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Empress Feulace vs Edith and Leski

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  • Empress Feulace vs Edith and Leski

    Nexus world: Name Pointless

    Skies lit on fire, bodies littering city streets. Only a few remain of the Queendom's elite guard, standing in front of the palace that the approaching forces seek to take. Civillians and soldiers alike both killed and placed under military arrest by this hostile alien force. As they draw near the gates, they open, the guard rush forward, intent on defending this last spot to the death, when, they are gently lifted and placed to the side as a woman in golden plate steps in front of them. Eyes ablaze with fury as she raised her arm towards the incoming masses. The skies darkening, and then lightening up as hundreds of meteorites begin to shower the approaching army. With another arm she forcefully grabs one of the soldiers from distance and pulls them towards her guard, smashing the soldier into the ground with a sickening thud as the guard quickly finish them off with various stabs.

    "Your siege ends here."

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    The Eternal Empire spreads beyond infinity, fighting on planet after planet. Now they invaded this one, a self-proclaimed Empire run by a Feulace.

    Among others, Edith and Lexi had been sent. Edith couldn't help but notice that Lexi was acting strangely, very somber, almost morose. Edith simply waited there, the cat and the human. A dark knight, and a magic princess. Edith had fought her, defeated her, and now was sitting across from her in the van with other operatives, meant to break through their defense lines. Edith certainly didn't want to have a conversation about this in front of the others. It was already awkward enough talking with Lexi as if they hadn't met trying to kill her, then seeing her get brainwashed.

    Lexi for her part simply sat there. Occasionally glancing at Edith, she couldn't see under the hood, but... She knew they had a connection. Not a good one either. That man, Faeris of Armageddon, she still wasn't sure if she was happy or distraught to have met him. Either way though, she knew a bit more of the truth. She tried to act normal, but it was a difficult act to keep up all day. They soon wouldn't be thinking about that however, as the skies suddenly darkened, and fire seemed to rain from above.

    One of the operatives asked "What the hell!? Who cleared orbital bombardment!?" They did not realize however just what was happening, meteors landed down, slamming down upon the transports, the tanks, and destroying various aircraft sent forth to capture the city. Everyone was getting ready in their own unique way for a crash, with all the meteors heading down, some even headed outside, believing in their agility over their driver. Edith was a cat still, but the armor weighed her down, she couldn't, Lexi simply wasn't very agile to begin with, they stayed.

    The front of the transport unfortunately, met with a meteor, tipping it over, "Aaaah!" The yells rang out as they entire hover transport was tipped over, the thrusters no longer working. The left side fell down , right on those on the right. A few were injured from the fall, others from people falling on them, most of the transport was uninjured thankfully, but the same could not be said of the battalion they were sent with.

    Leski groaned, having landed on Edith. Edith's armor was uncomfortable already, landing on it was particularly painful, she pushed herself off of her. The operatives all got out, one was radioing the navy above "What just happened!?" He practically yelled into it. "You just shelled your own forces!" The response came in and... He suddenly looked very worried. "Uh... Guys? That show wasn't us."

    Leski was having doubts about even helping the Empire here, but right now, survival was paramount, everything she's heard about Feulace suggested she was not much better either, assuming she could even trust the empire. "Alright... Uh..." Operative Rogers said, trying to think a plan. Leski simply came forward, "I'll fight her, you take the other objectives." She was strong enough, she could take on Feulace. She held out her hand, and the staff came straight to her open palm. "At the least I should be able to distract her for our other forces." Edith spoke up finally "I'll come with, she's doubtless to have more up her sleeves than just this." Be it other men or other spells, she would help, she was a decent fighter.

    The two headed for the Empress of this land, while the other the operatives scattered about, now that they were working with so little forces, they had to split up. It'd just be Leski and Edith against Feulace.

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      Feulace did not wait to continue her assault, though her meteor spell was ferocious, and indeed the sight of planes falling from the sky, heavy vehicles being smashed to bits and melting were something that would convince most to assume victory. Feulace did not rest, raising both arms as though she were raising something from underneath, then quickly dropping them. Storm clouds almost immediately forming around the area that was struck by the meteor shower. A massive funnel cloud falls from the heavens and touches ground nearby. Beginning to sweep up the wreckage and remains, forcing the now military garbage above the clouds and flung far away. For some of the lighter objects this would manifest itself as being flung into the higher atmospheres. Anything not bolted down would find itself being slowly sucked in, for the arcanely tuned, some method of protection would be required to prevent being sucked up.

      Once the field was cleared as she saw fit, the funnel returned to the skies, now clearing. There was still enough distance from the once approaching army that Feulace could see stragglers every now and then, she spared them no mercy. Raising a hand at a time at any she saw, using her telekinetic prowess to pull them towards her and her elite guard. Where they would be skewered like fish.


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        The duo went forward, through the debris and past the vehicles, but it was not long before a massive funnel cloud came, falling down, and before it had hit the floor, they already felt the difference, the winds picking up. Leski looked up wondering what just happened... There it was, This person just summoned a tornado! "Wh..." The entire area was almost wiped out, isn't a tornado overkill? Either way, getting caught would be the end, if not for them entirely, then for their place in the invasion, it was flinging all the loose debris over the horizon. Edith spoke up, "No shelter anywhere either..." She said, racking her mind for a solution, she wouldn't need to think for much longer however, the clouds coming forward made this very simple for Leski. She spun the staff in her hands a couple times, sparkles being given off by the very motion, "Hyah!" She said, stabbing it into the ground, where a flash of pink lightning struck from the very clouds Feulace had sent after them, and a great hole was dug into it. Leski slowly walked, and building up more sparkling power, thrust her staff forward, as it glowed with a calming light, giving way to the cackle of even more lightning, digging it's way deep, creating a horizontal tunnel through that they could use. "We can use this to take shelter!" She said to Edith, and she couldn't really see her nodding or not, but she couldn't imagine her f-...

        Her ally saying not to this. They quickly ran inward, taking shelter, even the strongest of winds needed room to maneuver, and it would find none, in a hole dug in. They went ever deeper into it, deeper and deeper... Right until they were at the gate, where the Empress had been conducting this slaughter of their men. "I think we're far enough from the tornado..." And... She felt it. She was here.

        She began to spin her staff-scepter once again, Edith couldn't help but notice that she was glowing even brighter than usual, as she heard the former princess call out "Mira... Mira.."


        The ground below them exploded, and out of it rose, floating in mid air, clothing flowing as if a gentle breeze blew, and her eyes trained on Empress Feulace. She simply stared at her, bathing the whole area in a light violet light. In other circumstances, one could imagine this was a heroine come to stop a fiendish ruler.

        But this was not one of those times, she was unfortunately aware. But the Empire would continue sending forces forever, even if they never took this place, this planet would be reduced to rubble from the violence and war... Maybe... Just maybe she could avert this. "I've come to ask for your surrender. We can end the fighting now. No one else needs to die." She said. Edith for her part was suprised, and slightly concerned by this. They were never given this kind of authority to negotiate this, what was Leski doing? She was usually the most obedient of the operatives. Certainly not one to think about doing above and being promoted like Felicity. .. What was going on, the dark warrior wondered.

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          No fool, and certainly no slouch. The invasion of pink lightning through her own storm made it obvious who the stragglers were.

          "Mages..." She whispered as she kept her ear open, the tornado dying down... Burrowing. Putting a hand back to her men, they began to step back, as so did she as Edith and Leski emerged from the ground. One's eyes cold, the other warm. Leski immediately began to ask for a surrender... a surrender?

          "You dare come to me and ask for my surrender after all of this? What kind of fool do you take me for!?" Feulace's mouth rose into a sneer as she responded. Surrender at a time like this, after all this Endless Empire had done to this world. Insulting, the entirety of it. She couldn't surrender, for what? To be captured by this clearly brutish and disgusting empire that slew people by the tens of thousands? For what? Petty conquest? That would be an insult to her honor, an insult to the families of the guard behind her. Most importantly, an insult to this world itself, this world was forged in the heat of battles long gone, a peace struck long ago to ensure it would continue. And to give that up to these disturbed individuals?

          Ice spears began to form behind Feulace, her response was clear, there would be no surrender. Edith and Leski would find themselves assailed by this almost endless barrage of spears. Raising her left arm, she made a sweeping motion towards the sides as sharp winds capable of cutting flesh would come in from their right side. If it is this world they wanted, they could take it, but they would not find it easy.

          "Retreat to the palace proper, redirect our generators towards powering the magus shielding. I'll deal with these two and whatever might come, just protect the people that have taken to here for refuge. Give your life if you have to." Feulace says as he guard nods towards her, beginning to back up towards the palace doors, entering shortly after.


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            The negotiation of course came to nothing, why would it? After all the fighting here, there came a time when people would not accept failure, even if it was ultimately more costly to continue. Of course she'd respond, and as the ice spikes were launched at her, she held out her arm, let the armor take the shots, taking several steps back as Leski put forward a shield, each seeming particle blocking it. While she defended herself, she continued stepping back, until her feet came to the hole Leski made, the wind came, hard enough that one would need armor... And Leski didn't, her pained look, as sharp winds attacked her at the side, scratching her from the two pronged attack.

            She was not the only one with tricks however, as when the wind came, she braced herself... And then leaped down into the hole, running, taking cover from the wind it would seem like, whether it'd be shelter for long is irrelevant, as she quickly jumped into the shadow... And sank into it. Leski was by far the most showy of them, with bright glitter, giving off light never found in nature, and the way she used her abilities. Edith's powers seemed much more suited for subterfuge, but she doubted Feulace would catch on, given her kopis and black armor.

            She reappeared right behind the Sorceress, and raised her arm with the Kopis, before swinging it down, aiming at the spot between the Empress's shoulder and neck, hard as she could. If Leski was so concerned with the lives of the people here, then cutting off the head ordering war would bring an end to the conflict all the faster.

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              Leski, the one with eyes that still had some feeling in them, was not capable of blocking at the wind spell Feulace had cast. The other one though, she jumped down that hole again. She looked again at Leski, still above ground, wincing at the pain. The other one still hadn't come back up, either she was going to abandon her friend, or she was planning something else... She listened to the ground again, trying to hear out any potential burrowing, though none came. Was she staying still? She would be more than willing to flush her out if need be.

              There is a sense amongst people, the feeling you get from either paranoia, or an actual other sense. Of something just being behind you. Being watched. Ear getting warm, or sneezing when someone's talking about you. Things your parents would tell you. Feulace had this thought in her head. And upon hearing something cutting in the wind behind her ear, she jumped backwards. Either falling upon, or falling away, but regardless, keeping her head on her shoulders. Feulace reached her hand out towards Edith with her telekinetic powers, wrapping her influence around her shoulders, to lift her up in the air and restrict her use of her arms. With her other arm, in the direction of both Edith and Leski, she kept it at the ready. Slowly, she would begin to ball the hand with her telekinetic power into a fist, beginning to apply more pressure as she could.


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                She dodged quickly, and more to the point was beginning to use her telekinetic grip to grab Edith, her arms bound by the power, as she began squeezing. Her armor was however still strong, and it'd take more than that to crush her, at least for now she could hold out, the hard part was accomplishing anything, she'd have to hope Leski recovered quickly enough to interrupt her.

                Leski saw what Edith did, popping behind to stop her with a slash, before being preempted, now being crushed in a vice grip. Leski had a lot of complicated feelings, many formed from distant suppressed memories. A fight in the past, knowledge that she was probably fully aware of what she was done...

                None of that mattered right now, seeing her hurt there, a lot of feelings coursed through her in that moment. Worry for a comrade, concern for another's life, for all the negative feelings she had, and the conflict inside, she couldn't stand and let it happen. She may have been hurt, but she can still help. She coursed her magic through her body, and as she glowed, she almost flew forward, a single vertical leap, ending in a roll, and standing in front of her, slamming the bottom of her scepter onto the ground, close in proximity to Edith, she undid the magic, it felt foreign, but not quite like Faeris. While his magic was barely contained, wrangled and forced to a particular purpose, this magic was more clean, clear in purpose and aim… She could almost feel the scent of death in it, of wounds and such as well, unlike the magic of the old, ironically dead spirit, which was full of life- no, aware. It was utterly different, and to her senses felt almost tainted to the senses. The magic of the old spirit was just like the man, a living contradiction, like how the dead are alive. This magic was far more simple to untangle, much simpler in its origins, no mind behind it except for the caster.

                That made it simpler to dispell. In a few short moments, she was at work at undoing the telekinetic grip, and quickly followed forward by her spinning her scepter “We can end the fighting without more deaths!” She said, as a flood of sparkles came forth from her staff, meant to push the woman back, all the way to the wall, and hopefully keeping her there.

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                  Pushed further back, Feulace was unable to do much to stop Leski's concentrated effort to push her back and keep her pinned to the wall of the gates. Attempting to move her arms but finding herself unable to, atleast physically. Her eyes fixated on Leski, giving her the cold glare of death itself. She was resolute in her stance, on her belief of what the Endless Empire had in mind. She knew all too well what the fate of these worlds were that gave subservience to them. She had consulted the court oracle to see their fate. She, and this world were faced with the same two fates, atleast like this, they could attempt to fight fate.

                  "Subservience to worms like you is worse than death, atleast like this, we can die with dignity. Not kissing the boots of unfeeling tyrants!" As she yelled this, the magus shield had erected itself over the premises, lattice blue dome. Within its sphere of influence the connection between the two was cut off as the shared power of Feulace's ancestors shielded against all things physical and arcane, severing at its edge. With her body now able to move freely, she walked towards the border of where the dome ended. Holding her hand out until it was just past it into the outside. Sweltering heat forming in the palm of her hand until it formed its own heat wave. Indiscriminately, she would begin to throw multiple fireballs at both Leski and Edith.

                  With her other hand she kept it at the ready keeping it open palmed, ready to unleash any manner of elemental or telekinetic spell in case any of the two felt brave enough to attempt to charge forward. Her first choice? Lightning bolts.


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                    A new shield came down, blocking Leski's attempt to subdue her, the sparkles washing up upon the shield like a wave. What she said hurt, not merely a willingness to face destruction, but also as an attack. Threatening to turn them into those who would kiss the boots of their tyrants...

                    Thinking about how she acted as well, for so long, unthinkingly giving full support to the Eternal Empire. And now she fought on the frontline, unsteady but nevertheless serving. She couldn't think on her words for long however, as she began throwing fireballs at the two.

                    Edith certainly was worried about Leski, the way their opponent's words gave her pause. About her strange behavior in general. She'd have to take the fight forward if they're going to survive, she didn't want to get captured if Leski hesitated at a crucial moment. For now though she couldn't plan, as Leski blastled each fireball with an equal ball of sparkling power, the two canceling each other out, Edith didn't have such ranged attacks, and her shadow was unable to pierce the forceshield, she saw that the minute Leski's magic was failing to break through.

                    That said, the armor was particularly helpful here, allowing her to stand and take it, her hand out, causing the fire to just almost reach her hood, notably failing to illuminate the inside despite the fire reaching so close, her face totally obscured in darkness. How does... Looking at it, she had her hand out, so the magic couldn't affect her... Leski was practically all magic but... Edith may be weighed down in armor, but that did not mean she was not agile.

                    Instead of attacking normally, she threw her Kopis straight at her, the Kopis was not magic, simply well made, enchanted to never dull. Given that the Empress was able to use her magic from inside her body, throwing it out with her hand... Most beings had magic within them somehow, and in that sense, she'd be identical to this kopis. The magic was not an active attack, merely part of the organism. It'd work. She had thrown it with no hesitation, all from the simple observation that she was attacking with magic, her hand reaching past it.

                    As the Empress would find a kopis flying at her, shortly before seeing Edith, attacking with the offensive fury of a lion pouncing as she ran, abandoning bipedal movement to put as much momentum behind her armor was possible. She'd make a tackle at her, and Leski would take the time to run in. Edith simply responded with "You die with dignity." She simply responded, a threat certainly, but more condemnation. She was more cynical, this was not a cry of freedom, when given the choice, most would take indignity over death. This person was simply trying to drag as many down with her failure as possible. She brought her hands out, gauntlets acting as claws for the slash...

                    Feulace would die with dignity, all heroic. The others... Would die like every other soldier she saw die. Wishing they were anywhere else.

                    Leski came to the shield, stopping right in front of it, an anti-magic shield would work against her. Her fingers tingled a bit touching it, but she had to... This anti-magic was ultimately another magic, like the last... Much larger, she'd need to work to get past it. Give her some time, she hoped Edith could hang in there...

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                      Kopis, flying right at her... fool.

                      Using her telekinetic might, Feulace managed to not only deflect the thrown weapon, but toss it far back towards the wreckage of vehicles and natural disaster. All that was left was Edith's charge, this was simple enough. She wasn't going to attempt to move out the way, instead she went with the tackle, landing on her back as Edith attempted to use her claws through her gauntlets to tear her to ribbons. Unfortunately for the warrior, Feulace was covered almost head to toe in golden plate passed down from her ancestors. The durability of it was moreso than more than any other civilization could muster, and given the result from the one or two attempted strikes at the breastplate, likely out in that alien space.

                      Though the problem came in that she did not wear a helmet, Edith very quickly seemed to want to strike at there, so she used her arms to defend herself from the savage assault. This... was a predicament, this alien was very animal-like in her striking. Relentless, searching for a kill.

                      "OFF HER!" One of her guard yelled as they came storming out, spear in hand, looking to skewer Edith.


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                        Her ears quickly picked up the guard, especially considering he yelled out words as he ran out. And immediately she rolled out of the way, as the spear went to stab her, it was instead grabbed and wrested from his hand, quickly flipped and thrown back to his head, almost certainly killing the poor man. Edith had more empathy than Felicity by a wide margin, but she was still a soldier. Unlike Leski, she could take a life without blinking. Even if those lives necessarily did not deserve an end.

                        And as she (almost certainly) saw the Empress get back up, she got herself ready. At the moment at least, the shield had not fallen, Leski must still be working her way through it, that did mean that this fight was purely in the physical realm, and Edith was no slouch in that department, moreover she had the subtle advantage of being able to see Fuelace's face, without the Empress seeing her own. All the enemy saw was a black knight with no face, only shadows, and Edith could easily watch Fuelace... And nominally prepare for any physical confrontation between them.

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