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Apocalypse in Paradise

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  • Apocalypse in Paradise

    The invasion of the galaxy was underway, and had gone well, in under half a decade, half the federation was under their occupation with Earth having fallen, the Romulan empire had collapsed with its military operating out of the Klingon empire, and the Cardassian Union was fighting desperately to keep their planet. The navies of this entire half of the galaxy had united in opposition to this external threat from outside their very universe. Risa, formerly a vacation planet, now a battleground, was the next stop, and Felicity had been sent here in order to ensure the capture of the central weather control. It was simple really, the phaser technology of theirs was impressive, but not particularly difficult to deal with, it was ultimately the same as any other weapon.

    They had it now... It was an attractive target no doubt, and they knew that long as anyone resisted them, they'd almost certainly try to destroy the resources under their command. Especially with how powerful the Central Weather Control was, it was only a matter of time before they attacked it. Possibly destroyed it. The choice was obvious.

    Use it first. The calm seas and soft winds turned harsh and rough, more and more, until it would become clear to all on Risa what the plan was...
    Drown the planet. With hurricanes and tsunamis, they'd submerge the planet, they'd be safe, their suits were built for the rigors of space, the men and women here were not prepared for anything like that.

    It was only a matter of time before everyone else was dead...

    Maybe this time she could be recognized instead of passed over, Felicity thought to herself, as she laid the last sonar detector on the island.

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    Benhail walked on the shores north of the Leyven Sea. It only took a single foot to see the precision effort by the Endless Empire. This was not a war effort waged upon the planet as a whole. They had a single target, the central weather control system. Bodies of all kinds were strewn on the beach. Some guards hadn't even been able to get their tropical flora button ups off before they had to abruptly do their job. Given the state of their bodies, many of them scratched up beyond recognizability, they very well could've used some preparation. Wind powered through the area, threatening to upend the remaining trees and pushing dead bodies around. The downpour doing a good enough job of masking the scent of charred flesh and exposed internals. Leaning down to one of the bodies, Benhail picks one of them up by their shirt and observes the weapon in their hand. Some kind of... handheld device. Taking it into his own hand, he aimed it upwards and pressed on the top of it. A beam of superheated electromagnetic energy bursted out.

    Releasing his press, he looked towards the body of one of the Empire's own. A humanoid with greenish skin and pointed ears. Their fate was met by a phaser much like the one Benhail held in his hand. Whatever armour they had, it didn't seem to do much to prevent the slagging of their chest. Likewise, the Federation didn't seem to have much to stop the Empire's own armaments. Seemed to be some sort of rifles, every now and then a melee weapon with a shield. Couldn't of been pretty charging up a beachfront like that, though the shield likely did its part in protecting the people. Might've been hit by accident while engaged, atleast if the phaser blast sized hole in their back was anything to go by.

    Ahead of him was a dense jungle, couldn't assume they failed to push past the beach. Otherwise the tides would've returned to normal and tidal waves wouldn't keep on interrupting his relaxation time. Putting the phaser away into his gi pocket, he walked forward into the jungle. Feet sinking into the mud with every step, making a very loud squishing sound. It wouldn't take long to figure him out, should some keep their ears out.


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      "Now who is this?" Felicity quietly said to herself, the sonar detector picking up on Benhail's loud stomping. A holographic map of the island came up, as it showed up, the pings showing up, using that she was able to tell just where Benhail was, through the activated sonar detectors. Time to go to work... She crept through the jungle as Benhail stepped forward, and inside the dark canopies. Cat eyes peering out at him, clear and seeing through the darkness the world was no in with the storm clouds. Leaping tree to tree, every so quietly with her padded feet.

      And as he stepped through the mud... If he were not careful, alert, and lucky...

      He may feel claws slash across his back, only to turn and see nothing...

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        Thunder rumbled through the dark brush, alongside the heavy pour made most sounds hard to hear. Among the few things he could hear, was the constant brushling of leaves and flora due to the winds and his own footsteps. The sound of padded feet going tree to tree was about as difficult to single out as threading a camel through the eye of a needle.

        "Damn!" He yelled as he turned around quickly, recoiling like someone that had touched a boiling hot pan. When he turned around, he didn't find whatever it was that had scratched him. He began to slap his hands around, thinking it may have been a bug of some kind, though it did feel a little too big a strike for a simple bug. Shaking his head, he turned back and continued on. His feet however, lightened with their step. Instead of his feet sinking into the ground and covering themself in mud, there was now only a slight press.
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          Idiot... She thought, lurking inside the shadows. Every step he took just took him deeper into the jungle sprawl. His feet weren't stomping on it anymore, but he was still in her sights... Long as she could prowl without his knowledge, the fight was in her favor... She just needed to continue this...

          As he continued walking forward, she would position herself within the canopy...


          Aaand... Now! Once he was below her... She'd leap onto him, her claws out, intending to dig into his shoulders, before leaping off back into the jungle. Quickly retreating into the darkness once again.

          Flay him bit by bit... She was going to take her time here. By the end, she thought, there will be more exposed flesh than skin on this red boy.

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            As he walked forward, the scratch marks began to bug him. Feeling the heat around his back, he knew then it probably wasn't a bug that had managed to strike him. Quickly remembering to the beachfront, some of the soldiers of The Federation looked like they had been slashed to ribbons, given the way his back felt, he figured he was being targeted by whatever had attacked those men. Be it beast or man, it clearly hadn't sated its hunger or its bloodlust. That was something he could understand, it was pretty fun to fight, given the right circumstances, it was fun to kill as well. This creature or person seemed to understand that just as well as he did.

            As he walked forward, this assailant's attack was timed near perfectly with the clap of thunder. His yell drowned out by the booming. As he yelled, he had to remind himself that he should reach out instead. He did, though having to think about it proved to make him too slow to react in time. Though he did feel the slightest bit of what felt like... fur. Looking at his finger with a grimace, he saw to types of fur. Black, and orange/tannish. So that narrowed down what it was he was dealing with. Not many creatures had that sort of fur. He would be ready next time.

            Pausing in place, he waited arms out, patiently for his assailant to come attack again.


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              His hand just barely grasped her leg.

              And her blood went cold in that moment. That was too close, careless. He'd already nearly caught her in that moment. Not quite, but even touching her was too close for comfort... And now he was preparing for an attack, waiting instead of walking... Alright Felicity thought to herself If you want guess I'm coming from...

              She slid down into the mud for just a moment, just long enough to pick out a rock, and retreat back up within the shadows. Stealth was of the utmost important here... Staying silent was an important part of that, but sometimes...

              Noise was the preferred option. A strong and fast throw sent the rock careening towards a tree opposite of her, slamming into a small branch, audibly cracking it. It would sound like too much weight was put on the branch, like from an assailant leaping out at her prey.

              She didn't wait, the man was a simpleton, she could tell that much, he was going to turn, attempt to grab 'her' only to find claws in his back side once again, before she disappeared yet again.

              Nothing changed ultimately, it was still a leap, a slash, retreat, just now she was going to drive him mad, seeing her silhouette where there was nothing, and mere shadows where she lay...
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                She was right, the small auditory distraction she had done worked well enough to distract him. True enough, he thought he was smart by attempting to grab before-hand, only to find his hands grasping at thin air, as he brought his hands forward, he realized his mistake again, getting yet another set of claws dug into his back. Turning immediately and attempting to wildly flail at whatever was behind him, only to hit the air once more. Breathing in deeply, he let out a big sigh. Concentrate, stop getting distracted. Focus on what it was Ardys had taught him. He was a little slow for a fighter, he didn't have the deftness that the others had, that was true. He'd need to make up for this by becoming a reactive force. Act the exact moment you are acted upon. Taking a deep breath and a calm exhale, he let his hands out once again, though he stopped himself.

                He reached to his side and unstrapped his hammer from his waist, throwing it behind himself. Make himself lighter, the less weight he needed to worry about, the better.

                "The fight is always fought on two fronts, mentally and physically. Within and without. Keep that in mind you big oaf" He could still hear Ardys telling him. It was good advice. He had a trick up his sleeve, unlike most other fighters, he had the ability to recall his hammer at will. He would wait to get stabbed in the back once again by the claws, as soon as that would happen, he'd reach for her, recalling his hammer before doing so. He figured, he could catch her one of two ways, either he catches her and hits her flush with the hammer, or he could land a winging hit. Either way, he had to show her that he meant business.


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                  Why'd he throw that hammer behind him? She wasn't really certain why he did that, perhaps to lighten his load, an attempt to move faster... Let's see how well he deals with this then.

                  Waiting... He wasn't going to make the same mistake again, to preemptively grab in whatever sound he heard. But would he expect this?

                  Her hand slowly grasped the branch she was on, on the side further away from the main body. And she snapped it, loudly. Initial instinct would lead one to look in that direction, but just after being punished for that, he'd likely try that again, she hasn't shown him much, just changing her game when he touched her. If he made the mistake to assume she was somewhere else, she'd leap down, right between him and the hammer, and slash her claws at his neck, to let him bleed out in this jungle, before again jumping away laughing...

                  Of course, what she did not expect what came next...

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                    Just as her claws slightly pierced into his skin, it immediately stopped. His hammer having made a loud thumping noise against something hard and then squishing into the mud. Wasting no time, Benhail pulled her hand out of his neck, turned around and wrapped his large hand around her throat, beginning to lift her up as his clutch began to tighten. This was the first time he could see his assailant. She looked feline, like a cat, though bipedal. Very similar to a leopard, it made sense that she was deft and quick then. He smirked a bit as he then talked to his assailant as his blood ran down his back, going from what was thick and viscous to loose and runny due to mixing with the rainwater.

                    "Quick aren't you? Real pain in the ass." He said as his grip closed even further, threatening to rob her of consciousness.

                    "You picked the wrong time to attempt to ruin the planet, you should've waited for me to leave first."


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                      Her head was smashed with the hammer coming out from behind, sounding out a pained cry, before she found her neck grasped by his meaty hands, constricting around her neck. Her hands grasped around his arms, trying to claw enough to make him let go. The breath was being choked out of her, as coughing occurred.... She had to get out of this. Quickly. Her hands went away from his arms, to her pants... And she popped out a disc, activated it and threw it at the mud, as it expanded slightly and the central light began to glow as it sank beneath the mud.

                      Anti-gravity, or as she had set it, counter-gravity, pushing everything up. Even if he held on, she could at least use her rocket thrusters in the air, with him having nothing to ground himself. Fire blasted out of her feet, hopefully propelling them forward, in an attempt to throw him into a branch or tree, at the stomach, maybe the genitals, whatever it took to get his hands away from her. The minute his hands let go, she'd change direction, attempting to disappear again into the canopy. Catch her breath, for a second at least... She couldn't promise stealth at that moment though, as her heavy breathing to refill her lungs with air would sound out above the rain...

                      Too close... But if he hadn't already launched another attack, she'd finally respond. "Haa..." Another breath before launching into her taunt. "Please, you're nothing. Just a big oaf with a hammer. You'll die in this jungle, that gi of yours is practically ribbons, you're back's a darker red than usual, and I hope you don't mind me saying..." She began leaping back and forth between the trees, moving fast. "But you're not looking so good, a bit pale..." Sow doubt in his mind. Don't reveal the fact that your heart is almost about to explode out your chest, or that your lungs feel sore, or the pain throbbing in your neck.

                      Make him think you're invincible, and you will be. Reveal your weakness, and he'll capitalize on it.

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                        Although Benhail's grip was tight, it was not tight enough to keep himself hanging onto Felicity. Dropping to his feet, though slower than he should've given his size. Taking a deep breath, he nodded while looking around. Smile beginning to form as Felicity began to taunt him, call him out on the futility of thinking this was a fair fight, that he had a chance. That he was beginning to turn pale, his back almost leaking blood. All these things true, however, unlike Felicity the way he felt about this situation was no ruse, he felt no fear. This was the heat of the moment, the moment where he would be put to test his mettle. Where the threat of death loomed over like a crow foreshadowing a closing end. He was raised in this moment, molded by it. For Felicity she had likely only trained for this, Benhail lived for it. His hearty laugh likely sending chills to any wildlife nearby.

                        "You got me wrong leopard woman. You're right that I'm bleeding, you're right that I look pale. But you're wrong in thinking I'll die in this jungle. I live for this. So come on then, I am getting restless just standing here waiting for you. You know how many I've killed?" He says as he begins to zero in on where he hears her heavy breathing amidst the thundering lightning illuminating the back of him. Leaving an ominous shadow of his front as he walks towards her position, only his eyes and silhouette visible.

                        "Many, so many, you're nothing new, you're nothing special." Holding his hand out, his hammer lifts off the ground and flies into his hand. Winding back a bit, he throws his hammer forward down a path of trees, the weapon proceeding to punch its way through the bark and wood of the trees, toppling them over, beginning to make room.

                        "Come on out kitty kitty, let's play."


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                          And... It didn't work one bit. Of all the people she had to deal with a damned combat freak. And worse yet... Nothing special or unique? She had to resist the urge to growl... She hated that nick name, like she was a goddamn pet. But she couldn't just go out and attack, that'd just get her killed. She had to play this smart... He was clearing through the forest. Leap in between each fall, each smash onto the mud. Calm your breathing. If he wanted to make room, he'd get his room. He'd also get his own death... Creep closer, leap when possible. And close in... To her belt another gadget came out... Five discs actually, each small enough to fit on her finger. The rains were getting harder, the mud was beginning to rise. And in the front, just where it stopped, she leaped down, slapping her palm and fingers on the side of the hammer, before snaking her hand as quick as she could to the handle, holding it on tight. Trying to briefly hold it when it inevitably tried to return to it's master. Eventually she relented, allowed it to fly back to Benhail, before running forward, claws out... And assuming he held his weapon... the five discs fired, thrusters meant to push heavy objects, shipping containers and such, a cost effective way to push something like a car without towing it.

                          it was also useful in making things and people fly in directions they did not want to, and with that, it'd open his defense up to a few slashes before she moved, to quickly disappear into the shadows, under the heavy rain and increasing mud.

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                            Tree by tree getting demolish, sometimes a slow lean to the ground, other times a forceful push that would push down another one. His path was getting cleared, as his hammer slowed down. He was prepared to grab it again and get read to throw it again. That was the plan, until there was a little extra returning with his order. Felicity coming in not too far behind his hammer. Grabbing it as it reached his palm, he made to swing his hammer immediately at the seemingly defenseless warrior. He scarcely had time to notice the discs coming at him, sticking to both his wrists and then his chest, slowing his swing to a pitiful wimply version of itself and pushing him back, the soft mud offering no good traction to keep himself steady. His feet dragging through it. He couldn't manage to get his arms up to defend himself as Felicity took a few swipes and his chest and throat. He managed to bring his chin down just in time to avoid the vital areas within to not be slashed, now instead deep cuts on his lip and chin were in their place. In regards to his lips, looking beyond the blood, you could see the red stained teeth beneath.

                            In an instinctual reaction, Benhail forced his strength through and raised his limbs fast enough to throw off the discs on his wrists, and with his free hands, removed the discs on his chest. Slowly shaking his head as he caressed his chin and bottom lip, feeling the bone and teeth beneath, now exposed by this stealthy warrior. The smile and the smirk were gone now, as he watched her scurry off into the deep of the jungle, he pulled himself up, hammer in hand.

                            "I'm done playing by your rules cat woman, now, we play by mine!" He says as he raises his hammer into the air, both hands on the metallic shaft. A clear, vaguely noticeable energy surrounding both his arms and his hammer. Intensifying until the effect was noticeable as mud and loose grass on the ground began to revolve around them, the plants and leaves rooted into the ground looking like they yearned to rip themselves out from the ground and join the grass.

                            "YEEUGH!" He yelled as he brought the hammer down, an immediate shockwave following. The immediate radius around him flattened, trees sent flying into the deeper parts of the jungle. Rocks and plants uprooted and sent skyward. The immediate impact area sunk almost a dozen feet, the ground further out varying degrees of sunk similarly, though not quite as severe. The ground quaking and a high pitched wine ringing out. Benhail had cleared out the area surrounding him. if Felicity were deep as he suspected, he wasn't going to head further in, she was going to fight him where he was comfortable.

                            "COME ON!" He shouts in an almost combat lust. Punching the ground with his open fist, gravity altering power still raging. Each punch shaking the ground even further.


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                              What in the hell... Up until now she had been under the assumption he was a strong brute, a really strong one but a brute none the less. This... Was not something she expected, staring out as he flattened the area, a great deal of mud, twigs, a few trunks and branches whirling around him... The way it went... This was gravity manipulation. She had to be careful here, unless she found herself swept up in it... Alright, this'll take a bit more.. She had to creep low to the ground, deep into the mud, her suit was prepared for space so air wasn't a factor, she was able crawl low as possible as the helmet formed around her. The rest of her would just have to deal with being caked in mud for this. One spike onto the floor, a string attached. Crawl again a set distance, about three meters, another spike planted on the ground. Just move back, don't even turn around, stay in the mud, very slowly move, once you're at the middle, behind the wire, stand up, give him a target.

                              She stood up, she was still near the jungle, but ultimately within his arena carved out... If he wanted to play this game, fine, she could just as easily turn this into a fight of her choosing. Equalize this a bit... A wire, ready to electrocute his nervous system the minute his foot came into contact with it, she knew where it was, she could fight around, avoid stepping on it... He though? Well, I'll see... As she took out a phaser she looted off an Andorian, and shoot it, a powerful weapon, but nothing they weren't used to, it would however attract his attention, hopefully convince him to come near...

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