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(Old) Kaishi vs Primaris Psyker Faeris

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  • (Old) Kaishi vs Primaris Psyker Faeris

    In the far, far future, there is only war. In the darkness of the 41st millenium there stands two figures awaiting to battle one another. An off-worlder, alien to the realm of 40K, brought there of their own volition, but not with the help of anyone else. Stricken with confidence the likes of which has not been seen before, for good reason. For the full power of their abyssal artifact was with them, and part of them.

    And on the other, a Psyker native to the world, trained to kill and then kill again before ever asking a question. Which is not to say his ability at questioning is lacking. Nor his prowess in the Psychic Disciplines in which he excels at. He stands wary of this newcomer and the aura that he gives off, one that is not tainted of The Warp, but one that tasted of corruption nonetheless. Here is where this battle begins. In a plain that is barren, ruined by years of warfare, and desolate, yet still capable of being on without fear of toxin or lack of atmosphere.


    Kaishi stands adamant, chin up, and slightly leaned back as if to show his superiority to those that stand before him. Around him is an aura that distorts the very air in close proximity. His blade, not like it had been before. Now simply a katana with what seemed to be the ghostly apparition of a barrel at the end of the tip. He looks to his opponent as he raises his blade, pointing it at him. A smile forming on his face as he addresses him.

    "You really are quick, only had a minute before you and twenty others started raining down on me... but we see how that ended now didn't we?" Kaishi says as behind him could be seen the bodies of twenty men and women from the Inquisition of differing rank and their cadres.

    "You were good enough to not be killed on the first strike, should be fun..." Kaishi says as he rolls his shoulders, looking at Faeris once more.

    "Anything you want to get off your chest before you inevitably die by my hand?"
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    Faeris had been reloading his Bolt Pistol, readying himself as he stood fully as well, a towering bulwark of Imperial resistence, at least in regards to normal humans. He drew his Force Sword slowly as he spoke, murderous hatred colouring every syllable that passed his lips, a sneer of disgust shaping the inflection just that much more.

    "By the authority of the God-Emperor of Man, and by the power vested in me by the Holy Inquisition, you shall die for the murder of so many Inquisitorial members. With my last bullet shall I kill you. With my last breath shall I demand your death. And with my last heartbeat, I shall ensure you die long before I do."

    Primaris Psyker Lord Inquisitor Faeris raised his Bolt Pistol, aiming the large gun for Kaishi's torso, emptying the magazine once again, charging forward in a furious roar, his Force Sword iginiting with a rainbow aura covering the steel of the blade, Faeris' Psychic Will enfusing the sword with a power that even demigods like Astartes respected. Like a bolt of lightning came the first slashing blow, the Bolt pistol coming around in a backhanded blow the resulting thunder. His Power Armour-encased body made him all the faster and stronger as well as tougher to kill. Many were the foolish who had fallen before Faeris.

    This boy would be no different.
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      "They weren't that important were they?" Kaishi snarked at Faeris as the bolter rounds began to fly out from their barrel, Kaishi was not stupid, they could do some damage if they hit in the right places in Bahamut's scale armour. Opting for evasive action instead, showing something that would definitely remind Faeris of the Eldar... agility. Agility that surpassed that of the eldar's finest. A flicker would go by as Kaishi seemed to teleport to another location. To Faeris' credit, he seemed to change his aim to try and compensate, but Kaishi's aim-dodging was a tad too fast for him to be tagged.

      As the last bullet sprayed out, Kaishi had ended up getting uncomfortably close to Faeris. Although this seemed to work to Faeris' advantage as he had brought out his Force Sword, and with it, murderous slashes meant to end him in one fell swoop. Kaishi likely would be done in by a hit by that weapon, provided he hacked away first at the armour he was wearing. Although that brought about the issue of making him faster due to the immense weight being literally taken off his shoulders.

      The first slash was dodged by Kaishi going with the motion in a circle that ended with his head back at the position it was, just in time to see the incoming bolt pistol, opting to toss his sword to the side... which to most people would seem for lack of a better phrase, an impaired manuever. But for Kaishi, it was smart as right before the pistol made contact he simply vanished off to the side, now with a new looking katana in his hand. Laughing.

      "If they mattered much, you would've atleast tried to kill me with that no? That was pathetic. You expect to kill me with that? Are you mental?" Kaishi said as he tossed his new blade high into the sky, in his hands forming two pistols of his own that he now walked towards Faeris, firing relentlessly. The sound of each one a few rungs below that of the echo Faeris' own had. He marched towards his target, unflinching, fearless, with the intent to end in one barrage.

      But this was not the end of it, reaching within Faeris' range, he teleported up to his blade, driving down as a dragoon would his polearm, aiming to drive in from the top his opponent's skull. Going down fast enough to gain an atmospheric burning. Whether or not he made contact, a brief explosion as he landed, creating a small crater roughly the size of a small backyard. Only about three feet deep.
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        Faeris noted how fast Kaishi was as only his mutant mind could, scanning through the information as he heard Kaishi speak, ignoring the words even as he poured over what he saw and felt.

        Fast. Faster than most. Armour seems heavy but not restrictive. Weapon seems to mold to his will. Arrogant, egotistical. Seeks to play mind games......

        Faeris could only smirk as he brought the Force Sword up, deflecting the gunshots as Kaishi advanced. And while he didn't guess the weapon, Faeris did correctly guess the assault. He brought the Force Sword to crossguard the overhead blow....and his violet eyes burned green.

        "IRON ARM!"

        As the sword came down, Faeris' flesh transmuted to a shining metal, where even his eyes solidified into steel. When sword met sword, an explosion jetted out from the point of contact. For a moment all that could be seen was a dust cloud and a crater......and then the dust settled.

        And Faeris was still allve, driven to one knee by the pressure wave....but mostly unharmed and still under the power of Iron Arm. Faeris only smirked, lashing out with a rising palm for Kaishi's upper chest.

        "The Emperor Protects."
        A Shadow is merely Darkness in the presence of Light

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          As Faeris smirked, so too did Kaishi as the palm met its mark and threw Kaishi off three dozen or so feet back. Landing on his feet and bringing a hand down to catch himself. Fixing his posture to return to that same stance he had taken at the beginning of the fight. Cocky, arrogant, and naive of the threat that Faeris possessed.

          "But for how long will he protect? I wonder... if that can force you to a knee, I wonder what'll drive you down on both..." Kaishi said as he now didn't try pressing the assault. Instead bringing his blade to the sky, lightning striking it and stuck circulating the blade afterwards. A lightning aura of sorts. Now pointing his blade at Faeris in the same way that a swordsman would to challenge another.


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            "Even on one knee I am far more powerful than you, heretic." Faeris rose slowly, twirling his Force Sword as Iron Arm was dispelled. His eyes burned red as he stared at Kaishi with nothing but hate.

            "As you will soon learn! Flame Breath!"

            Faeris' mouth and eyes blazed with power and on the last word his mouth became the origin on an inferno directed right at Kaishi, the Warpfire scorching the ground as its soul-burning flames lick ever closer.
            A Shadow is merely Darkness in the presence of Light

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              "Is that so?" Kaishi said as he felt himself being lifted into the air, something that betrayed Kaishi's initial impression of Faeris. He'd have to tone down the underestimation he was giving the residents of this world. His Father and the other Faeris spoke of the dangers of the realm of 40K, to not give it its due was suicide.

              Kaishi unfortunately had to learn this the hard way, as Faeris turned from his metallic state back to his normal fleshy self, Kaishi's eyes went wide as he saw fire churning in the back of Faeris' throat. Being consumed entirely by the tainted flame...




              Unable to resist the incoming flame and its burn on his soul, Kaishi yelled out as the flame took him with it into the air, dropping out underneath it after a few seconds and landing with a loud thud on the ground, landing flat on his back, his chest slowly rising, trying to control his breathing. The Warp Fire had damaged him dramatically, if him not expecting such an attack was anything to go by then the fact that some of Bahamut's scales had gotten charred with some falling off was a testament to the power of the fire.

              Kaishi rolled himself over, raising himself to walk on his knees and crawl, putting his back to Faeris as he tried to regain his bearings. He was battling both the pain from the flame and the constant, incessant voices that were now filling his head. He looked lost, his hand movement seemed sporadic. With it twitching every now and then as he tried to find something to grab to assure himself that he was atleast still alive. His breathing turning heavy as he started getting exasperated from the constant hum of madness that was now circulating along with the burns he had sustained.


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                "You were duly warned, Kaishi. And now you will see the BREADTH of your mistake."

                Faeris stalked the wounded warrior, waiting for his moment to strike, dropping his Bolt Pistol and drawing his Inferno Pistol instead, the low-pitched whine of the handheld Melta thrumming in the background.

                "None are beyond The Emperor's Wrath."

                Faeris rushed in with his Force Sword, roaring with effort as he sought to skewer Kaishi's partially broken armour.
                A Shadow is merely Darkness in the presence of Light

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                  To most it would seem that Kaishi was absolutely done for, indeed, most warriors would fall at this point to their better. The issue of course being that they usually had no other option at this point, forced to take their fate as it was dished. But Kaishi wasn't just any sort of ordinary warrior, he had evaded the hunters while being but a small fraction of the captain, it was his mind that saved him in that situation, as well as his skill. The fact that he had the relic that granted desires only furthered just how more dangerous he was at this point.

                  In an act that would likely make most Inquisitors question someone's sanity, Kaishi began to laugh, that same arrogant laugh he did when he slaughtered the twenty or so of the Inquisition earlier. The abyssal artifact embedded in his blade shown brightly as the ground began to rumble.

                  "Over. My. Dead. Body..." He said as another spark of his incredible agility shown, vanishing from sight, appearing moments later a mile away from Faeris, easy for his opponent to see, given he was currently seated on the shoulder of a gigantic Earth golemn, made from the soil and rock of the ground, it stood at one hundred and fifty feet tall, in its hands a large boulder conjured with the help of the ground beneath it. Leaning backwards and then forward, the behemoth of a golemn chucked a house sized boulder at Faeris with all of its strength. Yelling in exertion, loud enough to pierce eardrums not specifically protected against loud sounds.


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                    Faeris watched the boulder sailing towards him, a grim look on his face. He had stopped massive objects before.....but this would be a test. He drove his sword into the dirt and holstered the Inferno Pistol, holding both hands out before the large chunk of rock flying at him. His eyes blazed blue so brightoy it would have seemed as if they had sublimated into a pure blue light, his hands flexing as he exerted Telekine powers upon the monolith. Slowly but surely, it stopped moving as fast.

                    It came to rest against Faeris' hands, gently. His eyes still burned with blue.

                    "MY. TURN. ASSAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                    The Boulder jetted away from Faeris' hands as if if had an allergic reaction to contact with the Psyker, moving at twice the speed the golem threw it. Whether or not it struck it would drain Faeris of nearly all energy, leaving him on both knees, panting hard.
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                      As the boulder was tossed, Kaishi was certain that such a large object would be unstoppable for someone as small as Faeris. Yet, in a turn of events, Faeris had somehow slowed down the mammoth to an absolute standstill, Kaishi couldn't help but drop his jaw at that amazing display of magical strength.

                      What shocked him even more than stopping the rock, was sending it back, not slower than it was before, or at the same speed, but faster... much faster. So much so that even though the golem prepared to attempt to catch the rock, it was simply too much. Smacking into its chest and causing it to stumble backwards rapidly until it lost its footing and fell over onto its back in what seemed like slow motion. Crumbling apart as its body made contact with the ground it was made from.

                      Kaishi was unfortunately still reeling from the past attack, and couldn't anticipate what exactly to do. Landing on the back of his shoulders and bouncing from the impact to where he landed flat on his stomach. Twitching, where he had landed was obscured now however, as the dust and dirt kicked up by the golemn obscured eyesight from looking into it as well as being behind the largest chunks of rock left.


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                        Faeris panted hard, but still managed to smirk, just strong enough to send a telepathic message to Kaishi.

                        "Told you I am still more powerful than you even on one knee.....I'm more powerful than you even on BOTH knees. Get over here and I'll show you why The Inquisition isn't something children meddle with......"
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                          As Kaishi lay with his face in the dirt, a voice tickled the inside of his head, one far more pronounced and far more recognizable than the ever-fading whisper of millions. That Psyker had somehow made connection with his mind... and he had the gall to fucking taunt him. This was just unacceptable...

                          Using the new rocks to use as support to lift himself, Kaishi had a face that spoke of just being pissed. His brow was furrowed and his nose looked like it was caught in snarl, with his lips accentuating that image. Using one of his hands, Kaishi grabbed his eyepatch and yanked it off, revealing his unique eye, his secret weapon of sorts. Faeris seemed to love to use magic powers, no more of that...

                          Using his blade as a crutch Kaishi walked towards the exhausted Faeris, stopping about fifty feet from him. Getting into position for the Guardian Style, now with its user being much more powerful than before when he had to rely on it. Faeris would find hell, not in The Warp, but in Kaishi.

                          "Get up you degenerate... Raise your damn sword, I'm finishing this. Right now..."


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                            Faeris only smirked as he struggled to his own feet, his hand drawn up to grab the Force Sword's handle.

                            "As you wish, Kaishi.....but I doubt very much you will be finishing this alive......"

                            Faeris' eyes flashed with green, his voice dopplered as he took one step, and then another.....which moved him eight feet closer all at once.

                            OOC: Oh you know what comes next! SAY IT WITH ME!"

                            "WARP! SPPPPEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD!"

                            Faeris dashed in, sword drawn up and ready......then let to the side as Faeris ran by Kaishi, seeking to carve Kaishi down piece by piece with multiple passes like a calvaryman. A dozen rimes he did this before he simply ran at Kaishi hoping that now he could run him through.

                            "IN HIS NAME, DIE!!!!!!"
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                              As Kaishi readied to try out his new technique, something went horribly awry, Faeris had suddenly gained an incredible amount of speed, and he was circling him in passes, making it incredibly hard to set up the pre-requisite of a well blocked blow... but if Kaishi knew anything about going faster beyond normal parameters... it's that you're not as agile as you would be at your own speed. With a smirk on his face as Faeris circled for his last run, Kaishi raised his blade to the sky and whispered quickly to himself a phrase.

                              Wave crashing, depths so deep, endless expanse. Motion neverending, suspend yourself for me...

                              And at the end of that last word, time itself froze in the surrounding area, with everything in it caught in its stasis-like grasp if they had no resistance to it... of course, one such being was Kaishi, the user of the technique. If Faeris had been frozen, Kaishi would line himself up to where he was on the safe side of Faeris' swing/stab, and would instead go on the side of Faeris, slightly afront. He would then hold his blade in a motion to pierce, aimed straight for his midsection, where his heart was. And as time would slowly resume, Kaishi would shove the blade forward with all his might, meeting the incoming force with one of his own, deadly in both his own motion and the fact that Faeris would be running himself into the blade...