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Apocalypse in Paradise

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    Within the mass of earth, Benhail could see glimpses of something coming, a projectile attack. He leaped up, avoiding the phaser shot, landing with a thundering boom that the ground again. His head immediately turned back to where the shot had been fired.

    Run forward, run faster, harder, smash them into pieces. It was easy to give in to that mindset, but once again Ardys crept into his head. He remembered, vividly. It seemed everything he was used to doing, wouldn't work against a lot of warriors worth a damn. His match with Herc Keido, was an outlier, both able to fight on the same wavelength, with the same idea of how to engage. This warrior, reminded him of Ardys. She was sneaky, she could think things through, she didn't let the heat of battle get into her head.

    "Stop rushing like a bull into red! You're strong Benhail, you really are, but as much as you are strong, you're also dumb."

    Ardys says as she stands over him, shaking her head.

    "Being reckless like that's only going to result in you getting your ass kicked or worse, there's no shame in being cautious. If I fight the entire time relying on the element of surprise, wouldn't you think it's a little suspicious that I'm calling you out to charge? The element of surprise hasn't changed Benhail, the method of delivery has."

    Benhail moved his hammer to his strong hand, bloodied mouth smiling as best it could with it being split in three ways.

    "You won't fool me Ardys! I figured you out!" He says, a little bit of slur in his voice as the hammer grew heavier and heavier. Surrounded in that otherworldly energy until it too commanded a hefty amount of pull on the environment itself, not stopping until the ground underneath him was beginning to crack and join the cyclone of earth.

    He tossed his hammer over in Felicity's direction, its weight still ever increasing, and its pull growing stronger. The ground cracking, started turning into ripping itself from being grounded and following it. Rushing towards Felicity, doing much the same as it had on its path there and... it sailed right by her, continuing on into the distance as the cyclone around Benhail stopped. Falling on top of him, effectively burying the red-skinned warrior in mud.


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      ...He's catching on, damn it. And if he weren't getting closer... She wasn't quite certain what to do now that he getting crafty, she certainly couldn't attempt a frontal assault... That was just madness, his strength was clearly enough to attest to that, along with gravity manipulation that made her own gadgetry seem quaint... No, she had to keep here. Away from him and his hammer. And then he drew it's weight again, until it began to drag the ground itself into it, and threw it right at her. She couldn't take that hit, she leaped, even use the jets on her feet to escape the gravitational pull of it. In hindsight perhaps she overreacted, but it was difficult not to with such a weapon pointed at one self. Still, it missed, thank goodness it did at any rate.

      If she'd been hit, she'd probably have a hole in her stomach. She looked behind her, as the hammer kept on going... And looked back to see... Did he just bury himself in mud?

      She laughed at that point. "W-what?" She almost couldn't believe it. Even if he was wising up, he was still a brute she supposed... Not that she wanted to get closer. Right over here is fine, force him to come to her... And well, let's punish him for his lack of foresight. Here's the phaser, change the setting slightly, and the beam came out. Heating the mud... A lot, enough to cause the mud to boil, to hurt.

      To burn.

      Keep on burning him. She wanted him down on his knees.

      "When are you going to understand, you're going to die here if you don't run, and maybe even if you do..." She said, venom in her voice as she spoke. What had begun as an easy mark turned out so much harder than she thought... Should she...

      No, to hell with asking for help. They'll take credit, he's most of the way done, she can feel it. He must be.

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        Benhail yelled and almost screeched as the phaser began to boil the mud that encased him. inch by inch, no part of his body was spared from this sadistic form of torture. Some parts of his skin began to peel. Slowly, his screaming died down. Until only hoarse yelling was all that attempted to escape the mud, most of it now off him, the phaser directly contacting his body, attempting to burrow through and burn its way past his flesh. Then he dropped face first, silent. Something then cut through the thick trees and foliage, golden in colour. With feathers, landing on his back and glowing.

        What was once a nearly dead corpse, then rose up not entirely of its own volition, being controlled by something else, or perhaps revived by something else. His attention turning to the cat woman.



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          "What the hell!?" Another energy spike! And now with some sort of bright yellow, he got up again, almost being raised by something else... "Strength, gravity control, now this..." Just how much did he up his sleeve!? Even if she took him down again, what if he just got up again? She had heard, beings who got up when killed, immune to the previous method of death.

          Was she facing down a monster like that? Her hand gripped the phaser tightly... "Damn it..." She simply looked at him for a while, staring at him getting up after that. The phaser was probably useless now that he was free of that mud heap. She threw it away, it wouldn't help... And here she was, standing face to face with a creature she didn't know. "There's no possible way you're from here." She wasn't talking about the planet. "What are you?"

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            "Me?" Benhail said as life flowed back into his voice. Fixing his phoenix pelt around his waist.

            "I am Benhail, a gladiator from a Nexus world. Chosen for my abilities to pave the path towards balancing the multiverse, you picked the worst time to try and drown this planet, I was on it. If you waited only a few more days, I would've left and you'd of been more than welcome to do whatever you wanted. I was only here on vacation, and then you decided to start trying to mess around with the weather control systems here. Ended up really ruining my intended relaxation." Benhail said as he began to formulate those gravity manipulation energies again. Now so much more powerful than before, with the help of his phoenix pelt, now constantly glowing, he did not have to worry about about using too much for his body to handle.

            The ground instead of barely cracking was now being covered wholesale by these energies. Forcing itself down on the both of them. So much so that Benhail began to sink into the ground without the need for jumping or taking a step. Around the sides of the jungle in the distance, his hammer came flying out, carrying along with it large boulders and trees, flying towards the back of Felicity. Though the speed of the hammer was slown down.

            "I'll give you one last chance, either you take whatever you have here and leave, or I squash you and then your empire like bugs. I have four others, some much more dangerous than I am, all of them much more smarter than I am willing to dispense justice wholesale on an empire so obviously breaking the balance."


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              Nexus world?

              Balancing the multiverse?

              And he would have ignored us... 'unbalancing' the universe if he was not on the planet!? What does any of that even mean!?

              Looking at this threat, and the show of force, and the impending threat of the large boulders and trees... She looked at him as he laid down his ultimatum, leave, or die.

              She took a deep breath...

              Despite his threats, he sent one clear message. "You want me to spare you." She said, aloud, not even quite to Benhail, but as realization. She smirks. "You should ask nicely next time." Before her own claws come out. If that hammer was coming in with all that, then it was an imperative to stay close to him. Fine, Benahil, he finally gets the fight he wanted, claws out, staying close range. When the mess of rock and wood came, she'd get behind Benhail, and while Benhail was powerful, he still wasn't as fast as her. Claw and scratch, bite if needed. Attack the veins, the nerve clusters, force him down and subvert his strong body...

              "I'm not a bug, and I don't plan to die like one!"

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                Felicity made her choice, she would fight this to the end. Benhail would have it no other way. As she used her incredible speed and agility to get behind him, clawing into his back once again. He grimaced, as the boulders and trees smacked into his large battle torn body. Blood flying out his back, he reached one hand to his back and could only manage to grab hold of her shoulder, not enough leverage to pull her in front of him. She was still attached to his back and ripping and clawing her way into his flesh like a wild animal cornered, and that's exactly what she was in this situation. As she claimed that she would not die like a bug. His grip on her arm tightened.

                In something betraying physics, Felicity would feel as the basis of gravity suddenly shifted. Instead of being directly focused on Benhail, it was now focused in the gap between them both, slowly spreading to behind her. It began to pull Benhail backwards, now with the direction changed, he was going to land on top of her. The gravity intensified, his massive weight threatening to crush her exactly like a bug. If she were to escape from him, Benhail would fall and burrow deep into the ground. The earth simply not able to hold his weight.


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                  Fight, claw even bite when needed. Survive, she wasn't going to die here, and she wasn't going to fail and be set back, no, not if she couldn't help it. But then the gravity shifted again, this time not simply making things heavier, but also redirecting it. It was all too clear all too quickly what he was trying to do. Trap her and crush her in one fell swoop, as she saw his body about to crush her.

                  I'm not going to die here! She thought, her boosters activated. She rarely used them, they were imprecise, only really useful to help with an aerial drop, ease the flow of descent and mark a general area to fall into. She rarely used it to truly fly. First time for everything.

                  In a panic, simply trying to live, the thrusters on her feet boosted, trying to get out from under. As Benhail fell into the ground, the earth beneath him gave in... As well as the surrounding area, all falling into the blackness, as her thrusters simply tries to make sure she got out of this alive. Mud and dirt and tree and root all falling beneath as she simply tried to find a place where she can leap off and use her agility to the best of her ability. A falling tree, she stopped the thrusters, and leaped off of the tree, going tree to tree as fast as she could, more precise, able to actually plan a route. And hopefully get away from the sinkhole Benhail was opening up on this island before it ended up swallowing her...

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                    First times for everything, that much was increasingly becoming universal. For Felicity, using her jetpacks to manage controlled flight. For Benhail, attempting to squash someone who was more akin to a fly than a cat. His body was constantly in the state of failing on him every single breath, only being held up by his phoenix pelt. He was no Doomsday, but he may as well have been a lich. Wounds that should've killed him were annoying temporary distractions. Every time his heart would stop, it would roar back to life with every pulse of the golden feathers around his waist. At this point, it wasn't blood pumping through his veins, instead the magical essence of the mythical bird itself.

                    Each and every pulse, he lost the warm feeling that a human's ichor gives, instead being replaced with the cold chill of the magical nature of the phoenix body. His eyes were wider than ever, his teeth themselves grew cold, like they were held out in the winter or having experienced a runner's high. The pain of crashing through the Earth, or having tons of ground crash onto him was deadened. His ability to speak lessening as his body focused on keeping his vital functions, increasing his fight or flight response. His body's natural adrenaline pumping in alternation with whatever it was that was keeping him standing.

                    Hundreds feet deep, lying under tons of dirt, rock and trees. If Felicity was close to the ground, she would likely see what was happening to the ground beneath her. Instead of sinking, it was now rising, And just as soon as it rose, it jumped a few dozen feet. The height wasn't terribly high, but it was enough to shatter the ground and cause it to crumble and lose its foundation. Sending Benhail even deeper underneath. The heavy tropical storm's rains quickly turning the loose dirt into mud and solidifying once again.

                    Quiet for a few minutes, though a keen ear would've been able to hear slight rumblings underneath. An aerial view would see an anomaly happening near the coast. An anomaly that very quickly would effect the island itself. It was beginning to flip. The island at its peak piercing into the sky. At the center of the island, it snapped in two. In the sky, the ocean drenched landmass was looking to fall on top of the other half. Benhail was done with attempting to fight this bug in close quarters, she was too slippery, too able to escape his grasp. He needed a better method, something that would be insanely difficult to escape. A landmass falling on top of her perhaps, provided she hadn't escaped by then. With no method of stopping it, the weather control center would be squashed and sunk.


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                      She was not near the ground, but rather above it, in the tree tops leaping branch to branch, but it was not hard to see and soon feel the difference, as the ground itself began to rise up, causing the ground to crumble, the foundation to fall. The trees were falling over, and she found herself using the boosters to help her glide quickly to another tree, leaping off that before it too fell, swallowed up by the ground... This must've been the final point of the gravity... It becomes powerful enough that it causes an earthquake...

                      That was not the end however, looking at her sensors... What in the... all of the sonic sensors were going off. What the hell was... She quickly brought up a map of the sensors and... They were moving, but they were implanted to the ground, why would they be moving... And all of them...

                      Oh god, so this was his plan. Destroy the entire island. She couldn't stop anything like that, she could barely even stop his strikes normally, usually getting around him... Now it was just survival. Running, leaping towards the edge of the island. Gone was the thought of defending the station, or even of winning, right now she just needed to survive. If she was fast enough, and continued heading in the same direction... Maybe she could reach the edge by the time it flipped over, end up on the other side. Looking at it, the rest of her team wouldn't be so lucky, at the weather control center. They'd find themselves swallowed up by the sea, before the very ground beneath them would be above, and likely squash them, trap them, in between the foundations of the island, and what used to be the surface. She needed to survive. She wanted to survive.

                      She wasn't going to die here.

                      Keep running, leaping, sprinting. Anything resembling hard ground was gone at this point, the bark was the only solid thing here, as they began to sink to the mud. The clock was running out, she could begin to feel this going uphill... If she wasn't fast enough, it'd become a climb. And she doubted even she was good enough to escape the jaws of the island, once she was on the under side.

                      Keep leaping, don't bother even running, except to get to another place.

                      Keep leaping, use the booster gets as the trees get more and more sparse. This was where the beach would be, she was almost there, just grab on with all her might, and start climbing up as fast as she could. She couldn't take time to have safe footing...

                      Keep going.

                      Don't stop.





                      She eventually found herself at the top, what had once been underwater ground, and now was the peak of a short lived island. She could hear the comms freaking out over this, she didn't both to respond, and simply activated the distress beacon, before using the jets to safely fall into the water. From there, activating the seal meant for outer space, she could at least survive without water, as she fell into the raging waters, which now washed over the island. Even if the waves took her under.

                      And then waiting... Eventually, her distress beacon was answered, she ended up on the surface in time for a small space ship, about big enough for a half dozen people, one person reached out, she took the hand, and ended up on the ship. Wet and angry.

                      "I hate ocean planets." She simply said, as she unsealed the helmet, the ship would take them to space soon enough though. She simply sat on the side, looking at the ocean. This planet was unrecognizable at this point. When they arrived it had been bright and sunny, and now with the weather control center destroyed, it'd result in all the same wather patterns any other planet was subject to... And with it destroyed, she was going to be blamed for it, as the only surviving member...

                      She growled just thinking about it, at that person who ruined everything. Everything, and looking out at the sea, for a minute, she almost thought she could see him...

                      "Benhail." She said to herself. She'd remember that name. For all his nonsense... It was clear they weren't the only army with the ability to traverse though the multiverse like one did space...

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