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    Towards the back of the room, a male Saiyan with eyes so light he appeared blind stared at the commotion. If it weren't for that intense stare, then he surely would have been called blind with the cloudiness in them. His throat tightened up slightly, reacting to a memory of something. Of the ripping vacuum and sheer cold.

    You have to help them.

    I don't have to do anything. I already saved your life, don't you remember? If you want me to take the vacuum exposed one as a host, I'll do it, but it'd leave you to die. Relax, they're still breathing. They don't need my help to survive this.

    The Saiyan's hand twitched, gripping the wall in a spasmodic jerk. The hand soon jerked back to his side, but now his feet were moving towards the clutch of action.

    Fine! Ugh, you're such a nag! I don't know what you expect me to do though, I haven't the faintest idea how this meat works.

    So you don't know everything.

    Shut up.

    The male Saiyan awkwardly stood at the back of the group, just casting looks over with his blind-looking eyes every now and then in a very unsubtle fashion up until one alien said the m-word.

    That little-Let's get him!

    Oh, when it's insulting your Saiyan pride it's all about US now, huh? No, of all the things I'm going to do, I am not going to indulge a drunken fight over your monkey self being called a monkey.

    The male Saiyan stiffened up and gritted his teeth before giving his head a quick shake and striding over to the brewing brawl. Though a Saiyan like the giant, they were worlds apart. The giant was well, giant, while the blind stranger was shaped more akin to a dead tree. Nonetheless, he fearlessly placed a hand on the taller man's shoulder.

    "I know you want to vent out your problems on something, but pick someone that's not just a little lizard, yeah? Come on, don't make this a big deal..." Though the choice of words was diplomatic, the tone they were given in was anything but; patronizing and almost deriding while practically clicking his tongue in disapproval.


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      Arpenulo made sense when he said it could be the ale, but Aleks just snorted and downed the rest of it in one go to not waste what he spent on it. "Yeah, I was afraid of that......we'll probably need to head to Ajani Station for guaranteed paydays. But we'll wait for Zenith. Maybe he picked something up while he did the drink run. It's a long shot but you know these bazaars sometimes do hard copies only."

      Somewhere off to the side a fight had broken. Aleks watched it as a form of entertainment. There wasn't much better to do at the moment.
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        Arctic would be hugged by Tamate. "I appreciate it, but it's too dangerous to be out here! Go back in your-" He came to a halt as she seemed familiar to him.

        "Uhm, Who are-" Before he could finish his sentence, her and the namekian teleported, much to his confusion. "What did just happ-"

        Again, before he finished his sentence, an asteroid would hit him and his pod, the traveling mean destroyed and broken into thousand of tiny pieces.

        "Nonononononono" Arctic kept yelling. The asteroid was pulled by the planet's gravity and it went towards it, with Arctic just being at its edge. Arctic would notice that he was heading through an only single open point in the forcefield, the same one which pulled in Tamate and Mollu. "This isn't good!" He said, as the forcefield would close itself bit by bit.

        However, The clansman, quick witted, extended his arm behind him and shot out a ki blast to propel him forward. In the nick of time, he managed to enter through it, but due to the extreme force, he was pulled into the planet with great speed.

        A few seconds later, Arctic crashed into the planet, resulting in an immense explosion.

        "Ouch..." The clansman was deep within the crater, he was very bloodied and he was unable to stand up as his body got broken from the impact.

        "Help, someone." He said.
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          Mollu stepped back from the fight, with as close quarters as it is here he wasn’t going to be too useful. He’d get hurt and for very little, nor could he really afford to be launching fire balls of swarms of ki blasts with in this area. Looking around for a solution… Hey, he recognized her as well… Tamate freaked out when she saw her. “Naria!” He came towards her, “It’s good to see a friendly face.” As… Sudden as this was… Maybe he should be asking someone a lot stronger as well, with how timid she seemed. “...Maybe they’ll listen to a lady.” He said, trying to justify his decision beyond… Literally anyone being better suited for a fight than him at this moment.

          Meanwhile, the explosion in slight distance began, just barely to rouse Tamate from her sleep. Her eyes were slowly beginning to open...

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            The lard ball was very pissy. And drunk, to boot. Veloc didn't mind taking a hit... It was just a monkey, after all. The punch did land, but soon after Veloc's face left the saiyan's fist he made a quick turn and bit the guy's hand with his very sharp teeth, no doubt drawing blood. In a muffled voice, while still biting the hand, he said this:

            "...A rotten vegetable? Seriously? DUDE. I'M BLUE." (da ba dee da ba die) (Note of poster: Ignore all of this in brackets)
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              Originally posted by Tinny View Post
              Mollu stepped back from the fight, with as close quarters as it is here he wasn’t going to be too useful. He’d get hurt and for very little, nor could he really afford to be launching fire balls of swarms of ki blasts with in this area. Looking around for a solution… Hey, he recognized her as well… Tamate freaked out when she saw her. “Naria!” He came towards her, “It’s good to see a friendly face.” As… Sudden as this was… Maybe he should be asking someone a lot stronger as well, with how timid she seemed. “...Maybe they’ll listen to a lady.” He said, trying to justify his decision beyond… Literally anyone being better suited for a fight than him at this moment.

              Meanwhile, the explosion in slight distance began, just barely to rouse Tamate from her sleep. Her eyes were slowly beginning to open...
              Minding nobody's business but her own, Naria had entered the bar only moments before Mollu had taken notice to her presence. "??" She turns her attention to the Namekian, the dark-skinned Saiyan tilting her head an a curious manner. "O-oh, uh, hello Mollu. It's very good to see you as well, yes." An observant person may notice how, though Naria's gaze darts about on Mollu and his face, the girl never quite allows herself to make direct eye contact. "Is everything alright? You... seem stressed." Naria casts a slow gaze across the bar to get a hint as to the general going-ons. Two main things she takes notice of would be Tomata's 'bedridden' state on a nearby table, as well as the tense bar fight that very well may be about to break out. By Mollu's 'listen to a lady' comment, Naria can take a small guess as to what he's asking of her. "Y-you would like me to talk to them, yes? To try and diffuse the tension?" Of course the tailless Saiyan is no stranger to, well, Saiyans being Saiyans. She has had experience in talking members of her race down from fights before, but with her soft-spoken tone it may end up falling on deaf ears.


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                Aprenulo nodded in silent recognition at Aleks' statement. He, too, stopped paying much attention to the tablet and slid it back towards Aleks quietly as he observed the fight breaking out. He made note of his partners' emptied ale. If the fight were to spill over towards them, as these things oft ended up doing when it came to violent drunkards, Aprenulo was ready to assume a defensive position and stay out of the way of the violence. It might be in his brothers' nature to get involved, but, not his. Aprenulo could make out some yelling, perhaps? Other than that, it was unclear. He sighed lightly.
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                  It didn't take long for Zenith to find his bounty hunting group off in the distance, the Wolfman and the Three-eyed man. They weren't bad sorts, atleast for what Zenith had been accustomed to. The three eyed man seemed to share something in common with Zenith, a connection to the ether. His third eye had something special to it that he couldn't quite put his finger on, and from his teachings, he knew that those with a third eye were connected in ways that even someone like Zenith himself couldn't understand. That connection to something greater meant a good omen surely.

                  The Wolfman on the other hand, he had no connection to the ether that Zenith could tell. But what he did have was a connection to this mortal world more refined by a sharp edge than Zenith could likely grasp. A life hardened by combat starting young. Not entirely unlike a warrior, though his purpose in life was not to serve an entity greater than himself, or a collective of his own people. He instead fought for himself and only himself. Where the next dollar was, he would be. He didn't know the end goal, but he could respect that dedication to himself. Though he did wonder if someone like that could truly be comrade. On the flipside, he's seen what fighting for a greater purpose could mean in the form of those savages known as Saiyans. Disgusting lot.

                  "Here we are." Zenith says as he puts down the wings first, then the bag of Milldrip moonshot and SPUG!

                  "That milldrip smells strong." He says as he immediately grabs one of the small jugs of it. Just large enough to fit in the palm of his hand comfortably. He wasted no time in downing it immediately. His face grimacing a bit and a small shake. Immediately letting out a long sound of almost disgust before licking the inside of his mouth.

                  "Definitely strong." Immediately grabbing one of the oversized legs and beginning to bite into it, looking where Aleks had when he came by the table. A fight was looking to break out, from what he could see from here. Two people not entirely unlike himself. This, was certainly going to be interesting.

                  "Oh my god!" Someone yelled, looking directly at the opening above. Zenith's eyes followed it to to see... judgement from the gods. Meteors falling from the sky, the sky itself beginning to smoke up with aftertrail. Dozens upon dozens, maybe even hundreds. This planet was about to get pelted.

                  "We may need to leave." Zenith said as he pointed towards what he was looking at.


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                    "Urgh!" Ekel drew his hand back as the blue man bit into his hand, blood being drawn from it. He grimaced harshly, wailing loudly nodding to his Namekian friend. It was clear that he wasn't going to withdraw now.

                    Like fire, his ki burst from his frame coalescing around him, glowing a dark indigo, his eyes shrouded by the darkness of his ki. He grunted as a small sphere launched upwards from his hand, any Saiyan with half a brain realizing what was happening as he did this.

                    "Burst open and mix!" Light brighter than the sun filled the bar as the Saiyan locked eyes with the ball of light, guffawing as his body notable shimmered. By the moment he grew more and more hirsute, patches of blackish hair sprouting from his body, his eyes becoming blood read and his nose and mouth extending into the gaping maw of a gorilla. His form extended, gaining, gaining, gaining mass as he grew and grew and grew. Several others in the bar also shifting as he did, the roof of the building bursting off as 15 or 16 Saiyans grew into titanic ape-like Oozarus.

                    Ekel guffawed like an idiot. Maybe the party couldn't sense power levels, but they felt this. The hulking man was now 10x more powerful and he had a hard-on for killing Veloc and his friends. In fear his Namekian partner dropped his guard and sprinted off, and still Ekel chuckled like an idiot. There was little light besides the power ball shining within the caverns, but the hundreds of people running from their lives from the increasingly transforming Saiyans was clear.

                    A small light burned deep within Ekel's gullet, adding more light to the darkened caves beneath Ccin.

                    The figure was sipping wine, listening to music and smoking a cigar, going over documents for some agreement concerning invoices for tax deposits and a deal to sell weapons to some Clansman upstart named Chilled. He laughed as he signed the deal, the guy would be dead soon anyways. Eokp didn't allow competition. And then, suddenly something was wrong.

                    Cevics grimaced. He could feel it. Then he got a call, Tiz again, but this time frantic."M-master Cevics, you- you need to come as quick as you can! The Saiyans are transforming here, and I know the surface is in danger, but things are looking bad! Some idiot released a Power Ball beneath the surface! There's a bunch of---". A gloved hand crushed the communicator from existence.

                    "I guess I'll go make a deal." The grey alien smoothed out the wrinkles in his coat, and spoke again. "Ashem, send us towards Ccin. We have business."

                    Aleks's tablet went wild in the chaos, a new bounty from the Galactic Patrol.

                    "Target: Cevics.

                    Bounty: 1,000,000,000 Credits"

                    BEGIN BOSS FIGHT!
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                      "Uh-oh." - was Veloc's reaction as he saw that glowing sphere come out of the saiyan's hand. In a flash, Veloc got Tamate and Mollu out of the bar, and to a safe area not far from there, an alley that couldn't be seen by any of the apes that had just destroyed that bar.

                      Veloc removed what looked like a sewer cover from the ground and pointed at it, telling Mollu to go down with Tamate. He had business to attend to. Like the blue blur Tamate nicknamed him as, Veloc went back to the chaos those saiyans had started, eager to irk them some more.

                      "You couldn't do it on your own, huh monkey? You had to go BIG monkey and call your friends for help, eh? You called me scum but you're the only one that looks like scum right now! Like a dirty and obese rat to be more exact! Why don't you pick someone your own size, you big fat rat?" - shouted Veloc at the saiyan Ekel, with a smile on his face, taunting him.

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                        T-the light...

                        Damn this body!

                        While the other Saiyans embraced the transformation, the one with the gray eyes on the contrary seemed to be struggling against it. Fur rippled over his skin and then shrank back down, a veritable civil war between mind and body. Sharpened teeth grit together and nails becoming claws sank into palms as he struggled to control it, panting ragged breaths that burned in his throat.

                        Stop fighting me!

                        You stop fighting me!

                        Why do you even want to become a great ape?

                        What?! No, I don't! What gives you that idea!?

                        Wait, so we're on the level with this?

                        I think!

                        No ordinary Saiyan could resist the pull of the Moon. The mind would bend long before that, with the tricks of the elite unknown to them. However...with two minds...Well, it still wasn't going so well. A fuzzy thing that resembled a werewolf in size lagged behind the rest of the pack, jowls hanging open and drooling profusely. Not quite an ape, not quite a Saiyan, some writhing THING in between them. As consequence, it was also not exactly doing much. While the rest of them roared and prepared their blasts, they were sitting there like they had bad constipation. Even with two minds, fighting off the transformation was proving to be a stalemate at the very best. They might be keeping a humanoid form, but what good was that if they were entirely halted?

                        Wait, let's transform. This monkey body might actually be helpful!

                        What do you mean? I thought we had agreed rampaging wouldn't be helpful?

                        Think about it. They'll never expect one of their own to stab them in the back. And there won't be a rampage; if we can hold off the transformation we can damn well control it!

                        Now who's the one who likes US?

                        Shut up

                        It took about a second to go from writhing thing with excess hair to the hulking goliath that nevertheless was rather small compared to the rest of them. If the others were gorillas, this ape was more a gibbon. It gave a fierce roar, growling up at the sky and letting ki build in its throat. Another city sure to be to destroyed by the wild Saiyans as the beam exploded from its maw. Rather than aim at a building, however, the beam struck at the tails of the other Oozaru! Without any warning the Oozaru turned on its brethen, attacking their tails without even the honor of challenging them first.

                        That's a coward's move...

                        Don't care. Besmirching the good name of Saiyans doesn't matter to me in the least. That's not what'll get me promoted back at M78. Now you'd better help unless you want to be paralyzed by indecision when they get pissed at us.

                        The ape continued firing relentlessly towards the tails as it charged the group, lashing out with long arms like the boughs of a tree to grab and rip away at any tails remaining.


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                          "Huh, Now that I think of it," Arctic said as he was still the crater, "I never wore clothes all my entire life yet people don't seem to mind that I'm naked. Weird." Suddenly, he would hear multiple roars of great apes.

                          "What is that?!" He asked himself. Seconds after, He would see people running away. One of them saw Arctic and approached him.

                          "What on Ccin are you doing here?! You should escape while you can!" He told him. "W-Why? What's happening?" The clansman asked back.

                          "A-A bunch of weird people transformed into giant monkey like creatures! It's too dangerous to stay around here. Quick, I'll help you escape! Take my hand."

                          "Monkey creatures?" Arctic said. The word ringed in his head, as a feeling of familiarity crept in his mind. Nonetheless, he would have taken the hand of the man and try to escape. If there was a fight, Arctic was in no position to do so.


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                            Well, whatever plans Naria had to help in the bar fight go right out the window as it escalates beyond belief. Suffice to say she was shocked to see a Power Ball be pulled out over something so seemingly petty, feeling her Saiyan blood course with the primal urge to transform. Whether fortunately or unfortunately for her, her lack of tail means that she cannot reach that form; however, the effect of the Blutz Waves on her psyche may prove advantageous, as her rather timid and soft demeanor is replaced with something more workable and aggressive. Naria's immediate instinct is to put some distance between herself and Ekel as he himself ascends into his Great Ape form.

                            'Crap, this isn't good --- of all the ways for a stupid bar fight to go and it has to be that some idiot tosses a Power Ball into the air --- right when I get here!'

                            Naria keeps herself looking scarce within the toppled bar, crouched beside a toppled table and trying to scrap together some sort of plan. It would be by sheet luck that Veloc makes a return and seemingly begins to poke at and provoke Ekel. 'The idiot's going to get himself killed... but it does give me an idea.' The idea could fail horrendously, and even if it doesn't fail there's no telling just what the success will bring. Not to mention it relies on the Oozaru's attention being taken by Veloc's words. She flexes her fingers, before curling them in subtly. 'I won't have time to fire off two Maiden Impacts, so it's time for a little ingenuity.'

                            Small red beams of ki shoot from each of her inwardly-curled fingers, meeting in the center of her palm on either hand in the form of small, densely-packed balls of ki. The back of the table is lit with a warm red hue as she tries to pack as much into each blast on their own to make it count --- with any luck she hopes that the beams may do more than just blind him. 'Would it be asking too much of fate to let these things pierce his dumb skull?' Killing isn't exactly something Naria is happy to do, but she can understand the foolishness of endangering a bar of people by going Ape, just to win in a petty bar fight. 'No time to think --- the longer I wait the more of a chance my presence will be made.'

                            Her palms burn hot with the balls of almost fire-red energy, as she thrusts her hands out over the table. The balls of ki wobble before beams lurch forward from them, with any luck crossing the distance between Naria -- using the table as what amounts to a useless shield -- and the newly-transformed Ekel. Should the attack on the Great Ape fail, she'll blast her way through the external wall behind her and try a different course of action on this Oozaru. Should it connect and manage to partially or fully blind him, however, then she's got a chance to do some real damage or even end the fight altogether. It all rests on the two beams that cut through the air as she thinks of backup plans.


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                              The tablet on the table spit out its newest bounty posting, and while the number did excite Aleks, a bunch of crap happened at once that made him not really pay attention to the details, like the target's name or face. And that is to he expected, really.

                              Oozaru forming in a subterrenean bar kinda trumps everything after all. And after the bar ceiling broke, that made it all the worse......

                              At least until Zenith noted the meteors.

                              ".......Ok, whose karma just came up snake-eyes? Because you can go **** right off."

                              Aleks lookes to the shambles that were the bar andnthe transforming Saiyans, frowning as he looked to his crew. "I'll handle the meteors, help that Saiyan girl fighting the Oozaru!"

                              Almost immediately after, Aleks' silvery aura flashed as he bolted through the hole above them to circle the about, looking for and finding the flickering generator normally holding the rocks at bay. He hovered just before the generator, his ki now a raging storm as he clenched his teeth and flicked his hands out, orbs of ki filling them. "FIRE! FOR! EFFECT!!!!"

                              His hands and arms became a blur as he fired off the ki blasts. Dozens, hundreds, thousands filled the air for every second that passed, his speed not wavering the slightest even as the meteors competed for space with his ki blasts. If the generator blew, they were all equally dead. That meant he had to stop every single pebble.

                              And that was just what he was prepared to do. He'd not let but dust pass him by.
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                                Tamate finally woke up at this point, and her first vision was... "What in the..." Asteroids, raining down on the shield generator, badly.

                                If it blew up, that'd be the end of them, no doubt about it, even if they somehow survived they'd be trapped on a planet constantly bombarded with asteroids the likes of which would render this planet uninhabitable for centuries. She couldn't let that happen, and began to fly up before she was pulled down by Mollu. "You nearly died up there! Now you want to go back again!? Someone's already fighting for this planet. Keep yourself safe." He wasn't wrong, as Aleks was firing upon the asteroids, attempting to prevent even a speck of dust from passing by. It was just for that very reason she had to help him. Thinking back to Arctic preventing the war, to Arctic saving them all... Tamate had a chance, better than ever before to save lives. And she told him as such.

                                "Arctic would help!" She said, before bursting up in flight, wresting his hand away from her as she did so, and flying all the way up to space, right next to Aleks, she didn't have blasts like him, but she did have another ability which he'd no doubt appreciate. "You! I can help!" She said, before using the magic she gained from the dragon clan to create for him dozens of lenses, each of which would power up Aleks' ki attacks. More powerful and more explosive, less blasts needed per attack, all Aleks needed to do however was fire through one of them, easy and simple to use once the magic was completed.

                                Mollu had to look at this... He didn't consider himself a hero, just a man trying to make his way through the universe and protect himself... Seeing her fly up... She was so naive... Still, he supposed if more were like her, the world would be a better place... Fine. Looking at the Oozarus wreaking havoc, especially the one making destruction, such that would almost certainly bring the great cave down upon them, and burying them in rock... He teleported nearby, and started observing... Enough to observe for now at least... Looking at him... He needed to be lured... Fine. He was all the way over here, he'd need to get close. "HEY!" He said, before firing off a barrage of rapid ki blasts right at the beast's head. It may make him a potential target... But he can teleport. And lord knows someone needed to do this, and as it stood, he didn't think the current party was enough... It was the real reason he couldn't bring himself to stop Tamate. She was right.

                                When tragedy strikes, all hands were needed on deck. Much as he feared for her up there, it'd be no safer here if the Oozarus weren't defeated and neutralized.
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