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(Old) Kaishi vs Primaris Psyker Faeris

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    For Faeris it was as if no time had passed. And now, instead of Faeris running Kaishi through, it was the other way around. Faeris willed his Ignatus Power Armour to turn the blade away......

    But no good, it pierced through, but not to his heart. The armour caused a small deflection on its rounded surface and instead pierced a lung. The pain waa greater than Faeris had felt in some time...but not unbearable. He gritted his teeth, using pure instinct and adrenaline not to pass out in shock. He looked into Kaishi's eyes, reaching out slowly with his sword arm, sword now dropped in pain as his fingers reached out to the renegade shinigami......and trying to grab his own sword hand. Not to pull the blade out.....to hold him in place. He used his other hand to draw his Inferno Pistol, a grisly and bloody smile on his lips as he pointed the barrel at Kaishi's head, the Melta charge almost finished as he spoke.

    "None.......escape.......His.........Holy.......Wr ath........"

    Faeris pulled the trigger, and waited for the end to come, however it would come.
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      Kaishi reveled in landing what he thought to be the killing blow, death would come slowly, perhaps not fast enough to be saved by some oncomer. But it didn't matter much, he had proved he could handle this hellspace, albeit with some difficulties from Primaris Psykers. Not exactly a mark against Kaishi, considering they were some of the strongest psychic minds in the universe. It was unfortunate that he didn't use more of these powers, but Kaishi would likely be in much worse shape had he done so.


      Kaishi said as he attempted to pull out with his sword, but was met with a hand holding him in place, and a smile that was fittingly wicked for someone brought up in such a hellish place. Accepting of their fate, but unable to go unless they brought down whatever managed to bring them down... remarkable... if only for the fact that it was now Kaishi caught off-guard once more.

      His sword shone brightly once more, but it seemed whatever he had in mind could not execute in time. As his head melted, his blade dropped next to Faeris'. His body crumbled into a headless-heap, he simply had no option to retreat and now, no possible method of escape other than death, mercifully quick.


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        Faeris coughed blood as he fell to his knees, grinming as he looked up into the cloudy skies. If he had the breath he would have laughed in victory. Instead only a single thought entered his mind.

        "Only In Death Does Duty End....."

        Faeris fell back, his last breath leaving him, the Inferno Pistol falling from his grip.

        And so died another hero of the Imperium, on a backwater planet most had never heard of fighting defeating a threat nobody cared to learn about. Even the Inquisition would lose his name among countless others.

        Such is the world he fought for. A world he fought for to the last.
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        A Shadow is merely Darkness in the presence of Light

        Thanks Kid Buu for this awesome sig!

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          With the loss of its owner, the blade lay dormant for the remainder of the next few hours, its light shining every other minute, as if it was going over a hard reset of some kind. A familiar hand grabs the hilt, looking over his own dead-body... or what was more accurately described as a skin.

          "You didn't honestly think it would be that simple of a victory did you Faeris?" Kaishi says quietly as he sheaths his blade in its proper place. Walking up to the headless version of himself and laying a hand on it, turning it into orbs and dust that proceeded to filter into his own body.

          "Still... dangerous enough to kill me. I would've thought you'd go down easier, though I'd still say you're more dangerous dead than you are alive." Kaishi spoke as a portal to his home ripped itself into existence. He looks back to Faeris' corpse and shakes his head, turning to the portal and stepping through it, he didn't want to wait and see if this Faeris could manifest his will into a ghost like the one he knew could.
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