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Dragon Ball RP Thread: Episode Muyma

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  • Dragon Ball RP Thread: Episode Muyma



    "This life is hell, as is all that follows." - The Legendary Super Saiyan's last recorded words.

    Yamoshi spit at the ground, his teeth broken, God ki leaking from his every orifice, cajoling like fire around him. He could smell the rot of death around him: his comrades had died right after giving him the power in the ritual. In this moment, he was lost, a torrent of ki blasting from his every pore, an ocean-like torrent of pure annihilation, and a small planetoid sized wave summoned itself from his body, pouring, pouring, pouring forward. A star, and he was the core. His yells reverberated across the ruined world, the crimson of his God Ki intermixing with the green of his form, prismatic light blasts across the planet, drowning out all sight. Spara is annihilated in the cloud of energy that wipes Planet Sadala from existence. In his final moments, all Yamoshi can think of is what he is to leave behind.

    Yamoshi's crusade against evil was worthless, his approach into the realm of the Gods only seen as a skyscraper to ascend amongst the Saiyans, and so they did, ravenously. In light of the annihilation of Sadala the Saiyans became wild, fighting for no purpose other than to almost die so they can grow stronger and stronger, manipulating their bodies' ability to grow to further empower themselves. This madness spread, and wars erupted across Universe 7 as the Saiyans became envious of the realm of the Gods.

    And that is how we come to this, the tale of our heroes, who sacrificed all to save a reality in danger of death. A reality that cared nothing for them and would inevitably go on to not remember them.

    This is a tale of the Dragon Balls.

    220 Before Age

    Planet Ccin

    The world is cold, wind blasting across it, the sound of mining blasting across all of it, gunfire reverberating throughout the cities and the mewling calls of the dying echoing, begging for help. Ccin is endless, city skyline and barren rock from place to place, the cries of the damned and dying show this world as the hell it is.

    The man watches as his ship flies beneath the skyline, the light of the endless cities almost blinding his large, blackish eyes and illuminating the innards of his tinted ship. He's underdressed for the cold of the permanent nuclear winter here, but to him, that matters little, the crimson gleam of his ki over his black, skintight bodysuit and mandarin-collared, padded, black jacket. A small light burns in front of him as he smokes a cigar.


    A slender, green-skinned woman steps from seemingly nowhere, standing some 2 feet smaller than him. Her eyes are large and orange, with long, shaggy, unkempt white hair. She's fairly under clothed and she rubs against the man, however, he stoically stares outside, ignoring her provoking touch. Her breaths are shallow as she opens her mouth, he nascent, soft voice echoing across the small room.

    "Master Cevics, what can I do for you?"

    The voice is like a purr, and it is clear to him how much she wants him, just as equally as it is clear to her how little he cares. The crimson aura on his body flicks to her as she runs against him again, and intense screaming deafened Cevics to all other noise.

    He can see it, though she cannot as she throws herself against the ground, her skin quickly charring and the skimpy clothing burning into her flesh. She screams in agony as her teeth burst like popcorn, her hair now gone, her eyes literally melting and dripping from her skull as she screams in horror. She doesn't know it yet, or maybe Rise does, but she's already dead. The smell of cooking flesh stays in the air as Cevics speaks, skin peeling away from her body as she rolls around wildly, doing anything she can to escape this agony.

    "I swear, I'd made it perfectly clear that never again were you to touch me. And besides that, you entirely failed to find information on Eopk. You're worthless now, love. Maybe if you'd not been so trash, I'd have paid you some attention. You were quite lovely, but you burned your bridge."

    Cevics still stares outside as her body continues to flail wildly for a moment, before finally slumping, no longer moving. Rise is no longer remotely recognizable as human, and still she burns, as does the cigar. The man waits for a moment, feeling something, and just before a hand raps upon his door, he speaks again.

    "Come on in, Tiz."

    The almost slug-like entity jumps, terrified at his boss's almost otherworldly perception, the second set of eyes on his head blinking rapidly. He'd head screaming as he approached and it had stopped about 2 or 3 moments ago. Tiz opens the door and lumbers in, bowing, avoiding looking at the almost log like corpse, the smell of charred flesh drowning kit his other sense and causing him to gag and the tell-tale imagery of embers burning against the ruined flesh. For a moment he forgets himself, a long awkward bow still going as he notices the shape of the burning corpse. A woman.

    "Tiz. What is it. You're wasting my time."

    Tiz jumps upwards in horror, his blackish robes sprawled around him his second set of eyes blinking rapidly.

    "I-oh! I'd wanted to inform you that it worked. Chouda's assets have been liquefied and you've acquired his stake on this planet meaning you now own all of the mining corporations on this planet, as well the processing plants and a fair stake in the transport systems. Ccin is essentially yours, now!"

    Cevics nods, still staring out the window, as red streams of energy flow into him from the pile of ash that was formerly Rise.

    "Perfect. Ready us to land. We have business."

    Out in the depths of space, some 200 miles away from Cevics' ship, another ship, struck by a comet, comes hurdling towards Ccin.

    Current Goal: Bring in Cevics to the Galactic Patrol, alive.
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    Locked into an escape pod, their transport ship was destroyed by a comet, her and Mollu managed to get away just before an explosion killed whoever was left on board. Their escape pod was heading out, but in the confusion, another escape pod clashed with theirs, destroying their thrusters and sending them spinning wildly out of control. She felt bad for those who had hit her, if their thrusters were destroyed, she didn't even want to know what happened to the unlucky people that ended up hitting her.

    This is bad.

    This is really bad.

    The thrusters of her ship were basically gone, aside from some emergency thrusters... It took out most of the power as well, they were running dangerously low on power... That was fine... They just needed to not use up the oxygen... Wait... They were spinning a lot but the more she looked the more she realized... Oh dear. "Mollu! We're heading into an asteroid field!" She said to him, her keeping her voice just level enough to not sound like fear.

    They didn't have much soon... And if they didn't do something to help the situation, the two would almost certainly die.

    Ok... calm down, they have rebreathers, that should help, at least a tad. She handed one to Mollu, and took one for herself. "Mollu, great ready to hold your breath. I need you to stop any asteroids from hitting us! I'll try to make sure we don't hit any asteroids." She'd go out herself, saiyans could survive longer without breath, but she had no control over her ki, and the mechanism she used to fire beams, inside her hand could only shoot small beams... And if that weren't enough, with how they were spinning, even if Mollu could hold on, there's no possibility he could hit the broadside of a ship let alone the many asteroids that he'd have to eliminate. But the power on this was crippled as well... Only enough for thrusters or life support. Not both.

    Her hands balled up into a fist looking at this... Still, the path was obvious. It didn't matter if they could breath if the escape pod was destroyed in the asteroid field. She'd have to bear it.

    In this moment, she steeled her will, and drove her hand into the ship's systems pulling out the oxygen tank. She taped over the open hole in front, stopping the oxygen from leaking out, and handed it to Mollu, he could bite into the tape, and breath it in directly. In space, oxygen was more valuable than water in a desert. If he could space it out, a little less than three minutes between breaths, space it out as much as we can... The planet was so far away and yet so close... Mollu should take in more though, he'll need it for this. She just made her breathing as shallow as she could possibly make it... Thank goodness she was trained as a fighter and a magician, both relied on careful control of breath. She could let instinct take there, and focus on using what little power they had.

    She turned off life support systems, taking one breath, and trying to space out as much of her breath as she could, breathing as shallowly as she could, before activating the emergency thrusters. Their spinning would stop, and she just had to make sure that she made as minute adjustments as possible... And relied on Mollu to blast any asteroids headed their way.

    Of all the bad luck to get hit by a comet! She thought to herself, though she didn't want to tell Mollu at the moment about how she felt cold sweat on her forehead, or how thankful she was that the big easy to use controls, that she could still use them despite her shaking hands. He'd stop the asteroids from hitting their pod, and she'd stop their pod from hitting the asteroids...

    She simply had to hope it she gave him enough, that when she passed out, and she already knew this would happen eventually without the oxygen, that he would be conscious enough to save her, once they reached the atmosphere...
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      "Don't worry, I'll head out there and blast them to nothing!" Mollu stood up from his seat when the ship stopped spinning, feeling dizzy and barely holding his balance. He shook it off quickly however, returning to his senses and pressing a switch near the hatch. "Hold on tight!" He put on his rebreather, taking in a deep breath. The door slowly opened, and the vacuum of space caused a great amount of wind to blast inside the ship. He planted his feet firmly, firing a continuous stream of ki blasts at the incoming asteroids. After about a minute, he cleared a path for the ship to go through, proceeding to jump outside and continue to fire at any alarming asteroids until they passed through the belt.


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        "Roger." Arctic said as he held a transceiver, he was in a small space pod. "You want me to bring an individual named "Cevics" alive? I suppose that is better than killing him. If he is a threat to the universe then it is my duty to stop him from terrorizing...however, I won't kill him. It's not the answer."

        "Yeah, yeah, Arctic, just bring him in." The other voice then cut off, and Arctic was left there to ponder. It wasn't long ago that he was given this mission by the galactic patrol; After all, he and the galactic patrol were close allies, so it was only fair for him to return the fair, Arctic thought. He then leaned his head to see Ccin.

        "This is a beautiful planet...Hm?" He saw an escape pod hurdling towards the asteroids, and from it came Mollu.

        "A Namekian? This is bad, he won't be enough to clear all of the asteroid field! I'll have to help them get into safety!" Arctic then ordered his space pod to follow the escape pod, until it reached it until it was parallel to him, to which point it overtook it and went in front of it.

        Still commanding the pod to go ahead, Arctic left it. He turned towards the pod and gave them a thumbs up, smiling. He then extended his palm towards the asteroids and let out a giant ki blast that wiped most of the fields, at least the ones that were in front of the escape pod. With the help of the namekian, Arctic would hope for them to reach the planet in safety.


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          The Outards of Ccin, Inside the Forcefield Entry Point

          Jaaz is loudly snoring violently, a song playing through his headset. He's peaceful and resting, truly happy at his job for once.




          Jaaz jumps up, a siren making him exit his slumber violently and he eats the deck, screaming as he smashes his long trunk-like nose against the floor.




          Crying from pain and deafened by a siren he's never heard before, Jaaz tries to rise up pausing for a moment as he hears a lurching noise. Out of nowhere, a ship suddenly bores through the walls around him, barely missing him, and in a single moment he is sucked from the Spaceport. In his final moments he can see several more ripped apart ships equally headed this way, escape pods from the ship that Tamate and Mollu came from, and a ship moving frantically and violently orbiting the perimeter of the planet, spinning wildly.

          The oxygen is sucked from his body and he's charred from solar radiation as he, in his final moments, sees the forcefield around the planet blink for a singular moment. He can only watch in horror as in that moment hundreds of asteroids fall to the surface of the planet, and Tamate and Mollu's ruined cruiser is pulled into more debris, and then all goes black.

          The Outards of Planet Ccin, the Kybel Space Belt around the planet

          Tamate goes to engage the emergency thrusters, pleased that there's a possibility that the plan will go off without a hitch when a loud blaring takes over within the ship, a message in Namekian being repeated over and over "Arkanit poripo tandshense, arkanit poripo tandshense, arkanit poripo tandshense!". The thrusters are completely failing to engage, the mechanism for them ejecting from place and being able to access the fuel jammed by outer damage to the hull of the ship. The hull of the ship screeches as the mechanism of the emergency thrusters continues to attempt to engage, the ship still continue to be sling shotted around the planet and encircling it over and over, scraping against smaller asteroids while Mollu does his best to shoot the larger ones.

          The ship suddenly begins free falling for a moment, suddenly pulled forward by an unseen force and then stopping just as violently, and suddenly the ship is skating only 5 or 6 meters from the outer rim of the forcefield around Ccin, a series of asteroids surrounding their already ruined ship. A message flashes on Tamate's screen. "Shyne sekka topopopeope elm". 30% power remaining. The situation has worsened immensely, as the ship won't be able to correct unless somebody pulls the thrusters free. Meanwhile, in the distance, a pod has arrived, firing a large laser and annihilating a large swathe of asteroids, though getting bombarded itself. The crew of the escape pod see in the distance a white figure being ejected from the pod followed by an explosion, sending the figure hurtling towards them.

          It seems Yamoshi was correct in calling reality hell.
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            "I really hate taking jobs for the Galacitc Patrol," Cade said aloud in his spaceship as he sped forward. A bounty had been placed on a man named Cevics and he was to be taken into the Galactic Patrol alive. Cade not only wasn't fond of taking jobs from the Galactic Patrol, but he also didn't like the hassle of having to bring back people alive. It was too much work and he didn't like the struggle. "You know, I really hate just talking to myself all day. I need to invest in a freaking partner. Then again . . . people just end up pissing me off. Whatever."


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              Normally a chill runs through this cave system, a small open in far above lets in sunlight enough to light the place up well enough near the midday. What sort of warmth came in spades from the bodies running through this marketplace. Everything from your small vendor selling whatever they could knit. Retired adventurers selling top dollar the mundane equipment they used enchanted only with the stories true or false of what they were used to do, though most ignored these stories since tales of slaughtering Saiyans by the dozen got old and brought some skepticism given their current strength.

              Zenith walks through to one booth set up. Finding a... quite frankly better off dead individual who was on the wrong end of middle age. Selling something in small enclosed jug cups, wrapped around the body a label reading "Milldrip" and from the look of it, it was cheap. And if the smell was anything to go by, strong. He grabbed six of the small jugs and put them in a crude plastic bag that was handed to him. Next to him something far more flashy, words that popped out. Jumped at your eyes. And an overall explosive design on these bottles to the name of "SPUG!" in smaller print below it: "Super Polymorphic Unleashing Gel!"

              He grabbed three.

              The aromas now switched from alcohol to food, it wouldn't be too hard to find something to fill their bellies considering what was on display. The biggest booths tended to have grand displays and even grander looking meals if aesthetics were considered. But Zenith did not aim for that, he preferred a more homely touch, so he went straight to the smaller booths. They were likely just trying to get by, offering as big proportions as they could, for as cheap as they could manage. He saw what were being marketed as wings were more akin to overgrown legs, but that just made it all the better. Getting an order of six of these oversized legs in what was known as sweet barbecue (whatever that last word means) in a black bucket and cover, he began to head back to Aleks and Aprenulo.


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                Aleks sat at the table as he nursed the last of his Wolf-Run Ale, taking in the atmosphere of the area. It had been a few days since the last rundown, and Aleks and his small bounty hunting group with Zenith and Aprenulo were going to have to get into their next job soon or else their little nest egg may run drier than any of the trio liked. Aleks smirked as he looked through the various postings wired to a tablet of his on the table near his left hand he scrolled across them, sighing as he scanned the paydays.

                "Damn......this place has a bunch of petty bounties but they are all under a thousand. We'd need to bring in fifty of them at a time to be worth our time. Where are the gang leaders, the crime bosses? I'd take a mass murderer if he had a large enough body count!"

                Aleks frowned as he slid the tablet to Aprenulo. "Here, see if you get any luck. That crap is giving me a headache......or it could be the ale, hard to tell."
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                  Tamate could barely keep awake, even with her shallow breaths... She could feel her vision beginning go tunnel as they just made their way. Mollu did his best, dozens and dozens of blasts coming out and destroy them, there was too much in the asteroid field for Mollu to stop without some sort of energy wave.

                  They edged closer and closer, as Mollu desperately attempted to save them, and Tamate simply trying to stay conscious and not crash...

                  Was Tamate going to die here? She had the feeling, as breathing became less and less effective... Her vision began to turn dark, why was it so dark, the planet was right there she thought... Finally a bright light pierced the darkness, and she turned the head and... "Arctic?" It was the last thing she saw before she lost consciousness.

                  Mollu on the other hand looked at where that incredible power level came from, and looking saw Arctic, with that power, he was clearly a much more powerful fighter than either of them... He had be thankful... Say, didn't he... No time to think about that, they're barely six meters, and looking inside... Oh dear, Tamate didn't look good. She was knocked out... Looking around, the entrance was too far away, she wouldn't survive for long. Fine, they'd have to understand in these times the situation was dire! He opened the pod back up, scooped up Tamate's unconscious body... And used his dragon clan magics to teleport inside.

                  Once they were inside, he immediately flew down, the air was thin up here, but at least there was air at all he thought, as he let the escape pod crash onto the force field, obliterating itself. So to any onlookers, they'd see two namekians flying down, until they got close at any rate. Their clothing flapped in the breeze, and Tamate looked up, and in her delirium, she looked up and saw "Arctic..." She said, hugging him closely. He'd saved her again. Mollu on the other hand, was simply assuming she must have imagined it... They had come close to death so quickly, he couldn't blame her for inventing a story for herself where her mythic hero came out of thin air and saved them.

                  He flew down through the air, into one of the islands, into the cave system this planet was famous for, and looked around, a crowded bazaar. Mollu called out "This person needs oxygen now!" He said, pushing his way to an oxygen terminal staffed by some hapless guy who's just scared of the Namekian pushing his way through the crowd, laying her on the table, and pressing the oxygen mask to her face. "How much is tihs?" Mollu asked once she was hooked up.

                  As Mollu negotiated the prices, paid them up, he looked around, taking in the area. A lot of people, as much as they attracted eyes at first, they quickly went back to their business. Even if it was a saiyan girl in Namekian clothes, the galaxy was stranger still. And there he saw a familiar face, yes, didn't they meet on the road A... What was their name?
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                    It had happened so quickly for the brooding Aprenulo, disciple and perhaps one might even deign as offspring of the Archmage Hechizago.

                    As the caves quietly bustled with activity and he found himself sitting next to an individual known as Aleks, who was drinking and casually going through a tablet containing various bounties. Zenith was off getting more drinks and who knows what else. The Three-Eyed humanoid quietly sipped on his non-alcoholic beverage and recounted how he got here.

                    Aprenulo used to be on the Planet Namek, sometime in the future he believed though he was given little information from Hechizago both when entering that universe and now this one. Only the bare essentials - no, not even that. In the past, Aprenulo could understand and even appreciate the Archmage's methods. However, the "man" - if he could even be referred to as one in anything but appearance, and even that was pushing it - was far too enigmatic and bizarre for the loyal Aprenulo to discern. Hechizago, seemingly on a whim when Aprenulo was skulking around in the background of Namek, trailing Nappa and the Saiyan Prince Vegeta by quite some distance (as he often did) he was ripped out of the reality altogether. Like pulling the plug on a failed project. Hechizago had once settled down there on that universe's Earth for a few casual centuries, trying to focus and perhaps tame his indefatigable might and unparalleled wield over time and space. He had failed. However, it did allow him ease of access between the pocket dimension that Hechizago still occupies and that universe.

                    Aprenulo thought on that for a moment. That meant that if Aprenulo were in a similar situation here in this universe - even in mortal danger - Hechizago could never interfere. Not like he would want to anyway. He let Aprenulo's foolish brother Corrado brutally die despite Hechizago easily being able to interfere in that instance. The Archmage's explanation was brief but simple: Corrado's death seemed likely to last much longer than intended and in that universe and its timeline, the galactic tyrant Freeza's absolute victory was almost assured. Not only that, but Aprenulo's blind dedication in adhering to Hechizago's vague orders had made him little more than a background character. Easily forgotten and clearly overshadowed. Hechizago felt that Corrado overshadowed Aprenulo, as it had always been. So he was sent to this universe alone from via a one-way only reality tear that snapped shut as quickly as it had opened.

                    He glanced around at his surroundings with all three-eyes, cautious as always, as if someone could read his thoughts. At least Aprenulo could remember his name and the temple that he "grew up" in back on that universe's Earth. Hechizago's "daughter" had failed so absolutely in her first life that even though the Archmage resurrected her with his limitless power, he stripped Sembra of all of her memories and her identity. Then he tossed her into a situation where the odds were stacked against her, almost certain death. That was when Aprenulo first started growing his seeds of doubt. He didn't exactly know why he was back in that timeline's Earth and yet was sent in the Archmage's stead. Now he had been sent here because... he wasn't trying hard enough? He was being overshadowed by that attention-seeking blind brat Corrado? Corrado was dead! The thought infuriated Aprenulo as he nearly shattered the container holding his water.

                    And yet, he relaxed. He no longer wanted to appease Hechizago necessarily. He just wanted answers. What was the point, of any of this? To him, to Corrado, to Sembra? Of the three, Aprenulo was the only one that actually had been given any knowledge of Hechizago's position and power. Why? Aprenulo remained quiet, dressed in typical garb to fit in with the locals. He always changed his outfit to suit the situation. He was always used to being this higher lifeforms lapdog. But why? The answer gnawed at him more and more. This was some sort of a test, and yet Hechizago had given him very little information nor showed him any love in the entirety of their time together. He was done being a lapdog, he was going his own way, and he had met these two.

                    Aprenulo glanced over at Aleks, who spoke suddenly and snapped him out of his existential overthinking.

                    "Here, see if you get any luck. That crap is giving me a headache......or it could be the ale, hard to tell."

                    Ah, this one. Bounty hunters. That's what Aprenulo was officially with these two now. He could muse about how he met them later. They were business associates for now. Aprenulo quietly reached over, grabbed the tablet and simply remarked.

                    "Perhaps you shouldn't drink so much. We could be on the move at a moment's notice." Aprenulo made a slight gesture to his non-alcoholic beverage. He glanced over the tablet casually, reading through the names and figures listed. Aleks was right. There were no big fish and in the amount of time it would take to get all of these little fish together, it would basically be a wasted endeavor. Aprenulo knew that much. "Although... I can't imagine who we would be chasing."

                    Aprenulo sighed and casually went through the names and the list, despite already seeing it was a fruitless hunt. He was quite clearly bored and needed something to do with his hands. It was difficult to meditate in a place like this anyway. He was simply waiting for Zenith to return and to go over their options. He tuned everything else out and kept his mind and hands preoccupied with names on the list.

                    Of course, nothing stays calm for long. Aprenulo could only hope he might survive as long as Sembra or "Ambers" has. He certainly planned to outlive his idiot brother.
                    Brother! Your crusade IS OVER!!



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                      Veloc! That was their name! It took a while to understand, but the man there, alongside the wolf-man and the two tuffles (or maybe saiyans?). He waved his hand towards the group and said "You're Veloc right? I heard you traveled with this woman?" He said, motioning towards the unconscious Tamate. He said, looking down towards him. He heard a few stories from the time they had traveled together, but he never met him personally.

                      Still, any companions was better than nothing considering that they were more or less alone on this planet. He had to admit, he was going in blind here, for all he knew, Veloc was the type to slice your throat and not think twice, and he was aware that in a melee fight, he was hardly the best choice. "We just came in from space, our ship was destroyed, and I figure it'll help if Tamate sees a friendly face when she awakes.

                      Meanwhile Tamate dreamed, the crowds being drowned out and...

                      It was cold and dark. She was being held in someone's arms, who looked down upon her, she couldn't see their eyes... She felt herself being left on the ground, with buildings in the distance. She tried to crawl after them, after mom but her arms wouldn't obey. In the distance she could see her, and four others... They were so far away, and she couldn't make out anything... Only to feel herself dragged away and away.

                      In the real world, Tamate laid there, just beginning to stir, though not wholly awake.

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                        Thanks to his mastery of chi, flying through space was (almost) never an issue, with his chi barrier always protecting him from the empty vacuum of space. He stumbled upon the first colony he'd seen in weeks and checked a map he'd stolen from some bum.

                        "Ah, I'm in... however you pronounce the name of this place."

                        He kicked a bar's door open and walked in, probably getting the attention of many people after doing that. One familiar face in particular waved and spoke to him, asking him about his travels with some woman that appeared to be groggy, to say the least.

                        "I dunno, have I? I may be the fastest thing alive but I can be a bit forgetful at times, uh... You. Squirt." - said Veloc, having forgotten Tamate's name as well.


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                          Mollu answered "Ah. Her name's Tamate. She..." He looked at her, as she began to toss and turn. "She's recovering, she was in space without any oxygen, barely survived." He extended his hand. "I'm Mollu, she seems to agree with you." He said. "Don't suppose you know of anywhere to make money?" He said, now that they were stranded in the middle of nowhere, getting the resources to buy passage on another ship, or better another ship they could pilot themselves was top priority.

                          Tamate continued to dream... Of her father, big strong and kinder than anyone else... He even glowed in her dream... In real life, one could almost see Tamate beginning to reach her hand out, asleep at the moment.
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                            "Ah, yes, Tamate. Of course, of course..." - Veloc still didn't quite remember him. Despite his speed, he was quite slow. Still, even for him, it would be too dickish to leave Tamate as she was, even if he didn't remember her well.

                            "No, I don't have any money, but... Hey!" - he screamed at the waiters, or any of the ones that looked like they owned the place. "We need some water over here! This monke-I mean, this poor girl is in a poor state!"


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                              Originally posted by Darker View Post
                              "Ah, yes, Tamate. Of course, of course..." - Veloc still didn't quite remember him. Despite his speed, he was quite slow. Still, even for him, it would be too dickish to leave Tamate as she was, even if he didn't remember her well.

                              "No, I don't have any money, but... Hey!" - he screamed at the waiters, or any of the ones that looked like they owned the place. "We need some water over here! This monke-I mean, this poor girl is in a poor state!"
                              A big lumbering oaf walked up upon Veloc. Tall, some 7 feet, with long spiky black hair and wearing full body armor, covering his extremities. His skin was fairly tan and his hair glinting a brownish-red in the lighting of the bar. He stank of booze and hay, and his eyes were extremely baggy, as well as heavily lidded. A cigarette burned in his mouth, and his scraggly, spiky beard was filled with crumbs of food, behind him a brown tail hanging out of his suit. A Saiyan.

                              "What was that scum? About to call somebody a monkey? Interesting thing to say when you look like a rotten vegetable. Kind of smell like one, too. Maybe somebody needs to knock your ugly ass down to size." Booze hung on every word this large, statuesque Saiyan spoke. And with a grimace he nodded, a large, dark green Namekian wearing a facemask behind Veloc wrapping his arms around the hybrid.

                              The Saiyan smirked for a moment, and then punched Veloc in the stomach, his arm burning with ki, screaming a kiai as he made contact, noise tearing from his mouth like a demon screeching. The yell echoing throughout the monumental bar, attracting a crowd around the scene of 2 Namekians, a passed out Saiyan, and another Saiyan beating into another person.
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