distance, a ship hurdled towards Ccin.


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      "Help the Saiyan girl deal with the Oozaru."

      Just my luck

      Zenith looked around in almost paralyzed horror as Oozaru seemed to sprout from the ground like trees on fast forward. This was an all too familiar sight, when the Saiyans had invaded his homeworld, they made use of these monstrous forms to deal with the planet's most powerful. The one in life most powerful, Grandmaster Pinnacle. Given the ease with which the other high ranking members were able to ascend to the higher plane, it likely would've been extremely casual for him to have done the same. But, in his typical way of putting the others before himself, he opted to remain mortal down here with the others. He was their bastion, their last defense. He remembered so vividly, watching as Pinnacle took on these savage apes with an acceptance and calmness that sent chills down his spine.

      His affinity for the beyond was so great that he could mimick these transformations to fight on their level, and for most of the invading force, far beyond their level. Even the mighty rat falls to a swarming colony of ants. There was strength in his decision, and though he likely walks the afterlife aimlessly, his deeds will always be remembered. Perhaps it was that youthful ignorance that he possessed that made him decide to stay unlike the others, but perhaps if the others shared that same ignorance, their race would still be walking the Earth, instead of teetering on its last days on the shoulders of an old man.

      A snarl formed itself on Zenith's face as he saw a variety of blades left behind by a vendor long gone running.

      "Deal with the Oozaru... got it."

      Putting one hand in front of his face, middle of his thumb and index finger facing him. Zenith's energy began to rise higher and higher. Small bits of rubble beginning to rise around him and though his power paled to these savages, he had something they did not. He had purpose, he had drive. Whereas they fought over wounded egos, he fought for vengeance. If he could not kill them, he could maim them, give them just a taste of what he dealt with. Forlorn last son of the Rephaim.

      The rubble then fell beside him, up till now his eyes remained closed. This changed as they shot open and he yelled as two sets of arms grew out his back. Each made of that blue energy he possessed. And slowly, behind these arms a small halo formed that followed his movements to always remain behind him. Wasting no time, he filled each hand with a blade and began his charge. Though his eyes could not see the Oozaru as the cavern became suffocated with smoke and debris. He could hear them, he remembered the whipping sound their oversized tails made. He remembered vividly cutting these off the invaders, he remembered the mortality they returned to once chopped back down to size. He would do so again.

      As he charged, a piece of the cavern fell from above and was looking to crush him from above, he looked up just in time to see the large shadow it casted. He was no fool, looking up, he opened his mouth and unleashed a torrent of ki from his mouth to blast apart the piece. Wiping his mouth afterwards and continuing his charge.


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        "G-Get cover!" The citizens who Arctic was frantically running back to the great apes instead of escaping from them due to the meteor.

        "No way..." Arctic marveled at the meteors who were raining. He then saw explosions happening in the sky and turned to the source, where ki blasts came from.

        "W-What are you doing?!" The man who grabbed him said. "You should reach for safety! You..." He stopped as he saw Arctic looking at the sky.

        Arctic turned to him. "Just go. I won't back down from this...Someone has to stay behind and fix things."

        It was then the man realized who Arctic was. "Y-You're...A-Arctic, aren't you? I've had a feeling ever since I saw you...But I couldn't put my finger on it...It really is you, Arctic!" The man turned and was about to run, but he saw at Arctic one last time. "...Please save us." He then ran alongside the citizens, and Arctic smiled at him.

        "Well...I should be heading to whatever is happening here...Ouch!" Arctic grimaced as he felt the pain when walking without a support. But he had to do it.


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          While not the result Naria had expected or hoped for, she had been able to land a blow on the big brute and that was important! It's a plus that she was able to temporarily disable him without killing him, since it allows for her to try an alternate path to just duking it out and inevitably losing. Still, things become complicated as visibility drops to nil, and Ekel thrashes about in his efforts to attack everything in sight.

          'Well, here goes nothing...' Naria stays low to the ground, keeping her eyes and ears at attention in case she has to dodge something from Ekel or otherwise. "Hey, big guy!!" Naria yells out, hoping to reach him over the sounds of debris falling and dust settling. "I didn't wanna have to do that to you but I can't let you go around and hurt people! Now I know that's gotta hurt but I can assure you my intention wasn't to bring you pain, just to try and stun ya!" It's a white lie, but given the obvious strength difference, perhaps she can pass off her attacks as being intended to be weak enough to only cause temporary blindness. It's a stretch, but so is negotiating with someone you damn near just domed.

          "Now, I know you're angry and I know that whatever was said to ya' must have made you angry if it made you transform like this, but as one Saiyan to another we both know that our pride stops being pride when we make a fool of ourselves! All we're doin' then is reinforcing what people think of our race-!" Naria dodges a falling bit of debris last second, almost losing her sense of direction as she now faces a bit off from Ekel's direction. "How about we get rid of these Power Balls together, talk things out, and see what we can do about fixing up your eye, okay? I really only meant to stun ya', I didn't expect to be able to inflict any real damage and I'm sorry for that!" It's definitely hard for her to keep her lies level and play the negotiator when the multiple power balls are sending her Saiyan instincts wild. She just wants to fight!! Her muscles are tense and she can feel her body lusting for the Oozaru form she can no longer achieve, but she does her best to shake that primal instinct off and continue her negotiations.

          "L-let's show em that we Saiyans can be civil and settle things without beating each other into a pulp, alright?" She coughs and chokes a bit on the dusty air, having to give her lungs a break after that long spiel amidst the collapsing underground.


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            Geez, that's just embarrassing. Flailing around like a big baby. So much for that legendary ability.

            That big baby's about to kill us with one of those blasts.


            The white-eyed Oozaru attempted to fire yet another blast towards the rampaging one's tail, but too late as the beam of the rampager swept towards it. A lethal blow to be sure if it landed, given the weakness of flesh and blood. And lethal it was; for three other Oozaru in front of them, anyway. They were flung away like leaves in a gale, perforated and leaving crimson trails as they sailed away from the blast. Then it was the white-eyed Saiyan's and the blast hit them dead on, embedding them up to their chin in an explosion of soil. Smoke blocked their view and fur went flying in all directions as rubble and bits of blasted body parts surrounded them. Barely breathing, they white eyed oozaru lay there groaning.


            We should get out of here, now! That was plain luck we got away with it..

            Like Hell! There's people dying! Where's that Saiyan pride of yours?

            Where's that Ultra-wisdom to know that this is a lost cause? And besides, you pissed them off first.

            They're the savages who started a fight and threw a Power Ball. I'm kind of disgusted I'm even in a body of the same race. I think I'll stretch out my legs a little.

            A flash came from the Oozaru's wrist, bright enough to make the Power Balls look like candles in the face of a humongous light bulb. Light rent light, the Oozaru's form vanishing into a miniature star of red that became azure blue until finally something stepped out from behind the star. The star fusing to its chest and the light dying down revealed the all together more brilliant form of the Ultra Warrior, Ultra Violet. Metallic, silvery skin glinted in her light while whipcord-like, red structures like muscles were present at her joints. The mouth was reduced to a tiny slit and her eyes glowed with an internal light that may be invisible but existed all the same. Now then, to go and gain some glory!

            Her gaze turned to the Oozaru and she prepared to dash into action, but her eyes caught on the hero Arctic who was also nearby. They were saying something about the meteors? With sharp eyes she looked up and if her eyes could have, they'd have widened. Yes, those meteors were probably the more present threat than the big baby and his temper tantrum. Far more glory in that. Without moving her mouth, her voice called out to Naria.

            "Yo! You and the rest can handle the monkeys, right? Keep em' busy while I go to help Arctic." Thankfully she kept that comment on private send. And then, with a cry of "Soiryaa!" she jetted off to join Arctic as well as the other man handling the meteors. He looked familiar somehow, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it as she telepathically called out to them. "Take care of the stragglers, I'll take out the ones in space!" she commanded brusquely as she shot past, breaking past the atmosphere in an instant and relaxing in the sensation of being fully exposed to cosmic rays once more. Almost like home...

            "Gamma...SMASHER!" Lightning and plasma galloped up and down her arms as she raised the right one up with a balled up fist and pounded it into the open palm of her left arm. Blazing like a second star in the sky, she unleashed the powerful cosmic attack; while she was in space, she had little to fear from running out of power and was able to sweep it across meteors to blow them up from the inside with just a strafing pass.


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              Yes! Naria had proven her strength, and hopefully that could give him pause... Maybe. Long as he doesn't just get angry... Looking around at the their local, now caved in, with little more than the damnable artificial moons creating this whole issue... It'd be faster to destroy these and calm the group as a whole down... And considering how savage Oozarus were generally, he doubted they'd think to do anything about it. It was safe, and also probably their best chance at quickly ending this madness.

              Very well then, he teleported up to these areas, and got ready to launch a fireball at the first of the power ball. These idiots had already caused a cave in, if they continued to do this, they'd probably end up flooding the cave system and killing themselves... Tamate likely wouldn't be too happy to find them all drowned after she went through all the trouble of bringing them to the surface.

              High above them, the namekian came, cape flowing and clothing fluttering with the mystic power he used, as a ball of fire, brought forth from nothingness gathered into his hands, his palms aimed at the first of these. His fire balls had always been of particular aide, where he could not fight in close quarters, his magic allowed him to punch above his weight, doing incredible amounts of damage, at least for his power level. When Tamate and him and fought side by side, it was the combination of her close quarters ability, and willingness to take a beating, combined with his harassment, teleportation, and attacks from behind that allowed them to take on foes more powerful than either of them. They made a good team... Together they were a deadly force against brigands who thought them easy prey... And frankly, more to the point, he'd rather not a friend he'd known since she grew up on Namek die to something as senseless as this meteor storm, or this overblown tantrum of the great apes.

              "GO! BURN!" He shouted out, as the fire ball flung out of his hands, towards the power balls, set to explode the moment they collided, and engulfing it in fire. If it worked well, he oculd quickly move to the next.

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                Aprenulo was shocked. He had prepared himself to fight from a defensive position and certainly had been spared any damage or even acknowledgement amidst the chaos. That was sort of his point. However, he did not anticipate this much hell breaking loose. Unlike Aleks, he did notice the figure and bounty appearing on the tablet before the mass-Oozaru transformation breakout: Cevics, 1,000,000,000.

                His breathing had hitched when he read that. They all wanted a big fish. THAT was too big of a fish, though. There was no way in hell any of them were going to take someone down with a bounty that high and not suffer immense casualties if not more than likely outright fail. It was while his breath was hitched that the Oozaru struck, though. Aprenulo mulled over what to do while Aleks had shot out and began defending the failing barrier that protected the planet that suddenly became compromised at the exact wrong time. Aprenulo was about to follow when all noticeable exits to the cave suddenly collapsed and he found himself facepalming. Behind him as he flew at the top of the cave was utter carnage. He could choose to hide, true. That seemed the most likely way to survive - or at least not be outright killed by the Oozaru. But then if nobody did anything, the cave would eventually collapse completely - sooner or later, it might take a little while at least from his estimation. So long as a meteor wasn't ill-placed and also not blown to bits by Aleks and the others that made it outside. A faint possibility but one he could not ignore.

                Aprenulo gnashed his teeth. He was anxious. For just a moment, his fight or flight mechanism demanded flight. But what would happen if he died anyway? The afterlife here? Or, more than likely, a return to Hechizago as a failure... he had seen what had happened to other failures, like Sembra. While he held little love and a suddenly wavering loyalty for the man, he wasn't about to incur his wrath. Aprenulo knew all too well that whatever beings existed in this realm, they would pale in comparison to the sheer wrath the Archmage could unleash at even the tiniest fractions of a percent of his maximum power. It was then that Aprenulo decided to help, albeit, while trying to manage his own personal risk to the best of his ability.

                He breathed in deeply. It had been awhile since he had done this, though, the "transformation" was as easy as the day he mastered it as a boy. His aura would change to whiteness, his two eyes would close and his third seemingly lighting up with a magical intensity. Upon reopening his other two eyes, the pupils would be grayish white versus their normal dark brown-almost black coloration. Beyond that, his power level increased by a flat 20% and the form was very minimal in terms of drain. Almost unnoticeable. Its true amplification was to the Kikoho, which grew many times more powerful with Zen Mode activated. It was then that Aprenulo split his body into four, making it five including his main body. Although they were all around 3,700 total in power level and all had Zen Mode activated, the point wasn't raw power. It was to divide and conquer. They all then burst open extra holes on their clothing with temporary but non-illusory arms.

                Without saying a word, the five Aprenulo's with Zen Mode and four arms each would spread out throughout the cabin. His sense of ki was heightened as well. He could view the silhouettes of the raging oozaru like currents ebbing and flowing like an ocean's tide. While a good many of them had already been dealt with, this petty bar fight needed to end now in order to buy more time to escape the Oozaru onslaught. The main body of Aprenulo sat back, avoiding conflict and staying defensive and very well hidden amidst the rubble. The other four, however, positioned themselves to all fire Kikoho's simultaneously towards four separate Oozaru's weakspots. Barring miracle, the Kikoho would shear the tails off and render the Saiyans unconscious. The other two arms of each clone would be actively fighting off debris landing nearby or deflecting any other such attack that might deter the Kikoho spam.

                Though these were four much weaker clones of himself and thus the impact of using the Kikoho like this was greatly lessened, it was still a blow to Aprenulo's main body's stamina who began to sweat and heave in and out for a few moments. He'd need some time to recover before he could use the ability like that again. After performing their task, the clones would fade and their ki rejoining Aprenulo's. He hoped now, at least, the oozaru were dealt with. Still though, this "Cevics" and the damaged barrier were still great problems. He would search for Zenith after the Oozaru were dealt with, who he was fairly certain did not escape the collapse, and see if they could make their way out of there... as well as inform him of Cevics, his bounty, and how fast they should start fleeing.
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                  Giant monkeys, green men, asteroids... Clearly he was not in Kansas anymore...

                  Veloc zig zagged through the massive attacks that the ape shot out of its mouth as fast as he could, still taunting the beast.

                  "Put some pants on, monkey! Grab a few rocks and juggle them like the circus animal you are! These fireworks are just boring and there are better ways to entertain this audience!"

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                    "Phew..Made it..Hum?" Arctic said as he reached where the source of the ki blasts were. He would find Aleks shooting ki blasts and Tamate aiding him.

                    "You.." He looked at Tamate, "You're the girl from earlier....And somehow, I sense familiarity from you...Buh!" Arctic spat blood and knelt down as a result. Eventually, he stood up again. "Eh, We'll leave the introductions for later...For now, I must help you." He then began charging ki blasts at the meteors to aid Aleks.


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                      "Graaaaaaaakgh!" Ekel just screeches with mad fury as the Saiyan girl who annihilated most of his left eye, leaving it a boiling, leaking bulge in his face and gouging his skull tries to reason with him? He laughs heartily for a moment before smiling at Naria. There's a flash of movement, and suddenly Naria has been split in half with the force of a singular kick from Ekel, her body flying, bifurcated, into the Power Ball that Mollu has just flown to in an attempt to destroy it. Ekel fires a massive beam of purple energy at her, erasing her in that singular moment, as well as the Power Ball, Mollu, and carving a massive trough in the cave system's mighty walls.

                      **** hits the fan even harder in this moment as the cave ceiling collapses, Ekel moving his head in an arc, torrential energy pouring from his maw and blasting apart all the debris that falls from near him, and ending it by shooting a beam, some thousand feet wide and tall careening towards Violet, Zenith, and the other party members down below, vivisecting 3 or 4 Great Apes in the blast, and annihilating Violet's tail as a Great Ape. Guffawing like some great buffoon, Ekel leaps into the air and slowly flies up out of the torrential hole in the ground, flying to the surface.

                      In this moment, true perdition begins as a black ship holding a grey man quickly carves it's way through the asteroid belt, and simply flies through the single entry point on the planet.


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                        Plenty of debris was blasted apart by Veloc, who had gone rudely unnoticed by the great ape, not just debris that was falling on him but also on the general vacinity of where Tamate and the others stood.

                        Then he felt the energy signatures within the incoming ship.

                        "Hmm. We've got company. Heh, hopefully it's animal control."

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                          A feeling. In a moment, she felt... Very cold, and not simply from space... Something was not right. It was a pain she couldn't quite place... And she began to look down... "Arctic... Down there..." She said, pointing a hand at them, to see a veritable army of of Oozaru coming out of the ground. Oozaru rarely were able to think through thier actions... They could hurt a lot of people like that. While she had this sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, she couldn't pay attention for now, not the least becausee of the large amount of saiyans coming down. "Aleks... I think you may have to finish this on your own, Oozaru coming down below!" She told him. She had to hope the other one who had come up to help was able to protect them from the asteroid swarm. She really didn't like this, as they got squeezed in between a rock and a hard place, a spaceship flying down through the shield without a care, as if a great number of Oozaru weren't there. "What are they doing!?" she said as she looked upon them flying down.

                          She just hoped Mollu was fine, with is magic he should be.

                          In any case. "Arctic, I can lay down lenses to power up your strikes, do you think you could stop the Oozaru?" With how strong they are... It may best to blast aiming for the tails instead of stopping them with brute force. They wouldn't be able to transform of course, and they'd be mutilated, their tails removed. But they'd be alive... She had to hope it would be enough as she flew down to set up a firing range for Arctic. And so with her magic, she tossed out lens after lens, each attuned to incrase Arctic's firepower, should he shoot through them. As she magicked up lenses, she began to activate the ki focuser on her hands... She'd have to let it charge a very long time, but with it she could help, if only a little.

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                            "Lenses...That's smart," Arctic smiled as he realized, "The science behind it is rather astounding. Very well, I will help you in beating these beasts..But before, who are they?" Arctic said, confused. He did not know what an Oozaru was. He then shook his head. "Strike them in their tails, is that their weak point? Still, I won't argue that with you. I will do as you say." He then started shooting ki blasts at the monkey's tail through the lenses, however, could he keep up against this swarm?


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                              Aprenulo had watched a few Oozaru collapse into humanoid form after using his Multi-Form Technique and weak Kikoho's to shear the tails off. It was indeed effective as he remembered Saiyan biology. While the cave was collapsing and countless lives already being lost, he simply took a deep breath and looked skyward. The three-eyed clansmen launched up into the air, activating Zen Mode. His breath became steady. In. Out. In. Out. His white aura grew bright and without any anxiety or stress, he carved out a path between the falling rocks and debris that suffocated the cavern below and found himself in the open air. Whereas others may have panicked and been struck by the collapsing caverns, his body weaved itself poetically through the maze and out into the atmosphere.

                              Aprenulo glanced over at Aleks, who was fighting off the meteors. He glanced over at Arctic, who was taking care of this seemingly unlimited army of oozaru. He sighed lightly. How did this ALL go to hell so quickly? And this energy that had pierced the miasma... it felt like suffering. Pain. Wailing agony. It was as if everyone Cevics had killed were crying out through his very aura. It reminded him of Hechizago... a little bit. Though the Archmage's aura was like this except exponentially more powerful. An entirely different scale. Still, the fact that this Cevics' aura reminded him of his cruel and cold master even a little bit was cause for alarm.

                              To save stamina and maximize ki efficiency, he activated the Multi-Form technique again. Aprenulo's main body which naturally carried a significantly larger amount of ki and power in general would join Aleks in blasting meteors, of which they seemed to probably be ending soon... he hoped. Aprenulo would nod at his companion. "Crazy day, huh?" He smiled uncharacteristically before casually tossing a fireball at a rapidly approaching piece of cosmic hell that nearly came down on him. "We have our work cut out for us."

                              One of the two bodies he spawned which contained only 25%/25% of his regular power as compared to the 50% his main body had would grow additional arms. That one would fire off rapid Kikoho's that were meant only to shear the Oozaru's tails. The other would nod to Arctic as he put his hands to his head: the Taiyoken, aka Solar Flare.

                              "Look away or close your eyes as I do this or you WILL go blind... temporarily, at least!" Aprenulo warned before giving him a moment to presumably do so. He would then turn his head towards the Oozaru. Their major Achilles Heel in this situation was the fact that they were flying upward in a linear fashion. Beasts of uncontrolled might, with only one way to go. It served as a choke point. While the Kikoho's severed tails, a blinding flash of light would go off behind Aleks and Aprenulo's main body, thus sparing them the need to close their eyes, and surely rendering many of the oncoming rampaging Saiyans blind. After all, they had no knowledge of this ability and had no way to avert their gaze in the first place. This would make it even easier to shear their tails off. Aprenulo's second body would then grow another set of arms and begin tearing off the blinded Oozaru's tails with weak Kikoho's - precision strikes towards the base of the tail itself.

                              This threat was nothing much in his mind. The threat that loomed above the clouds was the one that might be cause for concern and require some finessing to get out of it. They certainly weren't about to overpower this "Cevics" after all.
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                                When Aleks first moved up to halt the incoming meteors, he had worried it would take him the entire fight with the Oozaru to stablize on his own. Thankfully, with some much needed help from both Aprenulo and some other person Aleks had not met before, it became clear that the danger would pass soon enough. At Aprenulo's comment, Aleks laughed. "Yeah, not a bad way to start a bounty!"

                                Aleks heard the callout for blinding warning and kept facing forward towards the meteors, still flicking his hands out to shatter them with a blitz of ki blasts. Even not looking at it directly he could feel the need to close his eyes, the light over his shoulders was simply that bright. Still, he kept his wits and looked forward, blasting away.

                                Soon enough the meteors stopped falling past the shield, and all that could be seen on Aleks face was a smile as wolfish as his appearance. He turned to see the resulting chaos of the Oozaru's counterstrikes, his hand on his Stimpack dosing gauntlet, awaiting any sign he'd need it. He'd prefer not to, since it leaves him so weak after the dosing wears off, but it was good to have on bounties above his normal limits of strength. Still, half an hour ran fast with a couple dozen Saiyans, to say nothing of a couple dozen Oozaru.
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