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Rogue Trader RP Thread

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    Mortius remained silent as the group argued with one another, he could not speak in this moment for it would be hypocritical of him to do so. Both for him to speak up against Eucaleys and his ilk due to his own instances of killing foes without mercy, and also to speak against the Kroot, for he had many times left former enemies alive not because he figured they would not rebel against him again, for they did many a time afterwards, but because he exhibited the same sadistic tendencies at times, believing to be left alive in a crippled state would be worse than death.

    "Enough, the Starport, now." Mortius said coldly as he checked back in on the expedition ship, seeing Goolblitz hard at work. Somehow having acquired a welder's mask and a torch. Two of those cruisers from earlier had been... combined. Crudely welded together, though it seemed their engines were brought to the top, now covered in a sloped fashion by the same metal that made it up. Likely as a makeshift protective measure. There were two sorts of vehicles and protection. Either the protection was so thick that nothing could penetrate it, or it was so sloped and driven well that nothing could penetrate deep enough to manage anything. This seemed to be the latter case. In the front, six seats were open, on the farsides of the seats lay two oversized autoguns emplaced. Mortius took a round out of his pocket and compared it to the size of just one in that belt feed. Something like that would be capable of penetrating much more than his little (by comparison) peashooter could.

    "Dis wun's jus about ready, gunna rip im ta pieces an' get 'der fast!" The Mekboy yelled as he held what looked to be some sort of cigarrette in his mouth peeking just underneath the mask. Grabbing a hastily made bucket of red paint and quickly painting the ship. Once he was done, he hopped into the ship, turning on the ignition as it made some... archaic monstrous noise like some beast had woken up. The ground shaking underneath it.

    "Dis wun iz right propa!!!" The Ork yelled as he then raised what looked to be... a Melta!? Where did he manage to get that?


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      "....So this is ork technology. Are we even sure this won't explode on us?" McDaniels said, looking upon the monstrosity the ork had created...
      He did not much appreciate how this thing had managed to scavenge a melta from the group as well... Very well however, he was on their side, and despite his statements, he had his doubts as to even an ork willingly blowing themselves up. Intentionally at any rate. He did come forward, looking at the rest. As the ignition started, he looked at the others. "I suppose it's transportation." He said, though one could feel his irritation at this ugly thing that created yet another ugly thing.

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        The bodies of many creatures were all contained in the corpse chamber within Quiller's ship in a special type of stasis, so that their bodies wouldn't lose taste, which wouldn't have mattered to a Kroot, but of course, this was no ordinary Kroot. There were many races present among this pile, many of which possessed special abilities that would serve useful in any situation, but Quiller was not sure about the battle that was to come or what they would face. Could be anything, but even he had a limit for how much he could consume, and he preferred not to be wasteful. He walked back out, directing his attention at Dekker.

        "We are curious, Rogue Trader. We have many bodies stored for special occasions, what should we prepare ourselves for? What will we face in the next few hours?" - he asked out of curiosity, but not fear.

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          "Either confirm the kill or leave him to bleed. Parker will assume without report that he is neutralized and it won't matter if he gets back in contact. We will need to keep a low profile until we can figure out what Parker wants besides my head. Even if this fool gets back, I doubt Parker will waste resources to heal him."

          Dekker looked over the improvised Speeder made by Goolblitz, nodding in acceptance of the work. He ignorer the Navigator's whining for now. The child has not experienced life on the fringes like he thinks he has.

          As soon as everyone stopped bickering, he looked to Quiller. "Enhanced danger senses, ambush pre-emption and accellerated reflex. I will be looking to you to be our first line of defense to Parker's machinations. Are you able to account for unusually clever human tactics?"
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            Eucaleys had said nothing, boarding the ship. He had silently agreed with the Navigator, however, after just having a gun to the head execution style by the man, he wasn't about to open his mouth in agreement. He gazed with a mixture of irritated fury at the ork's mere existence but also some begrudging respect at how industrious they were. He would never consciously admit the latter part, but, while they were busy bickering or killing the enemy, this... thing, was hard at work. Of course, the ork painted everything red. Of course. Eucaleys was very, very young for a Primaris and while he had most certainly killed many orks in battle, the number was far fewer than one might expect for someone of his rank and line of work. He didn't hold a deep-seated resentment either. They were the enemies once, true, but they had never killed anyone of note to Eucaleys. Nobody that mattered, anyway.

            He sat down. He didn't really care where, it just happened to be the nearest place to him. He hesitated in removing his helmet, but, did. He lowered his head instead and gazed down at the ships floor, helmet grasped underneath his armpit and ready to be put on at a moment's notice. They were heading to the Starport and clearly had more fights ahead of them. Is this what the life of a Rogue Trader was like? He was in rehab ten years, so much of his familiarity and hatred with things in the universe felt disconnected. His mind wandered to darker places...
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              McDaniels sat there and waited. His eye constantly flickering to the two xenos, disgusting creatures, at the least it had there, he sat early, and across from Eucaleys. Forgiveness was slow to come in the grimdark future of the 40th millennium. He waited on them, and thought carefully... They may have been going to a market, but the presence of others does not decrease the chance of an attack, on the contrary, it makes it easier for an enemy to plan an attack. "We'll have to move fast then, find Parker and eliminate him, or establish a working strategy." He said... They'd need a map around this place, literal or otherwise...

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                "Unusually clever tactics?" - chuckled Quiller. "No, Rogue Trader. I can't say I've ever seen one of those come out of a human. No offense, of course." - continued the Kroot with a smile.

                "Luckily, I have one of those mind reading mutants among all the corpses in my chamber. I'll only possess those abilities for a limited period of time... But the estimated time should be enough."

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                  "Alright boss point me ‘n 'da right direction an' i'll get us 'der quick"

                  Goolblitz said as he would take direction from Dekker, going offly fast instead of a leisurely pace. Slowly, a visor black windowed visor began to cover Goolblitz, and though Orks usually shared no high amount of intelligence, he knew enough to know that simply him being visible was an issue for them going forward, so he decided to make a small adjustment with what glass he could find.

                  Mortius wasted no time in taking up one of the turret seats, he was one of the best shots in this crew. If they were to be assaulted, it would be up to him to protect them. Though that was a burden to carry, considering the makeup of this crew, it was nonetheless his duty as he had made it.